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Mountain Haven #1

Infamous Love

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One reality star bad girl. One small-town vet. And the passion is unforgettable...
Move away. Dye my hair. Change my name. Fly under the radar.
That's my plan to keep the public from recognizing me. I just want to be the new business owner of an old-fashioned barber shop, the ultimate man cave. But all anyone seems to remember is that I'm the bad girl on a popular reality show.

And when, I meet the new sexy veterinarian, his gruff voice and grumpy manner get my blood pumping. His sweet way with animals makes me want to know everything about him.

For the first time in my life, cameras aren’t broadcasting my every move. No producer is telling me what to say or do. No one’s pushing me toward him.

This natural gravitation toward him is the realest thing I’ve ever felt.
But when my past collides with my present, everything comes crashing down around me.

I wish I could just hide, but I can't.

Escape my past. Keep my secrets buried. And secure the dream job.

That's my plan to change my life.
I’m living like I could pack up and leave at a moment’s notice.
Now, my new boss won’t sell me his practice unless I convince him I’m here to stay.

Fresh from L.A., Elle Carmichael walks into my vet office with her puppy and plans for her business. With her sunny disposition and wide-eyed hope, she thinks she’s a good fit for this town. As soon as her crazy business plan fails, she’ll be gone.

Getting involved with her is the worst kind of trouble. It will only attract attention to my past, ruining my future.

I wish I could resist her, but I can’t.

Romance steamy enough to melt the Colorado snow comes to the small town of Telluride in the Mountain Haven Series!

210 pages, Kindle Edition

Published July 13, 2021

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About the author

Lea Coll

57 books792 followers
Lea Coll is a USA Today bestselling author who writes sweet and sexy happily ever afters. She worked as a trial attorney for over ten years. Now she stays home with her three children, plotting stories while fetching snacks and running them back and forth to activities. She enjoys the freedom of writing romance after years of legal writing.

She grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania and currently resides in Maryland with her family.
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Lea Coll ist eine Bestsellerautorin von sexy Liebesromanen mit Happy-End-Garantie. Sie arbeitete über zehn Jahre lang als Prozessanwältin. Inzwischen lebt sie mit ihrer Familie in den USA und genießt nach Jahren als Juristin die Freiheit, sich völlig dem Schreiben widmen zu können. Lea Colls prickelnde Geschichten entstehen, während sie sich um die Aktivitäten ihrer drei Kinder und deren Snacks kümmert.

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Profile Image for Jessica Alcazar.
3,920 reviews446 followers
July 13, 2021
I really enjoy reading Lea Coll! Every time I pick up one of her books, I get this feeling of peace because I know her style and voice is going to make me *happy sigh* every.single.time.

This story had me invested from the very beginning. Both the leads are new to Telluride and both come with their own baggage that is pretty darn full. They also fit together like glove! Their chemistry sparked from the start and their slow-burn path was a perfect choice for this story and for them. As the story developed so did Elle and Gray and it was fabulous. GAH, this story had me at an emotional mess sometimes, but it was beautiful, well written and left me very satisfied! Well done Lea!
Profile Image for World Of Books 65.
2,003 reviews37 followers
July 12, 2021
A new series and a smash hit has been born once again at the hands of Lea Coll. If you are loving Annapolis Harbor then you will love the Mountain Haven series. Ms. Coll has once again produced an engrossing, brilliant and hot first book.

I have fallen in love with Mountain Haven and the people of this little town. Elle and Gray were the perfect couples to open this series, Elle wanted to leave her fake Hollywood past behind her and set down roots in this tiny community where nobody knew who she was, and Gray still running from his father's betrayal all those years ago and not really sure where to call home.

The story was everything you have come to expect from Ms. Coll, as she not only makes you fall in love with the MC but also the those that are coming next. Gray and Elle's story is a wonderful read and Lea didn't disappoint in the sizzlingly hot department either.

