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I don’t have time for an unplanned visit home to help out in my father’s struggling letterpress shop. My stint in Vermont will have to be short, for a couple of reasons:

One, I’m a busy executive trying to climb the corporate ladder.

Two, my ex is still my dad’s right-hand man in the shop. And I am not over him.

Nothing has changed at the Burlington shop. Auden still has his infuriatingly sexy Scottish accent. He’s still hot, and still stubborn. Between operating the antique press with his shirtsleeves rolled up, and moonlighting at Burlington’s hottest inclusive wine bar, he pushes every one of my attraction buttons.

My falling-in-love-again buttons, too. Except I’m his polar opposite. I love change, and taking chances. Everything he avoids in life.

So why am I trying to convince him to reach for more than we’ve ever dreamed of—the possibility of forever?

Turnabout is a second-chance romance with interfering family, groveling, and a large helping of artisan stationery geekery.

302 pages, Kindle Edition

First published May 6, 2021

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Laurel Greer

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USA Today bestselling author Laurel Greer loves writing about all the ways love can change people for the better, especially when messy families and charming small towns are involved. She lives outside of Vancouver, BC with her law-talking husband and two daughters and is never far from a cup of tea, a good book, or the ocean—preferably all three.

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3,356 reviews308 followers
April 15, 2021

Second chance romance is one of my favourite tropes, when it's done well and you can see that there was a valid reason for why they didn't work at the time and why things have changed.

Here you get just that. When Auden and Carter split in their early 20s after a fairly lengthy college romance, a lot of it was to do with wrong place, wrong time and outside forces they had little control over.

When they meet again a decade later, it's clear not only did the feelings never go, but also the pain and longing of knowing you had the one but just couldn't hold onto them.

The way this is resolved works perfectly. The next bit may be slightly spoilerish, although nothing major so I shall hide it.

What I loved most about this book was that it emphasises the frailties of humanity, our fears, our flaws, the courage needed to put your heart on the line even knowing it might get stomped on. All of this is present in both Auden and Carter.

It also shows that people make mistakes they live to regret and that pride (looking at you Carter's dad!) is more often than not the bogeyman in any type of relationship, whether it's family or lover.

Also, as someone who started their journalism career at a newspaper still printed on hot metal, I absolutely adored all the luxury handpress stationary elements in this story.

This is a lovely romance, it's quite gentle with a bit of angst, there are family tensions which add to the plot but nothing is overwrought or dramatic.

I loved Carter's meddling aunt Bee and her wife Gracie, Olivia who comes to interview at the press only had a tiny bit of page time, but she's fully realised and I loved her too.

My frustrations with Auden knocked half a star off but this really is a wonderful romance.

#ARC kindly received from the publishers Hearts Eye Press in return for an honest and unbiased review
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1,416 reviews129 followers
June 27, 2021
I really wanted to like this book but it felt like it was a thousand pages long.

But let's start out with the things I really did like:
+ Carter. I loved Carter. He was swoony. And misunderstood. And he deserved all the love. Both from his dad and Auden. Even if I'm not sure Auden deserved him. But more about that later. Did I say swoony?
+ The kilt! Because yeah.
+ The settings. I really enjoy the world that the authors of this series has built and I'm always looking forward to spending time in Burlington and even more so Vino & Veritas.

Things that didn't work for me:
- Auden. Oh dear, I didn't like Auden. Not even a little. He was so stuck in his way. He refused to see outside of his box. And the way he blamed Carter for their first breakup without even seeing that he was a big part of it. NOT. COOL. I think Carter deserved so much more than Auden.
- The writing. In general it was good. At times great even but there were some stylistic choices that really bugged me. So much so that it even took me out of the story at times.
- The family business. Seriously. It dragged on and on and on and on. And I mean I get it, there wouldn't have been much of a book without it since it was like 50% of the plot. But still. Boring.

What I'm trying to say with this review is, 2 stars for Carter. And only Carter. I guess I could've left it at that.
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May 6, 2021

We're back in Vermont!

Vino & Veritas #9

Carter + Auden.

Carter and Auden were together for three years in college. But Carter has been working towards being a big business man in Montreal now for a decade and Auden is still in Vermont, working for Carter's dad at their little printing shop.
But now Carter's back for a while - because dear old dad is chasing after mom - who left him to go to Paris.





