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Psy-Changeling #6

Branded by Fire

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Hailed by Christine Feehan as “a major new talent,” NYT bestselling author Nalini Singh now brings together two fierce changelings in her most explosive story yet.

Though DarkRiver sentinel Mercy is feeling the pressure to mate, she savagely resists when Riley Kincaid, a lieutenant from the SnowDancer pack, tries to possess her. The problem is not simply that he pushes her buttons; the problem is that he's a wolf, she's a cat, and they're both used to being on top.

But when a brilliant changeling researcher is kidnapped from DarkRiver territory, Mercy and Riley must work together to track the young man—before his shadowy captors decide he's no longer useful. Along the way, the two dominants may find that submitting to one another uncovers not just a deadly conspiracy, but a passion so raw that it'll leave them both branded by fire . . .

358 pages, Mass Market Paperback

First published July 7, 2009

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About the author

Nalini Singh

240 books25.1k followers
I've been writing as long as I can remember and all of my stories always held a thread of romance (even when I was writing about a prince who could shoot lasers out of his eyes). I love creating unique characters, love giving them happy endings and I even love the voices in my head. There's no other job I would rather be doing. In September 2002, when I got the call that Silhouette Desire wanted to buy my first book, Desert Warrior, it was a dream come true. I hope to continue living the dream until I keel over of old age on my keyboard.

I was born in Fiji and raised in New Zealand. I also spent three years living and working in Japan, during which time I took the chance to travel around Asia. I’m back in New Zealand now, but I’m always plotting new trips. If you’d like to see some of my travel snapshots, have a look at the Travel Diary page (updated every month).

So far, I've worked as a lawyer, a librarian, a candy factory general hand, a bank temp and an English teacher and not necessarily in that order. Some might call that inconsistency but I call it grist for the writer's mill.

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November 27, 2017
Branded by Fire was a good read, but at times Mercy annoyed me. She would act a little bitchy at times and go on and on about how she was a dominant female. Blah blah blah if I had to hear about her dominant ass one more time I would have ripped my hair out. Just saying I get it she is a dominant female and they are hard to mate. Riley was a saint for putting up with Mercy's ass. He was sexy, at times very sweet, protective and supportive! Riley made the book for me.
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November 6, 2016
Wow. This was the sexiest book so far, with the strongest characters Photobucket I know it's stupid to read a series and say for every new book that it's your new favorite, but I just have to Photobucket This one is my new Psy-Changeling favorite Photobucket

Riley and Mercy were fan-fucking-tastic! A luitenant and a sentinel for two opposite packs, they couldn't stand each other even though there was a massive sexual attraction in the equasion. In the beginning of the book (and my, this was a shock to the system), I think it was chapter one or two, Mercy is going crazy, the last dominant male from her pack got married, and she's frustrated both sexually and emotionally, because she can't get involved with someone weaker than her, and the rest of her pack (males anyway) were exactly that. So she goes to blow off some steam and ends up having wild monkey sex with Riley, from the wolf pack. Photobucket The problem is, they can't stand each other, she's a cat and he's a wolf, and they're both dominants in their pack.

I love the way their relationship went through the book, it started right away, there was no 200 page seduction that ended in 1 or 2 sex scenes XD There was lots of action in this one Photobucket the problem was the fact that they are from two different packs, and their mating would require for one of them to leave their pack and station. Mercy was great, so strong, she was definitely NO pushover (thank God), and I love the fact that she didn't bow to everything Riley said, they fought all the time, and were equal in everything Photobucket

The story outside their relationship was a bit weaker than those before, but it was good, we got a bit more insight in all the other characters, and bad guys too. I wonder what was Nikita's deal with the book? Could she have some feeling for her daughter after all? And there was the Hawk and Sienna problem Photobucket I simply can't wait for their book Photobucket . I wonder what is an X-Psy Photobucket and who the hell is that Ghost dude Photobucket
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October 10, 2018
Mercy Smith (Changeling) and Riley Aedan Kincaid (Changeling)

Riley is an Alpha ShowDancer, i.e a Wolf and Mercy is an Alpha DarkRiver, i.e. a leopard. They are both strong and they both do not back down.
Can a cat and a wolf mix? Especially when they are both so dominant? And above all since they do not like submitting?

“Not so fast are we, wolfie?”
“I was trying,” he said, blocking her next set of blows with his arms, “not to hurt you.”
“I’m not a frickin’ princess”

Since there are no Alpha unmated males in DarkRiver, Mercy has been left unmated and with not much of sex life really. Riley will become her sex buddy because he is the only one her cat accepts as an equal partner.

It will be casual at first but later on the feelings of jealously and possessiveness will make them unable to live without each other. Especially when two cats arrive from a different pack to test their comparability with Mercy.

“You make me so fucking insane, I want to mark you all over. So everyone knows you’re mine.”
The leopard growled in her throat. “Not yours.” She was her own person, a predator same as him.
“We’ll see about that.”

I love their passion and the sexual intensity and their fights for dominance. A very intense and steamy story!

“You want to claw at me, kitty-cat? Come on.”
Her hands clenched. She really wasn’t this much of a bitch. But goddamn Riley had a way of lighting her fuse. “Sorry, I don’t beat defenceless puppies.”
He laughed. He actually laughed. She hissed at him.
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1,461 reviews1,122 followers
July 11, 2017
The fascinating Psy/Changeling world continues…..6th book in the series…and so good!!!

Riley Kincaid, a Wolf Changeling and the Senior Lieutenant of the SnowDancer wolf pack
 photo cb76141300b987787ebaeba88562e5dc_zps00bf9494.jpg
Mercy Smith, a Leopard Changeling and a Sentinel of the DarkRiver leopard pack
 photo images2_zps96a424a8.jpg
- both dominant and totally into each other!!!
 photo tumblr_mob2z0GjZM1sque89o1_500_zps97f74c92.gif
I loved this book. Riley is awesome, sexy, hot and sooo alpha!!!
 photo 6afa0d7873643d9eacb4993ec21c6649_zpse4063316.jpg
And Mercy…wow, I adored this kick-ass, independent, take no shit dominant woman!!!!!
 photo 3ad1560062f6e970a48e11e7947aa42f_zps28a53dcb.jpg

The raw passion, the sexual tension, their incredible connection….unbelievable….awesome.

