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Nothing Special #8

SWAT Ed.: Fox & Bull

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A fox can set many traps to catch his target—but this one only needs one to catch his.

Dominic “Bull” Walker is used to the simpler things in life. Give him his own land to work, a strong horse, and twelve hours of daylight, and he is a contented man. But when someone threatens to take away the successful ranch that took him two years to rebuild, he’ll accept any help he can get to defend it.

Mandel “Fox” Tucker is a sixth-generation SWAT soldier. It’s embedded in his bones to protect and serve his community. So when he gets word of the vandalism occurring on the Walker Ranch, he quickly volunteers the free time he has, thanks to his recent suspension.

The brief visit Fox had with Bull four months ago had been a contentious—but powerful—encounter. Therefore, he’s not surprised when he shows up on his doorstep unannounced and has to pull out some of his best tricks to get past the six-foot-four, stubborn Texan.

Fox is only there to safeguard what’s most important to Bull. But being on the ranch brings an awareness to him that he embraces with both hands. Nature, peace… love—things he never found in the city.

This book contains the love story of two new characters. It is a part of a series but can be read as a standalone.
There are no multiple pairings or sharing. Ends in a very HEA.

Trigger Warning: Mild police violence. Scenes are not graphic.

351 pages, Kindle Edition

First published March 31, 2021

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About the author

A.E. Via

36 books2,838 followers
A.E. Via is an author in the beautiful gay romance genre and also founder and owner of Via Star Wings Books. Her writing embodies everything from hopelessly romantic to spicy to scandalous. Her stories often include intriguing edges and twists that take readers to new, thought-provoking depths.

When she's not clicking away at her laptop, she devotes herself to her family--a husband and four children.

Adrienne Via has tons of more stories to tell, but she really would like to hear yours. Via Star Wings Books is currently accepting submissions for established and aspiring LGBTQ authors. I've contracted and successfully published a couple authors - whose information can be found on my website - who can tell you that my passion is giving other writer's stories the love and care it deserves so it could be a gift to another. Visit my site to learn more!

Go to A.E. Via's official website http://authoraevia.com for more detailed information on how to contact her, follow her, or a sneak peak on upcoming work, free reads, VSWB submissions, and where she'll appear next.

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1,577 reviews28 followers
November 29, 2022
Reading this series is like eating a candy bar. You have one bite, and think, I’ll just have one more, and the next thing you know, you’ve inhaled the entire MAN-sized candy bar.

This series is completely ridiculous, ott man love! I mean, it’s an all gay narcotics task force, how delicious. If you can make it past the first one (which does have some sharing) the rest of the series features only single couples, completely devoted to one another. The sex is crazy hot and feels authentic.

This one has:
Age gap
Slow burn
A working ranch
Jokes and cock blocking
Vulnerability and the sweetest gentle giant
Two men who haven’t been with anyone else in years
A gorgeous but emotionally scarred horse - the symbolism wasn’t lost on me

And how much do I love Bull's dad for this comment after Bull and Fox have an argument...

“Son, the good lord gave you the blessing of being attracted to men. And that means not having to discuss your darn feelings every time you get upset.”

Each book in this series is fine as a standalone, but it’s recommended to read as a series since there are many characters that make reappearances throughout. It’s also recommend to listen to the audiobook version over reading these. Aiden Snow's voice is liquid sex.

This might be a slow burn, but it's really smokin once it gets going.

Fox ate at Bull’s ass and cock as if he was his breakfast, all tongue and saliva and slickness as he swallowed Bull’s fat head down his throat.

I may have had to pause and re-listen to that section a few times to get that quote right for you guys. The sacrifices I make are real!

There are some inconsistencies (why is God such a jerk!?), but they only slightly bothered me. I was here for Fox and Bull and their sweetest of sweet love connections.

Go read Cassandra's review on this one! I’m completely blaming her for getting me into this series!
Profile Image for Kati *☆・゚ readsRomance.
526 reviews140 followers
January 2, 2023
4.5***** stars

Please fucking stay. I’ll beg you. I’m not too proud. Not when it comes to you.

re-listen January 2023
Gawd Fox, you smooth motherfucker. Now I remember why I loved this book so much the first time *swoon I can’t even tell for which love story I fell harder. Fox & Bull or Fox & Diablo.

