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Mystic Invisible

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Fifteen-year-old Monte moves to the mystically jeopardized Highlands of Scotland and discovers that life as a Celtic wizard is anything but easy. Whisperings of abnormal enchantments and vicious cat siths grip the small town he now calls home. Fear is at the helm and the instigator is unknown. An indefinite moratorium on magic is enforced. In a race against darkness, Monte and his friends must choose who to trust before time runs out, even if it means breaking some rules and facing danger head on.

268 pages, Paperback

Published March 17, 2021

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About the author

Ryder Hunte Clancy

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Ryder Hunte Clancy has lived most of her life in the desert but her heart belongs to the sea; her happy place, where brine and mist abound and allusive waves caress expansive stretches of compacted sand. A tried and true stay-at-home mom, she has just as much trouble keeping up with her fictional, teenage characters as she does her three small children.

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Author 1 book166 followers
March 14, 2021
With flavors of modern folklore and old-world chivalry, Mystic Invisible is a riotously-paced adventure with a hip edge. Monte Darrow as our hero was both endearing and witty, and felt almost like a Scottish Percy Jackson. Highly recommend to any teen wanting a taste of magic, heroism, and electrifying action sequences.
1 review
March 16, 2021
Magic wands, flying broomstick and transfiguration all set in the Scottish Highlands! Yes, please! Harry Potter who? I'd rather be a Mystic than a Norm at this point. The book cleverly weaved magic folklore with modern day times. The hero, Monte Darrow was a favorite, as he wasn't painted as the typical awkward and annoying teen, but intelligent and thoughtful. The story started out slowly as the characters were introduced, but quickly unraveled an exciting plot as Monte and his friends battle evil; all the while learning about their new abilities and vices. The book has you wondering who the villain is... and when you find out... okaaaay, wasn't expecting that. A little bittersweet. Not all stories can have happy endings! Boo. But at least this ending leaves room for rescue and possibly redemption...? I can't wait to read the next book and find out what Monte and friends will do.
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80 reviews4 followers
July 26, 2021
What a wild ride! This book is a good mix of folklore, wizards, magic, and lots of intrigue all happening in the Scottish Highlands. It gave me major Harry Potter vibes with the flying broomsticks, wands, and Norms vs Mystics and I’m really not complaining.

The writing style of this was quite captivating. I was able to read without feeling like I was reading as the events in the book played out smoothly and the descriptions of the characters and the world were clear and vivid.

Character-wise, I enjoyed them all. There was quite a cast of characters, each with their own unique personalities. Cameron was probably one of my favourite characters because of how magical and mysterious she was - it took me a while to figure her out but she kept me engaged and excited whenever she popped up. I also really appreciated the Scottish accent that some of the characters had as it really brought out the setting even more, while also helping to show that they were from a different place than Monte.

Fairytales and elements of folklore like four-leaf clovers were explained as real in this book but hidden to Norms (people who don’t practice magic). It even made me pause for a second and think, “Wait, could they really be real but just covered up to Norms like me?”

Although I had predicted the ending quite early on, I still enjoyed the way it was conveyed and revealed. Overall, if you’re a fan of adventure, solving a mystery, witty banter, and magic, this book will be a really fun read.
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326 reviews6 followers
April 12, 2021
It has been a long time since I found any good middlegrade/YA with a boy lead, but Mystic Invisible delivers!

Enter a new, refreshing magical world where people are divided into Mystic and Norms. Monte is witty and adorable lead! I enjoyed his banter with his brother Carrick and his friendship with Finn. Oh, and his "friendship" (aheemm) with Cameron. All the characters are loveable, the magical system amazing, and I love, LOVE, the artifacts!
It might take awhile to get used to Scottish accent, if that is not your native language or your usual read, but once you get used to it... its fun and added more depth to the story setting.

Overall, a very nice ride! Looking forward to read more of Monte's adventure with his friends and family in the next book :))
March 14, 2021
Isn’t it just great when you find one of those books that completely drags you in, makes you fall in love with the characters, and demands that you sit on the edge of your seat for every nail-biting moment? This is one of those books.

You are whisked away into the Scottish Highlands and hooked on every adventure Monte and his family of mystics experience.

This book has it all magic, mystery, suspense, folklore, humour with twists and turns on each and every escapade that keeps you on the edge of your seat wanting more.