I was already in love with the book when I read the dedication:

For everyone who really loves tracing their fingertip along a luscious piece of paper.

The story is a sweet and very sexy second-chance paper-lovers romance. Very adorable!
Maybe a tiny little bit too slow at first. And then it's porn on porn in the second part. (Which I don't hate, but it was a bit too much!) The book is a tiny bit too long. But I enjoyed reading it.
Auden with his sexy scottish accent and then Carter - who's a bit stuffy in his bespoke suits. Cute. Just a bit sad that it took them over a decade to get that second chance. 😢 Five years would've been okay too.
I loved the aunts!

Great 9th book in this third series of Sarina Bowen's True North World.

And as I mentioned in every one of my World of True North reviews - I could read these kinds of books every day for the rest of eternity!

I also wouldn't mind seeing this whole world on Netflix one day!

Can't wait to get more Vermont soon!

TURNABOUT was an adorable + paper + print-lover-ish second-chance M/M love story! Run to your nearest amazon for your own Auden + Carter - they'll be sold out in no time!

💜 💜

Smokin Hot Book Blog Smokin Hot Book Blog Smokin Hot Book Blog Smokin Hot Book Blog Smokin Hot Book Blog
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November 28, 2022
Carter’s father, Francis loves his printing press...which I thought a bit strange especially since it has come at the expense of his wife who has run off to Paris and his son who has run off to a town in Vermont. The wife is threatening divorce and has no intention of returning home so that leaves Francis no choice except to but to call his son, Carter to step in while he goes and tries to get her to forgive him and come back. Carter left Vermont to take a position as Vice President of a big office supply company in Montreal right after his father rejected his proposal for improvements that would have done nothing be help the family business. In leaving he left behind more than just the business, he left his heart in the form of the Auden, the gorgeous, Scottish love of his life... who just happens to work for his dad…and Vino and Veritas of course. All of this series, which is participated in by a huge variety of M/M romance writers, are fairly short...all take place in Vermont... and all that I have read thus far have a happy, sometimes unexpected ending. This story is all about love, compromise, change, family dynamics and the stress of a parent's expectations and the desire for parental approval. Old hurts take time to heal, need to be discussed and understood. With a few match-making friends to encourage the two characters, all was in good fun.
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1,348 reviews61 followers
October 7, 2021
Carter dejo su vida en Burlington para poder demostrar a su padre que sus ideas son buenas y validas, hasta el punto que esta celebrando su nuevo puesto como VP en GlobalPrint en Canada. Pero cuando su padre lo llama desesperado porque su madre lo abandono para irse a Paris sola, Carter decide que va a ayudar a sus padres a reconciliarse haciendose cargo de la Imprenta de su padre para que este pueda viajar a Paris y recuperar a su esposa. Pero para que la Imprenta de su padre pueda darles beneficios y permitirles tener una vida con su esposa, hay que hacer algunos cambios, cambios que no van a ser faciles de implementar, pero que son necesarios, el problema sera hacer ver a su padre y a Auden cual es su vision y esperar lo mejor.
Auden ha vivido y trabajado en Burlington desde que se graduo de la Universidad, simpre le han gustado las cosas sencillas, predecibles y estables, por eso no pudo irse cuando Carter le pidio que se fuera con el a Montreal a perseguir sus sueno, no pudo, por eso cuando Carter regresa no puede aceptar los cambios en la Imprenta que el esta planteando, pero si no lo hace puede perder la estabilidad y tranquilidad que siempre ha tenido.
Carter y Auden deben volver a conocerse, volver a confiar en el otro, pero sobre todo deben aceptar que las cosas no son como antes y que aplicar cambios y/o mejoras tanto en su vida como en el trabajo, puede ser lo mejor para ambos.

