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Mason Creek #6

Perfect Escape

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When looking for a place to nurse my broken heart, Mason Creek is the picture-perfect escape...

I almost made the biggest mistake of my life walking down the aisle. Thankfully, I caught the groom with his pants around his ankles and my bridesmaid around his waist before I said, “I do.”

My best friends kidnap me and take me away to a cabin in the middle of nowhere Montana. They convince me trespassing and skinny dipping are both acceptable remedies for a broken heart. Turns out, the owner of the property found our little excursion unacceptable...and amusing as hell.

After my douche of an ex calls to rain on my non-honeymoon parade, I decide to stick around Mason Creek while I figure things out.

I had no idea accepting a temporary job at Dream Big Realty would land me face to face with none other than Mr. Tall, Dark, Handsome, and Not Pressing Charges.

Falling for him and his adorable daughter is the easiest thing I’ve ever done. But competing with old flames makes me wonder if this town is big enough for the both of us.

Small town life was supposed to be a brief Band-Aid, then sexy, single dad Grady gives me a reason to stay…and a second chance at happiness.

202 pages, Kindle Edition

Published June 17, 2020

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About the author

Cary Hart

34 books1,576 followers
Cary Hart hails from the Midwest. A sassy, coffee drinking, sometimes sailor swearing, Spotify addict, lover of all things books!

When not pushing women down the stairs in the fictional world, Cary has her hands full. Soccer mom in all sense of the word to two wild and crazy, spoiled kiddos, and wife to the most supportive husband. In addition to writing full time, she enjoys binge watching Netflix, laying around in her hammock and baking up cookies for her family and friends.

Cary writes real, raw romance! In her stories the characters deal with life's everyday struggles and unwanted drama, they talk about the ugly and they become the broken. Everyone deserves a happy ending, but sometimes before you can appreciate the light, there has to be darkness.

Growing up, if someone would have told her she would become a writer, she wouldn't have believed them. It wasn't until she got her hands on her first romance novel, that the passion grew. Now she couldn't imagine her life any other way - she's living her dream.

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Profile Image for Alecia (The Staircase Reader).
988 reviews67 followers
January 12, 2022
** 4 ½ Stars **

My heart is still swooning! So I’m new to the wonderful world of Cary Hart, and after reading Perfet Escape I have the sudden urge to go out and purchase every single book she’s ever written!! Holy hell did I feel this one, all the way through my heart and to the bottom of my very soul. If you’re new to the Mason Creek series, let me give you a tiny bit of information on what this series is all about. If you love swoony small town standalone romances, where each book is written by a different author, trust me when I say, you’ve hit the mother-load!! I’m seven books into this series, and I’m officially OBSESSED!!

Cary Hart brings us an epic journey that basically shows fate at it’s finest! On what was supposed to be the happiest day of her life, Charlee Evans catches her fiance, Donovan, with his pants off and her cousin pinned against the wall. Ending the wedding her mother so desperately wanted, isn’t going to be an easy feature. But with her best friends, and her sisters by her side, they plan a quick getaway. Now she finds herself in Mason Creek, Montana drunk out of her mind and naked in Savannah’s hot spring lake…. Or so she thought and was told it was Savannah’s hot spring lake. But the sexy and somewhat agitated cowboy standing in front of her packing some heat in his pants proves otherwise…… I’m telling you, I’ve been hitting the jackpot with laugh out loud reads this week!!! My stomach hurt so bad from laughing during this moment! Miss Charlee Evans didn’t have a care in the world while she was standing there and giving the cowboy a piece of her mind, no regards to the fact she was wearing nothing but her birthday suit… I loved Charlee’s personality so much!

As for Grady Jackson, all this man wanted in life was to be left alone so he could raise his little girl. But living in a small town, he’s always running into those with ulterior motives. All the gossip queens in Mason Creek think they know what’s best for him and want to set him up with all the single ladies… but Grady isn’t about that life. He’s had two relationships and they both ended in heartbreak… I also loved Grady’s character! This man had two loves in his life, and they both left him heartbroken. The last resulting in a daughter. So you can safely assume, this man refuses to bring another woman into his life in fear of his daughter getting attached and then her heartbroken. This man is a great father! I loved the one on one moments between him and his little girl. Moments like those have a way of bringing tears to my eyes. There is no bond in life like a bond between a daughter and her father, and Cary Hart showed that bond in the best of ways.

