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My new roommate has the worst taste in men.

I mean, Murph’s special. He’s funny and flamboyant and full of life.

While I’m straight, even I can tell these guys aren’t good enough for him.

I had to yell at one date, toss another one out the door, and throw a beer in another’s face.

Kind of embarrassing, really. I don’t know what’s gotten into me.

I ask my sister what’s wrong with me and she says I’m jealous.

Jealous? Please. Me?

Come on.

Only thing is, I hate the thought of Murph kissing any guy. Ever.

Except, maybe ... me?

Undone is a contemporary m/m romance about a dreamy insurance agent that might not be as straight as he thinks, an adorable bartender who adds sparkle wherever he goes, and maybe one or two jokes about swords.

316 pages, Kindle Edition

First published August 12, 2021

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About the author

Leslie McAdam is a California girl who loves romance and well-defined abs. She lives in a drafty old farmhouse on a small orange tree farm in Southern California with her husband and two small children. Leslie's first published book, The Sun and the Moon, won a 2015 Watty, which is the world's largest online writing competition. She's gone on to receive additional literary awards and has been featured in multiple publications, including Cosmopolitan.com. Her books have been Top 100 Bestsellers on both Amazon and Apple Books. Leslie is employed by day but spends her nights writing about the men of your fantasies.

USA Today interview: http://happyeverafter.usatoday.com/20...

Cosmopolitan: https://www.cosmopolitan.com/sex-love...

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829 reviews13 followers
August 8, 2021
I wasn't expecting to fall head-over-heels for Jason and Murph, but wow was their story something special. I've read other roommate romances, even ones with a man who considered himself straight at the beginning, but none of them have gotten under my skin as much as Jason and Murph did. Murph, with his dazzling, true-to-himself personality, was irresistible from the start, and Jason's sweet caretaking had me swooning before he even realized he might be bisexual. Seeing the two of them get to know each other over shared dinners and TV shows was so much fun, and their easy camaraderie gave their entire story a comfy, relaxed tone. The progression of their relationship felt so natural that I could harly believe that Jason didn't see his attraction to Murph sooner. It's rare that I've found a character's complete and total obliviousness of their sexuality believable, but with Jason it felt genuine. I can't imagine what it must have been like for him to put himself in a narrow box of his family's expectations and brush off anything that rocked the boat. If anything, that made his realization about Murph even more exciting--for once, Jason was able to choose with his heart instead of letting someone else's choices dictate his life. Sure, it took a few cringe-inducing jealous fits, but just when I was starting to panic about Murph leaving, Jason came to his senses with a romantic, honest declaration that kickstarted the next chapter of their romance. That moment was truly a turning point for Jason and Murph, and I was impressed by how committed they were to communicating openly and exploring their physical connection. When it would have been easy to lie and hide, Jason stepped up and had those difficult coming-out conversations. I never once doubted that he was serious about Murph, and it was wonderful to see that passion translate into incredibly steamy nights together. I had hoped things would be smooth sailing for the two of them all the way to the end, but Murph had his own issues to work through before he was ready to accept Jason's love. Luckily, he had the support of some amazing friends, and it didn't take long for everyone to get on board the Jason-and-Murph train. It was bittersweet to reach the end of their story, but I'm 100% convinced that these two can tackle anything life throws at them in the future.

**I voluntarily read an ARC of this book. This review expresses my honest thoughts and opinions.
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573 reviews7 followers
August 13, 2021
I can honestly say that I don't know who I was most charmed by in this book.
Murph, with his vibrance and energy just shines. He is colorful, bright and in his own words "extraordinary ".
Or Jason, who is the sweetest, dorkiest, most adorable insurance agent I've ever heard of. His need to nurture and take care of Murph comes from such a selfless place. The way he helped him move, feeding him and protecting him put hearts in my eyes.

Or it might have just been the author who charmed me with her writing  full of wit, humor, and heart.

The quick and easy rapport between Jason and Murph was just endearing. Their fast friendship, their open and honest conversations, I loved it all. And when their relationship develops into more it was just so emotional and beautiful.

