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The Jasmine Project

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Jenny Han meets The Bachelorette in this effervescent romantic comedy about a teen Korean American adoptee who unwittingly finds herself at the center of a competition for her heart, as orchestrated by her overbearing, loving family.

Jasmine Yap’s life is great. Well, it’s okay. She’s about to move in with her long-time boyfriend, Paul, before starting a nursing program at community college—all of which she mostly wants. But her stable world is turned upside down when she catches Paul cheating. To her giant, overprotective family, Paul’s loss is their golden ticket to showing Jasmine that she deserves much more. The only problem is, Jasmine refuses to meet anyone new.

But…what if the family set up a situation where she wouldn’t have to know? A secret Jasmine Project.

The plan is simple: use Jasmine’s graduation party as an opportunity for her to meet the most eligible teen bachelors in Orlando. There’s no pressure for Jasmine to choose anyone, of course, but the family hopes their meticulously curated choices will show Jasmine how she should be treated. And maybe one will win her heart.

But with the family fighting for their favorites, bachelors going rogue, and Paul wanting her back, the Jasmine Project may not end in love but total, heartbreaking disaster.

400 pages, Hardcover

First published September 7, 2021

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Meredith Ireland

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735 reviews379 followers
September 15, 2021
4.5 stars

This was such an adorable coming-of-age story. I have to say that I've never watched The Bachelorette, and don't plan to, and I'm not usually a fan of meddling family members and friends, but I loved them in this book. All fifty of them.

I found the main character, Jasmine, very relatable. I loved her relationship with her family and friends. They are such a fun and endearing group of people, and kudos to the author for including such a diverse cast of characters.

I loved that this story also touched some more serious subjects, such as . It was really wonderful watching Jasmine grow throughout the story and learn her own worth, both when it comes to romantic relationships and following her dreams. I only wish a book like this had existed when I was a teenager.

I listened to the audiobook and I really liked all the narrators. The group chat messages were hilarious.

I would also like to add that I absolutely loved the writing style and it's hard for me to believe that this is the author's debut novel.
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644 reviews1,694 followers
September 11, 2021
THIS WAS SO ADORABLE! I think I squealed into my pillow a few times, utterly delighted. I had so much fun reading this rom-com; this is definitely a book I will return to if I ever need a comfort read.

- Follows Jasmine, a Korean-American teen adoptee whose family sets her up with three boys - The Bachelorette style - when they discover that her boyfriend cheated on her... all without her knowing.
- For what starts as a sweet, romantic, and delicious tropey beginning - because who would she choose?! - makes way to a really heartfelt and genuine story about going on a journey with yourself and learning your own worth and self-love.
- The meet-cutes, the 'bumping into each other' moments... it was just so cute and delightful and I couldn't stop smiling.
- I LOVED Jasmine's big, loving, and sometimes overbearing family. Some of the chapters comprise of family group chats (all without Jasmine, of course) and it is so chaotic and hilarious.
- I loved that Jasmine was an adoptee - she's adopted by a Filipino dad and White Italian mother - but the story wasn't about her being an adoptee and searching for her birth parents? Too often these stories don't center on adoptee experiences, but I loved that this was just part of Jasmine's life and she has a big family that loves her unconditionally.
- I just adored this. This book felt like a big hug.
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1,718 reviews856 followers
September 22, 2021
↠ 7.43 cawpile | 4 stars

Trigger warnings for .

Representation: Jasmine (mc) Korean & adopted into a Filipino-Italian family; Eugene (li) is Indian & German-English; June (sc) Chinese; Emily (sc) Black; BIPOC scs.

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992 reviews502 followers
Want to read
March 16, 2021
March 15, 2021: A dating content created by the MC's family? ALRIGHT. The author says this features: "a Korean-American girl totally unaware that the three boys she meets were recruited by her family to date her" and I think that sounds too cute.
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859 reviews219 followers
August 27, 2021
read on my blog

rep: adopted Korean-American protagonist, biracial (Indian, white) love interest, biracial (Filipino, white) side character, Filipino-American side characters, Chinese-American side character, Black side character, biracial (Laotian, Dominican) side character; adopted Korean-American author
cw: toxic relationship

**I received an ARC from the publisher through Netgalley (thanks, Simon Teen!). These are my honest opinions, and in no way was I compensated for this review.**

When I read the announcement for this book, way back when, I knew I wanted to read it! The premise sounded so fun, and I’m all for family antics. The Jasmine Project throws Jasmine into a Bachelorette-type situation where she is unknowingly set up with three different guys, which begins a great personal journey.

