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Exodus #1

Exodus of the Phoenix

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Kindle Edition

First published July 9, 2010

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About the author

Robert Stadnik

12 books48 followers
Robert Stadnik is a science fiction writer, author of the Exodus science fiction starship adventure series and Exodus Universe companion novels.

Originally from Southern California, Robert has lived in Phoenix, Arizona for over twenty years. He's traveled extensively around the country, meeting people from all walks of life.

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Profile Image for Cheryl.
5 reviews1 follower
April 2, 2011
This was a first reads that I won. Overall I really enjoyed the book as it was a very engaging read. I honestly didn't want to stop reading it. The story line I felt was a little predictable at times but it worked well with the book, which I think helped to make the book even better. It takes a great writer to pull off something that is similarly done so often. And by similar I mean humans and deep space travel encountering aliens. The only thing that I didn't like about the book was the grammatical errors. I know I'm not the best editor in the world but I do feel like it takes something away from a book that has errors. But like I said I really enjoyed the book and will continue with the series.
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10 reviews1 follower
September 24, 2017
Started with a sample of this book series. Got my interest immediately. Read the book and had to get book two. Started right away....let you know later...
Profile Image for Marina (marinainw0nderland).
150 reviews21 followers
April 29, 2021
Thank you to books forward for sending me this for review!

When I had received the e-mail, the subject line intrigued me to check this book out. The subject line said "Features interstellar drag queen". I immediately was like "yes, I am intrigued."

However, as I read the book the whole time I was waiting for aliens and a drag queen. Due to this being the first book in the series there was no drag queen to my disappointment. At the end of the book I had to read the books forward e-mail again and I realized that the new character who is a drag queen comes in the new book. So, there is something to look forward too.

With that being said, let's discuss the book.

I had no idea what I was getting into, but this was a pleasant surprise. I enjoyed the main characters so much. The story has two main character John and Julie. I LOVED John. He was so funny. All the quotes that I marked with a pink sticky tab all had to do with him. His humor was so good. I almost felt like he was my best friend and we were making light of every situation. I think I liked him a lot because he would make remarks to lighten heavy moments and I was like yes, I would totally say that. There were moments that I even laughed out loud at his remarks. Julie was a serious character and I loved how John would poke her buttons. The writing was really enjoyable because you could feel what the characters were feeling. The annoyance that Julie displayed at John came alive off the page.

The story itself read like "guardians of the galaxy" mixed with "Star Trek" and a little bit of "X-men". I enjoyed learning about the mission that these cadets were assigned too. However, due to how short this book is, it felt that nothing eventful was happening for along time and then all of the sudden we were battling a intergalactic force and the battle was easily resolved.

While I enjoyed the banter between the character the story itself fell short for me. I felt like this was the beginning of what should have been a longer book. And while I know there are follow up books in the series, I felt this portion of the story was incomplete and I wanted more conflict. I found myself thinking that the story was often abrupt. The flow of the story had interruptions in certain places where character would come up that were barely introduced and I had no memory of.

The book left off on a cliff hanger, which is understandable as there are other books in the series. Overall, I really enjoyed the main characters and learning the political system of this story. But, I was disappointed with the lack of interaction with the alien species that the cadets were training to interact with majority of the book.
Profile Image for Charles Jr..
Author 6 books6 followers
August 15, 2022
A future-history timeline informs readers that in 2073, under a one-world government (after of a 2018 India-Pakistan nuclear war, an Earth expedition to Pluto met with tragic and shocking consequences, as the craft and followup sorties are destroyed without warning by a green, triangular UFO. A powerful, hostile, unknown ET civilization, dubbed the Screen, seems determined to keep humanity bottled up in the inner planets. Human space travel thus falls under the tight control of Tactical Earth Reconnaissance and Recovery Authority (TERRA), which mutates into a control-obsessed bureaucracy.

At TERRA's New York City training academy in 2142 [p.30], young John Roberts has been a brilliant but rebellious and rule-breaking student, with many enemies in the faculty. To his surprise, however, Roberts is suddenly inducted into the crew of a top-secret project 20 years in the making : The Exodus. The giant starship has advanced weaponry and protective force-fields, and can hold more than 5,000 people. Although the Exodus is classified by TERRA authorities as a purely experimental design, rogue elements in the admiralty defy the brass hats by making the vessel's maiden voyage a go-for-broke dash past Mars, potentially confronting both Earth's armada as well as taking the fight straight to the sinister Screen. And commanding the Exodus...is untested rookie John Roberts. As compelling as the setup is, author Stadnik mainly lays the groundwork here and too often has characters telling in advance what will happen, then going through the action-blueprint with nil variations (one exception: a supporting cast member stops taking meds and suddenly goes insane).

