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Love Notes #3

Boyfriend Freeze

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I've made a lot of mistakes, but you can't be one of them...

Dear Graham,
After crossing too many lines for my self-respect, I made a promise to myself: no hookups for sixty days.

But I didn't count on meeting you.

Who knew a smart, cardigan-wearing geek would be such temptation? You're all wrong for me, except you're also kind of exactly right.

So how do I keep my promise not to seduce the cute librarian and still get the perfect guy?

Maybe you know, because I don't...

Already yours,

Boyfriend Freeze is set in the Love Notes universe but can be read as a standalone. Originally written as part of the Winter Wonderland promotion, it has been expanded by more than 20,000 words.

205 pages, Kindle Edition

Published February 4, 2021

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About the author

D.J. Jamison

56 books707 followers
DJ Jamison writes sweet but spicy M/M romance that most readers consider relatively low-angst. She grew up in a working-class family, and many of those influences can be found in her books: family drama, workplace conflict, and of course, love! DJ lives in Kansas with her husband, two sons, a timid snake, and a sadistic cat named Birdie.

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Profile Image for Rachel Emily.
4,001 reviews266 followers
February 20, 2021
I really enjoyed this! It was a very sweet book with a bit of opposites attract, experienced party boy falls for the nerdy librarian, and I really enjoyed it!

My one thing is that this is in first person POV and swaps back and forth between Ollie and Graham, and sometimes due to the "voice" of the writing being so similiar between the two characters, it was confusing who's POV we were in, like if I put the book down and then came back to it.

Otherwise, I enjoyed this sweet story, I LOVED the last third the most, and think I need to go back and read the second book!
Profile Image for Heather Duff.
562 reviews15 followers
May 9, 2022
If you like over-the-top bratty, flirty types that blurt out whatever they are thinking then this is perfect for you. A light, happy, college-age romance with lots of banter and button-pushing.

I don’t love that type of character, so Ollie isn’t my favourite, but it has nothing to do with the writing, the story is cute and fun and flows well. I do like Graham, slightly awkward, geeky, but steady and loving. He is my type. And I enjoyed the way they embraced each other's characters and love one another for it, not trying to change them. So if you find yourself drawn to those types of stories and characters then I have no doubt that you will really enjoy this story.

Narrator Darcy Stark has a great voice for these young happy characters, bringing them alive and capturing the light, low angst story.
Profile Image for Pablito.
525 reviews14 followers
February 9, 2021
Grad student librarian overhears undergrad slutboy say he needs a job.

Let the snark war begin! Who knew how much mutual lust lurked behind a sweater vest calling a cardigan a rag?

If the Zingers had kept up throughout the book with the same sting as these future coworkers had exchanged at the outset, my score would undoubtedly be higher.
Profile Image for Kim Stone.
1,261 reviews8 followers
May 13, 2022
I listened to the audio book.
I’ve read this author before. This is a mm romance story set in a USA College. Main characters are Oliver a freshman and Graham a senior who works at the college library. Ollie is lose, vane and snaky. Graham is nerdy, but when Ollie takes a self imposed break from men, he find himself and Graham. Great story and I’ll read more from this author.
Profile Image for Amanda.
1,322 reviews48 followers
February 2, 2021
I think this series is Jamison’s absolute best. While it took me a little bit to warm up to Ollie, I also completely understood him and where he was coming from. What was even more astonishing is that even though Graham was his complete opposite, I also completely resonated with him as well. They were just such real characters, and I couldn’t help but fall in love with them. Ollie seemed a little off in Jonas’s book, but he’s really just so insecure and unsure how to handle himself. But as he learns to love himself, and falls in love with Graham (who is amazing! I mean, literary love notes? Swoon!), he really comes into his own. If you’re looking for a good opposites attract story with a reformed playboy and a super shy (but still snarky) librarian, this is one I recommend.
Profile Image for Lillian Francis.
Author 15 books95 followers
February 6, 2021
Adorable opposites attract story.
Bear with Ollie, he's not the easiest to like at the start of the story, but his development is the backbone of the story.
Graham is instantly likeable. One of those nerds that doesn't realise he's attractive.
This story is set in the same verse as Naughty & Nice and Secret Admirer. Jonas from Naughty & Nice appears several times in this story as he is a pivotal part of Ollie's journey.
A low angst, easy read.
Profile Image for Kristine .
1,707 reviews11 followers
February 4, 2021
This is a great story that quickly drew me in and kept me turning the pages. These are two characters who are very much opposites. I enjoyed following along on their journey as the found their happily ever after.
Profile Image for Leslie.
1,438 reviews17 followers
March 15, 2021
A really great illustration of what happens in a relationship when you wait and get to know somebody instead of just jumping into bed. This is the story of strangers who become friends, and then become lovers. It’s also a story about a young man who is finally mature enough to understand that his juvenile behavior is self-destructive that he needs to change his behavior and grow up. It’s a hard process, but with the support of his best friend he shuns those bad influences and embraces a little responsibility. Along the way he learns a lot about himself and finds love with the last guy he’d ever have expected.
Profile Image for Jacquie Stewart.
1,989 reviews38 followers
January 28, 2021
I'd read the free version and enjoyed it, but this expanded version is better.
Ollie and Graham get their own pov's and there is a new epilogue which nicely rounds out the story.
Graham's pov is a great addition, making it much easier to get to know his character.
Ollie.... I love him, I'd always felt that Jonas treated him badly, like he was disposable. Ollie was a fair bit younger than him but somehow more mature.
The self imposed sex ban really worked as it allowed the relationship to grow.
This is probably my favourite of the series
Profile Image for LE.
44 reviews
January 29, 2021
Boyfriend Freeze (4 stars)

