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Bullied #4


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Six months ago, I arrived in Enfield looking for a fresh start. Scarred by an old incident, I hoped life in a new town would help me finally accept myself, but I was wrong because the big change brought something way worse. Blake Jones.

I was on Blake’s radar from the first day of our senior year, when he humiliated me in front of the whole school with a “welcome party.” However, it wasn’t welcoming at all, and it was just the start.

Day after day, Blake was there to remind me I was fat and worthless, and the coward in me never let me defend myself.

Until I finally exploded and fought back, right in the middle of class.

But now? Now I have to pay the price because Blake won’t let it slide. He’ll make sure I regret it.

Unless I manage to break out of his hatred and my all-consuming fears.

This book is a spin-off. It can be read as a standalone, but it is recommended to read Bullied (Bullied #1), Pained (Bullied #2), and Damaged (Bullied #3) before reading this book to get a better understanding of the story and characters. It includes sensitive themes and situations that may be triggering for some readers, so caution is advised.

Kindle Edition

Published February 18, 2021

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About the author

Vera Micic

4 books243 followers
Vera Micic now writes as Vera Hollins.

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70 reviews2 followers
April 26, 2021
So our pretty heroine who is overweight wants to be with a boy who:-
• verbally abuses her
• sexually abuses her
• mentally abuses her
• made her bleed on the first day of school
• makes her throw up her food
• does a lot of things but I don't remember
And why in the name of God would you want to be with a boy who did all these horrible things to you.
In the first 3 books too the author blames all the bullying on Hayden's mental illness (BPD), his dad's death, how he felt neglected by her mother, Kayden's death. And this book is no different. Blake bullies Jessica because she reminds him of Emma and he hates it, he hates that he's falling in love with her and that his PTSD is coming back because of her, so he bullies her. He also has issues with his parents. He has PTSD. And he survived a bullet straight to his head (superhero). His character development was... that after he told Jessica his life story he had sex with her(I don't remember clearly I haven't read the book in a while).
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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9 reviews9 followers
September 29, 2019
Blake isn't fighting any of his fears. He's just hurting women and acts like a piece of shit. Going through shit doesn't give you the right to step over others and then have the audacity to call yourself a fighter for doing so.
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955 reviews219 followers
December 31, 2022
3.5 stars

Jessica and Blake's story

As always, this author writes a story of raw feeling and tortured characters whose personal insecurities manifest as caustic interactions with their love interests. In this story Jessica discovers and fights her feelings for her tormentor Jake, simultaneously her self-image. Jake battles internal demons and a tragic past displaced onto Jessica. Eventually, both suffer from insecurities the other attempts to heal.

A slow burn, which allowed for lots of story depth, character growth and interaction, as well as chemistry. One of my favorite scenes was Jessie's presence as his lucky charm in Blake's car race. Such a multitude of feeling -- humor, warmth, and cheer.

As much as I liked the storyline, the characters and their growth, the tension and feeling between the two main characters, it teased at steam that it reluctantly would not deliver on. I recognize the focus was on story and emotions. However, given that it was a rather lengthy slow burn, delivering on some steam, particularly earlier on, would have made this book a more mature read. It would have had less of that YA element that just does not appeal to my adult experience and reading habits. It would have balanced the depth of feeling with its expression.

I cannot but commend the writing and poetry elements, plus great appearances by the old gang, including Sarah and Hayden.
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1,100 reviews1,305 followers
February 7, 2021



Star Rating : 4/5 Stars

POV : Dual

Cliffhanger : None

Hero : Blake . He was the biggest bully ever and was ruthless in everything he did. He has demons that no one could ever comprehend and even though I hated him from the start , by the end , my heart hurt for him.

Heroine : Jess. She was cute and innocent. I loved how self less she was , even though I wanted her to fight back much more , I got why she was the way she was. Blake sincerely did not deserve her.

Pace of the story : Moderate

Angst Rating : 7/10

Heat Rating : 4/10

Triggers Involved : Bullying , Weight Shaming , Lots of Verbal Abuse, Self Harm

Plot Summary :
This is Jess and Blake's story. Blake has always Hated Jess. From the moment he saw her in the cafeteria , he has made it his life's mission to destroy her. With her cute face and innocent personality , he vows to crush her world.

