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So Much for Peace During the Holidays

Anna Albertini has her hands full during the holiday season. Her boyfriend Aiden is back in town after being undercover across the country for the last three months, and his sudden over-protectiveness is a little too much. In addition, Nonna’s latest matchmaking scheme has been so far thwarted by the two most stubborn candidates alive, and Nonna is out of patience and bringing out the big guns. Anna is forced to both protect her sister and run interference, when she’d like to jump in and find a happily ever after for everyone instead.

To add to her already hectic life, her life-long stalker is about to make a move and doesn’t hide that frightening fact, although Anna is more than ready for him. In fact, she’s willing to draw him out to finally bring him down—regardless of the consequences. Finally, Santa has been arrested and charged for murder, needing a good lawyer. Who would arrest Santa? Anna can’t let this stand. It’s a good thing Christmas is a time of magic and miracles, because she’s going to need one.

327 pages, Kindle Edition

First published September 27, 2021

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About the author

Rebecca Zanetti

105 books8,557 followers
New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Rebecca Zanetti has worked as an art curator, Senate aide, lawyer, college professor, and a hearing examiner - only to culminate it all in stories about Alpha males and the women who claim them. She writes dark paranormals, romantic suspense, and sexy contemporary romances.

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2,125 reviews275 followers
September 28, 2021
Santa Subpoena by Rebecca Zanetti
Book 4 of the Anna Albertini files series. Contemporary fiction with mystery and romance. Best read as part of the series.
Anna is defending Santa against murder charges of killing Santa. Try again. Anna is investigating what happened the night of the Santa Club poker game where one of the members ended up with a knife in his back. Bernie, as one of the Santa club members is found holding the knife. Is the drive by shooting the next day aiming for Anna or Santa?

This multilayered story has twists and humor and passion and shopping woes. And plenty of family.
Consider wearing a winter jacket when reading this book. There is a lot of snow. And ice. Lots of treacherous slippery ice in Idaho.
“It was a power heavy red-high-heel day, but the snow kept coming, so I wore thick boots beneath my black pantsuit instead.”

Thrilling, absorbing, and witty.
All the stars. I love reading about Anna, her family, her legal practice that is more investigation than any lawyers I know, and of course, Aiden. The threat of Anna’s old kidnapper resurfacing adds to the sublime tension and anxiety while she is also ticking gifts off her Christmas list.
Don’t miss this newest addition to the series.

“Florence waited inside a wide entryway with a plastic rain bonnet covering her gray hair and tied beneath her chin. Her galoshes were brown, her dress floral, and her makeup powdery.
She craned her neck to see outside. “That’s one handsome man driving that big truck.”
“He’s being bossy,” I said, shaking snow off my wool coat.
“He could boss me around any time.” She tucked her black pocketbook against her hip. “Is he bossy mean or bossy protective?”
I wiped my boots off on the rough rubber mat. “Bossy protective.”
She patted my arm. “Then I’d let it go, unless he sucks in bed. Then I’d ditch him, even though he looks like that. Is he good in bed?”
I made a strangled cat sound and searched wildly for the elevator bank. Well, elevator duo. I guess two elevators didn’t make a bank. “We should get going.”
She slid her free arm through mine and trod carefully across the tiled floor, her galoshes squeaking and leaving a couple chunks of slush behind. “It’s okay not to talk about it, but I can tell he’s good in bed.” She reached out and poked the button for the third floor.
The whisker burn on my thighs silently agreed with her statement.”
Excerpt From Santa's Subpoena by Rebecca Zanetti
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September 19, 2021
If this wasn’t already one of my favorite series, this installment would have put it in first place.

Anna and all her wacky friends, co-workers and family take romantic suspense to a whole new level. Suddenly, all that is intense in a romantic/mystery/thriller/suspense story is amplified by the hilarious moments of levity this cast of characters bring. The fact that the humor is mature and doesn’t rely on slapstick or childish actions makes this perfect.

Bloody Arm On The Snow by RockfordMedia | VideoHive

I love Anna and her fierce determination and loyalty. Being a lawyer is usually a career I’m not a fan of for the heroine, but not so for Anna. Watching her fight for her clients is not only fun, but intriguing as the clues and danger slowly unravels. I mean, who the heck would ever think there was anything dangerous about a group of elderly Santas? The unfolding of the who, what and why kept me fully engaged.

