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Dressed in pajamas covered with stars, the little girl’s body is perfectly still, her arms folded neatly over her chest. The wildflowers decorating her hair scatter across the grass in the sharp breeze. Her lips are parted slightly, as if to whisper goodnight for the very last time…

When twelve-year-old Holly Mitchell’s fragile little body is found on the steps of a mountainside church in the small town of Denton, a doll made from pine cones clasped tightly to her chest, Detective Josie Quinn rushes to attend the scene. She knows this little girl’s angelic face, her mother had offered Josie help when she’d needed it most.

Searching the girl’s house, Josie is devastated to find that Holly’s mother is dead too, and her little sister is missing. But why has this family home been stripped of all sharp objects? Re-tracing her steps, Josie finally finds a secret hiding place with Holly’s sister inside, terrified, but alive. Moments later, another doll made of twigs turns up.

Certain the killer is close by, Josie holds the little girl tight and tries to coax answers from her, but it’s clear the pile of burnt photographs and letters found in the greenhouse is her only lead. No one is safe until Josie can figure out the dangerous secret that has escaped this remote family home.

Just when Josie is finally closing in on the killer, the unthinkable happens, a tragedy that shakes her to her very core. And on the windshield of her car: a third wooden doll. Could stopping this twisted monster from taking more innocent lives come at the ultimate price for Josie?

325 pages, Kindle Edition

First published April 14, 2021

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About the author

Lisa Regan

30 books2,697 followers
Lisa Regan is the USA Today & Wall Street Journal bestselling author of the Detective Josie Quinn series as well as several other crime fiction titles. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Master of Education Degree from Bloomsburg University. She is a member of Sisters In Crime, Mystery Writers of America, Crime Writers’ Association, and International Thriller Writers. She lives in Philadelphia with her husband, daughter and Boston Terrier named Mr. Phillip.

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2,412 reviews35.2k followers
March 28, 2021

Lisa Regan has knocked it out of the ballpark yet again, and I could not be happier!!!

This is hands down one of my favorite series and it still feels fresh, original, exciting and heart pounding!

Josie and crew rush to the scene where twelve-year-old Holly Mitchell's body is found on the steps of a church. A pinecone doll is lying on her chest. Josie instantly recognizes her as the daughter of a woman who helped her when she and Noah had car trouble. Unfortunately, their investigation will find that the girl's mother is dead, and her younger sister is missing.

This case initially brings up more questions than answers such as why are there no photos in the home, why is there no glass, no knives, scissors or anything sharp in the house? What is causing all the strange thumps coming from the house? Soon, Josie learns why as she find the missing girl, but will she find the killer???

As with all the books in this series, the plot is gripping and fast moving. Josie and her team are hot on the trail while also dealing with their personal lives. There is continued growth and personal development in this book. Can this be read as a stand-alone? Yes, but I highly recommend going back to the beginning. You will get a fuller picture and appreciate this book even more.

I devoured this book. I love Noah and Josie together. I love the Denton police team and Josie's circle of family and friends. Over the course of this series, this circle has grown and evolved which is another reason to read this series from the beginning but also you will appreciate how Lisa Regan has crafted and developed her set of characters. Plus, you will not confuse any of the characters as they are all unique individuals who contribute in their own way to the series.

While I am gushing, I want to applaud Regan for how she approached mental health issues in this book. (insert clapping here). There are also many layers to this plot, with several suspects and clues to keep readers guessing. My super sleuthing skills were put to the test. There are twists and turns galore in addition to a HUGE amount of emotion in this book. Whew!

In case you are not sure where I stand on this book, I LOVED IT! As with all books in this series, I was glued to the pages from the very first page. She had me guessing, she had my heart pounding, she had me pleading "no, no, please no" and she had me grinning and wishing there is a roller-skating rink near me! What!?! Read, read, read this book! I felt so many emotions while reading this book. But the main one is gratitude for being given an ARC and the journey Lisa and Josie have taken me on. It is worth it!

Is it just me or does Bookouture have the best authors/books???

This book, folks, this book....

Psst is it too soon to star wishing for book 12????

A HUGE thank you to Lisa Regan, Bookouture and NetGalley who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All the thoughts and opinions are my own.

A Buddy read with DeAnn and Brenda!

Read more of my reviews at www.openbookposts.com
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2,245 reviews641 followers
July 26, 2021
It's finally the day of detectives Josie Quinn and Noah Fraley's wedding. All their family, friends and colleagues from Denton PD are waiting to see them tie the knot at the Harper's Peak resort. But before they can even begin the service, the body of a twelve year old girl is found arranged on the steps of the chapel with a strange doll made from a pinecone on her cheat. With a shock, Josie realises she met the girl and her mother once, a few months before when they helped her after her car broke down.

