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For the Love of Friends

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A sharp and hilariously relatable novel about the business of weddings, the toll they can take, and the lengths one exasperated bridesmaid will go to for the love of friends.

Lily Weiss is her mother’s worst nightmare: thirty-two and single—the horror! She’s also a talented writer but hides behind a boring job at a science foundation. To her friends, she’s reliable and selfless, which is how she winds up a bridesmaid in five weddings in six weeks. Anything for her three best friends and two (younger) siblings, right? Even if her own love life is…well, she’d rather not talk about it. To keep her sanity, Lily needs a safe place to vent.

And so her anonymous blog, Bridesmania, is born. The posts start pouring out of her: all the feels about mom-zillas, her vanishing bank balance, the wicked bridesmaids of the west, high-strung brides-to-be, body-shaming dress clerks, bachelorette parties, and Spanx for days, not to mention being deemed guardian of eighty-eight-year-old Granny (who enjoys morning mimosas in the nude) for her brother’s destination wedding.

So far the blog has stayed anonymous. But as everyone knows, few things online remain secret forever…

When all is said and done, can Lily help all five couples make it to happily ever after? And will her own happy ending be close behind?

364 pages, Kindle Edition

First published August 1, 2021

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Sara Goodman Confino

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2,514 reviews29.5k followers
October 12, 2021
4.5 stars

Too many bridesmaids’ gigs can drive a woman mad! At least that's what happens in For the Love of Friends , the debut novel from Sara Goodman Confino.

Lily is 32 and single, much to her mother’s horror. She’s always dreamed of being a writer—so what if she has a boring job at a foundation?

The thing about being single in your early 30s is that everyone around you—family, friends, etc.—is getting married. And while that’s all well and good in theory, Lily suddenly finds herself as a bridesmaid for five weddings in six weeks.

It’s a lot to handle—her friends are turning into demanding monsters, she’s constantly being shamed and criticized and judged, the expense of being a bridesmaid FIVE TIMES is killing her, her friends' friends are ridiculous and unrealistic, and she can’t even figure out what she wants from her own love life. So she does what anyone else would do—she creates an anonymous blog and vents online.

Of course, what’s said anonymously online never stays that way. Can she mend fences, do what’s expected of her, squeeze into those bridesmaids' dresses, and chart a course for her own happiness?

I so enjoyed this!! For the Love of Friends has familiar elements (it may sound a little like the movie 27 Dresses ), but Confino weaved them into a story all her own. It’s funny, emotional, sarcastic, insightful, and just downright fun. It was the change of pace I needed after some heavy books and some books that weren’t as good as I’d hoped.

Thanks so much to Kate Rock Book Tours and Lake Union Publishing for inviting me on the tour for this book, and for providing a complimentary advance copy in exchange for an unbiased review!!

Check out my list of the best books I read in 2020 at https://itseithersadnessoreuphoria.blogspot.com/2021/01/the-best-books-i-read-in-2020.html.

See all of my reviews at itseithersadnessoreuphoria.blogspot.com.

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July 28, 2021
Blog review: https://trishadoeseverythingbutstudy2...

I received a free e-ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review!

I really loved it!!

From the start itself, I was having 27 dresses vibes, I loved the movie, and so I was slightly surprised when this went on a slightly different tangent.

We have our protagonist, a woman who's in her thirties, isn't married, and is accidentally involved in five marriages at the same time. And she ends up starting to lose her own life whole helping others in theirs. She sees a broke woman in her future, and so she starts a blog to vent all about it, and also earn some money while doing it, and things predictably go up in flames.

I only recently started a blog, and so I found the blogging parts of this insightful as well as enjoyable! The author has a really wonderful voice, and she was very good at mixing the serious bits with the funny, so that it never seems too much. I really loved the writing style. It was also really realistic, compared to what I was expecting!

I loved the body positivity in this a lot. And I was hating the way so many others were approaching it. All the Botox, and eyelash extensions, and hair dye, and weight loss, etc moments, have just reaffirmed my decision to never ever do anything like that to my body. If I get white hair or wrinkles, or anything, I'm living with it.

I really liked the mother and daughter relationship, and how the relationship seemed so different between siblings. All the siblings have different ideas of what the relationship is like for all the other siblings, and I found it so realistic, the way one would think the other was being favoured, while the other would think the first was being favoured, all at the same time!