Another gambit that's mostly setup with minimal payoff in this outing has John Roberts forced to share command duties with his loathed "stupid bitch" academy roommate, Julie Olsen. Zero sexual tension between the pair distinguishes the relationship. In fact, the age of the protags and the libido-free approach lends the material a patina of YA sci-fi from a more innocent yesteryear's Golden Age sci fi.

Profile Image for Shanna (nighttimefables).
50 reviews13 followers
April 23, 2021

Exodus of the Phoenix is a sci-fi book set a couple hundred years in the future.
It centers mainly around two cadets, Julie and John, who end up partaking on a mission into space to fight against the alien race that is oppressing them, as well as explore the galaxy.

Some of the issues that I had with this book that prevented me from rating it higher, was that it tended to jump from person to person. Sometimes it made it obvious when the point of view would change, and other times it would change mid paragraph and then switch back again/to another character. The characters also fell a little flat for me.
Although I followed along pretty decently, it still was a little frustrating at times while reading.

My favorite character was X, a bot that seemed to have a mind of his own. He brought in a light heartedness to the book and he made me smile!

The book was quite slow to start, but eventually picked up about halfway through.
There were times that it felt like I was completely immersed in technology and on an actual ship listening to the commands giving out.
I am curious to see where there adventure leads and if they can continue to survive and fight against all odds.
The ending definitely left a slight cliffhanger that has me curious with so many new questions I need answered!
Profile Image for Jessica F.
128 reviews4 followers
July 6, 2021
Thank you to Books Forward Friends for the copy of Exodus of the Phoenix in exchange for an honest review.

Humanity has expanded to living on Luna and Mars after Earth went through a nuclear disaster. Each time a ship is sent past Mars to continue exploration it is destroyed by an alien race called the Screen.

Two military cadets, John and Julie, learn their careers aren't going anywhere after they graduate. Both are disappointed until they are offered the opportunity of a lifetime - commanding a new starship. The only catch is the starship is secret and not approved by the military. Taking the mission could finally allow humans to explore deep space, or end in sacrificing their lives when they meet the Screen.

I really enjoyed this book, even though they are very different from what I normally read (no romance). It isn't written from the POV of one or two characters but instead bounces around between many people with snippets of insight into what they are thinking. It felt like each book was a season to a TV show.
The plot was a little predictable at times but didn't take away from the reading experience. If you enjoy the show Stargate this would be a great series to check out!
Profile Image for Celia.
Author 7 books487 followers
April 26, 2021
Thank you Books Forward the arc and a chance to review this book.

EXODUS OF THE PHOENIX takes place over 100 years in the future and focuses on two soldiers who help the war effort eliminating an alien race. I loved the premise of this book A LOT, and I enjoyed the pacing and the writing.

But part of the reason for my low rating is that I did not feel connected to the characters. They were there, and they were doing things, but I did not root for them as much as I wanted to. The flatness of the characters created a distance between me and the story.

I also did not care for a large amount of telling throughout the story. The lack of tension had me putting the book down more than once.

John is a very unlikable character. When he turns around and calls Julie (I think it was Julie. if it isn't, I stand corrected) a "know-it-all bitch", yea I was done with him. He's rewarded for being a terrible person and is often noted as being "correct," all the time. This is not the type of protagonist I can stand by and that saddens me.

Overall, this was a great effort at a scifi story that could have used another round of edits to really make it shine.
Profile Image for Jennifer (Yoda) Bishop.
265 reviews7 followers
April 19, 2021
First I want to thank Books Forward Friends for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review!

This story is definitely a very interesting story, I haven't read any like it before. The author did a really good job at explaining everything where I could picture it. However, I felt like I didn't connect with the characters as much as I would have liked.

Don't get me wrong, he gave a good background to each character, but there just wasn't a good connection with who they are for me personally.

I liked the unique idea of space exploration he has in his book and definitely see how he set it up for a series. I didn't like, though, that a lot of things were just accepted as truth or ended a little too perfectly.

