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Welcome to the school for shifter rejects…



Cast away by their mate, the renounced are directed to attend university together by the Pack Council to salvage what’s left of their shattered lives. The objective? Reform, impress, or get the hell out.

There’s no room in the packs for wolves who don’t conform. Who can’t breed future heirs.

With living feral, a.k.a. certain death, as the only alternative, the rejects need to win back their true mate—or find an appropriate alternative—before they’re banished from the packs forever.

The Rejected Mate Academy series is an M/F wolf shifter romance. For news and announcements on this series, please join E. M. Moore’s Facebook group or subscribe to her newsletter.

372 pages, Kindle Edition

First published April 12, 2021

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About the author

E.M. Moore

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E. M. Moore is a USA Today Bestselling author of Contemporary and Paranormal Romance. She's drawn to write within the teen and college-aged years where her characters get knocked on their asses, torn inside out, and put back together again by their first loves. Whether it's in a fantastical setting where human guards protect the creatures of the night or a realistic high school backdrop where social cliques rule the halls, the emotions are the same. Dark. Twisty. Angsty. Raw.

When Erin's not writing, you can find her dreaming up vacations for her family, watching murder mystery shows, or dancing in her kitchen while she pretends to cook.

To keep up with her and her books, you can like E. M. Moore on Facebook! (Just copy and paste the following link into your browser.) https://www.facebook.com/EMMooreBooks/

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April 19, 2021
As someone who loves and devours every Rejected mate book, my idea of Rejected mate books is about someone who is abused/dumped, who leaves and finds a second chance in life and love. Accepted for who they are for the way they are. (whether it's weight, sex, color, ideas, personality, ect.)

That is not what this book is, at all.

I want to rant...
I want to scream...
I want to pull out my hair in frustration...

To the other reviews who say that's a good thing, that means your invested...? I'll have to disagree.

First off, what I said before, spoiler alert, she stays with her mate who Rejected her. So in my eyes, it's not a Rejected mate book. It's teen drama mixed with horrible world-building just so The author can throw The MC in prison for no reason, just to add academy and Rejected mate to the title of the book because it's becoming popular. This book is none of those things.

All of it boils down to the world being awful and make no sense.

Literally, in this world, your mate can say, "I reject you because I don't like the way you make my sandwiches." so they throw you into prison, where they help you make sandwiches just the way your mate likes, in hope that he will accept you back. If not, you are toss into the world where you go feral and die.

Oh, and you better hope you have a good teacher who actually cares if you can make a good sandwich or not, because, by the looks of it, 9/10 counselors don't even bother to try to teach you how to make that sandwich. EXAMPLE: The MC counselor made a simple questionnaire asking what they want from the other mate. What they liked, disliked, if they find them attractive. IT'S SIMPLE! Yet NONE Of the other Counselor even DOES that! It makes me believe they don't care and just let the pain eat away at the mate's until they give up and accept the other mate, either because of the pain or fear of becoming feral or reject them permanently. It's like wheater or not you pick a good sex/relationship therapist, and only one of them cares, but sorry, that one isn't the one you get to have. No refunds. Can't choose your theripest/counselor.

There's no court. No judge. No law. They just take your mate's word for it and toss you in prison and you can't get out without their permission saying they want to marry you now.

The book points out how unfair this is. How mates reject the other first because they are so afraid of being rejected and thrown in prision-- so they shotgun and throw the other in prison first. For no reason.

That doesn't make his horrible plot hole good, because you point out how bad it is.

There is a wolf, Mia, who was rejected because her mate loved/dated another girl before they found each other, and he still loves that other girl. So what does he do? He tosses his mate in prison...

It should be the other way around!!! HE should be the one in prison. Instead, he throws MIA in prison, while he is free to kiss and F*** that girl all he wants while she rots in prison. and of course, there's mandatory visits once a month that he is forced to go to and that's it...

Which is another plot hole with this whole academy idea---

because everyone in the world knows that for two people to fall in love with each other its for the other to be thrown in jail and spend as much time apart as possible--- Not put them in prison together so they spend as much time as possible together, because that would make too much sense. and it would make them think twice about rejecting their mate because THEY would go to jail TOO.

I say 'prison but really, they can leave any time they want! There's no fence. Sure, if they leave, they are casting out their life as a pack and making themselves feral but really... I call BS. You can live a life with humans. They just don't want to say that, cause that would break the hold they got on everyone, which is why they show that feral video to every new arrival, to make them afraid to become feral.

And in a world where everyone is getting infertile and your race is going extinct, yeah, let's not try to find a way for MORE babies to be born, and instead shun anyone who is born out of mate-lock and act like their an abomination, and reject the idea, act like it's not possible at the same time... because that makes sense. It's an abomination AND impossible. PICK ONE!

The reason the main love interest Rejects MC isn't even talked about until 50% of the book, and by then, it's because he simply doesn't trust her enough to believe her when she says they bullied her. Just because he didn't see it with his own eyes. Sure, it works out in the end, but really, it's a BS reason to put her in prison over.

What would have made this book make sense, would have actually made this book into a Rejected Mate book:

The academy actually taught you how to survive the pain of rejection, and thought you how to live with humans. Each class is based on some human history or "How to shift and not get caught" class. "How to be a waitress and get good tips.". "How to open a bank account."
Once she's there, she meets another male who was rejected and TADA. Rejected mate book with a realistic plot.

I didn't want to make a review. I hate doing them. But I got angry... It could have been more, could have been better... but it wasn't, and it made me sad.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
April 18, 2021
5 -Different in the Best Way- Stars⭐
A Shifter Fated-Mates (Wtf rejected?!) Enemies-to-Lovers Story Which had me crying many times but was a breath of Fresh Air. I got Twilight Series vibes! With So many Feels, High Sexual Tension, Slowburn & Banters, Misconceptions Cleared, Truths exposed, Romance & Hotness, Edgy Action & a Swoony HEA.
I've Never Read a Rejected Mate book, I mean why the hell would you reject your Fated mate? That doesn't makes sense. Even more as the one who Rejected is the Hero. But Moore depicted it Well, I loved it & DEVOURED it in 5hrs! This was my 1st PNR book by her.

