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Sometimes witches hunt their own…

Someone knows my secret and they’re wielding it as the weapon of my execution. I stand accused of poisoning my Gravebriar coven mate. To my fatal regret, I can’t prove my innocence without revealing the truth I’ve long kept hidden: while every other Gravebriar witch are green witches and healers, my magic lies in poisons.

There is one witch who believes me – the same boy who was sent to kill me with instructions to pluck the briars that sprouted from my grave – the only cure for a Gravebriar witch. Forge Silverthorn will be my undoing… or my salvation.

He claims there is a malicious plot vining through the witch town of Cauldron that threatens to tighten around my throat in a deadly noose. Promising I can escape by seeking the help of a banished witch who hides our kind in plain sight, he leads me to a dark circus full of witches.

The ringmaster will only help us if we agree to join his circus of uncanny tricks and diabolical feats for two nights only, using our magic to thrill his patrons. In exchange for our participation under the big top, he’ll divulge the information I need to save my coven mate and clear my name.

But when dark secrets emerge from the shadows of this promised sanctuary, I’m forced to decide if I can truly trust anyone, especially Forge… my would-be executioner, my coven’s sworn enemy, and my could-be love.

376 pages, Kindle Edition

First published February 18, 2021

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About the author

Casey L. Bond

59 books1,338 followers
RONE Award-winning author Casey Bond lives on a rural farm in West Virginia with her husband and their two beautiful daughters. She writes phoenixes – gloriously flawed and morally gray characters that fiercely rise from the ashes of their circumstances.

Worldbuilding is one of her favorite pastimes. She thinks thunderstorms are better than coffee and that watching a meteor shower is the closest thing to magic you might ever see. She’s a firm believer that every amazing book needs a world you want to wrap yourself in, a character you want to win, and a love you would fight for.

Casey is the author of When Wishes Bleed, Gravebriar, House of Eclipses, and Where Oceans Burn.

@authorcaseybond on social media sites.

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Profile Image for Candace Robinson.
Author 45 books972 followers
February 21, 2021
What a unique and amazing ride! Bond had me sucked in from the very first page! There was the perfect amount of swoon and mystery! And can I have a Forge to keep in my pocket because I loved him so much!
Profile Image for Ashley Haas.
191 reviews25 followers
May 18, 2021
Just. Magical.

I think what made me like this book so much was how the main couple reminded me of Lorcan and Elide from Throne of Glass. Like in another universe where Elide actually became a witch and Lorcan is nicer...
**but then I wouldn’t love him as much. Give me bad Lorcan any day. Anyways.... **

It had the whole carnival setting and the throwing of the knives which was fun. Also, it had a plot twist that I didn’t see coming. My only complaint would be the insta-love, it’s just not my thing and can ruin a book for me. Luckily, this book was still good despite the insta love.
Profile Image for Shauni .
262 reviews230 followers
October 2, 2022
I've had this book on my tbr list for awhile and I'm so glad I finally read it. I loved the whimsical style, the witch coven setting, along with the enchanting magic of the circus perfomances.

The love story was sweet and the plot kept me intrigued. I'd love to read more in this magical world.
Profile Image for Michelle Fritz PA.
1,095 reviews79 followers
March 10, 2021
Spellbinding with just the perfect amount of whimsy! Gravebriar will enchant you and whisk your heart and imagination away. I absolutely loved this witchy standalone and didn't want to reach those last few words as I knew I'd be missing this magical world so very much!

This captivating tale is filled with intrigue as Castor navigates the perils of her past and future. She doesn't know whom she can truly trust and that takes the reader's heart and tugs it in so many different directions. Castor is a lonely girl who only only wishes to do what's right. When Forge enters her sphere, she has a difficult time separating her heart from her head and this makes for one delicious romance that's entertaining and at times a touch bittersweet.

Forge is the perfect male lead! He's smoldering and more than a hint of danger surrounds him. He's strong willed and knows what he wants. He's playing with fire and that amps up his appeal while also making us weary of a broken heart.

Bog is fantastic! We all need a little hero like him in our lives!

If you've been waiting for a book that has an unforgettable magical atmosphere with spectacular storytelling, this is it!! One-click this beautiful book and let this adventure whisk you away!
Profile Image for Jennifer.
307 reviews43 followers
April 2, 2021
You know that feeling when you close a book and immediately want to begin it again? Gravebriar is definitely one of those books for me.

This book was magical!!! The imagery written in these pages was amazing. I was drinking it in page after page.

There is a town called Cauldron that consists of different covens of witches. I loved so much the way these covens and their witches were written. They have a council that is supposed to represent them all equally but we know that is never the case.

Now, Castor is accused of poisoning her own coven mate and she can't prove her innocence without revealing a truth ahe has been hiding about herself her whole life.

The only witch to believe her innocence is Forge, who was sent to kill her and who belongs to a coven long known to be against hers.

They are in a race against time to find what they need to save her coven mate from the poison killing him.

Along the way, they agree to become part of the most awesome circus. Again, the imagery painted on these pages is nothing short of fantastical and amazing.