This is one of those stories where it seems unlikely for the main characters to find their HEA because of their living situations, their lives are so very different. Fox is a SWAT Lieutenant with the Atlanta PD under Captain Hart while Bull lives a quiet, simple life on his horse ranch outside the city, a real Texan Cowboy.

When these two meet the air between them is already sizzling with tension. What chemistry!! Luckily it becomes clear early on that Fox’s life and job responsibilities are weighing heavy on him so we start to hope there might be a solution for them both to be happy.

besides the police work it just made my little horse-loving heart very happy to stay with them on the ranch. And how I loved the conclusion Ms Via came up with for these two of her hot and sexy alpha males. ♡

“Can you say please and thank you, God?”
“No. But I can say fuck and off, Fox.” God quirked his lip. […]

“You’re in the slums now.” Tech walked past, adjusting his forest-green bowtie. “There’s no goddamn manners down here.”
“So, save the sweet talk for the ranch, buttercup.” Day patted his cheek.

Except for the reappearance of beloved characters within the series this book can work as a standalone quite fine, I believe. And as always, head my advice and grab the audio because Aiden Snow makes everything better.

Nothing Special Series:

Book 1 - Nothing Special - 4.5 stars
Book 2 - Embracing His Syn - 4 stars
Book 3 - Here Comes Trouble - 4.25 stars
Book 4 - Don’t Judge - 3.25 stars
Book 5 - Nothing Special V - 4.5 stars
Book 6 - SWAT Ed: His Hart’s Command - 4.5 stars
Book 7 - Ex Meridian - 4.5 stars
Book 7.5 - A Nothing Special New Year - 4 stars
Book 8 - SWAT Ed: Fox & Bull - 4.5 stars

short story - Sparks Will Fly - Prequel for Law & Wesley, the two pyrotechnician engineers that just got introduced and God set his eyes on for his team.

I can’t wait for this series to continue in Nothing Special IX: Fire and Smoke that hopefully comes soon.
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1,758 reviews13 followers
May 3, 2021
3 Stars Because WTF!!!

This would have been an Excellent story, if not for the inconsistent BS!!!

Quote ~ His Hart's Command
"Fox sat back. A look of fond admiration covered his face. “I’m starting to get it. Man. I’m not tripping about you being gay. Everyone’s gay for little while.”
  Hart frowned, “Why are you…? What the hell are you talking about?”
   Fox put his hands up, sounding patronizing, “Now hold on a sec. I was gay for brief minute back in college. It was all good, I guess. No one judged me. Jesus loves us all.” "

Quote ~ Swat Ed. Fox & Bull
"He’d gone out with Hart and the head of the narcotics task force, God, a few times for a drink, and they’d even been pretty decent wingmen. However, the few guys Fox had met all thought it was cool to date a SWAT officer—they loved the porno-fantasy-come-to-life idea of it. But the long hours of the job and the persistent danger… that they didn’t care for so much. It took a unique brand of man to be able to partner with a law enforcement officer. Fox knew those men were out there because even his captain had found love. "

Ok...In one book Fox was only gay for a minute in college...now he's gay 24/7 or so he told Marcy. Where was the explanation?

And lets talk about where Fox went to college...
"“Bull, let me put it to you this way. I graduated from Annapolis when I was twenty-two, got my master’s in homeland security and emergency management from Naval Postgraduate School at twenty-four. I worked as a field analyst in the Defense Intelligence Agency for nine years before I was recruited to SWAT. Compared to Freeman, me and every other West Point-graduated general that’s in charge of running the country’s intelligence departments are simpletons. Idiots. What he knows, we will never learn.” "
> ok...if you graduated from Annapolis, that's the NAVAL College. West Point is the ARMY college in New York State.
> His father was a 5 star GENERAL, why would he pull strings to get his son into a Completely different branch of service?
> A 5 Star general is titled as General of the Army...the current Chief of the Army only has 4.

Doing the math..Bull's Horse, Mercy, is 25 years old...thats retirement age..the horse is in his 60s in human age. Why is Bull working that horse so hard each day?

God was a complete ass...Full Stop..