Jasmine is content with her life…in a way. What would she be upset about? Having a dedicated long-term boyfriend Paul who she’s about to move in with and going to college to become a nurse? Except that it turns out that Paul has been cheating on her and that she’s always wanted to be a professional chef, not a nurse. To cheer her up, her family sets her up with three different guys, Eugene, Justin Michael, and Aaron in a Bachelorette-type situation, all without her knowledge. From there, she begins to realize that she’s been complacent in a life that she never really wanted.

I’ll be honest and say that the first third of the book was a bit rough to me, mostly because Paul was the absolute worst and it was difficult for me to get through Jasmine not realizing this. However, this was intentional: she needed to realize that Paul was a factor in her life bringing her down, not lifting her up. It was the start of her character growth, and I ended up really enjoying the second half of the book once this was more apparent.

Jasmine is resigned to being a side character in everyone else’s lives. She settles for Paul because she doesn’t think she deserves more, and she settles for becoming a nurse like her mom after her aunt’s restaurant failure. She self-sabotages and looks down on herself, which Paul enables; over time and throughout the competition, she realizes that she’s allowed to want things for herself and that she deserves to be treated well. I really enjoyed this character arc and found it very well done over the course of the story.

The family dynamics were great as well. Jasmine has a large extended family, with her mother’s Italian side and her father’s Filipino side. They’re meddling and nosy but ultimately, they care so much for each other. Jasmine’s sister Cari is the one who starts the Jasmine Project to help her get over Paul. At first, I had some issues with this because they were pushing the romance aspect a little too much; however, I liked that Cari makes sure to emphasize that this project was mainly to help Jasmine realize her true potential. She doesn’t have to end up with one of the guys; she just has to realize that she deserves better and can have better than Paul.

The plot itself was pretty fun! In addition to Jasmine’s narrative, we also have the extended family’s group chat (her excluded, of course), as well as Cari’s podcast detailing the progress of the project. I liked getting to see both sides of this. You, as the reader, always know what is happening and can read between the lines while Jasmine remains oblivious. It adds to the fun of the story in an unexpected way.

We have three main love interests, excluding Paul: Aaron, a hot minor league baseball player; Justin Michael, Jasmine’s childhood best friend who’s back in town after five years away; and Eugene, the son of a famous chef who Jasmine instantly connects with. The family sets up meet cutes as well as run-ins with Jasmine. I won’t spoil who she ends up with, but I really liked reading all their scenes together. Also, and this is a bit random, but I liked how awkward Jasmine is yet she still manages to connect with each guy. There’s not always smooth dialogue but the scenes feel very genuine.

The different backgrounds of Jasmine’s family and friends was really cool to read too. She’s an adopted Korean American, and her brother is adopted and Laotian and Dominican. Meanwhile, her dad is Filipino and her mom is Italian, which adds up to a large extended family on both sides. Jasmine manages to combine all sides of her heritage, Korean and Filipino and Italian, in her cooking somehow. Jasmine’s friends are Chinese-American and Black, and Eugene, one of the love interests, is Indian and white.

The Jasmine Project was such a fun story with great character growth for the protagonist and a cute love story! I really liked the plot and the family dynamics too. If you liked 10 Blind Dates by Ashley Elston, I think you’ll also enjoy The Jasmine Project!

original review:

ngl the first third was kinda tough to get through because paul was the absolute worst and it was irritating to read jasmine not realize that...but that was intentional because it gives you a starting point to seeing her character growth, which is to say that I ended up really enjoying the second half of the book!
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1,415 reviews392 followers
November 30, 2021
This was incredibly adorable on so many levels!

Fake dating with the heroine not knowing about it, "we're on a break" relationship with an asshole, three very sweet bachelors, and a massive extended family WITH MASS-GROUP CHAT CONVERSATIONS. Ah! I love it!

Plus, all of the fooooooooooooood.

