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Burgers & Brew Crüe #2

Don't Go Away Mad

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The kitchen: it’s my domain, where I create the best burgers in the Midwest. I’m the man behind the grill at Burgers and Brew, the restaurant and bar I co-own with my best friends. Every night, we’re packed, the demand has never been this high. It’s the only way I want it, thriving and pushing myself to be the very best.

Then she started her new business across the street from mine.

The one woman who always got under my skin, who pushed me to be better. Lyndee was my biggest rival in school and my biggest regret.

Now, she’s in town, and as much as I try, I just can’t stay away.

I want her.


A new start: that’s what Stewart Grove means for me and my brother. He’s the one who pushed me to take the chance on opening my own bakery. I am ready for the long hours, the grueling schedule, and the hard work it will take to be successful.

I wasn’t at all prepared to come face-to-face with the man across the street.

An almost kiss in college with the world’s most infuriating man has haunted me for the last decade. Now Jasper’s here, and I don’t think I can resist him.

Things are about to heat up in and out of the kitchen.

I just pray I don’t get burned.


Published June 29, 2021

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Lacey Black

72 books1,273 followers
Avid reader, writer, mother, and wife! I love to read contemporary romance. Add in a little "spice" or hot guys in uniform pants, and I'm a happy woman. There's just something about diving into a book and engrossing in the magic of your hero and heroine getting their happily ever after.

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1,369 reviews248 followers
July 5, 2021
I wanted to love this! Was this second book syndrome? I adored Kickstart My Heart so when I saw that we were getting Jasper’s book, I was over the moon. I soon started to realize that he wasn’t going to be a character that I wanted to root for.

Jasper was one of my biggest issues with this book. He was basically a big man child and I’m not even talking about how he acted in his professional setting as a cook. Ever since Lyndee showed up across the street, he was angry at her. He was legit angry at her for existing and him wanting her. Y’all I really couldn’t. While he did get better, I never could actually say that I liked him.

Lyndee was your typical romance heroine. She had a semi sad backstory and took care of her disabled brother. She was sweet and I liked that the group accepted her and gave her and her brother people that they could count on.

As far as chemistry goes, there were sparks. However, it felt as if we were just supposed to ship them together because of them knowing each other previously. That didn’t work because while they were classmates and had that whole competitive banter, they didn’t really know each other. Which in turn gave us a lot of awkward moments between these two.

This is a romance, so of course we are going to have a conflict. However, I still have questions about how it happened and got that far in the first place. It didn’t seem realistic and it wrapped up pretty quickly without much groveling.

All in all, I was disappointed with this one. I still want to continue with the series because Isaac's story is up next and his story is the one I’m the most excited for. I can’t wait to see his cool and calm feathers ruffled when he meets his person.

*I received an ARC via Give Me Books for an honest review.*
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400 reviews27 followers
July 3, 2021
3.75 Stars

I liked it. The series is nice. The book had a good plot. Jasper and Lyndee made sense. I am glad Mallory is getting someone to handle the boys. Somethings would have made this book stronger, but it is more of a personal preference thing. I just don't prefer fluffy language and am more of a rougher language kind of a girl. Other than that, I am looking forward to Issac and Jameson's book. Can't wait to see who the two get.
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38 reviews
July 7, 2021
After I loved Walker’s book so much, this is a huge disappointment. Jasper was already my least favorite of the group, and it was going to take a lot for him to win me over, and that definitely didn’t happen. I know he keeps admitting what an a**hole he is, but who types up a bunch of extremely vicious lies about someone you know from your past who happens to be opening a business near you?? It doesn’t matter that he “didn’t mean to send it”, I’m afraid there would have been no coming back from that for me. And then he sits around and mopes for weeks while her business goes under. He doesn’t even make it right; Jameson had to tell him to. 🙄 Plus they don’t even address how this would affect Burgers and Brew…you know, their head chef printing lies about other businesses? If I lived in that town, I wouldn’t be giving Burgers and Brew my money anymore. This story was a mess. I did like Lyndee and her brother a lot. She deserves better.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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435 reviews3 followers
July 5, 2021
Definitely a slow burn

I loved the first book in this series and I can’t wait for Jameson’s and Isac’s books . This one was ok. I really didn’t like Jasper at all. I usually like broody alpha males, but Jasper was just an immature self centered jerk. I liked Lyndee a lot and I loved her relationship with her brother.