Santas prepared for holiday photo ops during flu season | CTV News

Aiden hasn’t been a huge part of this series although his presence is never forgotten. This time, however, he’s very much in the forefront of Anna’s processes and it made me anxious to see what the end result of her searching was going to lead to. He’s a wonderful hero, protective above all else even as he struggles to allow her the independence she needs.

I’m curious to see what this author has in store at this point. This could be the end, but why would it be? I’m not a fan of series, but oh my gosh! This could carry on so much longer, giving us more of everything that is Anna Albertinni and her wild group.

Heroine POV
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2,630 reviews605 followers
September 26, 2021
In this episode of Anna's chronicles, she's representing one of the towns Santa's who is accused of killing one of the other Santas. Not only is she in danger of being in the crossfire as she tries to help investigate Bernie's (Santa #1) innocence, it also seems her stalker has ramped up his obsession with her.

Anna Albertini is one of the most entertaining characters to read about. I adore her. She's light, fun, and an all around good person who just so happens to get into all kinds of trouble. You can't read this series and not laugh.

This is a continuous series so I do highly recommend starting with book 1. It is mainly following Anna's life as a defense lawyer and each case she takes on in each book. She can't seem to stay out of the investigative part of the case, which always gets her in trouble. To top it off, there are a ton of side characters that really add to the overall entertainment of this series. It is light on the romance, but the hero is incredibly appealing and I love reading about him just as much as Anna.

I'm looking forward to the next book!

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2,035 reviews138 followers
December 11, 2021
Anna is a wonderful character and I love this series. She is feisty, independent, yet she loves her large extended family with all her heart. Since this series is a single POV and the POV is Anna, the hero, Aiden, is harder to get to know. But one thing is very clear, he cares very much for Anna and will do whatever it takes to protect her. These two have a lot to work out yet, but I think they will get there.

Anna Albertini is missing her boyfriend, Aiden. His undercover job has him away for extended periods of time. In fact, since they have been together he has spent more time away than with her. With his op is busted and Aiden shot, he gets to be home for Christmas. He's back, but he's surly and wants to know how he and his team got made. In addition, Anna is taking on a Santa who is suspected of murder as a client and, as always, Anna is in the thick of the investigation and in danger.

At first, it appears that Anna is in danger because of her client, but some incidents lead Aiden to suspect that her long time stalker may be upping his game from the twice yearly cards he has sent for twelve years. Could his long game include murder?
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724 reviews48 followers
November 10, 2021
Anna’s life spins out of control in this installment, with her stalker escalating in his fixation, her romance with Aiden at a turning point, and a murdered Santa investigation. It wouldn’t be an Anna Albertini story without gunfights, explosions and a kidnapping, but my favorite part of this book is Aiden. He’s still working an op but trying to stay close to protect Anna and catch her stalker once and for all while at the same time trying to navigate their relationship. Can their relationship survive their careers? That is what they are trying to figure out as Anna is independent, stubborn and always finding trouble and Aiden is often away undercover, is a protector and wants control. The ongoing story arcs conclude in this in a very exciting, satisfying finish. I’m a little sad though, and I sure hope we aren’t seeing the last of these two.
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1,745 reviews434 followers
October 4, 2021
Rebecca Zanetti continues her Anna Albertini Files series with Santa’s Subpoena, a perfect fall release balancing a hot love story with chilling suspense.

Anna would love nothing more than to have a peaceful holiday season with her family and Aiden while they try to figure out their budding relationship. But her sister needs help with her matchmaking grandmother, a Santa is dead and another is being accused of murder and needs a good lawyer, her protective boyfriend is going a bit overboard and her long-time stalker is closer than anyone suspects.

Zanetti has a knack for writing genuinely thrilling romance stories. Santa’s Subpoena was hooking, drawing me in with its exciting mystery (who killed Santa?) while holding me captive with the growing and evolving relationship between Anna and Aiden full of both sweetness and tension.

