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Spectacular Spreads: 50 Amazing Food Spreads for Any Occasion

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The BakerMama is back! In this follow-up to her best-selling Beautiful Boards, Maegan Brown (aka The BakerMama) takes her super-popular snack boards to the next level with 50 delicious, inspiring, family-friendly, and easy-to-recreate spreads and build-your-own food bars for all occasions.

In Spectacular Spreads, The BakerMama shares even more of her tips and tricks for effortless, stress-free, and foolproof entertaining that will impress your guests and feed a hungry crowd, all while allowing you to relax and enjoy the occasion. Visually exciting and deliciously enticing, the spreads are comprised of easy-to-find fresh and prepared foods and are arranged in beautiful, artful, and whimsical ways.

In this stunning book, you will find spreads for entertaining and special occasions, seasons and holidays, breakfast and brunch, lunch and dinner, and desserts and drinks, including:
Build-Your-Own Omelet Station
Build-Your-Own Breakfast Tacos
Build-Your-Own Baked Potato Bar
Top-Your-Own Pizza Station
New Year’s Eve Appetizers Spread
Cinco de Mayo Spread
Christmas Cookie Decorating Party Spread
Graduation Party Spread
Ladies Night In Spread
Tailgate To-Go Spread
Make-Your-Own Ice-Cream Sandwich Bar
Blend-Your-Own Smoothies Bar
Craft-Your-Own Cocktail Bar
and much more!
With every spread accompanied by a gorgeous, large photo and simple step-by-step instructions, Spectacular Spreads is an entertaining game changer that will have you spending less time in the kitchen and more time having fun.

288 pages, Hardcover

Published September 28, 2021

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Maegan Brown

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Profile Image for Melissa Borsey.
1,514 reviews37 followers
August 25, 2021
Loved this beautifully photographed book! So many different spreads for having fun at home with the family and more lavish spreads for entertaining. There are ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and special occasions, such as hosting a Super Bowl party, a child’s birthday party, even a fun sleepover spread. I thank Netgalley for the opportunity to read and review this book.
Profile Image for The Sassy Bookworm.
3,365 reviews2,305 followers
November 18, 2021

I am a little behind on my cookbook reviewing. What can I say...not enough hours in the day! 🤷🏻‍♀️ Okay, onto the review...I am always looking for new and interesting ideas for get-togethers or just relaxing family meals. And they packed this book FULL of brilliant and drool worthy ideas. The "top your own toast" was a HUGE hit with adults and kids alike. As was the Appetizers Only Dinner Party! The layout is so well done. It's full of gorgeous photos and easy to follow recipes and ideas. This is honestly one of the best cookbooks I have reviewed in a long time! I can't wait to dig into the Christmas and New Year sections!

**ARC Via NetGalley**
Profile Image for David Gibson.
95 reviews16 followers
September 2, 2021
A must have for any entertainer. Spectacular spreads is like the Swiss Army knife of party food.

First let me say I’m not big on hosting, but I can’t resist a good spread of food which is what drew me to this title. I realize the market for this book is more the kind of people who host parties on the reg, and it’s definitely a home run for that crowd.

The spreads are varied enough that you can find a killer one for any type of party you might be having, and the spreads I assembled (and ate way too much of) were delicious.

If you’re going to have company over soon, don’t come unprepared. Buy spectacular spreads and knock it out of the park!
Profile Image for Leith Devine.
1,407 reviews91 followers
September 29, 2021
I loved this book! I used to think of spreads as appetizers, I never thought to make a breakfast or dessert spread! I’m inspired now to get out my boards and play around. The pictures are fantastic, I was inspired just looking at them. This book has great ideas for families and entertaining, especially because the board can be set up and labeled so there’s something for everyone. People who are gluten-free or have other specific food requirements can choose the food right for them. I can’t wait to get started!
Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
Profile Image for Jene.
162 reviews17 followers
August 19, 2021
Spectacular Spreads by Maegan Brown is a feast for your eyes! This book is stunning. Once you get past the gorgeous photos, the advice and recipes are just as good. There are ideas and spreads for everyday, special occasions, and entertaining galore. Everything is laid out and planned for you, making it so easy to use and create your own spreads. I can’t wait to try so many of these! This is a cookbook you definitely need to add to your shelf.

