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Breaking the Rules

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Tall, dark, handsome, and richer than sin. Too bad, he was her boss.

Lusting after one’s employer could be considered career suicide. Soraya Stevens landed the job of her dreams. When she should be working, she’s fantasizing about her billionaire boss.

How could she not think about him? As his executive assistant, their work relationship was already intimate.

She was obsessed with everything Kincaid Hamilton...his intense eyes, intelligence, and the way the man wore a suit.

Was he aware of her infatuation with him? Could he feel the sparks between them?

How could he not?

But little did she know, Kincaid had known all along. He had only been bidding his time, toying with her, and drawing her into his web.

When dealing with a rich and powerful man, there was only one thing Soraya had to learn about him.

The rules don’t apply.

Breaking the Rules is an African American billionaire romance that is intended for the mature audience only.

Kindle Edition

Published February 9, 2021

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About the author

Peyton Banks

43 books477 followers
USA TODAY Bestselling author Peyton Banks is the alter ego of a city girl who is a romantic at heart. Her mornings consist of coffee and daydreaming up the next steamy romance book ideas. She loves spinning romantic tales of hot alpha males and the women they love. She currently resides with her husband and children in Cleveland, Ohio.

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1,828 reviews1,085 followers
February 5, 2021
3.5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Style: African American Romance
Story: 3/5
Enjoyment: 3.5/5
Dark Level: 0/5
Sexual: GOOD
Triggers: No
Male: Boss & Sexy
Pages: loc. 773
Kindle Unlimited: Yes

I like this story. Quick and to the point. It was great to past the time. So, after reading this book, the blurb felt like a chapter because it’s like the story picks up from the blurb. I felt the end was abrupt or where it ended just felt that way to me. There was a particular scene I wanted to know what happened, but it didn’t play out. It was the scene where all 4 would be going out to eat. Soraya and her best friend and Kincaid and his brother. Even with all that I noted above, I still liked this story.

Kincaid was dripping of sex appeal, and I like the way he treated Soraya and appeared possessive over her.

Please tell me Paris and Braxton will have their story? I hope so. Braxton would be a waste of character if he doesn’t have his own short story.

Overall, a light fast pace read that includes a cute and sexy boss and assistant.

***I don’t equate these stories to real life. It’s about personal taste and what you would or want to tolerate with the books you read. I know we all have different opinions and preferences with what we read and hope this review was helpful.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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1,239 reviews35 followers
February 10, 2021
3.5 Stars

Stories about an office romance is one of my favorite genres, but I have rules:

1. It must be between two people on the same level and
2. No sex in the office!

Otherwise, I’m on pins and needles waiting for them to get caught and fired! However, this is not THAT story, but it’s a quick read, between a man that knows what he wants, and a woman that wants to give it to him. Read It!

NOTE: This story originally appeared in the 'Love Me Always' Anthology where all stories featured Black on Black love.
102 reviews
February 7, 2021
Billionaire Boss
by Aries.Pisces

This is my first book by Peyton Banks and I would read more. Although this is a short story rather than a full on book, the plot was well executed and the characters were were fleshed out. While the ending isn't totally abrupt, I wish there had been a bit more of the story leading up to the events that transpired.

My one irritation is that Soraya, as so many women in these boss/subordinate stories, wanted to keep the relationship out of the office so that there would be no opportunity to say she slept her way into her position. I hate it when the writer flips it so that there is sex in the office, making it so that the male lead disrespects the female lead and her values, and the female lead isn't firm in her own values and shows that getting The D is more important than anything else. Despite that, it is an enjoyable story. I'll be looking for more from this author, which I hope will be a story between Paris and Braxton as the author has set that up so nicely.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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2,877 reviews26 followers
February 9, 2021
The addition starts with the book cover….yeah…yeah…yeah don’t judge a book by its cover they say ….well we all do it and this one here it is the scratch to your itch or better yet the filling to your oreos! Speaking of filling…..wait, that’s for later. Within the first chapters you get the panoramic view of whom you’re dealing with! By the time you’ve figured out who is who and who to like and dislike, you’re already hooked, and you may as well give up the fight and prepare yourself for an all-nighter!
Can’t say I didn’t warn you.
Soraya is working her dream job as Executive Assistant to Sexy Chocolate billionaire boss Kincaid and him being so close is making it really hard for her to do her job successfully. It is a great short read …really short compared to what I am used to reading but the characters are developed nicely will the two of them find a HEA or will they get the usual negativity from a work relationship?
Profile Image for Turningcover.
251 reviews2 followers
December 23, 2020
When you typically think of someone having eyes for their boss, you may think it's a bad idea. A relationship with your boss can't cause anything but drama. What happens when both parties are invested in seeing where things can go? Kincaid knew what he wanted, and it was Soraya.

