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Falling in love was the easy part. When we have to face more tragedy, will it bring us closer or drive us apart?

Now the tour is over, Issac has to adapt to depending financially on someone else for the first time.

When my world gets thrown into turmoil again, I need to learn that relying emotionally on others isn’t a bad thing.

We have to face our biggest challenge together—creating a different dream from the one we had envisioned.

Openly Yours is the second book in Offbeat Shifters, an m/m paranormal romance series with a continuing storyline. This book includes a loving tiger shifter, a sweet monkey shifter, enthusiastic family members, lots of cuddles, and a HEA ending for the main characters. Whilst it is set in an alternate universe where omegas give birth, there are no pregnancy or birth scenes in this book.

Trigger warning for scenes revolving around infertility.

253 pages, Kindle Edition

First published March 2, 2021

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About the author

Colette Davison

49 books356 followers
I'm an indie author from the UK, who writes contemporary and paranormal M/M romance. My books have flawed characters, happy endings, and lots of heart.





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3,279 reviews299 followers
February 18, 2021
While I liked book one, it was a pretty typical omegaverse shifter romance.

In this one though, I was very much impressed by how Colette brought something different to the trope and examined infertility in an mPreg world.

It was handled with sensitivity and care and I found all the emotional turmoil and the journey both Jesse and Isaac went through utterly compelling.

Things are also moving along nicely with both Jesse's career and the new Youth Centre and I liked the way both men sank into their new relationship roles.

The wedding was sweet and the book is as steamy as the first one with very little unnecessary drama.

Now I'm seriously excited for book three which looks like it's going to be a cracker.
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2,173 reviews1 follower
March 2, 2021
4.5 stars. A new label, new plans, they step into a new chapter of their lives. Jesse and Isaac are going strong together. Jesse yearns to give his mate babies, but every time there is a disappointment, and gosh that was hard to watch. When you have a future in mind and you have to deal with different cards, that’s heartbreaking.

Thank goodness they got through this and got out even stronger out than before.

The author took this story to another level. Infertility they are confronted with is hard and devastating. The possibilities and impossibilities, the doubts, ask everything from them. It was all written with care and consideration, beautifully done.

Where I thought of Jesse as weak in book one, in this story he’s so much stronger and mature. He found the courage to open up and be honest, to grieve, redeem and plan a future. I loved the monkey he turns into. Just like I loved Isaac’s tiger. Imagine a tiger with a monkey on its back.

There are a lot of feelings to find, guilt, failure, sadness, but also hope and love. There is a space for creativity and ideas for a future how they please. Both jobs, Jesse with his music and Isaac running a youth center, is nicely entwined into their lives and the story. Oh, prepare for a wedding! Goosebumps and a thick throat.

Jesse’s father Austin, even though as manager still has a focus on making big money, has seen the light and is much more emotionally supportive and thereby even a bit lovable, who knew 🙂

There are no threats to find in this story, what you do find is a beautiful relationship, flawed characters, business expansion, creativity, a lot of love, and a family. My eyes blurred heavily by their happiness, it was everything.

The author did an amazing job here, where I loved the first installment, I adored this one more, I felt even more connected.

Oh, and guess what… Austin gets his own story OMG I can’t wait!!
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1,985 reviews230 followers
March 27, 2021
3.75 stars

This was heavier than the first book, dealing with Isaac's and Jesse's quest to have a baby and moving forward with their lives and careers. It was nice to see Jesse and Austin building a new relationship, and the addition of pop superstar Charlie was a win.