While Anna is in a constant state of peril, she maintains her kick@$$ heroine status. Aiden Devlin is as protective and swoon worthy as ever, bossiness and all. Anna’s sisters and family add a layer of genuine connection, as do the new and old secondary characters.

Santa’s Subpoena is rollercoaster ride of plot twists and emotion that will leave you wanting more.

Santa’s Subpoena is book #4 of the Anna Albertini Files series by Rebecca Zanetti. As indicated by the series title, these books will be all about Anna Albertini, and is told in first person from her perspective. This book can be read as a standalone. Genre: romantic suspense | mystery romance | women's detective fiction.

Amazon -> https://amzn.to/3itUwNh

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356 reviews19 followers
October 11, 2021
This is an entertaining, well-written, fast paced, steamy contemporary romance novel. It is written with Ms. Zanetti's trademark wit and humor, and has mystery, intrigue, murder, female power, likable engaging characters, a heart-warming romance, the wonderful bond between sisters and family, the best Christmas presents, and a happily ever after ending.
It is the fifth entry in Ms. Zanetti's outstanding Anna Albertini Files series, and is best when read in order, as it contains references to past events. I am looking forward to reading Tessa's story, and the story of Anna's next case, with great anticipation.
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2,804 reviews913 followers
September 28, 2021
5 stars!

The fourth book in The Anna Albertini Files, this is another chaotic, exciting, laugh-out-loud romp full of mystery, suspense, a touch of drama, and gorgeous romance.

The book begins with Anna taking on the case of a Santa who is accused of killing… Santa. Yes, after a local Santa is literally stabbed in the back, we get up close and personal with all of the drama of the local Kris Kringle brigade, and what a laugh this crew are. Dragging in new and old local characters that seem to get caught up in Anna’s business, it’s a well-constructed, mysterious, and action-packed ride, full of secrets and twists that kept me guessing, and it’s so entertaining.

At the same time, Anna’s new-ish boyfriend, Aiden is back in town, and just in time, because she is in danger once again. But is it a new threat, or her long-time stalker finally making his move? This part of the story is creepy and suspenseful, and really brings the feels as Anna struggles to deal with the terrifying situation she is in. Aiden is a big, tough, badass who wants to protect his girl, but he balances that with letting her be free to be who she is, and he does it so well. I just adore Aiden! Sexy and brave, he has endless patience for Anna and all of her crazy, with a dry sense of humour that I just love. His alpha protectiveness is gorgeous, and we see a beautiful, softer side to him in this one. There are some scenes in this book that absolutely melted my heart, I could see them playing out like a movie, and I adored all of the tender (and hot) moments between them.

And on the flip-side, there’s a whole lot of action as Anna’s stalker ups the ante, and it’s all kinds of crazy. From creepy gifts to shootings, murder and explosions, it’s a fast-paced ride as she tries to figure out who is after her, while trying to solve the Santa case, and while struggling to figure out what to get Aiden for Christmas. Her life is never simple.

Zanetti masterfully and effortlessly ties in so many different storylines into this book, combining mystery/suspense, action, fun family drama, emotional drama, and romance, and she balances it all perfectly. Anna’s books are a full-on ride, with so many characters all intertwining, and Anna in the middle of it dealing with it all. There’s so much happening, but it doesn’t overwhelm, it’s a fun, exciting, slightly crazy, but completely heartwarming story, and I loved it.

I’m not sure if this is the final book in the series. It finishes beautifully, and I’d certainly be satisfied if this were the end, but I’m always here for more.

A fantastic read – 5 stars!

An Advanced Reader Copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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776 reviews29 followers
December 12, 2021
I am so excited for the fourth Anna Albertini book. Anna is, as I've said before, a danger magnet. She's also courageous, stubborn, and irrepressible. So, can Rebecca Zanetti top the previous three books and still wrap up a stalker mystery and love story that's a baker's dozen years in the making?

