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Jonny Roberts #3

The Witch Hunt

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Two months on from the tragedy of the burned house, and Jonny has spent most of the long summer days in bed, hiding from the miserable rain. Ghost-hunting is in his past. After all, it has proved to be little more than a curse.

However, when his dad reaches out to him after an eighteen-month absence, Jonny can’t hide his fury. He also can’t say no when his father asks him to stay at his new home in the quaint, little village of Peene. Maybe it will heal the hurt between them. At the very least, it will take his mind off Grantford, and his haunting nightmares.

But, when he realises ‒ feels ‒ that all isn’t quite right with his dad’s new partner, Bella, he has no choice but to turn back to his ability. To uncover a grisly murder of years past. Even if it means risking another date with death . . .

242 pages, Kindle Edition

Published February 8, 2021

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Alexander Lound

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January 17, 2021
A quick and easy third installment of this series. Character development and world building were great. The first 30% was a bit slow but after that it really picked up. I felt there could have been a little more meat to the story, maybe a couple more twists or situations to vamp up the mystery and suspense. The MC is growing and his thoughts are becoming more responsible and mature. I hope the next book digs deeper into his relationships and self worth. The first book remains my favorite but that's typical of any series. A solid 3 stars; another entertaining and original read from Alexander Lound.
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434 reviews11 followers
January 27, 2021
The Witch Hunt follows on from the devastating ending of book two. Jonny is grieving the loss of his friend and has spent his summer in hiding, determined to turn his back on his gift and try have some kind of normal teenage life.

But when Jonny's father reaches out after over a years silence, Jonny decides it might be a good time to escape his home and thoughts and maybe build his relationship back up with his father.

It's not long before things take a sinister turn, and Jonny realises there's something not quite right with his dad's new partner Bella.
He soon turns back to his gifts and old friends to try get to the bottom of Bella's strange behavior, which leaves him to then try solve a terrible murder that happened many years ago.

This was a quick and easy read for me, I enjoyed the story and the character building. We get to see Jonny grow a little more, and start to accept who he is and fight for what he believes in.

I loved the other 'horror' elements that were introduced into this story, the past history of the witch hunts I found really interesting. I also really enjoyed that we got to see the other side of the story, so not only did we hear from the ghost, we got to see her killer and there POV and excuses for why they did what they did. It really added to the story for me.

I'm keen to see what comes next for Jonny and his friends.

Thank you so much to the author Alexander Lound who very kindly gave me an advanced copy.
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January 18, 2021
After the tragedy events of the burned house, Jonny had decided to leave his “gift” behind and be a normal kid. When his dad reached out, after 18 months of absence, Jonny was furious, he didn’t want to see him, but then again, would it be such a bad idea to hear him out? Little didn’t he know that a new adventure was expecting him, right where his dad was living and this time he couldn’t turn his back, too many caring people were involved.

After reading the first two books in the series I was so excited to know that finally the sequel would be out and Alexander was so nice to give me the possibility to have an ARC copy of his book, couldn’t wait another second to know what would happen to our little, courageous guy!
As alway the writing style is easy, young and engaging. The book hard to put down and the ending? Well I just hope a fourth book comes out in a month otherwise I’ll drive myself crazy trying to imagine what to expect next!
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123 reviews41 followers
February 8, 2021
I was given a free copy of this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Our series protagonist, Jonny Roberts returns for this latest paranormal adventure, and this one is probably the darkest yet. Weaving together complex problems, both real and supernatural, Johnny has a lot to deal with and the stakes are higher than ever.

I think any kid who grew up in a less than perfect home will be able to relate to our hero's struggles. I loved how themes of familial loyalty are addressed and it touches on the fact that our parents are fallible human beings. In a lot of YA, we see parents that are squeaky clean or altogether absent and that just isn't realistic. They may be the people who raise us but they make mistakes and sometimes those mistakes hurt us. I really appreciate that this book doesn't patronize its readers by implying things are so simple.

When Jonny goes to stay with his dad he's dealing with grief and heartbreak from the end of the last book, which is another mature topic that I thought was handled respectfully and maturely. He faces new family figures including his father's romantic partner and her daughter. He must try to come to terms with his own feelings in order to let these new people into his life.