Isaac and Jesse really go through a lot here and while not as much fun as the first, it was still a good story. The ending was super adorable and I am really looking forward to the next one which will focus on a new and very interesting couple.
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1,764 reviews27 followers
March 1, 2021
Openly Yours is the sequel to book one in the series, Secretly Mine, and follows singer, Jesse, and his new mate, Isaac. After the drama of Jesse's stalker, they're moving forward with their dreams for the future.
It's so sweet and heartfelt how much in love these two are. It's something they definitely had to work for before but now are happy together excited for what they can have. Of course, while there are quite a few highs, there's at least one big low in this book and it hits both MC's hard (read the author's trigger warning). I think Colette has written this with a kind hand as the characters struggles are clearly portrayed and their emotional turmoil really tugs on your heart. Luckily our characters get their HEA and it's one they both deserve.
Along with Jesse and Isaac, all of the supporting cast are back with Isaac's big, and loud, family, Jesse's dad/manager and his supporting musicians. We're also introduced to at least one new one who I'm hoping to hear more from later in the series.
I loved book two but I have to say I think this one pulled me in even more and I was right there with the men as they shared one of life's toughest roller-coasters.
I received an ARC and am happily giving a review.
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Author 2 books25 followers
February 17, 2021
I’m so happy we got another book with Jesse and Isaac. I loved their love story in book one and I wasn’t ready to let them go. This book is a bit different than the first one but equally wonderful. There are no secret stalkers and action scenes but we get to see how both Jesse and Isaac are dealing with the events of book one. Their journey to their happily ever after is not an easy one but their love is strong and it was beautiful to see them get even closer and grow stronger together. In this fantasy world all the population is male and some of them are alpha shifters and some omega shifters. Omegas can get pregnant and in this book Jesse and Isaac are trying to have children but they have fertility issues. It was heartbreaking, absolutely heartbreaking and I really loved how the author handled the topic and the direction the story took. I thought it was perfect.
Amazing book, I couldn’t put it down, I finished it in a day.
And I’m so so so so very excited that the next book will be about Austin! I really can’t wait! He’s such a complex and intriguing character.

I received a free copy of this book through Gay book promotions and this is my honest review.
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1,033 reviews17 followers
November 5, 2021
If it hadn't had Jesse and Isaac, I wouldn't have guessed this was the same series. While secretly mine had the vibe of a cozy mystery, this one is more the run of the mill warm romance. I almost feel whiplash. Not even the pressures of stardom that seemed so heavy to Jesse in the past book weight as much in this one. He feels slightly more removed from his career here.
It was such a change in tone, it felt odd to remind myself that I'm reading the same two characters as the previous one.
5,698 reviews34 followers
March 3, 2021
this series is amazing.. it makes me happy and smile.. makes me happy and interested and keeps me guessing. i keep expecting things to go one way and it ends up going a totally different way. i loved it and cannot wait for the next!
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Author 7 books30 followers
March 2, 2021
Oh man, this was a joy to read. It’s wonderful to see what happened to these two amazing men after the end of the first book. Thank you, Colette Davison, for giving your readers this gift. We get treated with all of our favorites from the last book and a glimpse at how everyone’s lives are going after the events of book one along with a whole new set of life adventures for our guys. I love that we get to see how they handle life’s many ups and downs and watch their relationship grow and deepen as they tackle each new experience. I’m looking forward to seeing what the other characters have going on in the next book in the series!
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873 reviews13 followers
March 4, 2021
Compared to the fast-paced first book in this series, Openly Yours was a much softer, sweeter look at how Jesse and Isaac shaped their relationship and took it to the next level. I didn't think it'd be possible for me to love these two any more, but watching them support and care for each other, deepen their emotional bond, and start to fulfill their dreams filled my heart with happiness. This story dealt with the emotional trauma associated with infertility, but despite how heartbreaking it was to witness Jesse and Isaac's disappointment and grief, there was also something beautiful about seeing them adapt and expand their ideas of what a family could look like. Instead of letting their emotions fracture and weaken their bond, Isaac and Jesse communicated with each other and actively engaged with their feelings to strengthen their connection. I adored every single moment these two spent together, from picking out a new house, having their dream wedding, growing their respective careers, and transitioning from newlyweds to dads. Despite how much else was going on in their lives, Jesse and Isaac always made time for each other, and yes, that did include several deliciously steamy bedroom moments. Charlie was an unexpected but very welcome addition to the story, and I'm intrigued to see how his and Jesse's careers might intertwine in the future. Unlike the conclusion of the first book, which left me with tons of questions about how Jesse and Isaac's day-to-day lives would be compatible, after finishing this story I can clearly see how lovely their life as a family is going to be. 