Thank you to NetGalley and Quarto Publishing Group – Rock Point for the opportunity to read this book for an honest review.
495 reviews11 followers
July 24, 2021
We've all heard of charcuterie boards. Well, now there's a board or spread as they're called in this book for every occasion.
This is an adorable book with lots of great ideas and the pictures are fantastic.
Profile Image for Sarah Soper.
122 reviews11 followers
December 27, 2021
This is my favorite cookbook I’ve ever owned. I’ve spent hours pouring through it getting ideas and recipes. This is the way I most likely to cook (and eat!) so it’s a perfect fit for me
Profile Image for Chloe Bateman.
81 reviews9 followers
August 29, 2021
This book is so beautifully written, it is full of colour and makes me desperate for one of the spreads! The information is laid out very easily, it covers all bases including the basics such as planning and ingredients/items required for chosen spread. The author covers breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, special occasions and holiday occasions. The author even explains how to display drinks. My favourite was by far Halloween or Christmas eve - purely because it is my favourite time of the year.

This is a book I would use time and time again and one I would love as a hard copy to display on my bookshelf! This is a first for me by the author and one I enjoyed and would read more of their work. The book cover is eye-catching and appealing and would spark my interest if in a bookshop. Thank you very much to the author, publisher and Netgalley for this ARC.
Profile Image for Katie Nelson.
116 reviews13 followers
May 5, 2022
Beautiful book with fun ideas

I love looking at all the photos in this book and reading through the many ideas. There are some really clever spreads and lots of fun and unique touches.
Profile Image for Sylvia Spruck Wrigley.
Author 32 books45 followers
October 3, 2021
When I was first offered a review copy of Spectacular Spreads, I turned it down, as it was not the type of recipe book that I would normally use. Then my mother and my daughter both announced their intention to visit and I realized that this book might just be the thing to save my sanity.

Spectacular Spreads offers a great collection of what Maegan Brown calls "spreads": a table full of food for a crowd to pick and choose from. Brown started her blog, The Bakermama, in 2012 and this is her second book, which follows on from Beautiful Boards. I have not read her first book but Spectacular Spreads stands alone, offering fifty well-laid tables for extravagant entertaining ranging from dinner for four to an evening event for a few dozen people.

I had no intention of hosting a grand meal, however the selection of Lunch and Dinner Spreads held a number of options suitable for a smaller meal. Each spread consists of clear and extremely practical sections: the supplies needed, the recipes which can mostly be made in advance, the additional spread items, a step-by-step guide for assembling the spread and a selection of tips and tricks, including how to use up the left-overs. Spectacular Spreads isn't about saving time: It is more effort to prepare a spread than it would be for a normal family meal. However, a table full of options allowed me to elegantly side-step everyone's likes and dislikes as each person could pick and choose the combination perfect for them. The spreads are also inspirational; at first, I could not see the point in a spread for Grilled Burgers and Hotdogs, for example, but the long list of toppings and condiments along with the tips for putting it all together made this an amazing table full of great choices for everyone. Similarly, the Stuff Your Own Baked Potato had a number of items, allowing me to make a hit for all the family without having to think about how to ensure a balanced meal. The toppings can be store-bought or made in advance from recipes at the back of the book and the photographs offer further inspiration as to how to make a relatively simple dinner look like a gourmet restaurant. It may seem odd to have a Charcuterie and Cheese board which seems like anyone could make, but she comes up with an expansive version which allows each guest to make their own mini-board, a truly impressive meal for a big crowd with a wide variety of options along with tips for how to choose complementary flavors and textures. Brown also recommends getting everyone involved in preparing the recipes and laying the table, which my family enjoyed. This was especially helped by the "build your spread" instructions with photographs on how to get everything onto the table.

I suspect it will be a while before we are hosting parties safely, I'm looking forward to returning to the book when we do. The Special Occasion Spreads include tips for party themes and decorations that won't break the bank. Many offer not just food but a plan for the evening, for example Holiday Cookie Decorating and the Cookies and Cocktail evening. Brown gives practical instructions for pre-preparing as much as possible and then steps us through putting everything together when the guests arrive, eliminating my traditional need for a spreadsheet to ensure everything gets done. There's surprisingly little overlap for the different spreads and Brown encourages the reader to mix and match to their own tastes. I liked the encouragement to offer a variety for all tastes although peas kept turning up in unexpected places including the Make Your Own Pasta spread, Stuff Your Own Baked Potato spread and even as a key ingredient in the recipe for a Turkey Cheese Ball.

