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There’s a place in Hell for men who fall in love with someone who isn’t theirs.

His brother’s wife.
The Renegade Souls MC Sergeant at Arms is used to living in purgatory.
Capone tried to atone for his mistake.
But he’s never regretted it.

Don’t covet.
Don’t touch.
Don’t chase.

Capone broke the rules.
And he’ll break more to ensure his woman is safe from the wolf who wants to sell her.

The truth will set their love free.
But will it also break them apart?
Sometimes it’s not as it appears…
Loyalties will be tested to the max.

Can Lucia and Capone forgive and forget and live the life that was always meant to be theirs?
The biker knows one thing: no more regrets.
His woman deserves everything he has to devote to her.
Because their passionate love for each other can no longer be hidden.

Author note: I know… I know… It sounds like cheating. Breathe! It’s not now or ever will be a cheating book. Things aren’t always what they seem. Trust in the biker who loves with every fiber of his dirty being.

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Published June 24, 2021

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About the author

V. Theia

39 books496 followers
I'm an indie author writing about love, be it; mushy, sweet, dark, taboo, angst-filled and ever-lasting. It all comes with a happily ever after, guaranteed, or it's not romance.

Currently playing with ultra-alpha sometimes asshole bikers who go above and beyond to win their women, no matter what they have to do.

🖤If you love those dirty bikers there's lots of biker unseen and bonus scenes from the Renegade Souls MC series! HERE


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812 reviews11 followers
June 26, 2021
My love is as a fever, longing still
For that which longer nurseth the disease,
Feeding on that which doth preserve the ill,
Th' uncertain sickly appetite to please.

William Shakespeare

Seven years is an eternity to long for a lover. Capone and Lucia have danced around each other through many books in this series. After one night of forbidden passion, guilt and remorse, Capone thought he was doing the right thing by staying away. He could not have been more wrong.

Lucia has been a puppet to a controlling father her entire life. She finally decides it's time to fly on her own. She wants two things in this world.... freedom and Capone.

This author has created a series where I am so invested in these characters that I feel like they are real. I want the resident Latin lover to find some peace. He had such a devastating event happen that he deserves it. I loved watching the Veiled Amor between these two characters. I loved watching the passion burn hot and I loved watching the misunderstandings finally come to light.

I am still going to scream loudly this author can world build like no other. All her books are technically stand alones because they evolve around one couple, but you lose so much if you don't read them in order and get to know this MC, the relationships within and find those hidden gems from book to book. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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Author 2 books88 followers
June 26, 2021
This has long been one of my favorite MC series and now we are getting to the last few books and I am super excited .

This was Capone’s book and there are a few things you should know about Capone . If you want a man with stamina and no recovery time then this man is for you . He fcuks like no other and I mean he needs no recovery time between . I think then might be V’s sexiest book.

Capone’s whole family was murdered and he only has his brother’s widow left . When he gets a call that she needs his help he can’t turn her away . That’s the problem. He has never been able to turn away from Lucia. They are explosive.

Now if I’m being honest Lucia is my least favorite heroine in the entire series . She was immature snd super annoying. I can honestly say I kept reading because who wouldn’t keep reading Capone ? He’s hot af.

I missed Lawless in this one but we all know his book is coming . V has always said Lawless will be the last book and she’s been laying down hints in each book of who will be with Lawless . It’s killing me slowly ! He’s everyone’s favorite psycho and I can’t wait to get his story!

Arson is next and his part of this book had me heartbroken . I’m breaking out the tissues and Xanax for his book coming next ! As always V has us on the edge of our seat waiting to see what happens to these hot bikers next !
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131 reviews29 followers
June 13, 2021
Every time I read a book by V I am drawn even more into the world the emotions I felt in Capone and Lucia was off the scale. It was heartbreaking, wrenching and amazing all at the same time.

A love that in some respect should not have made it had been fought over many years.