Our MCs, Kinsey & Jonah. Both Young & of Lunar Pack.
In Moore Style, we get Only Kinsey's POV. I felt *Angry tears* so hard for this 19yr girl, who got rejected by her true mate during her 1st shift just mere hours ago. She's So damn Strong. Fiery. Sassy. Untamed. I love her. She's a virgin & Jonah will be her 1st Everything once They get close.
Jonah, well I hated him. His family is Alpha's security, Pack is everything. His reason to reject her was that she wasn't actually trying to BE IN pack (Seriously?). The Main problem wasn't him, but that their Pack had never let her truly in, Her family has always been an outcast (I hate Pack politics). He saw her as how everyone saw. But when he sees 1st hand how she's bullied later, his Guilt & Care for her is Palpable. Slowly, I started Loving Jonah, He's actually a good guy! Seeing him All protective, Alpha, Growly was HOT AF!

The Book starts with Kinsey Coming to Greystone "The Rejected mates" Academy, filled with Anger & Her wolf Sad. Its Surprising that This academy was actually a good place to be, great adviser, Great Teachers, Great New Friends. But Why should she change for her mate? I (& She) felt sick due it. This place (& Jonah) didn't CHANGE her though. But made her more open. Slowly, She & Jonah grew close as they spent Time together. Being apart hurted both.
~Hurts but be strong, Surprise Visits, Hating Hottie, New Friends, Questionnaire & Fun Makeovers, Wolf Run & 1st Kiss, Almost Sex, Classes, Exercising together, Getting Closer, Instincts, Punishments & Swoons...

Courting, Push & Pull, Trying (So proud of her!). Soon, the feelings grew. He resented sending her here. & When he saw WHY (Or Due to WHOM) She never blend in the pack, he felt guilty (I was like, yay, finally you realised!). Once Misunderstandings cleared— So beautiful.
~Alleged Crimes, Working together, Jealousy fun, Angst, Date, Mean people, Protective Alpha, Pain & Realisations, Promises, Sexy Mates' Telepathy, Closer, Full Moon Dinner, Sexy times & Freeing...

"I went from praying not to be mated to resenting Jonah and now to not being able to imagine my life without him."
It was all about Acceptance, which she'd only gotten from her parents. But when finally, Jonah gave her that & his heart, it was so profound. Love. But then the Chaos Starts..The Pack council is after her & her family. Why were they never Accepted? *Big Reason* Is it True?!
~Home, Forgiveness & Acceptance, I love yous, Future, Attack, Run, Always together, the Truth story, Safe House, The Plan, Lydia talks & Guns, Safe & Loved...HEA!

I'm so glad that she has Jonah & his Fam at her side. God those last scenes, I was so scared & Anxious. SUCH TWISTS. But, Moore thought of Everything! It's ingenious, that solution!! The Ending & Epilogue were so awesome😍. I'm so happy that she & her family have gotten pure acceptance. Jonah+Kinsey are happy together!! I hope we get Mia's & Nathan's Books! The Blurb of the next book doesn't tell much, but I'm excited for whatever will come!
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April 18, 2021
'Soy indeseada. No amada. Salvaje'.

•Mi opinión puede contener Spoilers

•Esta destinada a ser un descargo personal no para que alguien más lea pero si lo haces y te ofende, me disculpo porque sé lo que es que te guste un libro y otros lo critiquen

Untamed de E. M. Moore Serie Rejected mate academy libro 1


Bienvenidos a la escuela para cambiaformas rechazados... No deseados.


Desechados por su pareja, el Consejo de la Manada ordena a los renunciantes que asistan juntos a la universidad para salvar lo que queda de sus vidas destrozadas.

¿El objetivo? Reforma, impresiona o lárgate.

No hay espacio en las manadas para los lobos que no se conforman. ¿Quién no puede engendrar futuros herederos?

Con la vida salvaje, también conocida como muerte segura, como única alternativa, los rechazados necesitan recuperar a su verdadera parejia antes de ser desterrados de la manada para siempre.

Mí humilde opinión:

Quedé totalmente sorprendida con Untamed!

Nunca había leído nada así, lobos rechazados por su pareja destinada que son enviados a una academia justamente para rechazados? Cómo era posible esto?! Ya estaba súper curiosa sobre todo eso porque no podía pensar en cómo puede un lobo descartar como si nada a su otra mitad?

Los lobos de las manadas de este libro sí pueden y algunos lo hacen por las razones más tontas!

El mundo de los cambiaformas y sus reglas, me dejó con algunas preguntas pero de todas forma me ha cautivado!

Gran parte de la historia se desarrolla en la Academia para parejas rechazadas, la autora describe tan bien el lujoso establecimiento estilo gótico y cada detalle que lo pude ver en mí mente.

Me pareció tan injusto todo lo que les sucedía a los lobos que terminaban en la academia y tan triste. Y me enojaba porque no podía creer que eran puestos allí por su pareja y que tenían que ser "reformados" para que los acepten y solo así podían salir de la academia porque si no eran echados de la manada.

Al principio con tanta injusticia pensé que iba a odiar el libro, sobretodo al héroe, Jonah pero fue lo contrario.

Jonah descubrió el día de la graduación que Kinsey, la chica que siempre se mantenía apartada de la manada era su pareja y básicamente por esa razón la rechaza, sin darle chance, y ella termina en la academia de Greystone. Es un imbécil total pensé yo pero luego viéndolo desde el punto de vista de la manada, la posición de Jonah con el alfa, entendí porqué no querría una pareja que a su vez no quería tener nada que ver con la manada.