In addition, each spread starts with a list of special items (food warmers, wooden boards, soup pot) so you aren't ambushed by unexpected requirements halfway through the planning. The store-bought items should all be readily available in the US although readers abroad may find themselves bemused by some of the ingredients, such as a can of cinnamon roll or red, white and blue Rice Krispies. There are some interesting assumptions baked into the dishes, if you'll excuse the pun: football themed meals are heavy on chili and meat while showers and a meal for the gals are very pink and feature a lot of granola and yogurt. However, if the cute gets too much, you can always self-medicate with the Mix Your Own Margarita spread.
Profile Image for Kate.
292 reviews6 followers
August 25, 2021
Maeghan Brown aka The BakerMama is back with her second book "Spectacular Spreads." The book is your go to guide to putting on a spread whether it's for a lazy weekend brunch, a dinner party or a festive feast.

The first thing you notice as you flip through the book is the mouthwatering photography. It seems each spread is more delicious looking than the last and you'll be finding reasons to schedule social events so you can create a spread of your own. Actually there is no need as pretty much any spread in the book can be adapted for a family dinner.. There is a massive selection of recipes to choose from with in the book and they will appeal to anyone regardless of your skills in the kitchen - some recipes only need assembling too, so provide a quick and easy solution if you are in a rush.

I really loved the structure of the book, set in to sections by time of the day and by occasion. There are full on buffet style meals, or classy appetizers and even recipes for cocktails to accompany your food. here is a handy guide to what equipment you need and typically how much food to allow per person

Some products aren't available in the UK but could easily be replaced with similar items from our supermarkets.

We tried a few of the different spreads and found that our kids loved eating together in this way and creating their own dishes - the top your own macaroni cheese was a firm favourite as was the hot chocolate bar. I, for one cannot wait to make a Biscoff Bourbon cocktail and try our the Christmas Eve spread. I can see a weekly spread dinner being a new tradition in our house. It's so good, it's made me want to buy the first book "Beautiful Boards" to sit alongside "Spectacular Spreads" whilst I rustle up a feast.

Thank you so much to the author, publisher and Negalley for the opportunity to review an advanced copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
Profile Image for Laura.
244 reviews2 followers
September 3, 2021
Maegan Brown, the Baker Mama, is back with Spectacular Spreads-50 Amazing Food Spreads for Any Occasion, the follow-up to her wildly popular Amazon editors choice, Number One best-selling cookbook, Beautiful Boards-50 Amazing Snacks for Any Occasion.

In Spectacular Spreads, Brown takes the charcuterie craze to a whole new level.

With a collection of 50 themed spreads, there is something for everyone. From a simple family movie night, or waffles on a weekend morning, to a festive New Year's Eve gala with friends, Spectacular Spreads is a blueprint for a meal with something extra.

Tips, tricks and recipes are included, as well as Maegan Brown's encouragement along the way. Each themed spread has a gorgeous full color photograph that allows you to either duplicate the look, or to use as a springboard for your own imagination.

It's that encouragement from Brown that I think sets this book apart. She makes it easy for you to gather everything you need for success, along with ideas for making it uniquely yours. Don't like this type of plate? No problem, use those you love. In love with your aunt's brownie recipe? Please bake up a batch! The best cookbook authors take you on a guided journey with help to bolster your confidence along the way.

Most of all, Brown wants you to enjoy your time in the kitchen, to enjoy your meals with your family and friends, all the while making memories of special times spent together.

I received an advanced copy of this book. This is my honest review.
279 reviews5 followers
January 30, 2022
preads have become the modern way to entertain, and Spectacular Spreads: 50 Amazing Food Spreads for Any Occasion is yet another of hundreds of new cookbooks on the market today. The author, Maegan Brown has a good imagination, so this book includes more good ideas than some of those other cookbooks.

