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The Infinity Files

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Escape into space with the star-spangled new series from the author of The Extinction Trials, perfect for fans of Doctor Who.

Get in.
Get out.
Keep to the task.
Leave no trace.

Ash Yang dreamed of being a starfighter pilot. But when she crashes out of her final test - literally - she somehow lands the most powerful job in the universe.

As Guardian of the Infinity Files she must secretly planet-hop through the galaxies, stealing or returning treasures that have the power to stop wars...or start them.

But when her home planet is the one at war, can she use her new skills to save it?


First published March 4, 2021

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S.M. Wilson

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292 reviews286 followers
June 30, 2021
I feel like this book had so much potential! Loved the setting and the intrigued! I could easily picture everything in my head. Which I obviously love while reading books.

The only thing that bothered me was the way the characters and especially the main one were acting. They were not deep enough for me or believable. Or at least not in a way I could relate to them. When I would have asked so many questions because the situation got all wild all of a sudden, they just acted everything was fine. When I would have just gone with the vibe, they asked many many questions. It just didn't feel natural to me.

But overall, loved the idea/concept of the book. Pretty easy to read and enjoy!
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354 reviews32 followers
March 1, 2021
I haven't read science fiction in a while and The Infinity Files is my most recent read in the genre. It was a really nice read and I quite liked the protagonist, Ash. The world-building was pretty well-done and it reminded me a little of the classic and new Star Trek. My only problem with this book was that it was a little too fast-paced for me and I really wished we could have gotten to know more about the planets that Ash visited. . But besides that, it's a nice and quick read, especially for days when you have nothing else to do and you'd like to sit down with a book.
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December 19, 2021
What could've been a brilliant space-themed discussion on the repatriation of colonial artefacts is instead an empty void of memorable characters and settings. In a sandbox as vast as the universe, THE INFINITY FILES lacks both style and substance.

Another perfect example of a pretty cover does not a good book make. THE INFINITY FILES could've been the epic YA space opera of my dreams, but instead it implodes at launch.

Cadet Ash Yang's dreams of becoming a fighter pilot for Star Corp fizzle into nothing when she fails her final exam. But then she is recruited as Guardian to a mysterious entity, the Library at the End of the Universe, to protect the historical and cultural artefacts of planets across the universe. Though being Guardian comes with many perks, she'll soon discover that actions have consequences...

At nearly a hundred thousand words, I not only hoped, but expected THE INFINITY FILES to go into intricate detail about its new worlds and the spaces between, but the biggest flaw of this story is that it feels so rushed and touch-and-go. Because we travel to so many places, none of them feel real, vivid, or memorable – that sadly includes the Library and Star Corp Academy, too. There's no atmosphere to places or planets; none of the five senses are utilised adequately to help us gain a better understanding of the alien lands that Ash visits. Contextually it's explained away as Ash being prohibited from sticking around too long in one place, but this consequently saps all the magic out of travelling around the universe. What's the point if we can't enjoy it?

It would be a stretch to say any of the characters were memorable either. Orius is a Dumbledore-Yoda stand-in with none of the mystery, wisdom or class; I did not care a wink about him. Then there are Ash's so-called 'friends', who are introduced in lump sum at the beginning where they all bitterly blame Ash for the exams going awry. We're expected to believe these people are her close companions? They make a dramatic return near the end of the book where Ash once again insists they're friends, but there's no chemistry between them, and no scenes on show to back it up. They are all flat and uninteresting.

And whilst Ash has a little more substance to her, it would also be generous to say she was an interesting character to follow. The flimsy, repetitive dialogue didn't serve her character well in casting her as stubborn and fiery. She frequently made completely ill-begotten, logic-defying decisions only to then instantly regret it. She does this several times in the book. The first time, okay, that's cool, you made a mistake, but surely after the second and third you would take time to reflect and think, maybe if I didn't rush into stupid snap judgement decisions that were bad ideas in the first place, I would've avoided this mess? It was infuriating.

The internal logic in this book... was also severely lacking, and the cause of many headdesks. You're telling me there's been an intergalactic war against this one planet for five hundred years, the reasons of which no one really knows, and not a single person thought to ask why? Not a single person in Star Corp thought to send an emissary over with a peace treaty to get some answers? Infuriatingly one of Star Corp's commanders claims they haven't been able to contact said planet for over a hundred years... but this planet clearly has a capable and efficient space military if they've been able to hold their ground (or space) for so long. Military, but no comms?