Al principio detesté tanto el protagonista masculino pero luego lo perdoné porque hizo todas las cosas correctas para Kinsey, quería que funcionaran juntos, la apoyó y demostró ser buena persona, dulce y protector con ella.

Pero la verdad es que Kinsey nunca encajó con la manada por rumores sobre su padre y sus compañeros de escuela la acosaron desde chica. Jonah no sabe lo malos que fueron sus compañeros y descubrirá que ella es una chica sensible que lo único que quiso siempre fue ser parte de la manada.

Lo que no entendí... Cómo sabía toda la manada o sospechaba que Kensey no era hija de su padre? No entendí cómo comenzaron esos rumores.

Conecté con Kinsey y sentí su dolor, rechazada y solitaria. La pelea con su loba por Jonah me hizo rabiar un poco, su lado humano creía que era un idiota pero su loba lo quería de todas formas. Ella y su loba tenían un conflicto interno, no se llevan bien y estuvo bueno ver cómo al final se convierten en una.

Kinsey era un personaje fuerte y no lloraba como los demás lobos rechazados, ella estaba enojada y no iba a cambiar por nadie, le dio lucha a Jonah pero también era una persona que podía perdonar. Me gustó también la forma en que encuentra su lugarcito en la academia y hace enseguida amigos verdaderos, quisiera también un final feliz para Mía y Nathan. Y hasta se gana la simpatía de la señorita Ebon y la señora Graves dos personajes de la escuela que me resultaron geniales.

Jonah y Kinsey eran de la manada Lunar, él popular y ella no. Sin embargo, ambos siempre pensaron que eran atractivos para el otro. Que fueran diferentes lo hizo emocionante. Ellos eran tan lindos juntos y la química era solo WOW. Fue divertido y tan bueno leer cómo trabajan juntos para hacer funcionar su relación. Ellos comienzan odiándose y cuando se van conociendo se dan cuenta que no era lo que pensaban al principio. Se nota mucho el crecimiento de ambos personajes y lo que lo fuerte que se vuelve su vínculo.

Este es un romance cambiaformas YA dónde hay angustia, hay drama, hay tensión, hay quemadura lenta, hay pasión, hay peligro, hay suspenso, todo un combo que me mantuvo sin poder despegar los ojos de las páginas.

Me encantó el final a no poder y no quería dejar a Kinsey y Jonah! Quería más!

Quiero más Rejected Mate Academy, quizás la historia de Mía?
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January 20, 2022
I have ADhD and OcD… my crazy has layers… :) In a nutshell, my hyperactivity is manageable, but my mind wanders… A LOT… so I need to be entertained to sit on my ass for hours at a time. (hence my impatient reader status) On the flip side of that, my “compulsions” are very controllable, but I have the tendency to get hung up on things… A LOT. All this opposing crap sort of swirls together in my brain battling for supremacy … so at times I’m left with a conflicting “book experience” like this where it kept my attention (kept me up all night) but fixating on all the little discrepancies drove me nuts. I’m going to try to make this brief and vague, but 🛑 if you want zero details.


Rejected Mate Academy is a very unique take on the rejected mate trope. In a nutshell, any mate can reject their fated mate for any reason. All rejected mates are sent to reform school destined to be exiled if the mate doesn’t change their mind. (kicked out to be feral)

The book opens with Kinsey arriving at said reform school because her fated mate, Jonah rejected her. We learn within the first chapter that his reasoning was that his very political position in the pack and Kinsey’s antisocial behavior doesn’t mix. Kinsey and her family are poor and basically ostracized because the pack believes that her mother creeped and Kinsey is illegitimate… so she’s antisocial because everyone treats her like crap.

As I said, I was entertained, but readers should know this is not the typical rejected mate scenario. Jonah is not a jerk and Kinsey isn’t dying inside, there isn’t the usual rejected mate feels. If you’re in the mood for angsty goodness… this isn’t it.

It takes a while to get going, the first 25% is mostly “school stuff” filler/ introducing future leads, and the couple isn’t spending much time together. To give you an idea, she has a quick interaction with him in the first chapter, then he’s not around until about 27%... he shows up again at 36% then sticks around and things pick up.

Now my issues… I liked the concept, but I needed more world building. We know that there is a council that has more authority than the alpha, but I never had a solid idea of what the “rules” were.

For example, we’re told that fated mates are so important because of the dwindling population that they will do anything to protect them. Yet, the Council can veto any fated mate pairing, and they allow any mate to reject said fated mate for any reason. And, the victim (rejected) is the one incarcerated while the rejector has zero consequences. If repopulating is so important, why allow fated mates to reject so easily?

OR… We’re told A mated pair has to bear shifters. If they don’t, they’re more than scrutinized. Later, we’re told that being unable to conceive would be a life-or-death matter which is quite more severe than being scrutinized.

OR… that Mia and Nathan’s (next mc’s) fated mates can reject them and choose/sex up each other, but Kinsey’s parents would be executed or exiled if they had slept with another.

OR… that “murder is murder” even if protecting your mate, but OK for that person to repeatedly shoot your mate. You can't kill them, but they can??

ALSO… the main conflict of the book is Kinsey’s lineage, and the actual “truth” IMO wasn’t thought out very well and had glaring issues. I can’t give much without giving spoilers but will just say that actions were taken when they didn’t even know if/what the issue was, and those choices hurt people. On top of that, the consequence of not making that decision was vague, so it’s hard to justify those actions. Not to mention, the “solution” for the conflict is nothing new, and there’s no reason that it couldn't have been resolved 19 yrs earlier saving her from years of bullying.

OR… that if linage is so important and it’s totally cool to sleep around before being mated… how are they’re not loads of unexpected/ illegitimate shifters running around? Not one of them has accidentally knocked up another before finding their mate. (??)