What can I say, I'm a sucker for a single father romance!!!

The chemistry between Grady and Charlee only grew the more time they spent together. But beneath the surface, they each had an uncanny amount of insecurity and self doubt. We’re talking about two people who have each had their own run ins with severe heartbreak. I’d be kidding you if I said there wasn’t insecurity. And don't even get me started on the chemistry between Charlee and Grady's daughter.. My heart couldn't handle the cuteness overload! I think I loved their connection the most.

Now onto why I dropped a half star rating, I felt a few moments in this novel were rushed, and I would have liked to see more details and more of a slowdown through those particular moments….

Overall, Perfect Escape by Cary Hart had my heart swooning and my eyes misting. I loved the premise of this novel, two broken hearts fighting to help each other become whole again, that right there is fate at it’s finest. I can’t wait to pick up more novels from Cary Hart in the very near future!!



Find me here:
The Staircase Reader
Profile Image for Erin Lewis.
4,450 reviews138 followers
July 12, 2021
4.5 Star reviews of Perfect Escape (Mason Creek #6) by Cary Hart
Cary Hart is a new author to me and I am surprised that I have not come across this author’s books before. I am happy to be reading another book in the Mason Creek series. This time Charlee and Grady are in the spot light and I was hooked on their story from the first to the last chapter.
I love single parent and small town stories and since Perfect Escape has both this was a win/win for me. Grady is a single dad to Jillian, a little girl who if I am being honest almost stole the book for our couple. Both Grady and Charlee have been burned by past relationships and are not really looking for a second chance at love.
However, fate works in mysterious ways and it has other plans for Charlee and Grady. When they meet the sparks fly and it soon becomes obvious that the attraction that sizzles between them cannot be ignored. Will they take a chance on love? Or will they bury their heads in the sand? There were numerous twists and turns that held me captive as I read this story.
Overall, it was well written and entertaining and a good addition to the series.

June 22, 2021
Perfect Escape is another great read in the Mason Creek series. I’ve read all of them so far and I love getting lost in the stories of the residents of Mason Creek, Montana. This one was about Grady who we first met in the first book of the series. Now we get more details about him and his adorable daughter Jillian aka Jillybean. Hot, single dad with a cute little girl? Yes please! And we meet Charlee. She has to get away from her small town in GA so she ends up in Mason Creek. Little did she know the shenanigans her and her besties get themselves into will lead her right to Grady and his adorable little girl! I found a new author to read too! This is a quick, steamy read and quite enjoyable just like the first five books in this series!

Profile Image for Nicole.
3,559 reviews41 followers
June 15, 2021
I really enjoyed this book and it was hard to put down. The over all feel of the book had me hooked. I was laughing through out the whole story. That was one of my favorite things about this book was the humor. The characters really pulled me into this one. I love Charlee. Life threw her a curve ball that was pretty devastating. I wanted to serve some justice on her behalf, but running to small town of Mason Creek may be just the best decision of her life. Grady, he is just oh so yummy. He's such a great dad. That's what drew me to this book it's a single dad romance. It's hard for me to pass up on one. Oh my gosh is little Jillybean so adorable. She's going to steal your heart right from the start. It warmed my heart with the scenes with Charlee and Jilly. This is such a great story that made my heart happy sigh. It's a well balanced book with plenty of heart and humor with the steam. Grady doesn't know what hit him when Charlee comes to town, but he better buckle up and enjoy the ride. I would highly recommend this one. Trust me you will start reading and you'll be flying through the pages. I couldn't believe how quickly I gobbled up this book.
June 17, 2021
Such a great story, it flowed so well and was easy to read.

When Charlee’s happily ever after turns into a not so HEA in comes Grady, who is a sweet, sexy and a charming man. He’s trying to figure out if he can be a single dad and date someone. Then in comes confident Charlee, she’s got a sassy attitude from the start. Grady has no hope but to be attracted to her.

I loved how it told about their day to day life. You really get to know them better this way. Between Charlee’s close friends and Grady’s brother Cole you really feel like you’re part of the story. The added characters are such a bonus while reading.