All in all, I was very excited for this book. Its disappointing when the author doesn't research enough or pay attention to what they are writing.
Profile Image for Loulou .
863 reviews
October 20, 2021
DNF @50%

I'm just... bored.
I can't get into it and I'm so bummed🥲🥲🥲

I mean I've been waiting for this book! And AIDEN SNOW IS NARRATING.

But it's just not working for me at all. It seems very clinical to me, the connection between the men haphazard and shallow.

Gah... so disappointed
Maybe I'll finish it one day.
Profile Image for Cassandra.
442 reviews
November 8, 2022
I'm just not even going to apologise for my rating on this one. Not for one glorious second!

Fox is the 2IC in the SWAT team supporting God and Day's narcotics task force. He is a man clearly consumed by his job and is very, very good at it as we have seen in previous books. At the end of Hart's book (His Hart's Command - my least favourite in the series) Fox visits Hart at Bull's farm and sparks have flown between him and "Big Bull', but Fox never goes back. Not until the vandals strike again and Fox, being suspended offers to go out and figure out what is happening.

The development of their relationship, particularly the physical aspect is a bit slow moving (though they do hilariously get cock blocked quite often by Dale, the douchy ranch hand, who shock! is also gay). However Fox and Bull are so darn sweet. Bull is the cowboyiest (is that a thing?) of cowboys. He's huge, quiet and soooo gentle and Fox is just smitten. Did I mention how sweeeet they are (whilst still kicking arse of course)?

There's a mystery, a corrupt sheriff, found family, actual family, hot sex, a dash of angst and two men who have found their way to each other and their paths in life. Oh, and horses. GAH! I loved it!!!!

Yes, there were some glaring inconsistencies with detail from previous books (like Fox saying he was only gay for a minute in college, but then he apparently had hookups 🤷‍♀️). Yes, God was an unmitigated arsehole which seemed unwarranted. Yes Fox seemed to be a slightly different character from previous books (though we didn't really know much about him anyway so that may be just me reading into it) but none of this changed these two stealing my stupid, stupid heart.

I have just devoured this series. It is very far from perfect but weirdly addictive and I've enjoyed the ride so much, especially with the delicious Aiden Snow narrating.

What the heck am I going to listen to now? 😭😭😭
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2,152 reviews218 followers
April 11, 2021
This one was just a miss for me and I'm pretty disappointed in it because this was the story I've been waiting for since the first time they went out to the ranch. My main issues with this story were the time jumps, very little actual on-page romantic interaction between Bull and Fox (instead it's very love at first sight and warp speed romance), I didn't like how God and Hart were portrayed/behaved this installment, and the ending felt somewhat rushed. 🤷‍♀️

Dual POV, cop and cowboy romance, with some mystery, action, humor, sexy times, and a happy ending.

2.5 stars
Profile Image for Kaity B.
1,360 reviews13 followers
December 22, 2021
4.5-5 stars

This book to me from this series was perfect! I loved this whole thing start to finish. Fox and Bull were perfect for one another, the whole farm life amazing, and the crime and drama were done so well.

I am so glad I decided to take a chance on this series, I was hesitant because of the bad reviews of book one but my god this series was great! A definite reread is going to happen when I am missing the whole crazy narcotics and swat team!

Aiden snow my man, you killed this series with the narrations! Ugh I am sad the next book isn’t out yet… but you best believe I will reread all these before that comes out (with the audiobook since Aiden snow is this series)
Profile Image for Princess under cover.
570 reviews242 followers
April 15, 2023
DNF 53%. Need to stay away from this author.

There’s something really inauthentic about her writing. Pretty sure it’s a woman writer bc men don’t talk like this. Emotional tongue… yeah that’s the kind of language she uses in her books. Sooooo weird.

And the plot is stupid. A SWAT person going to a ranch outside ATLANTA??? To investigate a break in?? Really???

I lived all around greater Atlanta for 8 years! You don’t have SWAT incidents every other day! (Like “Bull” watches regularly on the news) And what’s with the stupid nicknames???

Bull. Fox. God.

Does anyone NOT have a stupid nickname???

Profile Image for Cadiva.
3,346 reviews307 followers
February 18, 2023
Loved this one

There was a real change of pace in this book, with much more humour which made it a definite success.

I loved the rural setting, the additional found family with the ranch hands and the crime related plot element made a change from all the big city drugs cases.