I love how each book gives us a little more into the world and how this book gives us glimpses in what is going to happen in the next few books but also what is going to happen in the next generation.

This is what I needed to pull me through a mini book slump but warning you must read all of them to know what is going on. This is not a standalone, but if you want some dirty, lovey bikers look no further than this series. Now the wait begins for Arson’s book.
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4,964 reviews
June 13, 2021
4.5 stars

I am so thoroughly invested in these characters that it shocks me at times because I feel like they are real friends. That has most assuredly been the case with Capone. He has been in the background for a while but still felt like family.

I enjoyed finally getting to the root of his mysterious appeal. I found him to be charming, and more importantly, loyal. Even more loyal than he was to the MC. I felt his guilt for loving a woman that he shouldn't. Every time he showed his true feelings and murmured sweet words in Spanish, I found myself a little envious of Lucia. She is one lucky lady. Like Capone, her backstory helped explain her character and why she behaved or said things the way that she did. I wasn't sure about her at first but as the story progressed, I loved how she loved. Simple as that. She loved with every ounce of her soul and was not afraid to show it. She would not make any apologies about it and she sure wouldn't let Capone make any apologies for it either. Together, these two were fire. I loved everything about them together, from jealousy, to primal ownership, to unconditional love. I found myself laughing several times at their banter which just goes to show how great of an author V is. Especially, after this many books.

She managed to keep the momentum of the intertwined backstory throughout this book and also introduce new characters that might, HOPEFULLY, be the start of a new group of characters that might come about once this series is over. I am still ready for my baby, Lawless to have his book (2 to go) but at the same time, I am a little bittersweet about letting these characters end. Although, there was a great teaser of what is going on YEARS down the line so it leaves me wondering if a new MC will get their stories or if generation 2 is coming. Either way, it is perfect and I am here for it.
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1,000 reviews66 followers
June 24, 2021
Not all MC romance books are created equal. Capone and Lucia's story was amazing, romantical, frissons out the wazoo and about as perfect as I could have hoped their forbidden love story could be. Falling in love with his sister in love. Longing for her brother-in-law. All is not as it seems though!! Of course not, there's always twisty parts to any V. Theia book.
THE MUTUAL PINING nearly did me in.


Veiled Amor was another amazing read by V. Theia. The 10th book in the Renegade Souls MC series and the story line is still going strong. There's no surprise how I fangirl for this series. When I find a MC series, I like I glom on and fall for each couple.

We get to see the other couples who have their HEA, and we get peeks into the bikers to come and what will come in the future ( dying for it all! )

There's nothing hotter than a biker who wants to protect his woman, Capone did it best, he was willing to do anything to keep her safe from her Kingpin father. So happy Capone got his HEA, and it was with a fantastic heroine like Lucia.

I'm not ready to say goodbye to this series, there's only 2 books left. *Sob* it's seriously my top favorite MC romance series, written beautifully with characters that are memorable and gorgeous. The hottest, dirty talking bikers in the land!
1,242 reviews14 followers
June 23, 2021
There is a reason I love this series. Each story tells so much more than just what goes on in a MC biker’s life. Point taken with Capone’s story. The depth of emotions I felt while reading this is unreal. I always knew there was more to Capone’s character, and I was right. He is someone I would want on my side in times of trouble. He is loyal, caring, yet a total tough biker man! So when Lucia comes back into his life, I held my breath in hopes these two would realize they belong together.

Lucia was the one who got away, marrying his brother. So all Capone could do was keep his distance and love her from afar, even when tragedy strikes. Lucia has led a sheltered life yet has always had a spark for Capone. Can he be the one to take her from this life she is so disheartened by? Guess you will have to read this story to find out.