MM – College - Opposites Attract - Small Age Gap - HEA

Cheeky college freshman Ollie meets awkward grad student Graham. They are total opposites, but it is what makes them so good together. The story tells of the growing pains both had to endure to get their HEA. I recommend reading this expanded version, so you get both POVs.

Boyfriend Freeze is a nice addition to D.J. Jamison's “Love Notes” series. Jonas from Naughty & Nice makes a cameo appearance. I hope the chance meeting with @coop420 is a hint at a future story in this series.

*Thank you for Advance Reader’s Copy. I am happy to leave my voluntary review.
Profile Image for Robazizo.
903 reviews3 followers
February 14, 2021
2.75 stars. Hmmm. There wasn't anything actually wrong with the book, but it just didn't gel with me. Ollie read so young, I didn't really get any idea of Graham's character aside from the stereotypical librarian schtick and I just didn't feel the chemistry.
Profile Image for Rocken.
556 reviews5 followers
February 15, 2021
It was fine till 70%, then it got ridiculous with the whole abstinence resolution, and by 76% it became so boring I just couldn't... Noped out and never looked back.
Profile Image for Dan.
1,028 reviews17 followers
March 15, 2021
Cute! Ollie and Graham make a really cute couple. The notes aren't as prominent in this one as in the other books, but they're still part of it. I liked it.
Profile Image for Beagle Lover (Avid Reader).
391 reviews44 followers
December 13, 2022
4.25 stars

I would have lavished more stars, but editing mistakes detracted from the story's flow. Shame, that.

Ollie is a poster boy for every gay college frat partier that exudes sex appeal and loves hookups. But after sexting a nude photo to his last hookup, he not only gets blocked by him but realizes this is not the type of person he wants to be. To prove to his best friend, Kyla, and himself that he can change his ways, he makes a New Year's resolution to have no hookups for 60 days.

But he doesn't imagine meeting an intelligent, cardigan-wearing bibliophile who works at the college library to turn his world inside-out.

Graham, a nerdy graduate assistant at the library, has never had a sexual experience. Shy, seriously introverted and full of sarcasm, he gets harassed by Ollie during a mandatory study group assigned by his professor on research techniques. Beyond embarrassed and fighting an alarming attraction to Ollie, Graham finishes teaching the first class and retreats behind the safety of the library's reception counter.

Ollie also realizes he needs a job. While at the library learning how the do research via computer, he notices Graham assisting another student a few seats down. Visible from only the neck up, Ollie's mind sees an attractive guy and not a geeky wannabe librarian. Graham, overhearing Ollie talking about needing a job, meets his gaze and states that the library has job openings. After an exchange of snarky comments, Ollie demands a job application. After completing the application, he wishes Graham a "nice night, Graham." Graham replies with,"Yeah, you too, Ollie," both wishes oozing sarcasm. Thus begins the start of the two men's rollercoaster relationship.

The remainder of the plot shall remain undisclosed, mainly because it is too well written and entertaining to reveal. Polar opposites, Ollie and Graham embark on a whirlwind romance that Ollie cannot act upon, his aforementioned resolution barring his way. Determined to stand by his resolution to prove he is more than a "slutty twink," he keeps Graham's obvious feelings for him at a distance.

The resulting misunderstandings, rejected heat and humorous dialogue all combine into a delightfully slow burning romcom told with true emotion and unique style by the author. The various situations she places the two men into inside this story are both heartbreaking and heartwarming. And the book's cover is to die for!