And not only the mother daughter relationship with our MC, but also the other characters which were getting married. Some relationships were built on fear, some on dominance, but in the ned, everyone only really wanted the best for the others.

I loved the romance in this! It was so different from what I'd expected! And their relationship was so much more than romance. There was friendship and a much deeper connection than I'm used to with romances.

I will definitely be checking out other books by this author in the future!

I really loved it and I would recommend it to anyone who likes romance laugh out loud moments, enjoyed 27 dresses, loves wedding drama, accurate mother-daughter relationships, and romance that creeps up on you without warning. Even thought you knew it was happening all along.
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148 reviews48 followers
July 11, 2021
"In the middle of all five weddings, I began to feel like I didn't matter. As if the fact that I had feelings had gotten lost in the shuffle. And the blog was a way to feel like some small fraction of my life was, in fact, still about me." Sara Goodman Confino, For the Love of Friends, page 311

Heavy spoiler warning, because I have a lot of opinions about everything that happens in this book from the inevitable plot point that occurs in every story about an anonymous blog onwards.

Lily is a typical wedding-com heroine, which is to say that she's a single woman aged between her late twenties and mid thirties (she's 32, to be exact) and everyone keeps harping on about how she isn't married. Please pause here to digest the absolute horror of her lack of ring. I understand if you need a moment.

SO. Lily is going to be in five weddings - for a work friend (Caryn), her college roommate (Sharon), her childhood best friend (Megan), her brother (Jake, who is marrying Madison), and her sister (Amy) - and the sheer amount of money she needs for this is horrifying. She starts a blog pretty much on impulse about her life and being in five weddings. It always irks me when a blog is used for quick, easy money, but Lily doesn't actually make much for the majority of the story - finally, a novel that's realistic about blogging! Lily's not perfect - she's particularly jealous of and unfair on her younger sister. She also doesn't always ask for the things she wants and just assumes the response will be negative, although we certainly see a couple of times when she does and she's shouted down by someone else. The blog is a place to vent. A place where she is still allowed to have feelings.

The problem with this novel is that the moment the blog is discovered (and, apparently, we're supposed to ignore the fact that Lily is literally doxxed), the novel starts working super hard to justify the brides' bad behaviour. Yes, Lily's venting is incredibly sarcastic and this isn't a subject she should be writing a public blog about, and, yes, as I said above, I don't like how belittling she is about her little sister (who did nothing to deserve it - Amy, and Madison, are both perfectly reasonable brides). However, everyone in her life suddenly wants her to know what a horrible, self-centred person she is, as if she hasn't spent the ENTIRE novel giving up a year of her life and almost bankrupting herself to go above and beyond for these people whilst they've treated her like dirt. She tracked down a dress she saw on Caryn's Pinterest board when she knew she was feeling despondent over wedding dresses and took her to a special viewing during their lunch break, fought with Sharon's mother (at Sharon's request), and withstood every criticism of her appearance with minimal arguing.

Let's start with Caryn, who only asked her to be a bridesmaid in the first place so that she could act as a buffer between her and the friends she doesn't like. Caryn forces Lily to dye her dark hair for her wedding (as someone with very dark hair, no way in hell - it would take so much bleach, I probably wouldn't have any hair left afterwards!) amongst several other changes to her physical appearance, including suggesting that she get botox, and whilst the novel notes that she went overboard with what she asked for, it also attempts to handwave it because wealth and status are important to Caryn. That's not a justification! Lily doesn't have the budget and Caryn knows it. She's also the first bride to get on the let's-make-Lily-feel-bad-about-her-size train when a minimising bra is suggested. Throughout the story, Lily (who sounds like she's a pretty average size) begins to show signs of being seriously unhappy with her body. She mentions early on she'd worked through some body image issues when she was younger and it feels like the brides brought them screaming back. The brides (or their friends or relatives) seem determined to make her hate herself.

Then there's Sharon. Sharon, Sharon, Sharon. Where to begin? Sharon explicitly asks Lily to join the wedding to be a buffer between her and her controlling mother because she doesn't even want a big wedding and her mum is making her have one. Yet, when the blog comes out, she insists that her mother only pushes for the things she knows Sharon really wants, but won't say because of her social anxiety. When it comes down to it though, even in private she was completely unable to tell her mother that she didn't want black bridesmaid dresses and needed Lily to fight that battle for her, which Lily did. The view Lily has of Sharon's mother was created by Sharon as much as it was by her mother's actions. The social anxiety reveal also feels like it's just there to make Lily look worse.