If you are a lover of all things MC, then you need to read this entire series so that you can understand the characters and storylines. This MC series is by far my ultimate favorite. You are taken on a wild ride of which you never want to get off. And don’t even get me started on the sizzling chemistry between the characters. I fell in love even more with Capone and Lucia, and so will you!
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1,392 reviews1 follower
June 24, 2021
Capone and Lucia are epic! I loved being back inside the RSMC world and visiting everyone again. Going more in depth into the possessiveness (not to be mistaken for jealousy) of the sexy biker Capone and his sassy, strong yet willing to be vulnerable for her man, Lucia Cole, these two were simply amazing. Their insanely hot chemistry practically had me in orgasmic bliss (those kisses!!). The turmoil and suspense throughout their story had me holding my breathe and pleading silently for this to work out. THE EPILOGUE!! I'm so excited and anxiously waiting for more of Arson and Lawless!!
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271 reviews30 followers
June 18, 2021
Well, without doubt V Theia has done it again with the tenth book in the Renegade Souls MC series Veiled Amor. Though in truth, was there any doubt, as Victoria Theia appears to have the Midas touch with her book universes being addictive.

This tale is about the quiet man of the MC, Capone and the woman he really shouldn't want, need and desire Lucia. The two are worlds apart, a member if a 1% Motorcycle Club and Daddy's little Princess but they're also two people who are mourning a family, both feeling lost in the world's they both exist in.

Capone has always been there in the background of the other books in the series, quietly working away in his workshop and standing shoulder to shoulder with his brother in arms when it's needed. He's fiercely loyal that much is evident and yet, you got the feeling even from the glimpses you were given that he was different from the others too. A little distant, not the one to fall into the arms of one of the many girls who love to try and catch a member of the Souls and be their Old Lady.

Veiled Amor tells us why he's the man he is and my heart ached for him. The soul survivor from a loving family, murdered for a reason he's not certain about. Haunted by the ghosts of what he did and who he did it with when desire became too much, Capone has provably kept himself partially sane with his weekly calls to Lucia even if they inevitably remind him he's alone.

Then there's Lucia, daughter of a narcissistic Kingpin who is to be seen and not heard or is to be seen and not to listen? Both seem accurate as she's reduced to nothing more than a piece of property to be used as Daddy sees fit and let's be honest? Even a bird whose cage is gilded, is still in a cage.

Their stories are woven together through fate, and through a mutual desire to simply learn what it is to be truly alive. I love as always, how V brings her characters to life, how even the smallest detail is acknowledged to give the reader the full picture and walk alongside in this case, two people whose love for one another isn't spoken about during their weekly check in calls but is simmering beneath the surface. Capone knows he really, really shouldn't want her because she's family - his widowed sister in law and family was...is important to him; but the fates have other plans for them and their happy ever after may have seemed impossible but they truly deserve the love they both feel.

Veiled Amor is a love story, filled with passion, fury, pain and angst, and V Theia's ability to ensure that the reader will not be able to deny themselves just one more chapter as you hope both Capone and Lucia can open their eyes to the inevitable conclusion that they are perfect for one another against all odds.

I don't want to spoil the story, and I may have already given too much away so I will remain vague now. There are faces who return from afar who return, there's angst that makes you want to curse someone and cheer on Capone and his chosen comrades...

You will blush, you will laugh and you will cheer on the supposed bad guys (after all, aren't the Souls supposed to be the bad guys who follow their own rules?) There will be tears if you don't have a heart of stone and a whole load of curiosity.

But most of all, there will be a wish to never finish the book whilst needing desperately what happens next. As always 'In Vic we trust' rings true to give us another biker or two to learn all about.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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512 reviews27 followers
June 30, 2021
In true V Theia style, Vic has given me exactly what I wanted when I didn't even know I needed it.

Capone has always intrigued me so to finally have his story and to see the man behind the "mask" I was over the moon and then some. I loved his internal struggles and then his realisation that he just doesn't care if its actually wrong to love his sister-in-law. The drama, the intrigue how could I not have been on the edge of my seat with anticipation as well as just feel my heart bursting at the seams.