This excellent book covers spreads for cocktail parties, breakfasts and brunches, special occasion spreads, and desserts spreads. Brown presents spreads that most of us will want to serve or participate in. There are organized lists of what goes into each spread, and easy-to-follow recipes for the main parts. The book also includes beautiful photographs of the spreads and most of the recipes, which is an essential element of a good cookbook. One of the drawbacks of a spread is keeping the foods warm and cold; Brown has ideas on this that make sense. Many of the themes presented have been popular for years, but Brown has organized them and made them beautiful.
Anyone who wants to set up beautiful spreads can learn how with the chapters on the whole planning process including shopping, quantities, best locations, preparing, and serving your spread. Essentially, these spreads are mini buffets that can be put in dozens of places in your home and presented at many occasions. There are plenty of hints for beautiful presentations, and food ideas that will appeal to almost everyone. This is definitely a fun book and makes a good addition to a comprehensive cookbook collection.

Special thanks to NetGalley for supplying a review copy of this book.
Profile Image for Tanya R.
969 reviews28 followers
September 18, 2021
Did I enjoy reviewing this Cookbook on NetGalley? Yes I did.

Did I love it so much that I went right out and bought it? Yes, yes I did!

I love Cookbooks anyway but this is part Cookbook and part party planning (which I'm horrible at, btw) and I just fell in love with it.

There are certain occasions that I try to have big spreads for, one is Thanksgiving and one is New Years Eve.  Big dishes for Thanksgiving and a bunch of appetizers on New Years Eve.  But I never thought about all of the other occasions that this book dives in to.

The spreads that Brown has created are so much fun and so beautiful.  If you want to have the work off your shoulders for coming up with the ideas and be shown a beautiful way of presenting foods to impress your friends and family, then this book is for you!

I loved all of them but the ones that I'm most excited about are Valentine's Day, The Margarita and the Hot Cocoa spread.  So many great ideas. I can't wait to start putting some of these together.

There are some recipes within the book that need to be cooked or prepared ahead and
the recipes are all easy to follow.  The other ideas Brown gives are for additional ingredients to include in your offerings.

I loved everything about this one and I can't wait to get my hard copy later this month when it comes out!

Thank you to #RockPoint and #NetGalley for making this book available for review. All opinions expressed are my own.
Profile Image for Opal Edgar.
Author 3 books4 followers
September 13, 2021
Beautiful presentation like always - it looks appetising and gave me loads of ideas - though a lot of those are quite messy, probably more complicated in the end than making a traditional meal because you have to remember to buy and assemble a lot more things, and very American, so quite sweet and not very healthy, with only quite Anglo recipes or favourites (like Mexican foods and Italian).
When the dishes are obviously healthy they are often a little less appetising (I can't say I will ever be attracted to a raw broccoli florettes tree with dip, and I've never seen anyone go for that either). I have lived all around the world and seen the buffet/tapas/do-it-yourself tradition all over and loved those - from Spain where it is a tapas institution, Lebanese mezze, to the Korean bbq, Chinese hot pot and yam cha, Japanese hand sushi party, French aperitif diner and soooo many other delicious spreads... I felt like those recipes in the book lacked a little freshness and might have been overly complicated like the do it yourself pizza. Unless you have an outdoor pizza oven (that literally only takes 6min per pizza to cook) - the back and forth between batches cannot be much fun, and getting kids to wait after the fun might be not so fun.
A huge amount of effort when into this, but this might not be for my family.
Profile Image for Abra Kurt.
93 reviews1 follower
October 27, 2021
This book delivers on the promise of its title – spectacularly. I love books and blogs that inspire ideas for entertaining at home – and especially ones that demystify plating and staging and make beautiful buffet tables accessible for the average home cook. Subtitled “50 Amazing Food Spreads for Any Occasion,” I’d say Spectacular Spreads offers up gorgeous options for every occasion – from an Omelet Bar to Luau, Tea Party to Tailgate, and of course major holidays like Valentine’s Day, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. Known as the BakerMama in the blogosphere, Maegan Brown is not only artistically talented, but also excels at providing clear instructions for recreating her lovely, themed board, bar, and spread looks for your own event. Spectacular Spreads takes the guesswork out of styling, leaving typically harried hosts and hostesses with more time to focus on connecting with friends and family and making memories.

