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Lucky Everyday

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An inspiring novel about a women named Lucky who is anything but . . .

Forced to flee Bombay when her wealthy and charming husband divorces her and squashes her career, Lucky Boyce feels defeated and desperate for respite. Fortunately, old friends welcome her to New York where life begins with promise. Determined and trying to make a difference, she volunteers to teach yoga to prison inmates. But with her confidence in question and love starting to surface, a series of bizarre events leave Lucky searching once again for answers. Is her journey through life destined to be marred by duplicity and betrayal? Or does she simply need to overcome her fears and look within for the strength to break free? A stunning novel about one woman's struggle toward enlightenment, Lucky Everyday blends the principles of yoga with a thoroughly modern take on the quest for a fulfilled life.

309 pages, Paperback

First published January 1, 2009

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Bapsy Jain

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Profile Image for Ellen.
875 reviews9 followers
August 12, 2009
I just don't know about this one. I get what the author was going for, the whole spiritual journey--letting go--enlightenment shebang, but wow what a disjointed downer.

And for some odd reason this book kept reminding me of Good in Bed and I've decided there should be a sub-class of books, "REALLY? fiction." Not to be confused with "Mom Fiction," "REALLY? fiction" are books where the plot just keeps spiralling down until you find yourself saying, "Really, (insert author's name here), was that necessary?"

Profile Image for Nancy Brady.
Author 4 books39 followers
July 8, 2015
Lucky Boyce is anything but lucky in this debut novel. As the story opens, she has returned from India after a nasty divorce from Vikram. Once back in New York, she takes on volunteering to teach yoga in the state prison as well as turning another company around.

It is through yoga and her mentor's continued voice (in her head) that she overcomes obstacles. Lucky is resilient, and she discovers that friends are one of her strengths, no matter who they may appear.

Chocolate mousse is not necessarily a friend though.
Profile Image for Ivy.
45 reviews4 followers
March 4, 2009
The character is well-written and her plight sympathetic but the bizarre series of events that makes up the plot is one big pile of WTF.
Profile Image for Munsif Husami.
22 reviews1 follower
September 13, 2018
Typical chick-lit, moves from one inexplicable yet imminent twist to another. Got tiresome after a point. Read only if you need drama and entertainment written in half decent fashion. Good for little else
Profile Image for Smita Beohar.
109 reviews31 followers
July 10, 2009
When a lady commented to Lucky Boyce, “You are lucky today, you escaped miraculously.” Lucky simply said “I am Lucky Everyday”.

Can a name make you luckier than others??

What we get to see of Lucky’s life can never be called a lucky existence. As an outcome of her bitter divorce she was forced to flee from Mumbai to New York leaving behind a trail of bitter memories & a business which she had nurtured with her sweat & blood. She tries to start afresh in New York and starts teaching Yoga to prison inmates but the lure & passion for high adrenaline life pulls her back into a business with some old associate.

It is then that her life takes a u- turn. Life which was turning look up starts throwing unpleasant surprises on her. From getting mugged, to getting into an affair with a much married man, to being falsely implicated for a crime; she sees it all. All the while her lone strength is the learning’s from her friend Shanti. Besides the friendship of some prison inmates it is the art of seeing things in perspective and of letting go which keeps Lucky afloat.

But how long can she survive?

How will she fight her enemies when she doesn’t even know that her enemies exist?

The book moves from Calcutta to New York to Bombay and back to New York. It begins on a note of déjà vu. Falling in love, resistance at home, a workaholic couple, cheating husband, deceit & divorce but in the later part of the book the author springs a surprise on us. It isn’t a simple book of fighting for your dreams but it is a little bit more than that.

If we talk about negatives of the book there were places where I was bored especially at places where there was spiritual talk. Though the principal characters though are well etched but there are small characters which are mere caricatures & their actions unexplained. Even the ending leaves a lot for your imagination but I guess the author is looking out for a sequel.

However as a whole the writing is taut and by the time the book ends you will feel so much is encompassed in so less pages. Slowly the book catches upon you and the twist n turns make the book unputdownable. Your heart goes out for Lucky who has been anything but lucky in her life and she still shows a strength which only a woman is capable of.
As is written somewhere in the book

"One does not choose this kind of life. This kind of life chooses you."

So true na?? We are mere puppets in the hand of God & destiny.