This was such an incredible book about self discovery and truly owning your true self.
574 reviews3 followers
August 12, 2021
Learning about yourself

Murph is out and proud when he moved into a new flat with a new flatmate Jason. Jason leads a mediocre life until Murph comes into it and then he's going to fayres and cooking with his flatmate. Jason always assumed he was straight until he realises he's got feelings for Murph. This is when he learns he's actually bisexual. This story was absolutely perfect and wanted to hug both of them and be their friend. I can't recommend this book highly enough. To me it's perfect.
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356 reviews1 follower
August 12, 2021
ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS BOOK!! Starts off so innocent then to very steamy. So happy to finally have Murph’s story. I love how Murph is funny and always teasing throughout the whole book. While Jason is so clueless and it’s adorable. Absolutely loved reading their story. I can’t wait to read more of this series. Yes they are standalones but I want to know everyone’s story. Highly recommend this book!!
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633 reviews1,125 followers
August 18, 2021
not me dnf’ing when i had like 5% of this book left💀 i couldn’t do it. fuck that.

what in the biphobia...

was loving this until the whole “you can’t possibly be satisfied being with a man when you’re bisexual bcos you’ll obviously be tempted by other women and want to return to women”— like Jason can’t make up his own mind (and whatever “return to women” means, i don’t know either :///)

invalidating bisexual and pansexual people ain’t it lol. it literally soured my mood so bad😭 i was intending to give this four stars and write a raving review about how i adored Jason and Murph together... but Murph “calling bullshit” (as he put it) on Jason “suddenly” being bisexual, “assimilating” to his bisexual identity too quickly and making Jason’s decisions for him turned this into a quick two star lol. (then the big declaration scene happened and i had to dnf and one star this).

poor Jason was a floundering mess while portrayed as the villain. all he wanted was Murph but Murph decided Jason clearly wouldn’t be satisfied with him and would yearn to be with a woman eventually. like the exchange between Jason and Murph’s best friend, Reeve, really pissed me off after Murph runs away and refuses to communicate with Jason, for Jason to physically hunt him down and finding Reeve, and saying:

Reeve comes by and pauses. I almost grab onto his lapel. “Is Murph with you? Is he staying with you? Is he safe? Is he okay?”
Reeve blinks. “What do you care?”
“I’m fucking in love with him. That’s why I care.”
Reeve puts a hand on his hip. “If Murph wanted to talk with you, he would.”

as if poor Jason did something wrong?😭 wdym, “what do you care?” fuck off. i get defending your friend, but when said friend is the one in the wrong, you don’t villainise the other guy. Reeve needed a swift throat-punch for that.

and not Jason’s big declaration being him having to “prove” he’s bisexual and always had, on some subconscious level, an attraction to men💀 make it stop, y’all. what in the bigotry did i just read?? i wish i was making this shit up.

can we annihilate this conflict in mm romances. drives me up the wall.
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322 reviews227 followers
July 12, 2021
*** I received an eArc from Heart Eyes Press in exchange for an honest review.***

Murph is the absolute sweetest cinnamon roll MC ever!!! I was first introduced to him in Marley Valentine's V&V entry Unforgettable and I was instantly smitten with his character and desperately wanted his story. I was excitedly anticipating his romance and Undone did not disappoint.

Undone consists of a roommates to lovers trope with bisexual awakening elements story that is full of sweet moments between Murph and Jason who develop a genuine friendship where they are only safe as their authentic selves with one another. Their friendship scenes at the beginning are so endearing that I was swooning.

One of my favorite aspects of Undone is how earnest and sweet the friendship between Murph and Jason is and the progression of their relationship feels entirely plausible given how comfortable they make each other feel. I also enjoyed Jason's possessiveness in regards to Murph and his countless efforts at "sabotaging" his dates, those were very fun to read.

Overall I loved this addition to Vino & Veritas and felt it was an epic story that dealt with important themes wonderfully. I cannot recommend this story enough!
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3,224 reviews290 followers
July 16, 2021
This was a lovely way to end the Vino & Veritas series and also the second (or third) book I've read which is based on a Gay News story.

The basic premise is that one poster was worried they were homophobic because they hated everyone their flatmate dated. Turns out, they were in love with the flatmate - all ended happily at time of printing :D

You can read the Reddit thread here: https://www.reddit.com/r/SuddenlyGay/...

Leslie McAdam's version is super sweet and involves one of my favourite characters in the whole expanded World of True North - Murph, who works behind the bar at V&V and who is Reeve's best friend from Marley Valentine's Unforgettable

Murph is out and proud, he's a ray of sunshine with all the sass, but he's also vulnerable and hiding deep hurt.