It felt like it took forever for them to get together, so if you like slow burn romances you will probably love that. Again, I just couldn’t stand Jasper’s attitude towards her for most of the book. (SPOILERS AHEAD…..)

What really bothered me though in this book was that jasper didn’t print a retraction IMMEDIATELY after his lies about her were accidentally published. He just sat around for weeks feeling sorry for himself while her business was dying because of his lies. Jameson was the one who had to go to him and tell him how Lyndee was suffering because of what he did. So weeks later he finally prints a retraction, but by then it was too little too late for me. Especially since he didn’t even think of it.

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4,975 reviews525 followers
August 21, 2021
Jasper knows he is demanding, the high turnover in his kitchen proves that but he wants perfection with every burger he serves. When he finds out that his former nemesis, Lyndee from college, is setting up a bakery across the street he is not pleased. He believes she is there to create havoc, he couldn't be more wrong. Jasper can't seem to stay away from Lyndee and the more he gets to know her the more he wants to sleep with her, but Jasper is not a relationship type of guy but could he be with Lyndee?

This was great, very different then the first book in the series. I thought this was a lot of fun and Jasper spends a lot of time in his head, he is driven but when he decides to take a chance with Lyndee you see a completely different side. Wonderful story.
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951 reviews19 followers
June 20, 2021
Ohhh I’ve been waiting for the next book on this series! And Jasper and Lyndee did not disappoint! Baker and chef, what more could we ask for? Well the answer? Some bickering, a past, and some fireworks all rolled into one! Not to mention the rest of the guys, Mal, and Lizzie too! I loved this story so much! And I can’t wait for more!
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517 reviews3 followers
June 28, 2021
Don't Go Away Mad is the second book in Lacey Black's Burgers and Brew Crüe series and I'm saying right here, right now that THIS series is already right up there with her BEST!!! It ranks right up there with the Summer Sisters series....and that's saying something! I LOVED Jasper and Lyndee!!! The chemistry, the banter (between the four friends/business partners/chosen family AND between Jasper and Lyndee), the sometimes heart wrenching angst kept me glued to my kindle from the first chapter to the last paragraph of the epilogue! Let me just say that there were times that I wanted to kick a certain chef's hiney for being such a dumb***!

Jasper Kohlmann is the burger Master at Burgers and Brew, the genius who comes up with all the amazing and sexy burger concoctions on the menu. He's also got a somewhat artistic temperament to match! He's, shall we say, a little difficult to work with (on a good day!) and like a "bear with a sore paw" on a bad one?! It's no wonder that staff turnover at the restaurant/bar is so high when you have a grumpy perfectionist in the kitchen! However, you DO catch glimpses of Jasper's heart here and there, especially when it comes to little firecracker Lizzie (who we met in the first book in the series, Kickstart My Heart) and it's those little glimpses that give you hope that he's not REALLY such an a**!!!

When Jasper's nemesis from culinary school, Lyndee Gibson moves to Stewart Grove to open her bakery directly across the street from Burgers and Brew, he immediately assumes she's there to stir up trouble. Never mind that she had NO IDEA that HE was one of the owners of the restaurant across the street! The fallout from a stupid action eventually catches up to Jasper...and cue the heartbreak!

Lyndee is sweet, yet feisty, passionate about her baking and loves with her whole heart! I loved how she takes care of brother Dawson (who I think needs his OWN HEA....hint, hint!!!) I also loved how she stood up to Jasper as he inaccurately accused her of trying to meddle in his life! The resulting sparks were glorious to behold! Both Jasper and Lyndee (and ALL the characters in this amazing series) are written so realistically that it FEELS like you've been dropped right in the middle of Stewart Grove, watching everything unfold!