**I voluntarily read an ARC of this book. This review expresses my honest thoughts and opinions. 
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2,706 reviews13 followers
March 2, 2021
Even better than the first book.

Openly Yours is the second book in the Offbeat Shifters series. While Secretly Mine had a very good HFN ending, I was happy that we get to read more about Jesse and Isaac. In this second book we get to see how they are settling into life with each other and how some of the plans they made in book one come to fruition.

The story, in part, deals with infertility so if this is a trigger for you please be aware of this. The author treats this subject in a very caring manner and her author’s note at the end of the book indicates that she has some personal experience with this subject.

Jesse’s career is going well and Isaac is settling into his role of developing the youth center they discussed opening. They also begin making plans for a wedding and starting a family. There is no drama of the same magnitude as there was in book one. This is what I would call a more personal story. Jesse is having a difficult time dealing with the fact that he may not be able to have children but it also impacts Isaac, too, and they attend counseling sessions together.

I really enjoyed this book a lot. While the first book was a bit slow for me in places, I thought the pacing of this one was better and it’s quite a bit shorter (68,000 words vs 92,000). I love the hints that the writer dropped for book 3 but I’m not telling anything since the blurb for it isn’t on Goodreads yet.

I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical about this series at first but I have really enjoyed it so far and I’m looking forward to reading the next book. We don’t have too long to wait as it’s scheduled to release on March 23, 2021.

A copy of this book was provided to me but my review was voluntary and not influenced by the author.

***Reviewed for Xtreme-Delusions dot com***

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3,438 reviews93 followers
March 3, 2021
OPENLY MINE is the second book in the Offbeat Shifters series, and we continue with the tiger and monkey mates. Now openly mated, Isaac and Jesse have a busy time ahead of them. Not only is there the Youth Centre to get sorted, but Jesse is recording a new album. Because these two are suckers for punishment, they also decide to move home and arrange a wedding too. Throw in some health complications, and you've got a story to lose yourself in.

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. And, as wrong as this may sound, I loved the part where Isaac and Jesse are dealing with some news that has a strong impact on both of them. I found this to be sympathetically written, whilst remaining true to the story.

The pacing is smooth and the supporting characters are just as good as in book one. One thing is clear, Jesse has dreams to fulfil and Isaac will move heaven and earth to help.

A great addition to the series, and one I am happy to recommend.

* A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book, and the comments here are my honest opinion. *

Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!
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60 reviews
March 3, 2021
Openly yours is book 2 of the Offbeat Shifters series and continues on from book 1 with Issac the tiger shifter and Jessie the wee capuchin monkey shifter. Though the tour is over and the two of them are together things that happened in book 1 are still effecting them mentally and physically. The death of the band roadie, the effect of taking heat blockers for years, adapting to a new job and company.
Issac wants to open up a youth centre for kids and together they want kids, a perfect big house and a family. The book focuses on the building of the youth club, the new music label Jesse's joined and the couples struggle to have kids. This book has all the feels, the ups and downs the turbulence of real life, the happiness, the sadness and the love. It also sets up the back story for the next book, Unapologetically Me. Will Jesse's Dad Austin be getting a Happy ever after, and love of his life.
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1,691 reviews
February 20, 2021
The continuation of the story of Jesse and Isaac.

Both men are working towards their happy ever after. Jesse has an exciting future with a new label and Isaac is getting his center for at risk youth. I though the author handled the meshing of their lives very well. The growth of the relationship, and the men themselves was well done. Even Jesse’s father (who I didn’t like in the first book) matured into a likable person.