With their wedding now delayed, Josie and Noah are thrown into finding the girl's killer. The case has many layers and the killer and their motive difficult to discover. Before they are found there will be further deaths and many puzzles to uncover. As always, Lisa Regan has written a very strong plot with a focus on good police procedural work. The pacing is excellent with the suspense building steadily as several twists are thrown into the mix. One of the enjoyable features of this series is the continued development and growth of the characters and one sad event late in the novel will have its impact on Josie. The novel also sensitively sheds light on mental health issues in children and their parents attempts to protect them from society. 4.5★

With thanks to Bookouture and Netgalley for a copy to read
April 14, 2021
I am so happy to say Hot Diggity Dang, this is a good one!!!

I have talked quite a bit about this series and how much I love it, its history with The Traveling Sisters reading group, and my all-time favorite character Detective Josie Quinn. Every time there is a new book in this series, Debra messages me and right away DeAnn, Debra, and I get so excited we dive in right away.

I shared my thoughts on this one in an audio review on my blog. To listen, it can be found here

Traveling Sisters Book Reviews

I received a copy from the publisher through NetGalley
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2,133 reviews580 followers
April 4, 2021
I don’t know how Lisa Regan keeps this series so fresh and exciting but it is 11 book series in now and still going strong, with no signs of that changing.

Josie Quinn is one of my favourite female detectives and in this book once again she showed why. Josie never gives up, even if it means danger or inconveniencing herself. She is always thinking of others and wants what is best, it just the easy solution. This case comes along at a time where she should be focused on herself but a child has been discovered on the steps of the church, a little girl Sheba met just months ago when her car broke down. Who would do such a thing, and where is her sister and mother? This is the beginning of a case that Josie will. never forget,.

Get ready for a roller coaster ride of emotions. I definitely had to wipe my eyes a few times. Josie and her team hold a place in my heart now. Another wonder addition to the series. Thanks to NetGalley and Bookouture for my advanced copy of this book to read
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2,024 reviews15.7k followers
April 18, 2021
It’s a great day when I get to dive into a new Josie Quinn book! Book 11 and this series is still going strong. Seriously each book is better than the last I don’t know how Lisa Regan does it? Josie and Noah are finally going to tie the knot. That is until the body of a murdered child is found on the church steps. Everyone tries to convince Josie and Noah to go ahead with the Wedding, but Josie has met this girl before. And anyone who knows Josie knows there is no way she’s going to get married when there is a Murder to be solved. A pinecone dolls, a missing child, an undefined thump, A family with countless secrets, A stellar detective team, and plenty of suspects.

Just like the mysteries in all the books in this series this one was perfectly paced and plotted. Loved donning my detective hat and trying to figure the case out along side Josie and team. As much as I enjoy the mysteries in these books my favorite part is the characters and the character development throughout the series. I just knew when I first met Josie back in book one that there was a lot going on with her, and I’ve loved watching her grow and open up throughout the books in the series. This book had some true heartbreak that definitely took me by surprise, heartbreak that had a tremendous impact on Josie. Loved this book and if you are a fan of crime thrillers you will too! Each book can be read as a standalone, but I would strongly encourage you to read this entire series it is truly one of the best. The only thing left to say is... when is book 12 coming out?

This book in emojis 👰🏻‍♀️ 🤵🏼‍♂️ 🌲 🛼 🖼 🔎

*** Big thank you to Bookouture for my gifted copy of this book. All opinions are my own. ***
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4,222 reviews2,727 followers
April 15, 2021
With Detective Josie Quinn getting ready for the first day of the rest of her life, her soon to be husband, Detective Noah Fraley was doing the same thing not far away. Josie, in her beautiful wedding gown, make up and hair perfect, glanced out the window. She didn’t expect to see members of her team, dressed in their wedding gear, all rushing in the direction of the small church Josie and Noah would soon be married in. Josie knew something wasn’t right – and she was correct. The perfectly arranged body of a young girl was laid out on the steps of the church – and Josie knew her. She’d met her only three months prior…

Forgoing their wedding, Josie and Noah joined their team as they went to the girl’s home. But the horror didn’t stop as her mother was also dead and Emily, the eight-year-old sister, was missing. Could Josie find her? She and Gretchen searched the house from top to bottom, eventually locating her. But Emily was terrified and unable to tell Josie what she wanted to hear. As the horrors escalated and the danger intensified, Josie wondered if they would find the killer. But much worse was to come…

Hush Little Girl is the outstanding 11th in the Detective Josie Quinn series by Lisa Regan and this one would have to be her best yet! Poignant and touching, horrifying and heartbreaking, emotional and hopeful – Josie went through the ringer this time. She is a wonderful character, alongside Noah and their team, even the Chief. Hush Little Girl is a brilliant police procedural/murder mystery with an element of chilling thriller throughout the pages. Highly recommended.

With thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for my digital ARC to read in exchange for an honest review.
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2,310 reviews427 followers
May 17, 2021
That was just so darn good! Finally Detective Josie Quinn and Lieutenant Noah Fraley, both of the Denton police department, are getting married. The family are all gathered, the nuptials are to take place at the stunning Harper’s Peak resort, at the little chapel on the grounds. As the bridal party is getting their hair and make-up done Josie sees people hurrying off towards the chapel. The word is there is a dead body. Of course Josie has to go look! But when she gets there, she realises with a shock that it’s a child, a 12 year old girl whom she has met! Since Josie has met the family and knows where their very private property driveway is located she grabs fellow detective Gretchen, in a wonderful pale pink bridesmaid’s dress, and heads off to do the death notification. The wedding is, after all, still a couple of hours away.

When they arrive at Lorelei Mitchell’s place they find her brutally killed and her 8 year old daughter, Emily, missing. Clearly there won’t be a wedding today! Who wants their wedding day marred by a dead body? And anyway, the priority is on finding the missing girl.

As usual, the plot was good and twisty. Things were not as they seemed. And the people involved, which turned out to be quite a number, had some pretty nasty secrets. In addition to the murder mystery this book also looked at the effects of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). The author did her research on this. It is not, as we commonly think, all about compulsive cleanliness but rather a series of compulsive behaviours that the sufferer believes will ward off disaster. It can be quite debilitating, as it was for a couple of the book’s characters, and it was very sensitively handled.

This case stretched the police resources to the max! Denton itself is surrounded by woods and young Emily and a few of their murder suspects were largely unaccounted for. Another murder ratchets up the tension. And Josie must face a personal tragedy that nearly breaks her in two. The twists were good - shocking but plausible and the ending was incredibly emotional. Lisa Regan just keeps delivering these these wonderful, suspenseful books. I received an advance review copy for free from Netgalley, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.
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493 reviews312 followers
September 7, 2021
I received a free e-copy of Hush Little Girl by Lisa Regan from NetGalley for my honest review.

This series is so addicting it is like eating a bag of potato chips that you just can't stop eating.

Josie and Noah’s wedding day is finally here. That is until the body of a young girl is discovered outside the wedding chapel. This wasn't just any girl though, it was someone Josie knows. Now Josie, Noah and the team are hunting for the killer.

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1,355 reviews
March 29, 2021
4.5 Josie Quinn Intense Stars

Loved another installment in this series but it also broke my heart.

I am still happily along for the ride with one of my favorite book detectives, Josie Quinn! One thing I love about this Lisa Regan series is that there is plenty of crime and police work that happens, but there is also great character development, and we get to really know the people involved in these books including Josie’s family and her work team. Part of me feels like they’ve become friends and I could visit this town someday!

This book #11 opens with a long-awaited event for Josie and Noah, but of course too soon there’s a murder to investigate!! It’s an especially sad one too as it’s a 12-year-old girl, carefully posed on the steps of a church, with a pinecone in her hands. Josie is even more shocked to realize that she knows this girl and her family. A larger tragedy for this family is soon discovered, with another murder and a missing child.

Who is targeting this family and what secrets are they harboring? As Josie and her team investigate and get closer to the truth, things heat up and the tension is at a fever-pitch. Someone very close to Josie is caught in the cross-fire and this caused real tears from this reader.

The author did an excellent job with mental health issues in this book. Don’t miss her author’s note at the end. For the best reading experience, I would start with #1 in the series so you can enjoy the character development.

I’m pretty sure I started this series with Brenda and Debra and we continue to buddy read each one. Such fun!

Thank you to the always generous Bookoutre and NetGalley for the copy of this one to read. Fellow fans, this one is set to publish soon -- 4.14.2021
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575 reviews88 followers
November 28, 2021
The big day is here. Josie Quinn and Noah Fraley are getting married. The bride is in one room having her hair done and makeup put on. The groom is in another nearby room putting on his tuxedo. The guests are downstairs at Harper's Peak resort. Then one of her bridesmaids, Detective Gretchen Palmer, gets a phone call and excuses herself. Joise looks out the window to see Gretchen and other members of the Denton Police Department hurrying across the grass towards the church where Josie and Noah are to get married shortly. You don't have to be a detective to know that something is wrong.

The body of a young girl has been found on the steps of the church. Carefully arranged with a pinecone doll clasped in her hands.Josie recognizes her. It is 12-year-old Holly Mitchell. Three months ago Noah and Josie struck a deer with their car during a winter storm. Noah had gone for help while Josie sheltered from the storm in the car. Holly's mother, Lorelei, had come along and took Josie to her home. Fearing the worst and still in her wedding gown Josie has Gretchen drive her to the Mitchell house where she finds Lorelei dead too and 8 year old Emily missing.

After an exhaustive search Emily is found. She had been hiding in a secret room. A converted closet. A safe room. She had been there for hours hiding while her mother and sister were murdered. The Mitchell house is remote, stripped of any sharp objects, the girls taught to keep secrets. In the Mitchell's backyard there is a greenhouse where burnt photographs and documents are found. What are those secrets? What was Lorelei living in fear of? Josie tries to coax the answers out of Emily.

There are several suspects and just as Josie is close to getting some answers tragedy strikes close to home. It rocks Josie to her very core. Can she continue on? Find the killer of Lorelei and Holly?