I can't recommend this book highly enough! Don't Go Away Mad CAN be read as a standalone but Kickstart My Heart is SUCH an amazing read, I would start at the beginning! You definitely won't be disappointed! 5 🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔 for this UNPUTDOWNABLE MUST READ!!! I can't WAIT for the next book in this series! Bring on Isaac!!!
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3,165 reviews85 followers
June 30, 2021
5 Stars

Temperamental, difficult to work with, a perfectionist and always believes his way is the best way.

Meet Jasper, chef at Burgers and Brew and a darn good one for sure. The grumpiest of his group of friends, they are used to his difficult behavior and call him out when needed. They also know that beneath the intensity lies the heart of a man who would do anything to help those he cares about, a brother in all ways that matter.

Lyndee is new in town. She and her brother need a new start after losing their mother a few years earlier, and wind up opening the store front across the street. When Lyndee doesn’t realize when she gets there is Jasper, her biggest competition in culinary school, is part owner of the successful restaurant across the street. When they finally cross paths there is a slight anxiousness between them but she discovers he and his friends are the kind of people she and her brother, Dustin, want in their lives.

Readers will be drawn in by the connection between Jasper and Lyndee. Also, seeing another side to Jasper is fun and exciting as well. In the first book of this series we saw a man who could be difficult at work but had this smile and heart of gold for Lizzie and Mallory when they became a part of Walker’s life. Now, we see the vulnerability Jasper hides from the world, and that causes him to keep things casual with all the women he meets. Readers will love Lyndee and the fact she is as sweet as the baked goods she makes. Her relationship with her brother is heartwarming and watching the both of them make a home for themselves in Stewart Grove. Of course it can’t all be sunshine and rainbows, Jasper makes a mistake, a large one, and it almost costs him his happily ever after. But, this reminds readers that even the characters in love stories can be “human” and make bad decisions. It’s how one steps up to make things right that matters. Everyone can be redeemed, even the grumpiest ones.

Cara - Alphas Do It Better Book Blog
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522 reviews10 followers
July 19, 2022
In book two of Burgers and Brew Crüe, we get Jasper's story. I wasn't sure how to feel about Japer given he seemed the least active in the first book and what we did see wasn't always good. He's grumpy, bossy, and a bit of a jerk. At the start of the book I became a little worried I wasn't going to like it or him. But Lacey won me over. Yes, he is grumpy, yes he's a bit of a jerk, a little mean, and way too bossy and pedantic but under his flaws he's kind of sweet and loving, even though he doesn't think he knows how to be that way.

There were some really fun moments, some sweet moments, and moments I really wanted to kick Jasper in the shins. Thankfully Lyndee showed up for him because I'm not sure anyone else would be able to deal with Jasper's ways and for her Jasper becomes a different man. For me that's important, she doesn't just give in to his ways and fold, she pushes back and forces Jasper to learn to bend and twist from his rigid ways.

Great story with a frienemies-to-lovers/grumpy sunshine vibe.

Look forward to watching the rest of the crew fall.
Jasper is a jerk and he knows it. He likes things done his way or not at all. Could he be nicer to his staff probably but it's his name that is associated with everything that comes out of the Burgers and Brew kitchen. It's his dream, his passion, and his kitchen. He lives and breathes for the restaurant and his friends are a very close second. When a school rival Lyndee Gibson sets up to open across the road he automatically thinks the worst of her.

Lyndee is looking for a new start. After losing her mother and her place of work changing up their original bakery to more of a deli she's a little lost. When her brother suggests they start fresh and helps her plan to open her own bakery she takes the leap. Moving town and starting over, it could all blow up in her face but it's a risk she plans to take. She had no idea Jasper Kohlmann was part owner of the restaurant across the road and when he accuses her of planning to ruin his business she has no idea what he's on about.