Dark secrets emerge and Castor does not know who to trust. I love her character so very much. For the magic that lives within her could be a true horror but she is nothing but good, kind, selfless. She has the most beautiful heart.

I love the way her relationship with Forge grows and develops among all the deceit around them.

And did I mention she has a pet frog, named Bog. Love Bog.

If you love witches and magic you will want to pick this one up!!!

It's my first Casey Bond book and I'm so ready to dive into some more!!
Profile Image for Belle's Book Labyrinth.
172 reviews88 followers
April 20, 2021
Casey Bond has become one of my favorite authors and I have loved many of her books. While I enjoyed the book overall, it fell short on a few things for me. I just felt a lot of it was rushed, we didn't really get the full picture of the story, and wish the little bit of romance in it was not there. The heroine's thoughts were very conflicting. The journey in this book takes 2 days and she talks all about not trusting people and being cautious yet within less than 24 hours, she does something that totally turns it 180. 2 days is nothing for a romance to even exist. That's just my take. Otherwise, it is a good read.
Profile Image for Cristie Alleman.
128 reviews4 followers
February 5, 2021
Amazingly Poisonous Read!!

Casey L Bond weaved a Wonderfully Poisonous Tail of Unexpected Surprises filled with a Dangerously Gripping Romance!

I've honestly never read anything quite like it.. I haven't read to many books with circus theme in them.. It was such a fun and honestly suspenseful read because I was on the edge not knowing who the culprit of the poisoning was. Casey L Bond did an amazing job of keeping the reader from figuring it out.. She threw me off the trail constantly and I loved it.
Profile Image for Bea S.B..
8 reviews1 follower
March 23, 2021
Once again I finished a book while “working” and couldn't wait to write a review. So here I am, explaining why the f**ork I gave 2.5 (rounded up to 3) stars, whilst everyone else is enamored by it.
I should confess though, my rating's probably biased. I've read this story right after an awesome epic fantasy book with an extremely slow burn romance fogged by massive political intrigues. My poor brain' subconsciously comparing the two of them, hence the unfairness evaluation.

Overall the book was alright.
Profile Image for Wolfwalker93.
77 reviews
April 15, 2021
Great book

Again loved the storyline. So interesting. So different then her other books. Forge is by far my favorite. And wow what an ending. The only reason I'm giving it 4 stars is because I lost interest for some time but that could have been me. I've loved all of Bond's books so far. This one is no different. Tons of twists at the end 😍
Profile Image for TJ.
2,614 reviews150 followers
November 8, 2021
Incredibly creative with loads of imagination. Definitely a story to read for anyone who loves innovative, fun, YA fantasy!
Profile Image for Amber.
599 reviews3 followers
February 24, 2021
The character and world building within Gravebriar is just magical. Casey L Bond has written a story unlike anything I have read before. It kept me wanting more from each turn of the page. The adventure Castor and Forge go on is one of suspense, drama and oh so much more. You can't help but to fall for these characters, flaws and all. Forge is definitely my favorite character even when I was questioning his character. There was so many twists and turns, each page and chapter bringing you more. This is by far my favorite story written by Casey Bond. She really out did herself and I can't wait to see what her imagination brings us next.
Profile Image for Infinity Books.
33 reviews36 followers
March 21, 2021
Magic. Lies. Secrets. Betrayal.
If you haven’t read a Casey L Bond book yet, read this.
It has everything. A magical setting and amazing characters. Follow Castor on her journey, as she figures out who to trust and what to believe. You’ll also get to meet Bog. A book I couldn’t put down. Each page better than the last. With side characters you’ll love as much as the main.
Profile Image for Olivia Wildenstein.
Author 41 books2,437 followers
March 14, 2021
With strokes of Caraval’s glitz and touches of The Greatest Showman’s splendor, Bond creates another beautiful and romantic adventure.
Profile Image for Catrina.
217 reviews18 followers
April 8, 2021
Damn, Gravebriar.
I. Am. In. Love.

This book was one of those 'oh that looks interesting' picks from seeing it reviewed by others, and let me tell you. IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT!

I was swept away in this world that was built from scratch and the magic woven throughout every letter. It was spellbinding and an overall wild ride. There were twists and turns I didn't see coming, and I felt so involved with each character we were introduced to. This author really has a way of making you want to know more about everyone and makes you really care about the outcome of the story.

I am usually quite picky with witches/magic books, but there was something unique and enthralling about the way Casey L. Bond writes her stories. The only thing I would really change is making things a bit more drawn out, more suspense, just MORE of everything, because it went by way too quickly! I was not ready to be done with this story or world. I was (still am) very invested in Forge and Castor!

I am so excited to be a new fan of this author!
Profile Image for Sammi.
980 reviews34 followers
November 15, 2022
Obsessed with the cover obviously.

The vibes are immaculate.
Bond built such an interesting world- a variety of covens with special-skills ranging from elemental to blood to healers and everything in between.

After being framed for poisoning her covenmate, Castor sets out to find something to clear her name and save her friend. This means venturing out of the safety of the witch town of Cauldron into a dangerous abyss with another witch who may or may not be trying to kill her.

