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Just Haven't Met You Yet

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From the New York Times bestselling author of This Time Next Year comes a heartwarming and hilarious tale that asks: What if you pick up the wrong suitcase in an airport, only to fall head over heels for its unseen owner?

Laura's business trip to the Channel Islands isn't exactly off to a great start. After unceremoniously dumping everything in her bag in front of the most attractive man she's ever seen in real life, she arrives at her hotel only to realize she's grabbed the wrong suitcase from the airport. Her only consolation? The irresistibly appealing contents of the case: a copy of her favorite book; piano music; and a rugged, heavy knit fisherman sweater only a Ryan Gosling lookalike could pull off. The owner of this suitcase is Laura's dream man--she's sure of it. Now, all she has to do is find him.

The mix-up seems written in the stars. After all, what are the odds that she'd find The One on the same remote island where her mom and dad had first fallen in love, especially as she sets out to write an article about their epic romance? Commissioning surly cab driver Ted to ferry her around seems like her best bet in both tracking down the mystery suitcase owner and retracing her parents' footsteps. And if beneath Ted's gruffness lies a wit that makes their cab rides strangely entertaining, so much the better. But as Laura's long-lost luggage soulmate proves difficult to find--and as she realizes that the love story she's held on a pedestal all her life might not have been that perfect--she'll have to rethink her whole outlook on love to discover what she really wants.

371 pages, Paperback

First published September 1, 2021

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About the author

Sophie Cousens

7 books1,892 followers
Sophie Cousens has worked in television for twelve years. She attributes surviving this long to always knowing where the Post-it notes are kept, and her ability to carry six coffee cups at once. This is her first novel.

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November 17, 2021
Anyone who’s read or watched enough rom-coms knows exactly how most of them will go: there’s a meet-cute, growing feelings, an adorable montage of blissful happy moments, followed by something that threatens to tear them apart, a reconciliation, and - of course - a happily ever after. That’s the drill pretty much EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. That’s why I love them! As someone who reads a lot of thrillers and suspense novels, it’s nice to read something with NO suspense at all sometimes. This book is charmingly self-aware of its rom-com tropes which only adds to the humor and charm.

Twenty-nine-year-old Laura Le Quesne, journalist and host of Love Life - a showcase for meet-cute stories that make audiences swoon - is having her own love life crisis. She wants the kind of epic love story her late parents had, according to the stories her mother used to tell her about her father, who died when she was very young. When a work opportunity arises to travel to Jersey, in the UK’s Channel Islands, to retrace the sites of their love story as a feature for Love Life, she’s unprepared for all the surprises this trip will have in store for her, including not one … but TWO potential loves.

Does she want the perfect story … or the perfect man for her? Are they one in the same?

This story is sweet, funny, touching, oozing charm, pretty dang HOT (I’m not blushing, it’s just warm in here), full of wonderful, likable characters, and has a surprising amount of emotional depth and insight about love, loss and the tendency of people to put their hopes in things that may or may not always be as real as they think. I really liked Laura and her journey of self-discovery. Her two distinctly different potential loves - you’ll love her nicknames for them - were delightful as well. I encourage you to take a literary trip to this beautiful island setting and its slower pace of life and see if you don’t love it, and these characters, as much as I did.

Sophie Cousens … thank you for brightening my week. I needed it!

★★★★ ½

Thanks to Penguin Group Putnam, NetGalley and author Sophie Cousens for this ARC in exchange for my honest opinions. It’s now available.
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February 13, 2023
Whoa! My extremely caffeinated and hyper activated brain cells finally found its match made in literature! This book is sweet, tender, sentimental, easy to fall for!

The characters are adorable! The plot is creative and story is strong, moving, capturing! You feel too much and you carry your mixed feelings throughout your reading journey: you laugh at light hearted humor, you easily connect with Laura’s journey, self discovery and keep your fingers crossed to find her soulmate sooner.

The beginning of the story is already hooked me up: a journalist goes to business trip ( nope, not that part, let’s start again): Laura is a journalist flies to Channel Islands where her parents met and fell in love. ( still a business trip but she’s going to write an epic romance article at the exact place where her parents have found each other! I wish I had the same job)

But at the airport: she finds out she accidentally took a stranger’s suitcase and she seems like having a huge crush to the owner of the suitcase because of the contents he carries!