Indeed, a resounding "YES!" Let me tell you, Anna was going non-stop the entire book. Non-stop selflessly protecting those around her. Non-stop putting up a brave face to the world. Non-stop mooning over Aiden. Non-stop dodging punches, bullets, and crazed journalist(s). Anna found herself in so many ridiculously dangerous situations that this would be a comedy if it weren't for the actual life or death danger parts. Of which there are a few. Can you believe Anna needs protection from more than one predator? This was an exhilarating, fast-paced, breathless read. The moments I loved the most were when Anna and Aiden are together. All the family members and side characters are fully developed and make up an amazing supporting cast. This series has so much humour and action. Thank you to Rebecca Zanetti for the hours of entertainment!
46 reviews
September 27, 2021
Another 5 star review for Anna and the gang. Anna has yet again found herself in some sticky situations, and this time she has to prove her client didn't kill Santa! We got to see more of Anna and Aiden together in this book, which I loved. They have amazing chemistry and I've enjoyed watching them try and figure out how to make a relationship work with both of their jobs and lives. I couldn't put this book down! It is probably my favorite Anna Albertini book yet.

I'm also excited to see more of the male cousins included in the book and am looking forward to reading their stories, as well as Anna's sister's stories.
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1,135 reviews4 followers
September 19, 2021
So much fun and heartwarming! I love these stories. There is a lot going on in this book. I will say it’s a bit hard to keep up with all of the characters. Lots of suspense. Aiden is awesome! Every time they say they need to talk, I hold my breath. Looking forward to the next chapter.
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2,534 reviews189 followers
September 28, 2021
I am loving this cute series and now that we get a festive story as well I think that it will be very difficult to top it ! Anna is let's face it always a magnet for trouble but add in what amounts to Bad Santa and her life is just getting more chaotic by the day.
This book sees Anna in full on panic mode struggling to buy the perfect first Christmas gift for Aiden. Notice I didn't call him her boyfriend well that's because with so much going on with their respective jobs this couple are both still working everything out. One thing is sure and that is that Anna's stalker problem is back with a vengeance. The mysterious death of Santa doesn't help matters but luckily Anna has extremely interesting not to mention madcap friends only too willing to assist. This story kept me entertained, it also kept me guessing but most of all it made me smile and I can think of no better recommendation .
This voluntary take is of an advanced copy and my thoughts and comments are honest and I believe fair
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2,216 reviews133 followers
September 28, 2021
I love this series. The writing just flows and your on a crazy ride from start to finish. So many great characters of all walks of life and age. The perfectly blended humor mixed with suspense and danger. The family bonds.. So many reason's I enjoy this series.

This latest has Anna defending Santa Clause on a charge of murder.. While trying to figure out who the real murderer is Anna is also dealing with Aiden finally be back in town along with her stalker upping his game.

I hope we have many more books to come in this series!!!

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Author 24 books1,257 followers
October 3, 2021
A fun romp

I highly recommended this book. Lots of action, romance and laughs. Buy it. You won't regret it. Seriously, would I lie to you.
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2,185 reviews27 followers
November 23, 2021
Only Anna😂

Santa’s Subpoena is the next book in the Anna Albertini series and is full of the action and sass one would expect from her❣️Aiden is away undercover and she has a Santa that’s been accused of murder and in between being shot at and a stalker, still finds the time to purchase all her Christmas gifts😱

Loved this story and I can’t wait to find out what happens next in Anna’s world😍
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165 reviews14 followers
October 2, 2021
Romance, Action, Humor, Plot Twist

Adaiah La Vonda 0 minutes ago

“It’s like you’re one of those energy suck fields, like a black hole, that somehow attracts danger."

Anna Albertini continues her adventurous, but dangerous life as a Lawyer. This time Anna's defending Santa who may have murdered one his friends by stabbing him in the back. Anna fights, dodges bullets, as well as the continued harassment of Jolene O'Sulluvan, the news person from the Timber City Gazette., and Anna's childhood nemesis. Someone wants Anna to drop the case of defending Bernie "Santa" McLintock and doesn't have a problem with killing them both. Anna's childhood kidnapper, and present day stalker has returned and is close by, sending her flowers, cards and a severed finger. Life's already tense enough for Anna, so add in her worry over her boyfriend Aiden Devlin, and his work as an undercover ATF agent. The pressures on, as Anna, and Aiden both try to stay alive in Santa's Subpoena
422 reviews9 followers
September 18, 2021
Leave it to Anna to have to defend Santa at Christmas! Granted, this isn’t 34th street, but Bernie is still deserving of counsel!