Full of anger and annoyance Jasper plans to get to the bottom of Lyndee's arrival and to take her down if necessary. Instead, he finds that he can't stay away and every interaction with her makes him want her more and more. Soon there is no denying the pull they feel to each other. He may not be able to make a relationship work but whatever he and Lyndee are doing he doesn't want to lose.
'She's quickly turning my entire world upside down, and even if I wanted to, there's not a damn thing I can do to stop it. I think about her day and night, and now that I've been inside her, it's worse. I crave her, like an alcoholic needs booze. She's my hit. My drug.'

Too bad when it all comes crashing down around them because his original plan might just work and Jasper will find he's not only hurt Lyndee but his best friends are furious with him. Staying out of her life should have been what he'd done from the start.

Happy Reading.
June 30, 2021
Jasper is the king of his kitchen. He’s grumpy and demanding at times, but his dedication and attention to detail have helped to make Burgers and Brew the success that it is. When he discovers that his rival from culinary school is opening a bakery across the street, he isn’t sure what to expect . . . but it certainly isn’t what ends up coming his way!

Lyndee is finally ready to make her dreams of owning her own bakery come true. Along with the help of her brother, Dustin, they agreed to take the chance on Sugar Rush and chose a random small town that looked like a place they could call home. Lyndee had no idea that her past was just across the street.

This couple is explosive! Jasper has a bit of an ego and is moody on a good day, but there is something about Lyndee that has him feeling more relaxed and makes him easier going than ever. And Lyndee is loving having someone put her first as well as having a flirting partner in the kitchen But when things go bad, Jasper is left holding the blame and trying to find a way to fix things professionally and personally for the person he cares about more than he ever thought he could.

I adored this couple! I love that Jasper is kind of a demanding and moody SOB in his kitchen, and that it gets Lyndee hot and bothered!. Their rivalry in culinary school was a fun twist, especially since they went in different professional directions, but it added for some great banter and fantastic moments.

I enjoyed Lyndee’s brother Dustin and how well both she and Dustin fit into the crew once she met them all. For fans of book one, there are some fabulous surprises and great moments with Walker, Mallory and Lizzie in this book that are to die for.

I’m really loving this group of friends and can’t wait to see Jamison and Isaac’s stories play out. 5 stars
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3,693 reviews114 followers
June 29, 2021
5 Stars!

Lacey Black has brought the Burgers and Brew Crüe series back and y'all, MY FAVORITE CREW by Lacey is back!! Squeeeeee. Insert tons of excited emojis here. 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳 That's right y'all, the crew is back and Jasper is up now and let me tell you, I love me a man that knows his way around the kitchen because food and all the yummies, amiright?!

Well the swoony Jasper is here and his lady, well, they had quite the little story to tell. Enemies to lovers. Second chances. The chef and the baker. Tension you can cut with a butter knife. Expects loads of heat and fire in the kitchen and all the heart you can imagine with this crew.

Jasper and Lyndee lit up my kindle with sparks the moment they appeared and y'all, I couldn't get enough of their journey.

I can't wait until this series continues with the next book and this crew is back. And while each book is technically a standalone, don't shortchange yourself in experiencing all that the Burgers and Brew Crüe has to offer.

I highly recommend this book.

Reviewed for Renee Entress's Blog.
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2,164 reviews360 followers
June 29, 2021

The Burgers and Brew Crüe series is about four college buddies who own the hot and happening gourmet burger and brew pub slash busy bar in Stewart Grove, Ohio. Don’t Go Away Mad is book two in the series, and it’s a second-chance, enemies to lovers romance.

I really love this group of friends. Don’t Go Away Mad focuses on the chef of the group, grumpy and growly Jasper, and his arch nemesis from culinary school, Lyndee. They had a bit of a cantankerous relationship back in school between their competitive rivalry and constantly pushing each other’s buttons. Not to mention that there was this one “missed opportunity” that neither one of them has forgotten. Fast forward a few years, and Jasper finds out that Lyndee was opening a bakery across the street from the pub. Lyndee is a fierce and feisty 5 foot, two inch baker. She’s loyal, she’s hardworking and she’s taking care of her disabled brother. This bakery is her lifelong dream, and she is not going to let Jasper derail it.