A major topic in this story is mental health, particularly OCD, among the young. It was very enlightening. A person with OCD isn't necessarily a neat freak. Thank you Lisa Regan for a thrilling novel that kept me turning the pages but also taught me something. I am looking forward to seeing what is next for Josie. How will she adjust?
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1,149 reviews22 followers
March 10, 2023
Gut-wrenchingly brilliant.

Now that I have slept on it...

This book grabs you from page one and never lets up. I don’t do spoilers, never have, never will. But I will tell you that the sheer talent of this author blows my mind.

This is book 11 in the Josie Quinn series and OHMAHGAWD it is absolutely edge of your seat, punch in the gut good. At one point I sat and cried and had to stop because I could not see my kindle screen.

The characters, the depth of Josie’s growth from book 1 to now, the dialogue and the storyline are just so dang unbelievably great. If you don’t already love Noah...well the way he gets Josie is pure perfection. I wish I could convey how talented this author is. Every single book is better, I could not put it down. And every book I say is my favorite. But let me tell you...this book is so well written, smooth, fast paced and will put a crack in your heart. You must read this talented lady. And hang out with Josie...she’s badass.
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320 reviews28 followers
March 24, 2021
Hush Little Girl is a fast paced mystery that keeps the reader glued to the pages from start to finish. The story is cleverly crafted and filled with indepth characters. Set in a landscape of both open hills and dense forest, it combines the ease of womens fiction with the eerie chills of a good thriller. An exciting read.

Thank you Netgalley and Bookouture for the ARC.
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2,854 reviews1,640 followers
April 14, 2021
Hush Little Girl is the eleventh instalment in the Detective Josie Quinn series, set in and around the small town of Denton, Central Pennsylvania situated along the banks of the Susquehanna River. The prologue begins on a chilly January day with Josie and her long-term beau and fiance, Lieutenant Noah Fraley, travelling along, the snowy rural roads from Harper’s Peak back home to Denton, in his new Chevrolet, after finalising their wedding plans, when a deer runs out in front of them giving them no time to brake or swerve out of its path. They had been visiting the hotel venue at which their ceremony would be held to ensure they have it secured for their perfect day. Both had been thrown forward with their seatbelts snapping tautly across their bodies. Josie appeared to have whiplash injuries and when she turned to Noah he had blood trickling from his forehead. They had been dating now for 3 years but had known each other for 7; they are excited now their day is down in writing. It'll take place at the quaint local chapel in 3 months when the couple hopes beyond hope that the pristine snow will have given way to lush greenery and that spring has sprung. Miles from both Denton or Harper's Peak, luckily Good Samaritan Lorelei offers them a much-needed lift when they each find their mobile phones without signal and unable to call for assistance. Fast forward 3 months and the nuptials have arrived with Josie and Noah full of excitement at their upcoming special day. But Josie wouldn't be Josie if she wasn't attracting the wrong sort of attention. The entirety of Denton PD is in attendance at Harper's Peak, an opulent resort renowned for its stunning hilltop church and wonderful atmosphere. As her hens flock around primping and preening her to perfection ready for that all-important walk down the aisle, Josie learns that the body of a young girl, a child of all people, has been discovered slumped on the steps leading up to the venue.

Knowing Josie's tendency to be selfless and altruistic, those around her try to limit the information they tell her in the fear she might call off the vows due to the death. Torn over what to do, her mind is made when she finds that the child is the daughter of the woman who rescued them that evening some months earlier after the incident with the deer in the dead of midwinter. 12-year-old Holly Mitchell was laid among the flowers with a creepy doll made from pine cones clutched to her chest. The scene is secured as her department looks into the cause of death and ready themselves to break the horrific news to her family. But at the remote home at which she resided, there's a truck with a trail of congealed blood, a missing rifle, signs a struggle had taken place and the girl's mother, Lorelei, was dead from a gunshot wound after being attacked in her own kitchen. To make matters even worse, the youngest daughter, Emily, is missing but is found hiding and traumatised but unhurt. Can Josie, Noah and their team discover the truth as to the fate of this family and eventually find they have enough time to carry out their vows? This is a riveting, compulsive and exciting procedural with a merging of Josie's personal and professional lives and you can't help but wonder if she will ever receive the happiness she truly deserves for being not only a stand-up, inspirational Detective but person too. Full of gasp-worthy family secrets we learn about some interesting behaviour, sordid secrets and barefaced lies as the scintillating narrative unravels before our eyes. Usually, I would expect a series to begin flagging, at least a little, by this point, but surprisingly it remains a tautly plotted, grip-like-a-vice type of read with drama, atmosphere, secrets, lies, intensity and wickedly twisty reveals in abundance. Highly recommended.
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2,101 reviews
April 18, 2021
Another outstanding book in the Josie Quinn series. Once again, I never saw any of that coming. Josie certainly has come a long way. Her character has a ways to go, though, and I'll be here to read about it!
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Author 70 books929 followers
January 15, 2021
I have two words that you'll need to remember about Hush Little Girl. BUCKLE UP. When you crack the spine on this edition of Josie Quinn and Gang, you'll be lulled into a sense of sweet harmony, only to have the veil of love ripped away from you almost instantly to be thrown into a world of deception and neverending twists and turns that only Lisa Regan can accomplish with such aptitude.