When he becomes Jason's flatmate there is an instant connection between the two, but Jason's straight, right?

What I loved most about the narrative is the friendship - irrespective of any attraction from either side - that the men genuinely have between them. They are ridiculous sweet and so good for each other, encouraging the best and putting forward new possibilities for a different future.

Jason is stuck in a job working with his father, he's spent his whole life repressing anything which doesn't fit into the conservative worldview of his dad and he's still looking for his approval.

He has a hook-up for sex but he's never desired anything more than that. He's still smarting over his mum leaving years before and is vulnerable to pressure from outside opinions.

Murph's vulnerabilities are all internal. He left Vegas and a toxic relationship where he was forced to hide and pretend he wasn't involved with his boyfriend while he met women and behaved as if he was a single man. It's made Murph feel he's not worthy of love.

Jason's sister Becky provides a wonderful sounding block for him to re-examine his earlier years and wake him up to the fact he's jealous. Jason begins to understand he's actually bisexual and has been attracted to men before.

Their slow build-up into an actual relationship, both emotional and physical, is super sweet, and quite steamy at times. It's not all plain sailing of course, Jason's hook-up causes problems, his dad is an ar$e and Murph runs.

There is a bit of drama before they both accept that they are deserving of the other, and it's that which took my rating down a star.

I can't be doing with self-sabotaging and it's definitely a me thing, as I know it's quite realistic, I just don't particularly care to read it when it comes down to what essentially works out as woe is me type posturing.

For Murph, he needed to get over his martyrdom tendencies and bestie Reeve is on hand to hold a less than shiney mirror up for him to finally face his fears.

Jason is absolutely committed to making Murph his and he does it in spectacular fashion. I loved how he was so willing to embrace his new reality once he'd woken up to the fact he was in love with Murph and that he wanted to make changes elsewhere in his life too.

My only other comment would be that both Murph and Jason read as older (23 and 26 accordingly). Not that it's necessarily a problem per se, but if their ages hadn't been mentioned, I'd have put both much closer to their 30s simply because of their behaviour.

Ultimately, all's well, and there is a lovely Epilogue which firmly seals these two together and brings a happy ending to the series.

#ARC kindly received from the publishers Heart Eyes Press in return for an honest and unbiased review
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Author 10 books348 followers
January 3, 2023

When I saw the narrators (Tim Paige & Iggy Toma) I was intrigued. After I read the blurb, I was sold. And Murph and Jason certainly lived up to my expectations.

I loved that Murph had absolutely no fucks to give. He was who he was and he didn’t care who had a problem with him. Or did he?

What we slowly discover about this fabulously flamboyant man is that his persona, while it was true to himself, it’s also a shield. Unfortunately I think most men in his shoes have to build a thick skin.

As for Jason, he was adorably clueless but open minded. Which god bless him, was the best he could do while being stifled by his overbearing father. This story ended up being the biggest awakening in a bi-awakening book I’ve ever read. And I was rooting for him every step of the way.

And once he knew, he definitely knew and no one was gonna tell him otherwise. Not even the man he’d fallen head over heels in love with.

Murphy’s reasoning for them taking a break makes absolutely no sense. Jason already proved all of his fears and doubts, he even sacrificed his life and Murph still doesn’t believe in him?! Fuck that!!

Sorry, not sorry but that little twist irritated me to no end. Thank goodness for Reeve and Jason who were sturdy voices of reason. No matter how Murph tried to destroy his own happiness.

Overall it was a cute story driven by adorable characters.
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3,087 reviews1,889 followers
August 12, 2021
Amazon US * Amazon UK

Undone was a book that had me smiling like a loon almost the entire time I was reading. Murph and Jason had the cutest friendship and it was amazing to see how it progressed to more. Especially with the added angst from Jason being unsure of his feelings for Murph. These are two characters that could intrigue you all by themselves, but together they bring a sweetness to the story that makes you feel like you've truly immersed yourself into the world with them. And it made for a really fun read to see how their two different characters blended together.

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.
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Author 24 books1,278 followers
August 20, 2021
Murph and Jason were super fun to write!

I wanted to write a bisexual awakening book that had no miscommunication between the leads, although Jason miscommunicates with himself about his sexuality. It meant a lot to me to have a book where the characters talked out everything … but they still had conflicts to deal with.

Truth? I have a crush on Murph. I think I have a thing for funny, vivacious twinks. And Jason is just so, so yummy. I can see why Murph has a crush on him.