I love the world that this author has built….complex and breathtaking, filled with unforgettable characters, compelling stories that just keep getting better and better.
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858 reviews445 followers
August 29, 2016

Finally, I had some free time to continue reading this fantastic series. And as per usual I really enjoyed reading this story or any story in this series so far. This one was a bit different since we don't get a changeling and psy couple but two changelings trying to find their luck in love. All I can say is that I really hoped this would be a fantastic read and thankfully my hopes have been heard. :)

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834 reviews4,770 followers
September 22, 2013
4 to 4 1/2 INTENSE and STEAMY Stars!!!

Another AMAZING addition to my FAVORITE paranormal series!!!

I LOVED so much about this book! I LOVED the hero and heroine (Mercy has become one of my all-time favorite heroines), the banter, the romance, the cast of secondary characters, the varying points-of-view, and the complex word building. However–and I can't believe I'm saying this–I felt there was too much sex in this book. Gasp! I found the abundance of sex distracting. In fact, I was skimming pages just to get back to the plot. Other than that small hiccup, I LOVED this wonderful book!
March 14, 2011
Before I wrote a review on this book, I had to sleep on it. I was trying to figure out a way to express my feelings about Mercy. She annoyed the crap out of me for the majority of this book. I felt so bad about it. I love strong women. I am definitely a reader who wants a strong, independent heroine in a story, yet I like the sweet heroines as well. I just like well-written heroines. Mercy was certainly well-written. I can't say I fault Nalini Singh for writing a book about an interesting character like Mercy. Having said that, she really worked my nerves.

It suddenly came to me as an epiphany about Mercy. She's a female cat. As a lifelong cat lover, I have made an observation that other cat lovers will probably agree with me on. Female cats can be a pain in the butt. They are much more grumpy and unreasonable more often than male cats. They are mercurial as all get out, one minute wanting to be loved on, the next trying to scratch your eyes out. That's Mercy in a nutshell.

Frankly I was doubting for some period of time while I was reading that she deserved Riley. I felt like I was being a sexist thinking this. I asked myself why do I love heroes that are flawed, but Mercy was bugging me. Well, I came to realize that her imperfection wasn't the problem. It was the fact that she gave Riley hell most of the time for what seemed like no good reason. Sometimes she was a purring kitten, but most of the time, not so much. It was made clear fairly often that this was the way of a dominant female changeling, and that was when the lightbulb about female cats came to me. Once I accepted this realization, I could deal with Mercy a lot better. And since Riley loved her for who she was, I guess I can't afford to lose sleep about it.

I do have to say that she did admit when she was wrong, most of the time. But she really put Riley through her paces, and he was clearly the one who gave of himself much more. When it came down to it, she made a very difficult choice out of love for him, and I had to give her props for that.

Now I have to say that I loved Riley to bits. Nothing wrong with him. The part where he so-called betrayed Mercy, I can acknowledge that it was the wrong decision, but he made it for what he truly believed was the right reason. Just like Mercy couldn't change her spots, if you will forgive the pun. It's wrong to ask a wolf to shed his skin. He had the right to be the dominant male, just like she had the right to be a dominant female. I don't like double standards, so I don't think that Mercy should have been able to get away with her bad behavior (because of her nature) and then give Riley a hard time for him following his nature. I thought that the romance between Riley and Mercy was good reading, although I didn't love it as much as Sascha/Lucas, Vaughn/Faith, Judd/Brenna, and my favorite Dorian/Ashaya. I think it's because I love the Changeling/Psy relationship dynamic so much. Having said that, it was nice to see the hero be a wolf. Love me some wolf heroes. :)

Gender politics dealt with, I really enjoyed the suspense and conspiracy elements. Singh writes a great romance, but she also weaves an interesting read that I believe would appeal to a straight science fiction fan if that person didn't mind a lot of kissy-poo along with it. The stakes have been raised, and the world of the Psy/Changeling has expanded to focus more on the human quotient. It will be interesting to see how that aspect plays out in the future. Can I say I am a serious fangirl of the Psy. They are kickbutt. Still want to read more about the Tk-Psy and the Arrows. (Hint, hint, Ms. Singh).

As for Hawke and Sienna, I am a little worried how things ended with them. Call me sexist, but I hope that she doesn't get deeply involved with Kit. I want her to wait for Hawke. Don't give up hope, Sienna. Hawke has deep feelings for you, girl.

I loved the glimpses of my favorite male character (although I dearly love Dorian and Judd) in this, Hawke. He's just droolicious. More Hawke please.

So, I must say that I was not disappointed, although Mercy gave me some heartburn.
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1,838 reviews6,248 followers
October 3, 2015
My favorite of this series so far! This book should be considered a science book because woo-wee, these two had some major chemistry going on!

oh yeah, the sparks were flying!

The romance in this book is between Mercy, a female leopard changeling:

And, Riley, a male wolf changeling:

what the hell, let's use Joe. It's hard to find a specimen more perfect!

They are different "animals" that don't really mix. But, they also have a huge attraction for each other and have to work together a lot because of their packs' alliance.

Their romance is really fun because they are both alpha animals. Mercy is definitely no pushover, and Riley is determined to win her as his mate. Their banter is great, and it's the first book where you really feel the attraction between them strongly.

Of course, each of their packs have reservations about a wolf and leopard mating, so there is nothing easy about this romance.

But, the rocky road is totally worth it.

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118 reviews387 followers
March 8, 2012
5 Stars!! - YOWZA!!! I felt Branded by Fire, alright!!!

September 2011 - Review to come... But just a few thoughts, for now... This is probably my favourite of the series, so far, along with Dorian's and Ashaya's book and the first book with Lucas and Sascha (which will always have a special place in my heart). I adore the DarkRiver alpha couple. *sighs* And I loved Mercy and Riley. LOVING this series!!!

March 2012 - Finally wrote my review.

Also reviewed at: Lady Jayne's Reading Den

This installment of the Psy-Changeling series started out SCORCHINGLY HAWT!