The chemistry between Jasper and Lyndee is electric. Their banter is snappy and witty and the kind that leaves sparks in its wake. The push and the pull between was exciting, and I was hooked and rooting for them from the start. A seriously sexy and swoony romance, a plot that had me tapping my Kindle furiously and a town full of hilariously endearing characters made this another unputdownable, fun to read story from Black. Full of heart, heat and humor, I loved every single word of this charming story! Five smooches from me for Don’t Go Away Mad by Lacey Black!
~Danielle Palumbo
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1,786 reviews45 followers
June 25, 2021
Another book another hit from Lacey Black.
This book was read in on sitting and the whole time I had the biggest smile on my face because I'm absolutely in love with all the men in this series. Jasper is a perfectionist and wants things done his way or no way at all. Enters Lyndee with whom he has (a sorta) past with and she pushes all his buttons.

The chemistry was blazing and I was Turing pages so fast I didn't even realize I read the end and the HEA.

I'm so excited for the next book - the two men left are giving me so many ideas about what kind of a woman should they fall for and I'm ready for it!!!

***Review copy requested and reviewed on behalf of OMGReads Blog * * *
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4,110 reviews39 followers
July 6, 2021

Hes the chef of the group who makes the burgers but a women from his past has just opened a bakery in town. Can the love of food bring these too together for ever. Loving this series.
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176 reviews1 follower
March 19, 2022
This was an enjoyable book. I did find it hard to rate as I think parts of it deserved more than 3 stars, however, I didn't really enjoy the last couple of chapters as I think the book ended abruptly (with them getting back together right before the epilogue without Jasper having to do much). The resolution and apology seemed too easy and took way to long to happen. On top of that, the only reason the readers were given as to why it took that long for Jasper to do the right thing was because he thought Lyndee was too good for him. And she obviously is since it took him so long to help her get her shops reputation back after he destroyed it with his lies. I also think the ending was extremely predictable. As soon as Jasper wrote that email and never sent it, I knew it would become a plot point used to split the couple up. Another thing that annoyed me was the whole lets not define the relationship storyline. Lyndee being okay with that just didn't seem to align with her character and we never learnt why Jasper was so hesitant about/didn't want a relationship.

One thing I do wish the author included more of in this book is the characters past both together and apart. They went to school together, yet all we knew is that they were always facing off for the top spot in their class. Additionally, all we were told about Lyndee's past is that her mom passed away and she is her brother's caretaker (and I really liked Dustin's character). However, we knew absolutely nothing about Jasper's past outside of his friends which was definitely frustrating to me as a reader.

Despite all this, I do think this was a decent book, however, I would not choose to re-read this one.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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338 reviews30 followers
December 6, 2021
There are no words to describe how much I love the Brew Crüe. This is a series of standalone books, each featuring a different person from the core 4 friends and owners of Burgers and Brew Crüe. But I highly recommend reading them in order, they're so good.

Jasper was one grumpy SOB and it was highly entertaining to watch a 5feet2 little spitfire create chaos in his anal-y orchestrated life. Lyndee was such a strong, independent and determined heroine and she didn't let Jasper's shitty behaviour get her down. She even called him on his b**sh*t and that created such an amazing connection between the main couple.

Don't Go Away Mad was a mix of of heartfelt moments, strong banter, sizzling chemistry, amazing friendships and lots and lots of sugar. I read this in one go, it was so easy to read and by the end, I just wanted more. I would have preferred a little bit more grovelling on Jasper's part, but in the end the book was extremely enjoyable as it was.

And once again, I loved loved loved the supporting characters, old and new. Dustin was so precious! And more Lizzie Lizard is always a bonus. I have a feeling that next one up will be Issacs' story and I'm here for him kicking Savannah to the kerb!