Of course, it wouldn't be a Jonny Roberts book without a spooky mystery to solve and as I mentioned, this one is very dark. This time the horrors aren't just dead and buried, and Jonny and Friends need to race against time to save those they love and themselves!

There were a few parts I found slower than previous entries but when the action does ramp up, it delivers! I loved the return of one particular consistent character in this series, and I'm hoping the ending means we'll get to see another in the next entry.

My final rating for this book is 3.5 stars and I highly recommend checking it out if you like adventurous, character-driven stories that include some supernatural elements.

**Trigger warning for attempted suicide**

Thank you very much to Mr. Lound for the opportunity to read and review this book before its official release! I'm looking forward to the next entry in the Jonny Roberts Saga.
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1,375 reviews27 followers
February 8, 2021
Johnny is recovering from the loss of his friend Stephen and by association to the catastrophic event...Cassie. He is adrift with heartache and grief. Grief which only gets added to...

His father, Michael, who disappeared from his and his mother's life and cut all contact has called and wants to see him. Reluctantly Jonny agrees.

While visiting his father, he notices Bella (his father's girlfriend) has been acting strange. Determined to find out why he summons a spirit and what he learns can only lead one direction...to a mystery that needs solving and to setting things right.

This series has been an enjoyable one and is one I think young readers will enjoy. The writing is easy, fun and quick. It's hard to put down once the story gets moving along. I have enjoyed watching Jonny's growth and look forward to more.

I received this E-Book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed herein and mine and mine alone.
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41 reviews
February 8, 2021
I was lucky enough to receive an advanced copy to read and review, and I promise honesty.

This is an incredibly fast paced, paranormal YA fiction. Having read all three books of the Jonny Robert Series now, I can easily say this was my favourite, with a change of scenery, a darker undertone, some new characters, and of course a new ghost to face and to help.

I'm always sceptical of any paranormal reads involving mediumship, or touching upon details like crystals, candles, space cleansing etc. as I've had a spiritual upbringing and my knowledge is reasonable. There were a couple of moments, as with the first two books that I questioned, but not enough to interfere with the story telling from the author.

Overall a quick read and a gripping plot.
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843 reviews50 followers
February 9, 2021
(originally reviewed at thelibraryladies.com )

Thank you to Alexander Lound for approaching our blog and sending me an eARC of this book!

It’s always a nice day when I get a notification from an author I’ve highlighted in the past that they have a new book coming out. Earlier this year it was “Atonement”, which saw the end of the Cerenia Chronicles, and now we finally get a new story from Alexander Lound’s Jonny Roberts Series, “The Witch Hunt”. I was already thoroughly invested in the stories about teenage medium Jonny, and when you throw the mere idea of witches into that, well, you officially have me snared.

When we left Jonny at the end of “The Burned House”, things had taken a turn for the worse for our teenage medium. His best friend Stephen was dead, his girlfriend Cassy had broken up with him because of the dangers of his ghost talking abilities, and Jonny was all around feeling lost. “The Witch Hunt” doesn’t walk any of that back, and in fact puts him in an even more precarious place in that his father, who abandoned him and his mother a year and a half prior, now wants Jonny to come visit him and his new lady friend, Bella. What is supposed to be an awkward reunion turns into another supernatural adventure, as it becomes clear that there is something wrong with Bella and the local historic site that was the location of witch hunts and burnings centuries ago may have a key. I liked getting Jonny out of his usual routine for this book, as it gave him more space to explore and a different approach, given that now the case is actually personal to him. Another change is that Lound doesn’t walk back the separation from Cassy, at least not yet. I was wondering if we were going to have a tug of war of feelings, and then just a reconciliation to get things back to ‘normal’, but it’s not as simple as all that, as it is made clear that Cassy’s hesitancy and fear is perfectly understandable. This also gives Jonny a little leeway to just be on his own for this story (well, outside of his mentor/friend Aaron, who does come in, which is fine by me because I really like Aaron!), and not have to continue an complex teen relationship on top of everything else.

I also didn’t expect, but really enjoyed, the approach that was taken towards Jonny’s father’s new partner, Bella. I think that it would have been super easy for her to be the unlikable home wrecker trope. I mean, I probably would have accepted that without any questions. But instead she is a very likable person who you care about, especially when it’s clear that something is very wrong with her that is putting her, and her loved ones, in danger. While I DO think that there could have been a little more ‘responsibility’ taken on her part when it comes to getting involved with a married man, just insomuch that it’s definitely mostly on Jonny’s Dad, Bella did have a part to play in a lot of pain caused to Jonny and his mother. But that said, I liked that she wasn’t what I expected her to be, and that she was, in fact, overall a decent person.