Once again well done.
Profile Image for Heroesinbooks.
1,051 reviews279 followers
September 1, 2021
3 Elle and Gray Stars

This was a book by a 'new to me author'. The blurb intrigued me and there were parts of it I enjoyed but it's not a book I would read again. At points I struggled with the writing style. The Hero frequently thought of and referred to the heroine by her full name and it really irritated me after a while.
The story is set in a small town (this is Kindle catnip to me) and Gray is the local veterinarian and he is aiming to buy the Practice when the old vet retires. Gray is a very isolated and grumpy Hero and the reasons for this are slowly revealed. Elle is running from an old life and starting afresh in a new place.
Both are hiding their pasts and their backstories were interesting.

I would try another book by this author.

HEA? Yes
Cheating? No
Profile Image for Julie Booklover.
1,041 reviews22 followers
July 13, 2021
Starting over in a small town, Elle and Gray have pasts driving them to start again. She visited Telluride, CO, as a youth, and he followed his best friend. Attraction and chemistry are not the problems; the secrets of their pasts that they want to leave behind are always on their minds. Are they good enough? Is their love strong enough to withstand the truth when it comes out? With the community accept them?

I received an advanced copy from the Author; this is my voluntary review.
Profile Image for Books Wine and Besties.
259 reviews63 followers
July 13, 2021
If a book has a celebrity, chances are I will read it. It’s one of my favorite tropes! So when I saw this book, I had to read.

Think Kristen Cavallari and Laguna Beach. And if she wants to leave the celebrity world and just live a normal life. Then add a grumpy vet who moved to get away from his past. Hellooooo. 🔥

Perfect book for a quick beach read. Go check this one out!
Profile Image for Brianne Maffett.
192 reviews5 followers
July 2, 2021
What a way to start a new series! I truly am a sucker for Lea Coll novels (that has never been a secret). It has been an honor to read all of her novels and experience her growth as an author. This is such a change of pace from her previous novels and I am here for it!

Elle & Gray are more alike than either one is willing to acknowledge. They both have demons in their past that they have tried to abandon by moving to Telluride. They both know it is just a matter of time before the truth will be revealed.

Can Elle & Gray build a relationship despite their demons? Will they trust each other with the truth? Will Telluride accept them?

You will have to read this one to find out!
Profile Image for Kari Hansen.
9,126 reviews55 followers
July 13, 2021
All Elle wants is a chance to follow her dreams and leave the notoriety and the lack of freedom from her past where it belongs. Her journey has brought her to town where she will focus on her business and keep her past secret but when she meets Gray, he has her wondering if together they can have more.

Gray has a past of his own that he is trying to escape. He moved to town a few years earlier and there is nothing he would like more than to take over the veterinarian office where he is working but the townspeople are skeptical that he won’t leave at the first mention of a better opportunity. When he meets Elle, the sparks fly but will their pasts destroy the future they could have together?

This is a heartwarming story about two people who are trying to find a place to belong both when it comes to life and to love. They prove that they are much stronger together than apart and can face any challenge that comes their way.
Profile Image for NICUnurse Stephanie .
728 reviews18 followers
July 9, 2021
I’m a Lea Coll fan, so I feel like I kind of say the same things over and over. But something about her writing just resonates with me. And Infamous Love is another good read from a favored author. It’s the first book in her all-new Mountain Haven series set in Telluride, Colorado.

When you’re looking to reinvent yourself, can you ever really outrun your past? That’s exactly what Elle and Gray are trying to do. Gray is a bit ahead in this game as he’s been a part of this little tourist community for four years. Elle is drawn there by the memories of her vacations during her childhood. They’ve both sought solace in the peace and quiet this mountain town offers. When both of their pasts come back to haunt them, can they survive the onslaught and move on together?

This book is just one more reason I never hesitate to pick up a book by this author. Even with the bit of angst thrown in with the threat of pasts coming back to haunt our hero and heroine, the story never felt overwhelmingly angsty. Don’t get me wrong. I do love a good angst now and again. But when I’m looking for something a bit softer and sweeter but still not overly simplified, I reach for a Lea Coll book. Her characters just always seem well-balanced. Even when she’s writing about alpha men with big egos, they’ve yet to be over the top, and I like that. Her books consistently deliver well-written characters who aren’t so out of touch that you cannot connect with them. And as a characters girl, that speaks to me. Throw in a framily (friends that become family), and I’m more than hooked, and that’s where her stories tend to go.