[IMG description: Press X to Doubt meme.]

Just... what?

At one point Ash steals a crown in the midst of a bloody coup on a medieval planet with developing technology. Her contact there dies. Yet later Orius tells her "Oh, it was great! Removing the crown wiped the conflict! Everyone's at peace now!" Does it really need to be said that it doesn't work like that? Apparently for this book it does. The opposite also works, in that when Ash returns a long, lost object into a planet's possession, a cease-fire immediately occurs and channels re-open to discuss peace. Come on. Does centuries of bad blood and bombings mean nothing? How am I supposed to suspend my disbelief for something so absurd?

There were smaller instances, too. Planets never had countries; they were just one big civilisation (you know, exactly how Earth is one big country am I right?). Orius jabbers on and on about how the Library is meant to be a secret, but then when Ash brings along her friend Ezra on an adventure, he's totally fine with it! He doesn't even care! The book ignoring its own established rules, by characters and the world itself, served to make the story more confusing, especially when these little things shouldn't have even been a problem.

This is not to ignore the crux of the matter: whether the Library has the right to squirrel away artefacts from the universe. Museums of modern day are constantly at dispute. One only has to Google 'British Museum controversies' to discover the spotty list of artefacts taken from other countries for display. It's a long topic that I'm not going to touch upon here – however, I would've expected a book like THE INFINITY FILES to approach it with more nuance than it did, given that the whole premise of the book is a sci-fi museum not just removing objects from populations, but supposedly doing so for "the greater good", to prevent rising conflict. Who gets to decide that? Who makes the decisions at the Library? Ash questions this, but it's put on the backburner for the flimsy conflict in the story.

The more I think about THE INFINITY FILES, the more I'm disappointed. Even if it was surface-level fun, this could've been a halfway decent reading experience, but the messy inner workings of the book's world-building and the forgettable characters make this a read as empty as space itself.


eARC received from Usborne Publishing via NetGalley in an exchange for an honest review. This title releases on the 11th March 2021.

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333 reviews72 followers
August 6, 2021
3.25 stars  


☞ Trigger warnings: *contains spoilers* .

☁︎  Would I read the rest of the series? Yeah sure. I hope the next book grows in intensity. I need more action please.
☁︎  Would I recommend this book? If you liked Aurora Rising, Honor Among Thieves or Stitching Snow then you will probably like it.
☁︎  Would I re-read this book? Yeah I doubt it, not because its bad just that the plot is easily rememberable and I wouldn't need to.

 ☁︎  Synopsis  ☁︎  
Ash flunked her last test to get into the fighter pilot academy, forcing her to return home. Fortunately, she is offered a new position that allows her the opportunity to save lives. Sure, it's a little suspicious that it's at the end of the universe, and her only companion is a hologram. This is a new start for Ash for the world is her oyster. She is now the new Guardian at the Library at the End of the Universe, Home to the Infinity Files.

 ☁︎  Review  ☁︎  
I understand now what most reviews say, when this book as so much potential. This book was on the top of my tbr list for a long time and as soon it was released I grabbed it. Of course being me, I procrastinated reading this because I was worried it wouldn't live up to my own hype.

I was soooo upset when I didn't like Aurora Rising. I loved Illuminae series written by the same authors and had expected the same love for their newest sci-fi series. So when I read Aurora Rising, I was heartbroken that it didn't live up to the hype. So when I heard of The Infinity Files I was excited because maybe, maybe this wouldn't let me down. This book could have been my next favourite space adventure. It was marketed as a heist book where the main protagonist jumps around the universe fixing wrongs and getting the chance to save the people on her home planet. I imagined space heists, a smart protagonist talking her way out of trouble and things going wrong where she had to fix space equipment with duct-tape and prayers. She's a guardian. I expected more guarding!


The Infinity Files started out the same as most YA (and even some new adult) space operas start, at a space academy where of course, something goes wrong. It took a while for the story to pick up. We get introduced to the Library, Orius and the role Ash has to undertake. It's an interesting decision to force Ash into the role giving her no option. I had hoped to read more of her escapades, space jumping around but they just tell us of her first adventure and then they skip the rest of her adventures! What they hell was that! I want to see more heists! I love a heist!!!