When Mercy Smith, a sentinel of the DarkRiver leopard pack, leaves her best friend Dorian’s wedding to go for a run, as it was difficult seeing him and the other sentinels all happily mated, she is found by none other than the highest ranking Lieutenant SnowDancer wolf who pushes her buttons, the sexy Riley Kincaid. Riley can see that Mercy is in heat and antagonises her into a “wrestling” match that turns into something primal…all in the first few pages! As I said, YOWZA!!!

Who you calling hot, wolf???

Yield to me, kitty. You know you want to.


This is the first changeling-changeling romance in the series, and I must say, it was certainly EXPLOSIVE! The chemistry and sparks between Mercy and Riley is off the charts.

This is also the first book with a wolf hero. While I love the DarkRiver cats, I also enjoy getting more of the SnowDancer wolves. And while I’ve loved the stories with the Psy/Changeling and Psy/Human pairings, it was great that Nalini Singh changed pace with this one.

Mercy and Riley, as the representatives for each of their packs in their still new alliance, are thrown together often, and in this one, they have to work very closely together.

Mercy a.k.a. Miss Bikini Babe 2067 is afraid she’ll never mate, because she’s a dominant female in her pack and she doesn’t want to be with someone she is more dominant over nor does she want to submit. Mercy is kickass, and her family and pack are very important to her.

Miss Bikini Babe 2067 - Rawr!!!

Riley a.k.a. The Wall…or Mr Mud Stick/Muddie, as Mercy refers to him … is responsible and serious but is also so deliciously sexy and caring. I love these kinds of heroes! Just like my darling Marcus, Lord Westcliff, of Lisa Kleypas Wallflowers series. They are so outwardly controlled, but when they fall for a woman, their control is decimated and their passions are incredible to behold. Riley is so protective and he has a big heart. Just love him!

“Be gentle with him, Mercy. He's got a heart as big as Texas— he'll die for you without blinking. But he doesn't expect anyone to do the same for him.”
Be gentle, Mercy! description

Physically, these two are far from gentle with each other. Being changelings, biting and scratching certainly factors into their passions - it was very primal. They simply can’t keep their paws off each other.

On the emotional front, Riley is convinced he wants a domestic female for a mate, not an independent, kickass one, who would be putting herself in danger on a regular basis. But when things develop deeper with Mercy, he realises that Mercy is the one for him. But how can Mercy bring herself to submit to Riley?

[Edit: Or in Karla's mind....

LMAO! Love ya, Karla sweetie! ^_^]

I absolutely loved their banter!
Riley: "Do you want to claw at me, kitty-cat? Come on."
Mercy: "Sorry, I don't beat defenseless puppies.”
While there was no slow build-up to their physical relationship, like with couples in previous books - though there was already sexual tension brewing between them, earlier in the series - I loved reading about the development of Mercy and Riley's emotional relationship. These two struggled with how to make not only a relationship between two dominants work but between two different changeling packs.

Things aren’t easy for Mercy and Riley, and as much as I enjoyed the banter, I loved the moments of intimacy as they both bared their souls, making this a truly satisfying read. And when they submit to each other, in the end, it was simply wonderful!
“I have something for you.”
“Yeah? What? Is it shiny?”
They both waited until Indigo had jogged away before resuming their conversation. “So,” Riley asked, “what have you got for me?”
Taking his hand, she placed it palm-down over her heart. It would hurt like a bitch, she thought, but he was hers to protect as much as she was his. “Me.” And she opened up her soul, laid herself bare.”

I loved seeing Mercy and Riley get their HEA!

I love how Nalini Singh lets readers into the ongoing relationships of couples from earlier books after they get their HEA, such as with Lucas and Sascha, who hold a very special place in my heart, and the development that happens in this installment was just “Awww…”. And seeing Judd and Brenna in their HEA, too, was great.

Sienna is all grown up now and tensions are rising between Sienna and Hawke. Looking forward to getting to their book!

I enjoyed meeting Mercy’s three gorgeous brothers – Bastian, Sage and Grey.

I’m enjoying the progression of the overall series story arc and the tensions growing between the Psy, Changelings and humans.

The mystery of The Ghost continues to intrigue me.

And is it wrong that I find Kaleb Krychek alluring in some dark way? Could he be The Ghost??

If you still haven’t picked up a Psy-Changeling book by Nalini Singh, then you really should do something about that!

My Mercy - Amanda Righetti
My Riley - Aaron O'Connell


Psy-Changeling Series Reading Order:

1. Slave to Sensation – (Review here)
1.5 "The Cannibal Princess" - Free short story:
http://www.nalinisingh.com/freebies.p... - (Review here)
2. Visions of Heat - (Review here)
3. Caressed By Ice - To be reviewed.
4. Mine to Possess (Review here)
5. Hostage to Pleasure - (Review here)
5.5 "A Gift for Kit" - Free short story:
6. Branded By Fire - Reviewed.
7. Blaze of Memory - To be reviewed.
8. Bonds of Justice - To be reviewed.
9. Play of Passion
10. Kiss of Snow

And there are also stand-alone novellas:
1. "Beat of Temptation" in An Enchanted Season
2. "Stroke of Enticement" in The Magical Christmas Cat
3. "Whisper of Sin" in Burning Up

But if you wish to read in strict chronological order, see Nalini Singh's website (link to the page here): http://www.nalinisingh.com/psybehind.php

COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER: I do not hold the copyright to any of the images used in this review. They are posted to add visuals to the review and for fun. If any of these images are yours and you would like me to remove them, please let me know, and I will do so as soon as possible. If I can identify the copyright, I will do so.
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1,576 reviews8,233 followers
October 19, 2021
Introducing my one-gif review for the Psy series:


Tied with the first book as my favorite (so far). Good balance between larger world-plot, romance and sex. Notable for solid relationship development and chemistry. Singh's current style is to alternate chapters between leads and world-events, including past/new characters.
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725 reviews327 followers
March 19, 2017
Branded by Fire starts out with some fireworks as Mercy, a top sentinel in the Dark River leopard pack, has a hot forbidden interlude with Riley, the second to the alpha of the Snow Dancer wolf pack. She is a dominant alpha female in her pack which makes her fear that she will never find a mate because she would need someone more dominant than her and she doesn’t think she would be able to submit to a mate the way she would need to. Riley is a stubborn, protective, by-the-rules man who is helplessly drawn to Mercy’s fiery personality. He grew up taking care of his younger siblings and is now the highest ranking lieutenant in the Snow Dancer pack, so he can’t imagine having a mate like Mercy who insists on taking care of herself.

