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Until Kelly

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I know I am safe now.
I wanted a fresh start, beware of what you wish for.
I have regrets but things became complicated.
What did Kelly do, I ran?
No one can run forever.
In Comfort, Texas I met the man who makes me forget my past but how long can I keep up with the lies. How long before my past catches up to me and destroys us all?
How much do you really need to know about someone before you fall in love with them?
Can there really be love at first sight?
I didn’t believe in it and I didn’t believe in love at all.
No one was going to convince Trask Stillman that I would fall for a woman without even knowing her name.
I know she has secrets she’s running from.
I see the shadows in her eyes but none of it matters to me.
I want to take the shadows away.
I want something I thought I would never have, Until Kelly

129 pages, Kindle Edition

Published August 6, 2021

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About the author

Vera Quinn

43 books241 followers
I have been an avid reader since I was taught to read. I was the oldest of six children and reading was a getaway for me. When my sister became sick she encouraged me to write my first book. That was in 2015 and I released my first book in March 2016. I love to read, write and share books. I am a wife, a mom, and a grandma so the only problem I have is finding the time to get it done. I have been married to my husband for 23 years and he is my person and strongest supporter.

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Profile Image for Vicky.
1,997 reviews21 followers
October 15, 2021
I was really interested in this when I realised who Kelly was... and then...the male lead:

'I like variety and I am not too selective.'

Wow... just wow... now that is someone that I would really want to spend time with...

So, this at chapter 6 was a DNF.

I pretty sure that this will be popular... but, self-proclaimed man-whores who are so fraking proud of it... I find more than a little sad. And we all know that Kelly is going to be the one who 'changes' him.
1,532 reviews11 followers
August 8, 2021
Dnf, not sure if I'll try again
He is a man whore and likes it that way. When he sees the h the goal is to get her into bed. She turns him down and wants to be friends. I don't like the about him and don't care to read more
Profile Image for Flavs is Mrs David Gandy♥~♥’.
2,929 reviews2 followers
August 5, 2021
OMG I am so in love with this story. This was an EPIC Story. I think now my favorite so far in the Boom Factory series. I cant recommend this story enough. If you can read this book without shedding a tear then I don’t know, lol

Kelly had to disappear from her twin sister’s life under the impression that she was dead. She got mixed up with bad people and left to protect her sister. Now she is in Witness protection waiting to testify and put them in jail. She has been on her own for a while now in Comfort Texas, and finally decided that she need to start living and make some friends So she left her house and went to town. And when she stepped in the dinner for lunch she meets Trask #sigh

Trask is a player. He does not want to settle down. He loves his life and don’t see himself with one women anytime soon. Till the day he goes to lunch to meet a friend and in walks Kelly. He is immediately drawn to her and invites her to lunch. But Kelly isn’t a pushover and doesn’t fall for his lines. And the more he gets to know her the more he falls in love. Even though he tells her they can be friends he knows he is going to do everything in his power to make her see that he wants her forever.

I love love loved this story. I fell in love with Trask immediately. He was funny charming and so sweet and so much more. The way he started this relationship was so sweet and his interactions with Kelly was just too much for me. He knew she was hiding something, but he didn’t push her he make her tell him of her past. Kelly was finally trying to live her life and she meets Trask and she cant believe that he wants her. We also get to see a ‘guest’ appearance by Sage and Jax Mayson. And that ending oh my word. EPIC EPIC EPIC!! If you a fan of the BOOMFACTORY stories then you have to read this book. You will fall in love with this world all over again ❤ 😊 ❤ ❤

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Fay’s Corner
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4,006 reviews40 followers
August 8, 2021
I quite enjoyed the story even though it was not my favorite trope, instant attraction. But it kind of works for Kelly and Trask. Trask, a well-known manwhore, reforms the moment he saw Kelly. I guess that's where the Boom was. I definitely liked how the author wrote that part of their story. I can really feel the Boom.