As for the mystery itself about what is ailing Bella and where the Witch Hunt site comes into it, it was pretty solid. I don’t want to give too much away, but Lound takes the opportunity to explore misogyny, violence towards women, and makes connections between the medieval witch hunts and modern day victims of what people think women should be, and what women owe men. And while it may be true that witches as characters weren’t really a part of this as much as I had hoped, the themes of witches and witchcraft and what they have represented throughout history is definitely a HUGE piece of the story. And I really liked that.

“The Witch Hunt” is another fun ghost story from Alexander Lound! I’m so happy this series has continued and cannot wait to see where it goes next!
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99 reviews1 follower
February 6, 2021
Thank you to the author for giving and an advanced copy of this for a review. This is the third book in the series, and after reading the first one I fell I love with the character Jonny.

Jonny is trying to overcome the loss of his best friend after he was killed by a ghost, and after getting back in touch with his dad he goes and spends some time with him and his step mum and step sister. However Jonny quickly realises that something isn't right with his step mum Bella, she experiences night terrors and he comes to see that his gift is the only thing that will save her. We also get to hear from Aaron again, to help Jonny out with his mission to save his step mum.

Spending time at his dad's, and the events of the book folding out like they do, Jonny comes to terms with who he is and what this gift of his means. We see him develop as a character throughout all the books, but especially this one. I cannot wait to see how the forth book goes!

As ever, the author has written a really engaging book which is hard to put down, in the end I read 80 percent of the book in one sitting. The writing style is simple and easy and yet the author manages to capture the interest from the start. What I love about this series too is that they are short books but so packed with action that keeps you on the edge of your seat.
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26 reviews
January 20, 2021
I was very thankful to receive a free copy of this book from the author to review. I loved the first two books and was extremely excited for the third and I was not disappointed.

‘The Witch Hunt’ is the third instalment of the Jonny Roberts series written by Alexander Lound. Believe me when I say that with each new book the story and characters keep getting better. ‘The Witch Hunt’ begins with an emotional atmosphere as the main character Jonny realistically battles with the grief he feels after the loss of his best friend. The event which kickstarts the plot of this book is the phone call from Jonny’s dad inviting Jonny to spend the weekend with him in his new countryside home. Soon after the supernatural elements begin to take form and they sure do make the story extremely gripping. Personally what I love about this book and the others in the series is reading about the different interactions with the spirits, and I also love the detective work included in the characters job. In my opinion the events and conclusion of ‘The Witch Hunt’ are disturbing.. but in all the right ways; I was hooked and shocked at the end. Thanks to reading all three books in this series I have discovered my curiosity and love for anything involving the supernatural.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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105 reviews24 followers
January 22, 2021
Omg this book was fantastic! We see Jonny grow so much more in this book then the previous ones and I loved it. I enjoyed that the emotions presented throughout I could relate to especially while he was trying to move on. Before I continue... if you are looking at this review lol I'm assuming you read the first 2 books. If you haven't I highly recommend you read those 1st since this is the 3rd book in the series. Aaron is one of my favorite characters and I'm so glad we got to learn alittle bit about him before he was a badass supernatural expert. The mystery was really well written and I loved all the different twists throughout. I was really happy to finally know what happened to Jonnys dad after he had left. This was a really fun quick read and I would definitely recommend to those who love mysteries, witch hunts, and an old fashion seance.
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9 reviews1 follower
January 13, 2021
Finished the witch hunt,  Johnny Roberts 

Gripped from the start.

Wasn't expecting Johnny's dad being a main part of the story 

Was actually really nice to learn of his relationship with his dad. 

It was intense from the start and seemed to have a dark theme running in the plot of the story frim pretty early on 

Just from reading the book - just my personal take on it

Not everyone else's 

It was really fast paced. 

Made perfect sense and kept me gripped 

I was particularly drawn to Samantha,  also the way that arron was by Johnny's side and the relationship that's clearly growing into a bond between the pair.