To sum it up I will consider it to be an above average book and a nice read for Time pass.
Profile Image for Wendi WDM.
235 reviews9 followers
July 26, 2010
Book Synopsis: Lately, Lucky Boyce has been anything but lucky. Forced to flee Bombay when her wealthy and charming husband divorces her and squashes her successful entrepreneurial career, Lucky feels defeated and desperate for respite. Fortunately, old friends welcome her to New York, where her life begins to breathe promise once again. Determined, and trying to make a difference, she volunteers to teach yoga to prison inmates. But just when self-esteem and love start to surface, a series of bizarre events leave Lucky wondering if her journey through life is marred by duplicity and betrayal. Or does she simply need to overcome her fears and look within to find the strength to break free?

My review: Well, this book pretty much sucked. I thought it might be interesting because it deals a bit with spirituality and yoga. I was hoping it would be another "Breakfast with Buddha" or "Eat Pray Love" but it was really more "Oh my gosh, what else can go wrong in this chick's life?" soap opera. I hate soap operas.

At first, when things go bad the first time, you think, "man, that does suck." Then as the fifth, sixth and seventh thing go bad, I just thought, wow, is this the whole book? One bad thing happens to Lucky over and over and over again. The moral of the story gets lost in the crap that surrounds it.

The end REALLY sucks. She goes back to the prison and there's a riot and some guys try to kill her and she just starts fading away and is okay with it. WHAT?! After all that - the misleading, the lies, the betrayal, the physically pain and now just when things might get better she gets killed? Screw this book.

Supposedly, Bapsy Jain was writing it's sequel but I am soooo not even interested in picking it up especially if it's more of the author throwing as much bad stuff as possible at her character. And for no real reason either. There's not a whole lot of redemption or lessons being learned. Or if there is I lost it because I got stuck thinking, why in the world am I reading this annoying book!

As one reviewer put it:
The character is well-written and her plight sympathetic but the bizarre series of events that makes up the plot is one big pile of WTF.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Profile Image for Angela.
Author 17 books118 followers
February 23, 2010
Lucky Everyday is a philosophical novel about the crooked path toward spiritual enlightenment.

The novel begins with Lucky volunteering to teach yoga at a men's prison.

In a swift move backward in time, the reader learns about Lucky's previous relationship with a pseudo-boyfriend, Amay, whom she wishes she had married and her disastrous marriage to Viki, the glamorous businessman who wanted a more traditional wife that Lucky ever would be.

In a series of seemingly random yet intricately interwoven events, Lucky proceeds to learn the spiritual teachings her friend, Shanti, had embodied: those of right thoughts, relinquishing one's position, one's possessions, and one's perception, to become one with the universe.