And Thelma and Georgiana are hilarious! Seriously, when I’m their age I want to be just like them, does anyone have a good brownie recipe ;)? The things they come up with to help, and that sometimes work, crack me up.

And Aiden… hmmm… Aiden, he is definitely something. I love how he thinks he can dictate to Anna and then she just goes and does her own thing! And the way these two can’t figure out if they’re coming or going, seriously, this could be The Search for the Perfect Gift!

Now, in typical Rebecca Zanetti fashion, there are multiple storylines going on, but all are handled so well, and wrapped up in a way that makes sense.
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4 reviews
September 28, 2021
How many gifts does it take to solve a murder? Find out in Rebecca’s latest installment of Anna Albertini’s crime-solving, electrifying adventures. This was my favorite in the series so far, I highly recommend this book and the entire series that’s filled with strong female characters, witty humor, mystery, and passion.
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1,272 reviews76 followers
October 7, 2021
French & English reviews

Un ÉNORME coup de cœur mais je ne suis absolument pas impartiale vu que je dévore tout ce que Rebecca Zanetti écrit <3

Ce que j'ai particulièrement aimé :
- l'intrigue principale avec le Père Noël suspect de meurtre ... Et toutes les manigances autour =) (je m'attendais pas du tout au développement de l'intrigue et j'ai adoré chaque minute !!) mais aussi l'intrigue secondaire avec le harceleur de Anna (CETTE FIN !!)
- énorme coup de cœur pour l'ambiance de Noël >< J'avais vraiment l'impression d'être en décembre et j'aurais ADORE pouvoir faire Noël avec toute la famille =D
- deuxième énorme coup de cœur pour les personnages qui sont tellement attachants et hilarants !! J'avoue que c'était un peu ma crainte que cette série ressemble trop à celle de Stephanie Plum (une de mes plus grandes déceptions littéraires) mais je n'aurais pas du douter de R.Z. : les personnages sont très amusants et un peu fous mais ils évoluent et ils ne sont pas complétement figés comme dans un gag et ça les rend tellement plus intéressants ! J'adore Anna bien sûr avec toutes les facettes de sa personnalité qui la rendent si attachantes (sa passion pour Noël <3) mais j'aime beaucoup aussi les autres personnages secondaires (coup de cœur pour Pierce qui est mon favori <3)
- la romance !!! Je dois avouer que je n'ai pas toujours été teamAiden mais dans ce tome, j'ai beaucoup aimé la façon dont leur relation évolue et se stabilise : sexy et passionné mais aussi plein de doutes et de questionnements et finalement tellement naturel (cette scène des cadeaux de Noël à la fin ... AHHH <3)

Maintenant, je meurs d'envie d'avoir des livres avec Tessa et Nick, avec Pierce, avec Bosco et Rory =D Tellement cruel de nous montrer des petits aperçus comme ça ><

Bref, une romance que j'ai dévoré sans modération, qui conclue parfaitement ce cycle et qui m'a beaucoup fait rire ! Je recommande totalement la série qui est parfaite pour ceux qui veulent un peu de légèreté ><

Un seul regret : ne pas l'avoir lu à Noël >< Parce que maintenant, j'ai envie de chocolats de Noël et de neige alors que je devrais être en train de préparer mes citrouilles xD

Du coup je vais lire le dernier livre de Juliette Cross ... Qui se passe aussi à Noël xD


A HUGE crush but I am absolutely not impartial since I devour everything Rebecca Zanetti writes <3

What I particularly liked :
- the main plot with Santa Claus the suspect murder ... And all the shenanigans around =) (I was not expecting the development of the plot at all and I loved every minute !!) but also the subplot with Anna's stalker (THIS END !!)
- huge crush for the Christmas atmosphere >< I really had the impression to be in December and I would LOVE being able to have Christmas with the whole family =D
- second huge crush for the characters who are so endearing and hilarious !! I must admit that it was a little my fear that this series looks too much like that of Stephanie Plum (one of my biggest literary disappointments) but I should not have doubted R.Z. : the characters are very funny and a little crazy but they evolve and they are not completely frozen like in a bad joke and that makes them so much more interesting ! I love Anna of course with all the facets of her personality that make her so endearing (her passion for Christmas <3) but I also really like the other secondary characters (Pierce who is my favorite <3)
- romance !!! I have to admit that I haven't always been teamAiden but in this book, I really liked the way their relationship evolves and stabilizes : sexy and passionate but also full of doubts and questions and ultimately so natural (this scene with the Christmas presents at the end ... AHHH <3)