And then there's Megan. If Lily is self-centred, you really have to wonder what Megan would be considered to be. Supposedly, Megan has been Lily's best friend since elementary school, but her responses to Lily's issues with the ways that Caryn is changing her appearance are either ooh keep that for my wedding or well, that's just selfish, she knows you're going to be in multiple weddings and you'll need to change that back for mine. To be fair, being insensitive and tactless are pretty much her only crimes and she's a lovely bride otherwise. I don't particularly judge her for the groomsman thing. Of course she doesn't want drama at her wedding. Surely Lily can wait until after the wedding to properly discuss her feelings for Alex with her and get her blessing then?

The issue Jake and Madison have with Lily is justified - she didn't really put in a lot of effort to get to know her new sister-in-law, in part because she'd overextended herself with all the weddings. HOWEVER, their other sister, Amy, bonded with Madison on a trip she and her partner went on with Jake and Madison to check out the place where they were planning to have their destination wedding. A trip that Lily was specifically not invited on for the crime of being single - apparently, it was a "couples thing". There's certainly an argument to be made that Lily wouldn't have had the time or money anyway, but then she's made time for a lot of things throughout the novel and by not inviting her they're not really putting in the effort either.

It's just infuriating, because the fact that Lily was not treated like a human being doesn't get much acknowledgement from the people around her. It's like the novel turns round and says, suck it up, your feelings don't matter because you're a bridesmaid. No. she shouldn't have aired all their personal laundry on the internet, but I still feel like it comes down way too hard on the brides' side.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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515 reviews
June 25, 2021
For the Love of Friends is a typical summer read- everybody knows that summer the best season for weddings and everybody knows it's impossible to survive being a bridesmaid in five weddings over two months without some major damage to one's sanity. Here is a story that will make you think even more fondly of your friends who never (occasionally/ sometimes/ quite a lot ) lost their good old common sense and good nature and started asking impossible things from you.

Lily Weiss, our protagonist, is a friend/sibling and bridesmaid to 5 manic brides. She adores her dad and has quite a complicated relationship with her mother (nothing Lily does is going to be good enough, starting from being thirty two years old and single) and her younger sister. Lily is bored with what she has to do at work. Still, she is lacking courage to leave her secure job and become a writer. Compromise? a wedding blog where she can put down on paper her observations and tell her jokes without hurting anyone's feelings. Yes, some of the stories are incredibly entertaining (¡Hola abuela!) and even shocking esp. her involvement with not one, but two of the best men from her best friend's wedding party.

To be perfectly honest, my feelings towards Lily were all over the place. First, I liked the way she refused to beat herself up about her one night stand and feel obliged to start another dead-end/ short-term relationship... unfortunately, things weren't that straightforward and she came very close to sabotaging herself. Perhaps, I was a bit too harsh on Lily- I expected a thirty two year old to be more mature and more self-aware, but some things you see only when you are ready to see them.

Lily's blogging journey sounded interesting- a lot of people relish in the anonymity of the Internet and give vent to their feelings (perhaps, even slightly exaggerating things to make the content more striking). We know it will all blow in her face and there will be consequences...Perhaps, Lily needed a push, a disaster to force her into changing. I liked the fact that she grows as a person, a friend and a family member and clears al ot of issues in the end.

The writing was almost addictive. Some time in the middle, I wondered if five weddings were really too many (I know, that's the whole point!) and the book could have been as good or even better with fewer plotlines. Then again, not all our relationships in life are equally deep or equally important at all points of our lives, but all benefit from attention, kindness, and communication, and this book really drives it home.

Thank you to NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing for the ARC provide in exchange for an honest opinion.
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2,192 reviews339 followers
August 2, 2021
Lily Weiss is thirty two, single, and a professional bridesmaid - at least that is what you become when you are a bridesmaid five times in six weeks right?! She is selfless and kindhearted, but needs a place to vent - there born the Bridesmania anonymous blog where Lily can openly talk about bridezillas, the high cost of being part of a wedding party, body shaming and lots of Spanx, and all the nuances of helping friends through their happily ever after.