I joyfully recommend this tale to all readers who like the main characters to be shy, gay, sarcastically witty and deeply romantic. I certainly enjoyed Ollie and Graham's adventure.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Profile Image for TJ.
80 reviews3 followers
February 5, 2021
Boyfriend Freeze is based on a short story released during a winter wonderland giveaway. Sometimes that doesn’t translate into a fully fleshed longer longer book but this one definitely worked. I really enjoyed the dual POV and felt like I really got to know Graham. Even though they are a few years apart this felt like an age gap story. Graham seems so much older and grounded while Olli is immature and has lost his way. They are almost total opposites but that becomes their strength as they both pull each other to a healthy middle ground.

I love a good redemption story and in the first chapter Ollie appearing to be terribly selfish and self absorbed. He makes a big mistake and crosses a line.
The book starts with the premise of what if screw up up so bad you have to change the direction your life is going in.

D.J. Jamison does an excellent job of taking the reader from ‘yuck I don’t like this guy” to understanding and loving Ollie mirroring Graham’s journey towards the same feelings. Ollie is at heart someone who really wants a wants a connection but has gone about it the wrong way, tying his self worth to his sex appeal. I enjoyed watching him mature into someone admirable without losing his wonderful sass and snark. Graham also is struggling with his self worth when it comes to sex appeal and relationships but from the complete other side. He doesn’t feel that anyone would desire him the way he is. He’s introverted and nervous around groups and in his own opinion, not someone that guys notice especially someone outgoing and ‘hot” like Ollie. But Graham has a hidden side, and he holds his own with Ollie. The snark is storing with this one!

I like a steamy novel, but enjoyed watching this relationship unfold without sex, and their ways of connecting to each other are sweet. But that doesn’t mean that the book is no steam! The sexual tension is electric. Ollie and Graham have a true spark and there is a HOT library scene, even with no touching between them. In fact, there is really no sex until close to the end of the book and it is definitely worth waiting for.

A sexy sweet funny New Year’s Eve resolution story for a hopefully better new year.
Profile Image for Lisa.
526 reviews4 followers
February 13, 2021
Boyfriend Freeze is Book 3 of the Love Notes series and follows Ollie's story who made an appearance in Naughty & Nice. This was originally offered by the author as a freebie as part of the Winter Giveaway in January but this book has been expanded from its original version. If you remember Jonas from that book, Ollie was the guy that was hooking up with him before Jonas figured out his feelings for Quinn. The first few chapters of Boyfriend Freeze overlaps with some of the events of Naughty & Nice because Ollie finds himself being blocked by Jonas for sending him an inappropriate pic. That catalyst event is what spurs Ollie to try and change his casual sex/hook-up lifestyle. He decides to make a 60-day no sex/hook-up New Year's resolution after he has a heart-to-heart conversation with Kyla (his best friend). He and Kyla meet Graham, a graduate assistant, in the library by chance and Ollie decides to apply for a job at the library because he needs the cash after a semester of partying too hard. Graham is a few years older than Ollie and is shy, introverted, and would prefer to spend his time reading than socializing. Both guys are opposites who find themselves engaged in a snarky snark fest at work while trying to hide their attraction to the other. Boyfriend Freeze was a fun, light-hearted read with plenty of banter and low-angst moments. I liked how Graham was understanding of Ollie's 60-day promise and also happy to see Ollie and Jonas get over their differences. I have to admit that when I first met Ollie in Jonas' story, I thought he was a bit of a twinky airhead without any substance. But Boyfriend Freeze changed my opinion of him especially after he showed how nice and understanding he could be based on his interactions with Graham. I loved how the author popped in a little Easter egg with Cooper who will get his own spin-off story in a new series that will take place in the same town :) All in all, this was a very light-hearted, funny read that I enjoyed.
Profile Image for Amy Dufera - Amy's MM Romance Reviews.
2,683 reviews119 followers
February 4, 2021
4.5 Stars

DJ Jamison's Boyfriend Freeze is a compelling read. I love this story. The tone drew me in, taking me on a heartfelt journey.

It all starts with a New Year's resolution, as Ollie vows to not date or hook up for 60 days. So, of course, that's when he finds that someone special who might just be the man for him. Cue the dilemma.

I adore these two men together. I love the way they get off on the wrong foot, but eventually get to be friends. As co-workers, the forced proximity helps them to get close and bring down one another's walls.

Graham is the sweetest. He's a geeky librarian who suffers from anxiety. His fear of public speaking makes me want to hug him. It took me a little while to like Ollie. He's just obnoxious and stupid at the start. His immaturity is all he shows at first. But, I love when we get to know the man under that immaturity. And it's fantastic the way he wants to be a better man, and Graham is happy to help.

