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Daughter of the Deep

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New York Times #1 best-selling author Rick Riordan pays homage to Jules Verne in his exciting modern take on 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

Ana Dakkar is a freshman at Harding-Pencroft Academy, a five-year high school that graduates the best marine scientists, naval warriors, navigators, and underwater explorers in the world. Ana's parents died while on a scientific expedition two years ago, and the only family she's got left is her older brother, Dev, also a student at HP. Ana's freshman year culminates with the class's weekend trial at sea, the details of which have been kept secret. She only hopes she has what it'll take to succeed. All her worries are blown out of the water when, on the bus ride to the ship, Ana and her schoolmates witness a terrible tragedy that will change the trajectory of their lives.

But wait, there's more. The professor accompanying them informs Ana that their rival school, Land Institute, and Harding-Pencroft have been fighting a cold war for a hundred and fifty years. Now that cold war has been turned up to a full broil, and the freshmen are in danger of becoming fish food. In a race against deadly enemies, Ana will make amazing friends and astounding discoveries about her heritage as she puts her leadership skills to the test for the first time.

352 pages, Hardcover

First published January 1, 2021

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About the author

Rick Riordan

321 books399k followers
Rick Riordan is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of many books, including the Percy Jackson series. You can follow him on Twitter and via his official website.

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266 reviews6,190 followers
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February 24, 2021
Just when you thought he was done writing books, Rick strikes again.
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1,475 reviews9,408 followers
March 3, 2023
Would you be shocked if I told you this was the first book I have ever read by the fabulous Rick Riordan?

Well, it's true. I can't believe it either, but it's true.

Luckily for me, I picked the perfect book to start with. I mean, honestly, this book has it all. I loved it.

Ana Dakkar is a freshman at Harding-Pencroft Academy, a school for all things of the sea. Ana's older brother, Dev, is also a student at the school.

Due to an accident taking her parent's lives two years ago, Dev is all the family Ana has left. He means everything to her. They are very close.

The pinnacle of Ana's freshman year is a weekend trial at sea; think of it as a very serious field trip.

Ana has no idea what lies in store for the weekend. She can only hope that she'll be successful, but all of that goes out the window when the Freshman class witnesses a violent and tragic event. They're lucky to be alive.

They learn a rival school, Land Institute, may be responsible, but why? What could possibly be behind such vicious animosity?

Ana and the rest of her classmates are now on their own. They need to figure this all out and somehow out smart and out last their enemies.

Along the way, they learn a lot of school history and Ana learns some quite interesting things about her own heritage as well.

Daughter of the Deep is such an exciting, fast-paced and heart-warming story. I loved the connections to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, as well as the setting and overall vibe.

Riordan grabbed my attention from the very beginning and that never changed. I was completely engrossed in all that was evolving on the page.

I adored this cast of characters, how they grew to rely on one another and really became an excellent example of a found family. You want to be with them; one of the team.

Additionally, although the circumstances for our characters are quite serious, there was a great vein of humor running throughout this story. I found that aspect extremely engaging; it kept me focused.

I'm not sure what the plan is for this. If this will become a new series or not. I certainly hope it will be. I cannot imagine this being the last I read of these characters.

They're all so fantastic and there is so much more room for them to grow. I want more!!!

Thank you so much to the publisher, Disney Audio, for providing me with a copy of the audiobook to listen to. The narrator was terrific and I feel like audio is great format to take in this story.

Keeping my fingers crossed that this will not be the last we see of Ana and friends!!!
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137 reviews169 followers
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February 25, 2021
2/25/21: this synopsis makes no sense to me, but all my brain can hear is “new uncle rick book”.
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215 reviews505 followers
January 27, 2022
Rtc because I am, once more, emotionally wrecked at the hands of Uncle Rick.


it looks like the Magnus Chase covers though

I will assume that this is the book that Rick mentioned in his blog:
As for me, that secret project novel I’ve been working on the last seven months has been accepted by my editor at Disney Publishing, so if all goes well, it looks like you may have a new Riordan novel coming out this October. I really wasn’t expecting to be able to release a new book so soon, but I’m very excited! When I can share more details about the book, I will. This is something completely new for me, though it’s an idea that has been percolating since 2008. It is a stand-alone book, not mythology-based, but is otherwise my usual brand of fast-paced adventure with humor, a wide cast of characters, and maybe even a bit of stealth learning!