Josie and Noah sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-ing. First comes love! Then comes marriage...oh, wait, then comes a dead body. Because, after all, it IS Josie and Noah!

When the body of a young girl is found, Josie has no doubt in her mind she knows who it is and she and Noah are on the same page, they need to find her killer. But, in true Josie Quinn fashion, when they find the girl's identity and home, they discover another grisly murder scene and a young girl hiding from it all. Josie and Noah are determined to solve the crime and get back to their pre-martial bliss at Harper's Peak resort until the very crime scene leads them right back there.

Writing a review for a Lisa Regan novel is treacherous and filled with land mines that you could set off without even realizing it, so you must tread carefully with your words. Oh, the tangled webs she weaves, and I REFUSE to pull any of those threads to give away how brilliant this novel was. Lisa is the kind of writer that lulls you into a false sense of security. You think you KNOW what to expect from her characters and how everything is going to go down and then BAM she hits you with something so out of the blue that you can't help but gasp. Get ready to gasp a lot in Hush Little Girl.

Fair warning: I have never cried while reading a Lisa Regan novel. Her books are dirty, gritty, and about the depravity of the human mind most often, but not this time. I cried. I ached. I felt the pain Josie felt. It was a brilliant ending written by a master wordsmith who plucked your heartstrings while keeping you wrapped up in the final culmination of the case.

Lisa Regan deserves all the accolades for telling a story that is part of many households around the nation but is usually hidden as shameful or something that shouldn't be talked about. Lisa's characters bring it to life in a way that should remind us all about the importance of asking for help before it's too late. Sometimes, bringing the 'bad things' into the light is the only way to defeat them.

I will say this. The depths in which Lisa Regan writes her characters are often overlooked as the drama, mystery, and action unfold. That is not the case in this book. This book is ABOUT the depth of Josie's and Noah's character. This book shows you the gaping wounds this job can leave on the real people who do it every day. The team members aren't the only ones who are affected by the things they see and experience. Everyone they love is too, and Lisa Regan shows us that in exquisite detail in Hush Little Girl. It was painful, honest, and in the end, showed us exactly who Josie is, but also, what she can become.
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Author 7 books367 followers
March 26, 2021
I. Don’t. Know. How. She. Does. It.

It’s official: every single Josie Quinn book is better than the last. I couldn’t read Hush Little Girl fast enough, but yet I wanted to slow down and savor it at the same time.

As usual, Regan had me captivated from the first sentence to the last. My heart pounded in my chest, my pulse raced, I shed some tears, and my hands shook (let’s face it, that’s probably from the coffee jitters since I had NO choice but to stay up into the late hours of the night to finish this incredible book, which required a jolt of caffeine on a Thursday evening). Regan’s ability to evoke so much emotion through her words is absolutely incredible and truly inspirational.

Any crime involving a child is hard to fathom and Josie’s latest investigation hit hard. I refuse to spoil the scene that brought me to tears 😭, so I will leave you with this, dear readers...read everything this woman writes. She will not fail you and you will never regret a single word.


Thank you to NetGalley, Bookouture and Lisa Regan for the advance reader copy!
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3,880 reviews1,644 followers
April 14, 2021
The day has finally arrived! Josie and Noah are getting married. She's in her dress, family and friends have all gathered, the food is waiting ... there's only one problem....

A young girl's body is found on the steps on the chapel where they are to be married. What's worse is that Josie knows who she is.

Putting all wedding plans on hold, Josie, Noah and their team rush to the girl's family home where they find the girl's mother has been shot to death. But where is the younger daughter.. she's missing. . But why has this family home been stripped of all sharp objects? Re-tracing her steps, Josie finally finds a secret hiding place with Holly’s sister inside, terrified, but alive.

Just when Josie is finally closing in on the killer, the unthinkable happens, a tragedy that shakes her to her very core.

This is an excellent addition to an extremely well written series. Each book in the series seems to be better than the last. Although 11th in the series, it is easily read as a stand alone. As always, I recommend starting at the beginning so as to not miss those important gems that make the series what it is. The characters are solidly drawn, there are twists and turns, and lots of action. Part of this story is very emotional ..so tissues might be required.

Many thanks to the author / Bookouture / Netgalley for the digital copy of this crime fiction. Read and reviewed voluntarily, opinions expressed here are unbiased and entirely my own.
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2,789 reviews105 followers
April 15, 2021
I am delighted to be catching up with the latest happenings in this great series featuring Detective Josie Quinn, written by Lisa Regan.