This was a awesome romantic story. Grady and Charlee light up the pages and make you fall in love, I I may have even had a few tears in my eyes a time or two. I recommend read for sure!
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Profile Image for Kylee.
2,582 reviews37 followers
June 18, 2021
Perfect Escape is a story that is equally heartfelt and heartbreaking. Grady and Charlee are two people that have had their faith in love tested and now are a little once bitten twice shy. Their story has lighthearted moments that will have you laughing and smiling to balance out the moments that steal your breath and hurt your heart. An emotional story that has you captivated by these two along with a special little Jillybean. Sometimes Jillybean stole the show which made this story even more special. There are ups and downs and pushing and pulling between Grady and Charlee as they navigate a relationship neither of them expected to happen. A passionate story that is filled with beautiful moments and a chemistry and connection that can be felt soul deep. An impassioned and soul-stirring story that will have you enchanted by the characters and their story.
Profile Image for Reading  In the  Red Room .
1,844 reviews43 followers
June 15, 2021
When Charlee’s life basically blows up in her face her friends talk her into starting over in Mason Creek….at least for the summer. Single father Grady takes one look at Charlee and his life is pretty much turned upside down. Can Grady get past the town gossip to enjoy what is right in front of him? This was a great addition to the Mason Creek series. Charlee and Grady both have had their hearts broken and I found Myself cheering them on. The relationship between Charlee and Jillian was very sweet and honest. This was a great quick read that kept me very entertained. It was funny and had a few, will they or won’t they end up together moments. I have Definitely enjoyed this series and this quaint little town. Having each author put their own spin on the town gossip and the quirky towns people has been very entertaining. It’s definitely a great was to explore new authors! I will Be looking for more books written by this author.
Profile Image for Flavs is Mrs David Gandy♥~♥’.
3,023 reviews2 followers
June 23, 2021
Man I am totally hooked on single dad romances and this one was no different. Once I started I couldn’t stop. I am so in love with Gray and his little girl. Everything about this story had me entranced from beginning to end.

Charlee’s plan was to take a break for a few days after her life seemed to have exploded around her, after she discover her fiancé cheating on her. She just didn’t expect Grady and his daughter to make her life even better than it was before.

Lots of twists and turns and drama and laughing out loud moments. I am going back and reading the previous books in this series 😊 ♥

Read on behalf of
Fay’s Corner
June 17, 2021
I am a sucker for a single dad romance and once I started reading this I fell in love with not only Grady and his daughter but Charlee. The story has some emotional moments but there is also humor thrown in there, which I love. And of course we can't forget the steam. It's such a great balance the author wrote here and I practically devoured this.
Profile Image for I Dont Get Sundays.
834 reviews6 followers
June 16, 2021
If anyone deserves a happy ending, these two do. Charlee finds out the man she thought would be her forever isn't. Grady has one priority and that is to take care of his daughter. These two are super sweet together and just work. They click instantly, Charlee loves his daughter and just fits into the family and their routine. It was a quick read and I loved every word of it.
Profile Image for FunUndertheCovers.
1,613 reviews42 followers
June 30, 2021
Oh my goodness, I absolutely love Charlee and Grady!

What a wonderfully fun, sweet, and sexy romance. Sexy single dad, Grady is all about his little girl, Jillybean. Charlee is nursing a broken heart. These two together, with Jillian along for the ride was so much fun to watch unfold.

Mason Creek has become a part of my heart and each story just makes me love it even more. Perfect Escape, was no exception. Exquisite writing about an absolutely beautiful couple! Five easy stars!!
Profile Image for Jackie Wright.
4,539 reviews87 followers
July 15, 2021
What a great addition to the wonderful series of stand-alone’s set in Mason Creek and yet another new author for me to follow. Mason Creek and it’s residents have taken over my heart and I need to go back and read the hooks I have missed as soon as time permits. This is Grady and Charlee story and if you love single parents/small town romances this should certainly be on your TBR list.
Grady and Charlee have both been burnt by relationships and neither are looking for love but fate seems intent on pushing these two together, add is the instant attraction, the sizzling chemistry and you get a couple who really should give love another try but will they be prepared to give into their feelings and what about Jillian, Grady’s daughter will he risk her becoming attached to a woman who may not stay in town….
I was captivated by this book, once I started reading I couldn’t put it down, I loved the characters, the story and of course the residents of Mason Creek. I highly recommend this book and this series to all romance lovers because this is a beautifully written journey that I’m sure will steal your heart and let’s not forget the adorable little girl named Jillian who at times stole the show.
Profile Image for Sarah Dale.
2,813 reviews69 followers
June 16, 2021
I have not read anything from this author before and this series is a brilliant way to meet new authors and I am really glad to experience Cary's brilliant writing. This one is one of my favourites from this series so far.