Now I'm dying to have books with Tessa and Nick, with Pierce, with Bosco and Rory =D So cruel to show us little glimpses like that ><

In short, a romance that I devoured without moderation, which concludes this cycle perfectly and which made me laugh a lot ! I totally recommend the series which is perfect for those who want a little lightness in their life ><

Only one regret : not having read it on Christmas >< Because now I crave Christmas chocolates and snow when I should be choosing my pumpkins xD

So I'm going to read Juliette Cross's latest book ... Which also happens at Christmas xD
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1,439 reviews31 followers
September 17, 2021
Anna is back with more uproarious situations, heartwarming moments, and the conclusion to a major part of the storyline so far in the series!

Aiden's job has taken him out of town again, and the distance is weighing on their new relationship. Anna is feeling a bit lost, Aiden gets a bit philosophical, the holidays are approaching, and the uncertainty of their status as a new couple is hitting them both hard. Their chemistry is unquestionable, but the combination of the demands of Aiden's job, Anna's propensity to find trouble (or the way it seems to find her), Jareth Davy, and interfering outside parties don't make it easy for them.

Anna also lands herself a new client thanks to the hysterical duo of senior ladies Thelma and Georgianna. Santa aka Bernie may have murdered his friend and fellow Santa Lawrence; despite his protestations of innocence, his habit of leaving out pertinent info that makes him look guilty gives Anna fits as she tries to piece together the truth. Of course, Jolene is all about making Anna's life more difficult, so she seizes on every opportunity to harass Anna and plant seeds of doubt in her mind. THEN on top of it all, her stalker is stepping up his game as she anxiously awaits Jareth's next move, and it is becoming clear he and the stalker are one and the same person.

There is a lot of emotional turmoil in this latest installment of the series, but there are plenty of humorous, sexy, and swoony moments too. I love Aiden, and he proves himself over and over again in this story. Of course, no Anna Albertini story would be complete without more family shenanigans, introduction of new extended family members, and some shooting, fights and explosions! This poor woman needs her own personal reserved room at the hospital. The final chapter made my heart happy though, and I am already SO looking forward to what comes next for Aiden and Anna as well as their other family members. There are so many possibilities! And I am REALLY ready for karma to pay a visit to Jolene... but for now, I will just have to stick to re-reading the Albertini/ Devlin goodness we have been graced with so far while I wait for Bosco's book and hope that we see some love devoted to Saber at some point in the future too!

ARC received from author
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12.1k reviews417 followers
September 30, 2021
I think what I like most about these is how over the top they are, yet it seems real too. The cases that Anna gets dragged into are bonkers, this time is no different, heck Santa is at the middle. The way that Anna helps get to the bottom of things takes her all over, often with her personal cop, Bud. I feel bad for Bud, Anna duty is no picnic and he really should have hazard pay when he's on hazard duty as he gets swept up in the chaos.

I was a bit unsure about the kid/pot case that Anna picked up, but that one was right up her ally, someone who needed her on so many fronts. So glad to see how that came out.

I'm also so glad that things are more settled with Aiden, the whole undefined relationship wasn't good for either of them. But the best part, is how finally something that has haunted Anna is dealt with in a way that it will never come back at her, giving her peace of mind.
Profile Image for Susan.
319 reviews2 followers
September 20, 2021
Only Anna could defend Santa on a murder case. I love Anna and Aiden. The chaos that seems to follow her keeps you guessing as to what will happen next. Jareth is still out there, and it’s that time of year when she hears from him. Between the stress of her past, and her current cases, Anna can’t help but question everything including her relationship with Aiden. I look forward to continuing this series. I cannot wait to read Tessa’s book!!!!
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983 reviews
September 20, 2021
I have to say this is the first book I’ve read in this series. It was so good and I’ll have to go back and read the rest. I loved Anna and Aidan, lots of chemistry and romance.
The mystery of the Santa murder and the suspense of old and new enemies was so good and had me on the edge of my seat.
This book is a real page turner and will definitely keep your attention.
Profile Image for Alyssa Reads and Reads .
258 reviews2 followers
December 4, 2021
Rebecca Zanetti is a romantic suspense master. What I love about her Anna Albertini series is the humor and zany situations that are seamlessly woven into the mystery and tension.