Lucia wasn't my fav female but that is more a me problem because Vic makes me love these men of hers so much that I battle with some of the woman. I do feel like she could have spilled her secrets a little sooner and helped it along but it also helped add tot he drama that I not so secretly love. Lucia did have a silent strength to her that looked like she was bowing down in the past but you can see why and then what a beautiful woman she actually did grow into.
I won't be spoiling the story but MC and mafia and tabooish love that literally just warms your heart, with Ms. Theia's signature sexy times, because damn can this woman write some spicy scenes, and I loved it even when I hated it. What more could you ask for in a series that is full of twists and turns.

Also pay close attention to the little hints she keeps dropping because I think there is still so much more to come. Even though there is technically only 2 books left in the series (silently cries)

This is my honest and unbiased review.
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93 reviews
June 16, 2021

Where to start. There was so much unpacked in this story. Capone and Lucia were fire on every page. And i could not turn them fast enough, wanting to know how they would work through the issues they had.

“You’re born loving your parents, however bad they are.”

I’ve loved this series from the beginning. Been waiting to know who exactly Capone calls weekly. And boy did she come with her own story. But, their story had always been intertwined. They just had to work through some things before they could be together.

“What happened to amor? I like that better.”

V. Thiea keeps you guessing until the very end. Even knowing she promises a happy ending. There is always a ,“how the heck is she going to get it there.”

“Not all revenge had to come with the sharp end of a knife.“

I always come back to the RS boys because of how well this series is written. Each story it’s own, but a family mentality through and through.

“You take care of me. I take care of you.”

And V. Theia always keeps you hooked wanting for the next one. Thankful for the epilogue it gives me hope after the next two books that the RS won’t be forever done. Wonderful story of two people who work through every obstacle and how the biker world is truly one big beautiful family. A family you get you choose. Lucia and Capone choose one another and nothing not even blood can stand in the way of true love.
205 reviews4 followers
June 13, 2021
Capone and Lucia have a bond that neither can resist. Although Capone believes he's disrespecting his brother by wanting and having Lucia. Lucia must fight Capone and her father if she's going to get what she wants and needs in order to be happy. The Renegade Souls are always 100% behind their brothers and their women, so they step in to help when it's needed.

Renegade Souls is a series that must be read. There can be some triggers, but the love of a biker in this series is the ultimate love.
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2,306 reviews48 followers
June 24, 2021
Capone and Lucia are THE couple I've been waiting for. Veiled Amor is book ten in the Renegade Souls MC series. The relationship between these two is something no other couple can achieve. These two have dancing around each other for a long time and for them to finally give in is amazing. Of course, there's the usual outside forces wreaking havoc and with a heroine who can smell bs from a,Mike away, I loved every minute of it. I can't wait to see what's up V Theia's sleeve next.
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1,191 reviews1 follower
June 24, 2021
Oh my. Capone the Puerto Rican love God cometh!

He's spent so many years holding back his true feelings that once they let loose, there is truly no stopping him from having his woman.

I want a Capone for Christmas!!!
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226 reviews16 followers
June 26, 2021
Give me that Latin love

Trope: Falls for sister in law - Runaway heroine - star crossed lovers.
Content warning: A slight mention of miscarriage. Some violence on an asshole baddie and a shithead of a father.
Steam rating: OUT THE MOFO WAZOO.

There isn't a series I've read more than the Renegade Souls MC series. It's my comfort, my joy and I love revisiting these bikers and their old ladies because I know they ALWAYS deliver on the kind of HEA I adore in my romance reads.
The author is dependable, trustworthy, she doesn't fuck around with the couple's HEA, there's never any intimate scenes with the biker and another woman and the same for the heroine. Their love is all for each other and I die for that! Even if the storyline is kinda angsty, I can trust the author to give me what I want by the end.

Now about Capone and Lucia! Ahhhhhhh, how much I loved them. I truly think Veiled Amor is in my top three of this series, which is hard to decide because I really adore all the books, there's not one that lets the series down. At all!! I wish all MC love stories were like this one. I died for all the jealous scenes from both these characters, they were so hardcore possessive over each other.