The sex aspect is a ton of fun, as Ollie's a man slut, and Graham is not at all. They're hot together and I love the emotions involved. Their connection is strong, and each moment together just strengthens their bond.

In the end, the resolution is well done and the way Ollie deals with it is perfect.

The age gap is a little weird with these two though. One's a grad student and the other a freshman. Honestly, I'm surprised there isn't more angst about this. It's truly a large age gap at that point in life. But the two men handle it well and definitely seems like they can make it work in the long run. The two connect well and certainly help the other to be a better person.

Boyfriend Freeze is a tale of pushing oneself to be better. DJ Jamison delights in this tale that is ultimately full of character growth. In the end, it's way more than I was expecting and I love it all.
Profile Image for Emily Hernandez.
872 reviews13 followers
February 5, 2021
I read Ollie's story when it was part of the Winter Wonderland giveaway, and while the overall storyline is still the same, this expanded version gave me all the insider information about Graham that I was missing originally. I loved getting to see what Graham really thought of Ollie from their first interaction, and reading scenes from his perspective added a new depth to their romance. Whether they were bantering back and forth or stumbling around their attraction for each other, Ollie and Graham were just so adorable together. Out of all the college boys in this series, Ollie was the most misunderstood by far, and it warmed my heart to see Graham look beyond his sexy exterior to the guy who wanted to be appreciated and cared for. As the two of them fell for each other over library non-dates and Netflix binges, there was never a doubt in my mind that these two would walk away from each other. I would have loved to see more of the "in-between" stages of their relationship, but even without that extra content I was very satisfied with the way Ollie and Graham's story concluded.

**I voluntarily read an ARC of this book. This review expresses my honest thoughts and opinions. 
Profile Image for Xanthe.
1,761 reviews27 followers
May 11, 2022
DJ Jamison brings us another wonderful college romance, this time between to very different characters, Ollie and Graham.
Ollie puts himself on a self imposed ban on sex and dating, and of course that's when he meets and gets to know Graham, his opposite in every way. They definitely start off at odds, what with Ollie being all loud and sweary in the library where Graham works but there's also a spark there that has a chance to grow when Ollie takes a job at that same library. Graham is a total sweetheart with a bit of anxiety when it comes to talking to groups of people and would love to be left alone to work and research but Ollie makes sure to bring a smile and charms his way into Graham's heart.
These two together make for a sweet, slow burn read. I enjoyed how the relationship progresses between the two of them and there are several supporting characters that bring support and friendship in the form of a best friend, a sister and a grandmother.
Darcy's narration brings these characters to life and it's easy to fall into the story. I didn't think there was that much variation between the MC's voices but the emotions the felt really came through.
Profile Image for Freya Joy.
59 reviews2 followers
January 6, 2023
Boyfriend Freeze (Love Notes Book 3) by DJ Jamison ⭐⭐⭐.5

Fed up of one night stands and feeling rejected, Ollie decides to make a New Year's resolution to try and change his ways and stay celibate for 2 months. He starts a part time job at the college library where he meets Graham, a post graduate student and librarian, who is more focused on romance in books than in real life.

As Ollie and Graham spend more time together, Ollie begins to worry whether he can keep to his resolution or if he should give into temptation and pursue snarky librarian, Graham.

Over the course of the book, Ollie starts to learn his self worth and begins to believe that he is worth more than a one night stand. Graham helps to show Ollie that he is special and deserves to be loved.

Unfortunately it took me a lot longer to get into this book than I expected and I didn't feel the same connection with the characters in this story as I usually do with other books by DJ. This wasn't my favourite story in the Love Notes series but was still a good addition and I was glad to see Ollie get his well deserved happy ending.
Profile Image for Mari  Cardenas.
2,026 reviews24 followers
May 17, 2022
4.25 Stars!

Ollie decides to not date/hook up for sixty days after a sext message he sends gets him blocked. What he didn't count on was meeting nerdy grad student Graham, or that Graham will turn out to be his dream of a guy.

I loved Graham, he was so sweet and dreamy, treating Ollie better than anyone had before. It took me longer to warm up to Ollie, he was a bit too much at first, but he got better when he realized how badly he'd allowed himself to be treated before. It was great seeing Ollie grow up before my very eyes and become a much better version of himself, still snarky and fun, but realizing he didn't need to try too hard to be a good guy.

This was a very slow-burn romance, but it was sweet seeing Graham and Ollie fall for each other, even if they couldn't do much about it until Ollie's sixty days resolution ended. I really liked Ollie's BFF and Graham's family, too, they were fun and nice.

Darcy Stark did a great job with Ollie and Graham and I had fun listening to him narrate Ollie's shenanigans, LOL.