Este libro se lee facil, rapido, al ser una historia de reencuntros no tenemos el instan-love normal, pero si tenemos la resistencia a caer en los viejos patrones. Los protas son complejos, con dudas, problemas, pero con animos de salir adelante, solo los retienen sus propios temores, que el autor sabe mostrar muy bien.
Aqui vemos mucho la auto-compasion, pero tambien la aceptacion de una vida que no es suficiente y que te lleva a pensar que vivir no es solo sobrevivir, tambien es intentar alcanzar tus suenos, sobre todo si tienes alguien que te apoya.
Los personajes tanto principales como secundarios, despertaron muchas reacciones de mi parte, en algun momentos los odiaba, en otros momentos los queria abrazar, y a veces lloraba con ellos. Eso es lo que busco en un libro sin importar la tematica, que me hace sentir, que me involucre, y este lo logro casi durante toda la trama.
Sin embargo, sigo esperando que los libros de esta serie involucren mas personajes de los libros anteriores, aqui hay breves menciones de ellos, pero poco sabemos que mas paso con ellos. Pero la serie me ha abierto los ojos a ciertos autores que no conocia y que me gustaria leer mas adelante, por eso quiero ver que mas trae.
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523 reviews112 followers
April 27, 2021
I didn’t expect to love this as much as I did. Laurel Greer is a new author to me, and I really liked her writing. It’s humorous and engaging, and from the first pages on, I knew I was going to enjoy this story. I might feel like this is my favorite V&V book up till now. I haven’t read them all yet, so that might change, but that’s how much I enjoyed it.

Auden is a sexy Scott with a sexy accent and one who still wears his kilt now and then. He’s also Carter’s ex. They come to work together when Carter’s father has an emergency and someone has to help Auden (who works for him at a letterpress shop) out while he is away and that one should be Carter. Their breakup was hurtful and so both are not very eager. But as time passes they can’t help but feel the attraction again.

So this was a sweet second chance romance and I happen to like those. The built up from the hurtful past, the broken hearts until they realise they were good together are a few reasons for my enjoyment.
Though, I have to admit that in the end I wanted to shake some common sense into Auden and tell him he was not his mother and Carter and he were not his parents.
I loved the secondary characters, specially Carter’s aunts!

I really enjoy the Vino and Veritas series. There’s a special vibe about them and I think it’s awesome how well all these different authors’ contributions capture that vibe so well.

I was given an ARC by the publisher and this is my honest review
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908 reviews106 followers
November 17, 2021
OK, I am the first to admit when I am wrong & I was wrong.

Auden & Carter's story was a bit trying at times but in the end it was worth it. Two people who didn't quite hit the mark their first go around get an unexpected second chance and it was nothing short of heartwarming.

Carter moved away after an argument with his father left him feeling like he would never make it if he stayed in his hometown. Leaving his home didn't just mean leaving his family it meant leaving Auden, the boy he loved desperately but didn't quite see the same picture as Carter did. It has been years now but every trip home seeing Auden is a stab of pain and all the memories of what could have been. Coming home to help his dad is only supposed to be temporary but one week turns into two then three and before Carter knows it, he is falling in love with Auden again.

Auden's heart was shattered when Carter left all those years ago, but he just couldn't go with him in the risk of losing everything he had built. Living in a different country, having a steady job and helping out his mom were his main goals, and he couldn't lose that on a whim. Carter being back now for more than a holiday is bringing back old feelings that Auden is trying to keep locked down. He can't let himself go down that road again because this time he knows that Carter is leaving.

Can these two men with all their differences follow their hearts to their second chance?

Carter had to earn my love; he was adorable don't misunderstand but I felt like he was just a too brash at times but when he softened that is what helped earn my love. Auden on the other hand immediately had my heart with his Scottish brogue, kilts, and the obvious love he had for Carter even after all these years.

Turnabout had serious angst that I was just too anxious to appreciate until the second half of the book but in the end, I adored everything about these two stubborn men.
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1,031 reviews82 followers
May 7, 2021

This was a very nice, charming second chance at love story.
My liking grew page after page and I found the ending cute and heartwarming.

Carter and Auden were a couple during college but after that dreamy time when they have to choose about their working careers they have opposites ideas and those ideas drove them apart. Auden decided to stay and to work for Carter's father in his little printing shop, Carter flew all the way to Canada seeking his dream of greandeur and wide marketing. Now ten years after Carter comes back home to replace his father at work letting him go on holiday in order to save his marriage, here he inevitably meets his unforgettable ex boyfriend. They are still pretty taken for each other because love never left their heart but they still hurt so working together is not easy, will they survive for a few days confined in a little shop together or will their different views for the future bring new hurt?

Carter and Auden are the proof that real love exists and that unfortunately real life problems threaten also the strongest couples. I loved them, I loved how they understand their qualities and their flaws and I loved to read about their deep feelings for each other and I also loved to see them grow and start to trust each other again.

