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Quranic Infographics: A Collection of Illustrations Inspired By The Quran

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This hardcover, full-color book is a collection of illustrations inspired by verses of the Qur'an. The artist has employed distinctly different art styles to present various topics including ethics and morality, history, and law in Islam. From ancient Egyptian Art, stained-glass, and architectural isometric drawings, each piece has been thoughtfully composed to effectively communicate the Qur'anic message to all audiences.

40 pages, Hardcover

Published February 1, 2020

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About the author

Mahdi Tabatabaie Yazdi

3 books4 followers
Mahdi Tabatabaei Yazdi grew up in a family of devout Muslims. He was always encouraged to practice his faith and follow his passion as an artist. As a result, his early childhood was spent making drawings with meaningful stories and messages behind them. As his exposure to the wider world of art increased, he was faced with the reality that even in his religious society, art represented many aspects of human life – except religion.
Therefore, as an artist inspired by Islam, he chose to communicate his faith through his artwork. “I believe art is a language that everyone appreciates despite what they believe. It is linked with the human instinct, and the human instinct is created by a divine power that is full of beauty.” – Mahdi Mahdi has a bachelor’s degree in architecture which reflects in his artwork.
After completing his formal education, he started out as an illustrator of short comics and soon thereafter, founded SalamComics. He works with a brilliant team of local illustrators producing exclusive products for his clients. Mahdi has devoted his life to building bridges between communities through the language of art.

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587 reviews201 followers
March 3, 2021
Brilliant idea of creating a Quranic infographic book! and the illustrations that inspired from the verses of the Holy Quran are just stunning and full of arts with vibrant colours. As we all know, Quran touched about everything generally and specifically. So, in this book, the author puts in a lot of the common stories that we've learned since we were younger, such as pilgrimage, ihsan, signs of Allah from what can be seen in the universe, hijab, riba, and so much more.

The other interesting feature that I really like is the augmented reality apps that allowe you to see the pages become "alive" on screen. My 7 years old son and me had tried it using his tab, and it is an amazing experience to see the visual digitally and listen to the surah recital at the same time.
July 28, 2021
Great book with amazing & cool colorful graphics intended for kids (and adults too😁) to understand few of the basic principles of Islam written in the Quran. Highly recommended for kids in primary school, and be accompanied by their parents.
1 review
July 4, 2021
i bought the book particularly for my kids, where learning the teaching and history of Islam in the Quran thru illustration would be a better way for their understanding. i specifically love the stained-glass graphics of the Mary in the Quran. very beautiful indeed. it’s a must have book for anyone, Muslim or not. May Allah blessed the effort in getting the divine words of Allah throughout the world. Amin.
1 review
July 3, 2021
Amazing!!! Love this book! Its soo interesting and innovative. So much of hardwork put into creating this! Totally worth it and you wont regret buying this book. I enjoyed reading each and every page and its mesmerising artwork. MashaAllah!!!❤️
14 reviews8 followers
April 26, 2021
A fun and imaginative way to introduce Quranic verses to kids and adults alike.
It's visual and fun. AND it's very well thought. The illustrations are in various historical styles and you can tell there has been a lot of research there.

The verses are respected and simply translated in English. I personally wish it was available also in French so that my kids could browse through the pages on their own. Maybe someday. Meanwhile I'm eagerly waiting for the Hadith Infographics that is announced to come