Want a hint? Here’s the author photo I plan on using:

(Photo credit: Percy Jackson)

1. this comes out in October
2. "stealth learning" --> the main character attends a marine biology school
3. this is a retelling of 20000 Leagues Under The Sea and that's basically where Rick is in that photo

This might be nothing like Percy Jackson but if this has anything in common with Rick's books then you can bet twenty bucks and a box of Froot Loops that this will be on my bookshelf before 2022.

Also I'm hoping there's a Seaweed Brain cameo because MARINE BIOLOGY
and there's this:

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471 reviews1,900 followers
January 9, 2022
finished reading this to procrastinate studying for my finals, would recommend 👍🏼

this was fast-paced and engaging, basically just a fun read to fly through! also loved how all the characters were nerdy in their own ways (I loved how the main character was a polyglot). great exploration of power corruption, duty, and opportunities for redemption, especially for kids

// buddy read with rain!!
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385 reviews397 followers
December 29, 2021
2.5 Silver Stars

I guess Riordan really loves ocean. (no sarcasm, just in case you wonder. cause it's really beautiful.)

I haven't read Twenty thousands leagues under the sea yet, but I know pretty much the story (& the characters). plus, there's some explanation about important stuff in here too. so I guess I'm good.

it had a great beginning. Beautiful & fun. then it was a let down (it's all according to my opinion), until the excitements rose again. (& near the end, another let down...)

though, I really wished we had more story around Harding-Pencroft Academy. it seemed like such a cool place. their classes. About Dev.
I understand why he didn't choose that path for this story, but I still want it.

the Characters were good, just maybe too many to be introduced at once.
I liked Dev, Gem & Ester.
Ana was good too, but not my typical fav heroin.

it had fun moments. Well, it's Riordan,

but too much equipment & engineering & technology talking or explaining, made it boring at some points, because, not a technical person, I couldn't follow & honestly, I didn't care how some random stuff worked (I'm not talking about those things that are necessary for us to know because of the plot, I'm mostly talking about the excess detailed (enthusiastic) talk after that. or just Ana narrating too much explaining about technology.)
I guess I'm not a fan of this kind of sci-fi.

I liked it, half & half. Sadly, I didn’t feel for this one the way I wanted, or expected.
it was not a disappointment (well, according to how much hyped I was, it could be, I guess. a little?), but not everything can be Percy Jackson books. *sigh*

near the end, even though I know something like this would happen, but I didn't expect THIS!
not going to accept it. nope. nuh- uh.

anyway, I think it was not exactly a retelling. For me it felt more like a sequel, if you know what I mean.

& probably won't re-read this book again. I prefer that my first emotions stay intact.
pre-read: (I was so happy...)
We have a new Uncle Rick's book this year too!
I was so sad Camp halfblood is over & we didn't have another book this year, but here We are!
thank you!
so excited!
Cover Reveal: June 3rd- beautiful!
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178 reviews401 followers
Want to read
June 3, 2021
update 6-4:

it's giving me the cover of PJO: the lightning thief vibes! aaaaaahhhh

you see, i'm a simple human being. i see a new book by uncle rick, i automatically add it to my to-read and anticipated lists.

can't wait for this aaaaahh!!!
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127 reviews390 followers
Shelved as 'on-hold'
October 5, 2021
Updated October 5th


Updated October 3rd


ooooooh!, the cover's out!, It's pretty!
It's ocean-ish (kinda sound have expected it from the title) And the people on the cover seem cool!

Also the plot sound awesome, can't wait to read it! :)) Yay!