And Kudos to Lucia who got her man. She had to do a lot of fighting for them both when Capone was too locked into his guilt and family obligation, this heroine fought and got her man! Love her for that.

There was no doubt after yesterday that she’d do anything for him.
Like he’d do anything for her.
Their love was strong.
It was unbreakable, no matter what the obstacles put in front of them.

There's some fantastic secondary characters too, not only from the RSMC, but from another chapter and I am hoping and praying we see them in their own series because although it was a fleeting appearance, V. Theia always writes characters in a way that makes me want their stories too.


Another hit.
Another gorgeous romance.
The best MC and I will happily re-read Veiled Amor over and over.

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291 reviews1 follower
June 24, 2021
Capone you have my heart!

Well in true V. Theia style, I'm sitting here with my heart BURSTING at the end of this book. It's so full of mush and satisfaction.
Ohhh, this biker book from the Renegade Souls MC series was INCREDIBLE. Like whoa. With a trope like in love with my sister in love and runaway heroine, how can it not be! Capone and Lucia have loved each other unrequited for years! But with all Theia books, everything isn't as it seems. Capone has to get past Lucia being his brother's wife but he has a lot of family loyalty and can't live with the guilt of something they did together years back.

description “You smell good,” he groaned into her neck, his hand had already slid under the sheets to dive into her panties. “We’ll fuck again and then get food before we leave.”
He’d already worked her up into a moaning wreck when she asked, “why does sex come before food?” Capone didn’t miss a beat attaching his mouth to her breast, “because my cock isn’t as patient as your belly is. Now ride your man and get it, nena.”

God, the frissons and longing in this book is off the charts GOOD.
I hung off every word.
I loved how possessive they were of each other even with the push/pull.
I loved that Capone would do anything to protect her from her overbearing, controlling father who wanted to barter her off in one of his business deals.

There's so much packed into this one book, we see some of the other bikers, and we get a glimpse into the next book. I can't waittttt for Arson, I have a good feeling his HEA will be the best yet, the poor broken biker deserves it.

V. Theia writes MC romance like no other, I'm addicted to this series and so attached to each couple.
79 reviews4 followers
June 26, 2021
Another great instalment in the series

We're onto book 10 of the Renegade Souls saga (only 2 more to go *sobs*) and it's Capone's turn to meet his match.

This is a second chance story, we have already met Capone's lady Lucia previously in the series. We know a little of what happened between them but no we get the who!e delicious story and understand where Capone's guilt stems from.

I have always loved me some Capone in previous books, the kind way he treats everyone (women especially) always appealed to me, this book elevated that, he's just perfect but don't worry, he's still a dirty biker with a dirty mouth and I'm here for it!

Lucia was everything Capone needed and more.... She had always been oppressed but still retains an inner strength, she knows what she wants and after holding back for years, finally goes after it!

The story twists and turns organically and beautifully, and some secrets are revealed. Will Capone finally let himself take what he wants? Read and see.

V Theia's books always flow well, nothing seems forced. You can tell how brilliantly she thinks out her plots because her storys flow effortlessly. Capone's story has been hinted at way back in the series, this proves how well she thinks everything out, sometimes years in advance, it results in some amazing story development, tick, tick, tick!

Love these Renegade Souls boys... We already have a glimpse of who the next couple will be... I'm giggling with glee!

Bring it on V Theia.... I'm ready for whatever you have to throw at us with the last 2 books, I have a feeling you going to blow our little minds! 😁
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1,045 reviews9 followers
June 15, 2021
I have never had a book by Vic that I didnt love. Veiled Amor is no exception.

Capone is hot and dirty and just as tasty as you need.
Lucia, now theres a character I didnt think Id like. I was wrong. Like all the rest of the old ladies, shes strong, sassy and can bring her man to his knees. Shes not afraid to be vunerable with him. Despite how she was brought up, shes a character unique to her.