Once we hit the Czarina section, everything felt more smooth and the pace picked up. I was getting bored until then and then its the middle of the book and the action starts. So of course subsequently the new missions gave me anxiety. There was danger, there was intrigue and there was a HEIST!


Once Ash started questioning her role, questioning the rules that set in stone, did she come into her own. I liked this Ash the most. She felt real, like a leader and all her choices were hard made that benefited everyone the most. Ash is a great model for younger readers. Her heart made me connect with her and her ambition was something I related to, especially when we don't live up to our own or other peoples expectations. When we work so hard, you have this belief that you deserve something but thats not how life works.


Unfortunately the ending felt rushed and somewhat unfinished. I wanted to see how everyone dealt with the consequences, and to see Ash come to terms with what she accomplished. It was a big deal and should been addressed longer. Did I cry? I grew misty, and might have shed a tear. It had the potential to make me sob though and it missed such an opportunity for being a gut punching, heart inducing ride. It was 400 pages yet it was somehow 200 pages short. The text was large and the language was pretty straightforward and didn't try to challenge the reader with any 'big' words or new concepts.

Overall it was a solid YA book where the author wants the reader to have good morals, stop doubting yourself and always try your hardest or something... idk I just wanted more space heists.


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74 reviews2 followers
December 4, 2021
Not as good as I thought it would be. Some bits went to quickly, where as others stretched far too much. The characters could of also been built a bit better and given a more better personality. Ash just felt like every other main character in a not good series. Like mentioned, her personality was pretty bad. There was nothing special about her. Wow, she’s the chosen one, she has to save everybody.
It like a lot of other books. Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard had characters with personality, they had reason to what they did. This book it disappointed me a lot cause I had my expectations really high.

Profile Image for Raven.
489 reviews4 followers
April 8, 2022
I loved the premise of the book and it was good in parts however in others there was just a lack of depth.
The idea of the library at the end of the world was an intriguing one and the idea of all this history and overall influence on the development of many worlds reeled me in.
However in other aspects it was just a miss for me. The returning of the artefacts seemed off, I know it was probably hard to do but the way the planets just accepted their return was not very realistic. However I do think the return of the final artefact was executed much better and was a lot more realistic so the author did end it on a much stronger note.
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151 reviews8 followers
March 28, 2021
So I’m not usually a huge sci-fi reader but S M Wilson never fails to please me!

The world building was great, I felt like I was there whilst reading the book and it gave me some fantastic imagery while I was reading which I LOVE about books.

The book itself was quite fast-paced which, in my opinion, suited the story really well, however I do think some parts could have been expanded to add to the story just slightly.

I went into this book with high expectations after reading ‘The Extinction Trials’, and I have to say I was no disappointed! I cannot wait to read more from this author.
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90 reviews2 followers
August 21, 2021
Really enjoyed this, it’s great YA fiction. Such a fantastic & very different concept, with a strong female protagonist. Looking forward to the sequel.
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175 reviews
March 10, 2021
Ash has always dreamed on being a fighter pilot to serve her planet in their ongoing way against neighbouring planet Corinez. However, on her final exam shes faced with a choice, save a rouge ship rather or carry out the task she needs to. Whilst her four friends and fellow trainees pass and become pilots Ash is left going home to her war torn planet of Astoria. However, at the last minute she gets a reprieve when shes offered a permanent and elusive role. Ash learns she has been offered the role of guardian, keeper of The Library at the End of the Universe. Filled with artefacts of far and forgotten places the library takes and gives items when planets need them most. However, when Ash take on a particular mission she discovers something that throws a whole new perspective on the war raging between Corinez and Astoria. Ash has to act to try and restore peace but, to do so she’s going to need the help of her old friends.

I was so excited for this book and I feel I have been waiting ages for it! I first read a chapter sampler back in July 2019 at YALC so it been very anticipated. I adored S.M.Wilson’s previous YA series The Extinction Trial, its probably my favourite YA book series of all time. Therefore my expectations were high but also tentative. This book is a space adventure, something I hadn’t read much and despite a slow art, I really warmed up to this story and the genre.