If you’re looking for a fresh new series to dip your toes into, check out Infamous Love today. I think you’ll be pre-ordering book two before you know it! And check out the short but sweet prequel for free! Escape to Love is a great teaser if you’re ready to dive into the Mountain Haven series to see what it’s all about!

NICUnurse’s Rating: I give Infamous Love by Lea Coll 5 out of 5 stars!
Profile Image for Nagma (Take A Look At My Bookshelf).
1,076 reviews79 followers
July 14, 2021
Infamous Love is the first book I’ve read by Lea Coll and it certainly won’t be my last. Infamous Love is a wonderful beginning to the Mountain Haven series set in Telluride Colorado. Elle and Gray have both recently moved to Telluride to start fresh from their past dramas. I loved these two so much! They are perfect for each other. Both these characters have similarities, yet they’re different in a good way!

Gray is a grumpy, private, and lonely veterinarian who doesn’t share much about himself even with some of his closest friends. He has lived in Telluride for four years while running from his past. Elle recently moved to Telluride and when she takes her dog to the vet’s she comes across Gray and the attraction is intense! Elle also is running from her past and wants to live a quiet life in a new town. These are two broken people with amazing chemistry and a soulful connection. I loved seeing Elle and Gray open up and accept each other.

I loved Lea Coll’s writing! There was the perfect amount of description and I felt these characters' emotions as they worked to heal each other with love. There’s something about small-town life and everlasting friendships that made me love this book even more. I read this book in one sitting and I’m looking forward to more books in this series!

Rating: 5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Profile Image for Theresa Natole.
884 reviews11 followers
July 4, 2021
Elle and Gray had secrets they both wished stayed hidden. Both trying to move on. Both trying to fit into a town where people stuck to their own and not too accepting of newcomers. Gray is trying to buy the veterinary practice from Ed who is getting ready to retire. But Ed wants to be sure that Gray stays in town and plants some roots. Buy a house, find a nice woman, and settle down type of roots. Gray would be so much more accepted if only he showed everyone he was here to stay. Gray has always lived with the fear his past would catch up to him and he would be forced to leave town and start all over again. Elle is the first woman who he has made him feel like settling down and staying. She herself has secrets. She has shown Gray the woman she is and not the person that she was before coming to town. She is also trying to make a life for herself. Trying to show everyone she is here to stay and make this her home. She is determined to make her business a success. She refuses to go back to L.A. and admit failure. She wants no part of that life anymore. She is where she wants to be. Doing what she wants to do. No one is telling her what to say, how to act, or how to live. For once in her life, she is deciding how to live her life.
She wants to stay here and be with Gray. Together they can show everyone they are both here to stay and want to be accepted and not thought of as outsiders. Can they both move beyond their pasts and secrets and make a life together they both dream of. Or will their secrets force them to leave and Gray to start over somewhere else and Elle to return to L.A. to a life she has desire to live.
Infamous Love was such an amazing read. It kept you on the edge of your seat not knowing when their secrets will be revealed. Because let’s face it, secrets always come out. How will everyone react when they do. Will they stay and be together or run. Will Gray and Elle stay and fight for each other and be accepted by everyone and not be treated as outsiders.
A definite 5 star read and great beginning to a new series. Cannot wait for more.
Profile Image for Paperbeautiful.
382 reviews7 followers
July 13, 2021
WOW! What a way to start a new series!! I can already tell this series is going to be amazing!!

Elle and Gray both have baggage from their pasts. Elle is trying to escape her reality star villain persona, and Gray is trying stay invisible from the crimes his father committed. They meet in Telluride just trying to start over. Will their pasts keep them together or tear them apart?