I loved the taste of Arson and hints of whats to come. But the epilogue....... the hint of Lawless settled, with the next gen story set up! I need it now. Gimme.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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93 reviews
June 26, 2021
Gahhhh I need more!!!!

I love this series and this author so much! This series has everything I love most in a book and just when I think it can't get any better a new book comes out and it gets wayyyyyy better! I loved the look into the future and am on bended knees hoping that this means we will be getting a next gen series of the Renegade Souls (Pretty please??) I would also love a NOLA chapter series too 😁😁😁 I know I'm not asking for much?? I can't wait for more of these guys!!!!
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51 reviews1 follower
June 26, 2021
I don’t know how she does it. But she does. This read simply blew it right out of the park for me. Looooved every single bit of it.

Capone and Lucia are trying their hardest to be my favorite couple. They REALLY are!
Maybe it was how long they waited to make it right (by that I mean to give in to their hearts), maybe it was they are both so insanely relatable? Either way you view it, you know these two deserve so much happiness after they both lost someone that meant something to them.

Capone has always been around but has been one of those silent characters for me. Not that he wasn’t noticed. Because of course he was, but he wasn’t exactly my favorite biker in the Renegade Souls. Just one of those silent ones that once you meet them you can’t believe you may have missed way too much before. I just love a loyal alpha man.

Lucia I was slightly unsure of. Only because she was kind of naive, and not as demanding of my attention as others have been. However that does not mean I didn’t in the end love her. Because I do! The exact moment when that happened for me is below.

“Then tell me what I don’t know. Let’s get it out there.”
“No. You need to base how you feel right now, Gi. Not influenced by anything I might say. Because it’ll be fake, it won’t be your genuine feelings. And I want them real. I want them truthful and raw, even if it’s not what I want to hear. Even if it doesn’t the way I want it to go. It will be the truth.”

Strong, vulnerable and so open, that really did me in for Lucia. At that point on she won me over. She’s perfect for Capone.

I absolutely love this world that V Theia has created. I sometimes can’t even believe how good it is and simply can not fathom how she does it. I highly recommend all of her works. You won’t be disappointed, in fact, you’d be pleased with that decision.

Thank you for creating this world for us V Theia. I absolutely love it.
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139 reviews4 followers
June 24, 2021
a million sweet little fuck stars !!!

Oh my goshhhh!! I waited until this bad boy dropped onto my kindle at midnight, intent on only reading ONE CHAPTER. Well six hours later, I was closing my kindle with a satisfied smile and then had to shower for work lol. oops!!! It's only certain books and certain authors my old a$$ can pull an all nighter for anymore. This series is one of them!

What a gorgeous, created world this is. Every book is a standalone romance, but the world building continues with each one so it's better to read in order because you'll miss out on getting to know the bikers and their stories.

I've waited for Capone's story with bated breath, I never knew I'd love the Latin lover this much, but I should have trusted the author, she's never let me down yet. This is by far my most favorite MC series and I'm going to miss it so much when it ends in 2 books time, but what she does is give us a look into the future so there's lots to look forward to.

Capone was everything and I fucking adored this book.
If you love dirty bikers...meet capone.
If you love jealous/possessive/protective/loving bikers. Meet capone.
10/10 must read and fall in love with this series!!

She should have been his wife. That much he knew.
I saw her first. A voice in his mind whispered.
Staking a claim because he couldn’t help himself.
I saw her first, brother.

For the safety crowd:
There's no sex scenes with anyone else. They want only each other. They've both been celibate for a good while.
No cheating - Capone would cut his head off before he hurt Lucia.
Content Warning - there are a couple of sentences where miscarriage is talked about.
June 26, 2021

oH, Capone, what have you done to me!