*ARC provided in exchange for an honest review*
29 reviews1 follower
March 15, 2023
I did NOT like the resolution in the third act -- like a previous reviewer, I could not believe the conflict would result as it did. No way -I'm- forgiving something like that (maybe that makes me petty?), and it felt rushed. I liked the brother's side story, although sometimes I felt he acted younger than he was meant to be. Other than that, the story is a comfortable read. I liked the book enough to do it in two sittings over the course of one day. Of course I found myself grinning a lot at the antics of the guys -- extra funny picturing food getting mashed into Jasper's face repeatedly -- and Lizzie is always good for a giggle or two when she pops up.
1,367 reviews2 followers
July 16, 2021
Yeah sorry. DNF.
Such a disappointment after Walker’s story.
Arrogant man child. Wanting her and hating her.
He’s a chef; she’s a baker. Yet, 10 years later he’s still stewing that she got a better grade on a pie??

Sad that this disappointed me so much.
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1,354 reviews
March 20, 2022
I had high hopes for this after reading Walker's story but Jasper? What a complete asshat he is. I don't know how his own friends deal with him! I was hoping Lyn dropped him to the curb. Makes me want to stop the series after this one.
322 reviews2 followers
December 28, 2021
cute story

So this one is a little hard for me, with the slow burn romance. I didn’t love Jasper and Lyndee’s story as much as I liked Walker and Mallory’s. It took me a long time to like Jasper too. He did eventually become swoony. It just took a while for him to show he had a good heart. I thought Lyndee was awesome. She was such a loveable character. I loved the relationship between Lyndee and her brother Dustin. I also loved how Lyndee had a lot of respect for Jasper as a chef. They meshed so well in the kitchen, the scene with them working together was adorable. I think that was the turning point for me with actually starting to like Jasper.

This is book 2 in a series about 4 BFs that own a restaurant/bar and the women that steal their hearts. I liked seeing what Walker, Mallory and Lizzie Lou were up to in this story and how it touched on Isaac’s love life. I look forward to #3, which is Isaac’s story.

Gist: Jasper (1 of 4 BFs in the brew crue) and Lyndee were classmates and competitors in culinary school. Some odd years later, Lyndee opens a bakery across from Jasper's restaurant. Jasper freaks out, because he thinks Lyndee is trying to mess with him. Lyndee and her brother are just looking to start over and open Lyndee’s dream bakery. They fight, they cook together, they seggs each other up and after the poop hits the fan they get their HEA.

This kiss is everything that’s always been missing from kisses in the past. It’s passionate, it’s powerful, it’s all-consuming. It’s infinite. - Lyndee

I do recommend adding this to your TBR if you are looking for a sweet story with a dash of steam.
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1,757 reviews1 follower
June 29, 2021
First can I say how much I love these men that have formed such a strong bond ad created their own form of a family, that I wanted to be part of their world. Jasper is a culinary genius and has a certain way for doing things in his kitchen, his way only. In college he had a healthy competitive relationship with Lyndee but how they lived to get under each other’s skin and now Lyndee is across the street from him starting her own bakery and Jasper thinks she is up to something, but he can’t deny the attraction he feels even years later. Lyndee wants nothing but to make her brother happy and that includes seeing her chase her dreams, Jasper’s friends all become fast friends with them and want them to succeed. Jasper still harbors a crush on her but thinks the worst until he can’t deny how he feels any more. They both know how Jasper is a playboy and only likes things done his way and his way only, but can something more be formed between these two? Not only do they work well as a team, but everyone accepts her and Dustin into their own family, but can jasper drop his ego enough to allow more to happen or will he destroy the best thing that has happened to him? Will Jasper realize he can do hearts and flowers, or will he let his doubt and freedom ruin Lyndee? Will Lyndee let Jasper into her heart and life or is this just a one-time thing? I loved this read, the group of characters, and can’t wait to see what is in store for us readers next!! P.S. not a fan of Savannah or Aimee and hope our boys can do better!!
Profile Image for World Of Books 65.
2,012 reviews37 followers
June 28, 2021
Don't Go Away Mad, is a slow-burn, engrossing romance. I always marvel at Lacey Black's attention to detail and I was very impressed with this detail in Jasper and Lyndee's story.