The characters are so picturesque that they spring to life on every page and you feel you are there experiencing their world. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to literally live the adventure from the first to the last page. Here’s to the sequel.
March 17, 2021
I have loved reading all different kinds books since I was young. I know its going to be good when it only takes a couple of days to read from start to finish. Mystic Invisible drew me in from the first Chapter and didn't let me go until the last. I always knew Scotland was a beautiful country but the author made Scotland sound even more magical, funny and full of adventure that I was able to picture myself there and didn't want to leave that world anytime soon. I loved all the characters although my favourite was Monte.

One of the my best reads this year. Get a copy now. This new world and adventure is waiting just for you.
Profile Image for Sublime Book Review.
149 reviews5 followers
March 1, 2021
Overall Rating = 5

Storyline & Concept = 5
Writing & Delivery = 5
Editorial = 5

In Mystic Invisible, fifteen-year-old Monte Darrow moves with his mystical family to the Highlands of Scotland, where his parents have been tasked with ridding the area of vicious cat siths and the mastermind behind them. Monte, his family, and his newfound friends are forced to fit into a world where a moratorium on magic is enforced, but danger and betrayal is around every corner.

This novel is perfect in every sense. The author has weaved an intricate and intriguing plot with captivating characters and vivid settings that jump off the pages at you. There are heart-thumping action scenes alongside others that are warm and humorous. The quality of the writing is beyond exceptional. The author writes with flair, wit, and talent, giving the story a natural and seemingly effortless flow, creating a world of its own for the reader. If you are a Harry Potter fan, or a fan of any magical, mystical world, this book is a must-read.

Sublime Line: “Top marks for this captivating novel that will sweep you away to the magical hills of Scotland and immerse you in a story you won’t soon forget.”
Profile Image for Ryder Hunte Clancy.
Author 1 book18 followers
Currently reading
March 12, 2021
As the author of this book, it's safe to say that I HAVE READ IT! Over and over again, at that. Probably two hundred and seven times, but who's counting?

Set in the Highlands of Scotland, Mystic Invisible is full of magic, adventure, mystery, and a touch of angst. I truly hope that my readers have as much fun consuming it as I did writing it.

If you like to read about any or all of the following, then this book is for you:

- Magical Realism
- Coming of age tales
- Contemporary legend and folklore
- Allusive and mysterious settings
- Witty banter and endearing characters
-SCOTLAND, in all its majesty!


"If you are a fan of Harry Potter, or a fan of any magical, mystical world, this book is a must read...Top marks for this captivating novel that will sweep you away to the magical hills of Scotland and immerse you in a story you won't soon forget." -- Sublime Book Reviews

"Mystic Invisible is a fine young adult fantasy, tautly written with excellent mystery and magic as well as characters who are warm, deep, and full of intrigue. This grand debut establishes Ryder Hunte Clancy as an author to watch." -- Michael Darling, Bestselling Author of The BehindBeyond Series and Hollowfall

"A coming of age tale soaked in Scottish folklore, Mystic Invisible is a highly entertaining and adventurous ride that you won't want to stop." -- Readers' Favorite
Profile Image for Patricia Muhammad.
24 reviews2 followers
May 29, 2021
Mystic Invisible, Ryder Hunte Clancy, Winter Goose Publishing (2021, 267 pps.)
Reviewed by: Patricia M. Muhammad
Date: April 13, 2021
Originally posted on LibraryThing: https://www.librarything.com/work/261...
NOTE: I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.


Mystic Invisible is a young adult novel which spans Salem Massachusetts, England and Scotland. There are two primary groups of people within this world of magical realism, one referred to as the Norms and the others as Mystics. Norms are ordinary human beings with no special gifts or powers. Mystics are the opposite, most are either warlocks or witches. Magic is regulated and for the most part outlawed from practice by the International Mystic Bureau (IMB). A mystic does not obtain a wand until the reach the halfway mark between the ages of 15 and 16. The main character, Monte is in possession of a special seashell that he found while still stateside. One day when he is with his brother, Garrick, he climbs high on the rocks at Witch's Pointe and is almost killed. A girl named Cameron appears without explanation. Monte has severe lacerations. Upon examination by the Darrow's other friend, an elderly woman, she explain that Monte has markings of a leprechaun. She is mistaken. On another occasion, Cameron warns Monte that he is in danger. Throughout the story, water and stone, among other naturally forming resources are used as agents or manifestations of 'magic'.