I genuinely can't think of anything bad about this book, each book in this series just grows into something phenomenal. I love how it's based around the character and even though the plot is always great, it still doesn't detract from the growing love between them. Some MC books I've read focus too heavily on the violent plot, that's not the case with the Souls series, it's heavily character driven and I live for it.

I adore the writing style, it always draws me in quickly. This did not disappoint. I loved it, so beautifully written.

The characters were amazing. I always expect to love the bikers, V. Theia can write the hell out of her boys and make me love each one, but what I always love too is how she makes me love the heroines too. I loved Lucia's stubbornness and her drive and her upbeat nature even though she didn't have a lot to be upbeat about. I loved her devotion to a man she thought she could never love. Her backstory was awesome! And her internal thoughts were so fun - she was so empowering to read, and I adored how she loved Capone even when she should have moved on a long time ago. I'm always most critical of heroines, because I expect better from them, but Lucia is up there with the best. I'm so happy she got the life she always wanted... and bonus, she got rid of one of the antagonists from the series in a twisted side plot!

Gah, I just want to love Capone and his deep, deep, latin love forever.
And that ending..... whoaaaaaaaa, it makes me so excited for what is to come in the following books but also in the next generation.
Well done to the author for delivering a fantastic book again.
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258 reviews11 followers
June 25, 2021
Every time I think that V. Theia can't possibly top the Hero from her last book, she releases something new and I'm proved wrong. Capone has been an intriguing character in prior books, but I'll be honest and admit that I didn't think that I would be as obsessed with him as I have become. He's intense in so many ways; his loyalty, his conflict, his protectiveness, and most definitely in the way he loves Lucia.

I honestly was not sure how I would feel about Lucia. She initially comes across as clever, but naïve. I am not normally a fan of naïve heroines who wear their hearts on their sleeves, but as the story progresses, I started to see how emotionally brave and strong she was.

Capone and Lucia's chemistry was suffocatingly intense in the best way possible. Every scene crackled with tension, arousal and sprinkled with moments of mischievousness. Their relationship was intoxicating to read and I am so glad that the bulk of the book concentrated on their relationship, and dealing with their complicated, entangled, messy past. I floved this book. I floved these characters. I ESPECIALLY floved the smack down Lucia delivered to a certain corrupt b!tch with a badge! This series is hands down my favorite MC series, and I am crossing my fingers that the new characters that were introduced in this book means a new series somewhere down the line.
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112 reviews
September 20, 2021
Well in true V. Theia fashion, I'm sitting with my whole heart organ fully satisfied now I've finished Veiled Amor.
I absolutely recommend every book in this series so far. The best MC series IMO.
Feel good MC ROMANCE at its absolute best.
And not only are the bikers hot, loyal, faithful and DIRTY AF but the heroines are stand out characters too. I always resonate with each heroine because the author writes them in such a way they are relatable, whether it's their inner struggles or something they fight for.
Action, so much love & sexy badassery.
Lucia and Capone could not be more perfect for each other, they waited a long damn time to get their moment and when it came, they held on TIGHT and fought for their love. I love how Lucia wasn't afraid to admit her feelings, even with the possibility of rejection. And I loved how Capone learned to accept his love even when he felt guilty for loving his brother's wife.

Incredible writing and story that lets you feel the tension growing on each page, fantastic dirty characters and I want Tiger's story please PLEASE!!!

if you're at all triggered by talk of miscarriage, be aware there is mention of it, but it is extremely brief. This isn't a sad book, it has a lot of longing and love.
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July 12, 2021
This has long been one of my favorite MC series and I’m dreading the day when the final book is published.

I always love being back inside the Renegade Souls world and seeing what the gang has been up to.

From previous storied we knew something was up with Capone. What secret was he hiding? Who does he call every week?

I loved the chemistry between Capone and Lucia. He is loyal, caring and protective. Lucia is a bit naïve but that comes from living a sheltered life. She has an inner strength that was great to see come out.

In every book we get a peek at another character. This book was Angela’s turn. I hope we get more of Angela because she is a force of nature for sure.