The writing was refreshingly fun, snarky, funny, but with just the same amount of heart in an addictive and hilarious read. Perfect summer reading and the perfect weekend read for me.
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543 reviews910 followers
September 16, 2023
Bridesmaid drama is always such a fun theme for me, and I found the main character Lily so darn relatable. Single at thirty-two and in about a million weddings, she takes to blogging about the horrors of being a bridesmaid, if only to preserve any remaining sanity. The chaos that ensues as a result of her blog, dealing with her family, and the hilarity of the crazy weddings she’s forced to participate in, makes this a fun lighthearted read, that will have you simultaneously cackling and wanting to avoid bridesmaid duties.

Thank you Amazon Publishing for my gifted copy.
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833 reviews4,714 followers
August 9, 2021
A fun, snarky and relatable read!⁣

Have you ever been a bridesmaid? My core group of friends and I all got married around the same time. We essentially took turns being in each other’s weddings. This book brought me back to that time in my life and let’s just say that I haven’t laughed this hard in awhile with a book. There were moments where I was transported back in time, remembering crazy things that happened bc let’s be real, weddings are stressful as hell. ⁣

Lily is a bridesmaid in 5 weddings over a six week period. Bring on the dress shopping, spanx, bachelorette parties and of course the hilarious bridezilla moments. She takes to blogging as an outlet for all the wedding shenanigans. Her blog was supposed to be anonymous and no one was supposed to know or get hurt. Unfortunately, as with most secrets, the blog does not remain hidden. I, on the other hand, am glad we were privy to her blog posts because they were hilarious! ⁣

This book has so much wedding drama, snark, heart and romance. I adored Alex - he was just such a kind hearted, good guy. Their romance was sweet and I wish we had even more of it. For the Love of Friends proved to be a fun, summer read! I’m already looking forward to book 2 which will center around Lily’s very amusing grandma. ⁣
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690 reviews164 followers
October 4, 2021
Thanks to NetGalley & Lake Union Publishing for an eARC of this book. The following review is my honest reflection on the text provided.

3.5 stars

For the Love of Friends is a light, easy read with surprising maturity.

98% of this plot is entirely predictable. We all know what to expect going into a story about demanding brides and an anonymous blog... Not to mention the whole 'I'm attracted to you, but we should just be friends who talk and hang out constantly' thing. So by around the halfway point, I started to consider skipping the rest of the book - not because I wasn't enjoying it, but because I knew where it was going. I'm glad I kept reading, though. Because when everything blows up - exactly the way you know it will - Lily's reactions are so refreshing and honest. It's so nice to have a realistic response to a crazy situation - it made the whole story that much more enjoyable.

So while I'm sure you'll be able to predict what happens here, I'd still recommend For the Love of Friends . The narrative is lighthearted with unexpected warmth and a welcome perspective on some very familiar tropes.

Review originally posted here on Britt's Book Blurbs.

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December 12, 2020
Thanks to NetGalley for a arc copy for a honest review.

For The Love Of Friend’s was a fun read I love Lilly she was so much fun to read she has a busy life I give this book 3 star’s

Happy Reading

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194 reviews148 followers
August 15, 2021
This story follows Lily (from her own POV) as she navigates being a bridesmaid in five different weddings that take place all within two months. oh my gosh, can you even imagine?!

Along the way, she makes and loses friends, but ultimately learns a lot. While Lily does have some selfish tendencies, I found her to be pretty selfless — to the point where it bothered me at times. There were moments where she let people treat her badly or get away with stuff that I would never tolerate. But she did it For the Love of Friends. ;)

This was a really fun book, and I loved Lily as a narrator. The romantic plotline was not front-and-center, but it was present enough to get me invested. For me personally, I would have enjoyed a little more on the romance side. Especially because I really liked her love interest. I think that’s the only thing that could have enhanced my reading experience here.

If you’re interested in reading abut a witty, thirty-something professional that is still trying to figure life out, I highly recommend this one!

I want to thank the author — Sara Goodman Confino — for sending me a physical copy of this book for me to read and review!
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1,219 reviews
March 3, 2022
Finding out about this novel was a case of book besherte. A friend from my neighborhood heard about it from a group of Jewish moms in our county on Facebook. (I didn't even know the group existed, but then joined it right away.) She told me about it and I reached out to the author's publicist, who then sent me a copy and connected me with the author for an interview. When I finally got around to reading it, I was more than impressed by this fantastic debut romcom.