I also tried to include as many characters in the True North world as I could, so that readers can see a lot of familiar friends. I’m grateful for the other authors for their help.

I honestly can’t wait until more people read this so I can have someone to talk to about it!
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2,120 reviews1,176 followers
August 12, 2021

Murph + Jason

We already met Murph as Reeve's BFF and roommate two books ago and since Reeve fell in love, Murph needs a new place to live.
Enter Jason. He's a life insurance salesman who rents out a room in his house.
Jason doesn't love his job, but he's good at it and it's family tradition.
Jason is also not gay.
But he's so very intrigued by his happy and glittering new roommate.





I was so looking forward to Murph's story! He's so funny and colorful. And male - so he's kinda the total opposite of what Jason would / should find attractive. Right?!
Just adorable those two. I loved reading their story!
It was so sweet and a bit heartbreaking and so sparky and sexy. Great love story!

And as I mentioned in every one of my World of True North reviews - I could read these kinds of books every day for the rest of eternity!

I also wouldn't mind seeing this whole world on Netflix one day!

UNDONE was an adorable + funny + sparky + sexy M/M love story! I loved reading it! Run to your nearest amazon for your own Murph + Jason - they'll be sold out in no time!

💜 💜

Smokin Hot Book Blog Smokin Hot Book Blog Smokin Hot Book Blog Smokin Hot Book Blog Smokin Hot Book Blog
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1,413 reviews162 followers
August 13, 2021
Ok, I keep telling everyone how much I love this whole True North world and seriously the books just keep making me repeat myself. The whole thing is awesome. We get the True North world and all of their places and some of their people. Then we get these great new characters mixed in with some returning faces and beautiful new stories. And no matter your genre there’s a book for you because it has it all. Plus it comes from the brain of the amazing Sarina Bowen. I feel like a total fangirl every time I try to write a review for any of these books, even when they don’t work for me.

This one however nailed it for me. Yeah, MM is a genre I love yet rarely read cause I’m weird like that so every single V&V book that sounds good I immediately jump on and I just kept coming back to this one. And thank god for that because, Murph. Murph was just rainbows and gumdrops and so sweet even a straight guy wanted to put him in his mouth 😉 Everything about Murph makes you want to call dibs on being his BFF. He was sweet and caring and fun and confident and just so happy to be himself and love the people around him and in turn you immediately loved him.

Jason started off a little bit quiet and reserved and I wasn’t sure how he was going to go from being straight laced to being with Murph. Not that there was any reason he shouldn’t be with Murph but there was a lot of space between where he started and who he ended up being in a way that he needed to look into his thoughts and beliefs of who he was. And he was a great guy to begin with. He just thought he needed to be who his Dad wanted him to be.

The character development was perfect and watching these guys go from roommates to a couple was a really natural, comfortable progression. And when they started to move forward and everything was happy and smooth sailing around the 60% mark my mind went off on a million tangents. And I was wrong on every single thing I guessed. The whole story was just gooey goodness and I couldn’t get enough of it.
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2,893 reviews201 followers
September 13, 2021
The man in the grey flannel suit, and the flamboyant fellow....
Opposites attract in Vermont. This is a special self discovery tale.
New roomies, Jason and Murph, where Jason owns the Victorian home, and he rents rooms, and Murph was found for him by his sister. The two get along right away.
Clueless Jason, 27, is an insurance man in his

Dad's business, plus he's handsome, tall and muscled, green-eyed, with blonde/brown/red hair, and has a FWB, friend with benefits, Marnie, and a glassworks hobby.
Fun Murph, is a sweet lively gay man, he's slim,

blue eyes and dark hair, who wears lipstick and eye makeup, while he works at V and V, and is a website builder. He's been burned by an ex.

Jason is protective of all folks, cooks for Murph, and they look around the town. When Murph has a few dates, it's Jason that ruins each one. It takes him awhile to figure out why.

We learn a lot about each guy and they get along well. They share many likes. Jason is learning what it means to be a gay man and it's bringing forward awakening thoughts, realizing his thought had been there before, but he was oblivious.

Jason has issues with his strict Dad, never standing up for himself, and has low self worth.
Murph is strength, outgoing and confident, and helps Jason see confidence in himself.
The feelings they get are mutual, but the two constantly second guess where their relationship is concerned.