In their journey, the duo agrees to join a circus act in exchange for favors...

Overall, this was a classic YA fantasy - nothing too crazy going on. I enjoyed the world building at the start but once they left Cauldron it felt very basic... I think exploring the covens inside of Cauldron would've made a much more interesting story. Fun but nothing too fresh.
Profile Image for Kelsey Downham.
34 reviews29 followers
March 22, 2021
This was such a fun read! I have thoroughly enjoyed the other Casey Bond books I have read and this one did not disappoint!

Forge and Castor were both such enjoyable characters. Castor was a strong, fierce and kind heroine. I loved her ability to see the good in people. And oh Forge...I was his from the minute he walked onto the page. Watching Forge and Castor’s relationship develop was full of sass and swoon worthy moments.

Casey Bond did a great job setting the scene and giving us enough context and information about the world without a big info dump. The different covens are all so cool and I hope to see more about the City of Cauldron in the future.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Profile Image for Sara  J. Rader.
96 reviews20 followers
April 4, 2021
I fell irrevocably in love with Casey's writing and at the same time...Castor and Forge! Castor is a perfect heroine and Mc. She's confident without being arrogant, real and kind. Forge is brave and self assured, yet vulnerable while strong. I can't believe I waited so long to read Casey Bond. Her writing is just as magical as her characters. If you like magic and romance, this is book is for you. The only thing I found faulty is solely a personal preference and it was that the chemistry was so good between the 2 characters I would have loved for more steamy action between them. Otherwise it was gold!
Profile Image for Anna.
224 reviews159 followers
May 18, 2021
No sabia si ponerle 3 o 4 estrellas, pero el final me ha gustado y he redondeado a 4.
El libro está bien, pero le ha faltado profundidad en todo. En la historia, en las relaciones, en los personajes... En los últimos libros que he leído te ves atrapada en las emociones de los personajes, llorar y ríes con ellos, sientes cómo nacen y crecen las relaciones,.. Pues en este libro no me ha pasado. Todo ha sido demasiado insta para mi gusto y le ha faltado complejidad y desarrollo de relaciones y situaciones.
La historia en sí está bien, los personajes, la ambientación, pero para mí ha sido como poder acceder sólo a la superficie de algo que tenía más potencial.
February 28, 2021
What an amazing and beautiful story this was.

The characters were incredible and so easy to fall in love with and become attached to. I loved reading about Castor and Forge and their adventure together. And Bog was just the most deadly yet adorable added bonus to the story too.

The storyline was phenomenal. Bond did a remarkable job bringing this new world to life and keeping me entertained and in suspense from beginning to end. This story had many OMG moments that kept me craving to read more and shaking my head all the while not believing how twisted the story kept getting. Many scenes I didn't see coming until they happened, which made this story so much more enjoyable to read!! It's one of my absolute favorites and I highly recommend it!!
Profile Image for nerdy.bookdragon.
70 reviews6 followers
February 3, 2023
A very interesting and adventurous story taking place in a magical realm, where there are lots of witches with different powers. I have been hooked since the beginning, and I was very interested in the life of the MCs. I have to say there were some things that I could not have seen before it happened and left me a bit shocked, but in a very good way, which just made me want to read more!

I definitely recommend this book, as a lovely fantasy book which is easy and fun to read.

PS. I also love the male MC, Forge, he got my heart.
Profile Image for underseabookish.
120 reviews19 followers
March 21, 2021
Gravebriar had me hooked from the first page. I'm a big sucker for witches, mysteries, and carnivals. The magic of this story is felt from the very beginning. I found myself enjoying the world building a lot.

Forge and Castor entranced me since their first interaction. They had charm throughout the story. I lived for every interaction they had.

And Bog! I loved Castor with her Bog. A certain scene with them had me tearing up.

I highly recommend this book.
Profile Image for Leona Loftis.
140 reviews2 followers
June 22, 2022
Casey Bond never disappoints and once again I am in love with the world she created. As always it was witchy and wonderful. ANd who knew I could love a frog so much. Bog you have my heart you little slimy creature deserve a cap and crown!!
Profile Image for Bianca Escada (planningwithlove).
220 reviews16 followers
September 14, 2022
Such an enjoyable read! I loved the characters, the storyline, the plot, the relationships, all the twists and turns!

Sometimes you need a good fantasy standalone! This fit the bill!
Profile Image for Summer.
65 reviews2 followers
April 10, 2021
I truly enjoyed this story! I wish I could read more about Castor & Forge 💜

The circus was awesome! Thank you for the awesome read Casey!
Profile Image for Kat.
248 reviews1 follower
February 4, 2023
Insta love isn’t my favorite and I didn’t especially enjoy the main characters, but I liked the world and the plot enough to say I enjoyed the book. A good, quick read with fun magic.
Profile Image for Kelly.
68 reviews
March 17, 2021
What a phenomenal book. Casey Bond wrote an imagination adventure. I loved circus theme. She did an outstanding job. I am giving a completely voluntary review.
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