Anna Albertini is in rare form in The Santa Subpoena, the fourth book in the series. I love the development of Anna throughout the series, and her relationship with Aidan. As a couple, they hit that sweet spot between protective of each other, yet fiercely independent. Anna’s massive extended family plays an integral part in her life, and are endlessly entertaining. Reading this book made me happy, and definitely put me in a holiday mood.

One note: this book is part of an interconnected series. While technically is can be read as a stand alone, it’s much more enjoyable if you have all Anna’s background info.

There is never a dull moment, and the excitement and the laughs don’t stop in The Santa Subpoena. If you are looking for a book with humor, romance and mystery that uses the holiday season as a backdrop, download it now.
18 reviews
November 16, 2021
Mystery, non-stop action, excellent plot

Had non-stop action, like all her other books, reminded me of Die-Hard movies, as this character has one, an old stalker from when she was 9 years old, or several targets on her back causing daily & nightly chaos which she assures her family, coworkers & boyfriend she's more than capable of handling anything that comes up until . . . half her house blows up a couple days before Christmas with her & her boyfriend in it.
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6,196 reviews152 followers
September 25, 2021
4.25 stars

SANTA’S SUBPOENA is the fourth full-length instalment in Rebecca Zanetti’s contemporary, adult ANNA ALBERTINI FILES romantic suspense series focusing on attorney Anna Albertini. SANTA’S SUBPOENA can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Any important information from the previous story lines is revealed where necessary but for backstory and cohesion I recommend reading the series in order, as there is an ongoing premise throughout.

Told from first person perspective (Anna) SANTA’S SUBPOENA continues to follow Timber City, Idaho attorney Anna Albertini and the turmoil that is her life. The love of her life, ATF agent Aiden Devlin, is working undercover so our heroine is left to her own devices as her potential stalker is upping the stakes, threatening our heroine at every opportunity-flowers, deadly gifts, bleeding hearts, dead bodies and random parts, and the occasional gunfire to add furor to the mayhem. Meanwhile, a local Santa is found dead, having been stabbed following a night of drinking and poker, a stabbing where the prime suspects are another Santa and the man’s estranged son. Hired for the defense, Anna begins to investigate only to discover a long list of potential suspects, buried secrets, unrequited love and more threats to her life. Devlin’s return brings with it a desperate need to protect the woman with whom he is falling in love but a bungled undercover operation points to a possible mole in the ATF department.

The approach of the Christmas holidays finds Anna on the hunt for the perfect gift, a hunt that reveals she doesn’t know the man with whom she is falling in love. With each purchase, a question remains, but the ultimate choice has been with her all along.

Once again, there is a large ensemble cast of colorful and dynamic secondary and supporting characters, many of whom we have met in previous story lines: DA Nick Basanelli Anna’s siblings Donna and Tessa Albertini; file clerk /cousin Pauley; office helper Oliver Duck; Nana O’Shea and Nonna Albertini: wanna-be PIs Thelma and Georgianna; ATF agent James Saber; Detective Grant Pierce, reporter Jolene Sullivan; as well as several Santas who call themselves the Kringle Club, and the woman in the middle Florence McLintock.

SANTA’S SUBPOENA is a story of jealousy and rivals, betrayal and vengeance, obsession and madness, honesty and love. The premise is intriguing, entertaining and captivating; the romance is subtle yet moving; the characters are energetic, animated and edgy.