Life for Jess has never been easy. She thought things would be different in the new school , that is until she stumbled upon someone even worse than her previous demons. Blake is what they call the devil. He torments her day and night , loves to make her cry. His insults make her hate everything about herself and the worst thing is he can never even comprehend how much damage he is doing to her. Now with only three months left , she will soon be free of him and his Torture. If only she can survive these three months.

Jess is the one person who brings all of Blake's demons to life and for that she has to pay. If only people knew that she might be the one thing he hates but she is also starting to be the one thing he treasures too!

Overall Opinion :
From the moment I met these two characters , I knew they were going to have an explosive tale. I loathed Blake. The way he Bullied Jess was absolutely disgusting. I never ever thought that there would come a moment when I would sympathise with him but this author even shocked me about that!! Blake has one hell of a back story that none of you will expect.

Both the characters are raw and have their own demons. I loved the way they both overcome them all the while helping each other. Even though I wanted Blake to grovel a bit more , I was happy. The ending was perfect and now I am so excited for Mase's book!! I just know how explosive it is going to be!

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Author 19 books149 followers
March 9, 2021
Jessica is such a sweetheart. I can imagine how she feels. The insecurity about her body and the attraction for a true bully, stands in her way. Still, she tries to make the most of it. And then Blake. Omg. In my opinion, that boy was really such a jerk. No. More than that. A real pain in the ass, a f#cking asshole. As handsome that he is, his bullying was not normal. Yet there is also another side of him that we find out by reading this awsome story. Jessica manages to discover this side of him, even if it's hard to find a way to reach it. The boy to whom Jessie gave her precious heart, opens up to her. That's really nice to see how that finally happens. Jessie can't make the things that happened in his past disappear, but the future is completely open. Especially for the love they both need and deserve. Blake and Jessica are a couple who come together with a lot of pain and effort. I cried because off that, but most of all I get it why people behave the way they do. And therefore, because Hollins makes me undestand and that she can make me forget what's going on around me, makes her a fantastic author.
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29 reviews1 follower
May 8, 2020
I came into this without reading the first three books of the series. It didn't change anything anyway since the main character always mentioned everyone's backstory when the situation was relevant. Speaking of Jess, I didn't really like the way her voice was written. A lot of things were told rather than shown, and what was shown was later told. The subtext was always spelled out for us.

I wish the author focused more on the empowerment part rather than the romance. With stories like these, I've noticed that the relationships are romanticized almost immediately, and considering everything Blake was doing, I've no clue why. I had to read all the horrible things Blake did and said to Jess knowing they'd end up together. This was the first time a character's "redemption" didn't do it for me. And DO NOT get me started on the actual bullying (*ahem* a b u s e !).

I did, however, appreciate the body positivity messages - hence the second star. I really wished that was the main goal of the story instead of Blake and Jessica's inevitable romance. Overcoming insecurities and trauma with support instead of hoping your damaged crush will open up to you (again, don't get me started.)

The only characters I liked were Kevin and Marcus. They were adorable, but honestly, were only there to make Jessica out to be a "good friend." They really did nothing for the plot, but I'm glad they were there because I couldn't stand anyone else. Even Jessica's parents were annoying in the beginning, and Blake's were the typical wealthy, self-centered type. The only sane adults were Jessica's therapist (another bonus) and that one teacher who called Blake out (a true hero).