In this eleventh instalment, Josie dashes to the scene when a little body is found on the steps of a mountainside church. The church is the same place where Josie and her fiancé Noah are finally ready to tie the knot. The young girl on the steps is 12-year-old Holly Mitchell, the daughter of a woman who helped Josie and Noah three months ago when they had an incident with their car and a deer in the wintertime. They had been visiting the hotel venue at which their ceremony would be held and had to brake sharply when the deer appeared on the snow-covered road. Slightly injured, Lorelei had offered them a much-needed lift when they had no mobile phone signal. Holly has a doll made from pine cones clasped tightly to her chest, and when Josie arrives at the family home she is devastated to find that Lorelei is dead too, and Holly's little sister, Emily is missing...

Although I dived into this series at book nine, there was enough backstory to really enjoy this novel, Hush Little Girl. It was a captivating, briskly-paced police procedural with more than enough action taking place to retain my interest. Once hooked, I was glued to the pages and it was a rollercoaster ride of surprises. With its stylish and tense plot, this is crime thriller was an intriguing merging of Josie's personal and professional lives. The story effortlessly flowed and there was never a dull moment as the plot beelined for the bittersweet finale. Josie makes a tough, determined and admirable protagonist and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with her. Hush Little Girl contains drama, suspense and tension by the shedload and I highly recommend this immersive novel. I am eagerly anticipating what Lisa Regan has in store for Josie Quinn next!

I received a complimentary copy of this novel at my request from Bookouture via NetGalley. This review is my own unbiased opinion.
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712 reviews23 followers
July 28, 2022
*Heartbreaking & Bittersweet*

**4.5 Stars**

This is book 11 in the Detective Josie Quinn series, this instalment see’s Noah & Josie crash into a Deer. Josie wanders if it’s a bad omen. The car is a wreck. With no mobile(cell) service Noah leaves Josie to get help.

She is approached by a woman and agrees to go with her to try to get a signal.

Three months later Noah & Josie’s big day has finally arrived, well those of you who know Josie will realise nothing quite goes to plan and when the body of a young girl is found at the outside at the venue.

Will the Big day go ahead ? Will Noah,
Josie and her team unravel the case and it is about to get personal as one of the team is about to experience major heartbreak like no other…

A super charged story, filled with murder, intrigue and mental health issues, on top of that the culprit is hiding in plain sight.
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647 reviews
March 28, 2021
This is the eleventh in the Detective Josie Quinn series; it is the fourth I have read. Josie and Noah are about to be married when the body of a young girl is found outside the church in the resort where the nuptials are to take place and Josie is off on the case…..

Once again the story combines Josie’s personal life with her professional. It is fast paced, engrossing, and heart wrenching, with a unique plot.

Josie is a strong, capable female protagonist. This reads well as a standalone but I think it will be appreciated more by those who have read others in the series and are familiar with the recurring characters in Josie’s life. I highly recommend Lisa Regan’s books to those who enjoy mysteries/police procedurals.
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April 10, 2021
Hush little girl is book 11 in the Josie Quinn series. Publication date 14th April 2021

Bravo Lisa Regan what a slam dunk! Just didn't think you could elevate the standard of your writing and then you gave us this!
Josie and Noah are finally ready to marry, bit of course it wouldn't be a big event in Josie's life if a dead body didn't show up right? Hours before they are about to tie the knot the body of a 12 year old girl is discovered on the doorstep of the church. Luckily Dentons finest are all already at the resort to attend the wedding so they are straight on the case. Josie realises she has met the girl before and is increasly concerned about her mother and sisters safety. Safe to say things do not go as planned.

If I were Josie or Noah I would of wanted the wedding as far away from Denton as possible to prevent the possibility of their wedding becoming a crime scene but that's just me. I do love the fact that Josie can't even get married without a body turning up.

This book was styled differently to privous books of Regan's as we don't go between the investigation and the killers inner monologue. It was a breathe of fresh air in the prose and I found myself having zero idea who the killer was. For majority of the book up until it was blindingly obvious suspecting a character who was so fleeting I thought it must be them! Well let's say I was wrong.
Where this book differs in a way to the others is this is more a spree killing rather than a serial killer and that throw me with my own detective work. But not Josie!

I love how over 11 books we have been privy to all the growth each character has achieved over their six years together. This case really centres in on some of Josie's issues which are probably some sort of undiagnosed ocd traits. She bonds with a young witness with severe ocd. I think the writing does credit to how difficult this mental health condition is and how misunderstood it is aswell. We get to see Paige again fleetingly who does a fantastic job at explaining this to Josie and the reader.

Reading Josie's bond with this child made me wonder (not for the first time) why she doesn't just give it a go and have a child. He relationship with Harrison and in the child in this book, just shows us again what a fantastic mother she would be.

This is the first book that had me in tears! I have cram read the entire series over a week and I have grown do attached to all the characters and all their inner relationships, esp centred around Josie. The chief has some cracking one liners in this book and I am loving him even more as the time progresses.

I love the message this series sends us which is family is what you make it and who you make it aswell. Josie had a great professional and personal team. Plus her relationship with Lucette as always Is great to read.