Burgers and Brew Crue was always going to be a must-read series, after I read the first book Kickstart My Heart, I knew Ms. Black had another winner on her hands, Don't Go Away Mad, just cemented what I already knew. The dynamics between Chefs Jasper and Lyndee are brilliantly played out, both in and out of the kitchen. Jasper is part owner and chef at Burgers and Brew, his life is his kitchen. but, when his arch-enemy from culinary college, who Jasper hasn't seen in over 10 years, opens up a bakery right across the street, the sparks fly from the start. Lyndee has moved with her brother to Stewart Grove for a fresh start, and to full fill her dream of opening a bakery. Lyndee never thought she would meet Jasper again, or think about the kiss that never was. Even though the pair are not in competition with each other, the rivalry is as strong today as it was back then. But the chemistry that was bubble below the surface all those years ago is about to explode, but as the pair start to find their way together, the tentative relationship they are building is about to crash and. burn.

Highly recommend.
Profile Image for Sharon Moritz-rosenthal.
1,988 reviews17 followers
June 29, 2021
This is book two in the series about 4 guys who own a burger bar and grill called Burgers and Brew Crüe. Each book is about a different owner. The four owners are Jasper, Walker, Isaac and Jameson. This book is about Jasper and his old frienenemy,Lyndee from college/cooking school.

In this book we also meet Lyndee who has moved to Jasper's town with her Celebral Palsy brother Dustin and they are opening a bakery across the street from Burgers and Brew Crüe.

This is a second chance at romance with the one who got away but they also never even kissed. It was more about lost opportunities while at college and also professional rivals at college. Now they are work neighbors and they don't need to compete and they sort of form a friendship while getting to know each other 10 years after college. It is also a slow burn story and I fell in love with Jasper. He is a bit of a perfectionist but also grumpy and I adored him just as much as Lyndee did.

As to Lyndee, she is an amazing sister and a yummy baker. This story definitely gave me a sweet tooth. If you love love slow burn stories and a second chance at romance then this was an awesome story and I adored every second of it.

I received a complimentary early release copy of this e-book from the author prior to release and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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382 reviews7 followers
June 30, 2021
I feel in love with Jasper while reading Kickstart My Heart and I am so glad his story was next! Jasper's story does not disappoint!! This series is just getting better and better!!

Jasper is the head chef at his restaurant and he is set in his ways: cocky, arrogant, hard to be around, but his friends love him. Jasper is shocked when the new bakery across the street is owned by his school nemesis Lyndee. Lyndee is the sweetest girl you will ever meet. She works hard and takes care of her brother. Her dream has always been to own a bakery and she cannot believe that it is finally happening.

When her and Jasper see each other for the first time in 10 years...FIREWORKS!!! The attraction is still there. Jasper does not know what to do about it, he wants to be alone, does not need a relationship, but he does need Lyndee. Lyndee is the only girl to truly understand Jasper, she understands why he is so controlling because she is a chef as well.

I really enjoyed Jasper's and Lyndee's relationship. They started out as somewhat enemies, then grew to respect each other based on this dishes or sweets, then turned into friends, and then lovers. It was a natural progression. And Jasper came a really long way in this book, he was not the same man from the beginning.

Love this series!! You also get to see Mal and Walker again!! Can't wait for the next one!!

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July 30, 2021
This book is a bit of everything, slow burn, enemies-to-lovers, second chance romance – if you like any of those tropes – you will like this one! Don't Go Away Mad is book 2 in the Burgers and Brew Crüe.

Jasper Kohlmann owns Burgers and Brew along with this three best friends Numbers, Jameson and Walker. Each one has their own “forte” in said business… Jasper is the “the man behind the grill” creating their famous specialty burgers. The grill in the kitchen isn’t the only thing that is getting heated/fired up!

Lyndee Gibson is hoping that a move to Stewart Grove with her brother and opening up her own bakery “Sugar Rush” will be the just the fresh start they both need. That is until she finds out that Jasper owns the business across the street – is that really the icing on top of the cake?

If they thought their rivalry in culinary school was hot/intense, being a business owner and working across the street from each other is going to really get amped up! The push and pull between Jasper and Lyndee is awesome! These two are perfect for each other – if only they would admit that to each other! There is plenty of laughter, steam and love to go around, mix in some sugar and spice and a dash of alpha male and you have a great recipe for a great read!