Well, you may know a man from he treats his mom by looking at his gift choice, his music and book taste and seize of his sweater (if he wears same size with Crazy. Stupid. Love’s Ryan Gosling, you may understand he’s the one!)That guy thicks all the boxes of ideal book boyfriend and it meant to be to find the one when you visited the exact same place where your parents have found each other, right?

The history of the island, the inhabitants, the stories they’ve piled up were adorable. I kept laughing and dabbing my eyes at the same time during my reading journey.

It starts like women’s fiction and romcom, then it takes a turn to present us coming of age story!
I’m so touched, feeling extra light hearted! This book is lovely and truly warmed my heart!
Definitely great escape if you’re looking for feel-good fiction about grief, regrets, second chances, happiness!

I truly devoured it in five hours. ( actually I secretly read some parts at my business meeting. When you nod and say “hmm “ at the right times, no one realizes you’re not listening)

Special thanks to NetGalley and PENGUIN GROUP PUTNAM/ G. P. Putnam’s Sons for sharing this digital reviewer copy with me in exchange my honest thoughts.
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1,913 reviews1,443 followers
September 1, 2021
Journalist for ‘Love Life’ magazine Laura La Quesne writes the popular ‘How did you meet?’ column. She is seeking her own life altering Hollywood style love and witnessing the happy ever after stories she writes about is tough. Her friend Vanya advises her to keep the faith and ‘you just haven’t met him yet’. Her boss Suki sends her to Jersey (Channel Isles) in order to write her parents love story, her deceased father Alex having been a Jersey resident. Will she meet her soulmate? You’ll have to read it to find out! Laura tells her story, interspersed with extracts from her parents letters and snippets from ‘Tiger Woman’ by Bee Bee Graceful.

This is an enjoyable, light, fun, sweet, a bit cheesy in a good way, summer beach read novel. It’s not just about finding the man who makes your heart race or swoon if you’re a swoony type but it’s also about learning about who you are, what is actually important and what makes you tick. It’s peppered with good humour some of which makes you laugh out loud and there’s a dash of sadness and some lies which are told for the best of reasons. The characters are good, there’s a good variety from Suki who is something else, to lovely Ted the taxi driver and his adorable father Gerry. Laura is an excellent central protagonist, she’s joyful at times, funny, gets herself into a few scrapes which makes her very relatable and likeable. She finds that men are like buses, none, the two come along and the unravelling of that one is fun as she discovers which one gives her the Kablammo moment. One of the biggest stars of the show has to the the beautiful island of Jersey. The setting is as gorgeous as one of its famous sons in Henry Cavill and yes, he’s mentioned several times and the places on the island are used very effectively in the storytelling - Jersey tourist board take note!!

Overall, this is a lively, engaging and compelling read as Laura seeks her Hotty McFace! If you like Phil Collins you’re a shoe in with this one (!) and if you like a lovely setting then, ditto. If you like a cringe or three at times, a bit of a chuckle with a dash or several of romance then this will fit the bill!

With thanks to NetGalley and Penguin Random House, Cornerstone, Arrow for the much appreciated arc in return for an honest review.
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372 reviews65 followers
September 7, 2021
Super cute Rom-Com! I thoroughly enjoyed laughing emotionally over this uplifting slow-burn. If you want an end of the summer beach read, this is definitely one to add. I devoured this book in one day and it was a much lighter read than what I normally read. I loved these characters!!

Laura is headed to Channel Island on a business trip to cover a story on her parents love story and how they met on this same island. On her flight, she met the most handsome man she had ever met. When she picked up her suitcase, she realized it isn't hers, but hoping it is the dreamy man's. When she opens the suitcase, it contains things they have in common: One of her favorite books, piano music, and a fisherman's bulky sweater.

Her cab driver, Ted, makes the story with his dry humor and helpfulness. He is her tour guide while she secretly hunts for this mysterious man. The story radiates each person's vibrance and happiness, although the message is how hard life can be and how you overcome adversity. There were emotional parts when she reevaluates what she is looking for in love and finds unexpectedly info about her parents' lives.

Looking for Mr. Right while gaining a love for the island and endurance for her parents' past after her father has died is sure to touch your heart.