I recommend this book you won't regret to meet these characters.

Copy kindly provided by the Publisher/Author.

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2,930 reviews209 followers
August 24, 2021
A kilt wearing Scotsman with a delicious accent, meets once again with his lost love....
Carter's Dad calls for help, because his wife has left him. He needs Carter to work the print shop so he can go to her. Carter's ex, Auden, works there.
Carter, 30s, slim, dark blonde, brown eyes,

glasses, is a VP at his new job. He's still upset his Dad won't go digital and keep up with technology.
Auden, 30s, 6'2", burly and broad, bearded

with green eyes, has a lovely accent, loves his print work and bartends at V & V. He's still hurt that Carter left him.

They need to get along and figure out how to help the slow business, while his Dad woos his Mom.
Our guys are still attracted after seven years, but stubborn about giving in, because neither wants to be hurt again. Auden stayed because he needed the steady job, to be able to help support his Mum. Carter left to stretch his wings and create more.

Now they are older, more appreciative of the other's knowledge, and the passionate pull is back.
We watch them talk, butt heads, and then get sexy times.

They are still tentative, and when things come to a head, Carter's Dad tells him to leave, he goes. Once again our men are hurt.

Will they find a remedy? We want them together !

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404 reviews27 followers
September 27, 2022
I enjoyed this one despite Auden having a mother who poisoned him against wanting more for himself, and Carter having a dad who made him feel worthless.

It was sad it took them to be in their mid 30s before they figured themselves out, definitely some heartache/teary moments when reading.

(Can relate to every aspect of the above more than I'd like to!)
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819 reviews136 followers
May 31, 2021
[3.4] A second chance at love story wooooo!

Both Carter and Auden have valid concerns and fears with rekindling their relationship, and it really becomes a matter of being brave enough to believe in a happy ending the second time around and to give up some ground. I like how they were eventually able to push through those doubts, which in large part stemmed from their parents (Carter's dad's pride and Auden's mom's risk-averse behavior and distrust) and had eaten at them for so long.

I personally like it when the MCs of a second chance romance don't engage in anything physical for a good portion of the story because (1) UST between exes is delicious and (2) I prefer the emphasis to be on proper communication and on letting go of the emotional baggage first and foremost. So when Carter and Auden started macking on each other's faces ~20% in, I was a little peeved that we didn't get more conversations about the past or any resolutions to past/present problems until much later.

All in all, this was simultaneously a feels trip and a frustrating one with many chemistry-filled scenes (the letterpress edition Ghost pottery scene ahhhhhh), albeit a little too slow paced at times for my liking.
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506 reviews61 followers
December 25, 2021
* 4 stars *

Nice story, well-developed characters, good writing. Definitely worth it!
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2,763 reviews1,338 followers
April 19, 2021
I'm loving (so much!) the richness and the heart that is going into the Vino & Veritas books. Turnabout was no exception. This story struck a lovely balance between heartfelt emotion, angst, and heat - and I found myself utterly smitten with Auden and Carter.

I mean, who knew I needed a blushing hot Scot in my life? Sure, there's always been something irresistibly sexy about that accent, but Auden's appeal went beyond that. His outer strength masked a bunch of inner wounds and his sensitive sweetness knocked my heart for a loop. I loved how this played out against Carter who was bearing a few wounds of his own, but generally came off as more confident and polished than Auden. Their story had these luscious layers of the history between them which didn't overshadow the chemistry and rekindling of their flame as they rediscovered their love.

It was by turns adorable, scorching, frustrating, heartbreaking, and sweetly joyous.

This was my first book by Laurel Greer and I was so impressed by the heart she gave both of her characters, the emotion that she drew out of me, and the giant smile she left me with in the end. This was another Vino & Veritas hit for me! ~ Shelly, 4 Stars
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3,928 reviews447 followers
May 6, 2021
The most unique aspect of this story is the likeability because it builds as you read. I might not have the right words this late in a workday to explain this properly, but you know the beginning of a roller coaster ride, how it’s just chug-chug-chug and then swoosh, down you go? That was my experience with both the storyline and Auden and Carter’s journey as a couple. So, the more I read, the more I enjoyed and liked the story and the more we got into the story, the faster these two kids went from smoldering to #sexfest … everyone feel me? lol When you put that together you get a really nice story that always had something to look forward to. There was no lull in the storyline nor was I ever bored, quite the opposite actually. I found myself charmed by the entire thing and didn’t stop reading from beginning to end.