Arson is next. I hope Pastor Danny can work some magic and save Arson.

The ending with Mateo was hot, hot, hot!!!

If you are a lover of all things MC, then you need to read this entire series. It’s beyond fantastic!!
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September 26, 2021
V. Theia didn't come to fucking play. she brought an epic romance to two characters who have waited to love each other so badly.
Some books are such comfort reads for me, even when they're brand new, because I know this author will lead these characters to the best HEA possible. She does epilogues like no other, it's like the icing on an already perfect cake and I can't wait to get to every epilogue.

Capone and Lucia are amazing. Their love burned strong for years even when they couldn't be together, even when Capone was bogged down in guilt for sleeping with his sister-in-law ( this isn't a cheating book! )

My fave tropes are the pining ones and this had a lot of PINING. Gaaaaahhh so hot.
the mouth on this dirty biker nearly made me sit on a block of ice.

The plot is well paced, enough action to keep the pages flipping and more than enough romance and hot stuff.
Start at the beginning and learn hoe this author writes the hottest scenes.
Long live the RSMC.
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June 27, 2021
“Taller than God. More powerful than the Devil”

Si. Dame, dame, dame (give it to me) 😂

I admit I’d been in a terrible Covid reading ADD funk. I’ve started and put down at least 10 books this past year but there was no way I was passing up tall, dark, broody, and screws like a stallion Capone. My black heart leapt at where he was from 🇵🇷, my island, the most perfect tiny piece of paradise on this earth. I love that V took the time and put in all the touches from language to food to music to make it authentic. You can tell when an author cares to make her work real and it showed throughout.

All that aside, how incredibly sweet and sexy were these two? Lucia was a lovely bird trapped in a gilded cage which her man’s love broke her free from. It was a hot, lovely escape. Sometimes you just need a happy, beautiful ending with characters you’ve come to know and love.

And that epilogue? Damn. I love how V weaves the story and makes you eager for the next one. Now I want to know every little detail about them Mercado boys. 5 stars
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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June 28, 2021
Well V yet again you have left me salivating wanting more ,not wanting it to end.....EVERRR...
Ladies and of course gentlemen this is a must read , if you like hot dirty talking bikers and women that don't stand for no cr#p then you have to read this fantastic book...no point in me telling you in a full blown essay about the book read the blurb on the back, the author does it so much better than me plus it probably took her hours thinking it up....so anyway all you need to know is that it's hot,sexy,swoon worthy that will leave you needing a change of underwear....just saying it as it is ....no apologies for it.
Veiled amor can be read as a stand alone but to get the best enjoyment out of it I recommend you read this brilliant series in order as a lot of the characters are mentioned in all of V Theias Renegade Souls MC series.
Thank you again V for the fab read....
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July 26, 2021
I'm in love with this author and her characters, they're so addicitive, I get attached so fast to all these bikers who love with their all. Love everything about veiled amor - the latin lover delivered hardcore!
If you love MC reads then check out the series, you won't regret it, you'll fall in love with each biker couple, that's a fact.
The storyline flows brilliantly and I got giddy seeing the "baddie" Malachai for a surprise return which kind of redeems him for past mistakes. You never know with a Souls book who will turn up and that's always the best parts.
I highly recommend this series and can't wait for the Next Generation, Capone's kids are going to be fire.

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July 2, 2021
I have read all of these books and the growth that this author has shown is incredible! Her stories are SO DAMN great and addictive. Her plots are creative and engaging. I fell hard for Capone and Lucia. I FELL HARD! I am head over heels in love with all these bikers.

And that peek into Angela.... wowza, the girl is a force to be reckoned with!
I'm dying for a Tiger story. I hope hope hope this happens in the future.

And then the look into the future. YES, it's the MC MM book I am waiting for because I know VT will deliver the best gay romance ever in a biker world.


the kissing scenes in this book are INSANELY HOT!!! Omg.
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