Difficult subject matter was handled with grace. I liked that the author didn’t make the fertility problems go away. It allowed the characters to work their way closer together. A vey sweet relationship.

I enjoyed this book and author. Her books have such depth and the characters seem to weasel their way into my heart every time.

Review Copy requested and reviewed on behalf of OMGReads.
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2,683 reviews119 followers
February 24, 2021
Openly Yours is the second book in the Offbeat Shifters series by Colette Davison. This one picks up where Secretly Mine leaves off. And, wow, it's amazing to spend time with these men again.

When we catch up with Jesse again, he wants to get pregnant and is feeling guilty that he might not be able to reproduce. He's also feeling guilty about his friend's death.

Once again, I adore Jesse and Isaac. They're so perfect together, complimenting one another and encouraging each other. They are strong enough to help one another through the toughest of times, as they already proved in Secretly Mine. As an added bonus, they're also so damn hot together.

And, oh, I love how the title comes into play. Swoon. Just beautiful.

But, yes, there's angst. The fertility issues are so depressing. If infertility is a trigger for you, avoid this one! I do love how it's all handled in the end, with so much love between the men. And I appreciate the way the author handles their emotions throughout this ordeal.

Again, I can't get enough of Jesse in his monkey form!! His snuggly nature warms my heart. The fact that snuggling Isaac while he's in his monkey form brings him so much peace is beautiful.

I absolutely love the way Jesse's relationship with Aaron has evolved. What a beautiful change. From hating each other, sort of, in book one, to now supporting one another, is just heart warming.

Openly Yours put a smile on my face throughout. Even with the angst, this Colette Davison book just left me happy to have more of these men. I adore everything about this book and this series. After meeting them in the first book, I knew their love was strong enough to get them through anything.
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2,361 reviews46 followers
March 5, 2021
Review by: Jennifer
(5 stars)

The second of the Offbeat Shifter series, this is the rest of Isaac and Jesse's story. The first ended in a HFN style and now we get more drama as the two are ready to move forward with their life together and what that brings. For the two that means getting married, buying a house, starting new adventures, and possibly adding a little one, all while still dealing with all that comes from Jesse's career. I will tell you now that this was so much better than book one, IMO. I loved everything about this second story. I give this 5 stars.
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436 reviews2 followers
February 17, 2021
Part 2 for Isaac and Jesse. Another great story for Colette! Sweet and redeeming, with all the feels. It’s an important story, and one that needs to be told, really. Adoption isn’t viewed as being as desirable choice when it comes to infertility. No matter what the diagnosis or outcome, it’s a difficult and painful thing to have to go through. Our guys came through with flying colors!
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1,722 reviews12 followers
March 10, 2021
This was such a fantastic, grab-you-by-the-feels, poignant, emotionally charged, tug-at-your-heartstrings, powerful, intense, raw, gritty, sweet, gripping, simmering, heartbreaking yet hopeful, and totally awesome addition to this amazing series. Isaac and Jesse's journey to their HEA ending is anything but smooth, but, in the end, things have a way of working out. I would DEFINITELY recommend getting this gem for yourself.
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1,252 reviews34 followers
March 4, 2021
Openly Yours is the second book in the Offbeat Shifters serie by Colette Davison. It's the continuation of Jesse and Isaac's story. I really liked their story. It was very sweet and very well written.
February 23, 2021
Sweet and cuddly! An adorable sequel that captured my heart. The characters experience some difficult downs and exciting top of the world ups in this story. The characters certainly pull at the heart strings so be prepared for an emotional ride!
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380 reviews4 followers
April 14, 2021
Jesse and Isaac can finally be openly together, thus they plan their future and undertake joint ventures, the first of which is buying a house in which they can make their dreams come true. Unfortunately, after the beautiful beginning of their life together, the first problems appear, the most difficult of which are undoubtedly Jesse's troubles with getting pregnant. Both Jesse and Isaac must deal with what fate has in store for them. However, finding balance and accepting the new situation is not easy. For Issac and Jesse it's probably the most important test of their love and strength of their relationship.