In terms of the writing itself, I didn't hate it. Like I said earlier, Jess' voice wasn't great, but Vera isn't a bad writer. She's good at making the readers feel the characters' emotions, but I wish she focused less on the romantic parts and more on Blake and Jessica overcoming their issues separately.
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4,756 reviews285 followers
February 20, 2021
I have been looking forward to this particular story ever since I started reading the Bullied series as I was fascinated by the dynamics between Blake and Jessica and the story of how he came to be her bully. As she never tried to go out of her way to annoy or hassle him and they had no connection whatsoever but from her very first day, she was Blake's target, and then we read in the third book of Sarah and Hayden's story that Jessica was starting to develop romantic feelings for Blake and she hated herself for falling for her bully - so cliched as she talks about in the book. This book starts with the "welcome party" that Blake held for Jessica in the cafeteria where she first met Sarah and goes from that point. As we had already some of the scenes from Sarah's POV, a little bit was repeats from her previous three books but a stronger focus on Jessica and Blake. One day, Jessica finally snaps at Blake and this is a turning point in the book as the pair have to have detention together and soon things change and we learn that Blake has some dark problems too and PTSD and how Jessica became his trigger. I liked the character of Jessica and so this was one of my most favorite books in the series. I am not sure how much I will enjoy the next book with Mason and Mel as they both have some high-pent up angst towards each other, that sometimes it feels a bit too much. On a side note - I loved how the first four books in the Bullied series when put together spell out the initial’s PTSD. If you love bullymances and looking for one of the better bully series to read then check out the Bullied series by Vera Hollins today.
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25 reviews
April 25, 2021
I’m going to be blunt and to the point.

I did not like this book.



I understand Jessica is a very mentally weak character, she isn’t headstrong or confident or even remotely brave, which is fine. I went into this book knowing she wouldn’t be some badass who wouldn’t take shit from anybody. I went into this book preparing myself for a weak, unconfident character. I did not, however, expect her to forgive Blake so easily for what he did.

He verbally, sexually, mentally, and on a couple occasions physically abuses her. He makes her throw up, he makes her feel like shit, and at the same time there’s her whose feelings for him grow regardless of his behaviour towards her.

This is a love story. They were going to fall in love, no shit. I knew that. But I hated how easily she forgave him for what he did. I hated it so much. He shows up to her house to give a half ass sorry and she’s like StOp i dOn’T fOrgiVe yOu but then laughs at a joke he makes.

Bipolar much?

Anyways, I hated Blake’s character. When I thought about the romantic aspect of the book I was completely unprepared for the events that took place in the book. The things he does to her are unbelievably disgusting, the way he mentally abuses her, the way he shamed her for her body, and for what? Because he has to distance himself from her to keep a promise that he’d never fall in love again? Are you serious?

Yes, he has PTSD.

Yes, his past is traumatic.

And yes, being cold would be a good way to make sure he doesn’t get to close to her. So why didn’t he just avoid her? Why did he have to make her life hell? Because he couldn’t control himself? Because he didn’t want to get too close? Because he didn’t want to fall in love?

I hated him very much. The things he did to her were-in my opinion-unforgivable. Like I said before, I went into this book knowing he’d be an asshole, especially if the first three books were anything to go by, but this book held nastier things, it was just...terrible.

I was team Kevin and Jessica all the way but I mean, Kevin and Marcus were my go-to.

The only thing I liked in this book were ALL THE OTHER CHARACTERS.

Melissa? The best. Her book is amazing.

Masen? Love him. Although these three books don’t give much info on him, Scarred did. I liked him before I read Scarred, though.



And Kevin and Marcus were the cutest.

But Jessica and Blake were not it for me.

Anyways, there’s the review you didn’t ask for.

Au revoir lmao
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
4 reviews
May 26, 2019
Truthfully, it's not as good as I had hoped. I love the original 3 with all of my heart, but this one was a little harder to read. I think my main problem with this one is just how it seems to be sarah just with a differect name and body type. Personally I think that it was really hard to see these stories as different, it almost feels like it just repeated itself. I think Vera is a great writer and I hope that she's see this as a helpful criticism rather than shutting her down. I hope that you can continue to grow as a writer and not let me get you down.
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323 reviews59 followers
February 18, 2021
Bullied Series #4
Vera Hollins
Releases 18th Feb

Jessica & Blake

#arc #arcreader #amreading #currentlyreading #reader #reviewer #enemiestolovers #trauma #highschool #bullyromance #bulliedseries #Bless #BlakeandJess #wattpadtopublished  #wattpad #emotional #AllTheFeels #drama #angst #emotionalandgripping #sensitivecontent #abuse

Can be read as a standalone, but best enjoyed read in order to get an understanding of the background and characters.

I've previously read this when Vera posted this series on Wattpad. It's great to revisit these characters in a publushed manner. So honoured to receive an Arc copy.

Now to try and sum up a spoiler free post.