Thanks NetGalley for this ARC in exchange for my honest opinion and review!
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411 reviews68 followers
January 15, 2023
I really enjoyed this story. I loved Laura's journey in her quest to find the owner of the suitcase she accidentally picked up. The characters are charming, and the setting in the Channel Islands is just perfect.

Full review at LucyKnowsThings.com.
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1,421 reviews538 followers
December 12, 2021
Alternated between enjoying and shaking my head. But I liked the characters more than in most rom coms.
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104 reviews
June 14, 2022
such a cute fun rom com read. definitely loved all the tension a small jokes and just everything
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2,901 reviews1,510 followers
March 25, 2022
I'm bailing at two-thirds for reasons that will likely make me an outlier for this story. A lot of my issues crop up just before this point, so I'm spoiler-tagging the entire review.

Most of my discontent is that Laura exasperates me. She has this persistent pie-in-the-sky notion of love based on the stories her mother tells of her parents. There's just no way that the parental relationship was as ideal as Laura believes it to be, but her father died before she really got to know him, so she is left with only her mother as a source—who is also dead and therefore out of the reader's reach as well. So I've been uncomfortable with Laura's central motivation from the beginning because it's a shaky foundation and yet the entire story rests on it.

And it isn't helping that I fell for Ted right from the start. He's an outstanding guy, just coming back to a sense of himself after an emotional setback, but in a way that makes him patient and kind and forgiving in some really attractive ways. So after their initial criticisms, they're able to share heartfelt apologies and I loved seeing them connect over Laura's exploration of the island. And since you can clearly see them falling for each other I was absolutely all-in.

And then Laura meets her suitcase guy and it's bold of Cousens to make him not a villain. Indeed, he is very nearly as perfect as Laura imagined, with just enough discord to make it believable. And Cousens pulls this off beautifully. And I hate it so very much.

You see, by this time, I'm all-in for Ted. So Laura dating Jasper feels like cheating. It isn't, quite. I mean, if Laura were in tune with her emotional state it might be because she has fallen for Ted even if she can't see it. And Ted is mature and understanding, even as you can kind of see his heart breaking watching Laura figure herself out.

It's just. I dunno, I don't want to wait for Laura to figure it out. And I don't want to like Jasper. And not being fully engaged with Laura means that some of her hijinks (seriously, the whole hiding while old people have sex was a cascade fail of bad choices that made no sense) felt manufactured and silly. And that includes her whole job that has her in Jersey in the first place.

Sigh. I'm going to give this two stars, the second for the craft and characterization and making the whole thing work. But I acknowledge that it is so low for personal reasons and that a lot of people are going to love it way more than I do.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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3,256 reviews488 followers
January 6, 2023
Our histories, the stories we've been told, are like static snow globes--we know the patterns of settles snow made by the past. A revelation like this . . . it's like someone shaking the globe, burying me in a snowstorm. And I know, when everything settles, nothing will look the same as it did before, and I will never be able to get back the familiar patterns in the snow.

Yet another Romcom from Sophie Cousens that is not so predictable. Quotes like the one above add some serious notes to a story that also is just plain fun to read. I loved the Jersey Island setting and the pending meet-cute with the suitcase switch. Because Cousens explores other themes as well, you know there will be much more to digest than the identity of the person who picked up Laura's suitcase and Laura's quest for KABLAMMO! There are a number of fabulous supporting characters like Suki, her boss, and Gerry, the father of Beardy McCastaway aka Ted the cabdriver. And Jasper is adorbs -- like a human golden retriever. This one had a bit to much steamage for me, so it was a four-star read. I am firmly in the Sophie Cousens fan club, though. It's a hat trick now that I have loved a third title from her pen.
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359 reviews116 followers
November 17, 2022
'Just Haven't Met You Yet,' was fun! I'd recommend it over and over to fans of sweet-light weight books.

Laura is the host of a meet-cute show. She pitches an idea of telling her mother's love story and unlocking the mystery of a certain coin she's held on to for years.

She goes to the Channel Islands, and when she gets to the hotel she realizes she has the wrong bag. When she opens the it, she realizes the contents align with the man of her dreams. Now, all she has to do is track him down.

When the cab driver that picked her up from the airport, Ted, ends up being her driver on her mission to find the "one" she uncovers more than she anticipated. What really is love, and what is it that she really wants?