But Kelly was not looking for anything serious. So he was friend-zoned. But Trask still pursued her. Then this is where it kind of gets weird because their friendship turned into a relationship in a matter of seconds. I mean not like that second literally. He didn't push her or anything. But they didn't even talk about the shift, then they are suddenly in a relationship. He's not friend-zoned anymore. I don't know, but it feels like Trask is a bit impatient.
Profile Image for Emily.
4,973 reviews525 followers
November 3, 2021
Kelly's life has been a path of mistakes from every turn. After her latest run in with a bad situation she ends up starting over in Comfort, Texas. She keeps to herself and is determined to change her path forward, what she doesn't plan on is Trask Stillman. Trask is definitely interested in Kelly and is determined to win her heart. The only problem is that Kelly has secrets and will Trask be able to accept all her mistake as well?

I wanted to like this one but when I realized it was Kelly's story I struggled with her character as she did some major problems in a different book. Good story, was surprised by this one.
Profile Image for Leah.
632 reviews21 followers
August 6, 2021
When I heard that Kelly was getting her own book I was intrigued. I wasn't quite sure how an author was going to be able to give her a HEA that she deserves. She was a character that you disliked in so many ways in Until Sage. Yes, you could understand the why's....but at the same time, there is also choice in life. When we meet her again in her own book, there are so many things she is dealing with...the what ifs, the what shoulds, the what nows that guide her decisions and choices now. I applaud Vera Quinn for turning a character that is so disliked into someone you might not necessarily like, but have a certain amount of respect for now.

Trask...I am still not sure about him. I love the way he treats Kelly and love the devotion that he shows her. But there is just something about him and his story that I didn't connect with. I feel as thought there is a disjointment somewhere along the way that I couldn't get away from.

That beingn said, this is a well thought out addition to the happily every alpha world, and Vera Quinn does the original story justice with Kelly's HEA>
Profile Image for Kristin  Aragon.
357 reviews99 followers
August 6, 2021
Hi! Welcome to my blog where I write book reviews and random mental health articles. Today we welcome Until Kelly by Vera Quinn to the blog.

When I sat down to read this book, I had no idea what to expect as this is the first time I have read anything by the author. What I found was clear, focused writing. The characters were vibrant and authentic, each blending into their roles. Kelly, the main character, was a flawed heroine working hard to change her life.

Trask came on strong with a thick southern accent. He was known to many as a womanizing, playboy. I found the sudden change in Trask’s character from a male who had never been in a relationship to a taken, committed man willing to do anything for a girl he just met at the local diner, a bit shocking. It was insta-love at its best.

I have to admit that this is not only a romance but a tinge of a mystery also. With any mystery, it is difficult for me to not guess how things will play out. There were so many ways it could come together and I guessed it wrong every single time. This was pleasantly surprising.

The only thing that disappointed me was the lack of showing and the abundance of telling. The story remained intriguing from beginning to end.

Originally reviewed at Twisted Realities
Profile Image for Callie.
323 reviews6 followers
July 27, 2022
Trask was so gross in the beginning I had trouble ever getting on board with him. He was a womanizer to the extreme and proud of being with every girl in town.

I know Kelly had a rough past but she was never bothered by his womanizing ways? A waitress Trask sleeps with warns her instantly and at first Kelly rebuffs him and says they’ll just be friends, and I was like yes, go girl! But then they hang out twice and say they’re on their second date, and I was like what?! What happened to friends?

Trask does a 180 from thinking oh I’ll hang out and get her out of my system to saying oh I’m marrying her. After that, he was sweet, but I still just didn’t love him…

There’s some action and angst at the end. I would’ve liked to see a little more of Kelly’s transformation or past - I think she’s mentioned in a past book I hadn’t read. I would’ve liked to see her and Trask talk about a bit more. Blind acceptance is great but maybe chat it out also.