And I really, really liked Jasmine's character, and her family was a little (lot) much, but they loved her so much and wanted her to be happy and fulfilled and living life, even if their approach was misguided (and hilarious).
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2,421 reviews199 followers
September 8, 2021
(Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher. This has not impacted my review which is unbiased and honest.)

The Jasmine Project is thrilling, charming, and endearing from start to finish. Every shade of relatable - from having a partner who is truly no good for you, but you don't want to leave because you're worried no one will ever love you? - The Jasmine Project resonated deeply with me. Because that wonder if you'll ever find someone else and maybe you should hold on to someone, even when you're not sure? Can someone please not expose my past so thoroughly?

But besides the fact that The Jasmine Project feels like it was ripped from my diary, I was captivated from the first page. There's a current of energy that picks you up. It feels cute and charming, even if you're scared of the fall out. Because you want to find out who Jasmine ends up falling for and, most importantly, if she can realize her own self worth. Jasmine's journey in The Jasmine Project may seem like it's about her dating, but it's about her realizing her potential, dreams, and value.

full review: https://utopia-state-of-mind.com/blog...
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441 reviews1,202 followers
January 28, 2022
Who gave this book and its characters to be THIS ridiculously adorable and hilarious?

Final impressions:
• This debut novel is essentially girl receives the bare minimum from other men and realizes that she's been dating an asshole and deserves so much more - and quite frankly, I happily ate it all up.
• Peak wish fulfillment, tbh. I was 100% here for the kilig and swooning.
• A delightful YA contemporary story centering an Asian American adoptee and her massive, meddling family!!!
• Speaking of, the family group chats had me laughing at loud.
• The narrator's Filipino accent in the audiobook amused me far too much. (It was good, btw.)
• While I personally found Jasmine's insecurities a bit too frustrating to stomach sometimes, I eventually learned to better empathize with her.

• Perfect for readers who are looking for a feel-good read with heaps of flirting and family shenanigans.

Highly recommended!

🌻🍃 More bookish content on Shut up, Shealea 🍃🌻
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913 reviews137 followers
June 5, 2021
After Jasmine’s family catch her boyfriend with another girl, they devise a plan to help her break free of him. They find three “contestants” to each date Jasmine, except…Jasmine herself doesn’t know it’s a competition.

This was such a cute book. I quickly fell in love with the story and with Jasmine, and it was hard to put down! This story also included points of view besides Jasmine’s, so it was super easy to keep track of the competition and why the family did what they did. I recommend this to anyone who likes YA contemporary/romance books!
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1,763 reviews649 followers
September 14, 2021
Jenny Han meets 10 Blind Dates, with a Korean adoptee's entire family working together to set her up on dates with boys of their choosing so she learns to value herself after having had a shitty boyfriend for a long time.

This was so cute it was almost too much for me. I absolutely loved seeing the main character come into her own and learn her worth and daring to have dreams. I loved seeing her huge family all work together to make her see how amazing she is, even if secretly setting her up with boys was maybe not the best idea. The family group chat cracked me up so much!
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1,603 reviews227 followers
May 23, 2022
This has the cutest, best family that ever was in a YA novel. Despite their weird, completely invasive plan to help Jasmine, they all came across as wonderfully supportive and close. My favorite parts were reading the family group chats. I also love that Jasmine had friends that were amazing in addition to her amazing family. In contrast to them the boyfriend came across as a Disney teen movie villain. Part of the point of this is that Jasmine is as wonderful as her friends and family but has self-esteem issues. I enjoyed how that was handled and appreciated the conclusion. I couldn't quite fall totally in love with it because I thought it was super predictable. (It might not be for the targeted audience who hasn't had as much experience with this type of book.) As soon as all three project boys were introduced, I knew where each of their arcs were going. That just made the hundreds of pages that followed seem tedious.
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Author 1 book10 followers
October 30, 2021
There were so many things I enjoyed about this novel: the food, the cultural diversity, the intense family group chat. I also really enjoyed the premise: girl’s friends and family devise a small-scale version of the Bachelorette to build her self-esteem and watching Jasmine slowly realize how trash her ex was. But the execution… the story didn’t feel like it really picked up until 50% of the way through. And while I really enjoyed the emotion that Jasmine’s narrator brought to the dialogue, I wasn’t always a fan of her reading of Jasmine’s internal thoughtss. In retrospect, I actually think it worked, because Jasmine just seemed to be going through life. But during the reading, I didn’t initially see that.
I enjoyed, for the most part, the other narrators and what they brought to the group chat. I think the group chat is, sometimes, what kept me reading. Also an interest in seeing how things would play out. We knew pretty early on which guy Jasmine is most attracted to, but with insecurities and hesitations, we never actually knew when it would happen. This was also very important for Jasmine’s personal growth.
The book could possibly have been shorter but I think I understand why it also seemed to drag out. Jasmine wouldn’t get over her insecurities in an instant. And we were also able to feel the frustration her family felt. But even with all of the retroactive understanding, I did find myself pausing the book to move onto another for a bit (while still wondering about it in the back of my mind.)
I think I’d recommend this book, it was light and positive. But also, be aware that it didn’t actually start to feel like things were happening until around halfway (or more) through.
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Author 5 books142 followers
August 7, 2021
If you regularly read my reviews, you know this isn’t a typical genre for me. For whatever reason, when the publisher sent me a widget I decided to play outside my usual sandbox and give it a try. After finishing this delightful book, I would have kicked myself if I’d passed it up.