I like that I’ve found a new author with this story, especially one that writes the kind of sexual chemistry I like in my MM reads ;) I mean I’ll take #sexfest over #swoonfest any day of the week and I don’t apologize for it :) I can’t say I’ll dive into her backlist because the books don’t seems to be my taste, but I’ll sure keep an eye out to what she writes in the future!
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750 reviews3 followers
Shelved as 'dnf'
November 14, 2022
DNF ok. 12%

Nie mam bladego pojęcia, co tutaj się stało 😕
Przemęczyłam jakoś te 12%, ale miałam wrażenie, jakbym się przebijała przez zarośniętą dżunglę jedynie ze scyzorykiem w ręku 🤦‍♀️ Zupełnie mi ta książka nie podeszła, bohaterowie i historia totalnie mnie nie interesowali, w dodatku przeczytałam naprawdę niewiele, a czułam się po tym fragmencie, jakbym przynajmniej "Potop" przeczytała w tym czasie, jeżeli chodzi o długość tekstu...

Zatem zostawiam, bo w tym tempie czytałabym ją z 10 dni co najmniej, jak nie dłużej. A szkoda mi czasu na taką drogę przez mękę.

Ale nie oceniam, bo to może całkiem dobra książka, tylko mnie jakoś dziwnie siadła - albo raczej nie siadła 😉
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Author 28 books830 followers
April 15, 2021
What I love about reading Laurel Greer's romances is that they are absolutely sumptuous and rich. The author always gives us beautiful love stories, the sort that stay with you, but there's so much more. I know I can count of Laurel Greer for excellent world-building, interesting secondary characters, and a peek into some lovely and realistic family dynamics. Turnabout is no different. This is a second chance romance, and we root for Auden and Carter from the get-go. When Carter is forced to come home to help his dad with his business, he has to confront the man he left behind. Although these two men believed they moved on, it's clear their feelings still run deep. And as they work together to help Carter's dad, old passions prove overwhelming. This is such a smart, sexy romance, featuring two very lovable protagonists. I love that it introduced me to the world of the letterpress business, as well. Such an interesting backdrop for a romance! I also loved the relationship and struggle between Carter and his dad. It was beautifully and sensitively portrayed. In short, this "falling in love again" romance will make readers fall in love...and head over heels to boot.
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661 reviews1,490 followers
May 11, 2021
if that ending hadn’t turned around, i would have given this three stars, but thank fuck it didn’t go down the root i thought it would (which is one of my biggest pet peeves in romances).

the author did an amazing job of making my heart hurt for these two while simultaneously making me frustrated for them to get their shit together lol.

i adored Auden. he was my fave. he was a full five stars for me. he made my heart hurt and i just wanted to give him a big cuddle. he was just precious and his Scottish accent was pretty accurate too.

Carter i still liked. just didn’t love him, especially when compared to Auden. think he needed to get his head out of his own arse, just a lil bit. he frustrated me towards the end when he wanted Auden to move to Montreal with him, basically asking him to give up his whole life. but i also understood him, especially with his relationship with his father. both of their fears and hesitations were really valid and well explored. nothing was just thrown in as a conflict just to further the plot, instead it was deeply ingrained into their characterisations.

so i really appreciated this as a second chance romance. the way the relationship was executed worked really well. normally the couple just picks up where they left off all those years ago, but Auden and Carter don’t do that. they’re fully aware of their obstacles and flaws as a couple, and make an effort to overcome them so they can work a second time round. they don’t just fall into old habits, but get to know these newer versions of themselves.

the angst and chemistry was on point too. the scene at the sink where Auden washes Carter’s hands didn’t have to attack me like it did, like boyyyyy. use that trope more in romances plz. it was full of ✨tension✨

although the book didn’t need to as long as it is. i couldn’t give this a full five stars bcos the story did lag a little in the middle and i skimmed a few encounters since they were kind of repetitive. especially the sex scenes, i got kinda bored and wanted them to talk more but they were both terrified of being honest with each other, so i understood it. the author portrayed their fears really well, they weren’t just surface level excuses. but i did want the pacing to be a bit faster, and less stagnant. but i rly loved Auden and Carter so i didn’t mind too much, as we got to see them really work out their issues, both individually and as a couple.