P.S. Trask involves that waitress he slept with in his proposal. So sweet 🥲
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Profile Image for Kylee.
2,514 reviews33 followers
August 5, 2021
Until Kelly blends seamlessly with Until Sage so for all the fans of the Until series this storyline will bring a few surprises that you never expected. Trask and Kelly’s story has a gentle Boom but fits perfectly with these characters. A story that is packed with emotion, drama, a little angst and passion. Two people that are drawn to each other and have no care for each other’s past. Until Kelly is about finding your one, moving forward and learning to love yourself. Their story has chemistry and you will feel a connection to these two instantly. A captivating read that holds your attention right to the very sweet ending.
1,192 reviews8 followers
August 22, 2021
Not a Kelly martyr fan

Kelly was lucky not to have parents like Trask's. They were manipulative self serving evil creatures. Some redemption at the very end. I didn't care for Kelly from the start,and I didn't have pity or empathy for her. Many people are born into similar circumstances and have risen above them and become productive people through tenacity and perseverance. She chose her seedy path and languished in it. When she witheld the full truth from Trask, I felt she didn't deserve him, and she admitted it herself. She showed a definite lack of integrity. She had a small redemption at the very end too. The heart wants what the heart wants. So be it.
Profile Image for Monica Holloway.
627 reviews19 followers
August 17, 2021
Kelly & Trask

This is a excellent change in Vera Quinn writing. I’ve read all of her other books. I’m so glad she had this opportunity to write in the Until collection. Kelly had a rough beginning. But she was working her hardest to make changes in her. Kelly put in the hard work and maybe she didn’t have everything she wants. She still has a great guy in Trask who is willing to stand with her. This story has suspense, angst, secrets, drama, forgiveness, romance, passion, boom, & happily ever after. I recommend you read this one!!!!!
Profile Image for Jennifer Brewster .
1,145 reviews7 followers
August 8, 2021
Trask & Kelly

I love a good small town book and this was that. Kelly is running from her past and trying to start over in a new town. Trask is a ladies man with no intention of ever settling down. Until he sees Kelly. They fight through all the forms of her past together and come out on top. Great story and wonderful tie in to Until Sage.
Profile Image for Beauty and the Book.
134 reviews7 followers
August 8, 2021
Damn Kelly

Damn, I didnt realize this was a story I would want. It ended and I wanted more. I wanna know if/when Sage tells. This story was beautiful but so tough. So much heart break tears yet growth. I love Kelly's determination, her what would Kim to philosophy and the reminder sometimes we need to forgive ourselves to move forward
Profile Image for Amanda M.
1,966 reviews16 followers
August 11, 2021
A really great story that draws you in. Kelly has a past that has left her cautious and then there's Trask a guy set on no intention of settling down. When these two meet everything changes. It's a story that'll unravel secrets and reset the course of what it means to trust, to live, to love and change. Loved reading.
422 reviews1 follower
September 4, 2021

Sorry I just did not like this book at all. I thought it was long and horribly boring. I honestly didn't even like the characters. I have most of the "until" books and love most of them but for whatever reason lately they have been, no good with this one being awful. I can't think of even one reason to tell people to read this book. Shirley
Profile Image for Maria.
434 reviews
February 1, 2023
Kelly and Trask hea

These two start their relationship as friend. Kelly is taking a big risk making friends in her new town of Comfort. Traci doesn't believe in been with one woman until Kelly walks in the dinner and BOOM. These two have a lot of secrets to sort through but their love is so strong. Hopefully Kelly will make amends with Kim in a future book.
Profile Image for Mrs Jayne Rushton.
1,230 reviews1 follower
August 7, 2021
Great addition

I love this series and this is a great addition to it.
That a lovely pair these two are. While the story could have focused on the negative past, instead it chose to look forward to their future which was a wonderful change.
56 reviews
August 9, 2021
Great follow-up

I am a Vera Quinn fan and she. did a wonderful job with Kelly's story. I am also a fan of Aurora Rose Reynolds writing . I found Ms . Quinn's story similar to Until Sage while maintaining her own unique flavor.
2,920 reviews8 followers
August 9, 2021
Just WOW! I love Trask and Kelly,they're just soo good and soo perfect for each other! Such a wonderful and beautiful love story! Soo soo good and soo H.O.T🔥🔥 I absolutly loved it soo much!😍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🥰
Profile Image for Sheila.
1,621 reviews4 followers
September 3, 2021

This is my first book by VQ. Loved the style of writing. Looking at her other books. I could not believe Kelly was alive, and that she did a complete 180… She definitely deserved her HEA.
Profile Image for Charlene.
4,994 reviews2 followers
June 15, 2022
I wondered how this story was going to unfold knowing what I knew from before. I think it was done beautifully. Kelly and Trask both have a past, but they were able to overcome that. I do in my mind think Kim and Kelly will get that reunion someday.
Profile Image for Julie Carey.
45 reviews
August 6, 2021
Unexpected story