This is one of my most anticipated read, for this year!
ahhhhhh!, I really need to read this soon!
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236 reviews55 followers
March 19, 2022
I'm... I'm actually kinda sad I didn't enjoy this book as much as his other ones
Rick Riordan: *writes a book*
Me, 0.1 seconds later: *smashes 'Want to read' button*
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619 reviews811 followers
Want to read
October 28, 2021
I've always heard good things about Rick Riordan's books, especially about 'Percy Jackson' series. But since I watched PJ movies first (and didn't like them very much, mostly the second) that made me not want to read the books, although I lowkey wanted to read at least one book by him.
The fact this book is his most recent and that it's a stand-alone is the perfect opportunity for me to give it a try.
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195 reviews24 followers
Want to read
January 11, 2022
I guess I'll get around to reading this eventually. I've heard some negative things, and I'm really scared that if I read it, I won't like it. So I'm doing my childhood a favor and putting this off for as long as possible.

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Author 29 books5,609 followers
February 8, 2022
This is everything I wanted 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea to be!

I love that Riordan admits that the Verne classic can be kind of a slog. I grew up on the old Disney movie, I loved it. I read the book as an adult and was like, Hmmm, I thought this would be a little more fast-paced. (I do plan on trying it again.)

But then there's THIS, which took everything great about that book, and put it in an excellent modern framing. I shan't say anything more in depth about the plot or the premise, but they're very, very good. I really loved Ana and all her crew, especially Ester and Top. I also loved that there was a character who was Mormon, but he was just a guy who belonged to my same church! And he wasn't a technophobe, or a polygamist, which seems to be (weirdly) the two ways that we're portrayed in books! Woot! Thanks, Rick!

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205 reviews83 followers
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June 3, 2021
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607 reviews346 followers
December 15, 2021
finished reading 12/12/2021
without a doubt, i really enjoyed reading daughter of the deep. even with the fast pacing, i had no problems connecting with both the characters and the story almost immediately. i also loved how incredibly nerdy this whole book is. all the science, tech, and marine biology talk fascinated me (yes including all the made-up stuff) and reminded me why i did not entirely hate all my inverts and ecology courses in college. this is the kind of book that will make you go "oh maybe science is cool!" and i think that's something that middle-grade readers would love (and maybe also biology majors like me idk we don't wanna talk about that).

oh boy i am rambling. long story short, i liked this book a lot. i only have beef with the audiobook background music/sfx because it really did nothing but spike up my stress levels. pls let us not normalize that in this industry i am begging.

pick this up if you're looking for a fast-paced read that will keep you engaged from the first page until the last!

for the first time in a long time (or like, ever), i am reading a rick riordan book that isn't set in the pjoverse. let's see how this will turn out.

➸ buddy read with may!!
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27 reviews3 followers
November 2, 2021
An oceanic school adventure featuring an alt-tech submarine with AI consciousness and an orangutan obsessed with The Great British Bakeoff? This book was a LOT of fun.

(Also he's the first male author I've read to normalise women's menstrual cycles in young fiction absolute SNAPS to Rick Riordan)
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160 reviews37 followers
February 14, 2022
2.5 stars
this did not feel like a Rick Riordan novel, and I was honestly bored most of the time
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Author 4 books637 followers
May 22, 2022
Rick Riordan’s stand alone novel Daughter of the Deep (DOTD) was nothing short of the hype and praise it received upon release. I found myself so enthralled by this world that I’ve added the books that inspired the story – Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and Mysterious Island – to my reading list.

Bar two minor issues I had with the book – which I’ll get to further down, it was a great novel! In typical Rick Riordan fashion, Riordan was able to re-imagine the stories in which this is based with a modern twist, bringing the original 19th century book into the 21st century.

The story centres on the last descendant of Captain Nemo’s (Ana Dakkar’s) discovery of the Nautilus as she attempts to safeguard it from those who would use its tech for their own selfish wants.

The book pays respect to Verne’s original futuristic concept – which at the time was unheard of and set the tone for the development of underwater exploration in the years to come. Riordan does this by having Captain Nemo’s tech maintain its advanced status in his modern iteration of the story.