I have over a decade on Lily and have only been a bridesmaid once, but she was so relatable that I couldn't help but root for her, even when the people in her life thought she was being awful. She and I both have a sibling who lives in Chicago while we live in the DC area (and I love that the story takes place here). We're both first-born children and Jewish. Also, we both worked at a job for 10 years even though it wasn't what we were meant to be doing, career-wise. I loved Lily's snark and sense of humor. The dialogue and banter was spot-on the entire time. I also found myself messaging the author anytime one of the wicked bridesmaids made me really angry. I had fun learning about the reason why these characters were created to act that way.

This was such a great story that I can't stop recommending! I told my sister that she needs to read it because she's the one who stood up in a lot of weddings. I already can't wait to read Sara Goodman Confino's next book.

Movie casting suggestions:
Madison: Molly Gordon
Lily's grandma: Lainie Kazan
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878 reviews278 followers
December 24, 2020
*Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review *

This was a cute, fun, chicklit novel, wherein Lily, our main character, who has to be in five wedding parties over one summer (including the weddings of both of her younger siblings) has to learn to navigate her work life, her friends, and her family through this time, and causes her to evaluate some of her relationships.

Overall, this was a quick and fun read, however one of my main complaints is that the 'plot twists' were quite cliché and predictable. Also, I would have loved to actually see more of the romance side (while I know that wasn't the main focus of the story), as that felt a little sidelined.
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5,262 reviews195 followers
August 29, 2022
This is such an entertaining read. There are many laughs to be had and found within the pages of this book. Lily and her blog, Bridesmania are the stars of this book. I think any woman who has been a bridesmaid can relate to the things that Lily wrote about. There are so many hilarious moments that I can not pick just a few. Almost every other page I was smiling and laughing.

Luckily, for me I have one sister and most of my friends and co workers are already married or younger than me have closer friends to ask the honor of bridesmaid. My sister was not picky when it came to her bridesmaid. When it came time for me to get married; my sister was living in another state and almost due to have her first child, so she could not travel. My husband and I opted to have a small wedding and no bridesmaids or groomsmen.

Back to the book. If you are looking for a book to get lost in one afternoon, then you need to pick up a copy of this book. You will be glad to be sitting on the sidelines.
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364 reviews1,201 followers
June 26, 2021
For The Love Of Friends is a dazzling, sincere, hilarious, romantic and not-to-be-missed debut. I love how the Author has merged wedding drama in such a fascinating performance with topics that will blow your mind! My heart was gripped from the very first page, that scene was hilariously entertaining and I loved how the Author explains the details of a scene in a very insightful manner! A page-turner that everyone must read in these hot days, it is fast paced and I devoured this epic book within a day!
The main character of the book is Lily that finds herself in five different weddings and being the bridesmaid in five of them, the shocking twists that capture body shaming, rumours, bridal showing, friendship, and a special humour! The novel is addictive, engaging, compulsive with a heartwarming tone, not all of Lily's decisions are right but the Author has developed her character in the best way one could, it really is a perfect summer rom com that everyone would enjoy!
For The Love Of Friends is 5/5 and I loved all the heartbreaking and exquisitely crafted story, it has everything that is nuanced about being a person and Lily is a fascinating character that the Author has elaborated a story you won't forget! The blog aspect that the Author has created was so unique and I loved it so much, I could hear Lily's thoughts and that was super fun to read! All the chaos created within the chapters brings a very intriguing ending and I highly recommend you to read it if you want to spend an entertaining summer day with a magnificent friendship relationship!
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161 reviews8 followers
June 23, 2021
Thank you @netgalley for the arc.

The protagonist Lilly Weiss finds herself being her mother's worst nightmare. But that didn't concern Lily as much as finding herself in five different weddings and being the bridesmaid in every single of them.

This was one really quick read. The wedding bells were heavy in this book. Lliterally felt like reading something out of a movie. Hilarious indeed, with just the right amount of romance. There were lots of wedding surrounded dramas which were really entertaining. Of course in situation like this we find tons of bridesmaids and groomsmen(you can guess what may happen;)The bridesmaids were really annoying seriously. There were perpetuation of body shaming and single shaming. But Lily helped her friends and herself conquer it. I loved how she always have the snarky comebacks for internalized misogyny. This really felt like a movie night rom com.
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Author 3 books302 followers
November 14, 2020
The real world was an annoying distraction to me while I read this book—For the Love of Friends was such a fun escape, with an ending that caused a lot of good self-reflection. Loved it.
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222 reviews7 followers
March 1, 2022
Una mezcla entre las películas de 27 bodas, Damas en guerra y un poco del programa de Say yes to the dress.