"Openly Yours" is the second installment in "Offbeat Shifters" series by Colette Davison. Reading this novel we quickly notice that in some respects it differs from the previous one in terms of its vibe, and this is because it is much more focused on home and family compared to the first volume. The author has added a bit of mystery to "Secretly Mine", while in this installment in the series we can see a lot stronger connection with books revolving around slice of life theme. Or at least, this is how I perceive this story, which in "Openly Yours" focuses on hardships and drama of everyday life. What's important, we can, to a great extent, identify our everyday life in our real world with all the problems we read about in this story. While the plot of this book focuses on everyday hardships in the omegaverse world with mpreg expansion, these are essentially universal topics that we know from our own lives. Undoubtedly, this is a great advantage of "Openly Yours", which is connected with the previous volume and at the same time shows our characters from a different angle.

Speaking of which. In "Openly Yours" our beloved characters have the opportunity to get used to their new everyday life that they are about to lead together from now on. And that's what I love about this novel. Jesse's and Isaac's life is changing dramatically, and they have to get used to it in many different ways. While accepting some of the novelties of life is not so difficult, there are also some that can be really hard to swallow. In "Openly Yours" we find a lot of both major and minor changes, some of which are a source of joy for our heroes, while others are the reasons of their dilemmas or even internal fight to accept the new state of affairs. After all, every action triggers a reaction. Importantly, all the positive and negative experiences related to their new life are just like ours, when we struggle with a situation similar to that of our characters'. It's the best evidence that Jesse and Isaac are just like us, despite being shapeshifters.

I have no doubt that the greatest advantage of "Openly Yours" is the problem of infertility raised and developed in the novel, as we rarely see it in mpreg books. Just think about it. How many novels in which the protagonist has major problems with getting pregnant or is infertile can you name? And how many books are you going to name if asked for those in which one of the characters got pregnant by accident? Exactly. So now you can definitely see for yourself how important "Openly Yours" is for the mpreg genre. I think it should also be mentioned that Colette Davison not only touches on the topic of infertility in her novel, but also shows us the external and internal reaction of the characters to this problem, their need to change their own expectations, as well as attempts to adapt to the situation taking into consideration the partner. But the most important is probably the fact that in "Openly Yours" we see our boys trying to accept the situation they are facing and how they approach the alternative they have. In fact, we can write a lot about this topic, as well as the way in which the author presents and develops it, but we can describe it all using one word – perfect.

To sum up, "Openly Yours" is a really fantastic second volume to a truly great series. Our characters struggle with serious problems of everyday life, their relationship is undergoing some great tests, and the reader can see Jesse and Isaac as their soul mates even more than before. This is a really great book that you must read. You won't regret it. You will fall in love with it. I promise.


Jesse i Isaac w końcu mogą być ze sobą otwarcie, a co za tym idzie, planują wspólne życie, podejmują wspólne przedsięwzięcia, z czego pierwszym jest kupno domu, w którym będą rozkwitać ich marzenia. Niestety po pięknym początku ich wspólnej przyszłości pojawiają się pierwsze problemy, z których najtrudniejszym jest niewątpliwie problem z zajściem w ciążę Jesse’ego. Zarówno Jesse, jak i Isaac muszą poradzić sobie z tym, co przygotował dla nich los. Odnalezienie się w nowej sytuacji nie jest jednak łatwe. Przed Issaciem i Jessem najważniejsza próba ich miłości i siły łączącej ich relacji.