Mercy and Riley are thrown together often as their respective pack’s representative in the alliance between the cats and wolves – especially now as attacks on humans, changelings and Psy are beginning to escalate. The sexual attraction between Mercy and Riley leads them to start a forbidden affair because they just can’t keep their hands off each other. Mercy knows Riley is a dominant wolf who will try to take over her life, which she thinks will kill a part of herself. Riley feels like he needs to protect those he loves, especially after what he sees as a failure to protect his little sister Brenna from being attacked. Mercy and Riley start to care a lot about each other but both are afraid of the consequences of staying together. They both dedicate their lives to protecting their packs – plus cats and wolves just barely get along. Can they both survive a mating – and do they have any choice but to try since their feelings are so intense?

I loved this story! Mercy and Riley were such a great pair, they really complemented each other in every way. The love scenes were scorching hot! Riley certainly knows how to please a woman. Both Riley and Mercy had to come to terms with each other – Riley had to accept that he could be dominant with Mercy while they were making love but he needed to see her as a partner at all other times and not try to shield her, while Mercy had to accept and trust Riley enough to allow him completely into her heart as a mate.

The storyline of the series progresses as we learn more about the battle for and against Silence in the Psy web and more clues about the Ghost’s identity. Sienna and Hawke have small parts in the story, I can’t wait until we see what happens between them. Lucas and Sascha receive wonderful news that I have been waiting for! I also found out the answer to the two questions I have been wondering about since I heard of the pairing between Riley and Mercy: What type of children will a wolf and cat have together and how can two dominant sentinels from different packs actually make a mating work – but you will have to read Branded by Fire to find out for yourself!

The Psy/Changling series is one of my favorite romance series, every single book has been amazing. Nalini Singh is a very talented author who writes wonderful romances with a great background story. I highly recommend this series to any romance reader!
Profile Image for Choko.
1,221 reviews2,597 followers
September 14, 2016
*** 4.25 ***

A buddy read with Jo and Angela at the PNR hot corner of BB&B

Wow!!! I have to say - Nalini not only knows how to create an imaginative and fascinating world, but she can create a chemistry between her characters that sizzles and sets the pages on fire!!!

In the cold world of Psy and the hot world of the Changelings, the Humans have been relegated to a tertiary place in the world order. ANd not surprisingly, they resent it. Beginning with the previous book, the Human Alliance has gotten involved in trying to remap the power structure. Unfortunately, other players might be interested in controlling them in order to achieve their own goals. And whoever it is, is not playing fair - compulsion, abduction, explosion, political manipulation and murder are all on the table and our favorite Wolf and Big Cat Packs are trying to protect and survive with the least innocents being lost in the cross-fire...

Enter our Cat Sentinel Mercy and the Wolf Pack Liaison to the Cats, Lieutenant Riley Kincaid. They have worked together for a while and the tension between them is palpable... Until the moment it explodes in some very intense and sizzling skin to skin action!!! Wow! I am sure this much chemistry is illegal! But they come from different packs, old hostilities still resonating in the packs fragile alliance... And a Cat slumming with a Wolf??? Oooo, the horror!!!

"... “Mercy laughed. “You have to excuse them—boys suffer from an incurable disability.”

Needles to say, the families will have their say, the job will be an issue, and loyalties will be questioned. However, Riley is determined and the Cat inside Mercy is in danger of being tamed...

Al always, I enjoyed the romance a ton, but more than that, I love the constant details we get in small doses each book about the Silence Program, The Psy Net, and the way they have affected each-other, thus changing the world as a whole. I am so intrigued to find out who certain characters are, what their true missions are, and only far behind come the different romantic parings. But it sure feels good to have some nice sexual tension and satisfying outcomes the said tension ends up leading to:):):) It sure is fun to read some good PNR from time to tine:):):) Doing it and doing it Old School! I can't believe I waited so long to read this series - thank you, Joanita and Angela, for nudging me on the way! Love you guys!

Now I wish all of you Happy Reading and may you always find Joy in the pages of a good Book!!!

Profile Image for Dina.
1,324 reviews1,235 followers
August 2, 2009
I've been struggling with this review since yesterday, trying to figure out why this book didn't earn a 5-star rating from me. I loved Riley, I liked Mercy, I enjoyed the plot and the new developments in the series' story arc - especially the introduction of Bowen, a new secondary character with all the signs of a future hero - and, last but not least, Hawke (oh, how I love thee!) had some major scenes that had me drooling all over the pages. So what was "wrong" with this latest installment in the Psy-Changeling series?

After some pondering, I finally nailed it... I'm afraid to say Riley and Mercy's relationship didn't work too well for me. I mean, they fit each other, I was happy to see them together and, always a plus, their love scenes were hot, but here's the problem: there was no sexual tension and no real build-up to their relationship. They were doing the "panting and sweating" right from the start - and what a 1st Chapter that was, let me tell you! - and, while I understood the reasoning behind it, it ended up "killing" the fun of watching them finding their HEA. The old saying is true, anticipation heightens the pleasure... Judd and Brenna took forever to have their 1st love scene in Caressed By Ice and, boy, when they did... wow, get me a bucket of ice! But I digress... The thing is, I prefer seeing my H/h working their way towards a sexual relationship, so the Changeling-Changeling pairing in Branded by Fire fell kind of flat.

Everything else was perfect, including the darn twist Ms. Singh gave to Hawke and Sienna's relationship, and I'm still a devoted fan of the Psy-Changeling series. I'm a bit wary of the next book, Blaze of Memory, because I still can't picture Dev Santos, a secondary character who only appeared in Mine to Possess so far, as the hero but, WTH, I trust Ms. Singh to make it work.
Profile Image for Somia.
2,061 reviews135 followers
January 7, 2022
Fiesty Mercy and protective Riley are quite a pair. This book will ensnare your attention and hold it. Two changelings who are different species ensure another tight bond between Lucas's and Hawke's pack.

Both Mercy and Riley are dominants with some preconceived notions and due to this we see some misunderstandings and tensions. The pair have sizzling chemistry and set the pages a flame. One of my favourites in the series.

