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DS Benjamin Chambers and DC Adam Winter are hunting a twisted serial killer who recreates famous works of art using the bodies of his victims. But after Chambers almost loses his life, the case goes cold - the killer lying dormant, his collection unfinished.

Jordan Marshall has excelled within the Met Police, driven by a loss that defined her teenage years. She obtains new evidence, convincing both Chambers and Winter to revisit the case. However, this new investigation reawakens their killer, the team in desperate pursuit of a monster hell-bent on finishing what he started at any cost.

Praise for Daniel

'A brilliant, breathless thriller' M.J. Arlidge

' Superb thriller writing' Peter Robinson

'A star is born. Killer plot. Killer pace' Simon Toyne

310 pages, Kindle Edition

First published June 15, 2021

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About the author

Daniel Cole

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At 33 years old, Daniel Cole has worked as a paramedic, an RSPCA officer and most recently for the RNLI, driven by an intrinsic need to save people or perhaps just a guilty conscience about the number of characters he kills off in his writing.

He has received a three-book publishing and television deal for his debut crime series which publishers and producers describe as “pulse-racing” and “exceptional”.

Daniel currently lives in sunny Bournemouth and can usually be found down the beach when he ought to be writing book two in the Nathan Wolfe series instead.

Ragdoll is his first novel.

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2,711 reviews25k followers
July 18, 2021
Having loved the Ragdoll trilogy by Daniel Cole, I was looking forward to his latest offering set in London, and whilst it contained the author's trademark comic touches with the grotesque and grisly murders, it didn't quite have the same impact and made for more of a mixed bag of a read. There were aspects that really worked well, but at times the humour often left me cold, and the characters on occasion too bungling, slapstick and unprofessional. It is 1989 and a sadistic art obssesed serial killer, a demon in human form, is on the loose, recreating classic sculptures with his victims. The first is on a freezing cold night is in Hyde Park, where a plinth has a frozen man depicted as Rodin's The Thinker and the second is the recreation of the mother and son in Michelangelo's Pieta.

The investigating officer, the black DS Benjamin Chambers, is weighed down by a useless and vindictive boss, DCI Hamm, who refuses to accept that the 2 cases are linked. Chambers works with DC Adam Winter in which their inquiries yield 2 likely suspects, however, everything goes to hell with a tragedy and Chambers himself almost dies at the hands of the killer. 7 years later, the case is resurrected by trainee narcotics officer, Jordan Marshall, a woman with a personal stake in discovering the truth. She is a tattoed goth with heroin track marks on her arm, and as she ropes in Chambers and Winters, who have been left haunted and traumatised by the original case, the dormant mimic serial killer returns with a vengeance with a murdered young woman displayed to look like the Venus de Milo, and he is far from finished.

There is no doubt there are is much that is entertaining, engaging and dark about this novel which I enjoyed, but perhaps this was a book that suffered from the excellent books I had just read and truly loved. However, I think Cole's potent mix of blackly comic crime fiction alchemy in the Ragdoll trilogy is not as strong here, and perhaps he might think of developing as a writer further to add something different to his future output to what has so far been a commercially successful formula. I am certain that many crime and mystery readers will love this more than I did, so I suggest reading other reviews on this prior to making a decision to read. Many thanks to the publisher for an ARC.
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2,082 reviews1,662 followers
March 31, 2021
It’s a bitterly cold night in 1989 and DS Benjamin Chambers is called to Hyde Park where a dead naked body raised up high on a plinth is displayed as a statue which turns out to be a macabre version of Rodin's The Thinker. This dark and dangerous investigation led by Chambers and PC Winter and later joined in 1996 by trainee Constable Marshall, proves to be death mimicking well known and very recognisable works of art.

This is a typical Daniel Cole offering blending the extremely gritty with black humour which seems to be almost his trademark! The writing is clever, some of the humour in the dialogue is laugh out loud and some is a bit cheesy but raises some smiles! The characters are so good, they’re all misfits in some way, they’re all likeable though not necessarily always that good at their job yet somehow they ultimately find the solution. I especially like Marshall who is a very intriguing personality with leanings towards being a Goth and is very much on an angry girls crusade with this case. I like the art angle though I did read a book last year that has similarities of premise although it wasn’t written with quite the same entertaining pizazz. There are occasions where the plot strays into the surreal which I rather enjoy and is certainly shocking and horrifying on occasions. The art links to Greek mythology with the theme of unrequited love and this is an interesting angle. This realisation eventually leads to the chameleon perpetrator finally being apprehended and not before time. The plot is definitely twisty if not twisted and it takes its toll on the investigation team especially Chambers who suffers physically and mentally.