Lily es dama de honor de CINCO bodas en un mismo verano. Ella es una soltera de treinta y dos años todo esto para el horror de su madre y más aún cuando dos de estas cinco bodas son de sus hermanos menores.

"Did I have any normal friends left? Or did weddings turn everyone into unrecognizable zombies who fed on bridesmaids instead of brains?"

Lidiar con algunas de las HORRIBLES damas de honor y las "Mom-zillas", cumplir TODASlas exigencias de las novias, su creciente grado de pobreza debido al costo de estar en tantas bodas y un posible nuevo romance entre ella y un lindo padrino, están teniendo repercusiones en la cordura de Lily así que ella decide crear un blog anónimo en donde pueda desahogarse y tal vez poder sacar un poco de dinero mientras esta en ello.

ME ENCANTÓ, no me lo esperaba, pero me mantuvo riendo y súper enganchada. Durante cada capítulo solo estaba esperando a que alguna de las personas involucradas descubriera el blog y como todo iba a explotar cuando dejará de ser anónimo.

Es un libro que tiene un pizca de romance pero mayormente se enfoca en hacerte reír y te deja preguntándote hasta donde llegarías por amor a tus amigos.
July 14, 2021
A small dog on a fluffy blanket with a book

📚 Hello Book Friends! FOR THE LOVE OF FRIENDS by Sara Goodman Confino was exactly what I needed for my vacation. This book is funny, likable, and relatable. I found myself relating to Lily Weiss in many ways. I have those “friends” that commented on my weight, my age, my “need to do something about those lines near my eyes”. Luckily, my family is not like hers, although my mom has some similarities to hers (she is a great critic). Being in the wedding part of five weddings in the same year is quite an exploit. Lily handles this the best she can. It might be tricky, but it is definitely entertaining. And if Lily can find love amid all that chaos, she is not doing too bad unless she messes up real bad. I really enjoyed this fun read. It is a perfect summer book.

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72 reviews
July 25, 2021
Thank you Netgalley for sharing this story!

This was such a fun read. This is the first time I have read a book related to a bridesmaid who actually spoke the truth regarding Bridezilla's! Her blog made me laugh, it made me happy my friends are low-key, and happy that I have never been in 5 weddings all around the same time. I found myself cringing with Caroline and missing my close friends with Megan. I loved that Lily had that single friend as well, to kind of ground her and ensure that she wasn't alone in the world. Alex is a loveable, book boyfriend character too. This is an amazing, light and quick romance. Check it out!!
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1,879 reviews53 followers
July 16, 2022
*read for free via Kindle Unlimited and audible audio *

This was a fun story with plenty of "what the hell" moments. A misunderstanding at the end is worthy of a facepalm and some laughter.

I probably would have been one of her blog's readers *sheepish *

I thought her growth after everything went down was well done and there were consequences for her actions, not everything being brushed over or swept under the rug.

Also glad Lily stood up for herself, even if it took awhile.

Also that a certain side character finally got told off.

The romance for Lily was a nice compliment to the story and not overshadowing everything, which was nice.

I want to keep Lily's grandma, she's a hoot :)

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466 reviews64 followers
June 23, 2021
Special thanks to NetGalley and Lake Union publishing for providing me with ARC.

OH Woooow, this novel is so funny and i loved it, i never been a bridesmaid before and also i didn't have a wedding so i don't know what should i feel in situations like these but this novel describe it so good.

From now i will put Sara Confino in my list to read for her in the future.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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533 reviews19 followers
September 28, 2021
A sweet, madcap, contemporary novel perfect for that beach read by the pool – from Amazon’s book club imprint Lake Union Publishing.

Our heroine Lily is trying to survive the upcoming year where she is a bridesmaid in five (yes, five) weddings for friends and family in just as two-month period. Attempting to balance her job, her maid of honor/bridesmaid duties, not to mention her budget is stretching her to the breaking point. Finicky friends, family jealousies, and a cram-packed schedule push her to the point of losing it. Then there’s the groomsmen Lily slept with after one of wedding-related event parties (oops) who she’s desperately trying to avoid. Can Lily keep her sanity and survive a budding romance with a friend as well? Hop on board this crazy ride of a book and find out!