Recent high school graduate Jasmine has dated Paul the pig (my name for him – trust me, it’s well-deserved) for the past four years – they even have plans to move in together when college starts. While the early years might have been happier, Paul now points out skinny burritos on the menu at a restaurant they frequent (and she’s never enjoyed) and suggests she order diet sodas. And now you agree with my nickname for him. After a hurtful incident occured in middle school, Jasmine’s self-esteem plummeted so far that she considers herself lucky to have her pig boyfriend and plans to pursue a career in a profession that’s considered more stable instead of her dream of becoming a chef. Stability and safety have become her mantra.

Enter her ginormous (50+ strong – and that doesn’t count all the cousins), intrusive, well-intentioned family. They reminded me of the family in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and I adored them all. They want Jasmine to learn her worth, to see herself as they do, and realize that she deserves so much more. Naturally the way to do that is to screen teen bachelors until they come up with three worthy candidates to date her. It’s not difficult to figure out what happens when their well-meaning intentions spiral out of control. At least their hearts are in the right place.

From the first page, I adored Jasmine’s voice and laughed out loud so many times at her internal thoughts. Some chapters are first person in her POV, but several chapters are the text conversations between her family concerning the contest – utterly hilarious. This novel has so many important messages for teens and adults alike – pursuing your dreams, living life instead of watching from the sidelines, valuing yourself, and not conforming to someone else’s expectations just to name a few.

From start to finish, The Jasmine Project is a charming, entertaining read – an outstanding debut by this author. I’d be shocked if someone doesn’t snatch this up for a movie. I’d recommend this to fans of romantic comedies and readers like myself who want to step outside their comfort zone. Easily a crossover.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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3,434 reviews234 followers
August 30, 2021
Rating: 4.5 Stars

When Jasmine’s boyfriend wants “time apart”, her family seizes the moment to show her there are more fish in the sea. They secretly arrange for three bachelors to prove to Jasmine that she could do better, and maybe even recognize how she stands out in a crowd.

I knew this was going to be super cute and that I would fall in love with Jasmine’s meddling family, but I also adored the personal journey Jasmine took during this story. That space between high school and college can be tricky for some, and it was a grey area for Jasmine. She kept with the status quo for many reasons, but once she was separated from her boyfriend, she was able to see things in a different light.

The three bachelors – the boy next door, the athlete, and the cook, all allowed Jasmine to shine in a way she never could before. Their friendship and encouragement gave her that nudge to stretch her wings a bit, recognize her talents, and want more for herself. Jasmine experienced a tremendous amount of growth, and I cannot argue with the road she was on at the end of this book. I was happy for her, as well as very proud of her.

Though this story was about Jasmine finding herself and her way, it was fun, light, and breezy. I had such a great time on all her dates, and her gigantic family was delightful. Their plan may have been a bit duplicitous, but it planned with the best intentions. They all loved Jasmine so much, and they wanted her to want more for herself. Their love for her showed in those hilarious family chats, as well as in the podcasts.