We've met Jessica and Blake in Sarah and Hayden's books. She's moved there cause her Father's a lawyer.
Sarah saves Jessica from Blake's "welcoming party" her first day in the cafeteria. They've struck up a close friendship since.
But since arriving at East Willow High Jess has been the target of Blake's wrath, which is exhausting her to tears and reverting back to her eating disorder. On top of that she already has a load of insecurities, shyness, previously bullied at her old school, in therapy due to it.
Her outlet is music, she writes her own songs, it just flows from her.

He maybe good looking and a part of her can't stop seeking him out. He's cold and callous  making her hyper aware whenever he's around and not in a good way and she's beginning to not like herself very much.

Blake's a jock, Captain of the schools football team. His Father happens to be the Mayor. Hence why he doesn't really get any severe punishments.
But when they end up getting detention together after Jess snaps with finally sticking up for herself she sees a different side to Blake.
He's got pent up fears and has a panic attack, she gets him through it.
But with helping him at his weakest will this make Blake worse towards Jessica?

Will Jessica get to the bottom of whatever has made Blake this way?
Will they heal each other?

The friendships Jess has made with Sarah, Mel, Kevin and Marcus is great, they've got each other's backs. They're a tight bunch, they all have their own insecurities. But then again, so does everyone.

This is such a turbulent read.
Rollercoaster of emotions.
Tissues are not provided. You will need chocolate and a drink of choice.

Can't wait (again) for SCARRED, Mel and Mason's book.

*Arc provided in exchange for an honest review*
1 review
September 4, 2019
I can definitely classify wattpad books as my guilty pleasure. More often then not I will read 2 pages and close the story. Once in a while I'll stumble onto something desent and finish it. That's exactly what happened in this case. Yes, I read all 4 of them. Yes, the books are ok if you mindlessly read them and just take them for what they are - wattpad stories.
The problem occurs when the author whether it is a book or a netflix show (you know the one with thirteen reasons🤔) tries to put deep thought into something that should be no more than entertainment. And when THAT happens you get cringy dialogs and author's notes, stuff like "if you are feeling like this then call 1800blah". Its way to much.
If you take this book seriously than it's not likable at all because any woman who has ever been threatened, pushed around and/or assaulted will NEVER feel anything but fear and disgust to her assailant, even if he is a gorgeous/smart/dark/bad boy jock. Having a mental disorder is not an excuse, ever. Having PTSD is not an excuse. Mass shooters and psychopaths also have mental disorders and we all gasped in horror when Charles Manson got married in prison. Why, cuz he's not a pretty boy? Come on.

Anyways. 3 stars because it was readable and entertaining. And teenagers! Here's a message for you.
Do not stay quiet about abuse. Speak up!
Do not fall for bad boys. In real life they usually end up in prison by the age of 20 and keep going back (yea yea, trust me. Been there done that)
Talk to a specialist if you are in trouble (I think this book got one thing right - everybody should go to therapy once in a while)
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203 reviews8 followers
August 30, 2021
I know fear the best. Hell, fear destroyed my life! But I never stopped fighting it. Every second of my life, I'm fighting it.

Trapped (Bullied series #4)
Release date- 18th February, 2021
Rating- 4.5 Stars
Tags- High School Bully Romance, PTSD.
I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

This is the story of Blake and Jessica. From the first day of senior year in a new school, Blake made it a point of duty to make Jessica's life a living hell. His assaults ranged from bodyshaming to physical torture, but Jessica had great friends like Sar, Mal, Kev and even Hayden( who would have thought) to keep her sane. Unknown to everyone, Blake had his own internal demons to battle and Jessie happened to be his trigger.
Right from the first book of the series, I'd hated Blake's gut since he was such an asshole. When I found out that a whole book would be written about him, I said to myself that there could be no amount of story that the author would weave to exonerate him from all the terrible things he had done. However, Vera went ahead to exceed my expectations once again. Her writing style is just so different and mature. I've read my fair share of bully romance and this series is not your cliche kind. She always has new and interesting ideas to keep the readers on the edges of their seats.
Furthermore, I love that she made my favorite couple of this series( Hayden and Sarah), a big part of it. I totally enjoyed myself and I'm looking forward to Masen and Mel's story.
32 reviews
February 20, 2021
There is only one reason I placed a rating for this book and it's because I felt I needed to write a review...