Love the kids who add to many of the scenes.
Profile Image for Mara.
1,640 reviews3,893 followers
June 14, 2021
4.5 stars - This definitely held up to my fond memories of it from my first read thru. I think Mercy is the best heroine to date in the series, and I think the idea of two dominant changelings being mates set up a lot of delicious push pull.
Profile Image for Kate.
2,099 reviews316 followers
May 12, 2020
1st read - 01/04/2016 - 02/04/2016 3★
Currently rereading -03/07/2018 - 04/07/2018 - BUMPED UP TO A WHOOPING 5★
Still 5 stars.

As Alpha Night (Psy-Changeling Trinity, #4; Psy-Changeling, #19) by Nalini Singh is being released soon I felt that a reread was in order.

Three Five “Wildfire & Solid, Rooted Earth” Stars.

The first time I read Mercy & Riley's story I said the following;

"Up until I love every single book of this series and they all have a rating of at least 4 & 5 Stars. This one unfortunately and it was a tough choice to make."

The second time around I can truly say that getting to know these two while rereading the other books has given me a better understanding of how these two work and how well they are together.

It is the year 2080 and the silent war is still being fought. Between the Psy and the Changelings. But there is a factor that they hadn’t taken into consideration. The humans or in this case the Human Alliance.

Be it humans, Psy or Changelings neither likes change. But is some cases change can kill. Devastate. Destroy.

The animals are rising and the tides are turning and they aren’t to be underestimated.

The SnowDancers and the DarkRiver have become allies, they have an understanding and now they have a blood bond. The liaisons between the packs is Mercy, a DarkRiver sentinel and Riley, a SnowDancer Lieutenant.

In Dorian and Ashaya’s book we know what Mercy is going through. Cats crave touch and they need the most intimate of touch. Mercy hasn’t been getting what she needs though. Everyone is settling down and she also wants to settle down. As a dominant female is is hard for her to let her guard down.

"I know. Do you think I don't know?" She thrust her hands through her hair. "Damn it Dorian! It's getting to the point where I'm starting to wonder if some of the wolves would be good in bed. [...]

"Cat and wolf isn't a ... um ... normal combination."

"And Psy and cat is?" She made a face at him. "Yeah, yeah I know. Cat and wolf is strange." [...]

Riley and Mercy had their problems at the beginning but that is all foreplay that leads up to the mating dance.

The first time around I also said this;

"There were a couple of times where I didn’t want to continue the book. My issue was that I was frustrated. But this was due to the fact that they have been antagonists for so long. So I didn’t quite see how the push and pull would work out."

My opinion on this has obviously changed as that is what made these two really have something special that all though they antagonised one another they both bent but didn't break.

Riley suffered from the loss of his parents, being a father to Drew and Brenna and feeling as if he let Brenna down in what happened to her. He keeps a tight reign on his emotions that bothers Mercy to no end.

I adore Riley with his strength and persistence of Mercy and the lengths he went to, to get his mate.

As I said Mercy is a strong dominant female she fears that she won’t find a worthy male for her and her cat. But she also doesn't want to loose her tie to her pack which would most likely happen if they completed the mating. Her Gran throws in the complication of swinging some males at her which makes Riley jealousoverprotective.

Mercy is the best. Loyal, fair, tender at times and a mate that she deserves. But she is unsure of the situation. Mercy decides to talk about her issues with Sascha.

Mercy reached up to redo her ponytail. “You know how predatory changeling men are.”

“You’re hardly a cream puff.” Sascha’s expression filled with mischief.

I'm not big on sex/smut at the moment and where I felt the chemistry between them and all in all I enjoyed them as a couple it wasn't over the top.

“A hand in her hair, wrenching back her head. “What's my name?"

She scratched trails down his back. He didn't even wince. "My name, kitty. Say my name."

"Mr. Mud Stick, Muddie for short," she said, even as she rubbed herself against the hard thrust of his denim-covered erection, the roughness of the fabric an exquisite sensation. She would've liked naked skin even more, but he wasn't budging.

"Say it, or no cock for you today."

Her mouth fell open. "Fuck you."

"You'll be doing that shortly.”

They like to play both as humans and as animals.

“You said I could pet you as long as I liked.”
“Didn't say I wouldn't try to fuck you in the middle of the petting.”
Her eyes snapped up to meet his. “That's feline logic. You're a wolf.”
“I'm learning from the best.”

I love how we still get to see interaction between other members of the pack.

“You should sit,” Lucas said, and he wasn't talking to Mercy.

Sascha stared at him. “I didn't realize pregnancy of four weeks' duration made me incapable of standing upright.”

“It makes me incapable of reason.”

This book will not dishearten me though I will continue with the series. True but I'm going to skip the next two books as they were kind of meh for me.
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June 20, 2017
5 stars – Paranormal Romance

Nalini Singh delivers yet another exceptional addition to the superb Psy-Changeling series. I’ve read all of the six (currently released) books in the series over the past couple of weeks, and it’s amazing that they keep getting better each time and that there are still so many wondrous possibilities for the future. One of the main things that makes this series so fantastic is the terrific balance of unique, spellbinding world building and steamy, sensual romance between strong, passionate characters.

This time, the story centers on the H/H pairing of two dominant, powerful, strong-willed alpha changelings, rather than a Psy/human and changeling union, which in my opinion raised the heat factor by about 50+ degrees! Branded by Fire is a very fitting title because this one is a serious scorcher and the most erotic of the books so far...I’m talking scalding HOT!

DarkRiver sentinel leopard Mercy is feeling a bit left out and lonely now that so many of her close pack members and fellow sentinels have been mated, not to mention suffering from increased sexual frustration and a raging, unsatiated libido. But being a tough, dominant, alpha female sentinel fighter with a high ranking status in the pack means slim pickins’ in the man/cat and mate department. So what’s a kitty-cat to do? I mean, she’s gotta scratch her itch, right?