After members of the Darrow family and other Mystics examine Monte's sustained injuries, they are considered to be the markings of the demon, Nuckelavee. The adolescents gather to listen to their grandmother speak of a tale of its penchant to destroy anything which lies in its wake. His family believes that the shell Monte found belongs to the demon. Jarus Darrow, Mr. Darrow's twin brother and uncle is summoned to the IMB to be questioned regarding his nephew's (Monte's) use of magic. The family is initially cleared of any wrongdoing. Eventually, the Darrow family relocate from Massachusetts to Scotland and reunite with a family friend, Moira Bryce. She is witty and charming. Garrick and Monte's parents enroll them in a magic school called Stratmarine Academy. Their Uncle Jarus is the academy's headmaster. Between adolescent pranks of the magical sort and one night Garrick being unwittingly turned into a Cat Sith, the academy reflects the dangers of the misuse of magic. Throughout the story, Monte takes guards the seashell, believing it to be special.

Moira uses Cameron's gift as an 'Influencer' to spy on Monte, whom she supposed to be friends with. Moira Bryce's primary goal is to obtain an unlimited source of power to rule both the Mystics and the Norm by obtaining the shell from Monte. Monte does his best to protect it but in a great battle in which Moira uses blood magic (that of Monte's) in a bowl of special metals but reminiscent of a small cauldron to access it. Monte accuses Moira of destroying that which was his possession. She reveals that her spell, with Monte's involuntary participation merely uncovers its true form-the Firepearl. The background is of ice and mountains. Monte realizes that Moira used Cameron to set the unexpected tides to drown him to obtain the shell. Several relics are intermingled with the plot such as wands and other gems. At times the novel seems unoriginal with a magic academy, wolves, witches and Faes (fairies). On a couple of occasions it seems that the author reaches from the storyline of a popular young adult series including much of the same. For example, the author references a creature called Farwen, also known as The Unicorn Witch. Legend relays that Farwen is the guardian of "the British Mystic and Norm realms." When Monte encounters Farwen it informs him that she is "…the mother guardian of this land. I am the perpetrator of all magic that is good and right…I am bound by the immortal laws of the Fae. Edicts that date back to our Mystic beginnings." Her involvement in the battle, especially as she destroys Moira's special glass bowl, when she imparts wisdom to Monte, including that he is to find a way to always protect the Firepearl; as well as Mr. Darrow's twin brother's death in particular is reminiscent of the Harry Potter books. In Mystic Invisible, Uncle Jarus sacrifices his life to save Monte, similar to how Professor Snape (at least in the Harry Potter movie) sacrifices himself to save Harry while a horned, glowing unicorn like beast is present. Another trope is how Mr. Darrow's identical brother, Jarus, dies. At Moira's motion of her wand, Jarus turns into bits and disappears in an oblivion with Moira. This is another instance in which this scene mimics the Harry Potter books and movies. When the children return to the academy, the Grand President takes the Firepearl away from Monte despite his objection. Time passes and the Darrows continue to mourn the loss of Jarus Darrow. Monte joins his brother on the beach with the motions of the tides and feels something in his pocket. He is now in possession of the Firepearl again.

Mystic Invisible is written to be accessible for young and adult readers, but for the most part it is not original. Not only does the author relies heavily on tropes, she appears to adopt specific scenes from J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter's series. The storyline does not develop much of the female characters, specifically Maren and Cameron. The novel mentions certain objects such as the Deo stones, but in the end they do not prove to serve much of a purpose in furthering the plot. I was not pleased with the author's heavy reliance on a popular young adult book series which already exists. If you are looking for an original story, unfortunately any potential readers should seek elsewhere.
Profile Image for C. Gonzales.
755 reviews23 followers
June 15, 2021
Get ready to be completely taken away to another world! Ryder Hunte Clancy brings us a vivid new Fantasy world full of not only great characters but a wildly entertaining plot.

I liked that it really encompasses so many different aspects of the Fantasy genre. There was plenty of drama, adventure and mystery laced throughout as well, which I enjoyed.