Make no mistake this book is a full ode to justification of












368 reviews1 follower
February 20, 2021
I received this book as an arc in exchange for an honest review. I rated it as a 3.5.

Much preferred this book the first 3 if I'm being honest. I felt like i was more invested in Blake and Jess's relationship. My heart broke for what Blake had been through previously, it helped explain his fears and phobias as a slightly more mature adult, a little. However it doesn't excuse him for the way he treats Jess initially, in terms of the physical bullying and making her feel like she's worthless.

Again, the author has brought many complex issues into play, which are often overlooked or aren't mixed in many books. (i.e. More than one person suffers from mental illness or condition). So it was nice to see them being addressed, especially in a high school setting, as oftentimes that's when people can be bullied the most due others not wanting to differ from the crowd.

I do think the book was again, a bit repetitive, however it moved at a faster pace than the others which i liked. There was a bit more angst between Jess and Blake which is what i prefer in bully romance books, and i felt like they didn't go back and forth over the same topics as much. This is a relatively mild/clean romance though which i don't hate, but i definitely prefer to read books with more steam usually.

Was also nice to see how the characters were relatively open about going to therapy and it wasn't something that was looked down on or necessarily hidden. This book definitely speaks about some trying issues though, so i would note that anyone who has any triggers should pay attention to any TW and be mindful of them before reading.
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2,768 reviews62 followers
February 28, 2021
I have to be honest and admit I should not have read Trapped right after the other three books. I was emotionally drained from the others and you have already met Blake and Jessica from those stories. So you know that Trapped is going to be horribly emotional and you are going to want to punch the crap out of Blake.

Throughout the other stories, I felt so bad for Jessica. She is not as strong as Sarah and she needs that place to hideaway from people like Blake. And Blake being the jerk he is, knows exactly what he is doing to her. But like the other three books, there is always a reason for what is going on. Vera dives deep into emotional issues that teenagers are going through and brings them to the forefront of our minds. Not everything you see is always as it seems.

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1,289 reviews119 followers
August 14, 2021
I absolutely love this series and this book I thought it was amazing ! I loved the plot the twists and turns this story touches on some tough subjects the characters are dealing with a lot of stuff there’s a lot of drama my heart absolutely broke for both characters. I could feel the pain the emotions coming from the pages . Vera Hollins writing is raw it’s real and I can’t recommend it enough. I can’t wait to read more in this intense series.
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1,591 reviews97 followers
February 19, 2021
This book pleasantly surprised me.
For the first part I thought it was going to be like the others that I didn't quite enjoy, but then the plot grew depth that I never saw coming. I couldn't look away. There was no yo-yoing like the other books, and my heart broke for both characters.
Then that twist...
Definitely recommend, stick with it, it's definitely worth it.
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92 reviews2 followers
May 31, 2022
I usually don't like to continue reading stories when the couple of the series changes but I had to read this story.
I liked Jess but she got a little on my nerves because she never stood up for herself and when Sarah did it, she would get mad.
The reasons for Blake being f*cked up were so sad but bullying Jess made no sense to me.
Still, I liked the story’s progression and enjoyed reading the book.
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Author 1 book2 followers
May 24, 2021
Such an amazing book, I love this series so much and I can't wait for more bookz by her
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5 reviews
December 8, 2021
Drum rolls! Throws confetti 🎊
(Vera Hollins style)

Firstly, Trapped is my favourite book in the entire series. The story line, the characters, the dramatics, everything on point!

Blake and Jessica have a chemistry that I crave from a partner (minus the toxicity and the bullying) Blake's love for Jessica was the most honest real. I have never felt such genuine feelings from a male MC!