Fox and Bull were super sweet together as they danced around their attraction for an age before going for it all guns blazing.

There's an interesting introduction to two new characters who also get their own short story and I believe they're going to be the subject of the next book. So I'm looking forward to reading it.
Profile Image for Gerbera_Reads.
1,418 reviews131 followers
April 9, 2021
Well, I read it. Did I hate? No. Did I love it? Also no. I liked the MCs, Dominic and Mandel/Fox, very much despite them being, again, the perfect specimens of masculinity. Both came with baggage into this relationship and the author took a bit of time to unpack some of it. The book lost its luster for me when the "action" started. It didn't work for me - Fox's superhero monologues/threats sounded so unrealistic as well as the entire perfect execution of finding who was doing the vandalizing. God was even more annoying and obnoxious. I liked the direction the author took Mandel and how everything ended with him and Dominic. The story was okay.
Profile Image for AussieMum.
1,332 reviews41 followers
April 10, 2021
I really enjoyed this. There was a lot of time jumps (which I grin and bear), and considering in Hart and Free’s book Fox stated he was “gay in college” I was expecting this to play out a little differently than him describing himself as gay from the outset, but those were pretty minor issues.

This was a fairly slow burn where Bull makes Fox work for it because he’s been burned before. Luckily, Fox realises his cheesy come-ons aren’t going to work fairly early and immerses himself in the ranch life and finds himself (and a new family) in the process.

Expect an extremely angry AF cameo from God, which was a tad OTT IMHO. I get he’s passionate but seriously here he’s just a c**t. And I don’t use that word lightly. (Might be time for the author to start a secret sexy side project based on a certain “foursome” just to help him work some stress out...🤣)

I love this SWAT series spin-off. Satisfying one-click reads every day of the week.
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1,094 reviews6 followers
April 11, 2021
This one totally missed the mark for me. I knew this book was coming and I don’t think it was on my radar to look for it. But because it’s been a while since the last book, I kinda forgot that it wasn’t up there on my list.

I have truly enjoyed the previous books in this series. Despite the insane amount of typos and grammatical errors and inconsistencies, I have stuck with this series because I love the guys. Well, that stops now. I own all the books except this one, so I can always revisit the guys if I want.

First off, I thought Fox was straight or perhaps bi. I knew he had an interest in Bull because of what happened at the end of Hart’s book. I remember when I read that book I thought that Fox was dating Dinah, the SWAT sergeant. He even made a comment about only being gay for a minute in college. So, I thought there would be some kind of explanation in this about his sexuality or something. Nope. He’s just boldly claiming that he’s gay.

I never felt a connection between Fox and Bull. Bull was sweet and Fox seemed cold. Throw in Dale, the jerk of a foreman on Bull’s ranch, and there’s two characters that I didn’t really like. THEN, God acts like a total asshole every time his character comes on page. It sucked!

Anyway, I’m done. I just hope I remember next time a book comes out in this series. 🤦🏻‍♀️
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1,173 reviews64 followers
May 3, 2021
I lurrrrved Fox and Bull. Loved.

I love their chemistry, relationship progression and just the devotion they had for each other.

I also thoroughly enjoyed the story and every aspect the vandalism subplot brought to the story. I finished this book in one sitting so that should tell you how much I enjoyed this book.

Highly recommended for lovers of this series or even lovers of well written books, since this book can do quite well as a standalone.
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1,188 reviews7 followers
March 22, 2021
This series is a total no brain involved one - click buy that I anticipate like Christmas. All the characters are like close friends I love to visit with!
This new part? There is a bit of a change of pace, as the police / SWAT part takes a bit of a back seat (still plenty of action though!), but I loved it just the same! Bull and Fox are amazing together and their chemistry oozes from the pages! Both are, as usual for AE Via's creations, great and very well developed, complex and totally lovable characters. We follow a riveting story of finding your way in life and learning to trust another person. The emotional development they both go through along the story is genuine and really touched my feels in all the right places!
Aside from the emotional, we get steaming hot scenes, guest casting from the characters we know from previous parts, which is always a win, plenty of animals and ranch staff that is quality in itself.
To sum it up, we get another brilliant story in a brilliant series!
*** I read an ARC of the book, but the review is voluntary and 100% honest ***
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2,659 reviews83 followers
April 12, 2021
oh, I waited so long for this book. after Free and Harts story I had to have this one ... so I was quite disappointed that the 7th book was a different couple.