So, we watch the back and forth, the first kiss, and later the hot, sexy times. Jason isn't afraid, but Murph is leery of being pushy.

There are some misunderstandings, good characters, and intense thoughts, a bit long.
Well written, interesting, deep topics, lots of passion, and heartwarming scenes.

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256 reviews87 followers
August 12, 2021
I blasted through this, and it was fun, but I guess I was expecting more from this story🤷‍♀️
Still a fun, pretty fluffy read.
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330 reviews1 follower
January 15, 2023
This does not please me.
The climax kept on dragging and I wonder when will it be over lol.
I just wished I were in a better mood or things in this book well adjusted to my liking but I like the mcs enough to gave this a 3 stars.
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773 reviews119 followers
August 15, 2021

based on the above Reddit story that's actually super adorable but also had my expectations sky high to the detriment of my enjoyment. the general premise instantly captured my attention, though the execution left me wanting angles that we didn't get. (on a side note, this also felt vaguely similar to Unforgettable which i'd just finished with the bit about parental expectations and feeling unworthy of love due to trauma from an ex.)

Jason is the supposed "straight guy" who finds himself inadvertently sabotaging Murph's dates because of the green-eyed monster within. at the start, he's so clueless and it honestly felt like he saw gay people as a whole 'nother species LOL but you can't get angry at him just like you can't get angry at a kid for not knowing better since they've never been exposed to said thing before.

i think his character growth is worth noting, starting from a people pleaser who rarely makes his own decisions to proactively reaching out to his former fwb, father, and Murph (even when he goes off being a dumdum) to show that he's not ashamed and will do whatever makes him happy (hell yeah!).

the story stayed around 3.5* until the 80% mark where it's a drama llama palooza. here we go againnnnn:

⚠️ beware!! spoilers ahead!! ⚠️

- turning Marnie (Jason's fwb who has apparently been secretly in love with him this entire time 'cause the more drama the better ) into this vindictive jerk who's salty af that Jason chooses someone else (and a man, no less *gasps*) over her. DELUSIONAL I TELL YOU! when female characters are introduced only to be used as a pot stirring plot device 😌

- an *extremely* conveniently timed call from the closet homophobe of an ex that pushes Murph over the edge

- Murph's self-sabotage --> pushing Jason away: i get wanting time apart to think, that's totally fine, yet did it have to follow something so dramatic 😩 i'd like to know beforehand if this same formula is going to be used in a book because i need a break 😂 为什么总是没事给自己找事,这样的故事让我感到好累哈哈

- Murph's scared that Jason will change his mind about liking him, that it's only a phase because he's accepted this new side of himself far too easily. so Jason decides to write out a list of instances in his past that he now realizes are examples of him being not so straight (like getting off while watching male underwear ads). while i can understand his reasoning, it also came across like he had to prove he was bi enough for Murph? idk.

- the stereotypes that his sister mentioned too as if an organized & clean house = gay??? umm if anyone leaves a mess, that's just poor discipline on their part 🤣🤣

- the conflict with Jason's father could've been expanded and used as a catalyst for all the above but instead he fell by the wayside and pops up at the end for a tentative but relatively smooth resolution of sorts.

⚠️ end of spoilers ⚠️

in summary, the drama at the end there threw everything off-kilter, but the premise was undeniably cute! give it a go yourself and let me know what you think 👀
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993 reviews78 followers
August 5, 2022

Undone was a good read.

Jason has a new flatmate, Murph, he finds him cute and they have a lot of interests in common. Day after day Jason grows fonder of his new friend and he begins to see Murph differently, but he is straight, right? Murph is instantly attracted to his new landlord but he knows that is dangerous to fall in love with a straight man but that doesn’t forbid him being a flirt. Will there be heartbreak in their future or an happy ending? Find it out reading this story.

I liked Murph since the beginning, he is exuberant and unashamedly himself, on the contrary I did need more time to like Jason because he is too indecisive and he isn’t in charge of his life for most of the book, but I liked his nurturing and sweet side.

Copy kindly provided by the Publisher/Author.

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1,055 reviews1 follower
August 17, 2021

I wanted to like this book because MURPH! But sadly it was way too long, way too boring and had so much soft bigotry in it I was mostly annoyed as I read it.