I Just Haven't Met You Yet is fun-filled drama, romance, and humor, knitted together in the perfect backdrop. It was exactly the type of fast-paced humor and wit that I have grown to enjoy by author Sophia Cousens.

We escape along with Laura, on her quest to find the meaning of love, and learn what her own journey is...just an overall sweet story. It almost felt like I took the vacation with Laura.

I enjoyed the characters and their development. I hope to read more great books by Cousens in the future. I love how she doesn't always create the perfect ending or story. There is always a surprising dilemma that needs to be resolved.

Overall, a fun read.

4/5 stars
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421 reviews63 followers
July 25, 2022
Such a beautifully written story. The character development throughout this story was truly impeccable! Absolutely loved the author's writing style. The story truly flowed effortlessly and sucked me in. Felt like watching a romantic comedy movie the entire time I read. Loved the quirky, funny bits. Also, this book had quite a few tear jerking moments. Beautiful ending!
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703 reviews3,279 followers
December 22, 2021
"Show me a person who doesn't like hedgehogs, and I will show you a psychopath. Lock them all up, I would."

buddy read with hedgehog squisher

today i will tell you whether love is dead.

but first a word from our sponsor.

what, you may ask, makes me qualified to decide whether love is dead or not.
well, first of all, this is my world and you all are just living in it.
and secondly, i have read 35 (straight) romances this year (yes, i track my own data, like some kind of very-first-party cookie). a number that thankfully isn't as high as i thought it would be, which may also stem from the fact that my genre decision making process was more or less arbitrary. one of the genres on my list is "Gay Longing (Painful)" and no, A Little Life is not in that category because, while it is painful, there is no longing, therefore it's a contemporary, i am not taking questions, go away.

you might wonder why my introduction to this review is so goddamn long and are probably desperately begging me to get to the point. and the reason for that is that i have finished this book yesterday and remember nothing about it because by this point in my life i might as well be brain dead.

what is love? baby don't hurt me. and is it dead? like i am on the inside.

two very intriguing philosophical questions and i will go ahead and answer them both in this very thoughtful and intricate review, that i am totally not making up on the spot.

love. a very small word for a very big feeling.
many authors throughout the many many years of our pitiful human existence have tried to describe love. and many of them have failed.
thankfully, i am here to save them all from embarrassing themselves further and will now tell you exactly what love is.

love . A feeling or disposition of deep affection or fondness for someone, typically arising from a recognition of attractive qualities, from natural affinity, or from sympathy and manifesting itself in concern for the other's welfare and pleasure in his or her presence (Oxford Dictionary)

you are welcome.

now that we know what love is, that brings us to our next question: is love dead?

now to answer this one we have to take a deep dive into this very book that i am currently reviewing.
this book is about Laura who is obsessed with having a very romantic meet-cute to the point where she has made it her entire personality. one fateful day she accidentally takes the wrong suitcase home from the airport and is CONVINCED that the man this suitcase belongs to is her soulmate.

now, i am lawfully required to tell you (greetings to my wonderful buddy read partner at this point of the review, who was amazing as always and whom i love very much. how was your day btw? i know you are reading this, don't pretend you don't) that Laura is a bitch, so we will not spend another second on her and instead move on to more important people.

Ted, the love of my life, was the cab driver who drove Laura around the island where she was staying (i have no idea where that was, i didn't take geography classes in highschool because geography is boring and i am too cool to listen to boring shit; i don't even know where Germany is - somewhere near Australia (disclaimer: my lawyer told me i had to make clear that i am joking here because some of you will definitely not get that and i will receive hate comments from angry germans. jokes on you, i am also an angry german and i WILL yell at you if you come for me).

Ted was wonderful and way too good for anyone in this book. he should have ended up with me.
but he hasn't. which brings us back to our original second question: yes, love is dead.

i hope this review helped you in these trying times.

(for those who ACTUALLY care: the book was okay. no-one liked Laura. me and alka fought over Ted. it had a few funny moments but overall is was just meh. there wasn't anything really spectacular or groundbreaking happening. the chemistry between everyone involved was barely there and i will definitely never think about this book again. yes, not even Ted, even though he was kinda cute and i liked him. it was a fast read (or maybe it was just me and my 3x speed audiobook) and i had fun but it didn't affect my life in any way, shape or form. 3 stars).
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171 reviews146 followers
February 27, 2022
4.5 stars

An entertaining and sweet story that makes you laugh and smile.