now I have read this one and I am not sure what to think. on one hand Dom and Fox are a great couple and I really enjoyed their story. on the other hand I was a bit let down as the story is very simple and the mystery is not really there.
and I expected more of Fox at the end ... to just ignore the calls and his Team was for me not acceptable.

so the 3,5 stars are disappointing for me. nevertheless, I liked the characters
Profile Image for Theresa.
3,030 reviews
April 10, 2021
DNF. Couldn't get past the illogical plot. First, Fox wasn't gay in the previous books. Second, Dale was the ranch manager/foreman. Normally, he would have been vetted and brought into the security situation. His ignorance and justifiable suspicion created conflict in the wrong place. And as for the relationship, Bull was needy, Fox was standoff-ish, and both of them never communicated.
Profile Image for Natalie .
2,412 reviews32 followers
April 10, 2021
I loved it. I find with series I get anxious and put off reading the next one straight away, because more than likely the series will let me down. It’s never been the case for this series and the only reasons I delayed was because I thought I might be able to use it for a group challenge and because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to re-read the series from the start. After the last book I read, I needed something really good and new. I’m trying to break my habit of staying on safe re-reads.

This one didn’t disappoint. It was different compared to the others and not as full on gun ho. I’ve been looking forward to Fox and Bull, because it felt like the one that got away. I felt sorry for Fox on the circumstances which they meet again. Betrayed by the ones he saved, it sucks that more and more the team are being made out to be the bad guys.

I liked the pacing of the relationship and just how sturdy the two of them were. But I think more than that, I enjoyed how Fox found himself on the ranch. How he found new friends and his own horse was so sweet.

I didn’t like Dale in the beginning and at the start it was seeming like an annoying love triangle. I’m glad that wasn’t the case and I liked how Fox won him over in the end.

God did feel like the bad guy in this one, trying to steal Fox’s happiness. The confrontation was over the top, city versus ranch and I liked how neither side backed down. I liked how ballsy both Fox and Dale were. It would’ve been nice to see both sides interact after everything happened.

I really thought Fox would get roped into being the sheriff but I liked how it all played out in the end. The best of both worlds. Love, family and his brothers. It was a nice soothing calm before the storm, before another chaotic pairing.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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985 reviews55 followers
April 16, 2022
This was CUTE!.

I freaking loved Bull and Fox's story.

I left theirs for a minute because I wasn't ready to see the end of this series. I'm still not. But I needed something I knew would be an easy read and this is exactly that.

Bull is all kinds of broody and moody but under all the hard is a sweetness so ripe it pulses through the pages. He's a real teady under the grump.

Fox is wicked. He's so smart, quick and cheeky with his little smirks and digs he threw. I loved his naughty side and the fact he committed straight away to Bull.

I just loved them. They balanced eachother out and really made me feel all the butterflies!. They had crazy chemistry and real saucy tension with their delicious build up and even after. Every sweet moment, the bickering and the banter. They just had me feeling all the happy feels.

I enjoyed the pace of their journey and I loved the side characters!. Dale and Fox really cracked me up, they were like two bickering brothers who loved to hate!. And when Dale hit God with the horse... I about died laughing so hard. My favourite moment of the series for sure.

All in all this is a great read. M/M, light on drama but full to the brim with personality and a good dose of sweet. They made me laugh and swoon and in the end fall completely in love with them.

Even though every book can be read as a standalone. I'd advise reading in order because you truly get to learn who these characters are and appreciate every single one in their own moment.
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Author 27 books79 followers
January 29, 2022
I devoured it.
It's entertaining, sexy, sweet and very much like the whole series.
By now you know what to expect from these books and they do not disappoint.
I loved the setting of the farm and that close-knit family feel of the whole story.
Profile Image for Maggie Whitworth.
2,670 reviews83 followers
August 2, 2022

Loved Fox and Bull .
A different type of adventure and action storyline, pact with chemistry and great characters, but set outside of the city on a ranch.
Excellent reading and entertaining
Profile Image for Donna.
2,841 reviews35 followers
March 26, 2021

Bull and Fox were so meant to be together... they just needed to make the life choices and jump in with both feet... *grin*

This series is a MUST read for me and I try to be patient while waiting for the next book to come out... trying... waiting... *headdesk* LOL!!!
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225 reviews8 followers
July 25, 2021
Nothing Special VIII: SWAT Ed.: Fox & Bull by AE Via

Reviewed by Shee Reader for Boy Meets Boy Reviews

Find us on the web at www.BoyMeetsBoyReviews.com

Rating 4.5 Hearts


A fox can set many traps to catch his target—but this one only needs one to catch his.