Overall, an entertaining blend of horror and humour, I’d like to read another book featuring this team and hope that’s in the pipeline or the authors mind!!

With thanks to NetGalley and Orion Publishing Group/Trapeze for the arc in return for an honest review.
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1,449 reviews142 followers
April 7, 2022
When the abstract promises a detective story in which the police are on the trail of a serial killer who embodies famous sculptures in the bodies of his victims, you think: "Oh, no, again!" - remembering a dozen stories with a similar creative obsession of a maniac.

When he reports about 1989, as the time of the beginning of history, you think: "Aha, the Internet and cellular have not yet been invented, so most of the collisions will be based on the inability to reach the necessary information and contact the right person."

And in general, you're not wrong, it's like that. The question is how it is done. So, Daniel Cole managed to do very well. You feel sympathy for his police heroes from the first pages, the criminal causes hatred and fear (fierce hatred and animal horror, no negative charm of Hannibal the Lecturer or tired indifference with which you follow the adventures of most of these characters).

You sincerely regret the victims, and here the next crime of the villain obsessed with the love of sculpture is really being prevented. Cole either has a talent for storytelling, or he doesn't, and perhaps his experience as a lifeguard and paramedic plays a role. Whatever it was, the "Copycat" is a truly exciting detective story, and very worthy (Which is very rare) in the sense of narrative logic.

Дьявол - подражатель
Хоть грехи ваши подобны багрянцу,
Пусть будут они белы, как снег.

Не назову детектив любимым жанром. Как-то пыталась определить для себя причины неприязни и пришла к выводу о литературе поражения: зло уже свершилось, исправить ничего нельзя, а действия сыщиков в абсолютном большинстве современных детективов-триллеров не предотвращают новые убийства, но выступают в роли триггера, громоздя труп на труп.

То есть, понимаете, все подчинено закону show must go one! - сохранение человеческой жизни, как-бы заявленное изначально, перестает быть целью, а сама эта жизнь ценностью. Чем более кровавым, омерзительным, замысловатым будет очередное преступление, тем лучше.

Еще авторы страсть как любят поединок сыщик-маньяк, с похищением любимой женщины и/или ребенка полицейского. И ты уже думаешь: "Слышь, мужик, если бы ты не был, мать твою, таким гением сыска, всем, включая тебя самого, было бы лучше.

Когда аннотация обещает детектив, в котором полицейские идут по следу серийного убийцы, воплощающего в телах своих жертв знаменитые скульптуры, ты думаешь: "О, нет, опять!" - вспоминая дюжину историй с подобной творческой одержимостью маньяка.

Когда сообщает про 1989 год, как время начала истории, соображаешь: "Ага, интернет и сотовые еще не придумали, значит большинство коллизий будет строиться на невозможности дотянуться до необходимых сведений и связаться с нужным человеком".

И в целом ты не ошибаешься, все так. Вопрос в том, как это сделано. Так вот, Дэниелу Коулу удалось сделать очень хорошо. К его героям-полицейским с первых страниц проникаешься симпатией, преступник вызывает ненависть и страх (лютую ненависть и животный ужас, никакого отрицательного обаяния Ганнибала Лектора или усталого равнодушия, с каким следишь за похождениями большей части такого рода персонажей).

Жертв искренне жалеешь, и здесь очередное преступление одержимого любовью к скульптуре злодея действительно стремятся предотвратить. Талант рассказчика или есть, или уж нет, у Коула есть, возможно играет определенную роль опыт его работы спасателем и парамедиком. Как бы там ни было, "Подражатель" по-настоящему захватывающий детектив, и весьма достойный Что большая редкость) в смысле повествовательной логики.

А исполнение Игоря Князева - отличный подарок не только поклонникам чтеца, но и большой плюс роману.

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3,820 reviews12.8k followers
March 6, 2022
Returning for another thriller by Daniel Cole, I was expecting a great deal. Having enjoyed his series work, I had high hopes that Cole would impress just as much with this standalone. When DS Benjamin Chambers and DC Adam Winters find themselves chasing a serial killer in 1989, they have hopes of rapid success The killer places his victims in artistic poses that parallel famous works of art. After an incident almost kills Chambers, the case goes cold and the killer seems to retreat. However, years later, he is back, with a new set of victims. DS Jordan Marshall receives some information and joins her colleagues, Chambers and Winter, on the case. The three hope to be able to nail down the killer before too many more lives are lost. What they discover both baffles and intrigues them, as art takes on an entirely new meaning. Cole does a masterful job with this one, penning a thriller that’s sure to send chills up the reader’s spine.