I felt like this book was a real rollercoaster in terms of pacing. It started big as we were introduced to Ash in the midst of her pilot exam. We at this point, get quite a lot of information around the planets in the solar system, who is waring with who and who were allies. I wont lie, I had to sketch myself a little diagram to capture this information which isn’t unusual for me as I often do this when introduced to me worlds. We then see her discovering and taking up her role as the guardian. Throughout Ash’s first mission, I didn’t feel as invested as I thought I would and wasn’t feeling that urge to pick the book up. However, as her missions escalated and become more high stakes I really got into the story. This continued to a really action packed end. At one point we were nearing the end of the book with so much unresolved I thought we were going to be left hanging for book two. That however wasn’t the case, which in some ways I was please about but it did make it feel a little convenient and tidy at the end. I almost wanted to be left a little on a nice edge so I would be busting to read book two. I think there were so many exciting moments but there were lulls where I wasn’t as keen to return to the story.

One thing that struck me about this story was how Ash’s role was quite isolated. Despite having a keeper at the library and a friend to aid each mission she worked alone most of the time. I tend to really like books where the character come together to make a team or a unit. This is something I loved like in The Extinction Trials and in books like The Hunger Games. I really liked that around the half way through the book Ash addresses this and talks about missing her team she trained with. For me, these were the parts I really liked, when Ezra joined her on a mission and when she did reunite with the team as situations escalated. I guess I just like books with the ‘team bound together’ dynamic something I never realised until now and I am hoping e may see more of this in the next book.

I think S.M.Wilson did a marvellous job at creating an imaginative and expansive world. There were so many planets and solar systems mentioned with great distinctive descriptions and histories. I love the parts where Ash learnt about the artefacts in the library and we saw insights into this, It really was a really well created world. That said, I also think this would be a great starting point if you haven’t read much Sci-fi and want to dip your toe in the water. I am very new having only read one YA sci-fi book before this. I didn’t find it confusing and felt that although the world was detailed and expansive it was really digestible. Essentially I think it could be a great starting point to new readers of the genre.

Overall,I really enjoyed this book, a book I put a lot of pressure on, probably too much because of my love for The Extinction Trials series. I think there was a real ebb and flow to this book in terms of action, enough that I was invested in the slower parts and enthralled by the action packed parts. I enjoyed learning about this rich, detailed world and watching Ash explore it and the planets histories. I particularly enjoyed watching Ash working with the pilots she trained with in space battles and the camaraderie that existed between them. I know there will be another book and I’m intrigued to see where it goes. I really hope we see more of Ash working with her team in the future.
Thank you to Netgalley and the Usborne Publishing for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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604 reviews6 followers
February 24, 2021
Due to a weird occurrence during her test Ash Lang fails to become a Star Corporation fighter pilot. This failure leads her to become the Guardian of the Infinity Files, a secret intergalactic library. A place for preserving history and temporarily guarding objects that will be returned when deemed 'safe'.

Ash's job is to return or collect items from all over the universe. The story is sort of like Warehouse 13 or The Librarians but in space. Is she up to the task? Ash is tough & vulnerable at the same time, always determined, often impatient and abrupt. And has a great heart which is probably what got her this position.

There is a lot of info to absorb, so many interesting details and histories about people and places surrounding the protagonist, but I think Wilson does a good job conveying it. Things that may not seem so important at the time or seem forgotten do tie in with the plot later on. If you also like flourishes of seemingly unneeded details that finetune the descriptions in your worldbuilding, you will surely enjoy the narrative. Wilson's descriptions make you feel what the character is feeling and bring you gently but firmly into the wonderful worlds she creates.

And the creativity really shines when we get to the Library. A wonderous place full of awestriking objects & gadgets (many that you'll wish you had) and Orius is an absolute delight (adore his snarkiness). The different missions are fuel to countless adventures, taking us to different worlds, having Ash take on different roles and yes as fascinating to read as it sounds.

I think the story needed a little more tweaking because it does get repetitive at points with Ash realizing something, then saying what she realized, then musing about it again. I was like "get back to the action already". I believe the musing is necessary but maybe it could have been shorter. But it's a minor hiccup.

Weighing the importance of balance, how having a purpose you consider noble can change your life, your outlook on it. We all need a purpose even though it may not be the one we initially thought.