Blake's struggles of dealing with PTSD were also explained very well, I am not an expert on it, but it was portrayed good enough

However, as much as I can relate to Jessica's self-doubt and body dysmorphia, it seemed very repetitive and uncreative. Fat. Cellulite. As a plus size women with body image issues, I felt the depiction wasn't quite accurate. I have honestly never used the word 'cellulite' when talking about my body in my entire life or ever as much as Jess does in just the beginning of the story. I may have a different experience but that's my interpretation of the story. Another similarity I find within me and Jessica is her soft personality and her aversion to confrontation. I hate them too! Its okay to be scared of situations and people. You just have to find a friend like Mel and a boyfriend like Blake I guess ;)

All in all Trapped is my #1 favourite in the #Bullied series followed by Scarred
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478 reviews21 followers
August 4, 2021
I knew that Jessica was gonna be weak and hence I did not expect anything much from her but I was done with reading that she's crying/cried/trying not to cry/holding back tears. I need to know her face care routine because dark circles do happen due to crying and she probably doesn't have them.

One thing that stuck with me the most is when Jessica goes to Sarah's birthday party and somehow Jessica and Kevin play truth and dare with their bullies (yes both of them were bullied and made fun of) in the right state of mind. WHO DOES THAT? Not in any state of mind would I play/talk with my bullies if I had them!

Blake bullied Jessica from the first day at school for 6 months and all it took was a "sorry" by him to be considered for forgiveness!!!? Seriously? No grovel?? And we're talking about major fat shaming where she did try throwing up a few times. I felt like the grovelling was pushed aside for introducing Blake's issues.

We get to know about Blake's issues afterwards that involves heavy PTSD. Everything happened to him in the past was absolutely horrifying, I totally agree but saying that Jessica was a "trigger" for him made me wanna bang my head, especially when JESSICA DID NOTHING, KNEW NOTHING.

I don't know who's a bigger fool here, Jessica or Blake.

There were a few romantic lines which were really sweet though.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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14 reviews
July 29, 2022
"Blake had told me to tough it out. He was right about that because overcoming my cowardice was long overdue. His words stayed with me the whole day long, playing on repeat, inviting each bullying memory back into my mind."

Mind you blake is the bully & he has the audacity to tell her that she's a coward for not standing up for herself??? To toughen up??? Bully-lover has always been the stupidest, most sickening trope but this is truly the lowest of the low. He bullied anyone he deemed weak & beneath him. No amount of sob backstory could ever redeemed his character. None.
The 1st 3 books were kinda ok only bcs the male character has BPD but tht still doesn't excuse his behaviors.

This could've been a really great book if the writer made the FC knows her worth. There's truly no salvation for bullies.
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192 reviews15 followers
June 29, 2020
To be completely honest, I did not like this story as much as I thought I was gonna like it. It was too predictable for me, and my mainly issue was that Jessica was too envious, jealous, a bit selfish, and did things that they were just wrong. I was very disappointed in Jessica, and the way she acted, she was truly immature. Blake was at wrong too, but for some reason, I have more issues with Jessica than with Blake. I just didn't like how Jessica put trade that in reality her and Sarah were not really friends. That's how I view it, the way she will describe situations, that's how it felt. And just the way that Blake explained the reason why he bullied Jessica, did not make sense to me. To be completely honest, I thought it was bullshit.
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14 reviews1 follower
January 21, 2022
too tired to rant. Would give this series a zero if I could
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Author 2 books85 followers
February 20, 2021
I love bully stories and definitely expected it for this book, however I felt it a bit predictable and short on the hotness department. Blake and Jess's story has lots of fears and past issues, I liked those issues a bit refreshing in this type of story, the pacing of the story was a bit slow for my liking and some things seemed a bit repetitive, but I enjoy the dark part of it. The whole series is preferable to be read, but if you want to read it as a standalone, the author provides main clues within the story so you don't miss anything important.

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413 reviews20 followers
February 20, 2021
Man! I’m at a loss of words how could I begin to describe how amazing this book is my words are not enough they couldn’t possibly give this book the praise it deserves I’ve been a fan of vera Hollins since I stumbled onto bullied I’ve never read a series that goes so much into depth about mental illnesses and I applaud author for taking on such intense hard topics of every day life to write about

We’ve seen glimpses of Blake and Jess in the first 3 books of this series and I was really intrigued to learn about their back story and boy it did not disappoint

Blake has hated Jess from the moment he clapped eyes on her in the school cafeteria ever since their first meeting she has become his target “She is his trigger” and he will do whatever it takes to destroy her but their is so much more to Blake than just your regular bully he’s dealing with so much in his life and he hasn’t had the best of experiences he’s fighting his demons on a daily basis and it’s utterly heart breaking this poor broken boy my heart truly went out to him