Laura is a journalist for a website focused on love stories. She is a hopeless romantic, who is still in search of her Prince Charming. Laura travels from London to the Channel Island of Jersey to write a piece on her deceased parents’ epic love story of where they met.

Laura accidentally picks up the wrong luggage. At first she is angry but soon realizes that this luggage contains intriguing items that lead her to believe the owner might be her Mr. Right. She also encounters one of Jersey’s taxi drivers, Ted, who is friendly and easy to be around. Ted offers to help Laura with her story by showing her around the island.

As Laura explores the island and talks to her grandparents and great aunt, she learns that maybe her parents’ love story wasn’t as perfect as it was made out to be. With this new knowledge, Laura is unsure of the story’s direction, and her strict boss begins to take charge.

When Laura finally meets the luggage owner, he is quirky but seemingly perfect for her. However, she can’t she stop thinking about the rugged taxi driver with the complicated romantic past.

The book touches on destiny verses choice in relationships as well as following your intuition. The characters are humorous, down to earth, and charming. They are relatable and evolve throughout the novel. Laura learns to stand up for herself and prioritize her happiness. She realizes that maybe there isn’t happily ever after, but happily ever now. The story had some great messages on appreciating the present, not making assumptions about others, finding your passion, and being open to second chances.

The novel was engaging and interesting with various threads that were tied together in the end. The author portrays the island in a vivid way that makes you feel like you are transported there. I liked how some of the island’s history and culture was included. The story was a bit predictable, but it had a cute ending with some fun twists. Overall, this was a enjoyable read with endearing characters, beautiful scenery, and nice life messages on family, career, and love.
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2,481 reviews29.4k followers
December 19, 2021
This was an ultra-quirky, sweet, slow-burn romance about finding your own love story.

Laura is a writer for a website (oops, don’t call it that), and she hosts a series of interviews with couples detailing how they met and fell in love. It’s only natural that this job would make her long for a love story of her own—one that takes her breath away. She hasn’t found that yet.

The challenge is that, for her, nothing measures up to her parents’ great love story. When she travels to the British island of Jersey to chronicle their story’s beginning, she has an embarrassing encounter with a handsome man in the airport, and then discovers upon her arrival that she grabbed the wrong suitcase.

Of course, she can’t help but look through the suitcase she took, and the more she sees, the more she’s convinced the owner of the suitcase is her dream man. She just needs to find him, and she enlists the help of Ted, the island’s grumpy cabdriver, to try and track him down while at the same time revisiting the places in her parents’ love story.

But as she uncovers family secrets and tries to track down suitcase man, she starts realizing that perhaps what she’s wanted all along may need some revising. What is the right love story for her?

This whole story took a lot of time coming together, but pieces really choked me up. Sometimes the quirkiness really irritated me, though—I’m so tired of the ridiculous boss character, and the accident-prone person—so I was a little grumpy at times, but overall this was sweet. (I can't help but wonder if Sophie Cousens worked out a deal with Michael Bublé, because I couldn't get his song of the same name out of my head while reading the book!)

See all of my reviews at itseithersadnessoreuphoria.blogspot.com.

Follow me on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/the.bookishworld.of.yrralh/.
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1,609 reviews142 followers
May 24, 2021
This was a sweet and sometimes surprisingly poignant story about a journalist yearning to meet ‘the one’, but using the yardstick of her parents own impossibly romantic story as her aim.

It was set in Jersey, a gorgeous place I’ve been lucky enough to holiday in. Plus I’ve recently been enjoying bingeing on Bergerac on BritBox - notably enjoying a youthful John Nettles - so I was very pleased to see the island brought to life here.

I enjoyed the humour and the banter but the romance let it down a bit for me. Laura meets one chap and is chasing after another, both men are good and hot and so I struggled to commit to a romance with either of them. Fortunately the romance isn’t the only story here, this is as much about Laura learning about herself and her family as the romance and I was actually just as interested in that.

It’s a sweet and undemanding read that would be good for the beach; it didn��t blow me away but it was absorbing and I enjoyed it.