Dual POV and a HEA – no cliffhanger. Can't wait for Numbers and Jameson's stories!!
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September 18, 2022
Jasper did not come off well at all in this book for most of it. He acted like a toddler in his kitchen and had no problems screaming at his staff. He expected perfection, which is just not going to happen in a restaurant kitchen. When he finds Lyndee is opening a bakery across the street, his juvenile behavior comes out again. He seemed to think she was up to something. He had absolutely no proof, other than his ego. He was still upset her pecan pie beat his pecan pie out in culinary school and she got the better grade. It has been a decade since then and he still has not matured any if appears.
Lyndee has spent her life taking care of her brother. He has special needs and she tries to make sure he uses his walker or wheelchair when needed. He helps her at their new bakery. He likes Jasper and the guys upon meeting them. He wants to find new friends and even finds a girlfriend by the end of the book.
Both Lyndee and Jasper acted like teenagers and acted scared to start a relationship. He kept saying he didn't do dating and she claimed to be okay with just a night. They were both lying and, even though they are both in their 30's, they seemed to think they didn't need to acknowledge how they felt.
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June 22, 2021
Don’t Go Away Mad is the book that I so desperately needed. I feel in love with the this group of friends when I read KickStart My Heart (the first book in this series). So I can say with extreme certainty, that I’ve been waiting on the rest of these books like a starved person ,and Black did not disappoint.

I know I always say this, but I am a forever fan of Black’s work, and this book is no different. Even though this book is in a series, it can be read as a standalone. With that said, I’m so glad that I got to see all the characters included. I loved how this author shined light on Lyndee’s brother as well and all that surrounds him.

Don’t Go Away Mad was a well thought out book that kept growing on me. There was great development, and depth. Everything was paced perfectly, that it was so easy to keep up. I loved loved loved the laugh out loud moments, and witty banter. I found myself cracking up on multiple occasions. I loved the push and pull between Jasper and Lyndee, the anticipation was key, in what I thought was such an amazing book.

I can’t not wait for the rest of these men to get their stories told.
* I recommend this book.

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September 5, 2021
A sweet enemies to lovers story

I enjoyed this sweet sexy enemies to lovers low angst story about Jasper and Lyndee. Jasper owns a restaurant/bar with his three best friends. Lyndee just moved to town to open a bakery across the street from Jasper’s restaurant. Jasper and Lyndee went to culinary school together ten years ago where they competed against each other and despite the chemistry at the time they were kind of enemies. Jasper does not do relationships. Lyndee has been too busy with working and helping to care for her disabled brother for the last few years to date. Unfortunately for them, the chemistry is off the charts between them even more than when they knew each other a decade ago. This book has a little bit of everything - sweet moments, real life issues, imperfect characters, close knit friends and family, humor, and so much love. I loved the scenes with Lyndee’s brother, Dustin, and with Jasper’s partners. The author did a great job of making the secondary characters an integral part of the main HEA storyline. I will definitely keep reading this series.
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June 30, 2021
Don't Go Away Mad is book #2 in Burgers and Brew Crüe series by author Lacey Black. This is Jasper and Lyndee's story. This is a slowburn, enemies-to-lovers romance/2nd chance at romance story that really will tug on the heartstrings, get the tissues ready, have you rooting for them, needing a fan ready because the tension/heat is 🔥🔥🔥 steamy hot!! Jasper is the co-owner of the the restaurant and pub and is known for his burgers. He is a great chef. Lyndee moves back to town with her brother and opens a bakery. She is sassy, sweet and fiery. She attended culinary school with Jasper and they had didn't get along. The chemistry then was strong and fast forward to the present is even more intense. They know which buttons to push on each other, how to set the other off. What they refuse to admit is the like each other. The journey these two take is what the author is good at. Will Lyndee and Jasper give love a chance or will they be too stuck in the past ?

My Rating: 4.4 stars *********
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