Looking forward to seeing what develops next in Johnny's journey.

The stories get better and better as each book comes out
Abosoulty loved it 5*
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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7 reviews
February 7, 2021
I was very grateful to receive a copy of this book in return for my honest feedback. After reading the first two books I was familiar with the main characters Jonny and Aaron. The book carried on with how Jonny dealt with everything after the ending in book 2! ( won’t say too much as I don’t want to spoil it for people who haven’t read it) I Instantly connected with the book again and remember what happened. The whole way through the book I found it so easy to read and keep up with. Towards the end of the book I struggled with my own emotions. It literally let me with goosebumps! I felt happiness, heartbreak and sadness all in the same chapters! This book along with his others are so well written and connected!! Definitely one of the best books I have read! Highly recommend!!
245 reviews1 follower
January 16, 2021
As a fan of the Jonny Roberts series I was very anxious to see what happened to Jonny after the devastating events in The Burned House. The Witch Hunt picks up about a month after the last book and we find Jonny is broken mentally and physically and swearing to never use his gifts again. He breaks his vow after visiting his estranged father and learning his future stepmother is possessed at night by the spirit of a woman burned at a stake. The novel and the character Jonny really comes alive when he investigates the spirit and a twenty year old unsolved murder. I highly recommend The Witch Hunt if you're a fan of the series, ghost stories, and unsolved murder mysteries.
Author 10 books18 followers
January 18, 2021
Struggling after the traumas at the burned house, Jonny faces new challenges in this entertaining 3rd book in the series. We get an in-depth look into the dilemmas he faces as he tries to comes to terms with the death of his friend, and deal with the impact its had on him and his other relationships. The plot builds nicely, taking the reader to and through some genuinely scary moments while introducing us to some new characters.
I enjoyed discovering new layers to Jonny's personality as he matures and copes with his (to say the least!) unusual life.
A great book - hope there will be many more to come!
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47 reviews
February 8, 2021
4.5! The 3rd book in the Jonny Roberts series of adventures. I say adventures because Jonnys life is far from boring! We finally get to meet his father (and learn why he was absent for a while) who wishes to reconnect with Jonny. Jonny takes the opportunity with his father in hopes to get away from the slump he's fallen into as a result of all he lost not long ago. He soon realizes somethings not quite right about his fathers new lady. In his attempts to figure her out, he reaches out to Aaron as he definitely needs his help. The Duo soon learn they've stumbled into something they might not be able to get out of.
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43 reviews15 followers
February 3, 2021
The third book in the Jonny Roberts series and what a great book it was. Jonny lost a part of him in The Burned House and is having a hard time moving on, he gets an unexpected call from his dad and decides to go visit him for the weekend, weird things are happening and he starts to investigate.

What another wild ride into Jonnys life, we get to see Aaron and Jonnys friendship build more and are introduced to new characters, I loved that Jonny gets to rekindle his relationship with his dad even if it is rocky at first. When he starts to investigate what is going on with his step mom and witches that had been burned at the stake, I was hooked. Can’t beat a good witch story. This one had me from start to finish!
7 reviews
January 23, 2021
Wow... just WOW!!! I really enjoyed this addition to the Jonny Roberts series they really do just keep getting better and better. But the cliffhangers just become deadlier lol I just want to know what happens!!
I had so many feelings during this one as well! I was sad and mad and just stressed out for Jonny!
I could not put it down I was thinking about it when I couldn’t read it. It was just really good and I am thankful for getting to read this advanced copy!
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64 reviews2 followers
February 3, 2021
The third instalment in the Jonny Roberts series was definitely my favourite so far. We pick up where we left off in the last book and dive straight into a new and exciting story. This was so fast paced and so great that I read it in one sitting. The stakes felt even higher this time and kept me guessing even more.

I can’t see what’s next for Jonny! Thank you to the author Alexander Lound for sending me an advanced copy.
69 reviews
May 29, 2021
Witches indeed.

I've read all 3 of the books in this series.Jonny is a new medium just finding out about his gift and being thrust into different degrees of danger.Good read,contacting the e was is never easy.
April 2, 2022
Another great Johnny Adventure!

I love these great stories. This series is a great cozy ghost story series. It's an easy fun read and I love seeing the adventures that Johnny gets himself into.
3 reviews
November 27, 2021
Good book.