„Openly Yours” jest drugą odsłoną serii „Offbeat Shifters” autorstwa Colette Davison. Czytając tę powieść szybko zauważamy, iż pod pewnymi względami różni się ona od poprzedniej klimatem, a to dlatego, iż jest zdecydowanie bardziej skoncentrowana na domu i rodzinie w porównaniu z pierwszym tomem. „Secretly Mine” autorka doprawiła bowiem odrobiną tajemnicy, zaś w tej odsłonie serii mamy do czynienia z powieścią zdecydowanie bardziej obyczajową. A przynajmniej w taki sposób ja odbieram tę historię, która w „Openly Yours” skupia się na dramatach życia codziennego. Co istotne, dramatach, z którymi w ogromnej mierze możemy utożsamiać się w życiu codziennym, w naszym świecie realnym. O ile bowiem fabuła tej książki skupia się na codziennych problemach w świecie omegaverse z rozwinięciem o mpreg, o tyle są to tematy w gruncie rzeczy uniwersalne, które możemy znać nawet z własnego życia. Bezsprzecznie jest to ogromną zaletą „Openly Yours”, które łączy się z poprzednim tomem, a jednocześnie ukazuje naszych bohaterów pod innym kątem.

A skoro o tym mowa. W „Openly Yours” nasi ukochani bohaterowie mają okazję przyzwyczajać się do nowego obrazu życia codziennego, jakie od teraz będą wiedli. I właśnie to bardzo podoba mi się w tej powieści. Życie Jesse’ego i Isaaca zmienia się diametralnie i muszą się do tego przyzwyczaić pod wieloma różnymi względami. O ile bowiem zaakceptowanie niektórych życiowych nowości nie jest trudne, o tyle są także takie, które potrafią być trudne do przełknięcia. W „Openly Yours” znajdziemy wiele zarówno większych, jak i mniejszych zmian, z których część będzie dla naszych bohaterów powodem do radości, podczas gdy inne będą źródłem dylematów, walki z samym sobą o akceptacje nowego stanu rzeczy. W końcu każda akcja wywołuje reakcję. Co ważne, wszystkie pozytywne i negatywne przeżycia związane z ich nowym życiem są tymi, z którymi zmagamy się będąc w sytuacji podobnej do naszych bohaterów. Jesse i Isaac są więc tacy jak my, mimo że są zmiennokształtnymi.

Bezsprzecznie ogromną zaletą „Openly Yours” jest poruszony i przedstawiony w powieści problem bezpłodności, który naprawdę rzadko pojawia się w książkach spod znaku mpreg. Ile powieści, w których bohater ma duże problemy z zajściem w ciążę lub jest bezpłodny możecie wymienić? A ile wymienicie tytułów, w których bohater zaszedł w ciążę przez przypadek? No właśnie. Sami więc widzicie, jak ważne miejsce wśród powieści mpreg zajmuje „Openly Yours”. Myślę, że należy wspomnieć również o tym, iż Colette Davison nie tylko porusza w swojej powieści temat bezpłodności, ale także pokazuje nam zewnętrzną i wewnętrzną reakcję bohaterów na ten problem, ich potrzebę zmiany własnych oczekiwań, jak również próbę dostosowania się do sytuacji z myślą o partnerze. Co jednak najważniejsze, w „Openly Yours” widzimy jak nasi chłopcy starają się zaakceptować sytuację, z którą przyszło im się zmierzyć, jak podchodzą do alternatywy jaką mają. Prawdę mówiąc, o tym temacie, jak również sposobie, w jaki autorka go przedstawia, rozwija, kończy możemy pisać naprawdę wiele, ale wszystko mieści się w jednym słowie – doskonałe.

Podsumowując, „Openly Yours” to naprawdę fantastyczny drugi tom prawdziwie świetnej serii. Nasi bohaterowie zmagają się z poważnymi problemami życia codziennego, ich związek przechodzi wielkie próby, zaś czytelnik może odnaleźć w nich bratnie dusze nawet bardziej, niż poprzednio. To naprawdę wspaniała książka, którą musicie przeczytać. Nie będziecie żałować!
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498 reviews9 followers
March 5, 2021
FR- Alors alors... alors ce tome 2 est très différent du tome 1 et étant donné qu'il aborde un sujet qui me touche je dois avouer que je suis un peu mitigée sur ma lecture. Je tiens d'abord à remercier Colette Davison pour la note qu'elle apporte en fin de roman parce que ça m'a permis de refermer ce livre un peu plus apaisée.

