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Bloo Moose #7

Reaching For Roots

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Cartoonist Emmy Rivera loves everything about the quirky town of Bloo Moose but that doesn’t mean she’s brave enough to put down roots. That’s never worked out for her in the past.

Undercover agent Ryan Ward wants to take down a money-laundering criminal who lures the unsuspecting into investment scams. Just like the one who caused his father’s death.

Ryan didn’t expect the only connection to the man to be a sweet and sexy soon-to-be shop owner who snares his attention, and his heart.

When the situation gets out of control and lies are uncovered, they’ll have to rely on each other if they have any chance at putting down roots together.


Published March 23, 2021

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About the author

Jemi Fraser

21 books45 followers
Jemi Fraser writes romantic suspense filled with hope, heart, and humour. Her stories combine her love of mystery with the satisfaction of a Happy Ever After. Love is always worth the risk!

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1,138 reviews2 followers
April 3, 2021
This is the seventh book and final book in this series about Bloo Moose, this was great just like the others have been. We get to read about Ryan a undercover cop that needs to get close to Emmy to get to a criminal that she has a connection to. He was only getting close to her to get the bad guy, however things do not always go as planned.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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Author 4 books29 followers
April 2, 2021
This is Ryan and Emmy's story. Emmy makes the decision to open a business in Bloo Moose, Vermont. She has no idea that the gorgeous man helping and encouraging her is undercover and she is his target. Yet the chemistry between them mounts, and Ryan is torn between his growing love for Emmy and his duty. She's already been hurt in the past. She can't get hurt again.

I loved these two people and the suspense with the unfolding of details. Another wonderful story from this talented author.
2,793 reviews4 followers
March 27, 2021
"Secrets are the worst and cause nothing but trouble." Ryan is undercover as a deputy in Bloo Moose, trying to get close to Emmy so he can find out information about someone in her life - the target of his investigation. He can't get involved with her. Right. She's a runner - when life gets messy, she takes off. Since she's been in Bloo Moose, though, she's made so many friends, more than she ever thought possible. I loved the story - romance, action, secrets and deceit. This is my second read from Bloo Moose, and I still enjoy the quirky but friendly and caring characters in this little town and how fast the gossip spreads.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
2,493 reviews6 followers
March 24, 2021
Ryan is undercover to get close to Emmy to lure a criminal she has a connection to out of hiding. She was just a means to an end. He never expected to fall for her and the quirky close knit town of Bloo Moose. I don’t blame her for being afraid to put down roots, for wanting to run. She’s been hurt by and lost those close to her. But she created a wonderful creative business that fits in with Bloo Moose and all townspeople who welcome and love her, if only she can forgive the one who betrayed her trust. I love all the moose phrases and pictures and wish I could buy some of the shirts or pj’s. Even Emmy’s new cat named Moose sounds adorable. I laughed out loud at Emmy’s new wonderful friends from the storytelling competition and the people of Bloo Moose and wish I could vacation there.
2,528 reviews17 followers
March 13, 2021
This is book seven in The A Bloo Moose Series and it is Emmy and Ryan's story and omg what a story it is. Emmy loved in Book Moose in Vermont and was looking at a shop to start her own business only to have a really bad panic attack when everything started to close in around her and so she ran from the shop and into a man who was handsome, charming, kind and witty who helped her make a decision on signing for the lease on the shop. Ryan was renting a house in Book Moose and couldn't believe that he had already made contact with the person he needed to as he was undercover so he had to be very careful. Emmy and Ryan got to spend a lot of time together and there connection and chemistry between them grows stronger but with Ryan hiding behind a secret and not staying in Bloo Moose indefinitely where does that leave them and how will Emma react when she finds out Ryan has been lying to her all the time that they have been together especially after everything that Emmy had been through in the past. Omg I absolutely love this book so much and I couldn't put this book down as I had to see what would happen next and with all its twists and turns it was so addictive and I can't wait to read the next book in this amazing series. Jemi Fraser is an amazing author and writer and I definitely recommend you read this book and series and you will definitely not be disappointed as she certainly knows how to keep her reader's attention.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
Profile Image for Barbara.
16.8k reviews8 followers
March 23, 2021
The seventh book in the Bloo Moose series a well written story with a very good storyline that kept me turning pages. Cartoonist Emmy Rivera and Undercover agent Ryan Ward's story of suspense, drama, danger, a villain, twists, turns, and romance. A story that was well worth reading. I received a copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
Profile Image for Yolanda Renee.
Author 13 books106 followers
August 19, 2021
Love is healing!
Can a relationship built on lies survive the actual trials life throws this couple's way?