Really cool reference book.
Profile Image for Javeria Zaidi.
Author 21 books1 follower
February 20, 2021
Read this gem the other day! What a gorgeous book. Absolutely stunning illustrations, with the verses of the Holy Quran woven into them beautifully.
We especially loved the chapter about Moses, and that sparked a broader conversation about Ancient Egyptians.
I love how they have topics like hijab, respecting the parents, etc and all the verses related to that in an engaging and child friendly manner.
My new favourite in children’s Islamic books. Can’t recommend this enough!
1 review
August 18, 2021
" What you seek is seeking you" - Alhamdulilah, that we recieved precious perfect gift ever ! It has brought more interest for kids to act towards deen, yes i agree that after going through this "Quranic Infographics" our nephew ask so many of questions, specially the stories of Prophet Musa (as). I am glad that my brother has gave such a beautiful gift to my nephew and i recommend people to go for it and apart i request salamcomics too, that kindly make more of such thing that kids able to learn more and act towards deen.
1 review
September 29, 2021
The book is a collection of holy selected verses in connection with wonderful pictures. The pictures capture the reader's attention. The book also can be like a school teaching islamic lessons. My children and I really enjoyed reading it and each time, we discovered something new and amazing in the pics about the Holy Quran and Islam. Highly recommended.
Profile Image for Teacher.
138 reviews3 followers
July 7, 2022
Folks! I HAD to update my review of this treasure! I really enjoyed this book, but THEN...I learned that there is a free downloadable companion app. The app enables the reader to enjoy the book with AR (augmented reality), which gives 3D interactive video and audio content. No exaggeration, this is the coolest book I have ever seen!

This is one of the most beneficial and all-around best books I have ever read! The contents are suitable for all ages and all religions. Each page spread is thoughtfully produced, incorporating the artistic style of the different eras and places from all over the world. Each spread is packed with content, so that I find more detail and more delight each time I look at it. I was a little put off by the price ($30)but I assure you, it's totally worth it, an excellent value and asset I think will be accessed as entertainment as well as a reference for my whole family for years to come. I especially personally like page 13 entitled "God multiplies". This spread shows an imaginary kind of wish (dua, or good intention) machine, in which a person can actualize her or his good wishes for others. What a beautiful concept, and one that I find everyone, particularly children, can relate to! What a unique and ground breaking illustrated book!
1 review4 followers
July 11, 2022
I do not know where to begin writing this review.
When I first caught sight of the absolutely stunning "Mary in the Quran" page I just knew I had to have this book on my shelf at home.

Every single page has been splendidly illustrated to portray the basic meaning behind the mentioned verses of the Holy Quran; and the isometric drawings, as well as the colour-schemes are so aesthetically pleasing that I ended up perusing this book for two-hours straight. The author's knowledge about architecture has surely elevated this book from good to great.

The pages I personally like the most (it was very difficult to choose favourites as each leaf was lovely) are pp. 2, 3, 7, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19, 21, 23, 27, and 30. Yes, it's safe to say I completely adore this book.

It was an ingenious choice to employ art-styles inspired by various civilisations around the world, as they invoke a sense of unity and harmony among the entire human-race despite our religious and cultural differences.
The futuristic, and ancient artworks used to imply the timelessness of Quranic messages were clever too.
Additionally, the "Notes" section is very useful as it gives brief and simple explanations for all the illustrations.

To conclude, I would like to say the Author has succeeded in delivering a point he stated in the Introduction – "My humble intention in producing this book was to communicate some of the salient messages of the Holy Quran through the universal language of art." – and I recommend it to people of all ages even though it appears to be aimed at children; because admiring art and obtaining knowledge are indeed blessings from God, for everyone.
May 11, 2022
An incredible masterpiece which is concentrated with rationality and verse is illustrated objectively and,thus,successful in order to deliver the pious message of Qur'an.At present where there is need of lucid format for learning and contemplating islamic knowledge i am sure this book will be contributing highly as it's targeted audience belongs to our younger generation in particular and all other age groups in general.
Profile Image for Marissa.
22 reviews7 followers
February 20, 2023
The work is simply stupendous! I could never get enough with the illustrations. The author’s architectural skill and aesthetic taste has certainly put this book in a different league.
In each topic, every visual plays a part in conveying the supreme message of the Quran. The idea is well articulated yet still encourages Q&A and discussion at the same time, especially for younger readers. Neither passive reading nor dull moment with this book!

Of course i’m gonna mention about the AR feature. That what makes our learning & reading the book become more alive and compelling. It’s a whole new learning experience Masha Allah. Well done!

Not to mention, the hint of historical elements from many parts of the world has been incorporated into the artworks and eventually increase the universality of the book. Using both ancient and futuristic themes to show the timeless teaching of the Quran is also brilliant!

Thank you for designing a book that’s accessible to a wide range of age groups and approachable even to the non muslim. Looking forward to your future infographic artworks.
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