Overall: A wonderful and heartwarming story of self discovery, taking chances, and not accepting less than you deserve.

*ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.

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160 reviews35 followers
September 24, 2021
Meredith Ireland's debut novel is everything I could have hoped for! This book not only helped get me out of a horrible reading slump, but it's the book of my dreams. I've been wanting more books with Asian adoptees as the main character, and I got it!

- Korean adoptee mc who loves to cook and doesn't know her worth but will!

- A funny, big, close knit Filipino-Italian family (and a Laotian-Dominican adopted younger brother) who only wants the best for their girl.

- Cute mixed South Asian love interest who helps the mc curate her love for cooking and sees through her insecurities (Eugene).

- Handsome former best friend who wants to reconnect with Jasmine after a misunderstanding in their past (Justin Michael).

- A hot, rising professional minor league baseball player who loves country music and having a good time (Aaron).

- Three adorable meet cutes!

- The Little Bachelorette podcast that Jasmine doesn't know about and will cause some drama.

- Chaotic family group chats.

- Family members taking sides and making bets on who Jasmine will end up with.

- Community college and gap year representation!!! College and university aren't the only options for teens.

- Ride or die best friends keeping secrets from their best friend for her own good of course (June and Emily).

- Food references that made me really hungry.

- Honestly, I loved everything about this book except for Paul who is a total piece of shit; we're supposed to feel this way about him so Meredith Ireland delivered.
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678 reviews375 followers
June 6, 2022
This was really cute! I loved the big family dynamic and all the drama that ensued. It was a light-hearted read but had a few emotional moments mixed in. The dating contest plot line was fun, if a little predictable.
I read this all in one day so I think that speaks a lot to my enjoyment! It was a great YA romance for summer.
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54 reviews
September 12, 2021
It’s been a tough year for me in terms of books. Coming from reading over 200 of them in the past two years to barely reading 20 this year. But I am glad to say that this was the book I’ve been the most into so far this summer! After a few weeks with reading nothing but (to my embarrassment) fanfics, diving into this book reminded me of why I read. It was charming, easy to read and made me think about my own life.

The story itself was nice, not very cliche but cheesy enough to be charming. The writing, while I personally think it’s a bit too “short”, really helped me delve into the character of Jasmine. I saw a part of myself in her, especially with the way she contents herself with a lot.

I didn’t think I would love this book as much as I did but the way it made me feel was like a warm noodle soup on a rainy day.
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1,713 reviews139 followers
June 11, 2022
rep: korean-american MC, filipino-italian SC, dominican SC, indian-german/english LI, black SC, chinese SC

jasmine is one of the three yap kids. she’s not sporty like her younger brother and not perfect like her older sister. to jasmine, she’s just a normal korean-american. when she finds out that her boyfriend was cheating on her, jasmine somehow agreed to an open relationship where Scumbag Paul could explore, leaving her grasping at straws. jasmine never felt like she was worth anything so her family decided to do something about it.

one plan after another, jasmine’s huge meddling family agreed to do a mini the bachelorette. the twist is that jasmine doesn’t know that she’s the main character and that her family has conspired her meetings with three boys.

contestant #1: justin michael aka the boy next door who moved away. . their interactions were really sweet. i liked that they had some memories together but there weren't enough for there to be more.

contestant #2: aaron coppersmith aka professional baseball player. . aaron was constantly on the road. although their dates were really cute, it was mostly with other people. they didn't had a connection either.

contestant #3: eugene matthews aka the chef. both of them loves cooking but are unsure of it as a future career path. having a famous chef-father meant that cooking held more weight to eugene while jasmine was devastated after watching her aunt lose her beloved restaurant. also, she was once told that she wasn’t good enough. however, jasmine’s love for food has always been there.