This one features Grady and his gorgeous little girl who we have met briefly in the other books in this series. This sexy single dad has been doing everything alone until the sexy Charlee turns up naked in his hot springs.

I absolutely loved Charlee, her humour and caring nature made you fall for her straight away. Her plan was to have a break, get way for a few days after her life imploded when she discovered her Fiance was cheating she just never expected to find her happy ending in a small town. As for Grady, he will make you swoon! The way he is with his daughter will melt your hear but the way he is with Charlee will make you fall hard and swoon.

Well done Cary on a brilliant edition to this fantastic series!

I am looking forward to checking out your backlist of books.

ARC received in exchange for an honest review from the Author
Profile Image for Deanna Hopping.
313 reviews
June 28, 2021
Charlee had the worst thing you could ever imagine happen to her she found her on to be husband banging her cousin who was a bridemaid on their wedding day. So her best friends and sister helped her escape and break the news to a church full of people that there wasn’t going too be a wedding that day while Charlee was on her way to the airport to go off the Mason Creek, Montana. After some drinks the girls were at a hot spring on the neighbors property were they got caught by the sexy cowboy and it all started from there. Grady the single dad was hook from the moment he caught Charlee in the spring and his world was flipped upside down and backwards but not only did he have his heart to protect but he also had his 4 year old daughters to protect to. Will they all get their happiness the deserve or will the past, karma and gossip of a small town tear them apart. Omg i loved this book and anytime a kid is involved its the best type of story if you ask me. I want to travel to Mason Creek to find a cowboy now lol.
Profile Image for Jennifer Pierson.
11.4k reviews150 followers
July 15, 2021
Charlee was about to get married when she walked in on the groom with her cousin so she pulled a runner with her two besties to Mason Creek. I can't stand weak boys who can't man up & be honest with their significant other, but that wasn't the only thing this tool pulled. It ends up with her staying in Mason Creek for the summer, and she even got a job working for the man who had caught her on his land skinny dipping while 3 sheets to the wind LOL! Grady is that sexy cowboy & he's not happy to see her working for him since he can't get her out of his mind. He's a single father to an adorable tiny human who has him wrapped around her tiny finger but this sweet baby imprints on Charlee because she wants a mother figure in her life so much. This journey isn't all wine & roses though because Grady is more worried about the town gossip than actually building something with Charlee, so will they get past his hang up?! You really want to hit those one click buttons to find out since this book is the perfect escape! HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
Profile Image for Tracey Vuolo.
618 reviews15 followers
June 17, 2021
Perfect Escape is just what you need to read to start your summer off right. This story will have your heart on your sleeve as you fall in love with these characters and the small town of Mason Creek. Grady and Charlee have both been burned by love, but they can’t help the instant attraction they feel, even though they try to fight it, as they meet in an unconventional way. Then add in Grady’s little girl Jillian, and your heart will be stolen for sure. This books is full of twists and turns as the fireworks will have you laughing, yelling and wanting to knock some heads together. You need to read this book for the cuff links, the hot springs, the flannel shirt, Cole, the dog leash, the doctors visit, the cotton candy suckers, the picnic and the drunken night alone. This story makes me want to run away to the perfect escape and fall in love all over again with my own sexy cowboy who calls me sweet cheeks.