The crime itself is gruesome and there's a creepy doll involved that freaked me out. I suppose when a child is killed its emotive. As a reader for the first time in a while, made me feel uncomfortable, but in a good way.

I highly recommend reading this book and if you are new to the series start on book 1! If I could give more than 5 stars I would I felt like I have only just come up for air since finishing this one. Totally worth the read I am a Quinn fan for life along with the rest of her team!

Thank you to netgalley' Lisa Regan and the publishers for the advanced digital copy in exchange for my fair and honest review.
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April 18, 2021
Blog Tour 4/19!

The big day has finally arrived! Everyone who is near and dear to Josie and Noah are there. But just when you think Josie will finally ride off into the sunset with her beau, a young girl's body is found on the steps of the church. Of course, Josie and Noah are on the case.

When Josie and another detective arrive at the girl's home they discover a gruesome scene. Her mother has been slaughtered and her younger sister is missing. What secrets did this family have that were worth dying for? Can Josie get the answers from little Emily before tragedy strikes again? Josie is able to bond with the young girl. Her scar bears witness to her tragedies in life. But she struggles with how far can she push her for details without damages her already fragile psyche. Scared and alone, little Emily feels that revealing any secret will lead to death.

Hush, Little Girl is a fast-paced if emotional ride that pulls on your heart strings. (Trigger warning for mental illness and domestic violence.)

I am really loving this series. Lisa Regan keeps you on your toes and begging for more. Here's a secret I can share: Josie Quinn #12 is already in the works! Join Lisa Regan's mailing list here so you won't miss out.
May 14, 2021
How can the author get to Book 11 in a series and still get so many 5 star ratings?
Regan is a MASTER of writing thriller series, and it just gets better!
I was a little frustrated at the start when Josie wouldn't take time away from the crime scene to go ahead with her wedding, but then I realised "it's in her blood", and as someone rightly pointed out, who wants the memory of their wedding day to be a dead body?!
Josie and Noel are fantastic characters, and while Josie's family background is explained at the start, it is a little complicated with a lot of names all at once, so I have to reread it a few times to remind myself who is who.
This is a roller-coaster ride and you won't put it down until the last page!
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March 25, 2021
I would like to thank Netgalley and Bookouture for an advance copy of Hush Little Girl, the eleventh novel to feature Detective Josie Quinn of the Denton, Pennsylvania PD.

The body of a twelve year old girl is found on the steps of a small church and Josie recognises her as Holly Mitchell, the daughter of a woman who helped her when she needed it. At Holly’s home they find her mother dead and her younger sister missing. Emily Mitchell is found hiding but has too many secrets to offer any clues.

I enjoyed Hush Little Girl for its fast pace and steady stream of reveals, but wasn’t as enamoured by the plot, which seems muddled to me and asks the reader to swallow more implausibilities than normal, usually there are a few but this novel just piles them on. I could list them but that would give away the whole plot.

The novel is told from Josie’s point of view so the reader lives the investigation with her. She is smart and empathetic so she drives the novel, whether making deductions or cajoling Emily into making revelations. Her life changes dramatically in this novel, some of it for the better and some not so much.I like that the author always moves Josie on.

The novel is based on mental illness, or if not illness, aberrant patterns of behaviour. I applaud the effort to shine a light on the characters’ struggles in that respect, but I’m not so sure that co-opting it into a thriller is helpful as it is done in broad brushstrokes.

Despite my reservations Hush Little Girl, is an undemanding, exciting read with plenty to keep the reader interested and turning the pages.
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March 27, 2021
This is book 11 in the wonderful Detective Josie Quinn series and it is by far my favourite one, I know I say this every time but this instalment just had something extra I can’t quite put my finger on why but from the first few pages it gripped me and I took every spare bit of time I had (and I have a lot these days !) to read I was so engrossed, it was just a fabulous five star read.
The marvellous writing of Lisa Regan has really made this a series not to be missed, the characters grow with each book especially that of Josie Quinn who has gone through so much and more so in this latest instalment but she just keeps getting through it and she feels so real to me when I start a new book it’s like being back with an old friend and that also applies to many of the other characters also.
So no rehash of the plot just read the book and if you haven’t read the previous books then please do yourselves a favour and start at the beginning they are so well worth it.
Many many thanks to Lisa Regan you excelled yourself with this one girl !
My thanks also to NetGalley and Bookouture for giving me the chance to read the ARC in exchange for my honest opinion.
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April 5, 2021
Wow I can't believe this is the 11th book in the series. The stories are still going strong and not slowing down.

With everything they have been through, it's finally Josie and Noah's wedding day. Until a dead child is found on the church's steps.

The plot was unique and the mystery was one that would keep you guessing. This is a very well written, fast-paced, page-turner thriller with some tear-jerking moments (I literally had to wipe my eyes). It can be read as a stand-alone but I would read some of the previous books first. I highly recommend reading this series.