Exciting, fun, the author has an undeniable great sense of humor, surprising, edge of your seat action, absolutely cinematic, with everything coming together for an amazing finale. This was a hell of a ride and I am so happy there is going to be a sequel.
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34 reviews
August 5, 2021
Objectively, this is a 3 star, but I had fun reading so let's just give it a 4.
I loved the fast pace, it was exactly what I needed and I what I wanted to read in a book. The characters were not that memorable and their friendship was so fake and unnatural... I mean they hardly had any scenes to prove the bond between them and the main character and I initially thought they hated each other so...yeah.
Ash Yang was kind of annoying and her characterization seemed really flat. Aside from her impulsiveness and ambition, I couldn't relate to her. Her impulsiveness though... it pissed me off. Orius literally told Ash that the Library was a secret place and what does she do? She rushes to her so-called friend Ezra and divulges the existence of that place. So smart...
I would have liked the alien worlds to be a bit more detailed, since they were super interesting (except for Tallux 5, that was so cliche and boring). We had 2 planets with a lot of story and aesthetic potential and, ironically, they get the least pages. The 19th century Russia planet took up too much space in my opinion, this setting is so overused that it's easy to predict the whole worldbuilding. Don't even get me started on the whole "corsets are so restricting, ugh I can't even breathe in this" premise. Fun fact, corsets are actually comfortable if worn right!! I wish authors dropped this whole "corsets ruin lives, corsets kill people and their children, corsets are patriarchy" narrative.

As for the good points, this book is a page-turner and an easy to understand and get into sci-fi. I don't know if it will be THAT memorable to me in, let's say, 2 years, but it was a quick, entertaining read that I'm grateful for.
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816 reviews22 followers
March 16, 2021
It's the mashup of Star Trek and The Librarians that I never dared to dream I'd get to read!

Ash Yang, orphaned in a bombing run in her planet's never ending war with another in their solar system, wants nothing more than to become a starfighter pilot and get her revenge. Things go sideways in her final test, though, and she finds herself seconded to a job no one knows about, in a place no one has ever heard of, far from everything she knows. Her new purpose is to protect important artefacts from planets all over the galaxy. But as she visits more planets and meets more people, a disturbing pattern starts to emerge, and she has to decide what she's willing to fight for.

This is the start of a fabulous series. I've read the author's first series and this one promises to be even better. (Maybe that's just because I prefer sci fi to dinosaurs, who knows. :D ) The descriptions are brilliant here, really giving you the feel for all Ash's various surroundings and companions. The pace could have been smoothed a bit - large periods of time occasionally elapsed in the turning of a page, which is a bit startling - but I really enjoyed the read overall.

I believe this is to be a trilogy like the first series. Most of the big story threads are tied up neatly at the end of this book, so if you wanted to you could stop here. However, the overall story is still to come, and I'm really looking forward to seeing what gets thrown at us in the next volume. It should be really fun.

A great adventure read. (And if you haven't watched The Librarians, you really should!)
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Author 185 books71 followers
February 19, 2021
I absolutely loved this YA space romp! It ticks so many boxes for me - a quest, a library (in space!), a strong, relatable heroine, some inventive planets and species, the author's love of her genre comes through in every page.

Ash is on her last test to become a pilot for the prestigous Star Corporation Academy. Over 100 applicants have been whittled down to five and there is just one spot. And for Ash winning is personal. Her solar system is at war, four planets against the fifth, and she lost her family in that war. Becoming a pilot won't just get her off her dusty planet but will give her a chance at revenge. But when Ash's trial goes horribly wrong her dreams are shattered. There's no coveted pilot position for her - but instead she is sent to a library in a hidden corner of the universe where she is appointed as Guardian. Her job is to retreieve or replace treasures from planets at a critical place in their development, some more advanced than hers, others a long way behind. But is the library as infallible as it thinks it is, and how can she just forget about the war raging at home?

Inventive, fast paced and always entertaining this is a fabulous start to what I hope will be a long running series and I for one can't wait for the next. Highly recommended.
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Author 5 books89 followers
February 18, 2022
*I received an eARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. Thanks to Usborne Publishing and NetGalley*

2.5 stars

Ash Yang's home-world is at war, and she has been working towards becoming a starfighter pilot to help.
When Ash fails the final test, her dream is left in tatters.
However, Ash is offered the unique position of Guardian of the Infinity Files. As Guardian, Ash travels to distant planets, returning or taking important objects that could change the future of worlds.
Will Ash be happy being Guardian?