I’m almost done and I remember why I never read MF anymore. The woman villain. Ugh,seriously Marnie. AND using the trope that he was tricked into being with men. Can you throw anymore bisexual stereotypes into one book. TERRIBLE.
ALSO..The fact that Jason needed to prove his gayness to Murph is also super cringy.

This book was not good. By the end, I wasn’t even sure I wanted an HEA for Murph. It was all so UGH.
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1,259 reviews57 followers
October 16, 2021
Jason ahora tiene un nuevo compañero de piso, que le consiguio su hermana ya que su ultimo compañero se fuera a vivir con su novia. Su compañero es gay y totalmente extrovertido, con chisma y brillo, algo que le hacia falta en la vida de Jason. Lo que tarda en darse cuenta (porque el es totalmente despistado para esas cosas) es que no solo le gusta tenerlo como amigo y compañero de piso, sino que tambien ha comenzado a desarrollar esos sentimientos por el que nunca penso sentir por otro hombre, eso significaria que no es tan hetero como pensaba?
Murph tuvo que conseguir otro lugar donde vivir, despues que su mejor amigo Reeve se fuera a vivir con su novio, y tuvo la suerte de que en el bar donde trabaja (Vino & Veritas) una de las clientes lo escucho y lo contacto con su hermano. Lo que no espera es que este hombre sea tan perfecto para el, pero tan malo para su vida ya que es hetero, y no quiere desarrollar otro enamoramiento por otro hombre hetero porque sabe como termina su vida. Pero cuando Jason comienza a darse cuenta de su verdadera sexualidad, Murph solo puede pensar que esta soñando, y esta dispuesto a mantenerse dormido si es necesario para poder estar con el.
Jason debera enfrentar un cambio total en su estilo de vida, pero sobre todo debera demostrarle a Murph que sus miedos en su relacion con el son totalmente infundandos. Mientras Murph tiene que aceptar que el es tan merecedor del amor como cualquier otro y que quizas ese amor lo tenga realmente con Jason.

Un romance como ninguno hasta ahora, y aunque si es una formula muy comun (hombre hetero que se enamora de su amigo gay), los protas de esta historia son realmente unicos, diferentes y entretenidos, no hay mayor drama que el auto-conocimiento y la auto-aceptacion, lo que te deja pensando la cantidad de cosas que uno ha hecho o sigue haciendo para complacer a los demas y seguir con el flujo. Es una bonita historia, te hace reflexionar, te hace querer abrazar a los protas y querer decirles que todo va a terminar bien, en fin, es uno de esos romances que me gusta leer.
Ademas, le agregamos que aparecen muchisimos de los otros personajes de libros anteriores, sobre todo los que trabajan en Vino & Veritas, lo que lo hace un excelente libro para terminar la serie.
En fin, agradezco haberme topado con esta serie, me abrio los ojos a nuevos autores del genero y me permitio disfrutar de muchas historias diferentes (algunas mejores que otras, por supueto), que me me hicieron reir, llorar, suspirar y sobre todo reflexionar sobre lo felices que seriamos si en el mundo no hubiera tanta division y todos nos aceptaramos y a los demas como son.
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501 reviews100 followers
August 10, 2021
3,5 stars
With his sweet, low angst book the Vino & Veritas series comes to an end. Though I still have a couple of them on my TBR, so technically I'm not there yet, but this book is indeed the last one in a series I really enjoyed. I'm going to miss all these familiar faces and the vibe of Vermont!

This book gives us Murph and Jason, and since Murph is in need of a new place to stay and Jason has a room for rent, they end up together in the same house. Murph immediately falls for Jason, who's not only handsome and attractive, but also caring, and he enjoys to cook and look out after Murph. So much that he has a hard time dealing with every potential hookup Murph takes home.
When his sister tells him he might be jealous, he thinks it's ridiculous, until he starts to analyze his actions and feelings, and after that he can only come to the conclusion that he indeed wants to keep Murph all to himself. But that's confusing, because he always thought he was straight.

I enjoyed reading about their friendship that grew into more. I loved how Jason took care of Murph, how he started to question his sexuality, as well as his dependency on his father and sister.
Murph was this flamboyant, sparkling twink, who had all these insecurities hiding, despite the fact that outwardly he seemed to be the kind of guy who was out and proud and didn't really care what other people thought. But he cares about Jason, and he doesn't want to be his experiment, because he already knows he is going to get hurt if he does.
I wasn't sure about the insta-love here. I sensed a bit of that happening, but then I dismissed that because it also felt just like an insta-attraction. I guess it was a bit of both, which was fine, since i don't like insta-love at all. Still, I do think it all happened fairly quickly.