Bottom Line- It took me a smidge to get invested because the initial hanging out at school part felt very YA, (🥱) and I was constantly getting distracted by the conflicting information, but I enjoyed it. I would've liked to see more drama and angst though. I’m not really interested in the next couple because I have a feeling we won’t get much from their fated mates... but I would love to see Jesse find his fated mate because his bitch GF Laura could provide loads of drama-llama.
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April 21, 2021

Typically, when authors write romance novel that feature teenage protagonists, it’s a hard ‘no’ from me and the kind of thing that I automatically one-star. I never, ever, want to read about teenagers having sex, much less sex with adults, and this book was no different in that respect. In this case, the male protagonist, Jonah, was also a teenager, so I approached the book as YA and skipped the gratuitous sexual scenarios because, as I mentioned earlier, teenagers+explicit sex=ew.

What was odd about this book are the specific romance novel tropes that the author cobbled together within the context of the AU. In terms of the AU, when wolf shifters graduate, they also transform into wolves for the first time and may or may not find their fated mate. And only fated mates are able to have shifter children. I did not understand the causal relationship between graduation and shifting, since all of the new shifters would be of different ages/experiences/skills/abilities. However, after the new grads shift and/or find their fated mate, either mate may formally reject the other, sending the rejected mate to a “reform academy” where they are then put through training to remake them into the kind of person that the rejector might deign to accept someday. If the rejected wolf is unsuccessful, they are permanently cast out of wolf society. There are no consequences for the rejector. The author makes a point of explaining that new wolves are motivated to have rejection paperwork prepared for their first shift, so they can beat the other wolf to the proverbial punch and submit their rejection paperwork first as a power play. I could not understand why the rejected mates would want to have anything to do with a wolf who is comfortable doing this to them. Surely a reform academy should be where rejected mates go to learn how to cope with the rejection, move on with their lives, and find a new pack. Further, if fated mates are a fundamental part of wolf society, shouldn’t the people who reject their fated mates also need some kind of reform?

Jonah rejects Kinsey because they never got to know one another during K12 as Kinsey was unpopular and a frequent victim of bullying by his social circle. Only there is no recourse for Kinsey. At all. On the very first day that she shifts for the very first time, Jonah has her packed up and sent away without a single word. It doesn’t even occur to him to get to know anything about her before he signs the official paperwork to rid himself of her. If she breaks a rule or disobeys anyone in any way at the reform academy, she will be cast out of wolf society and/or they may execute her parents. It sets up an imbalanced power dynamic in which the rejector, Jonah, has the capacity to sign the death warrant for Kinsey, the mate he rejected, and her entire family, which makes him far less sympathetic than the author imagines. Kinsey and all of the other rejected mates are powerless, at the capricious mercy of others. Again, there are no consequences for the rejectors who get to date other people, go to college, and live their lives.

I am perpetually intrigued by the rejected mate trope and, really, any scenario in which an author digs a deep emotional hole for their protagonists. I like to see how writers address the elephant in the room, particularly when the elephant of the writer’s own making has the writer pinned under its foot. While this book was fairly well written and the author worked diligently to bring her characters back together, the reality is that I’m not sure how well it worked. Jonah hurt Kinsey repeatedly and she never had any options except to do whatever he wanted. Until his friends quite literally attempt to kill her in front of him, he unilaterally blames Kinsey for the bullying and abuse she experienced and is, at best, blasé about his own culpability. Then he’s sorry, sure, but Kinsey still has no other options except to take him back.

Jonah: I changed my mind; please forgive me!
Kinsey: Hmm. If I don’t, my parents and I will be executed. Okay, I forgive you.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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May 10, 2022
"I've felt so many things with you over the last few weeks. Jealousy. Possessiveness. Desire. Anger. But one thing I can't stop feeling is that you're mine."

4 stars!

After seeing all of the great reviews for this story, I was pretty underwhelmed with the beginning. There wasn't a whole lot of angst, which I live for in the rejected mate trope, and I was left disappointed and waiting for the drama and longing to manifest. However at about the 35% mark, I found myself fully invested in Jonah and Kinsey's story and did not want to stop reading!

I really loved Kinsey's snarky and unapologetic attitude. She wasn't afraid to tell Jonah and the others exactly what she thought and how she felt, and I freaking loved that about her. Jonah on the other hand was a complete dick in the beginning, but he had such a great character arc and depth. He wasn't too proud to admit that he made a mistake and ultimately learns to put Kinsey and her well-being first as all good mates should. The ending was a little predictable, but I still enjoyed the drama of it and look forward to book 2!

Tropes: fated mates, rejected mates, hate-to-love-you, found family, virgin heroine, possessive hero
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April 12, 2021
I was so intrigued by the premise of this take on the trending reject mate trope- and I was not disappointed. In this world, once rejected, the cast away mates are whisked away to the equivalent of a reject mate reform school where they confront the “issues” that caused them to be rejected in the hopes that their true mates one day accept them. If not, they are forever banished, cursed to live as Ferals. Of course, we come to find that being rejected isn’t always about the mates themselves- pack politics are just as corrupt and twisted as human ones. And that is where we met our heroine- arbitrary rejected and walking through the doors of Greystone Rejected Mates Academy for the first time. And from the first pages, I was captivated by this refreshingly unique story.

Our heroine, Kinsey, captured me straight away. Unlike other rejected mates who are destroyed, she’s angry. I loved her spunk, her fight, and her resilience. For years she’s been ostracized and bullied, an outsider in her own pack. And now she’s been humiliated and shunned by her soulmate, the one person who is supposed to love her above all else. EM gives her so many character layers- a fire, a kind heart, courage and humility, patience and intelligence. What I loved most is that she’s a character who always knew her worth, who stood her ground, but she also isn’t too stubborn to forgive and listen.