Lieutenant Riley Kincaid is second in command among the SnowDancer wolf pack and is tasked with working alongside Mercy to strengthen the DarkRiver and SnowDancer alliance and to solve a string of murders in their territories. He’s extremely attracted to Mercy and wants her, as both a wolf and a man, and for more than just a quickie roll on the forest floor. But getting her to agree won’t be easy, and he knows she’ll never submit to a powerful, dominating, alpha like him who’s used to calling all the shots. And that’s exactly what he wants, a mate who he can protect and that will keep the home den lights burning. Not to mention that Mercy is appalled by the idea of bedding down with a dirty dog, especially one as infuriating as Riley, who seems to live to push her buttons and drive her crazy. But he sure seems to make her inner cat purr in utter delight.

He’s a wolf, she’s a cat and both are used to being in charge and on top, but when fire and passion ignites and burns hot between them; can two dominant alphas find a way to submit their hearts? Or will their intense, volatile attraction and all consuming affair endanger the fragile, precious alliance of their packs?

Riley and Mercy’s relationship is one of my favorites of the series so far, and the romance in this is definitely the hottest...Yowza! Some of the scenes just about “branded” my fingertips! I loved Riley’s teasing, flirty way with Mercy...very funny and sexy! “Got an itch, kitty?” I loved it! Another excellent read in a phenomenal series! If you’re a paranormal, sci-fi/fantasy romance fan and haven’t yet started on this series, then what are you waiting for? 5 stars!
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November 20, 2013
Who says that a wolf and a cat can't ever be together? Riley and Mercy sure do make an explosive combination but that only adds to the awesomeness of this book!



They don't seem to fit together do they?

How about...?

Much better huh?

I LOVE Mercy and Riley. They are prepared to fight for what they want. Tbh what I like most in this book is that they seem to first get to know each other and then start to be attracted. I know that the mating bond gives a metaphysical excuse to insta-love but I like a good-old-slow building romance once in a while. Sure the book begins with them already about to take the sheets but that's after years of knowing each other.

As for the rest of the book, we have glimpses of the ghost(whose identity I'll die of curiosity if I don't learn soon, that's why I'll be skipping one or two books) and we have the next moves in the brewing war. We also see the first signs of emotion in Nikita. I actually want a book based on her, maybe with Anthony? Or a wolf?(I probably won't be getting it but I can always dream) o_O
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April 12, 2018
Ahora tenemos como protagonistas a Mercy una cambiante centinela del Clan DarkRiver de los Leopardos y Riley el hermano de Brenna y un teniente del Clan SnowDancer de los Lobo. Dos dominantes dos clanes diferentes donde uno tiene que sacrificar todo y Mercy no está dispuesta hacerlo.

Fue interesante esta combinación de parejas porque los dos son cambiantes y muy dominantes, me gustaron sus pullas, pero siento que le faltó algo al libro y yo se que es AMOR, porque en todo momento yo vi lujuría atracción sexual entre ellos pero amor no y esperaba que Riley fuera más romántico.

La trama principal de misterio y acción es no fue tan interesante pero fue buena y esos chispazos de intriga me gustaron mucho te despiertan y te dan el impulso de seguir leyendo por ejemplo en mi caso QUIERO SABER QUIEN ES EL JODIDO FANTÁSMA!! Tengo mis hipótesis y mis candidatos.
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September 6, 2020

Re-reading my favorite series again ;-)

12/09/2016 Buddy reading my favorite series with the wonderful Choko and Angela!

“But sometimes, the human heart loves so deeply that it overcomes the objections of the animal.”

Things have been peaceful lately for the DarkRiver cats and the SnowDancer wolves. But they knew it wouldn’t last and when a changeling researcher is kidnapped, Mercy a DarkRiver Sentinel and Riley a SnowDancer lieutenant must work together to find him before it’s too late.

Other strange happenings are also occurring across the globe: Psy’s acting out of character, killing others or themselves. Is there a sinister plot at work, or are some Psy’s just losing control? Could this be the work of the Psy Council who is power hungry and intent on stopping the rebels who wants to put a stop to their ruling and Silence, or could it be the work of the newest threat, the Human Alliance, who has no problem using violence?

“Damn it, Riley. This’ll leave us both broken in the end.”
“And is fighting it any less painful?”

And when Mercy and Riley uncovers a dangerous conspiracy, they have to get to the bottom of what is happening before more people die. They also have to decide whether submitting to the passion that burns between them is worth all it could cost.

She shouldn’t have provoked him, but she couldn’t help herself. It was like he was catnip. One sniff and she lost her mind.

I have loved the tough and feisty Mercy since the first book. Watching all the dominant males in her pack finding their mates has made her worried that she would never find a mate of her own, one that her leopard would be able to accept. And she can’t understand the sudden attraction she feels to the broody and serious wolf.

To deal with her, to be with her, he’d had to unleash the wolf. He didn’t like being out of control. But neither did he plan on letting Mercy ignore the inferno between them.

Riley loves responsibility and rules and he’s always in control of his emotions. Ever since the suffering his baby sister experienced at the hands of a monster, the guilt and failure he feels has made him even more somber. But no one drives him crazier than the rule breaker Mercy. She’s everything he doesn’t want in a mate, a sentinel who is always in dangerous situations, and one he cannot control. But resisting her is impossible.

“You didn’t answer my question.”
“And you didn’t turn into a puff of smoke and disappear. The world is full of disappointments.”
A low growl filled the vehicle.

I absolutely loved the banter between these two. Both are so dominant and refuse to submit to the other, and the sparks between them was addictive.

He nipped her again. Sharp. Sexy. “You make me so fucking insane, I want to mark you all over. So everyone knows you’re mine.”

No one writes better romance for me than Nalini Singh. And the romance is this book was …. FANTASTIC! It was sexy, romantic, so very passionate, and I adored them together. I love how Mercy teased Riley, how she forced him to let go of that rigid control of his and also how protective she was over him. And Riley, I love this sexy wolf and how possessive and protective he was over Mercy. And how he had no problem grovelling when he made mistakes.

Love. Happiness. Joy. What did any of that matter when the flip side was murderous rage, blood-soaked anarchy? The Psy preferred to leave such things to the “animal” races—and while the humans and changelings buried themselves in the viciousness of emotion, the Psy evolved into the most powerful beings on the planet.
Cold. Pitiless. Silent.

The Psy’s struggle with Silence continues, and the Council is still determined that Silence is the best course for the Psy, and some of its members will use any means necessary to keep it implemented and to gain control over all Psy. While the rebels together with the Ghost continue to fight against the Council’s manipulation and control.