I received a digital pre-publication copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review – and loved it so much that I purchased a physical copy for my own collection.
Profile Image for Sara.
27 reviews
September 2, 2021
WOW! What an absolutely spectacular book! Maegan has created a wonderful guide with tips and advice to serve up some brilliant spreads. As the regular host in my friendship group and a food blogger I'm always looking at ideas for beautiful platters and these are fantastic. I love how the book gives plenty of ideas for large sizes and you can easily adapt these for smaller groups or preferences. A lot of the items would be easy to find in the UK, or an equivalent, so you can really replicate these or use the suggestions for changes. Including tips on time frames for each platter on when you can make things in advance (a simple key to stress free entertaining I find!) and also what to do with leftovers - a common problem when you like to make sure people won't go hungry!
I can't wait to try some of these ideas, the waffle bar, top your own Mac & Cheese are top of my list, although they all sound delicious! The seasonal special boards are a real showstopper and I can't wait to try a Halloween and Christmas spectacular spread!
2,362 reviews5 followers
August 19, 2021
There are loads of spreads in this title. They cover Breakfast & Brunch; Lunch & dinner; Special Occasions; Holidays; Desserts, and Drinks.

The book opens with some helpful sections as, for example, How to Use This Book, What You’ll Need, and Planning. Then come the spreads beginning with a Continental Breakfast that includes cinnamon swirled coffee cake, mini banana muffins, blueberry streusel quick bread, and mini cinnamon rolls. These recipes are followed by suggestions for accompaniments. Some of the recipes that follow are familiar crowd pleasers; there are soups and sandwiches, tacos, pizzas and more. Holiday spreads include one for a family Valentine’s Dinner, an Easter Brunch and more.

This cookbook has many illustrations that may well inspire those who are planning gatherings…once we are again able to do so.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher. All opinions are my own.
Profile Image for Johanna Sawyer.
3,372 reviews37 followers
September 5, 2021
What a gorgeous book? Aptly named because I loved the gorgeous pictures. I’m having a birthday party and I can not wait to try some of these gorgeous ensemble of dishes!

What did I like? The book is sectioned by theme or events and all the gorgeous pics are filled by how to obtain that spread. It has tips, tricks, and even lets you know what can be made ahead of time …to save time. I thought many of the ideas were crafty and very cute. I’ve seen people make spreads before but this really is one of a kind!

Would I recommend or buy? What’s great about spreads is that most of this stuff can be easy leftovers. It really has some spectacular ideas! If I ran a bed or breakfast or had a large family. Even easier you can size down the spread for just yourself and your friends. There are so many to try as well. Something really for everyone! Five stars! Really enjoyed it!

I received a complimentary copy to read and voluntarily left a review!
Profile Image for Meghan.
2,073 reviews
September 29, 2021
This book was received as an ARC from Quarto Group - Rock Point in exchange for an honest review. Opinions and thoughts expressed in this review are completely my own.

I am always a fan of bars such as salad and sundae bars and Maegan Brown gave us such a unique spin that is definitely worth considering. She also gave some ideas of party planning ideas and real crowd pleasers that will get you to be the talk of the neighborhood and the life of the party. The photos displayed throughout the book were so breathtaking and you could not help but get excited to create some of these spreads and show them off at your next get together and party. Each spread looks easy enough to execute and it is definitely a candidate for a future cooking demo.