Police work in 1989 is more about following leads than anything, as DS Benjamin Chambers and DC Adam Winters know well. When they investigate a body found on the streets of London, they are baffled by its placement and pose. It’s only later that they realise it is set to match a famous piece of art. Tracking down leads does not go as hoped and Chambers is left clinging for his life, as the case goes cold and the killer appears to disappear into the shadows.

Years later, new recruit DC Jordan Marshall has risen through the ranks and wants nothing more than to make her mark. When she is given some new information on an old case, she wants to make it her own, but leans on the expertise of DS Chambers and DC Winters. The serial killer they had been hunting appears to be back, randomly posing new bodies in artistic fashion. After a little probing, there seems to be a connection, albeit loose, between the bodies.

With a name and apparent motive, Chambers, Winters, and Marshall begin their chase to locate the killer. A personal connection to the killer may help them track him down, but it is still a dangerous gamble and one that could have dire consequences. Still, there is hope as long as these three can stay one step ahead of the killer, at least until he strikes once more. A great thriller that checks all the boxes for me, proving that Daniel Cole still has it.

While I read a lot of thrillers, the earlier work of Daniel Cole definitely caught my attention. I was pulled in by his ability to present a story that not only intrigued me, but left me speeding through the novels to see how things would progress. This is another of those, pitting the police against a ruthless killer who uses intelligence as well as cunning to succeed. A game of cat and mouse like no other, Cole creates a great deal of drama as things reach their climax and a killer marks his territory. I am eager to see what else Cole has in store for readers, if not adding to this standalone to create a new series.

The three police detectives at various ranks make wonderful protagonists in their own ways. Each has a backstory that presents itself throughout the novel, though there is also room for wonderful character development. In an era pre-technology, the reader can see how each of these three Met detectives use their sleuthing skills to work on leads and piece the larger puzzle together. They work well together, but also have some decent independent moments for the reader to enjoy. Cole develops them such that I want to learn more as soon as possible, which has me hoping that this is true start of a series.

While the genre is supersaturated, there is something about Daniel Cole that helps him stand out. His attention to detail and research is evident throughout this piece, which creates a narrative that requires the reader to pay attention. Add to that, some well-developed characters that push the story along, as the recipe for success is well on its way. A plot that offers some twists, with a few tangents to help plump up the action, keeps the reader hooked until everything comes together by the end. Daniel Cole makes his mark again and forces readers to take notice, reminding them that he is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to dark thrillers.

Kudos, Mr. Cole, for reminding me how amazing you can be. I am eager to see what you have to come and how your fans will react.

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986 reviews1,002 followers
March 6, 2021
When DS Chambers is called to a bitterly cold scene, he's surprised to find a body posed like a famous piece of sculpture; a human statue, murder made art. It's not his usual fare, to say the very least. The mystery makes him all the more determined to find who did it, even when he gets some serious push back from the brass. So determined, in fact, that he's prepared to throw caution, and the rules, to the wind. A fateful choice that will change his life forever...

Let me say straight up that I'm not usually a fan of comedy in fiction. But, for some reason, Daniel Cole gets it right every time. His previous series, beginning with Ragdoll, is a cracking read. Bloody, imaginative, and yes, funny. That trademark mix is here again in Mimic, but with a cast very different to those who came before. His duo, DS Benjamin Chambers and DC Adam Winters, are genuinely hilarious. Their 1989 escapades are a bit Beverly Hills Cop, a bit classic British banter. It's not slapstick, more absurdist, but quietly so. Chambers, in particular, is a fantastic character- clever, observant, and an absolute nightmare. I'm not sure how two people can be so effective and yet utterly rubbish at the same time. Putting them together is a disaster waiting to happen. Surprise, surprise, it happens. Chambers nearly dies and the killer gets away. That is until 2006...

Flash forward, another misfit is added and the duo becomes a trio. Now there's a woman on a crusade and two men hiding from their traumatic past. Less disaster, more catastrophe. This time the killer is playing for keeps and these three are all that stands between him and his greatest work of art. Reassured? Me neither... But you'll have to read the book to see how it all turns out.

If you want an entertaining read, Daniel 'how to have fun with series killers' Cole is where it's at. Whether Mimic or Ragdoll, you'll smile through the horror and have a jolly old time. Now doesn't that sound fun?