Tracey, Life Reads With Friends
Profile Image for Angie.
90 reviews2 followers
June 20, 2021
Cary Hart you've done it again!! This is just the story I needed. It was romantic, swoon worthy, hilarious and tore at the heart strings more than once.
Charlee Evans escapes to Mason Creek after an awful discovery the day on her wedding. Her and her friends are caught in a compromising situation by the landowner, sexy single dad, Grady Jackson, and it's all down hill from there. Charlee gets a phone call from her ex and makes the choice to stay in Mason Creek just to see what happens. Grady is trying to juggle being a dad and being single and dating. He doesn't want anyone to hurt Jillybean, his daughter. And he doesn't want to be the topic of the towns gossip column.
Could Charlee be the one who steals his and Jilly's heart?
With an eclectic mixture of characters who intertwine throughout the story, this book had me pulled in from page one. But I didn't expect anything different from CH, all her books are wonderfully written!!
Profile Image for Suzanne.
2,487 reviews40 followers
June 17, 2021
Oh my stars! I am so in love with this book! Jillybean is everything and the glue that holds everything together! My heart hurt for Charlee so much and I do not blame her for being on the run like she did. But who knew it would be running to her fate. I giggled so much between the springs incident to the way Jillybean was so involved with getting Charlee and her dad together. Grady is gun shy and it is understandable. Heck, so is Charlee. The connection that these two have was stunning though and I enjoyed every single moment of it. It was raw and passionate with some drama but not enough that it was the dominant story. It was emotional and so much more. Honestly, I feel like I am babbling because I just do not want to give spoilers aside from READ THIS BOOK! I giggled, I swooned, my heart hurt and so much more. Cary Hart nailed this one and it is a perfect addition to the Mason Creek series. I am dying for some Cole though!
Profile Image for Cathy Brockman.
Author 5 books92 followers
June 19, 2021
This is book 6 in the Mason Creek world. It stands alone just fine but you would understand who some of the other characters are if read in order.

The books are set in a charming small country town. Each book is about a different character and by a different Author. So 12 chances to find a new favorite author!

A Perfect Escape is about Charlee a runaway bride and Grady a single dad, property owner and businessman. It is pretty Insta love but a good romantic escape ( pun intended)
There are lots of intriguing characters, a lot of humor, and a lot of sexy men. The storyline is interesting, even though it’s pretty predictable.
I enjoyed this book especially Jillian though I found it a bit rushed towards the end.
If you like runaway brides, cute kids, sexy men, Insta love, humor, and small around charming, romantic book, this is for you!
Profile Image for Renee Entress.
5,156 reviews72 followers
June 20, 2021
4 star

I was pulled right into this story. The story has laughs, a new start, and heartbreak.

The below are part of this series if you want to read those books(s) first
Perfect Risk (Mason Creek #1) by C.A. Harms
Perfect Song (Mason Creek #2) by Lauren Runow
Perfect Love (Mason Creek #3) by A.M. Hargrove
Perfect Night (Mason Creek #4) by Terri E. Laine
Perfect Tragedy (Mason Creek #5) by Jennifer Miller

This is Charlee and Grady’s story. These two have both had their heart broken. She flees so this small town to get away and Grade is raising his child. The attraction is instant and so is the banter and humor. These two fall hard and fast. The daughter also plays a key roll in getting them together. She is just the cutest. Can two people who were a little broken find a forever?

I recommend this book.
Profile Image for Wendy Livingstone.
15.2k reviews150 followers
June 22, 2021
This is the 6th book in this amazing series and is Grady and Charlee’s story. Charlee’s world imploded when she discovered that her fiancé is cheating on her and needing to get away to regroup, she heads to the small town of Mason Creek. Grady is a single dad to his little girl Jellybean, and when he comes across Charlee naked in his hot spring, his world is turned upside down. Neither is looking for a relationship, but fate has destined them to become soulmates, and this is a great story as they navigate around their relationship. I loved how Charlee was with Jellybean, it was special and heartfelt. This is a well written story which is sweet, heartfelt, heartwarming, humorous, emotional, and entertaining, which all leads to a light-hearted little gem of a story. I look forward to reading more from this talented author whose work I highly recommend.
June 23, 2021
A great installment to the Mason Creek Series, I was pulled in immediately, it was ful of laughs, love and heartbreak.

Perfect Escape is Grady and Charlee's story.
Charlee is looking for a new start after a wedding day disaster and decides that Mason Creek is the perfect place. Grady is a single dad, his ex isn't in the picture unless she's after something and he's happy taking care of his very adorable 4 year old.
Both Charlee and Grady have been hurt in past relationships so the last thing they are both looking for is a new one but as soon as these two meet sparks fly. Could this be thecstart of something beautiful.

I love this series each story introduces use to new characters whilst also giving us a little bit more of others we've met along the way. Definitely a series not to be missed.
Profile Image for Lisa Petty (Book Bangers Blog).
1,642 reviews19 followers
June 23, 2021
Perfect Escape is exactly what it seems like. If you have read any of the Mason Creek Series you know that you are already in love with Mason Creek. This one is no different and you will fall in love even more. The small town always has gossip and busybodies and this town is hilarious about spreading the news. Charlee walked in on her fiance and bridesmaid and couldn't believe what she was seeing. So she runs and her best friends and sister are right there with her to make sure she can escape the heartache and betrayal. When she meets the hot and sexy Grady she's about to get more than she bargained for. Grady has so many responsibilities in his life the last thing he needs is a woman driving him nuts. These two have the chemistry for sure, but one thing is they need communication. Can they make things work before Grady puts his foot in his mouth and ruins it all?
Profile Image for Ashton.
213 reviews3 followers
June 17, 2021

This is my first book by Cary Hart and I will be exploring her books more and more.