Thanks to the publisher via netgalley for the arc.

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664 reviews253 followers
June 1, 2022
4.5 stars RTC! So darling!

“Some people bring out the parts of yourself you like the most, he says. I like the version of myself I am when I’m with you.”

Ok hello warm hug book….I see you!

This is what I like to call a quintessential “Lauren” book.
British location? Check. Gruff and sensitive love interest? Check. Humorous while also remaining heartfelt? Check? Emotional yet swoony? Double check.

This gave me mega “Leap Year” vibes and I was here for it.

Such a sweet story that hooked me from page one. I could not put this down. Laura is an optimist and an idealist about love…the perfect man is out there…she just hasn’t met him yet. What starts as a weekend trip to dive into her families history turns into a journey of self discovery and an education about what love really is all about.

This book just generally made me happy. Sophie is officially on my radar. If you love quaint settings, emotional vulnerability and new beginnings then pick this one up! And…Kablammmooo! You’ll thank me later.

*light strong language and mostly closed door romance but physical intimacy implied not detailed.
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627 reviews39 followers
November 8, 2021
Rating 4.5
“Just Haven’t Met You Yet” by Sophie Cousens was not what I expected at all and I mean that in the best possible way. I expected a cheesy over the top romantic comedy but that’s not what I got. Instead I got a cute, light hearted, emotional, and somewhat realistic story. Honestly, this story was refreshing and made me smile multiple times.

Laura is a hopeless romantic (like most of us) who is waiting for her meet cute moment so she can finally have that happily ever after just like her parents did. She grew up being told this heartwarming and extremely over the top story about how her parents met and now she expects and wants to find love the same way. I found this charming because every interaction Laura has she starts questioning whether or not this is that moment. No matter where she was or what she was doing she was always on the lookout. Some of these interactions made me laugh out loud. They were so ridiculous in a fun way. That’s why when she grabs the wrong suitcase she immediately thinks its fate and tries to search for the owner. At the same time she is also retracing her parents steps to uncover how they truly got together. On her journey to find her mystery man as well as the truth behind her parents Laura finds herself. I loved seeing how much Laura’s character changed throughout the story. She started out a little naive about love but then truly came to understand what it means to love and be loved by someone.

The author did a great job with pacing and the writing flowed nicely. Overall, this book kept my interest throughout and I definitely felt connected to Laura and had to see how it all played out for her. She is actually what made me enjoy this story, not necessarily the romance. The romance was a nice slow burn but I felt like the main character’s journey overshadowed it. To me, this was perfectly fine; however, I can see how some readers would be upset.

*Received an advanced copy through NetGalley in return for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. *
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694 reviews176 followers
December 6, 2021
Have to admit, I wouldn't have picked it if not for the cover. Another one goes to the marketing! The novel... It was okay.

Things I liked:

⚫ Laura's job. She's a journalist that takes cute interviews about a couple's relationship.

⚫ The starting of the novel. It was strong.

Things I didn't like:

⚫ The book is not a Romcom, it's a romance. The situations were not much funny.

I don't think it's a perfect fit for you. I am not huge fan myself and thus,

⚫ The cover does feel a little deceiving. Even if you are not a common romance reader, you can guess who's going to choose who.
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479 reviews200 followers
April 19, 2022
I like the version of myself I am when I'm with you

Somehow the quote above sounds grammatically wrong but I've triple checked, that was how it was written in the book.

I wanted to give this book a higher rating but it fell flat nearer to the end.

In all, had potential from the start but could have been better.
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59 reviews68.1k followers
November 20, 2021
Loved the ending! The middle parts were too slow for me and this definitely feels like a bit of a generation higher than what I usually read
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249 reviews52 followers
December 3, 2021
Many of my three-star contemporary romance reads this year have scraped their way up from a two, but this book just missed out on being a four.

Because I've read a book before, I realized very, very quickly (i.e. from the summary) that this story had a Decoy Love Interest and an Actual Love Interest. And because I've read Sophie Cousens and similar authors before, I was also prepared for this book to be a classic British romcom (i.e. lean toward women's fiction). But even with my expectations firmly in check, I can't help but wish there had been more page time dedicated to Laura connecting with her Actual Love Interest. I'm fine with women's fiction-leaning romances that give equal page time to the heroine's emotional journey and growth, but the romantic content was spread a bit thin between the two Happily Ever After options (especially given the compressed time frame of the novel).