the ending felt a lil lacklustre bcos personally i thought the book was too long, so by the time they finally get together it’s a tad underwhelming. but, for the most part i still really enjoyed this!
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383 reviews269 followers
April 20, 2021
*** I received an eArc from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.***

This was an easy-to-read second-chance romance in the world of Vino and Veritas that did not disappoint. Both main characters were fun to read as the characters re-discovered their feelings toward one another. This was a quick read that was a joy to experience in this world that is filled with lovely interactions with one another.
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714 reviews1 follower
May 11, 2021
It was bound to happen eventually- a Vino and Veritas story that I didn’t love. While the ending went some way to addressing my pique, the list of people that I hated is as follows:

Francis - Carter’s father
Auden’s mother
Meddling and incredibly nosy Aunt Bee
Jill - Carter’s entitled ass rude sister
Auden for a large portion of the book.
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357 reviews23 followers
May 2, 2021
This story gave my all sorts of feels. It’s the story of Carter, who left small town life for a chance to prove himself, and Auden, the one who stayed behind. And even though the story alternates between the viewpoints of Auden and Carter respectively, to me, this was Carter’s story.

My Carter:

There’s so much to love about this story.
Carter and Auden were obviously made for each other. But I just couldn’t see how they could possibly make it work (which of course is how it’s supposed to be). However, it was a bit repetitive the way they both went from hot to cold and then back to hot again.

Obviously, this story is very well written. But what impressed me the most was the authenticity and detail that went into creating the print-shop back-drop atmosphere. This is research done right! I know absolutely nothing about old-time printer presses, but it couldn’t be clearer that Greer has done her homework. I love that, it makes all the difference.

My Auden:

However, while Auden and Carter kept circling each other (And by circling, I mean them making out, then having second thoughts, then making out again. Over and over.) I couldn’t get past how awful Carter’s family was to him. Always with the digs and the thinly veiled disapproval. Carter was bending over backwards to help, and all he got in return was derision and contempt. His father was the worst of course, but his sister was almost as bad. Even his supposedly supportive aunt – the psychology professor – thought he was a fuck-up, and told him so. The only one who didn’t try to put him down all the time was his mother. But the way she accepted the other’s shitty treatment of Carter – for years and years – was just as bad.

So a huge chunk of my feelings while reading this book was outrage. Outrage at Carter’s sucky family and sympathy for him. His family most certainly didn’t deserve him or his forgiveness. Christ, they made me mad.

But there’s a happily ever after. Auden and Carter did figure it out – because of course they did. And it was glorious. So if you can handle shitty family-members who don’t get their just desserts, then this is a great read. 4 stars!

* A free copy of this book was kindly provided by Heart Eyes Press *
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3,525 reviews336 followers
May 6, 2021
Laurel Greer is another new to me author which is a wonderful perk of this series, I am getting to read so many authors I haven't had the pleasure of reading before. In this story we have Auden a sexy Scotsman that loves to wear kilts and Carter a deliciously sexy man that speaks French...YUMMY!

Carter needs to return home to help out his father's printing business while he deals with some major issues but that means he will be working closely with his ex, Auden. Have you ever thought about the one that got away? Well, for Carter that is Auden. They have great chemistry but there's a lot of hurt between them that needs to be worked through in order to get their HEA. I enjoyed watching them not only reconnect but rediscover one another.

While there was a lot that I enjoyed about the book there was a big heaping dose of dislike towards Carter's father. This story had a light feel to it but then Carter's dad would pop up and toss some harshness around which I didn't like.

This was a nice addition to the series and I will definitely be reading more of Laurel Greer's work. This is a series of interconnected standalone stories so you can jump in at any point or read them all from the beginning. If you enjoy MM Romances or Second Chance Romances I would recommend this book to you.

Happy Reading!!!