Scumbag Paul never truly cherished jasmine. he had the cheek to say some stupid shit to jasmine. having someone new already, cheating on jasmine, and then suggesting they have an open relationship just so that he can play the field? F OFF.

i adored jasmine’s family. everyone’s incredibly invested in helping jasmine find herself and possibly finding someone who will see her for who she is. paul blinded jasmine quite a bit in their relationship but without him, jasmine managed to discover certain parts of herself. BUT we all know that all these plans are going to backfire on the family when jasmine realises what’s going on.

overall, this was a quick read. i wanted to read this since last year so i’m glad i picked it up recently!
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Author 2 books72 followers
September 5, 2021
This was such a fun read. If you're looking for character voice, big families who can't seem to help themselves, and strong female protagonists, look no further.
The first chapter was hard to get through, I just wanted to shake Jasmine, but that's the journey. She has to discover her worth and find the courage to make herself a priority. And boy is it a satisfying journey.
A unique addition to this story is the formatting of group texting having its own point of view. I really enjoyed the chapters where the family was scheming to help Jasmine. So fun!
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151 reviews2 followers
January 27, 2022
I picked this book up for my reading challenge, a book you know nothing about. Few pages into this book, I discovered that it was basically a carbon copy of 10 blind dates with the whole big family thing and being set up on dates by the family members. Except, in this case the family members kept the dates a secret from our main character Jasmine and just forced all these meet cutes on her without her permission. At least, in 10 blind dates our main character consented to go on those dates.

I absolutely hated Jasmine, I hate door mat heroines. She had nothing good to say about herself and she always comparing herself to her shiny, beautiful sister and if people have to convince you of your own self worth then please forget about it. She is so meek that she can't even call out her boyfriend for cheating on her and agrees to his suggestion that they see other people. She almost takes him back again when he gives her back a scratchy key chain that she gave him that he kept as a good luck charm, that alone convinced her that he is really a good guy instead of manipulative bastard. I got so mad I decided to stop reading the book entirely. I have nothing against quiet people because I am one of them but you have to be able to stand up for yourself and not just roll with the punches because you think that makes you a good person.
The bottom line is that I hated his book and I hate jasmine.
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2,231 reviews530 followers
September 10, 2021
It felt longer then it was but cute read.
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507 reviews90 followers
December 1, 2021
Jasmine has just been dumped by her long term boyfriend so that they can "see other people" for the summer. While her ex is out testing the waters with other relationships, Jasmine is staying at home waiting for the summer to end so her and Paul can get back together. However, Jasmine's very large, very invasive family has the bright idea to host a bachelorette game for Jasmine to prove her worth to her. The only problem? Jasmine has no idea!

This plot was so fun right from the start. I'm always a sucker for competition/bacheloreish tropes so this fell right into my tastes! I also just adored the aspects of family in this novel.

The characters were definitely the most fun part of the book, everyone was so wild and even though there were about 50 people to learn about - I still felt the individuality in all of them. However, I think Jasmine was my favorite character. Her growth through out the novel felt very relatable to a place I was previously in my romantic life and was so fun to watch.

I will admit it felt like the book was rooting for one particular boy at the beginning of the competition and I was slowly trying to accept that happening, however it took a major turn and she TOTALLY ended up with the boy I wanted her to end up with. I'm not normally surprised by young adult contemporary so that was a pleasant twist!

I have never been one to squeal over YA contemporary but there are definitely a few books out there in the genre that just *get* me and this is one of them. This will be a favorite for a long time to come! It's fun, fluffy, and everything I needed right now!
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527 reviews75 followers
September 9, 2021
This YA Contemporary was adorable! I enjoyed Jasmine's story. This was a good representation of young love and how over time we change which causes our relationships to change.

Jasmine is comfortable in her relationship with Paul that she doesn't see that the spark has fizzled. She has become complacent without realizing it so her family decides they're going to play matchmaker. I'm not a huge fan of The Bachelor but I thought it was a fun addition to this contemporary romance and I enjoyed getting to know each of the three candidates her family finds for Jasmine. I don't agree with them keeping her out of the loop but it made for an entertaining read.

I thought each relationship prospect brought something different out of Jasmine throughout the process and I'm glad that this became more about her finding herself again rather than just strictly about the romance. It became more of a coming of age story by the end of it and it was so great seeing Jasmine really figure out what she really wants and who she wants to be.