I have read 3 of the Jonny Robert's books and enjoyed them all. I am now starting book 4.
Hope you enjoy them too.
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11 reviews3 followers
February 9, 2021
Two months after the tragic events that happened in the Burned House, we find Jonny grieving, spending his time only with his mother. His days as a medium are over. Until his father calls after 18 months to make amends.

I love the slow beginning of the book. It really made it possible for me to imagine Jonny, his grief and the whole atmosphere. Because of that, I like the moment when the things get faster even more. A phone call from Jonny's dad flips his world around. The conversation with his mum and the fact that he actually wants to spend some time with his dad show how mature he has become. Even though we see his mum for a few brief moments, it is evident that her character has also developed. The author didn't let the characters, mostly Jonny, just move on. They had to talk through their issues and face their inner demons. Some of them even literally.

When his dad's new family needed him, Jonny could've been selfish. He could've ignore the problem. But he didn't. He turned to his old friend Aaron for help and returned to his gift. I cannot put in words how satisfied with the development of his character I am. Jonny put his suffering aside, even though it kept him awake for most of the nights.

The paranormal part of the story is so mysterious and interesting. It's been intertwined with the non-paranormal events in a great way. Witches, their dying, the injustice done to them. We learn about these stories, while Aaron and Jonny search for a certain witch and a certain lunatic. Speaking of the lunatics, the insight into the killer's mind is a great addition to the book. We get to see how twisted that person's mind was, which makes the crime even more absurd.

This has been my favourite part of the Jonny Roberts series so far. It felt like watching an episode of the tv show The Medium all along. Looking forward to seeing what's next in Jonny's life.
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45 reviews3 followers
February 9, 2021
This was such a great fast read for me I have loved seeing Jonny grow and develop throughout this series and each book bringing a new adventure with it.
This instalment felt so much more intense with not only Jonny dealing with the death of his friend but learning to navigate a relationship with his fathers new family.
There’s a sprinkling of horror added into the mystery that I really enjoyed. Once you start this book you won’t be able to put it down.
This book was sent to me by the author in exchange for an honest review
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92 reviews
March 16, 2021
THE WITCH HUNT by Alexander Lound

Two months on from the burned house, and Jonny spends the long summer days in bed, protected from the miserable rain. Ghost-hunting is in his past. After all, it has proved to be little more than a curse.

However, when his dad reaches out to him after an eighteen-month absence, Jonny can’t hide his fury. He also can’t say no when his father asks him to stay at his new home, in the quaint, little village of Peene. Maybe it will heal the hurt between them. At the very least, it will take his mind off Grantford, and his haunting nightmares.

But, when he realises, feels, that all isn’t quite right with his dad’s new partner, Bella, he has no choice but to turn back to his ability. To uncover a grisly murder of years past. Even if it means risking another date with death . . .

The Witch Hunt is the third haunting tale in the Jonny Roberts Series. Find out more about the Jonny Roberts Series and @aloundauthor at alexanderlound.com.

When I heard that a new Jonny Roberts’ adventure is coming, I knew that I have to read It.
I quite enjoyed the first two volumes of the saga, which I discovered this year so the wait for this new volume wasn’t too long.
I’m so glad I read this, but now I have to wait for the next one…
For those of you who like me devoured Jonny’s adventures, the author is looking for beta readers right now: just send him a message and let him know you’re up for the task.
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65 reviews7 followers
August 22, 2021
This is series that’s just a lot of fun to read and this book was no different.

One of the things I really enjoyed about this book was just how stereotypically British it could be at certain points. For example, there’s a point in the book when a potentially very emotional and tough event happens in Jonny’s life and right after it his mum and him discuss what to get for dinner instead of talking about what’s happened!

Also I’ve never read a book in which so much tea has been drank, now I’m a big fan of tea so I very much support this!

The characters in this story are really interesting you’ve got Jonny who’s 16 and can speak to ghosts, he’s also had some fairly traumatic things happen in his life. Then you’ve got expert medium Aaron, who likes to rock a trench coat and a cowboy hat! What really makes this story is the great bond between these two characters. Other than their shared ability to speak with the dead they really are very different people, but they have such a great relationship. To me it always seems like Aaron is almost like an older brother to Jonny

Overall another enjoyable entry in the Jonny Roberts Series!
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