Otherwise, I did end up having overall positive feelings about this. When it focused on Actual Love Interest and Laura exploring Jersey and her family history, I was engaged with the story. Even considering my issues with the book's focus, I didn't find myself counting down the pages left in each chapter—which, given some of my reads this year, was a pleasant experience! It was cute and breezy, with a lovely sense of place.
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130 reviews35 followers
December 2, 2022
Reread, on audio this time. Still love it! ❤️

I absolutely adored this book!!!

I am also finding it incredibly hard to write this review without giving anything abut the book away. It also holds my new favorite book quote! (Will share highlights/notes on Goodreads so it is not a spoiler.)

Typically a book can take anywhere from a few days to a week for me to read because I only get to read once work is done and the kids are in bed… whelp, that did not stop me from reading this book in two evenings. Ok, two evenings is a bit of a misleading statement. Moore like wee hours of the morning! I enjoyed this book so much that I simply could not put it down and was up till 3am the first night reading.

Does it have a few “romance book clichés” that make me a little crazy, yes. HOWEVER, it in no way took away from this story. It is nothing like what you may be expecting and I loved it for that. Sometimes fate can deal us a hand when we aren’t even paying attention and I feel like this book does a brilliant job of showing that.
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751 reviews326 followers
December 15, 2021
Oh my. This story has been living in my head since finishing.

"You are spectacular. You have woken me up, and I never want to sleep again."

Hopeless romantic Laura showcases the stories of charming meet-cutes for a lifestyle website. Tasked with travelling to Jersey to gain information of her own parents' miraculous love story, an accidental suitcase swap leads her on a mission to search for the mystery man of her dreams.

And let's say, her journey takes a sweet detour. This is a difficult book to review. The romance was unexpected and achingly heartwarming. It's best to go in knowing little! The setting within the Channel Islands was absolutely wonderful. And while this story spans across only a single weekend, it flowed in such a realistic way.

As Laura unravels the past of her late parents, there's also a slight mystery element to her discoveries too, which I loved. And I can't forget the humour! I truly laughed out loud a few times. This is definitely a new favourite for me.
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November 25, 2021
I have no illusions about happily ever afters – I know life will bring its challenges and nothing is forever – but I hope we might be happy today, and for as many todays as we are lucky enough to have.

Just Haven't Met You Yet is a super-cute rom-com which is light-hearted with right amount of humor and emotions.

Journalist Laura Le Quesne of the 'Love Life' magazine writes 'How did you meet?' column. While is writing about all those people's love lives, her own 'Hollywood Style' love story is nowhere to be found. When a work opportunity sends her to Jersey to trace back her parents' steps and write their love story, she thinks she could find her own soulmate in Jersey like her parents had found each other. And when she finds a wrong luggage and the contents of the bag make her believe that the person whose this bag is could be her soulmate, she tries to find him. For her trip she employs the help of the bearded cab-driver Ted. The drama then ensues brings out secrets about her parents, makes her question everything and meanwhile her quest to find out her own soulmate brings to crossroads where...

‘Well, one is perfect for me; we’ve got everything in common, and he seems to like me too—’
‘And the other?’ asks Monica.
I pause for a moment before answering.
‘The other one is more complicated, less suitable, and I don’t know if he likes me or not.’
‘But I can’t stop thinking about him.’

Laura and Ted, both were quite amazing characters. Laura the free-spirited one and Ted the silent one to match and balance each other. I loved all those instances were Ted laughed without any restrictions-all thanks to Laura. All those 'Tiger Woman' references by an author Bee Bee Crazy were exhilarating - often made me laugh out loud. Also all those secondary characters were adding too much to story. Also, the small-town touches were perfect! I also loved the concept of 'story' brought trough the book.

But, on some personal level, I couldn't really connect with the story. Maybe that would be the hopeless romantic in me which failed to contemplate many aspects of the story. Also, I found some situations quite unnecessary.