Thank you to NetGalley, Bookouture and Lisa Regan for a copy of "Hush Little Girl" in exchange of an honest review.
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April 11, 2021

Hush Little Girl by Lisa Regan is the 11th in the Detective Josie Quinn series.

First, let me thank NetGalley, the publisher Bookouture, and of course the author, for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Series Background: (Warning – May contain spoilers from previous books)
Once Acting Chief of Police, Josie Quinn is now doing what she is best suited for. She’s back to being a detective and happy. Her team consists of Detective Noah Fraley (who she is dating), Detective Gretchen Palmer, and Detective Finn Mettner.  Their boss is Chief Bob Chitwood.  She is learning to love her new-found family,  including news reporter Trinity Payne,  as well as her brother Patrick, but it is keeping her busy. 

My Synopsis: (No major reveals, but if concerned, skip to My Opinions)
On their wedding day, the body of a young girl is found on the church steps, and Josie and Noah decide she is more important than their nuptials.  Their families are not impressed.

But Josie had met 12-year old Holly when her mother had helped Josie after a car accident.  Josie goes to notify the mother herself, and finds her body in the kitchen.  The hunt is on for the other daughter, 8-year old Emily, who is eventually found in a safe room.  Why did the family have a safe room, and what was burned in the greenhouse?  There doesn't seem to be any paperwork or pictures of the family anywhere.  Who was this family who lived off the grid, who had no friends or social activities outside the house?

Trying to get answers from Emily is difficult.  She has OCD, and was trained to keep secrets from an early age.

My Opinions:
I think this may have been the best in the series so far.

The plot was good, and really well-thought out.  The topics of both OCD and anger issues in children were really interesting..  It was fast-paced and had plenty of action.

On the character side, I still don't like Sawyer, but I'm wondering if things will change now.  I have gotten used to Trinity.   Yes, Josie has suffered a devastating loss, but she is a strong character and will bounce back.  Noah and her team always have her back.  I don't usually enjoy reading about children in my murder mysteries, but I loved the children that were in this book, as all of them were flawed, but all of them lovable.

On the perpetrator side....I did NOT guess correctly!  WTG Lisa Regan!

As always, please read these books in order.

Definitely looking forward to the next in the series.

For a more complete review of this book and others (including the reason I chose to read/review this book, as well as author information, please visit my blog: http://katlovesbooksblog.wordpress.com/
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April 1, 2021
The Josie Quinn series has quickly become one of my favorites. It has elements of a procedural that I like, along with plenty of suspense. This is the eleventh installment and Detective Josie Quinn and her fiancé and colleague are preparing for their wedding. Unfortunately, the body of a young girl is found on the steps of the church. They agree they must postpone their ceremony to investigate this tragic murder, especially since Josie has a slight connection to the victim.

The plot of Hush Little Girl is complex. OCD plays a part in this plot and I love the informative and sensitive way the author explains the disease without interrupting the flow of the story. The book starts out with what should be a joyous occasion. However, there is a lot of sadness in the book. I was shocked by a couple developments that I don’t want to spoil. However, because of one of them, I couldn’t call this my favorite of the series. There is a lot of suspense and I love seeing the way Josie has grown since earlier books I’ve read. Overall, I enjoyed the book a lot. It’s a fast-paced thriller and as the book concludes, everything is resolved, but the ending is bittersweet. I look forward to seeing what is next for Josie and Noah.

I received this ebook from NetGalley through the courtesy of Bookouture. An advance copy was provided to me at no cost, but my review is voluntary and unbiased.
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December 28, 2021
Lisa Regan, I’m a little mad at you right now. It’ll pass, eventually, but until then, I’m going to try to write the review from my heart and I’m going to try to do it without giving anything away.
This book hit me hard. It was close to home. As a mother, I related to this on a level that I couldn’t have expected. None of us have perfect kids, even if we think we do. What we all want is for the world to see our children as we do. To see the beauty in their imperfection. The world doesn’t though. As much as we want them to, they don’t. That’s the burden to bear for every mother. This is something Lisa Regan nailed in this book. Someone who doesn’t have children could never, ever understand this.
After 11 books, I feel like Josie is an old friend. I feel like, in the real world, we could be friends. That being said, it’s hard to watch her suffer. It’s hard to read as her dreams slowly dissolve. I can’t say more without giving away too much, but I’ll sum up all of the Josie Quinn novels with three excellent points.
1. You can always count on a personal connection to the main characters in these book. Even if the story isn’t about them or their family, Lisa Regan always makes that connection.
2. You can always count on a gritty, gnarly crime to be solved by the end of the book. Josie saves the day, every day.
3. Josie overcomes something in every single book. She learns something new about herself and manages to grow in every book.
While I’m sad about some of the events in the book, I’m glad I can always count on a 5-star read from Lisa Regan. It’s left me a little heartbroken but it’s still a stellar read with an ending that left me smiling.
Thank you, Lisa, for another awesome and crazy ride with Josie Quinn!
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