Perhaps Silence was a cage that kept the monsters inside, but it was a cage nonetheless. He knew what it was to grow up inside a cage—a cage so tight, so restrictive that he’d almost forgotten how to breathe.

The Ghost continues to be a mystery to me. With every book, and every little clue we are given about him, my intrigue and love for this unknown rebel grows.

“I’m the horror in the closet, Sascha, the nightmare even Psy hide from.”

Slowly we are given more insight into the Psy and how they were before Silence took effect. I must say there is a lot of little things I didn’t notice the first time I read this series, but now I can see their importance. The discovery of the E-Psy and what they meant before Silence is slowly being uncovered. I also love learning more about Sascha and her powers. Then there is Sienna Lauren, one of the defected Psy who was taken in by SnowDancer, and one who fears for her powers. I love the animosity between her and Hawke, and I can’t wait to learn more about these two.

This is my absolute favorite series of all time. The world and plot building and how this author manages to keep hold of all the different threads that makes up the storyline continues to blow me away. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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June 9, 2021
And the Series Re-Read Continues

Mercy and Riley held up well on a re-read. I love them as a couple and their beginning was fantastic.

Original Review.

I was starting to feel like most of the books were getting to be slightly the same. Psy breaking the silence, changeling knowing how to express themselves and the Psy or human not knowing exactly how to process but giving in eventually. But this book is Changeling-Changeling and both are extremely dominant which made for some extremely steamy and hot scene starting believe it or not in Chapter 1.

Throw out the standard formula that was present in the prior books because it is gone in this one. Mercy and Riley are both very aware of their sexuality and how to use it and their scenes together are some of the steamiest. Mercy knows what she wants and is not afraid to ask for it flat out, Riley knows just how to play the game to get under her skin. Both are used to being on top so to speak that it is difficult to give up any control and the struggle to find a good balance without overshadowing each other is difficult.

“Mercy laughed. “You have to excuse them—boys suffer from an incurable disability.”

The banter between Mercy and Riley is fun and sometimes extreme as both try to be dominant. There is also the new trouble of cat and wolf interactions as they are allied but it is new and still fragile. It is still an insult in some ways to be with the other and there are some prejudices to overcome.

I didn’t really like Riley in the other books I read because he was just the extra overprotective brother of Brenna. But, in this book we get a look into why he is protective and I really liked the man he is, even if at times he is extreme. Drew also wants what is best for his big brother and thankfully he is more accepting than most.

“Be gentle with him, Mercy. He's got a heart as big as Texas— he'll die for you without blinking. But he doesn't expect anyone to do the same for him.”

The human alliance is also on the move with a new plan and it seems like the council is the target. There is a little development between Hawke and Sienna and this is the book I really can’t wait to get to. But it is still a few away. Lucas and Sasha get a happy surprise and I love seeing how much Lucas and the Pack still take care of her in her time of need.

There is just a little progression in the overall story line but the human aspect is much more important now. It will be interesting to see the overall direction of the story as the walls of the Psynet seem to be cracking and silence might be breaking for some at a faster pace. The overall arc is still interesting but seems to be opening up at a little slower pace. I still enjoy all the stories of the series and while some seem to repeat a bit this one is a new twist.
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June 28, 2011
Branded by Fire is the perfect title for this book! It’s definitely the hottest of the series so far! Riley, the SnowDancer lieutenant and Mercy, the DarkRiver sentinel are at from the get-go! They are HAWT, HAWT, HAWT!!!

Mercy doesn’t take shit from anyone. It’s one of the reasons why she is so damn good as a sentinel. But with her strength comes scrutiny. Gender roles come into play in this book and even though Riley initially wanted a domestic mate, he can’t seem to stay away from Mercy’s feline charms.

I really liked Mercy, though Tally may still be my favourite heroine. Her take-no-shit attitude rivalled Riley’s and I thought they shared more similarities than differences. It was the main reason why they fought so much. The power play between the two caused a lot of tension, both emotional and sexual and it was a real treat to see them work it out. What I loved about this book is the fact that it’s not simple or easy for the wolf and the cat. They have to work damn hard to make it work.

I loved reading about Mercy’s brothers, Bas, Grey, and Sage. They are all so funny and the familial bond that they share is too cute for words. Check out my favourite quote below!

We also get caught up with Sascha and Lucas and, can I just say how happy I am about them!? *does happy dance* I love the presence of kids in this series. Whether they are human, changeling or Psy, I love them all! The moments with Sakura and Riley and then Ben and Hawke? Too adorable! Then there’s also Toby, whom I think can really be a major player in the rest of the series.

Speaking of children, it seems that Sienna has finally grown up and THANK YOU SINGH for this change! I am dying for some Hawke/Sienna action! I hope nothing happens with Kit and Sienna. Just give Hawke some time, Sienna! I swear he’ll make it up to you!

But the real question is....


I keep flip-flopping between the two! I can’t choose!

Bottom line? Branded by Fire is burning hot! I loved it! It’s my second favourite of the series after Mine to Possess

Favourite Quote:
"Should've thought of that before you told my ex-girlfriend I eat live kittens for breakfast."

A tiny twinge of guilt. Then the cat wondered what Riley would think of her last successful "shoo-away." "Who knew she'd believe me?" [

"Oh no? When you 'accidentally' opened the cupboard to expose my 'kitten cage' full of the poor, sad kitties I was going to snack on?" A raised eyebrow. "Wasn't the cage next to my special 'kitten defurring' tools?"

"They were obviously fake."

Bas just stared at her.
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September 26, 2016
4.5 I loved these guys!!

I love strong characters, I can't help myself. It's hard for me to really like a weak woman and it's impossible to like idiots (and that's kind of what I've been getting lately). So you have no idea how happy I am to finally find a badass couple!

This couple is great, the plot is wonderfully captivating and, as always, the world builder is off the charts. What more can you want from a UF?
It's definitely the best book in this series (so far)!
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March 20, 2023
I'm soooo happy

I'd read Branded by Fire before, and I must said this book is one of the best of Psy Changeling series! Beside Play of Passion and Kiss of Snow. What can I said? Kincaid Brothers are sexy as hell and Hawke, their alpha more sexy than hell, LOL!