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September 29, 2021
This might not be the first book in this series but sure is the first time for me. And I absolutely fell in love with Anna. What a gal ! Others call her a trouble magnet and she sure does seem to be in the middle of it, often ! But I ended up rooting for her fairy quickly. Flaws and all.
Anna and Aiden had quite the "odd" relationship/romance but it kept my interest big time. They also had quite the history too. I liked watching them trying to figure things out. They had no trouble with the physical side of their relationship, it's just the rest of the stuff that brings up questions.
Anna had quite the large, loving, Irish/Italian quirky family. Although this story didn't get super deep into them in this story. When they showed up, it often made me smile.
It was true what the book information said about Anna's hectic life. It's hectic but the story flows so well too. Some of the secondary people that moved around Anna's life were interesting and sometimes kind of grumpy. But they are also trying NOT to get killed by being around her.
Humor is something that I always enjoy and this story had it. Along with Anna getting shot at, stalked and punched in the face a time or two.
Hmm, that stalker was crazy clever, with the emphasis on crazy. Scary, spooky and often seeming to be steps ahead of his pursuers. Where is he and how come it's been so hard to find him? All will be answered in the end and so will other questions. If you like surprise twists like I do, get ready.
Great ending that put another smile on my face. My last words are, "Give me more Anna" !!

"I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this book and these are my honest opinions.
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September 24, 2021
5 shooting stars ★

Anna and Aiden are back! I was looking forward to this book and I must say it didn't disappoint one bit. True to her nature and luck, Anna finds herself again in the middle of a complicated case, with Santa as the main suspect for murdering another Santa. 'Tis the season…

Between flying bullets and teaser guns, Anna and Aiden must find their footing again into their relationship. Aiden has been away for three months undercover, so they have to find each other again and try to make sense of their involvement. Let's not forget about the stalker: he's been hunting and torturing Anna for several years and now is preparing for his final move in this cat and mouse game they're playing.

No matter how many times you say "just one more chapter and I'm done for today", you won't be able to put it down until you finish. This story will captivate you from the start and will leave you wanting for more. Anna is a force to be reckoned with, just as her family and who better than an ATF agent with an Irish brogue and piercing blue eyes to deal with them? You'll fall in love all over again with him and with the Albertini gang, making you wish to be part of the family as well.

**Disclaimer: I've received this book as an ARC from the author and this is my free and honest review **
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October 3, 2021
This is another case for Anna Albertini to solve while trying to stay alive. This time it's the question, WHO KILLED SANTA! Yeah, as the town sheriff says, trouble follows Anna like a black hole, things just happen when she's around. He's ready for her to take a vacation far, far away from him, lol. Rebecca Zanetti is a master of writing crazy plots with laugh out loud moments to break up the suspense. I will devour anything she writes and be happy about it.

Anna is sucked into another investigation when her two senior citizen friends Thelma and Georgiana show up at her office with a Santa Claus friend who's seen better days. Poor Bernie McLintock, one of the town's Kringles found his best friend dead on the porch of their clubhouse with a knife in his back. He's looking like the prime suspect in the murder but Anna's instincts know better. On top of that it looks like her childhood stalker Jareth Davey is turning up the intensity of his attentions this Christmas. Her boyfriend Aiden is back in town with a bullet hole in his arm when his ATF op blew up in his face. He's home and being overprotective when she finds herself in the middle of more threats. Her family and friends find themselves drawn into her chaos and we the readers are loving every minute of it.

I purchased and read and reviewed this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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September 28, 2021
This is book 4 in The Anna Albertini Files and I would absolutely read the other books before reading this one or you may be lost. Not only is Anna dealing with her boyfriend, Aiden, being back in town but she is also dealing with her crazy family as well! On top of everything that is going on in her personal life, she is also defending the town's Santa against murder charges and trying to stay out of the crossfire while also investigating his case!

This series just keeps getting better and better! Anna and her family crack me up with their antics! The side characters are laugh out loud funny all while you have the romance of her and Aiden happening. But on top of that, you also have the suspense of Anna's stalker and everything going on with that as well. And because of all of it, Aiden gets a chance to show her a different side to him. Not only his protective side but his soft side when he deals with the crazy zaniness of Anna and her life. This series kinda reminds me, in some aspects, of a soap opera. But unlike a soap-it keeps my attention and makes me want to read more! I love everything about it! The characters are phenomenal, the story keeps you interested, and the writing never fails! I can't wait to read more in this series!
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