ARC via Netgalley
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962 reviews152 followers
November 24, 2021

-"I was told you’d found a body under a statue."
-"The body isn’t under the statue … The body is the statue."

A twisted serial killer, recreating famous sculptures, elegantly, brutally...using his victim's bodies.
Two creepy suspects.
An unwitting muse.
Three mismatched detectives, with one objective.

I never thought i would ever describe a gruesome crime/mystery book as hilarious but i literally laughed out loud several times while reading this one.
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526 reviews12 followers
March 3, 2023
Interesanta grāmata. Plusi - lieliski uzrakstīta, ļoti rets krimiķis, kurā ir labs humors (nu tā, ka jāsmejas balsī). Aina ar Vinteru pie arodārsta, piem, vnk izcila. Plusi arī par ideju un trakām idejām - piem., par Dāvidu (psihopātu) un Goliātu. No grāmatas tiešām grūti atrauties, rezervējiet vakaru!!!

Nu, mīnusi.. tik daudz loģikas trūkumu, vietām sižeta līnija drusku gaisā, nu un protams diezgan dīvainie varoņi. Nē, ne tāpēc, ka nv interesanti (IR), bet nu diezgan neticami.

Tomēr lasīšanas prieks un humors vinnē, nepelnītas, bet tomēr 4*!!!!!!!!!!!!
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492 reviews62 followers
July 13, 2021
Ik ben nog aan het nadenken wat ik er nou precies van vind, dus kan zijn dat ik mijn rating nog aanpas als ik mijn recensie ga schrijven. Eerst maar een nachtje erover slapen :)
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725 reviews79 followers
October 20, 2021
Londen, 1989. In Hyde Park wordt op een sokkel een lichaam aangetroffen. Het lichaam is in de houding van een beroemd kunstwerk neergezet, gedrogeerd en in de vrieskou achtergelaten om te sterven. Rechercheur Benjamin Chambers wordt op de zaak gezet om deze te onderzoeken, samen met Adam Winter, een wat minder ervaren rechercheur. Wanneer opnieuw lichamen worden aangetroffen, menen ze dat ze een seriemoordenaar op het spoor zijn, een moordenaar die met de lichamen van zijn slachtoffers kunstwerken imiteert. De hoofdinspecteur wil echter niet dat de zaken als gezamenlijke incidenten worden onderzocht, waarop de mannen op eigen houtje doorgaan, wat één van hen uiteindelijk bijna met de dood moet bekopen. De zaak wordt afgesloten, totdat nieuw bewijs wordt verzameld.

In 1996 wil Jordan Marshall, een narcoticarecheurcheur in opleiding, de zaak weer openen. Ze is om persoonlijke redenen bij deze zaak betrokken en zoekt contact met Chambers en Winter, die zich allebei inmiddels andere levens leiden. Wanneer ze ontdekken dat ze 7 jaar geleden wellicht toch op het goede spoor zaten, besluiten ze zich bij Marshall aan te sluiten. Ook de moordenaar wordt weer wakker en een nieuwe reeks gruweldaden wordt gestart…

Deze originele, leuke thriller zit vol wendingen en intrigerende personages, waardoor het verhaal van begin tot eind onderhoudend is, je wilt weten waar en hoe dit gaat eindigen. Het trio rechercheurs lijkt een onwaarschijnlijk gezelschap, maar ze werken goed samen, zorgen voor doorbraken en zijn niet vies van wat onorthodoxe opsporingsmethodes. Ze vormen een sterk team, hun achtergronden en persoonlijkheden zijn boeiend en niemand is perfect.

Van mij had het verhaal best nóg wat spannender mogen zijn, door bijvoorbeeld passages toe te voegen die geschreven zijn vanuit het perspectief van de dader (die al vrij vroeg in het verhaal bekend is) of de slachtoffers. De moorden zijn op zichzelf gruwelijk genoeg, voor de tentoonstelling van de lichamen als kunstwerken moeten er regelmatig ledematen worden afgehakt of elementen worden toegevoegd, maar de lichamen worden pas ontdekt wanneer dat allemaal al heeft plaatsgevonden. Desondanks ligt het tempo zeer hoog, zit het verhaal en het uiteindelijke motief goed in elkaar en bevat de schrijfstijl veel (soms erg flauwe) humor, waardoor ik dit boek met erg veel plezier heb gelezen. Het smaakt naar meer!