I was worried about Jonah- how could I ever get behind the rejecter as our hero. But EM proved me wrong- I was immediately drawn to him, because he was surprisingly decent despite what he did, and the more we/Kinsey get to truly know him, the more I saw the good in him. His integrity, his passion for his pack, and his tender heart. Surprising, because he shattered hers, but he more than makes up for it. And we get so much alpha mate goodness- the protectiveness, the reverence, the sexy growly territorialism paired with swoony sweetness. He won me over faster than Kinsey, and when truths started to be exposed and these two started to get to know each other, I fell so hard for them together, despite their horrible beginnings.

I loved watching these two work through the dynamics with the academy and their pack- and in doing so, we get to watch them get to know each other and grow as characters. Kinsey learns she can trust people, even when they make mistakes- I love watching her find herself as a wolf, and slowly opening up her heart with grace and kindness to someone who she has every reason to hate. And I loved watching Jonah accept his mistakes- I really, really loved how EM played his character arc. Without excuses, but also with generosity. He steps up to the plate in a BIG way- and unlike everyone else, he doesn’t want to tame our wonderful Kinsey. He more than accepts her, he uplifts her. Their chemistry was so delightful and engrossing- and LORD are they sexy together. Given the situation, this is a bit of a slower burn, but EM more than makes up for it when the stars finally align. But even more so, I loved their slow burn emotional connection. IN a way the rejection enabled us to see something we don’t even see in “mating” stories- we get to see mates court. And it really paid off.

Truth be told, I still have a few questions and quibbles about some of the world building and pack rules (particularly with some elements of the finale)- but the novelty and originality of this take on rejected mates more than makes up for any small holes I could detect. And, outside of the specific love story, the story also serves as a broader paradigm for arbitrary societal constructs designed to maintain power and control. We see glimmers in this story that some of the pack logic might in fact be more legend than fact- I’m hoping for more clarity on that in the future, and for now, I enjoyed this story so much that I’ll chalk up any lingering questions to truths yet to be exposed. The external action of this book heated up quickly and resolved at a rapid pace, and while this couple has their HEA, I’m excited for more sustained closure on elements of this story in future books, too.

This was not at all the story I was expecting, we end up having so many dynamics, twists, turns, and constructs that not only kept me on my toes but that are also such a fresh and creative take on this well trodden trope. I could not put it down, I was so consumed. I was quite honestly upset when it was done- I wanted to stay with these characters. And to me, that’s the sign of incredible story telling. We also met so many fascinating other characters within the walls of the Rejected Mates Academy- and I’m so curious to see what their stories will entail. Some of their situations feel so desperate and hopeless- but like Untamed, I have no doubt EM will find a way to make me a believer. What an incredible series debut- this may in fact be my favorite EM Moore book to date, and I’m really excited for this series.
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June 8, 2021
Get it here:
Amazon US * Amazon UK

I thought this book took a unique spin on the rejected mates trope and I found it to be pretty interesting. I do wish there was more groveling on the Hero's part and some added angst but even without it I found myself liking Jonah easily. Kinsey was also a very likable character and I really enjoyed that she had a backbone and fought the system a little bit.

Overall, I definitely recommend this book for anyone that loves a good rejected mates story. I do think the world building could have been more detailed but it didn't take away from the characters at all and it's an easy book to get sucked into.
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April 23, 2021
4.25 ⭐️
This had the rejected mate plot I’ve been wanting for a long while, that I wish there were more of. Hoping the series continues to have dynamics like this. Also happy they are interconnected standalones. First book by this author for me but definitely won’t be my last.
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November 6, 2021
*** Book Q & A***

* How did the book make you feel?: I enjoyed this book. It wasn’t super angsty, but it was entertaining.

* How do you feel about how the story was told?: We get to see the FMC’s POV. The Rejected Mate Academy is very unfair and degrading. It was easy to feel sad for the pupils there.

* What did you think about the main characters?: I enjoyed both of them. I liked how the H showed remorse and did everything in his power to stand by his mate.

* Which parts of the book stood out to you?: The book really focuses on how unfair the academy is. I’m sensing in the future that a shifter revolution will occur.

* What themes/tropes did you detect in the story?: rejected mate

* What did you think about the ending?: I enjoyed it and am looking forward to Mia and Nathan’s story.

* What is your impression of the author?: This was my first read by this author and I enjoy the world building.

Possible Triggers and Safety: slut shaming
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1,106 reviews103 followers
December 22, 2022
This would not be a go to story for me. First issue? Academy in the title is normally a hard pass, it indicates high school or young NA. Second issue? Rejected mate stories usually get the side-eye, I expect a certain level of world building in a PNR book and most shifter books I find lacking.

But this surprised me, it has decent, logical world building and the story was engaging enough to hold my attention.

2 surprisingly entertaining stars.

Note to authors and editors… if you include a school uniform skirt as part of your “academy” dress code, skirts roll from the waist, not the hem.
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531 reviews35 followers
July 6, 2021
I was hoping for this book to "wow" me, but that did not happen. This book is the first of a series of standalone novels.

The story had an interesting concept, although I didn't personally like it! All rejected mates from every single wolf shifter pack are sent to this "academy" to learn how to become better so that their mates will eventually accept them because not being accepted means that the rejected shifter has to leave pack lands and has to learn to live alone, where survival rates are rather dim. So see what I meant by interesting concept? Now why didn't I like it?

This whole concept of wanting to make the rejected mate "change" in order to get accepted seemed ridiculous! I've always recognised that "if they don't like you then fuck em". You don't change yourself to get accepted by someone who clearly couldn't accept how you were in the first place!