J'ai aimé retrouvé Jesse et Isaac. Ce sont des personnages que j'aime énormément. Ils sont très attachants et dans ce tome encore plus particulièrement.

Ce tome fait la part belle à leur vie quotidienne et à leur romance. On est plongé au cœur de leur quotidien et j'ai trouvé que cet aspect rendait le roman encore plus attachant.

J'ai trouvé qu'il y avait parfois un peu trop de scenes de sexe mais j'ai bien aimé la façon dont l'auteure traite la période des chaleurs et son impact aussi bien sur Jesse que sur Isaac.

J'ai aussi beaucoup aimé que la carrière de Jesse évolue même si  ça reste vraiment au second plan dans ce tome. On a quelques pistes pour le tome 3 , j'avoue que je suis intriguée même si de prime abord Austin et Charlie ne sont pas mes personnages préférés.

En résumé,  ce deuxième tome est vraiment mignon, j'ai adoré retrouver les personnages de cette série et Jesse et Isaac sont toujours aussi mignon.

Colette Davison aborde avec beaucoup de pudeur le theme de l'infertilité et de la difficulté que peuvent rencontrer certains couples pour avoir des enfants.  C'est un sujet qui m'a touchée mais qui ne m'a pas empêchée pour autant d'apprécier ma lecture.

ENG- So well well well...this volume 2 is very different from volume 1 and given that it addresses a subject that touches me I must admit that I am a little mixed on my reading. I would first like to thank Colette Davison for the note she brings at the end of the novel because it allowed me to close this book a little more peaceful.

I liked finding Jesse and Isaac. These are characters that I really like. They are very endearing and in this volume even more particularly.

This volume gives pride of place to their daily life and their romance. We are immersed in the heart of their daily lives and I found that this aspect made the novel even more endearing.

I found that there were sometimes a little too many sex scenes, but I liked the way the author deals with the heat period and its impact on both Jesse and Isaac.

I also really liked that Jesse's career evolves even if it really remains in the background in this volume. We have some ideas for volume 3, I admit that I am intrigued even if at first sight Austin and Charlie are not my favorite characters.

In summary, this second volume is really cute, I loved finding the characters of this series and Jesse and Isaac are always so cute.

Colette Davison approaches with a lot of modesty the theme of infertility and the difficulty that some couples can have in having children. It is a subject that touched me but that did not prevent me from enjoying my reading.
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March 3, 2021
I love everything about this beautifully written, sweet, emotional story and I could not put it down. Openly Yours is even better than the first book, Secretly Mine, and I love seeing Jesse and Isaac settling into their new life together. They are so ready to start the next phase of their relationship including marriage, buying a house and starting a family. When they are given the heartbreaking and devastating news that there is little chance of them having a baby their relationship grows even stronger as they learn to move forward together. I love how supportive and caring they are with each other and that their love never falters even when they are dealing with adversity. With the full support of their families Jesse and Isaac are determined to fulfill all of their dreams no matter what it takes. The author does an absolutely amazing job of showing how difficult and sad infertility is and that there are many different ways to create a family. The secondary characters add so much to this story, I like that Jesse's dad is still working to improve their relationship, the ending is perfect and I can't wait to read the next book in this incredible series.