All in all, though, this was an enjoyable, low angst and at times funny read. I think Jason and Murph made a great couple together!
This was my first book by Leslie McAdam, but I really liked her writing, so if she'll be writing more mm romance, this won't be my last one.

ARC kindly provided by the publisher, Heart Eyes Press, and this is my honest, unbiased review
83 reviews5 followers
August 12, 2021
This is one of my favorite universes, and it's fun to see one of my favorite authors playing in the pool!

Murph and Jason are a lot of fun, and Murph needs to come be my friend - stat. True to the world they're in, Jason's realization that Murph is more than a friend, and his standing up to...well, read it and find out. I'd like to see more of these two!!
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1,331 reviews103 followers
August 12, 2021
*5 Stars*

ARC kindly received for an honest review.

I absolutely adored this book and I devoured it. Murph was an interesting character in Unforgettable (by Marley Valentine, a previous book in this series), and I was keen to get to know him in this book, his own story.

I was not let down. He was such an adorable and loveable character, and I also really liked Jason. I love roommates and friends to lovers books, and this was kind of a mix of both, although mostly on the roommates side. I really liked getting to know these two characters together, and I just loved everything about their story.

Highly recommend, this book was so much fun and easy to love!

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August 4, 2021
What a wonderful book!

I need more stars to give, because 5 aren't enough.

Since I started this book, I just couldn't put it down. The characters were so complex, full of personality and completely enticing.
Along the whole book, I felt embraced in a warm cocoon, my heart was warm and cozy and all I could do was smile.
It was like this book was hugging me and making me feel loved.

Jason and Murph captivated me entirely.
Murph was colorful and so full of life. Whenever he was around, there was this lightness in the story that only he could bring. He was confident and loved himself enought to be true to himself, and that was addicting and inspiring. Yet, he was vulnerable and craving for the kind of love he could barely dream about having.
Jason was solid and steady. He was adorable, respectful, always working himself to be a better person. He exuded calm and made people around him feel safe. Yet, albeit unbeknownst to him, he still needed to find his true identity.
These are only some of the many, many reasons they were so perfect for each other.

As they navigated through their friendship and it started to become so much more, they started to learn what true love and respect were, what devotion and a healthy relationship should be like.
It wasn't one-sided. They grew together, they supported each other unconditionally, they inspired the best in one another. They both learned from and tought each other like only true partners can do.
The way they blossomed side by side was a sight to behold.

They loved and cared for each other effortlessly and were willing to face whatever may come in their way, for they were stronger together, because they were honest in their feelings and true to themselves.

And man, were they sexy. This book would go from adorable to scorching hot in a few sentences and I loved every minute of it.

I want more pages. I want more Murph and Jason. I just want more.
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July 10, 2021
The final book of the Vino & Veritas series and it was great! After meeting Murph a few books earlier, I was super excited to see he was getting his own book. He was such a great character, I wanted to know more about him. And in this story we do. Murph is moving to a new place which means a new roommate. A roommate that immediately sparks his interest but Murph has no idea if this guy is attracted to men. And after some shameless flirting it turns out Jason is straight. Right? Jason has been going through the motions with his life. He's the ultimate people pleaser, especially when it comes to this Dad. He works at the family business because it is expected of him. He doesn't do relationships, he just has one casual hookup. He feels like he lives in this gray area. That is until Murph enters his life. This colorful, funny, and flamboyant man who sparks something in Jason. He loves hanging out with Murph. He's comfortable and there is this energy and life about Murph that is totally addicting. Jason thinks he sees Murph as just a friend, but it doesn't explain his reactions when he sees Murph going out with other guys. He becomes a tad bit irrational and protective and dare he say jealous? This story was a bit of a slow burn between Murph and Jason and it was done oh so well. It's clear that Jason hasn't really looked deep within to figure out who he is and what he wants from life. Meeting Murph gives him a chance to actually think for himself and ask what and who he wants. It was such a great portrayal of someone figuring out who they are and what they wanted. And as for Murph, he's been heartbroken and burned before. He wants to be seen and listened to and Jason does that all for him. But he is scared he won't be enough or that Jason will realize he can do better. Murph's own personal journey was also so great as he learned to believe in himself and that he deserves love. A wonderful story and a fantastic way to end this amazing series.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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October 1, 2022
Ughhhh this book somehow dragged but also barely anything happened?! Murph just annoyed me after 70% and Jason went from commitmentphobe to full on sappy romantic in like ten pages???