Jess is an innocent beautiful girl both inside and out with a beautiful heart to go with it she will help anyone she can but she finds herself tormented on a daily basis by her bully but she also finds herself drawn to him and wanting to help him even though he’s put her through a lot of pain and torment Jess is also dealing with her own issues of insecurities but that’s what makes Jess such a strong beautiful character you’ve watched her grow from a timid girl into a woman who learns how to stand up for herself

This book is an intense emotional rollercoaster that will have you hooked right from the very first page right to the very last this book deals with sensitive topics but it also sends out a positive message “it’s ok to not be ok” no matter who you are whatever your dealing with weather it’s PTSD or BPD it’s ok to lean on to someone for support

I can’t recommend this series enough if you haven’t started this series yet then I highly urge you to start now with Bullied which is Hayden and Sarah’s story although Trapped can be read as a stand alone I recommend you start from the very beginning

FIVE STARS ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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2,551 reviews44 followers
February 19, 2021

"Blake had been crushing me day by day. He tainted my self-image, to the point where I disliked everything about myself."

4 Bullied Stars!!! Just when I think I can't be more obsessed with this series, Vera sucks me back in!

Jessica or "Jess" is new to East Willow High. She's a quiet girl who keeps to herself for the most part and deals with issues from her past. She's in therapy for numerous things, including an eating disorder. Blake is the captain of the football team, and basically all American boy! He gets away with anything and everything with no consequences. He sets his sights on Jess and that's when the tormenting begins... he pushes her so far over the edge she turns back to her eating disorder. But when they land in detention together, Jess sees that under that tough exterior lies a boy with issues too, one of them being panic attacks. And that's when things change...

This series is emotional and at times draining. But Vera deals with sensitive topics in such a beautiful way. It's hard not to fall in love with each of these characters. You're heart breaks for Jess and what she's going through and once we get through Blake's hard exterior, it will break for him too! This series is definitely worth the one click!
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February 17, 2021
This book is about Jessica and Blake primarily, with Blake having bullied her from the first day she’d arrived at the school six months previously, things definitely didn’t improve for Jessica over that period of time with him.

I really liked Jess and my heart went out to her in the other books, so by this story, I was ready to tie Blake up and demand he a) stop bullying her 😁 and b) open up about his past. Then when things started to change and he obviously heard me, 🤣, I just wanted to wrap Blake up in cotton wool and try to prevent any further events from happening. I did a complete turnaround and found it very realistic when Jess didn’t rush to forgive him and put a bandage on their boo-boos then kiss them better.

Trauma and the results afterward are explored very carefully in this book. I was completely ensnared by this storyline and the feelings it brought forth. Then when things changed up and the action started my heart just about jumped out of my throat in fear. Terrific suspense.

This is one of the best enemies to lovers stories I have ever read.

*ARC received in exchange for an honest review*

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February 9, 2021
She just wanted senior year to go smoothly. New school, new start, and no more bullying.

But then comes the welcome party on her first day, and all the hope she had fades to nothing.

He was doing better, he could breathe again, and then there she was begging for his attention.

Well she would get it, he would make sure of it ....

This is the fourth book in the bullied series, and whilst it can be read as a standalone you would get more from the story if you read Bullied, Pained and Damaged first. They introduce you to all the characters mentioned within this.

Be prepared to have your heart broken for this, Jessica and Blake's story is raw and brutal whilst harsh and simply soul destroying.

Harsh words and fragile hearts. A mind and body at war whilst a mouth runs free with cruelty. That's what you can expect. Get the tissues ready!

Blake cant see beyond his past. He's lost to it. To see the true him you just need to dig deep. Don't give up on him.

Jessica is many things. She's the deer in the headlights, the scared rabbit trying to escape, but give her the right reason and she's as fierce as a tiger.

They are unpredictable and so very destructive to both each other and themselves. I couldn't get enough of them!

I connected with this book on so many different levels and that is an amazing thing to experience. It gives the story so much more life and meaning.

The depth to this series is astonishing. I've not read anything like it before! Vera Hollins and her words are truly magic.

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