I love Charlie and her history! I live Grady and his untraditional style of co parenting with an un maternal mother.

When I started this book it did seem a bit overwhelming with the amount of characters and who we needed to keep straight and they way they told the tale of Charli I thought it was gonna be a flashback book.

But then it took a turn and I loved how it grew and built and the relationship building with Jilly before Grady was amazing.

That overwhelming feeling went away after the first chapter and it became of my favorite instalments in the Mason Creek Series!

-Ashton 🧡💙📚🤓
Profile Image for Carol Seymour.
723 reviews3 followers
June 17, 2021
Charlee Evans was about to walk down the aisle when her world is turned upside down. She and her friends high tail it out of town and head to Mason Creek Montana while she can lick her wounds and develop a plan for life that does not include being married.
Grady is considered the most eligible bachelor in Mason Creek. He is handsome and quite the magnet to all the eligible ladies because of his adorable 4 1/2 year old daughter. He has to consider her before he can even think about a relationship with a woman.
When these two meet in the most unconventional way, sparks fly but despite their attraction there are so many hurdles to overcome to make this relationship solid.
This story is sweet, heart warming, a true feel good romance.
Profile Image for Valerie S.
156 reviews
June 19, 2021
It really was the perfect escape

And that led to her HEA. I've never read a book by this author before but this series and her blurb sucked me in. This book made me laugh. I loved how quick of a read it was. There was just enough drama, fear, love, hope, support and humor in it. The author made the daughter, Jillian such a huge part of the story and I was happy about that because this is a single dad romance. It wouldn't have felt right without getting to read about her and experience the love between father and daughter or how the connection between Jillian and the FMC developed. It was a joy to read. I recommend for those who are fans of small town romances or single parent romances. Happy reading!
Profile Image for Jeanette Oglesby.
547 reviews13 followers
June 23, 2021
Oh...Wow...The Perfect Escape was my perfect escape. I loved this book so freaking much. It had everything that I needed to fall in love with not only the book itself, but the characters. Oh gosh....Grady and Charlee's story was sweet, funny, and so sexy hot. These two set pages on fire and I instantly felt that these two were meant for each other. I loved these two from the very beginning. Oh and Jillybean just won my heart and I loved her just as much as Grady and Charlee. To say that I loved this story is an understatement. I honestly couldn't read it fast enough and didn't want it to end. This is a total must read and I really can't recommend it enough. It was everything that I needed and more.
Don't let this feel good, lol, sexy read pass you by.

Happy Reading Everyone!!!
Profile Image for Gwen Shafer.
1,838 reviews23 followers
July 13, 2021
Charlee was ready to get married. But she learns quiet the secret on the day of her wedding that changes everything in her life. She ends up going with her best friend to Mason Creek and finds out that life is so much different when you put yourself first. I absolutely love the scene where she meets Grady. I was laughing so hard. Grady is a single dad trying to do what he can for his daughter. Never did he think that he would find someone to love again. But will the past come between them? This book was amazing from beginning to end. I absolutely loved every single page turning moment in this one. Grady and Charlee are two amazing characters who have great chemistry. Cary tells one amazing story. A great addition to the Mason Creek series.
Profile Image for Alexis.
187 reviews6 followers
July 21, 2022
Perfect Escape is another great read in the Mason Creek series. I’ve read all of them so far and I love getting lost in the stories of the residents of Mason Creek, Montana. This one was about Grady who we first met in the first book of the series. Now we get more details about him and his adorable daughter Jillian aka Jillybean. Hot, single dad with a cute little girl? Yes please! And we meet Charlee. She has to get away from her small town in GA so she ends up in Mason Creek. Little did she know the shenanigans her and her besties get themselves into will lead her right to Grady and his adorable little girl! I found a new author to read too! This is a quick, steamy read and quite enjoyable just like the first five books in this series!
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