We will consider adding this title to our TX Non-Fiction collection at our library. That is why we give this book 5 stars.
266 reviews2 followers
September 5, 2021
I absolutely love this book. As a person who struggles to decide what to pick from the menu at a restaurant because what I really want is a bit of 3 or 4 things, this is the perfect way to entertain! I love what I cal a picky plate for dinner, I mean who doesn’t?!
I think it’s great the way the spreads are themed and that it tells you how many people it should serve and all the things you need, from ingredients, any special equipment and any extras to go with the recipes.
I could see me using elements of this book regularly too and not just for entertaining.
I would definitely recommend this cook book to everyone..
My thanks to NetGalley, the publisher and the author for allowing me to read this book in return for an honest review.
321 reviews1 follower
September 10, 2021
This is a beautiful book filled with beautiful foods laid out in incredible ways. I was so excited when I saw this book. I love entertaining and creating foods. This book is the best of both worlds. So many times you will see a food lay out and they only want to tell you how to make the food. Not only do they give you recipes to make the incredible foods but also help you with how to lay it out. Charcuterie boards are very popular now and this book takes that up a notch. It's not just cheese and crackers it's hardier foods. They give you lay outs for any occasion and for any holiday you can think of. But why wait for a holiday why not create one of these boards for a plain Thursday night with the family. I can't wait to get my copy of this book.
Profile Image for Taryn.
833 reviews21 followers
October 7, 2021
I love putting foods together for parties and this is an absolutely perfect book for that. It takes care of any meal you could think of whether it be brunch, a baby shower, or even Christmas. There is definitely something for every occasion. I like to try out recipes and such when I have the chance and had fun putting together the fill your own Chili bowl. It was a huge hit and I look forward to not only doing it again but putting my own spin on it next time. I loved the ideas for Christmas and have already started planning my own holiday spread. If you like to put a fun spin on a meal or even an event this is truly the book to have. I can't wait to take on more spreads and adding my own spin to those I choose to do.
2,841 reviews254 followers
August 23, 2021
I received a copy of this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

This is a beautiful book of spreads!

While some of them don't feel super practical, like having people pick omelet, pizza, or toast toppings that may not be as good once they've cooled, it's a nice concept. There are also some unique recipes, like mixing multiple sauces/condiments in a tortilla that aren't really for me.

That being said the pictures are beautiful and the book breaks down how to make the foods for each spread. There's sweet and savory spreads. They don't feel super practical given the pandemic, but it's funny for a night in.

Overall an interesting find.
Profile Image for Leanne Mellon.
151 reviews1 follower
September 13, 2021
Spectacular spread includes a large selection of meal plans for every occasion you could think of. The book is beautiful presented with mouth watering photos. It includes various recipes to ensure you can replicate the amazing spreads presented. The recipes are easy to follow and do not require a million different ingredients. They are also aimed at the every day cook rather than intimidating those who read them. The book is easy to follow and set out for very easy reading. I will definitely be assembling many of these spreads to entertain my guests. Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for the ARC in return for an honest review.
162 reviews
September 20, 2021
I will say up front that this book was not for me. I don't really serve food this way at gatherings and I felt like some of the ideas were really obvious. So while that kept me from giving this book more stars, I realize that others will love this idea. I think the photographs were gorgeous, and did tempt me into envisioning possibly hosting a party like that. I kept reading to see what other spreads she would come up with, and I did find some recipes to try. So overall, I think this will be a loved book, it just wasn't my style.

Thanks to NetGalley for an advanced copy in exchange for my honest opinion.
Profile Image for Kristine.
3,244 reviews
September 21, 2021
Spectacular Spreads by Maegan Brown is a free NetGalley ebook that I read in late September.

Tablescapes and thematic recipes for different meals and celebratory occasions, usually consisting of many heaping round side dishes, drinking cups, and topping bowls surrounding a main course platter. No matter how typical that may seem, the recipes really stand out and complement each experience. My favorite spreads ended up being for creating your own breakfast toasts, chili night, smoothie bar, charcuterie (friggin’ huge!), Father’s Day dinner, and the slumber party. A billion times more customizable, cost-effective, and handier than a caterer on speed-dial.
Profile Image for MookNana.
845 reviews9 followers
August 21, 2021
This is so beautifully photographed! The spreads are visually stunning and look delicious. The variety of recipes is abundant and they're all accessible and appealing. This will make a great gift for any foodies and entertaining enthusiasts!

As much as I want my own copy, I really, really want my friends to get copies and then invite me to their parties. This is definitely next-level hosting and I would be so impressed to see any of the suggested spreads at an event.

Many thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review!
Profile Image for Heather.
181 reviews2 followers
August 24, 2021
What a colourful book of what it says on the cover! so many great ideas and recipes for everything, Themed buffets, football snacks, birthdays and celebrations. So inspired to make some of them, did the sausages in honey yesterday and they were lovely. The book also has chapter on getting organised and the ingredients are all normal family food store, with one of two more expensive gourmet type recipes, you can mix n match. Great book for organising your buffets and making an impact. Thank you #NetGalley for the book to review.
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