The writing style was direct and easy to follow along with, it managed to keep me flipping pages.
Profile Image for Angie Fenimore.
4 reviews5 followers
March 16, 2021
Mystic Invisible is a delightful read. With characters that will leave their mark on your heart, page-turning adventure and suspense, and laugh-out-loud gladdening moments–all set against the mysterious Highlands of Scotland–Mystic Invisible is a charmer for every reader who is prone to curl up by the fire with a great story and read through the wee hours until dawn.
Profile Image for R.K. Emery.
860 reviews26 followers
June 14, 2021
An imaginative and brilliant story with so much fantasy and great moments all entwined with a wonderfully depicted world.
This book will take you on quite the journey. The world she has given us is so very realistic. You can see the world in your mind.
The characters are superb and likable. You will be invested from the get-go.
Profile Image for Samantha Turley.
511 reviews8 followers
June 23, 2021
This book was just plain fun. It’s fantasy at its best. It’s magical and full of so many extraordinary things. The author does a fabulous job of bringing to life the story in the minds of her readers by using such great detail and imagery.
There is action, there is drama, there is whimsy, and so much more.
If you love fantasy and need an escape, this is the perfect read!
Profile Image for Gina Stamper.
494 reviews13 followers
July 2, 2021
This book was the perfect escape. Fantasy and magic done in the absolute best way.
It’s the kind of book that really grabs you from the start and doesn’t let go.
Amazing characters, a unique plot that weaves together most of what readers love about this genre, and a pace that is fast and furious.
It’s clever and has just enough mystery to keep the reader questioning things.
Profile Image for Trevor Moss.
41 reviews24 followers
July 28, 2021
I really enjoyed this book! It draws you in quickly and the character development is on point. If you enjoyed the Harry Potter series (I loved it growing up!), then you will love Mystic Invisible. A story of magic, coming of age, and folklore all tied into this page-turning book. Well done Ryder! I am hoping there will be a sequel!

Highly recommended for young adults who enjoy fantasy novels
Profile Image for Lisa  (Bookworm Lisa).
2,182 reviews169 followers
March 30, 2021
From the shores of Salem Massachusetts to the rugged Scottish Highlands "Mystic Invisible" is an adventure that is fun to read.

Anyone who is a fan of magical beings that are fighting against evil forces will love this book. It is set as a Middle Grade to YA story that I found intriguing with a lot to offer.

Monte and his family move to Scotland so his parents can investigate new Sith Panthers who are terrorizing the mountains and countryside. Monte is quickly pulled into the happenings because he possesses magical abilities that make him a target. He and his unlikely group of friends work together to put an end to the situation.

I really hope that this is a series because I want to read more! The characters and plot caught my attention and I enjoyed the book. I would say that this book is appropriate for middle grade on up.

Source: I received a complimentary copy. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.
Profile Image for Joselyn  Moreno.
742 reviews31 followers
March 25, 2021
I did receive an arc copy for an honest review.

This one caught my eye pretty quickly it sounded so interesting.

It was super fun, poor Monte was living the dream and the nightmares all in one in thisnone, but he did find very cool allies in this drama.

It was sometimes a little bit difficult with the scottish brogue here and there, but I did learn some things so it was okay.

A thing that actually was super nice for me was the inclusion of other type of. mythology here, I was so eager to know more of this culture right away and since it was something I usually don't hear about it was refreshing to hear about the nuckelavee.

I had a lot of fun with this one hope to read more of this later on too.
Profile Image for Sue.
107 reviews7 followers
April 24, 2021
Full of magic, mystery, murder, and a little bit of mayhem, Mystic Invisible by Ryder Hunte Clancy, pulls you into a new exciting world from page one. This is a middle-grade to YA novel with great heart and an endearing hero. Monte Darrow is a Mystic in a world of Norms. Together with his Mystic family, Monte travels to the Scottish Highlands where his parents hope to locate and eradicate evil magical beings who threaten the local population. There he makes friends and the adventure ensues. The characters are all so well-drawn, complex, and interesting. The story is about good versus evil but it’s so much more than that. This was a great read and kept me entertained throughout.
Profile Image for Haley Kilgour.
580 reviews1 follower
July 30, 2021
So… Harry Potter meets Outlander… sans the romance and smut.

I was a little skeptical going into this book mostly cause I thought Monte was going to be quite a bit older. And I thought romance would be involved. Thankfully my assumptions were wrong.

This book is well written and can easily be enjoyed by almost any age group. The sibling camaraderie was very well done, especially the squabbling.

As far as Finn and Cameron go, I would’ve like a little more back story. They were fleshed out for sure, but there was just something missing.

I was a little disappointed by the climax as it went a little Disney villain at times.

Still, overall, a really great read!
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