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258 reviews25 followers
November 13, 2021

After working as a paramedic, an animal protection officer and with the RNLI lifeguards, five years ago Daniel Cole decided to become a full-time writer.
His first three books formed the Ragdoll trilogy which has been published in over 30 countries.
Now he seems ready for a change again, because his fourth novel Mimic has an entirely different cast of characters and is a standalone.

The reader is immediately fully immersed in the action as the two main protagonists - detective sergeant Ben Chambers and young constable Adam Winter - get acquainted with each other at a crime scene in Hyde Park on a winter's night. One of the statues was replaced by a body and, being completely frozen in the same position as The Thinker of Rodin, has become an artwork in itself. After a few other artistical murders Chambers and Winter realize they might be up against a serial killer and some enthralling sequences follow.
Fast forward to 7 years later. We're in 1996 and the same serial killer seems still on the loose. Will both policemen succeed this time to unmask the killer before he or she makes even more victims?

Not everything is entirely credible, as there are some actions a wise policeman normally wouldn't take (no further details to avoid any spoilers). But then again, policemen are just people too and even in real life some of them don't behave like their function requires. So in fact, some of the described scenes aren't totally unthinkable either.
If you're able to suspend your disbelief at these points, this is a very enjoyable book.

It's not surprising at all that the previous books of this author (the Ragdoll-trilogy) are currently being adapted for TV.
Daniel Cole has such a filmic writing style.
The same goes for Mimic: when you read the dialogues and the action scenes, it's as if you're seeing them in your head.

Furthermore, there's a lot of humour.
Even though it might be a bit predictable here and there, most of the times it really adds a touch of lightness to the whole.

All in all, Daniel Cole succeeded once again to deliver a suspenseful story sprinkled with just the right amount of humour.

*Thanks to NetGalley and Orion Publishing Group for providing a digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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2,854 reviews1,643 followers
July 15, 2021
Daniel Cole returns with standalone thriller Mimic to the world of his Ragdoll series, with a nerve-wracking new story about a serial killer who mimics the world's greatest works of art with the bodies of his victims. 1989. Detective Benjamin Chambers and his sidekick Adam Winters track down a serial killer who has a bizarre passion for imitating history's greatest works of art using the bodies of his victims. But the case is dead due to lack of evidence. The killer goes underground, his collection is unfinished. Seven years later, Detective Marshall comes with new evidence and joins in to reopen the case. However, that also triggers a new wave of horror. The team walks a fine line between seeking justice and playing their own judge in their pursuit of a monster far more dangerous and intelligent than anyone ever imagined.

This is a riveting, nail-biting and compulsively readable serial killer thriller laden with wicked twists and dizzying red herrings with Cole ensuring that there is never a dull moment throughout. Moving at a killer pace, this sinister read is sprinkled with some wry humour to break up the heavy subject matter, and I found it so enthralling I flew through the pages in one sitting. It's as high octane as a thriller can get and is studded with action that grips you from the very beginning and the peculiar motives and high body count feed into its scintillating nature. Clever, original and absorbing, Mimic reads like the best action movie, and you can not help but be swept up in its mass tension and excitement. Cole has crafted his most accomplished and brilliant book to date and it all culminates in a spectacular and explosive finale you're not likely to forget anytime soon. Highly recommended.
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100 reviews4 followers
March 9, 2022
Knížka byla svižná, ale asi tak za 2 dny nebudu tušit nic o hlavních postavách a z děje si nezapamatuju taky nic. Neurazí, nenadchne.
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263 reviews36 followers
January 31, 2023
It is like the three police officers want to get fired, murdered or having their case thrown out in court but again it is fiction and as fiction it is really really good. It is thrilling, exciting and with the dark humor that characterizes Cole.

Three enjoyable characters that could very well continue into another installment but not as solid as Fawkes and Baxter. Marshall was too hesitant and Winter too flaky but Chambers was spot on as a detective. Oh…how I miss Baxter…

At this point if I like the series or writer I would immediately purchase the next in the series or read whatever the writer offers me but I have read everything by Cole. Mister, please write another book I like your style, your twisty plots and your characters. I am patiently waiting….
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3,471 reviews1,007 followers
June 28, 2021
A pacy and involving read typical for Daniel Cole with ironically hilarious characters and a darkly horrific killer at large.

Mimic fairly rocks along and will make for an excellent t.v. show, if you loved the Ragdoll series you'll really enjoy this.