An excellent modern day philosophical novel on par with the classics such as The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand and The Stranger by Camus.
Profile Image for Amanda.
1,389 reviews33 followers
July 15, 2009
What was it? Chick lit about divorcee who rebuilds her life after her crappy marriage falls apart. Sort of, only in this case Viki got India and Lucky was exiled to the US. I've heard of custody battles but this is ridiculous. Or maybe it was a book about finding enlightenment through yoga and a lot of misery. There was mystery. Mystery and suspense, also some courtroom drama. Lucky Everyday hit all these genres. I DID like it, but every once in a while I got whiplash when the plot/style changed direction quickquick like.
5 reviews2 followers
December 11, 2010
Enjoyed the book very much. I liked reading about the Indian culture (Asia) and how the women there have the same ambitions, wants and needs as we do in the US. One of my favorite parts was reading how the main charachter dealt with her emotions around abortion. She was asked at the end of the book if she was worried about what people would say adding that the character had an abortion and she said that in India society does not make it their business, it is unspoken that what is chosen for themselves is dealt with their personal God.
Profile Image for Erin.
33 reviews
February 5, 2010
I enjoyed the story, but I'm guessing the author's first language isn't English because while the story/plot/ideas/thoughts were great the writing lacked depth and creativity and it read like the first draft of what with better writing and more flushed out scenes could have been more exciting, even gripping. But instead it didn't make much of an impact. But while the writing style annoyed me, the story held my interest.
Profile Image for Kathy.
1,214 reviews19 followers
September 16, 2014
Maybe I'm just in the wrong mood to read this book, but I saw nothing new or insightful about it. I actually gave up after about 50 pages (life is way too short to read books that don't capture my attention by then). I didn't care about Lucky, or her yoga class, or her failed marriage. So much of this is subject matter that has been written about over and over again that to make it worth reading, it has to be fresh and add something. I just didn't get that from this book.
1 review
July 13, 2009
Really was entertained and read to finish upto 3 am.
I also enjoyed the yoga bits and since I do yoga it is so motivating to read the effects! Lucky could not have been so successful without a strong body that yoga provided her with!!!
Overall I am so impressed at the way my attention was rapt and such an unusual book!!!
July 22, 2009
This is an amazing insight into looking beyond the controlling circumstances to see the view from the mountaintop and change directions. Spirituality has many faces but its effect is the same - a liberation from the bindings, release of energy and potential. The story here is intriguing and I just could not put the book down but the lessons hit home
Profile Image for Alistair.
791 reviews5 followers
December 19, 2014
Wow, this book will give chartered accountants a whole new profile. Competently written, the most interesting parts of the novel examine the culture clash between india and America. Alas, the author seems more keen to burden her heroine, Lucky, with as many calamities as possible, coming up trumps pretty well all the time....I wonder how difficult it is to get into an accountancy course...
Profile Image for Christian.
19 reviews1 follower
January 6, 2010
I never would have picked up this book if I had not seen it recommended on the Bikramyoga website. Initially I thought it was a marketing scam, but the book was actually very good. I particularly enjoyed the ending :-)
Profile Image for Tiffony.
26 reviews
April 11, 2011
Truly worth the 99 cents I paid for this book on clearance. I was surprised how easily I was able to get into this story of a women whose life has been been through the wringer and back again. Her strength was inspiring. I would def suggest it to friends!
Profile Image for Margie Sanders.
23 reviews1 follower
October 27, 2012

I liked it. Having worked with D.O.C. and a yoga enthusiast the references were sometimes off but it was still enjoyable. I didn't care for the affair and I'm really confused by the ending. Did she live? Did she die? I can't tell.
8 reviews
November 3, 2012
This was a very good, light reading kind of book. I have been studying world religions this semester, and Lucky is Buddhist, so it was nice to read about her meditation and beliefs. The ending was a little dry, but supposedly there's a sequel coming.
Profile Image for Stacey Neve.
41 reviews1 follower
July 30, 2015
I have really mixed feelings about this book. The writing is nice and I like the characters, but at a certain point the amount of awful crap happening to this intelligent, hardworking, kind woman starts to feel too unrealistic, yet it's still utterly depressing.
Profile Image for Vivian Moua.
8 reviews
July 28, 2021
At first I was so intrigue but it go boring at first so I had to force myself to read. I really liked the whole spiritual thing going on but the ups and downs were not it. One good thing, then a bad, and it kinda went like that for a while
1 review
June 6, 2009
A novel not to be missed!
Profile Image for Sunita Rajwade.
34 reviews1 follower
June 7, 2009
This is a not to be missed novel. I enjoyed the characterization and the plot that kept me up late in the nigh till I turned the last page. One of those books I will refer too always!!!!
1 review
July 5, 2009
I was gripped by the journey that Lucky endured. I loved the ending which made me contemplate. As a student of yoga this book was inspiring. I look forward to more readings by this author.
2 reviews2 followers
July 8, 2009
This was a great book! I especially loved the ending -- it really
allowed me to use my imagination about what happened to the main
character. Great read!
70 reviews1 follower
April 6, 2013
I really enjoyed this. She definitely is not the Luckiest of people but that is life. Which is part of the point. Very good read
Profile Image for Anil Jaiswal.
27 reviews
July 30, 2011
interesting view from an Indian born English writer, with cultural twists. nice plot and easy read
Profile Image for Becca Wyper.
8 reviews2 followers
May 19, 2013
Fabulous read. Really inspires the female spirit and the need to never give up, no matter what life throws your way!!
Profile Image for Annie Malinosky.
50 reviews5 followers
October 24, 2013
I read this book when I was taking a lot of yoga classes. It was a good book but kind of hard to get into and a tad far fetched.
Profile Image for Donna Ciccarelli.
256 reviews
November 30, 2014
Not my cup of tea at all. The situations the main character was put in were completely unbelievable, almost laughable.
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