Wow I never thought I’d read a story about Kim’s sister. It’s a fantastic read snd I loved Trask and Kellies relationship
Profile Image for Veronica Mostel.
1,066 reviews
August 9, 2021
Loved it

What a great book. They were perfect for each other. She knocked him off his axis. She had a troubled past. His love was so strong. Great book
Profile Image for Jessica.
2,809 reviews21 followers
August 9, 2021

I enjoyed the concept of the story, I just had a hard time getting into the actual story. Crazy, I know.
Profile Image for Marissa W..
282 reviews1 follower
August 20, 2021
Quick read

Good book, first I've read by this author. I enjoy how the storyline connects with The Until Series by Aurora Rose Reynolds.
Profile Image for Natalie Hughes.
665 reviews5 followers
December 26, 2021
Didn't enjoy the writing style for this book so was quite disappointed but it is my belief everyone should make there own mind up
Profile Image for Christina.
350 reviews18 followers
August 10, 2021
Quick read

This was a quick read. I felt it was a bit rushed but since it was a short book that was expected. In the end, there was a HEA.
237 reviews16 followers
August 29, 2021
the storyline moves quickly with characters that really tug at your heart strings... it's super cheesy sometimes and touchingly sweet with an HEA to swoon over.... hopefully everyone else enjoys the story as much as I did!
Profile Image for Meredith.
469 reviews13 followers
August 6, 2021
When I started reading Until Kelly I initially had zero clue where Kelly came into within the Happily Ever Alpha Universe. But when I figured out that the Kelly in this story was the Kelly from Aurora Rose Reynold's Until Sage I. WAS. SHOCKED... From reading Until Kelly we got the impression that she was a horrible, selfish person and the Kelly within this story seemed like such a nice woman, that I couldn't believe that they're the same person. I was also shook to my core because Kelly supposedly died at the end of Until Sage so I had no idea what was going on. Overall I loved this story, Kelly wanting and really trying to be a better person after all of the mistakes she made, mostly due to her Homelife growing up and Trask who finally found a girl that he wants to spend the rest of his life with. I loved what Vera Quinn did with this story and I hope she writes more with the side characters from Comfort Texas. My only complaint about this book is that even though Sage found out that Kelly was alive, he a.) treated her like trash before he heard the full story (and continued to treat her that way after finding out she changed) and b.) never told his wife, Kim, who is Kelly's twin sister and is mouring her death, that she's still alive. That just bothered me a lot.
When Kelly moved to Comfort Texas she didn't just move there for a second chance, she moved there because the witness protection program faked her death to hide her from some bad men that she overheard talking about their business dealings. Kelly isn't sure she is able to forgive herself for all of the bad things she did to her twin sister, Kim, but she wants to try an move on with her life and live like Kim wanted her to.
Trask is a simple guy he likes working on his family farm that he basically runs and he likes the company of women, but he doesn't want any sort of commitment. But when he meets the secretive Kelly he knows that she's the one for him. But can they overcome the secrets that are between them?
839 reviews2 followers
August 10, 2021
Until Kelly by Vera Quinn is part of the Happily Ever Alpha World series from by Boom Factory Publishing and Kelly and Trask had me HOOKED from start to finish!

Kelly is hardened, world weary, yet still has an innate sweetness that I just wanted to see cultivated and bloom! She's trying her best to find her own little slice of heaven, and pushing herself to do better and find that inner happiness.

Trask is a hoot! His live and let live attitude, his genial attitude, even if it is a with a side of never having seen how a woman could be more than a piece and instead a friend and so much more, well, it was refreshingly honest, and made me love watching his journey to the BOOM all the more!

There's mystery, there's drama, there's intrigue, all liberally sprinkled with chemistry and a wealth of emotion. This story runs the gamut of everything you could think of and more, and always circles back to trust, honor, loyalty, and most importantly, love.

It's absolutely another great Until story, and I loved the references to Kim and Sage's book!
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