For me it didn't quite hit the dizzy, addictive heights of the Ragdoll trilogy but was still a wildly entertaining read that I completed in one sitting.
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819 reviews125 followers
July 25, 2021
I loved Daniel Cole’s Ragdoll series, and I was very excited to see that he had a new standalone novel coming out. His latest book, Mimic, is a very creative serial killer thriller, and I loved the characters. In 1989, Detective Benjamin Chambers was hunting for a sadistic serial killer trying to recreate his victims as great works of art from around the world. The killer is never found. Now seven years later, they are on the hunt for the same killer again. It seems that Daniel Cole is not short of brilliant ideas for macabre serial killings.

This is an exhilarating read. Daniel Cole always keeps the tension turning up a notch, and I loved his new cast of characters. I loved the dialogue between them, which was witty and very engaging, particularly between Chambers and Winters. I’d love to see them both return in future books. I think creating engaging characters is one of Daniel Cole’s strongest writing skills. I loved Fawkes and Baxter in his Ragdoll novels, and I loved Chambers and Winters.

In the scenes set in the 90s, I liked that Winters is no longer a police officer but works as a security guard in Sainsbury’s. It was interesting to see how he and Chambers worked together, particularly as Winters is no longer a serving police officer.

The case they are investigating is quite complex, and it has been on their minds for seven years. Daniel Cole presents us with a very intriguing serial killer. It made me want to find out more about why they were killing their victims in the way they were. It made me ask the question, what had happened in their life to make them like this.

It seems to be a battle for Chambers and Winters to get the rest of the Met Police on board with them. It made me wonder if they would continue to search for them on their own. Also, if they would be willing to put themselves close to danger to bring the right person to justice. The tension gets really high in the final chapters as they try, and I had no idea how things were going to pan out for them or if they were going to succeed in bringing the killer to justice.

If you love high octane crime thrillers, then Mimic is the book for you. Daniel Cole has done an outstanding job in creating a new cast of characters who you’ll be rooting for from the beginning. This is highly entertaining crime fiction. I loved it! I can’t wait to see what Daniel Cole has in store for us next.
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860 reviews53 followers
June 2, 2022
Daniel Cole is a crime thriller writer all of his own style and that really makes his books unique, gripping and completely enjoyable. Enjoyable, despite the fact that they are quite chilling and twisted!

Mimic is a balance of theatrics, making this a very cinematic read, with humour and underlying tension. It was great to revisit a lesser known character from the Ragdoll series too, but this was very much a standalone that doesn’t require you needing to have read other books by Daniel. But the Ragdoll Series is absolutely brilliant too.

This is a book that will have you astounded, shocked and laughing, all in equal measures. Plus you’ll likely have the urge to research some of the happenings because Daniel introduces some fascinating elements in his books – and in locations that might be familiar to some.

We had the fantastic opportunity of asking Daniel lots of questions about this at our recent book club – and it was really interesting to hear more about the book and writing process. We can’t wait to see what Daniel’s next book brings!
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939 reviews130 followers
February 26, 2022
My first time of reading Daniel Cole as I read few great reviews for his Ragdoll series and thought I should try out this standalone for a start.

The blurb really gets me with its serial crime setting. Mimic was written in dual timelines following a narrative of three detectives on a trail of a serial killer who recreates the world's famous sculptures through the bodies of his victims. Fairly suspense and fast pacing, the backdrop somehow giving me that bleak and noir feeling. Totally love the central characters and their chemistry-- how the author relates both Chambers and Winter to Marshall, giving them a meet again after 7 years with each having their own heartbreak and trauma, haunted by the past due to the same incident. It irks me that their boss was kind of harsh and just go with that fake confession and let the case turns cold.

Not much twisty (not really a whodunnit as you get a definite suspect along the way) or having that pack of punch I was hoping to get-- was a bit disappointed with the killer's motive as it was not as gripping or captivating much to me, only his style gets me invested that I envy on his determination in creating his 'art'. I also don't find Eloise character that appealing despite being the killer's muse, she did not stand out that much making me feel less connected to her premise. Nevertheless, I love the author's storytelling that I enjoyed few sarcastic dialogues and its dark humors, especially the interactions in between Chambers and Winter.

Would consider this as a light and decent thriller, a kind that you would enjoy delving for the sleuth rather than the crime itself. Still a tension-filled read up for me, do give it shot if you're interested to try it out!

ps: I love the design of this book that it includes few drawings of sculpture (based on the case) and having laurel leaves on certain pages 🍂

Thank you Pansing Distribution (definitelybooks) for the gifted copy!
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2,110 reviews262 followers
May 1, 2023

Finished reading: April 29th 2023

“You can notice all the little details you want all day long, but none of it means anything if you can't take a step back and see the bigger picture.”