I would recommend this to any big sci-fi fans because it's definitely another decent story! However, not one of my top favorites. Also, there is a moderate amount of cursing.
102 reviews1 follower
April 27, 2021
I received this book for free from goodreads. The setting is a future version of earth, changed by nuclear war, but with parts of earth still habitable, along with settlements on the moon and Mars. Every attempt to move past Mars' orbit have resulted in immediate destruction of those ships by an unknown and uncommunicative alien race. After many failures, a law is passed making space travel past Mars illegal.
An experimental spaceship has been built, one only a few members of the military are aware of, besides those who work there. It's been used to test new technologies but has never left Earth, so many of its capabilities haven't been tried. Neither have John Roberts and Julie Olson the two cadets who have been recruited to be the commander and first officer. Their mission is to defeat the enemy and leave the solar system.
I really enjoyed this story. The characters are believable and full fledged. The story is exciting, full of suspension and action and space travel! Now all I need is the second book in the series, as I'm having difficulty finding it.
Profile Image for William Bentrim.
Author 66 books62 followers
May 16, 2021
Exodus of the Phoenix by Robert Stadnik
Earth has been confined to our solar system. An alien force has destroyed any ship trying to explore even our outer planets. Two mismatched cadets at the Terra Academy discover talent doesn’t always mean success. A rogue Admiral sees a different future for mankind. These diverse components combine for a tasty story.
Apparently, it is lunchtime as my metaphors are becoming food-centric. The author provides an entertaining conflict between John and Julie. Fire and water might be an apt description. My favorite character may be X. There is intrigue and espionage as well and courage and patriotism. The mystery of John’s background is intriguing as well as the touch upon AI development. The author leaves a wide variety of trails for future books.
I enjoyed the book and recommend it.
Profile Image for Stephanie.
73 reviews35 followers
March 13, 2021
I won this book through a goodreads giveaway! Just when you think you've read every post-apocalyptic far future humanity book, this story came and surprised me in all new and fun ways. I really like the characters and thier development. My only complaint is that I felt the book finally got started on the last page! I'll definitely be finding the next book and following the series.
Profile Image for Jackie.
840 reviews11 followers
April 14, 2021
I was pleasantly surprised by this book. Sometimes you pick up a sci-fi book that’s so space-y the story gets lost behind the technical details. But that was not the case here. This book focused on the human interaction first, with space as a backdrop for everyone’s motivations. I rather enjoyed this one.
203 reviews6 followers
December 2, 2021
Enjoyable sf

Harry Potter meets Star Trek? Military space academy. There is even an evil Professor Snape. And a He Who Shall Not Be Named. Hadn't quite realized that until I started typing. It was a fun read. Oh, and throw in some Star Wars, as we sort of have R2D2.
Profile Image for Sarah Anderson-Pagal .
126 reviews3 followers
March 4, 2021
Thank you to Books Forward for the gifted copy.

I really enjoyed this book. It did take a few chapters to get going, but once it did, it read very quickly.

It is a great sci-fi space story. I look forward.to the rest of the series!
April 21, 2021
"Exodus Of The Phoenix" is out of this world. This first book was a great introductory to this ongoing series. The story takes place in New York in 2142, 68 years after a TERRA spacecraft explosion. This ship was used to explore the earth's atmosphere and horizons. The mission was almost a success until a space enemy known as The Screen destroyed the ship. Since this tragic event, TERRA has built a school to train young cadets to later join the fleet. At this point of the story, I was introduced to my favorite character John Roberts.

I love John because he is intelligent and mischievous. He's not by the book like most cadets at the academy, he lives by his own rules. I also imagined that society would become more structured like this fictional story, so I was happy that this character is rebellious. Even though he is one of the cadets that are top of his class, he was anti-TERRA. John put up with a lot of the rules from TERRA just so that he could explore space. After John and his roommate, Julie was robbed of the opportunity to get respectable positions in the fleet, they were granted the opportunity of a lifetime.

Admiral Johnson who is the creator of the "Exodus" proposed an offer that John and Julie would've never received from TERRA. After this point in the story, John and Julie experienced the impossible. I loved how John became the biggest upset in TERRA history. Although he and Julie fight like cats and dogs, they were able to go farther than any man has gone and achieve what TERRA thought was impossible. The adventure in this story kept me reading all night long.