Overall, this wasn't just a romance story, but also a journey where Laura learns about herself and her family. And definitely, a fun read.
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January 10, 2022
This was so cute! A bit predicable, but I still enjoyed reading it and seeing how the story unfolded. It wasn't anything too over the top so it was very believable. It was a fun romance to read and get lost in. I would definitely read more from this author.
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March 29, 2022
Just haven't met you yet is a lighthearted and sweet story. It's also surprisingly amusing, charming and thoughtful. I've read a lot of rom-coms over the years and I'm not easily charmed anymore, but this book really stands out.

Laura works as a journalist for a company called Love Life, where she interviews couples on how they met. When she travels to Jersey (UK) to conduct research for her show on the tale of how her parents met and fell in love, she has her own dream meet cute moment come to life: an accidental suitcase swap with a stranger happens at the airport and as soon as Laura notices the mistake, she is drawn to the stranger's personal belongings and based on what she found in there, believes she is meant to meet and fall in love with him.

But on the island, Laura befriends a cabdriver with plenty of knowledge about the area and together they travel around the places where her parents fell in love. Ted becomes Laura's sidekick as she delves further into her parents' past and she soon discovers that he's not as grumpy, old and shaggy as she believed him to be. Behind that scruffy, long beard hides an attractive man, one that she grows fonder of by the minute.

Throughout her journey, things don't go nearly as planned, but Laura ends up learning a whole lot about her family and even more about love.

Aside from the romance and humor, there is a lot in this novel that I enjoyed. To name a few things:
- Laura's support system is incredible. I loved her two friends and their beautiful friendship
- the setting of the island of Jersey was done so well, I could see it all vividly before my eyes
- and I loved who she chooses in the end, as well as the reasoning behind why she does it.

A heartwarming read, full of laughs.
Highly recommend.
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November 15, 2021
I get that the author was trying to do something different ... be original ... I guess Cousens wanted to focus less on the "romantic happily-ever-after" and more on reality. But come on!!! If I wanted reality, I'd read some boring ass non-fiction, maybe one of the many research papers I have to read for my college courses.

The romance between the MCs was lukewarm at best, non-existent at worst. We barely even see them together for most of the book, and when they finally get together for like a chapter, his ex-wife, THE MAJOR LOVE OF HIS LIFE dominates most of their time together. Then suddenly it's the epilogue??? Where was the romance in the ROMANCE novel? Literally all the side characters experienced more romance than the female MC.

To be realistic, as Cousens seemed so fond of doing, I read romance novels for the dream-like love stories, an all-consuming unattainable love, an escape from reality, not the bitch slap into reality that this book was.

I have to say though, Cousens is capable of prompting emotions with her writing, so I couldn't give her a 1 star.
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March 27, 2022
This has been one of my most anticipated books this year because I loved This Time Next Year. I was so excited to read this and let me tell you...it did not disappoint! Cousens is on auto-buy for me! Laura is just a sweet person with her head in the clouds and I loved the journey! Moments had me in tears laughing so hard! Feel good romantic comedy for the win!

Thank you St. Martins Press for my early copy!
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November 8, 2021
4.5 stars

I really loved the premise of Just Haven't Met You Yet and the idea that what we think we want often isn't what we end up needing. This story made me feel so much and Laura's journey was both heartfelt and hilariously relatable. The humor was balanced very well with the more serious topics of grief, loss, and the themes of memory and legacy. I especially loved Gerry and his wisdom and light. The book is also a wonderful love letter to Jersey and definitely made me want to visit one day. I really enjoyed learning about all the different traditions, foods, and locations around the island.

The story fell more into women's fiction for me, but there were also strong romantic elements (closed door) as well. I really enjoyed the thoughtful discussions about love and the ways it can both lift and hold us back. The love story that develops is sweet and tender, but it also isn't all rainbows and unicorns. It's raw and honest and hit me in all the feels. I'm generally not a fan of anything resembling a love triangle, but what unfolds between Laura, Ted, Belinda, and Jasper was messy and worked. I appreciated that Laura and Ted didn't always have all the answers, and that they stumbled and made mistakes. Their vulnerability made them more endearing and both of their character arcs were very fulfilling. The epilogue left me smiling and was just right for the story. I definitely look forward to reading more by Sophie Cousens in the future.

CW: death of parents, grief, divorce, spousal abandonment, dementia (secondary character), Parkinson's disease

*I voluntarily read an advance review copy of this book*
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