P.S. Find more of my reviews here.
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October 17, 2021
#mimic - Daniel Cole

DS Benjamin Chambers and DC Adam Winter are on the trail of a twisted serial killer who uses the bodies of his victims to mimic some of the world’s most famous classical statutes. After a traumatic event that maims Chambers, the killer’s trail went cold.
An event triggers the killer to resume the killings. No longer the naive and ambitious pair they once were, Chambers and Winter find themselves involved again. This time they know the identity of the killer, but he remains one step ahead of them - and seems impossible to find and stop before his gruesome collection has been completed.

Whodunnits usually follow one of two possible techniques: either the reader knows the identity of the culprit, or does not and is invited to a game of armchair sleuthing. In this novel the reader assumes both roles; initially not knowing the killer’s identity and then knowing, but remaining clueless regarding his next step. The tension runs high in both instances: firstly because the killer could be anyone, and later because he seems to be unstoppable.

The nature of the plot is similar to the author’s debut novel, ‘Ragdoll’, but the characters are much better developed; the dialogue between Chambers and Winters being particularly entertaining. The use of famous sculptors’ work and the inclusion of illustrations thereof (‘The thinker’; ‘Pietá’; ‘Venus de Milo’; the bronze ‘David’ and others) added an additional depth to the novel.

Some of the scenes are quite gruesome, but the novel is recommended for non squeamish lovers of British thrillers.


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124 reviews
January 28, 2022
3,5 ster. Op zich een goede thriller, maar toch vond ik het nergens echt heel spannend. Daarvoor gaf ik te weinig om de personages denk ik.
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February 7, 2023
Daniela Koula jaunais detektīvs “Atdarinātājs”, tāpat kā pārējie Koula detektīvi, ir rotaļīgi uzrakstīts sērijslepkavas medību stāsts.

Rotaļīgi, jo šeit viss notiek strauji, asinis šķīst, līķi krājas gandrīz neticamā ātrumā, grāmatas varoņi ir interesanti dīvaiņi, pie tam visu caurvij humors un viegla ironija, kas reizēm tiešām liek pasmaidīt, bet reizēm šķiet ne īsti vietā.

Ļoti patika pati stāsta ideja par skulptūrām, un lasot sanāca arī uzzināt šo to jaunu par tēlniecību.

Nevajadzētu gan tādēļ izvēlēties “Atdarinātāju” kā uzziņu literatūru, jo, kā jau noprotams pēc nosaukuma, šeit māksla sastopas ar vājprātu - Koula sērijslepkava slavenas skulptūras atveido ar īstiem ķermeņiem. 💀

Man laikam pietrūka pārsteiguma momenta, bet saprotu, ka autora ideja bija rakstīt detektīvu savā stilā, kas nedaudz atšķiras no klasiskajām sērijslepkavu medībām. Daudziem šis varētu sagādāt vilšanos.

Grāmatas beigas gan bija perfektas - es nevarētu vēlēties labāku nobeigumu. Smalki! 😅👏

Vairāk lasi manā IG kontā @agneseizmekle
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June 25, 2021
Toen ik wist dat er een nieuw boek ging verschijnen van Daniel Cole was ik er als de kippen bij om het te mogen lezen en recenseren. Cole kennen we al van zijn beroemde Ragdoll trilogie, namelijk Ragdoll, Marionet en De Wolven. Ook van deze boeken heb ik enorm genoten en zijn dus ook een mustread voor degene die ze nog niet gelezen hebben! Ze zijn niet alleen pareltjes om te lezen maar ogen ook nog eens mooi in je boekenkast omdat ze speciaal gebonden zijn.

Anno 1989
Rechercheur Benjamin Chambers wordt naar Hyde Park gestuurd omdat ze daar een vreemde ontdekking hebben gedaan. Blijkt dat er een lichaam is gevonden dat op het standbeeld van ‘De Denker’ lijkt. Hier is een moordenaar aan het werk die bekende standbeelden namaakt en die publiekelijk worden tentoongesteld.

Bij de plaats delict ontmoet Chambers agent Winters, een groentje die hij op sleeptouw moet nemen. Dan volgt er nog een moord en wederom is Winters van de partij. Samen gaan ze dus op jacht om deze moordenaar te vatten. Dat loopt anders dan verwacht en Chambers moet het bijna met zijn leven bekopen.