The reasons for some of the mates getting rejected are so dumb! One female shifter found that her fated mate already had a long time girlfriend, thereby, making him reject her just because he wanted his girlfriend instead! It's crazy because the female shifter has to,
a) Go to this academy for rejected mates.
b) Study 'courses' which her rejected mate wants her to pick up which can also include etiquette classes.
c) Attend mandatory 'counselling sessions' with her fated mate so as to build the gap between them.
d) Live in this academy till her fated mate deems her acceptable!
e) Can never leave to even visit her family.
f) Being told by everyone in the academy that it is her responsibility to get accepted and being rejected is her fault.
During all this time, her fated mate who rejected her can live freely outside and continue with his 'asshole existence'! Its also like a game of "who is quick enough to reject the mate" because the one who is first to reject can remain outside while the other has to pause their lives and stay in limbo! If the rejected mate is never accepted, they are shunned and asked to leave! Like what?!

The story is about a female shifter (who's name I already forgot) who is rejected by her mate for not being ''social enough''. He thinks that she deliberately avoids the pack and makes zero effort to participate when actually she's been bullied ever since she was kid because everyone in their pack suspected that her mom got pregnant with her with someone other than her fated mate. I was hoping for a stubborn ass female lead who gave no shits to being rejected, which is how the story started, but soon enough its shown that she actually craves for her mate. I guess the only good part is that the hero makes actual effort to build a relationship with the heroine. But I honestly wanted some angst here...maybe some actual arguments between the leads...! Not just the intimacy between the leads!

Sigh...the book was okay but as an E.M. Moore fan, I'm disappointed because I went in expecting too much.
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411 reviews13 followers
April 11, 2021
Seriously Jonah... be still my poor dead heart!! I am so in love with him .. he’s the perfect mate.. And Kinsley, I couldn’t believe how much I fell for her.. I devoured this book and I couldn’t believe it was over. I am so excited for the next one. There are so many characters I want to see get a story.
I have to say this was a totally different kind of shifter book for me.. this academy sounds like a sad place and with everyone’s fear of it being the last stop before being forced to become feral I was hooked. The friends and allies Kinsley made there are truly some of the best things to come out of that place.
E. M. Moore really knows her romance. She made me fall for her main characters within the first couple of chapters and that’s not easy for many authors to do..I’m so ready for the next one!
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380 reviews46 followers
July 6, 2021
Untamed was the first Paranormal Romance that I have read by EM Moore, but it definitely won't be my last. This was a fantastic read, choked full with angst, sass, and a perfect storyline! Please note: this is book one in a Series. If you love great world building, a feisty, bada$$ heroine, a wonderful Alpha, rejected mates, and a great shifter fantasy, grab this one and settle in! 5 Stars!
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513 reviews2 followers
August 1, 2021
Disappointing. It started off really good, but went downhill fast. For a rejected mate book there wasn't enough angst. The h gave in way too fast for my liking and the H was a dick who didn't deserve her. The storyline could have been a bit better.
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1,427 reviews110 followers
July 13, 2021

𝒢𝑒𝓃𝓇𝑒 | 𝒯𝓇𝑜𝓅𝑒𝓈: PNR, Rejected Mate
𝒫𝒪𝒱: 1st, FMC
𝒮𝑒𝓇𝒾𝑒𝓈: Rejected Mates Academy, Book 1
𝒮𝓉𝑒𝒶𝓂 𝐿𝑒𝓋𝑒𝓁: 🔥🔥🔥

This was exactly what I didn’t know I needed at this moment in time. A unique twist on the rejected mate trope where a “reform” academy, of sorts, tries to help rejected fated mates figure out how to be with each other. There’s lots of little tidbits, rules, and consequences and I really loved the world building. The plot was also a bit shocking and thrilling with that twist!

But the romance between Kinsey and Jonah was the shining star. My heart broke for Kinsey. She was ostracized and emotionally abused by the pack her whole life and in the beginning Jonah was too blind to see it. But the fact he was willing to try and the depictions of their chemistry-fueled early encounters was fulfilling. Jonah’s character arc was FANTASTIC and one of the swooniest parts of this book. His alpha, possessive, territorial, almost feral protective instinct over Kinsey was a thing to behold. Their relationship development was both heartbreaking and beautiful. And while this is a PNR, their relationship was so realistic.

Seriously, I wasn’t expecting such an emotional story but this one was really amazing. Once these two characters drop down all their walls, I was literally giddy with happiness. I LOVE growly shifters and that was Jonah. And his dirty mouth? 🥵

⭐️ 𝙀𝙙𝙞𝙩 𝙞𝙨 𝙢𝙞𝙣𝙚, 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙥𝙞𝙘𝙨 𝙪𝙨𝙚𝙙 𝙖𝙧𝙚 𝙣𝙤𝙩. ⭐️

244 reviews42 followers
April 3, 2021
This is a standalone rejected mate MF shifter romance with HEA at the end. Series planned as interconnected standalones.

*WIP Review*

This is a story about finding acceptance and family, with a FMC who hasn't had much of either, in a place with some effed up societal norms.

The story is told from FMC POV, and starts off with her being sent to the academy for rejected mates, within hours of her first shift and discovering her true mate bond with another wolf in her pack. FMC has dueling feelings between her human side calling BS on all that is happening to her and that such a place exists, while her wolf side is grieving the rejection.

I ended up really liking Jonah (H). At first I thought that it might be E2L angst or something like that, but it wasn't. I found his reasoning for rejecting her as mate to be some weak sh*t BUT then he is active in trying to make it work, at times pushing her to try more, all while I'm still wondering what exactly is "not good enough" about her in his mind. Kinsey doesn't compromise who she is... But she does try, and I felt proud for her, not for the sake of her mate or what society was telling her to be, but because she was growing into her own and learning and experiencing things to set her up to thrive in life... A life she's tried to stay in the outskirts of.