I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy of this book.
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March 1, 2021
This is the continuation of the love story of omega popstar Jesse Steele and alpha former bodyguard Isaac Gray. This book is full of love and emotion, and I think it is even better than the book one, Secretly Mine.
Jesse and Isaac are mates now, and they are dealing with finding a home, starting a children's center, planning a wedding, preparing for Jesse's first release under a new record label, and dreaming of starting a family while coping with fears of infertility. Their love for each other is so strong and beautiful throughout every moment.
The supporting characters are wonderful, and several of them are going through changes of their own. I'm excited about the couple who will be the focus of the next story in the series, and I hope that Isaac's brother will eventually find love, too. I've grown very fond of all these people, and I look forward to spending more time with all of them.
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March 9, 2021
4.25 Stars

Heed the trigger warning regarding infertility. This is a good book, but your mental health is more important. It was handled in a sensitive and caring way, but it is an important part of the storyline.

When we finish a book, and enjoy the characters and their story, we always want more. Well, this book gives us just that. Instead of danger being the driving force of the story, family is what this one is about.

Jesse and Isaac are still very much in love and have big dreams for their future. Unfortunately, there are some speed bumps along their journey. They will have to lean on each other and their family and friends, even if that’s not always easy.

This was a sweet, heartfelt story. It had a well-thought-out storyline that was emotional at times, but very much enjoyable. I cannot wait for the next book.

***Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure. A review wasn’t a requirement. ***
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March 1, 2021
It does not often happen that an author decides to immediately write a sequel to a book that had ended with quite a satisfactory HEA. Usually, authors write a few short epilogues to be included in the box-set once the series is finished, but Colette Davison chose to take us, readers, through another rollercoaster of feelings showing us that the way to HEA does not always imply fulfilling the MCs bucket list according to plan, but it forces the two men to grow even closer to accept a different solution. The outcome is as sweet as can be, and Jesse and Isaac have proven that they may face any new challenge together.

Very enjoyable read. I strongly advise reading it after the first book of the series.
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March 3, 2021
This is the second part for Jesse and Isaac’s story and is best read after book one.
After moving in together and mating, both Jesse and Isaac find themselves at different points in their lives and are looking at what’s next in their future.
With this comes new decisions, different emotions and unexpected struggles. But, together they overcome what’s in their path and the obstacles they face inevitably bring them closer together as they grow as individuals and as a couple.

This was an emotional read at times as the author does touch on sensitive topics, these topics were written well. Both main characters growth were well paced with this story and I enjoyed seeing the change in Jesse dad as well. I’m eager for his story to be told now. Overall, this was an enjoyable read.
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February 27, 2021
I loved this book, being able to read more about Jesse and Isaac romance in the Offbeat Shifters series by Colette Davison was such a treat. Now that we are mated, Jesse is consumed with having a child it is an exceptable and expected outcome with all of the omegas, but what happens when you can't. We're getting married and moving into our future, we bought a big barn of a house, our  plans for our youth center is moving forward, and under my new music label my career is back on track. But what about our dreams of a family, we have some really big choices to make, but as long as we're together we'll get through it, right.
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February 19, 2021
I said it be for and I’ll say it again…
Can I get a monkey to cuddle too? Often a sequel feels like the same plot done again but Colette wrote sequel is a new an original plot that continues the story of Jesse and Isaac. They somehow become even more awesome characters with an expanded upon world and even better cast. This second chapter in their lives is extremely emotional and rewarding. And I cannot wait to hear more in bits and pieces of the live of the rest of the cast as they get their stories.
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March 2, 2021
This book was not a disappointment. It follows the first book and we watch Jesse and Isaac's relationship grow further. It is heart-breaking when they learn they are infertile and you follow the journey with them through this hard time. Colette definitely knows how to tug at the heart strings with this book. You are pulled in and given the chance to live the story with the characters and that is not something all authors can do.

I do find myself wondering if there are any females born? Also, are there straight couple shifters or all shifters gay couples?
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March 2, 2021
It may seem strange to describe a book about shifters as "realistic", but I love this book for giving us a glimpse into not just the romance part of relationships, but what happens after you find that one person to spend your life with. Here we find Jesse and Isaac dealing with issues of dependence versus independence in all the important areas like finances, emotional needs, wanting a family, etc. We get inside their decision making process and the nitty gritty of living with and loving someone on a daily basis.
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