Zeven jaar later …
Jordan Marshall werkt bij de Narcoticabrigade maar houdt zich in haar vrije tijd bezig met een oud dossier, namelijk dat van de onopgeloste moorden van zeven jaar geleden. Het dossier ligt bij haar thuis en ze gaat op eigen onderzoek om de ware dader te kunnen vatten. Ze heeft er haar missie van gemaakt en hier heeft ze zo haar redenen voor …

Als ze iets op het spoor komt contacteert ze Winters en vertelt hem dat Chambers en hij de ganse tijd gelijk hadden. Winters werkt niet meer bij de politie maar heeft een saai baantje bij de supermarkt Sainsbury waar hij als beveiligingsbewaker werkt. Hij is niet meer de man van zeven jaar geleden en dat telt ook voor Chambers. Maar Marshall gaat ervoor en betrekt de twee in haar onderzoek of ze het nu willen of niet. En dan beginnen de moorden terug! Het is aan dit trio om jacht te maken op de moordenaar …

Vanaf het begin van de boek voel je de onderhuidse spanning. De eerste honderd bladzijden beslaan de situatie dat zich in 1989 heeft voorgedaan en daar neemt de auteur ons mee naar de eerste moorden. De rest speelt zich af in 1996 in Londen.

Met Chambers, Winters en Marshall heeft de auteur een sterk drietal als hoofdpersonages gekozen. Chambers & Winters zijn beschadigd door hun verleden en veel zin hebben ze in het begin niet om weer achter een moordenaar aan te zitten die zijn slachtoffers als beeldhouwwerken tentoonstelt. Wat begint als een onofficieel onderzoek mondt al vlug uit in een officieel moordonderzoek. De seriemoordenaar weet dat perfect en voor het trio dringt de tijd om hem te pakken, hij is namelijk nog niet klaar met zijn kunstwerken!

Daniel Cole zou geen Brit zijn mocht er ook geen zwarte humor aan te pas komen, dit kwam in zijn vorige boeken ook voor. De dialogen en situaties zijn met tijden heel grappig te noemen en vooral met Winters. Heerlijk is het dat er tussen te hebben, wat maakt dat er niet alleen spanning in voorkomt.

Spannend en macaber is het wel degelijk; de moordenaar maakt kunstwerken van zijn slachtoffers zoals ‘De Denker’ en ‘De Venus van Milo’. Geen nood voor wie geen kunstliefhebber is en deze kunstwerken onbekend zijn. Cole geeft de nodige bijpassende info over deze beeldhouwwerken en dat is prettig om te lezen. Ook staan er krijttekeningen in het boek van deze werken zodat je het eigenlijk niet hoeft op te zoeken.

De auteur heeft met Mimic een standalone geschreven maar het zou me niet verbazen mocht hij dit driemanschap weer gebruiken bij een volgend boek. Hij zou hier ook gerust een serie van kunnen maken. En stiekem hoop ik dat toch wel met dit trio, er hangt eens soort van chemie tussen hen, en van mijn part kunnen ze nog veel moorden oplossen in de Britse hoofdstad.

Omwille van het spoilergevaar kan ik niets meer toevoegen aan deze recensie en ik wil zeker de pret niet bederven voor degene die het nog willen lezen. Wat ik wel kwijt kan is dat je het boek geen dagen opzij moet leggen want dan zit je niet meer zo in de flow van het verhaal en ook door de vele situaties die er ontstaan, bij sommige passages is het toch even opletten geblazen.

Daniel Cole heeft me weer aardig verrast met deze standalone waar ik wat uurtjes leesplezier aan heb gehad. Gruwelijkheid en humor van de bovenste plank! Ik heb me kostelijk geamuseerd met Mimic en geef dit boek dan ook 4 sterren!
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December 31, 2021
Forgot to review this one! How could I ? What a fantastic book. Lots of ‘body count’ which I like but also the book
has an underlying humour to it which somehow just works so well! Will definitely look out for more by this author.
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32 reviews
December 1, 2021
Rating Mimic is quite difficult. The story is exciting and captivating, the characters are interesting and the dialogue is realistic and sarcastic. Furthermore, the drawings and visual details in the text are beautiful. But it is inevitable this story will be compared to the Ragdoll series, which is simply better. Fans of the Ragdoll series should read this book, but maybe lower their expectations just a tad bit.

An interesting side note, Mimic strongly reminds me of the Enrico Mancini series by Mirko Zilahy. If you like Mimic, you will like that series as well.
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July 30, 2021
Ook goed. En weer wat geleerd over een aantal oude beelden.
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