I loved this story. Gray and Elle are different but perfect for each other. Gray is closed off and does not get close to people, but with Elle's help he begins to open up and get close to the people of the town. Elle just wants people to know the real her, and Gray finally sees the real her. She immediately feels an attraction to him, but can not deal with his hot and cold personality. It makes sense why Gray is closed off the way that he is, but Elle is finally able to bring him out. Their relationship was beautiful, both of them hiding from the past and scared for their future. The only one that could bring them peace was each other.

I love Lea Coll's writing. She is descriptive without being over descriptive and makes you feel like you are right there with the characters. The way she described the town was beautiful, and you will instantly fall in love with all these characters. Cannot wait for the next one!!
Profile Image for Read.Review.Repeat Blog.
4,770 reviews88 followers
July 12, 2021
"I didn’t even read the blurb to this book because Lea Coll is an instant wanna read your book author for me. That this is the first book in a whole new series I honestly couldn’t be any happier.
What I loved about this book was that Gray & Elle were both fighting to have a second chance at a better life. They were more similar than what they both realized and it was so wonderful to read fight for themselves and then for each other.
Honestly I am left with a little bit of a book hangover and hope it’s not too long until the next story in the series. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced readers copy of this book." ~Sharon

Elle and Gray's love is hard won. Both have pasts that have affected the people they are today. Elle and Gray are a couple that truly connect with one another with similar goals of making a life in Telluride. Pasts have a sneaky habit of rearing their ugly heads when you least expect them. This story was sweet with moments that will make you smile. Angst that will make you want to smack the back of a few heads, all along with a satisfying HEA at the end. ~Cindy
Profile Image for Vera Blaz.
1,126 reviews2 followers
July 13, 2021
Gray and Elle both have pasts they’d rather leave in the rear view mirror. They keep themselves closed off so as not to reveal too much. But the moment the set eyes in each other, there’s a connection neither one has ever felt before. For Gray, it meant closing himself off more. For Elle, it meant trying to find a way to connect with him. They both chose Colorado as the place to start over. When Gray finally tells Elle about his past, it was the perfect moment for Elle to reveal hers. But she didn’t and then a surprise visit from her younger sister threatens to break everything Elle has built in Telluride, including her relationship with Gray.

Lea Coll took two broken people and made them see how real friends and real relationships can mend the tears in their hearts and souls. The author made the characters feel, to know what it was like to love and forgive. So emotionally beautiful! I can’t wait to see what happens next in the Mountain Haven series!

I received an advance copy of this book at my request and voluntarily left this review.
Profile Image for Jackie Wright.
4,297 reviews83 followers
July 12, 2021
I love small town romances, I love how everyone meddles but not out of spite just out of love and friendship and Infamous Love is a great start to the new Mountain Haven Series featuring the residents of Telluride. This is Elle and Gray’s journey, a couple with plenty of baggage and who have both moved here to escape their pasts and hopefully build a future.
Their journey drew me in and didn’t let me go, as I learnt about their pasts my heart broke but as their friendship and love grew my heart did a happy dance because this couple really deserve a HEA. The chemistry is sizzling the banter is witty, the characters adorable because let’s be honest who doesn’t love a grumpy, broody man who loves puppies and animals but it was the friendships that were formed in this wonderful read that took this book to another level. So will Elle succeed in bringing the grumpy vet out of his shell and will the community see the man she sees …..
This book ticked all my boxes and I’m excited for my next visit to Telluride.
1,682 reviews11 followers
July 12, 2021
A wonderful beginning to this new series by Ms. Coll. Elle Carmichael needs to get away, away and become someone real. Her past as a teenage actor on a reality show has ruined her reputation and moving to Telluride, to open her barbershop, is her chance to start over. Dr. Gray Stanton arrived in Telluride four years ago, leaving his home state to escape the scandal surrounding his father. Working as a veterinarian at an established practice, Gray hopes to eventually to buy the practice. Elle’s new business, her puppy Crew and her promising relationship with Gray are the highlights of her new life. Although reserved at first, Gray slowly finds his world filled with Elle, her joy for life and their sensuous intimacy as they begin an affair. When fate interrupts Elle’s new life, will Gray understand her hesitancy to open up about her past or will he turn away from her and their love? A beautiful story of two people who had to learn to share their secrets and trust each other. I received an advance review copy at no cost and without obligation from the author. (by paytonpuppy)
Profile Image for Loveromancebooks21.
250 reviews4 followers
July 13, 2021
Infamous Love is a great start to the new Mountain Haven series by Lea Coll. It’s a small town, friends to lovers, slow burn story.