Read an Excerpt here: http://bit.ly/NBReviewT

turnabout by laurel greer

Nadine's Obsessed with Books **I have voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Readers Copy of this book for my Blog, Nadine's Obsessed with Books**
You can find me here:  https://linktr.ee/NadineBookaholic
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673 reviews20 followers
May 21, 2021
DNF 20%

Sick and tired of second chance romances where I have to wade through 60%+ of the book full of pages and pages of hurt feelings and snide comments. I’m sure this will be enjoyable to many, but the characters are too different and I already see one as being absolutely absurd.
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2,710 reviews
October 11, 2021
3.5 stars

It was mostly good but would have still been good with about 50 pages less of the back & forth denial. Some hard to like characters, the non-communication trope. Written well and had a satisfactory conclusion.
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1,100 reviews127 followers
August 5, 2021
5 rousing stars from an accountant; 2 disappointed stars from a reader

Not a bad entry in the V&V stakes; a pleasant couple of MCs, a 'genuine' business background, and decent writing. But it's structurally flawed which kept nagging at my enjoyment.

One of things a good romance should do (IMHO) is to show both MCs changing so that they can be together, and the function of the plot should be to both prompt and impede change till near the 100% mark. What's happened here, though, is that MC1 did all his changing off-screen and before the book opened. MC2, whose motivation is "scaredy-cat" (which does NOT work for me), does almost no changing. The plot is driven by MC1's stubborn father (again, mainly off-screen) whose utter stupidity keeps the MCs apart. So the tension of characters making bad decisions, learning, trying again, fighting meaningfully against external forces - you know, all the stuff that has me turning pages - it isn't there.

What is there, is a terrific business background: an artisanal printing workshop with lots of luscious details about printing presses, paper weights, ink mixing. The conflict is all about how the MCs can retain the beating artisanal heart of the enterprise, while still making money*. Nice to see that big business is not demonised in the process. I'm normally hugely critical of the way Business is portrayed in CR i.e. with oodles of handwavium and an insulting implication that commerce is simultaneously easy (a shout-out here to all the billionaires-in-their-twenties) and evil ("inefficient but homespun hobby shops are inherently worthier than larger enterprises that provide sustainable employment"**). Anyway, Laurel Greer does a really good job of showing alternatives. It made my grubby little accountant's heart very happy.

* Or should be - see 'father, stubborn ass' above. He's an immoveable object, ergo no plot development. You may be able to tell this irritated me.
**Yes, I know there are completely soulless large companies (are you listening in, AZ?) but take it from someone who has spent years agonising over economic development, there are some shining stars there too.
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April 24, 2021
I found this book a little frustrating. Everyone seemed to think that Carter was at fault for everything in this book. From beginning to end it was all about how he needed to change and he needed to reprioritise. But I never felt that he did anything wrong. I feel like everyone just expected him to fall in line and not live his dream. I thought that was really unfair.
I completely understood where Auden was coming from, but I thought he could have owned his faults a little more. Plus I would have liked to see him have an honest conversation with his mother.
This book did have some really good moments between the two main characters. The vulnerability they both felt with each other was touching.
I loved how detailed the descriptions of the products they made were. And I want a prequel with the aunts story. They were my favorite characters in the book.
I also hope they putv this into audio because I would love to listen to that dirty Scot.
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June 2, 2021
DNF @37%

This is definitely NOT for me. It was becoming a chore just to get to the next page, and it seemed like I was going backwards.

This is another story about a father who is unwilling to make changes, and a son who wants more with his life. Add in an ex who wants to remain stationary, with a mother who keeps poisoning him against change...and this is what you get.

Honestly, I just sank into the realm of not giving a shit about either of them, and hoping Carter found someone better. And most of all, wanting his parents to divorce so the old man can come run the shop to the ground.

As those feelings kept growing, it became clear that this book is definitely not for me.

I have to say though, this series is definitely getting worse for me🙆🏾‍♀️🙆🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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May 4, 2022
audio: 5 million stars Gary Furlong's Scottish accent, that shit is to die for!
the book on the other hand... 2.5 stars

Carter really got shafted multiple times in this book by both Auden and his Dad...

and Auden i really got your hesitation, but couldn't you see Carter was changing the business for the better, i was almost in tears from the maddening road blocks Auden and Carters dad were putting up, instead of being open to change and seeing it would benefit everyone in the long run..

Also the ending left a lot to be desired...

I really just stayed to listen to Gary Furlong and his accents, sue me haha.
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May 18, 2023
dnf. This was a second chance romance that had so much potential. unfortunately it was so one sided. Carter was awesome, but Auden did nothing but complain the whole time. I just couldn't handle it.
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