This story captured my attention from the start. It had a nice and steady flow throughout. Although it was a short read, it was more than capable of standing on its own. My only complaint was it left me wanting more of their working and personal relationship.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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997 reviews15 followers
February 4, 2021
Soraya Stevens, has just landed her dream job as an executive assistant (nice Job); but all she can thinks about is her eye candy handsome billionaire boss Kincaid Hamilton when she should be working.

This was a great short read with great characters, job romance, that left me wanting more pages because it end just as things were getting good.

Will Kincaid and Soraya get their HEA, will Soraya be able to continue to work for Kincaid if their office romance fails; inquiring minds will just have to read this novella for their answers.

I received a copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
207 reviews1 follower
February 8, 2021
Soraya has been executive assistant to Kincade for six months. She has been attracted to him from day one. Human Resources has a no fraternization clause so she just fantasizes about a relationship. Little does she know he’s as attracted to her as she is to him. He decides to do something about their mutual attraction. This was a short book but it was packed with hot scenes. I enjoyed the interactions between the characters. I really hope Kincade’s brother, Braxton gets his own story. I highly recommend this book.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
64 reviews
February 12, 2021
I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Readers Copy of this book from Booksprout.
Kinkade Hamilton is the CEO of a financial company and one of the few African American who is in charge of a thriving financial business. His assistant, Soraya Stevens had been a big help in his company's success. He's also had a crush on her for sometime now. What he didn't know is that Soraya felt the same way about him. When an opportunity came, he took it and took her to a party but there is a clause in their workbook that states that there should be no fraternization among coworkers. Will these young lovers find their happily ever after.
1,562 reviews14 followers
February 9, 2021
For Saroya working her way to a position of executive assistant for her billionaire boss is a dream come true for two reasons. It is a good job and she is attracted to and interested in the man himself. Kincaid too interested in her and they have definite chemistry so the professional does mix with the personal. But as often happens, there are consequences when you break the rules. Will they be able to find their HEA? I enjoyed this short office romance.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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1,240 reviews5 followers
February 11, 2021
Fast Paced and Wonderful Read

Breaking The Rules is fast paced and a completely addictive read that Peyton Banks has brought out. This book is a wonderful and enjoyable book that will have you flipping the last page a couple of times making sure you didn’t miss anything.

I’m looking forward to seeing a couple more stories from this book.

Any opinions expressed within this review are solely and uniquely made by me and I am happily leaving this review. I originally voluntarily received an advanced copy of this book via bsprout.
175 reviews1 follower
February 13, 2021
Soraya is the executive assistant of Kincade Hamilton, CEO of Hamilton Financial Corporation. Soraya was attracted to her boss but she was aware of a memo on fraternizing policy sent out by their Human Resource department. Kincade has plans for Soraya too. Would the policy regarding employee fraternization stop him? A short office romance story, it is sweet and steamy with great characters and a satisfying happily ever after ending.
I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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1,932 reviews18 followers
February 9, 2021
I enjoyed reading about the intense feelings in this relationship. The trials, the emotional drama and the unexpected passion. The chemistry between the H and h is undeniable and unexpected. The  misunderstandings lead to a bit of  wasted time. Connecting with the characters may come easy in this story, following the plot might not be

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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548 reviews3 followers
January 21, 2021
For some reason this author recent books is not getting so much of my attention has her older books has. I’m going because her recent books have been short and it doesn’t have that much of a story going on. Don’t know the reason but so far they haven’t. The written is good and it has that hot moments I love reading but this story was just not there for me.
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1,131 reviews5 followers
February 5, 2021
A good short story if you are looking for a quick read without much substance. Soraya has gotten her dream job and quickly becomes Kincade's assistant through merit. Their relationship becomes personal and they must deal with talk from those making assumptions. There is some steam between the sheets and elsewhere, but not much depth to the characters.
6,573 reviews32 followers
February 26, 2021
An entertaining office romance page turner! It is well written, well thought out, emotionally deep, and will leave you wanting more. The characters you will love; the chemistry between them is off the charts! Definitely recommended!