Elle has moved to Telluride, Colorado for a fresh start. Gray is the grumpy but sexy town veterinarian whom she meets when she moves there. They are both escaping their pasts and they both have secrets that they wish could stay hidden. She visited Telluride as a young girl and he followed his best friend after they finished college. They have an undeniable chemistry and are attracted to each other from the start.

Overall I really enjoyed this book. I loved reading Elle and Gray’s story. There’s some super sweet moments and some steamy moments too. I loved the banter between Elle and Gray. Lea’s writing never fails to draw me in and I was hooked from the start. The writing is really descriptive and I can easily imagine Telluride and it’s gorgeous scenery. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series.
Profile Image for Erin Lewis.
4,197 reviews134 followers
July 8, 2021
4.5 Star reviews of Infamous by Lea Coll
I’m not sure where to start with this book. Lea Coll has written a story that quickly drew me in and had me invested from the first chapter to the last in the story she wove about Elle and Gray.
Both Elle and Gray have baggage from their pasts and both have moved to Telluride to escape their pasts and forge a new future. They have been through so much and at times my heart broke for them. The big question is when secrets are revealed will it bring them together or tear them apart? The writing was strong and descriptive and I could easily picture Telluride.
This book bought out a range of emotions in me. When Gray and Elle come together their chemistry is impossible to ignore. Is it possible that Elle can bring the grumpy vet out of his shell and in doing so get him to open up to the community at large? I just loved these two together, they really are destined to be together.
I cannot wait to read more in the Mountain Haven series.
Profile Image for Kim.
847 reviews24 followers
July 10, 2021
Dr. Grey Stanton is a grumpy, hard headed, SEXY veterinarian who is trying to make a name for himself while trying to stay out of the public eye so he can own the animal hospital one day .. BUT .. in walks Elle Carmichael and Crew her rescue pup and right away Dr. Stanton thinks she is an unfit animal owner.

Little does he know Elle is trying to hide just like he is ..

Growing up in California and being on a reality tv show is why Elle changes her name, hair and zip code .. BUT .. she can’t change the way she feels about her life and trying to hide who she because now she wants the simple things in life .. a successful business and a pup !!

These two are opposites but when opposites attract they explode and these two will run into situations that they both aren’t comfortable with but they say love conquers ALL .. but are they each looking LOVE or just to run under everyone radar but it looks they are on each other’s radar and they don’t even know it ….

This book is FANTASTIC and makes you feel like you are right there with them .. from dog training to eating looking at the mountains !! This book is real life !!
Profile Image for Amy Reierson.
835 reviews12 followers
July 12, 2021
This book is a wonderful introduction to Lea Coll's new small town series. Elle and Gray bring all the things you need to enjoy a slow burn romance. As a town veterinary looking to take over the established practice from the retiring senior vet, Gray is struggling to prove he wants to be part of the community, to keep his past in the past and to hide his growing attraction to the beautiful newcomer in town, Elle.
Elle has her own past to hide from as a former reality tv star with every stupid mistake and decision aired for all to see, she wants nothing more then to just blend in to this small town and have a nice quiet life.
I just loved how complicated they both made things yet how simply their lives fit together with the way Lea wrote their story. Their romance was all smolder and anticipation, but will the make it to the grand finale with out fizzling out?
Grab a copy as soon as you can it's a wonderful story.