This story is more about the emotional relationship journey and more of a slow simmer on the physical, but there are plenty of scenes of Jonah claiming what is his 🔥🔥 He definitely takes advantage of her uniform skirt 🥵

I had a hard time with Jonah putting so much judgment on her, without even knowing her, and he blames her for not trying harder (growing up) to be accepted by the pack 🤨 (excuse you?) And somehow he never had any idea of how she was treated by their classmates, peers, and his friends growing up. It's not until he witnesses an altercation and feels her emotions through the mate bond that he's like "oh...". Yeah - oh! 🙄 He does go all alpha protective of her, which is nice, but I was thirsty for retribution that went unfulfilled. I did find Jonah to be genuine and really his redemption path was from ignorance. But I think I would have been more satisfied if there was more addressing how effed up everything around them was, including calling out f**kwits he was friends with (I'd prefer bloodshed but these main characters are too nice for that).
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1,701 reviews57 followers
April 5, 2021
First I absolutely be a shifter book and then throw in a rejected mate trope and I’m hooked. I have been on a rejected mate kick for a few weeks now and let me tell you this was one of my favorites, not only because it’s a favorite trope of mine but Erin’s writing is spectacular and you get all the feels. Her writing has a way of having you go through each emotion that each of her characters are going through. For me that speaks volumes to the caliber of writing and story telling! Jonah and Kinsey even though these two come from the same pack they have grown up in very different life styles. My heart absolutely broke for everything that Kinsey has been put through and all the mean crap she has had to deal with then to be rejected by the 1 person that fate has brought to you is completely soul crushing. But not everything is how it seems and Jonah had to go through the motions to understand who Kinsey is and why am she is the way she is. Watching their relationship grow throughout the book step by step was fantastic. Watching Jonah redeem himself and want and need to protect Kinsey at all costs was one of my favorite parts. Kinsey was always strong independent and beautiful but watching her take no crap from anyone and is fiercely loyal and want to protect everyone she cares about. This was a stop notch read and Highly recommend to anyone and everyone who loves a rejected mates book!!!!
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933 reviews14 followers
April 15, 2021
A little different spin on the rejected mate trope.

The story focuses on Kinsey who is sent to Greystone Academy when she’s rejected by Jonah her mate. But the Academy isn’t what she expects as she finds allies in fellow students and instructors. To confuse her even more, Jonah doesn’t act like he rejected her. And though the academy may be a safe haven, her hometown remains Hell on Earth as their are those who question their mated bond and her family’s place in pack society.

I loved the fact that Jonah was more caring than one might have anticipated. His domineering but tender sides are on full display as he and Kinsey grow closer and work together to ensure their bond remains for all time. Kinsey is a great FMC who shows her vulnerable side but still remains strong. And their scenes together are so hot that the pages will burn your fingers.

There is no cliffhanger and the two get their HEA.

Can’t wait to read the other Rejected Mate stories in the series.

* I received this book as an ARC for an honest review.
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Author 75 books692 followers
May 24, 2021

Fun read from a new-to-me author! Some of the MC’s experiences struck too much of a chord, bringing back high school feelings I’d prefer to keep buried, but it’s been a long time since a book other than my own made me feel so MUCH. I have to applaud the author for that!

TBH having lived some of the heroine’s experiences, there’s not a chance in heck that I’d have ever considered the main love interest, though the supernatural fated mate stuff definitely plays a role for our heroine.

Anyway, personal past and feelings aside, this book is a fun read and a great addition to the shifter/rejected mate genre! I’d definitely recommend it!
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1,457 reviews146 followers
July 2, 2021
I absolutely love the rejected mate trope so obviously when I heard Erin was writing this book I had to read it and omg did she nail it ! This is a unique take on the rejected mate shifter romance trope and I’m so here for it I absolutely loved it the writing the characters the attention to detail this was so brilliantly written and I want more no I need more! The emotions flew off the pages and gripped my heart the angst the pain this story was amazing and I can’t wait for the next book!
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156 reviews10 followers
November 15, 2021
Rating : 2,5 or 3/5 ... interesting idea but the romance ... meh

Review in french : cliquez ici

Review in english : I liked the concept and the author so I decided to give the rejected mate academy series a shot. While looking at Goodreads, I realized that this book had a lot of conflicting opinions. Basically, you either love it or you hate it.

Well, I'm going to be a little more measured in my opinion than some readers. I didn't hate it, but I didn't love it either :

→ The concept of the series is interesting: If you're a fan of fantasy books, you already know that shifters have usually mates. E. M. Moore decided to adapt the concept: by creating a school for rejected mates. When a shifter meets his or her mate, he or she has the right to reject him or her.

So, when Kinsey, our MC, learns that she has a mate, she is immediately rejected by him. It is important to understand that being rejected by one's mate is the worst shame a shifter can experience. The society assumes that this person has a problem. Kinsey is already an outcast in her pack, so when she is rejected, it doesn't get any better for her.

She has to learn quickly how to seduce her mate because if she doesn't, she will be rejected from her pack forever. A shifter unfortunately needs a pack .... so she can't live alone. This poor girl finds herself having to seduce the man who rejected her or she signs her death warrant. This is when
I started not liking the story.

→ a romance that starts out a bit wrong for my taste: I'm sorry but this concept doesn't fit a romance. Who finds a man who rejects his mate hyper romantic ? He is ultimately condemning her to certain death. Also, I didn't connect with Jonah, Kinsey's mate (lack of depth I think). I don't understand why the romance works between them.

And it didn't get any better when we learn the reasons for his rejection ... I wanted to slap him.

→ A bit of a fast-paced romance: I felt like as soon as Jonah and Kinsey start to get to know each other, their romance moved quickly. Personally, I would have liked the romance to take a lot of time because I don't understand how you can fall in love quickly with a man who rejected you and humiliated you in front of the whole pack.

Anyway ... it's a shame.

→ secondary characters have potential: Within the school of rejected mate, Kinsey is friends with Mia and Nathan, 2 characters whose mates are in a relationship. They've been stuck in the school for a long time. In this first book, we quickly understand that a story will be born between Mia and Nathan. It's the second volume that I liked. I like the idea of 2 rejected people finding each other.