Some parts were a bit predictable, and it was a bit boggy in the first half with all of the wedding preparations (could have been peppier). But the book had an awesome theme of being brave and not scared to do what you love.

Recommended for fans of novels highlighting the craziness of the modern world in the vein of Julie Valerie’s Holly Banks Village of Primm series or Emma Gannon’s Olive, or for your next book club read.

A big thank you to debut author Sara Goodman Confino, Lake Union Publishing, and NetGalley for providing a complimentary Advanced Reader Copy in exchange for this honest review.

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September 25, 2021
4.50 ⭐️

This was a super quick and funny rom-com! I really enjoyed it and finished it in less than 6 hours so I highly recommend if you’re looking for something light and funny and also easy to get into!
I liked our main protagonist Lily! She was hilarious but the one quality that made me absolutely love her was how unapologetically herself she was! In the kind of situations she was put in the book, her reactions were idealistic for me because I don’t think I’ll ever have enough courage like her.

The romance was supremely adorable! It was more of a friends to lovers romance and I loved how Alex was always here for Lily whenever she needed him! He was also so sweet, nice and charming so there really was nothing to not like. Their little coffee note exchange was sooo cute!!

We saw some real bridezilla action and some of the things bridesmaids have been asked to do were so atrocious that I was laughing at the impossibility of it all!
There were also some discussions about you’re asked to loose weight for weddings, change how you look, etc which is SO not okay and I appreciated how Lily took a stand for herself when it came to that!

Because of the setting, there were so many characters in this book! I really liked how it still wasn’t confusing and everybody seemed fleshed out and real. Also, kudos to the author for managing Lily’s time between all her friends and family AND having an adorable romance on the side. I can’t imagine the amount of time it must’ve taken.

There was so much drama and chaos so if you like that kind of setting in books (I DO) then I would definitely recommend this one! And also to all my fellow comedy lovers because it was less romantic and more comedic but super fun!
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February 9, 2021
I got this eARC from Netgalley in exhange for a honest review
This was such an superb amazing read! I laughed so many times and basically read it in one sitting. It was so funny, light - had some touchy subjects and they were handled pretty good in this chick-lit and i loved how the main character had such character development, sucked up and fixed her wrongdoings. Plus the best man was such an awesome guy! The story development went along nicely, had a comfortable pace and let us get to know all the characters in a timely manner - so it was easy to know who was who and not get confused. So all in all, so good!
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August 27, 2021
This is like a train wreck you can't stop watching. You know - you just know - this is going to end badly, in a raging ball of fire, but you can't look away.

I loved the writing. I found each wedding, each juggle and each thought and/or conversation felt realistic and easy to read. I thought Lily was easy to like and feel bad for but also cringe when she made realistic human mistakes. I loved her sassy side but that she also chose to tone it down for the love of her friends and family.

The Bridezillas were a nightmare and easy to imagine being very, very real. I liked the friendship that grew during the story and also all the ups and down. Such a fun story, I loved it!

A huge thank you to the author and publisher for providing an e-ARC via Netgalley. This does not affect my opinion regarding the book.
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October 1, 2022
I loved this book so much! I completely related to the adorable mess of Lily. I enjoyed this book so much I didn't want it to end. This was my first book by this author, and it will not be the last. I've already downloaded another by her. I switched from the ebook to the audio version, and I enjoyed both. Just read it.
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July 29, 2021
Lily has 5 weddings to be a bridesmaid in, some more willingly than others. Its a big commitment emotionally and financially and she creates a blog to help with both. i really loved this and didn't want to put it down, funny and emotional. Her Nan in particular was a hoot!
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January 2, 2022
This was a hilarious look into the exhausting life of being a bridesmaid not only once but FIVE times in one summer! Perfect for anyone who has ever gone through the hell that is pleasing multiple bridezillas. In this book Lily ends up being a bridesmaid for two siblings and three friends and the drama, cost and unrealistic expectations get the best of her causing her to write an anonymous blog about her exploits as a form of catharsis. When the blog goes viral and her identity is revealed Lily has to work hard to mend familial, friend and romantic relationships. Great on audio and highly recommended for fans of the movie 27 dresses or books like The wedding ringer or The secret bridesmaid. Much thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for my advance review copy!
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