I have voluntarily left this review.
Profile Image for Suzette.
2,494 reviews8 followers
July 13, 2021
A wonderful story of two people with painful pasts who move to the same beautiful small town looking for a chance to start over. Elle had lived a life manipulated by others dubbed reality and just wanted and opportunity to leave it all behind and reclaim her true self. Gray had made himself into a growly, sexy vet after his life shattered at 18. Their attraction for each brings them together, but it is the goodness they bring out in each other that makes it last. The story does get a little emotional as the family issues that have brought both to this place are discussed but it is sweet and loving. There is also heated scenes between the two as they get to know each other intimately. It is a great story.
Profile Image for Jenn the Readaholic.
1,584 reviews39 followers
July 2, 2021
I see the start of another fabulous series here. Elle and Gray both have a lot to hide, but what will happen when their pasts collide with the present? Who will stand strong and who will walk away? Will their new love survive?

I was hooked from the first page and adored Elle from the start. Gray was a bit harder to like for a second or two, but the pain and loneliness weighing him down made everything so clear. When these two decided to let chemistry and fate do their work, it felt perfect. But with that perfection was a ticking time bomb, just waiting to explode and spew chaos and doubt everywhere. It didn’t help matters that someone who should’ve loved and supported one of these two was more interested in ruining everything to selfishly jumpstart their own shallow dreams, and when it all blew up in Elle’s and Gray’s faces, I was torn between anger and sadness for what could’ve been. Luckily, this author pulls everything together to give the end these two so richly deserved, but she sure put me through the wringer first!

I can’t wait to see what comes next from this series. I have a feeling that Piper and Henry have some interesting tales to tell, so here’s to hoping for more soon!
Profile Image for Reading  In the  Red Room .
1,633 reviews39 followers
July 5, 2021
What a great start to a new series! If book one tells me anything it’s that I’m going to love this series! Ella needs a new start from her crazy past. Ella opens up a barber shop in a small quaint town to get that fresh start. Gray is a vet in that same small town. Gray has a few secrets of his own that he keeps to himself. More than anything he wants to buy the vet clinic he has been working at for the past few years. These two have amazing chemistry but can they open up enough to each other so they know the real person they are falling for? This was a very enjoyable read. I loved the fast pace of the authors writing style and the laugh out loud banter between characters. The small town and the interesting people who live in it will make for some great books to come. I can’t wait for the next book in the series.
Profile Image for RateTheRomance.
777 reviews120 followers
July 31, 2021
This is a book with really great parts and some parts I didn't love so much. I'll tell you exactly what those were so you can decide if this is a book you might fall in love with!

- I loved the premise of a woman who had been thrust into a reality tv spotlight as a teen and how that effects her life now. It was written really well and Elle (female lead) is honest and genuine about her path and how it shapes her current situation.
- Gray (male lead) is grumpy and swoony and I loved his character development as the story unfolded. He is definitely changed from the beginning of this book to the end.
- Great friendships are written into this story! I loved the relationship between Elle and her new employee and I loved the fatherly relationship that Gray finds with his boss.
- Elle is a strong female entrepreneur who forges her own path and sets boundaries with her family. Love that.
- Great steamy scenes and great chemistry between these two!

- I love a grumpy hero, but Gray was a real dick for no good reason for a lot of the beginning of this book. That Elle continued to seek him out when he was repeatedly rude to her made her seem a bit of a pushover.
- These two characters are both running from their pasts, which I liked, but both of their past issues seemed like something that might easily be discussed and reconciled with whomever they came in contact with. This was a romance conflict that could have been resolved by just talking to each other and that's a conflict that I personally find frustrating.

You should try this book out. You might really love the things I didn't connect with. Grumpy Hero is always a good starting point and Elle was a total badass as far as starting her own business and taking charge of her life on her terms.

