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The Celestial Serenade #1

The End of All Things

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Gaia can't forget the day the dragon descended over her city, laying waste to everything it saw. Humanity flees in terror of the alien weapon, but it traces their every movement, seemingly drawn by their technology to each of their gathering places. With every nation on Earth affected by the attack, the survivors must find some way to unite if they're going to reclaim their home. Gaia might have identified the seed of hope humanity needs. There's just one problem - it's buried beneath the precarious pile of rubble formed by the dragon's first attack. Alrayia dreams of the end of her world. While everyone celebrates the long awaited homecoming of Kantis, the Caltaran Empire's greatest warrior, Alrayia convinces her husband, a member of the High Council, to build spaceships that might keep her nightmares from becoming reality. She alone sees the Caltaran Empire teetering on a knife's edge in the endless war against their bitter rivals, the Ruvalli. If the Ruvalli should gain the advantage - or if Kantis should fall - Alrayia's world could well unravel. In her dreams, the final blow is delivered by a mechanical dragon of immense strength. Can the dragon be defeated? Which civilizations will rise in the wake of its destruction - and which will fall?

252 pages, Paperback

Published February 14, 2021

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Megan Cutler

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52 reviews
July 1, 2021
I purchased this book in both digital and physical editions because I love it so much! If you're into space opera, sci-fi, and epic stories of survival and love, this book is for you. We start out with Gaia, witnessing the destruction of her home at the hands (claws?) of a futuristic weapon in the shape of a dragon. She and all she knows and loves must learn to survive in the wake of the dragon's descent. Who sent this weapon and why?

In another place Alrayia dreams of the destruction of her home. Her world is so different, and yet the dragon's shadow may yet loom over it as well. What do these two places have in common? And, perhaps more importantly, what do these two women? Fate, it seems, has tied them together with a thread that none can yet see. And their only answers may lie in the very place it seems impossible to reach: the stars.

This is the first book in a series, feeling like it's own story while also setting up for an even more epic continuation to follow. I appreciate the well written women in this book, and that it features prominent LGBT characters. The worldbuilding is thoughtful and epic, leaving the reader wanting more. It's clear a great deal of care was put into writing this book, forming the world, and weaving the story of these characters. Pick it up and you won't be dissappointed.
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September 20, 2021
Completely engrossing! Warning, it's a trilogy with the 3rd book expected in October 2021. If you enjoy sci Fi you will really enjoy this book and it's 2nd book. The writer gives you aspects from different characters across different timelines that will be brought together. That as close to a spoiler as I will get. The story is about not only the depth love has on some characters but also the depth that war and survival has. I will say you have to read both books but they are so worth the time! Gaia, Anten and Salis and three of the main characters, imo, and you can't help but feel for them, root for them and more.
Displaying 1 - 3 of 3 reviews

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