Conclusion: I don't recommend this book because it doesn't have an amazing romance. On the other hand, book 2 is more interesting. It will certainly not be a favorite but you will spend a good time reading it. There is no need to have read the first book to read the second.
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412 reviews67 followers
April 17, 2021
As a very frequent reader who's been immersed in the RH world for a while now, I can say that I don't know too many RH authors who have tried or succeeded to bridge the gap into M/F romance. But E.M. Moore is one who has definitely made that leap and landed on both feet. This is the second (off the top of my head) of her M/F projects I have read, her recent trip back into the Heights world being the first), and I really appreciate her ability to create both contemporary and paranormal worlds that make me want to read more.

The concept was very interesting to me, and I feel like it took that academy-type environment and gave it a spin that was both original and refreshing. I've read a lot of PNR academy-set stories, so that was a huge attraction to checking out this series. I think that how the wolves themselves worked/functioned as a society could have been a little smoother for me, but with the future to hold more books in this world, I feel like it'll be a continual learning process.

The characters both worked for me. I don't know that I was in love with either of them, but I did like them. Having read other Moore series where the guys needed to redeem themselves- like the Ballers or Johnny Rocket in the Heights- I have faith in her character development skills. She's good at transforming characters, especially when they've behaved badly and need to atone. So, even if I was slower to warm up to Jonah, I knew that if I gave him a fair chance, she'd make him be someone that I could like in the end. Kinsey was quicker/easier for me to like, but with her being our voice/eyes, it makes sense to me that we'd be along for the ride!

Overall, I am still a huge series lover and god knows I want to keep reading Moore's RH series, but I'll follow her for this adventure too!
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1,326 reviews5 followers
September 10, 2022

Flirt By Kate-FoX
I couldn't put this book down. It's a slow kind of torture. In this wolf society, you must only procreate with your fated mate. Rejected Mate Academy is a place where rejected mates are placed in order to reform. If the offended party doesn't eventually accept their mate, their fated mate will have to be cast out and turn feral. You must overlook some discrepancies when reading this book. Like how the offended party is practically shooting themselves in their own foot. But it makes sense when you see that what Jonah actually wants is for Kensie to reform. It's an angsty slow burn. Jonah can get really annoying but that's how it typically is with angsty books.

I find it a bit unbelievable how Kensie doesn't cry after some of the horrors she's put through throughout the book. I like strong characters but it's only human to cry, especially teens. The good thing is that Kensie isn't a doormat. She just has to put up with a lot in order to save herself and her parents.
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500 reviews8 followers
March 31, 2021
So this was my first rejected mates book, I’ve read books with shifters in before but none quite like this. Since I’m already a huge fan of this author I figured I could trust her with adding a new trope to my collection.
Untamed I’d the first in a series of interconnected standalones. And it follows Kinsley and the mate that rejected her, Jonah.
In this book you’re introduced to lots of characters but my favourite has to be Ms Ebon, as much as I love Kinsey’s friendship with Mia I kind of want to know more about her.
Since this was my first rejected mates book I was intrigued to see where the story would take me. I was expecting a harsh MMC that was brutal in his rejection and a FMC that lacked strength and backbone. That is nothing like this book. Kinsey has the fierceness that I love in my leading ladies. I don’t want to give away any potential spoilers but if you love shifter romance this is great. EM Moore’s writing never leaves me disappointed and wanting more. Paranormal romance fans, grab this. And if you’re like me and don’t really have much experience with this trope, this is a great taste of that world.

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324 reviews14 followers
April 3, 2021
Left me wanting more!

E.A Moore certainly knows how to get a reader hooked from the 'get go'!

I absolutely love 'shifter stories' and this one did not disappoint. The author has written from a different view of the normal 'shifter' romance in that it wasn't the normal 1.'Alpha finds mate! 2.Throws said mate over shoulder! 3.Your mine!' type story.

The story opens as you follow the main character Kinsey Walker who is a rebuffed, rejected and fated mate of Jonah Livestrong. She is on the way to a The Greystone Rejected Mates Academy to be reformed, remodeled and civilised or worse to become Feral!

Life has been tough for Kinsey from the start. Living on the edge of pack life with her parents through no fault of her own, bullied and ostracized by her fellow pack mates, the fates decided that she become a fated mate to The Jonah Livestrong who equally as shocked has rejected her!

I really do not want to give too much away, however the story revolves and elvolves around Kinsey and Jonah with the help of a 'councillor' the pair learn to tolerate and begin to heal one another. (Obviously with added 'suspense' along the way!)

Overall i really enjoyed this book, i love the fact that this is a stand alone story but with other books due out following the other characters that Kinsey meets at the Academy. I can't wait to find out what they get up to!!!
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118 reviews5 followers
May 27, 2021

This story wasn't what I expected it to be. It was a pretty bad start to the series honestly. Basically the hero rejects heroine and she gets sent to this school for rejected mates to get reformed. It's up to the mates who rejected them if they're worthy enough to make a life with again after all the education their soulmates went through.
The idea is good not gonna lie. But the reason he rejected her was so stupid. And the heroine is so starved for his affection that she doesn't even let him grovel a little bit.
I personally think the side characters had a more interesting story to tell. Would love to read their stories soon.
People could probably skip this story once the series goes on.
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1,454 reviews26 followers
April 22, 2021
If you are into rejected mates, like me, this is a book you must read. I have been so into the rejected mates, if it is done right, and this has to be in the top, if not the top one I have read.

Kinsey is a great female lead who is of course rejected by Jonah. She had not fit in with her pack for reasons. She does not wish to be a part of the pack and Jonah cannot be with her because of it. So not to give a lot away, this is them trying to work through things. This journey is what makes EM such a great author in the journey these two share.

Also what I liked that there is an ending to their story. And I cannot wait to see whose story gets told next.
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