TRIGGERS: Incarcerated parent, past online bullying, emotionally distant parents
FEELS-O-METER: 2/5: Some drama, but still a light read

I received an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Profile Image for Angela.
392 reviews2 followers
July 1, 2021
I am in LOVE with this series already. Gray and Elle are just the sweetest couple and people I have ever come across. They are both coming from a past that they want nothing to do with. They left their hometowns and moved to a small town in Colorado. Gray is one of the vets in town looking to possibly buy the vet hospital from the current owner, but needs to show the owner and community that he has no intentions of leaving. While Elle opens up her own barber shop, hoping no one will recognize her. She wants to start fresh and be the person that she was always meant to be, not the person that she has pretended to be in the past. They both want to keep to themselves and not share who they are with others, in fear that they won't be accepted and or judged for their past. But what they learn along the way is that there will be those who judge you, but there will also be those who accept you for who you are now. Because the actions we make in the past can shape who we are in the future; to be better people.

The characters in this story are so deep and well developed. It was easy to connect with them and feel the emotions that were portrayed. The other characters were just as intriguing and I can't wait to see what Lea Coll has coming for the next book.
Profile Image for Paulalovesherbooks.
305 reviews2 followers
July 2, 2021
Gray and Elle are the characters that portray in some way all of us. I know for sure I'm not the same person I was twenty years ago. This is the story of how two people hiding from their past, are experiencing love. How can you have a future when you're running from the past? This book touches a sensitive subject, not many people stop to think how there's always two sides to a story, and whe are not entitled to judge others based on what the media says. Elle and Gray teach us, that first you have to accept and believe in yourself. Being your true self to others can make you vulnerable, but it's the only way to find true friendship and love. Beautifully written, well paced and enough slow burn, to make you anticipate the moment they finally cave to their desire.
This book is the first one in a new series, I can't wait see which characters will have their story told next.
Profile Image for Ga Books LoverX.
2,287 reviews22 followers
June 29, 2021
Lea Coll, girl, this book is AMAZING! I loved everything about Elle & Gray and it broke my heart how much their pasts are affecting their future. Both Elle & Gray have been through so much and deserve a true home. Elle might be new to the town, but even though Gray has lived there for years, he still hasn't connected to the community, so can they do it together? Find a place that they can be comfortable and call home? Guess you have to read to see! ;)

All in all, I adored Gray, this guy might be one of the most emotionally unavailable guys I have ever read, but he has a pretty darn good reason for it. And Elle is so freaking sweet and she just wants to find her footing where no one knows who she is. These two have amazing chemistry and while watching them together is sometimes a train wreck in the best possible way, you cannot help but root for them both! I give Infamous Love 4.5 outta 5 stars and loved it! I cannot wait to see what Lea Coll does next in the series!

PS: Thank you to Lea Coll for allowing me an advanced copy of the book to read and review honestly!
Profile Image for B-Books Review.
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July 16, 2021
“𝗡𝗼𝘁𝗵𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝘁𝗵𝗮𝘁 𝗰𝗼𝘂𝗹𝗱 𝗯𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗸 𝘂𝘀 𝗮𝗽𝗮𝗿𝘁. 𝗡𝗼𝘁 𝗲𝘃𝗲𝗻 𝗿𝘂𝗺𝗼𝗿𝘀, 𝗵𝗶𝘀𝘁𝗼𝗿𝘆, 𝗴𝗼𝘀𝘀𝗶𝗽, 𝗼𝗿 𝘀𝗽𝗲𝗰𝘂𝗹𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻. 𝗪𝗲 𝗸𝗻𝗲𝘄 𝘄𝗵𝗮𝘁 𝘄𝗲 𝗵𝗮𝗱 𝗶𝗻 𝗲𝗮𝗰𝗵 𝗼𝘁𝗵𝗲𝗿. 𝗜𝘁 𝘄𝗮𝘀 𝗿𝗮𝗿𝗲 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗱𝗶𝗳𝗳𝗶𝗰𝘂𝗹𝘁 𝘁𝗼 𝗳𝗶𝗻𝗱. 𝗜 𝘄𝗼𝘂𝗹𝗱𝗻’𝘁 𝗹𝗲𝘁 𝗶𝘁 𝗴𝗼 𝘄𝗶𝘁𝗵𝗼𝘂𝘁 𝗮 𝗳𝗶𝗴𝗵𝘁.”
Let’s talk about “Infamous Love by Lea Coll”, first book in the Mountain Haven series.
What a good way to start a new small town series. I was enchanted by the town, it was one I wish I could visit, had a lot of fun meeting the new characters of which I’m excited for their stories to be told and of course Elle and Gray, I felt their connection from page one and their chemistry only increased from there on.