Cartoonist Emmy Rivera and undercover agent Ryan Ward are immediately attracted to one another. But he's watching her hope she'll lead him to a criminal mastermind, and she's just trying to get established in a new town. When the truth comes out, it's devastation all the way around.

Can these two find their way back to one another? Only Jemi Fraser can find a way for these two to mend the rift, and it's pure magic! Superb!
Profile Image for Mason.
Author 2 books21 followers
April 14, 2021
There is a place I want to physically visit, there are people I’d love to interact with, and shops I want to peruse looking to buy those unique, one-of-a-kind items. But I can only do these things in my mind. Why? Because this place, these people, and those things only exist in the beautiful fictional world created by an author with a sharp eye for detail and a keen sense of human relationships.

In the latest installment in the series, REACHING FOR ROOTS, readers get a look at the world of cartoonist Emmy Rivera, her insecurities, and her shy reach for happiness. Inserting himself into Emmy’s life is Ryan “Mitchell” Ward. Ryan is on a mission to do whatever it takes to take down a very bad guy. Ryan doesn’t realize he’s going to lose his heart in the process.

Through vivid descriptions and realistic dialog, the author quickly pulls you in to make you feel like a part of the story. The chemistry between the two main characters, enhanced by the quirky influence of the secondary characters, makes the story flow smoothly and quickly with many moments of amusement.

The author paints a strikingly intense story with her words connecting the reader with the whirlwind of the characters’ emotions. You’ll be laughing and sighing, and doing a little fanning for the smoldering sparks, but be sure to have the tissue nearby for the heart wrenching moments sprinkled about.

This is a story of overcoming challenges and fears, honoring loved ones, believing in better times, community support, friends, and taking chances. REACHING FOR ROOTS is a heart-warming romance filled with drama, suspense, and fun.

This is the seventh installment in the Bloo Moose Romance series but can be read on its own. This is a series where you find yourself wanting to know the story of ever person in Bloo Moose. The author has created characters you’ll come to love and a series you’ll hope never ends.

If you’re looking for romance, adventure, suspense, loads of fun, memorable characters, and stunning settings, then REACHING FOR ROOTS is the perfect solution for all your reading desires.

FTC Full Disclosure – A copy of this book was sent to me by the author. However, receiving the complimentary copy did not influence my review. The thoughts are completely my own and given honestly and freely.
Profile Image for Tyrean.
Author 45 books83 followers
March 30, 2021
Another Bloo Moose Romantic Suspense novel that I thoroughly enjoyed, Reaching for Roots delves into the relationship of Emmy, a new business owner and professional cartoonist, and Ryan, a IRS investigative agent undercover and on the hunt for a criminal. It turns out, they have very different views of the man Ryan is investigating. That, and their newfound romance, puts them at odds, but I love the way their story has a full ending, showing each of them learn from one another.
708 reviews2 followers
March 22, 2021
Ryan and Emmy make such a great couple! I know that Ryan really didn’t want to fall for his target, but who wouldn’t love someone with Emmy’s personality? The suspense that’s woven into this book has you hanging on for the next chapter and I think that it really kept the story going. I really enjoyed it

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
22 reviews
October 4, 2022
A great book of problems, mysteries & problems

This is a book with twists and turns that left me thinking, wondering and anxious to keep reading to learn if there were solutions. Of course, it has romance and is teasingly sexy, too. I love the Moose Prints shop created on the pages and would love to shop there.
3,286 reviews27 followers
March 21, 2021
The book is a good romantic suspense read. The story has a good story line. The characters are good, and they have good chemistry.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
Profile Image for Jacqueline.
432 reviews11 followers
April 15, 2022
Delightful! I loved the small town of Bloo Moose and its people! Looking forward to reading more of this series. Emmy and Ryan were wonderful, loved getting to know them and seeing why they are perfect for one another.
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