I rated this story 5/5 stars because this story gave me the genuine joy that I've previously experienced when I first began reading the Star Trek series. This story is completely different, but my personal experience is the same. Robert Stadnik included a timeline of events leading up to the story's prologue and aftermath. I found this very helpful considering how easy it is to get lost in a sci-fi novel if you miss certain details. The prologue was written brilliantly. I was able to maintain interest throughout my entire time reading this story. The cliffhanger delivery at the end of the story was the bow on top. I'm fully invested in reading the rest of this series and I hope that I can get my hands on the next book soon.
1 review
July 27, 2018
Ho boy. I couldn't decide whether to give this book 1 or 2 stars; in the end I'd give it 1.5 for enjoying the idea of the premise.

Structurally the book suffers painfully - the Narrator drops exposition in the middle of dialog ("So you actually turned on your DAT (Data Acquisition Terminal) this semester"), and will answer questions within the narration in a way I can only describe as spontaneously fourth wall breaking ("His instincts were correct and he was about to find out what that plan was"). This book suffers from a serious case of "Tell, Don't Show". As I read I could pick out plenty of more places where exposition could have been inserted more naturally, if this book had gone through an editor.

The protagonist I found deeply dislikable; he rarely suffers for his flaws and is frequently rewarded for them. The narration even takes it's time to point out how correct he is in his assumptions all the time.

I felt no tension from this story. I never felt like the protagonists were in any danger at any point or at any real risk of any kind of real loss.

Hard pass.
7 reviews
May 26, 2012
This book was definitely worth reading at $.99. I just finished the entire series as currently published and thought they got better and better as they went. You can tell the author is a new writer but he should definitely continue to publish. I plan on buying the fourth when it is out and would pay $3.99 for it. Character dev is pretty good and the storyline is pretty good. Lots of potential in the universe the author has developed. It wasn't one of the best series I have read but definitely better than many I have read. I never felt like I had to "push" myself to continue reading it. Read all three books in 3 days. I wish the author the best and hope he continues writing. Looking forward to a continuation of the story.

Language PG to Soft PG-13, Sexuality PG to Soft PG-13, Violence PG to Soft PG-13
Profile Image for EllenZReads.
428 reviews16 followers
August 17, 2021
Fun sci-fi/adventure novel, leaning toward space opera, with alien life forms, robots, rebellious student officers, and corrupt governments all sparring for control of space exploration and what humans know about the worlds beyond their own.

Main characters John and Julie were not the most likeable characters--John is a slacker and egotist, his unlikely roommate Julie kind of a goody two shoes and rather self-righteous. But even in this first book of the series, one can see obvious growth in the young idealistic former students as they embark on the Phoenix' first voyage beyond the boundary and have their character and strength tested. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the series soon!
Profile Image for ☕️Kimberly  (Caffeinated Reviewer).
3,035 reviews646 followers
March 28, 2011
I wasn't sure if I would enjoy this futuristic novel. The book takes place 2142. Earth has colonies in space and anytime we try to explore beyond Pluto we are attacked and destroyed by an unknown threat called Screen. Before reading the book, I imagined a star track, geeky read. This book while exploring space and offering futuristic technologies, has a good solid story, with lots of twists to keep the reader engaged. I am looking forward to the next book in this series "A Phoenix Amongst the Stars".
Profile Image for Jonathan.
52 reviews1 follower
November 3, 2011
A moderately enjoyable read that goes boldly where many have gone before. So-so characterization paired with average to below average writing. Dialogue frequently feels forced and unnatural. I'll give the second book in the series a chance but without marked improvement,I doubt I'll stick with it.
Profile Image for Serena.
393 reviews2 followers
March 30, 2022
I really enjoyed this book and it’s plot and the twists in it. The characters are pretty typical gender stereotypes and there were some errors in the writing, so it’s not quite a 5 star read for me. Despite this, I bought the next book already as I liked it enough to want to read the rest of the series! I won this book, the first book, in a goodreads giveaway.
Profile Image for Samantha.
163 reviews4 followers
September 20, 2011
I normally don’t read space science fiction however this book grabbed my attention and didn’t let go. I truly enjoyed the plot, characters and every other aspect of this book, which set up the future, books in the series. I personally can’t wait to read the next installments.
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