Dominic “Bull” Walker is used to the simpler things in life. Give him his own land to work, a strong horse, and twelve hours of daylight, and he is a contented man. But when someone threatens to take away the successful ranch that took him two years to rebuild, he’ll accept any help he can get to defend it.

Mandel “Fox” Tucker is a sixth-generation SWAT soldier. It’s embedded in his bones to protect and serve his community. So when he gets word of the vandalism occurring on the Walker Ranch, he quickly volunteers the free time he has, thanks to his recent suspension.

The brief visit Fox had with Bull four months ago had been a contentious—but powerful—encounter. Therefore, he’s not surprised when he shows up on his doorstep unannounced and has to pull out some of his best tricks to get past the six-foot-four, stubborn Texan.

Fox is only there to safeguard what’s most important to Bull. But being on the ranch brings an awareness to him that he embraces with both hands. Nature, peace… love—things he never found in the city.

I have loved the whole Nothing Special series of books and audio books, and was looking forward to this one as it has a different energy than the other books being mostly set on a ranch rather than in the city.

Bull is a strong quiet man who has made a safe space for all kinds of animals and people on his land, but there has been disturbances and attacks. Bull’s father has a friend in the Atlanta Police Department so called in the big boys for assistance. Fox has an immediate response to the big man, and when circumstances conspire to leave him needing to get away from the city for a bit, he goes to stay at the ranch to look out for the folks and the business there.

When it comes time to go, Fox doesn’t want to leave Bull, but God and Day won’t take no for an answer!

Bull fears his man will never return, but he doesn’t know how big of a pull he has on the sixth generation SWAT man.

The heat between our two guys is stunning and story will totally suit fans of the hurt-comfort trope. The HEA is everything it needs to be. My only complaint is I’d have liked more dialogue and less strong silent stuff!

Highly recommended.

I received a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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2,676 reviews79 followers
October 22, 2022
Oh man! This is my favorite book in this series in awhile. I just loved Fox and Bull! This was a great story and I appreciated that this wasn't completely wrapped up in just what was going on in Atlanta. Fox is on administrative lead for essentially doing his job, but the distraction he needs is on hand when he finds out that Bull's dealing with vandalism on his ranch. Work got in the way when Fox first met Bull and he's been attracted to the guy ever since. He's determined to use this opportunity to help the guy, but also give them the chance they didn't get when they first met.

Man these two were great together. The little bit of mystery in this one really is a tiny subplot and this story is more about these two getting to know each other and figure out how their lives can work together. I loved the way everything worked out! I'm a ranch girl myself and adored how much fun Fox was having learning about the ranch way of life. His interactions with all of the cowboys were so much fun. Bull's been alone for so long and is scared to let anyone in after the disaster of his last relationship. But, the draw between him and Fox is undeniable.

Loved this story. It was exactly what I needed right now. I was hooked in and smiling through the whole thing. I loved the ending too and the Fox's SWAT team along with God & Day coming for their man. Fox's two worlds colliding couldn't have been better and the resolution was perfect.
Profile Image for Katie Utterly Unashamed.
628 reviews166 followers
January 11, 2022
There is no more in this series.....

I binged these 8 books in the last 6 days......

Hold on.... They were audios, so it's not like I sat there and did nothing but reading.......

I also concurred over 100 levels of candy crush while being completely obsessed with these books.

I'm a fucking rockstar at candy crush.

Anyway, I'm truly heart broken to be caught up with this series. I say caught up because I'm hoping and praying it is not over. I can't be done with these boys. I need them all......

But until I see another release, I'm off to devour the spinoff with Duke's bounty hunters.

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