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
2,218 reviews
February 27, 2021
Working hard is easy. Working for others who your attracted to gets a little dicey, But a slip of the tongue figuratively and literally can cause heart palpitations and an adventure. Good read. Billionaire or not Kincade seems to have the right stuff. Soraya is excited to experience it all. No cliffhanger

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
647 reviews5 followers
March 6, 2021
Hot CEO, curvy assistant. You can only break the rules if you feel they apply to you, and surely this hot, arrogant CEO does not. The steamy scenes were sizzling and he was devoted to her, so altogether, a decent read.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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4,406 reviews44 followers
February 10, 2022
Okay read 3.5stars

The story was a decent read. I did not feel connected to the story, as I skimmed a portion of the story. The billionaire stories hit differently. Sometimes I can see the events and others its a no go. You need to convince me your story is one I have to read, and not want to put down until... The End.
648 reviews3 followers
February 5, 2021
It was such a waist of my time to read (even if it take less then 1 hour) such a vapid story. There is nothing happening, story and characters are just plain flat

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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324 reviews10 followers
February 10, 2021

I need a Kincade for sure lol, Soraya was too cute and she better get the man and the job and walk with her head high. Kincade knew what he wanted he just needed to by time and then he took what he wanted because always gets what he wants!!!
Profile Image for Deb.
6,170 reviews18 followers
February 19, 2021
A good story that was on the shorter side. The story had some really good moments but there didn’t seem to be much to the story itself. The character development was also a bit lacking.

I requested a copy of this book so I could provide an honest review.
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Author 2 books9 followers
February 21, 2021
Perfect Saturday Read

This is the perfect read for a lazy Saturday. This man is fine, loaded and a romantic. What else could a woman want right? I'm new to this author's work but I'm definitely hooked!
Profile Image for Toya  Davis-Stokley.
1,592 reviews17 followers
February 23, 2021
Cute, quick read

Lusting after your boss is usually a bad thing! But Kincaid Hamilton, is anything but ordinary. He kept it professional, until he couldnt. Kincaide and Soraya were adorable. He did not play about his woman. Enjoyed it. 👍👍👍
14 reviews
March 20, 2021
Cute and to the point.

Short story that was cute and to the point. Hard work pays off. Start at the bottom, learn the job and promote up. Doesn't hurt to have the owner of the company to notice your abilities: beauty and brains. Kincaid and Soraya make a good combination.
Profile Image for Betty.
342 reviews
May 24, 2021
We forgive the Rule Breakers!

Well! I disagree that rules are meant to be broken, but in this instance, I can forgive these two! But, Kincade does not need to make this a habit! Soraya needs to make sure she is the last woman for which he breaks all the rules!
464 reviews1 follower
August 6, 2021
Short and Sweet

This hits the spot when your time is limited and you want a quick hit of Peyton Banks’ literary magic! A little while ago I was craving a worthy billionaire romance with a heroine who looks like me, and this one is all that!
Profile Image for LaTosha Webber.
531 reviews14 followers
November 23, 2021
short and to the point

This was a fun, easy read. I appreciated the where and when of the sexy time. Sometimes office romance has to much in the office for my liking. Not bad for my first Peyton Banks read. So many more to go!!
136 reviews2 followers
February 9, 2021
I love the way this author weaves a story together...leaving you at the edge of your seat.
Profile Image for Barbara.
16.7k reviews8 followers
February 10, 2021
A well written short story, I enjoyed reading Soraya Stevens and Kincaid Hamilton's story. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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