Profile Image for Melissa.
813 reviews5 followers
February 17, 2021
I loved this book! The sweet, nerdy librarian-to-be and the sexy party animal are opposites in almost every way. Ollie has started to see himself as only a toy for other peoples’ pleasure and it’s making him realize that he’s worth more and needs to prove that to himself while Graham needs to atop hiding behind his books and start to live a little. When Ollie makes a New Years resolution for no dating or hookups for 60 days, he never expected to fall hard and fast for the nerdy librarian. This book gave me all the feels! I loved how when they finally stopped dancing around each other and talked about feelings and stuff they realized just how compatible they really were. Ollie helps bring Graham out of his shell while Graham makes Ollie feel special and loved and none of that had to do with him putting out. It was such a sweet and lovey story that I can’t wait to own it on paperback too!!
Profile Image for K-Me.
962 reviews
May 9, 2022
Review of Audible!! This was an adorable and fun college romance! Graham is an introverted, socially awkward librarian and Ollie is what he calls himself a slutty twink! Ollie has made the resolution to change this right before he meets sweet nerdy Graham! Ollie is rude when they first meet, and it was lovely to watch them become close! Lots of funny thoughts about how Graham dressed and how Ollie was so full of snark and still horny all the time. Graham's love of books was over the top and Ollie's library fantasies were hilarious... and hot! The best part was that neither of them drastically changed themselves. They fell for each other the way they were! They embraced their differences and this broadened and brightened both of their worlds! Darcy gave a wonderful narration! He gave Ollie all the right sassy snark which really brought to listen to life! This was a perfectly paced love story of two very different young men falling for each other!
Profile Image for E.Muddle.
1,054 reviews17 followers
January 31, 2021
I read the original novella for this earlier and I’m so glad it was expanded to include Graham’s perspective. Complete opposites, Graham and Ollie get off to a bit of a frosty start which soon turns into flirty banter and mutual pining. I adored both characters and, although Ollie can come across as a tad selfish or judgmental in the beginning, he quickly shows himself to be loyal and kind. All he wants is to find a connection with someone, and it just so happens he may find one with the last person he expected. Graham is a shy sweetheart, but I loved that he wasn’t afraid to dish out the sass right back to Ollie. Their attraction is instant (no matter how much Ollie tries to deny he could like a librarian), and as they take the time to build up a friendship, they find that elusive connection in each other. A wonderful heartwarming read that will give you all the warm fuzzies!
1,265 reviews1 follower
April 14, 2022
Thoughts while reading:
-what exactly did Ollie do to Jonas, was it so bad he really has to make amends? And really sending one sext after breaking things off isn’t that bad. I think Jonas blocking him is totally overreacting.
-the constant hot and cold Ollie is doing to Graham isn’t fair, he should really explain things if he actually wants to date when his time limit is up
-this must be a tiny college if so few people work there at night.
-why do they have to be apart those days at the end of Ollie’s deadline? Why not watch movies and eat at Graham’s house? It’s possible to do that as friends and not have sex.
-not sure why Graham hasn’t mentioned his hookups, makes him look less deprived I guess and Ollie sure wouldn’t judge and he laid his past all out there
-wow, Nessa really steps over the line, and doesn’t seem to learn and does it again

Cute overall
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This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
1,200 reviews6 followers
January 31, 2021
When we met Ollie in Naughty and Nice, and then again at the very beginning of this book, he’s a bit of a hot mess; understandably so, since he’s barely out of his teenage years, having just finished his first semester in college.
He shows a great amount of maturity going on a self-imposed, two-months sex ban, during which he wants to change his way. Of course, it’s just then that he meets cute and introverted grad student and librarian Graham.
They start out as co-workers and friends, though they both feel the attraction, and the ban Ollie is on allows the relationship to develop slowly and more deeply.
The book is sweet and low angst and it can absolutely stand alone, though you may appreciate it more if you know what role Jonas (from Naughty and Nice) has in it.
Profile Image for Brianne McCallum.
900 reviews5 followers
May 13, 2022
Story 3.5 hours rounded up

For me this was just ok. The characters didn't stand out for me and the story didn't grab me. I didn't not like it though and I really enjoyed the last 2 hours. For me it just took way too long for them to get together and the uneventful plot made me zone out quite a bit. Even in the end there's is almost zero heat and quite frankly I was bored alot of the time. Only reason I kept reading is cause I did appreciate their differences and back and forth snarky banter.

Narration 5 stars

The narrator did a fantastic job. Their reading voice was pleasant. They expressed the emotions really well and they used different voices for each character that suited them really well and were all pleasant to listen to.
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