The recurring theme of inclusiveness in Riordan’s books plays its part in DOTD through an array of characters hailing from different cultures – which makes sense given how globalised and multi cultured the world has become. Furthermore he dives into the inner workings of his 14 year old female protagonist, dealing with themes beyond the basic we see in most female protagonists – yes he deals with period pain, which is a very real issue for women both young and old.

The plot itself is quite strong and will keep you wanting to stay up ‘five more minutes’ to read the next chapter, especially in the latter end of the book where the plot twists and battles live.

Riordan showcases his writing ability in turning the Nautilus into an a.i. character. He brings the supposedly inanimate vessel to the life through original means, turning the ship into the 19th crew member. And in typical Riordan fashion he does this with a comedic flourish. Additionally he somehow makes a cooking orangatun a believable character, yes you read that correctly, he writes so well that I wasn’t even phased by the idea of an orangatun being the crew’s chef.

I only really had two very minor problems with the book and when I think about it, it’s just one extended point. I found the start to be slow (the the rest of the book is enjoyably fast paced however). I felt like there was too much ‘I’ and ‘my’ internal monologue in the opening chapters, making it a clunky read. But don’t let that dissuade you as the book does ease out of the ‘clunkiness’ when plot progresses.

This novel really cements Riordan’s place as one of the top Young Adult author’s in the world in recent years. It shows his versatility as he is more than just a mythology story teller. It’s a gripping tale that makes you an honorary member of the Nautilus crew suspending you in periods of fear, shock, laughter and excitement. If you haven’t already read it i recommend you head to your local book store, or as I did go online and grab a copy of the eBook.
Profile Image for oscar wilde’s bitch.
59 reviews9 followers
October 17, 2021
i feel like i had a too high expectations for this … i’ve never given a rick riordan book such a low rating and it hurts my soul a little bit to do so
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253 reviews64 followers
February 7, 2023
On behalf of the whole Nautilus crew, we’d like to extend our sincerest gratitude to:

* Socrates, the best dolphin
* Jupiter, the best Orangutan who’d make Mary Berry proud because of his baking skills
* Romeo, a lovesick octopus who loves to be electrified
* Nautilus, which is the most amazing sub ever
* Lastly, Pilot Bug and its shiny emerald insect friends


I absolutely adored this new world that Rick built. I have to admit, I’ve never read Jules Verne’s 20000 leagues under the sea before so I was a bit skeptical about reading this but it was easy to get the gist of the story. This might be Uncle Rick’s new book but it doesn’t shy away from the humor the his books have. I swear, I’m cackling because of the unexpected things 😂 It felt like I’m taken back to Argo II because it had the same vibe.

The plot is interesting enough to keep me engaged while also enjoying their journey. RR has this way of telling his tales witty enough that even if they are in danger, it doesn’t feel like it? I swear, we can definitely learn a lot of things from these bunch of 14 year olds😂

Will do a full review this week maybe?
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245 reviews30 followers
Want to read
February 25, 2021
Am I really interested in the plot of this book? No.
Will I still read it because of all the research Rick Riordan did to write it? Yes.
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384 reviews48 followers
March 7, 2022
I thought it would be something quite similar to PJ books, or something matured but my guess wasn't good enough.

3stars for a start, maybe it will be a much greater adventure.
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123 reviews63 followers
May 6, 2022
this was fun! the end felt a bit rushed to me but that might only be because i found that the first half took longer than i expected to get into
Profile Image for Literatura  Niepoważna.
185 reviews742 followers
November 29, 2022
Nie sądziłam, że można trafić na książkę aż tak bardzo "nie moją". Kompletnie mi się nie podobało, wymęczyła mni i dobrze, że już koniec. Nie ukrywam, fanom morskich głębin może spodobać się o wiele bardziej.
Jednak zostaję przy Ricku piszącym motywy mitologiczne, bo tutaj zero poczucia humoru, bohaterowie absolutnie bezbarwni i wszystko jakieś takie meh.
Zostawiam dodatkową gwiazdkę za delfina Sokratesa.
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