This book is filled with family drama, romance, and self-discovery. I definitely recommend it. It's a quick read and so enjoyable. I listened to the audio and enjoyed the full cast, especially when we got to see her family's group text message conversations, so I definitely recommend that format.
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12 reviews
January 7, 2023
I think I got a bit spoiled by Emily Henry & Emma Lord bc this book brought me back to mediocre-romance reality 😭

I skipped the middle (a bad habit I've formed that I need to stop but anyways). The writing was super middle-grade even though it was clearly a YA book (cursing, mentions of sex, etc.) so I think that's why I found it hard to really enjoy this book? It is the author's debut though, so hopefully that'll improve.

Jasmine was a total Mary Sue, which was why it felt hard to feel badly for her sometimes (not with the whole Paul thing though, that boy can go to hell as far as I'm concerned). The romances were cute, even if it was so obvious who Jasmine was going to choose. I'm not sure if it was supposed to be a mystery, but that's something I would have liked to see more, soo...

Anyways, I will say this: the whole close-multicultural-family aspect of the book was done SO WELL. IMO the whole #OwnVoices is a bit overdone in the community, but I think is a really good example of how much it can improve a book. Even though there were like a hundred different family members, they were all so fleshed out and their love for Jasmine felt so real. And I can always appreciate a novel with so many descriptions of so many types of food 😋
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452 reviews9 followers
September 6, 2021
“A part of me will always want to take the safest route. I just have to conquer it.”

Jasmine Yap has a plan: graduate high school with honors, move in with her long-time boyfriend Paul, attend community college on a great scholarship, and eventually become a nurse. Everything seems to be falling into place, and she’s mostly happy—but then her family catches Paul with another girl, and Jasmine’s stable world suddenly becomes shaky. She finally has a chance to see what the world is like outside of her comfort zone, but Jasmine refuses to meet anyone new. So, her large, overprotective family decides to take matters into their hands and creates a secret Jasmine Project to set Jasmine up with the most eligible teen bachelors in Orlando…without her finding out. But what starts as semi-successful soon becomes anything but as hilarious shenanigans ensue. Will Jasmine finally figure out her self-worth? Or will the Jasmine Project crash and burn before she has a chance?

Meredith Ireland’s debut is hilarious, heartwarming, and best of all, full of romantic and family-centric misadventures. I loved everything about this fantastic book! Jasmine is a brilliant protagonist, and her gradual discovery of her own self-worth is simultaneously heartbreaking, inspirational, and oh-so-very real. Each of the bachelors are fabulously fun and unique, and I had a hard time deciding which one Jasmine would fall for. Of course, a review of The Jasmine Project would not be complete without mentioning Jasmine’s hysterically loving fifty-member-strong family, and that brings me to one of my absolute favorite parts of this book: the family group texts! Ireland’s creative inclusion of group texts to discuss how the Project is coming along—as well as podcast episodes, diary entries, and bookkeeping notes—really brought the story and the characters to life and added even more levity to this loveable tale. Moral of the story? Grab yourself a copy of The Jasmine Project as soon as it hits shelves because this is one book you don’t want to miss!

(Pine Reads Review would like to thank NetGalley and the publisher for providing us with an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Any quotes are taken from an advanced copy and may be subject to change upon final publication.)

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September 22, 2021
I really enjoyed the concept for this book! Jasmine goes on a break from her current boyfriend (Paul), as he was caught cheating. In the meantime, Jasmine’s family secretly finds three eligible bachelors for Jasmine to have encounters with, go on dates, and get the updates broadcast on a podcast by Jasmine’s sister. However, Jasmine has NO clue about any of the setups and why all of the men have suddenly taken an interest in her. While Jasmine is trying to figure out who she is without Paul, she learns to branch out and is finding out who she really wants be. I was rooting for her the entire time and couldn’t wait for her to get her happy ending! Plus, I even found myself cracking up during the family group text messages (every. single. time.) 😅📱 I definitely can’t wait to read more by Meredith Ireland - such a cute read! 💕
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May 20, 2022
Perfect for fans of K-dramas, this story features Jasmine, a newly graduated teen, and her large extended family who secretly arrange for a series of blind dates in an attempt to get Jasmine out of her toxic relationship. I loved the antics of Jasmine's family and how she slowly learns to stand up for herself and her own dreams, rather than doing what she thinks everyone expects of her. Great on audio and definitely recommended for fans of Jenny Han or Lyla Lee.
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