The premise for this book intrigued me, but it ended up falling a bit flat, unfortunately.
Ash was a likeable and relatable protagonist who hadn't had an easy life. At times it did seem like Ash was a bit of a bull in a China shop with the way she didn't think before she acted, but I liked that she wanted to help people.
The concept of the Library and Guardians was interesting, and I wouldn't mind finding out more about previous Guardians.
The plot was enjoyable to begin with, but I did lose interest in the second half. I didn't feel particularly invested in what was happening. I was surprised by one plot point, but nothing else really caught me off guard.
I'm a little disappointed that I didn't enjoy this more, but it didn't reach its potential for me.

Overall, this was a mixed read.
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37 reviews3 followers
March 5, 2021
I absolutely loved this book. It was so immersive, I found myself immediately transported to the stars. Through Ash, it was easy to fall in love both with the universe as we might know it, and every possible universe beyond. I've found myself gazing up at the stars and wondering far more about what goes on up there since picking up this book than I ever have before.

The writing style is a fabulous balance between descriptive and easy to connect with, and as we follow Ash through her adventures and emotional turmoil, it's easy to find yourself so fully engaged that hours passed me by at a time without my noticing. It was so wonderful to read about whole new worlds and universes, so vivid that it's easy to believe they may be real. Ash's role - which I won't spoil for those of you who haven't read it yet! - gives her a unique insight to the whole of the universe, and pits her against such odds that it gives her far more of a challenge than any piloting ever would have.

And then as the book progresses, things become more difficult for Ash to make decisions between right and wrong, and for her to work out what really is for the best - for her, and for the universe...
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85 reviews1 follower
May 15, 2022
The Infinity files is centered around Ash, a human girl from a sandy planet that’s been training most of her life to become a fighter pilot and help in the war.
However, due to an accident during her final test she instead becomes the ‘Guardian’ of the library; a place filled with ancient artefacts that sits in a dying galaxy.
Her job is effectively to take and return artefacts to specific planets and get in and out as soon as possible.

I found the writing very juvenile and the plot was flimsy. There were a few scenes where I was questioning her stupidity but I ended up finishing it. Ash is one of those characters where she feels as if she always has to save everyone and is in my opinion a somewhat poor imitation of someone who ‘doesn’t take other peoples crap’.

Overall, the idea of this book was amazing. The thought of having a library filled with ancient artefacts and being able to travel through the universe and visit other planets was interesting. However, it could have been executed much better.
Recommend for younger readers (ages 10-13) who like action and adventure stories.
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Author 5 books2 followers
August 18, 2021
A fun, intriguing, high stakes and richly imagined space adventure that will appeal to adult and younger readers alike.

This had so many elements of a great book - amazing concept, vivid settings, intrigue, good pacing and overall was well executed. It ticked a lot of boxes for me personally too - planet hopping, artefacts, quest(s), a Library, strong female lead, and plenty of political and moral quandries to mull over. I really connected with Ash and her journey, and there was excellent internal conflict and emotion throughout. There was quite a lot of suspending disbelief with the Library, but I didn't mind that personally as the characters and worlds still felt believable on the whole - I just really loved the imaginative concept of why the Library was there. I did swither a bit between 4 and 5 stars as I would have liked to have seen more development of the other characters and the relationships there - but it didn't hugely take away from overall enjoyment of the book and I'm looking forward to reading the next!
2 reviews
March 21, 2021
I absolutely loved this book – as a dedicated sci fi fan (Star Trek, Warehouse 13…. Picard… Travelers) it was a joy to lose myself in this beautifully written, fast paced Space adventure. The author has created a world and characters that draw you in and keep you hooked from start to finish. The main character Ash Yang is real and relatable to and I truly cared about her from the get go when she embarks on the test of her lifetime to become a fighter pilot. Ash ends up in a role she couldn’t possibly have dreamt of, one which jettisons her into adventure and also means she has to make some pretty tough decisions. Her journey and the way other characters are skilfully depicted and woven in the fast moving plot made this one of my favourite reads so far this year. I can’t wait for the next one!
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435 reviews4 followers
April 3, 2021
The Infinity files is a YA Sci-fi action-adventure.

S.M Wilson has created a really interesting premise with The Library at the end of the Universe. I love the idea of a Library with an artefact from every planet and universe.  The Infinity files have lots of action from fights in spaceships to stealing crowns. Wilson has fitted in a lot within the 416 pages.  There are times where I thought the plot was a little rush. Especially regarding U62 as everything happens very quickly and moved on from it even quicker. 

Ash Yang is the leading lady in The Infinity files, as a character I liked her. She is smart, hard-working and is trying to do the right thing even if she comes across hard-headed. 