Both of them moved to Telluride, Colorado to scape their pasts, find a way to start their lives over and who knows? Maybe some choose friends and family. Gray has been in town for 4 years working as a vet, he loves animals, of course, but was super grumpy with humans. At the other side, there’s Elle, she was a former reality TV star who got her love crushed by the drama and just want to be herself for once. In that town, she decides to open a barbershop.

There’s a lot of push and pull with their beginning, he goes in full force with his grumpiness and she “attacks” with her sunshine. Even though both were hiding secrets from their pasts, ones that could change their view on each other, they still former a great friendship. It was great how they kept supporting one another in everything.

My only reservation was with the twist at the end. Although I understood the reaction, I cringed a little with the level of drama created. The good thing it didn’t take a lot of time for things to be fixed and in result Elle and Gray grew stronger and so much more in love. If there’s two people who deserves love and happiness, are them. One thing I took from this story, is that sometimes family can be chosen, and that can be wonderful.
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June 29, 2021
Move away. Dye my hair. Change my name. Fly under the radar.
That's my plan to keep the public from recognizing me. I just want to be the new business owner of an old-fashioned barber shop, the ultimate man cave. But all anyone seems to remember is that I'm the bad girl on a popular reality show.

And when I meet the new sexy veterinarian, his gruff voice and grumpy manner get my blood pumping. His sweet way with animals makes me want to know everything about him.

For the first time in my life, cameras aren’t broadcasting my every move. No producer is telling me what to say or do. No one’s pushing me toward him.

This natural gravitation toward him is the realest thing I’ve ever felt.
But when my past collides with my present, everything comes crashing down around me.

I wish I could just hide, but I can't.

Escape my past. Keep my secrets buried. And secure the dream job.

That's my plan to change my life.
I’m living like I could pack up and leave at a moment’s notice.
Now, my new boss won’t sell me his practice unless I convince him I’m here to stay.

Fresh from LA, Elle Carmichael walks into my vet office with her puppy and plans for her business. With her sunny disposition and wide-eyed hope, she thinks she’s a good fit for this town. As soon as her crazy business plan fails, she’ll be gone.

Getting involved with her is the worst kind of trouble. It will only attract attention to my past, ruining my future.

I wish I could resist her, but I can’t.

Freaking loved every page of Elle & Gray's story. Neither had an easy past which made things a bit more challenging for their relationship. It was awesome to watch Gray change after spending time with Elle! This book has lots of feels and was sad to see it end!
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August 4, 2021
Thank you to Lea and Greys PR for sending us this ARC to read.

This is the first book in the Mountain Haven Series and it was an absolute joy to read. This story follows Grey and Elle, both are not natives to Telluride and come with plenty of baggage from their pasts leading them to the small town.

Elle is a woman who has lived her life on camera in a reality TV show and has come to the small town after visiting in her younger youth. She has come to set up a barbershop and prove everyone who thinks she will fail wrong.

Grey followed his best friend to the small town after leaving the secrets and history of his family behind and has become a vet but fails to set his roots down just in case he needs to make a quick getaway. He doesn't want anyone to find out about what his father did or who he is, as he feels people will judge him because of their wrongdoings.

Their love story was beautiful and heartwarming, their connection is strong it is just both of their secrets that are keeping them from fully committing to each other.

I really enjoyed reading this book. it took me a little time to get into the book as it was a little slow for me at first but I couldn't put it down as I just wanted to know how everything would unfold for them.

My Overall Rating is 4 ����💋💋💋
My Passion Rating is 3 💋💋💋
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