Also as much as I've enjoyed this series, I really wish there was more consistency with mentioning earlier characters between the books.

Finally Rainn is no longer working at the bar (there must have been much longer than a year between books 3 and 18 but this was the first time it was acknowledged Rainn had gone to coach)

Whyyyyy is Auden still working at the bar?? He was 9 books ago and had his own business with Carter (poor guy never gets a name drop) and I'm certain a book in-between the two said he no longer worked there.

Why are peoples partners never named? It's not a spoiler because it's in the book blurb! I feel bad for Jamie, Carter and Whit especially, they're always forgotten!! Plus Kolby just disappeared??

Overall I enjoyed the series but when you binge read an entire series like myself, the inconsistencies are really noticeable, and out of character behaviour is just frustrating 🤷🏼‍♀️
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July 25, 2021
Oh my Goddess I loved this book! This is the kind of genre that I really like. MM where one of the main characters doesn’t realize he is gay or bi and he has a “sexual awakening.”

Jason and Davey “Murph” Murphy meet while Murph is moving into Jason’s apartment. Jason immediately sees that Murph is very comfortable in his own skin and loves being himself. Jason is a bit of a protector. He loves making dinner for him and Murphy and even packs leftovers for Murph to take to work.

Jason works for his fathers insurance company and hates every minute of it. He wishes he could just be himself like Murph but is afraid of what that would all mean. He begins to have thoughts and feelings that he does not quite understand. He has always been with women but never a relationship. He just has hook ups. After talking to his sister about what is going on she helps him see why she has seen for a long time. He is Bi. She doesn’t judge but is happy that Jason has had his awakening and realized his true self.

Murph has had a relationship in the past but when it went south he decided to stick with hook ups. He just wants to be with someone who loves him for being him and can be themselves as well. He does not want someone who wants to hide in the closet.

This book was soo good! It was one of those books that is hard to put down. I fell in love with the characters especially Murph. He is like the gay best friend that everyone needs in their life. He loves saying Goddess which seemed to always be said at the perfect time. Murph is not afraid to be who he is and acts like some peoples words don’t bother him even tho Jason knows they do. Jason and Murph are perfect together and I loved watching Jason discover who he really is and see his sexual awakening.
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August 14, 2021
Another #win from my binge-read of the last 5 books in this series is going straight to Murph’s story after meeting him in Unforgettable by Marley Valentine!!

I am so super stoked with the choices Leslie made with this story especially developing Murph and Jason as friends before more. It added a layer of swoon and #feels for me that just made my heart want to burst! Their friendship was amazing and made for some truly funny scenes between them. The progression of the journey was mature, and I could feel the awakening aspect in the story. I wasn’t just reading this one, I felt like I was in it. It drew me in, and I loved it. I loved them. I loved all of it!

I’ve never gone thru the type of journey portrayed in this story myself, but when I read the story, I knew it was realistic and relatable. Don’t ask me to pin-point for you the when/where/who of it all because I don’t do that, but you’re going to have to trust me on this. The story was also inclusive of characters other than those specific to this book and that made it even more enjoyable for me because I’ve met them all!

I couldn’t have asked for a better ending to my binge-read. Undone mirrored 4th of July fireworks at the end of a 4th of July get together with family and friends for me. It made me *happy sigh* and put a smile on my face!
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December 30, 2021
Sweet, sparkly feel-good romance with two highly likable characters.

Jason, who wears grey suits, sells insurances and lets his sister Becky manage his life, needs a roommate. Enter Murph, a sparkly, colourful twink who’s comfortable with who he is. And while he fights his instant attraction to Jason because he doesn’t want the drama and heartache that comes with falling for a straight guy, Jason realises that Murph might be exactly who he’s been waiting for.

I fell in love with both characters instantly. Yes, there’s not much drama. Thankfully, if you ask me, because I don’t think it would have been in character for Jason and Murph. We get that almost unavoidable 80%-misunderstanding, but it’s resolved pretty quickly.

I smiled almost the entire time while reading it, so if you need something that makes you feel better, no matter how cold and dark it is outside, this might be the perfect book for you.
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