Overall The Infinity Files is a fun entertaining YA Sci-Fi book. 

My Rating for Infinity Files is 4 out of 5. 
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3,525 reviews115 followers
November 29, 2021
I absolutely loved this book – as a dedicated sci-fi fan (Star Trek, Warehouse 13…. Picard… Travelers) it was a joy to lose myself in this beautifully written, fast paced Space adventure. The author has created a world and characters that draw you in and keep you hooked from start to finish. The main character Ash Yang is real and relatable to and I truly cared about her from the get go when she embarks on the test of her lifetime to become a fighter pilot. Ash ends up in a role she couldn’t possibly have dreamt of, one which jettisons her into adventure and also means she has to make some pretty tough decisions. Her journey and the way other characters are skilfully depicted and woven in the fast moving plot made this one of my favourite reads so far this year. I can’t wait for the next one!
52 reviews1 follower
March 9, 2022
A good yarn

I really enjoyed The Extinction Trials and so was looking forward to this book: it didn’t disappoint. It kept me entered and interested the whole way through and on the whole I liked the main characters. It is a bit episodic in nature but fits together as well - I could imagine this as a doctor who type series.
The writer continues with protagonists brought up to believe something that they later come to question on moral grounds but Ash is fun to spend time with so I can forgive the similarities to Stormchaser from the extinction trials.
It isn’t as violent as that series so may be more accessible for a younger audience.
On the whole I enjoyed this book. It is well written enough, fun to read and easy to finish - everything I want from my YA fiction. I will read the next book in the series.
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January 15, 2023
I really enjoyed the start of this book but by the time we got to whatever the snow planet was called, I was struggling. Our MC made some interesting decisions and I was frustrated by a certain continuity error - we’re told Orius can’t communicate with Ash when she uses the bangle to travel yet when she choses to go to Ezra orius appears?? It just made it infuriating when certain things were happening and if you know he can show up he should’ve been showing up and advising.

There was also the fact that at one point it was clear she needed to transport back asap but she just chose not to. It was clear the author obviously wanted certain things to happen so needed to bend the rules or change the way our character acts to make it happen and it was infuriating.

I won’t be continuing the series, but it was enjoyable enough that I kept reading.
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April 4, 2021
If you’re after a badass young woman, a story set in space and a fascinating library of incredible artefacts, this is the story for you. This has got space battles aplenty, some brilliant friends and some true planet hopping going on. I loved the idea of jumping between planets to collect items for the Library and the idea of ‘Friends’ for the Guardians. Really liked that this had brilliant messages all about trusting your instincts, doing what’s right and believing in your friends (even when what they’re asking you seems absolutely ludicrous). Very curious about book 2!
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Shelved as 'dnf'
June 6, 2022
DNF @ 104 pages

I wanted to love this one, but I just couldn't get into it. It's not that it was bad...it just wasn't good. The writing is extremely bland to the point of being sophomoric, and I was bored and didn't care about anything that was happening. I also felt like the world building was shoddy at best and to be taken at face value because if you thought too hard it didn't make sense. Some things were pretty farfetched and pushed believability a little too far for me. I usually love space books, so color me disappointed.
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March 4, 2021
I loved this, it was a really good space romp and SM Wilson's writing is just so easy to read. I loved the characters, getting to know Ash was fab and the way she interacted with other characters was really interesting. I liked her curiosity and compassion. The whole set up of the world was brilliant, it gave enough information to form a picture without being too info dumpy. Cannot wait for more.

4 stars.
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June 2, 2021
This sat on my bedside table for ages. Once I started it, I could not put it down so read it in less than 24 hrs and enjoyed it all the way through. It's been a little while since I was so immersed in a good story and this was just that. Now...I have to go and read every book S.M. Wilson has ever written 😄
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June 9, 2021
Another amazing story by s.m Wilson. I’m usually not someone that can read more than 1-2 chapters in a day due to attention span but her books? I can get lost in for ages without even realising how much time has passed. It’s great to find a book where you can just shut the outside world out and feel like you’re there inside the story. Can’t wait for the follow up !
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March 4, 2021
I’m not a sci-fi fan but I really enjoyed this. The characters were great. Ash ends up not getting her dream job in quite a spectacular manner but instead is lined up for something bigger and better. The future of the universe depends upon her.
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