And Riley and Mercy are my favorite couple beside Elena-Raphael !

So, when Nalini held a contest to support her at DA BWAHA (vote for her book Archangel's Kiss (Guild Hunter, #2) by Nalini Singh ), I'm never imagined I will win. I just want to vote, because Archangel's Kiss is my top ten read at 2010, so I promote the book at anyplace.Facebook, Goodreads,even bribe my friend to vote

Finally, AK make it to Round 2!! Yay!! And it make to FINAL FOUR. Alas, that's book must lose from Something About You by Julie James! But nevermind, Julie herself is a good and talented writer.

And guess what? When I wake up, I check my facebook,and Nalini herself message me!! She said I win one of her backlist books!

I can't believed, I mean, I take many quiz, contest, and giveaway before, but most are failed. So, when she ask me to emailed her, to choose the book, I choose this!

At April's Fool, my book finally arrived!

and she signed it too...

I plan to read it again, and will write the review about the story after that.

Now,I just want to do a happy happy joy joy dance
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July 2, 2018
Aaaahh Riley and Mercy. This series is just amazing. I loved these two, the tension, their hate-lust (sort of), the way Mercy gave in when Riley needed it and how Riley wooed her. Made my knees weak <3
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3,199 reviews371 followers
August 16, 2021
This has always been one of my favorite books in this series - I love the dominance of Mercy, and how that plays against the dominance of Riley. I love how committed they both end up being to figuring it out. I love that the romance is effortlessly woven into the plot, and an important part of everything that's going on. I love that there isn't unnecessary drama that bleeds over into the life-and-death things going on in the world.

Plus, Mercy and Riley burn up the pages. I've said in a lot of recent reviews that I'm pretty much over the sex scenes in books - and I think that holds true in the majority of instances - but I can't deny that the scenes between Mercy and Riley, in this book, are off the charts sexy. Part of this is just because of the skill of Nalini Singh in writing a good romance, and part of that is from her ability to weave actual relationship and character building into the sex scenes. They're not unnecessary - yeah, they're fun and sexy and hot to read, but they're also important in the development of the characters singly, and together as a couple. And that makes them even hotter.

I've always been fascinated by this world that the Psy, Changelings, and Humans live in, but the world gets ever more intricate the further you get into the series. The ties of friendship and family, the alliances, and pacts built all serve to change the shape of the world. A world that's seeming to move inexorably towards war and destruction.

There are so many different factions and people grabbing for power that it's hard to see a peaceful way out of this. When a select few are willing to sacrifice so many for their cause, it makes me despair. But when others work so hard to fight against that? Makes me cheer. This series gives me hope - hope that even those with radically different mindsets, opinions, beliefs, and backgrounds can come together and make a difference for the better.

I think that's one thing that I've always loved about the Romance genre in general. The hope. The happiness. The idea that no matter how bad things are, they will get better. And what Nalini's done in this series is show that on a broader scale as well. Not only do the main characters get their HEA, you begin to see that even the more widely disparate individuals can decide that there's a better way.

I like that not everything in this series is black-and-white. There are shades of grey. There are characters that aren't exactly good, but maybe they're not exactly who you believed them to be in the first place either. I love how we slowly get to pull back layers on many of these characters. I love how it makes me think critically about motivations and actions taken. I love how even the most (seemingly) cold and Silent characters have moments where their conscious shines through and makes them question.

That's the beauty of this series - it started so simply, just one Psy mating to one Changeling. A world where it seems that the power struggle is more about politics than anything else. Now, six books in (as of this review), it's becoming more and more obvious that everything is bigger, means more, and what we thought we knew might not be exactly the case. The stakes are high.

I'm invested in this world, in the characters. I've built relationships with these characters, and coming back to re-visit them through re-reads is like coming home.

Review also available at The Book Eaters

Original thoughts:
Mercy, a DarkRiver leopard Sentinel, and Riley, a SnowDancer wolf Lietenient. Hot damn, do the sparks fly.

This is the first book where two changeling-dominant personalities come together. And their relationship starts early in the book, with one of the sexiest scenes in this series to date.

Mercy knows she'd never be happy with a submissive for a mate, it's just not the way she's built. She also knows that she couldn't take the 'beta' role in the relationship either. That she might not ever be able to accept a dominant mate. This leaves her with a very real problem. With all the dominant leopards mated, her touch-hunger is nearly out of control. It comes as one hell of a surprise to her that Riley's the one she lets close.

Riley's always pictured himself with a submissive mate that sits home - safe and sound. He can't pull himself away from Mercy, though. And as he continues to pursue her - for reasons he doesn't fully understand - you get a much deeper insight into this person nicknamed "The Wall."

I loved every minute of this book. Another favorite in the series, it's a pure joy to read. Mercy and Riley are well matched, and I really like how they don't give or take crap from each other. They demand honesty, respect, and because they're both dominant, for each other to come halfway and meet in the middle. It's important to both of them otherwise they could throw away what they're slowly building.

This is definitely not one to miss!
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May 17, 2021
Before I get to the next book and forget the details of this one, here are some of my feelings, real quick.
It was great to get into this world again (after a couple of months pause). Mercy was smart, tough and badass; Riley was a damaged grumpy chunk of a man; two of them had the hottest chemistry. I'm super intrigued how the series develops, so I'll jump into the next one today.
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May 10, 2021

Sorry Clay, but Riley has usurped your place as my favcourite Changeling. You can still be my favourite DarkRiver guy, but Riley *growls* so HAWT!

This is hands down my favourite book in the series (so far!) not only because Riley is so hot that I spontaneously orgasm when I hear his name, but because Mercy was pretty damn awesome as well. She was a strong female lead who really made Riley work for her affections. I loved her! But apart from being an ass kicking female she was also compassionate and warm, frankly I was a little in love with her by the end of the book as well! The romance between them starts hot and just continues on through the book, there is lots of biting and clawing going on, who knew being mauled could be so so much fun?

This book also brought the Human Alliance to the forefront of the story as they start to attack Psy, this was all solved rather neatly by the end, maybe a little to neatly, but it was still enjoyable to read. I am also still convinced I know who The Ghost may be! I can't wait to find out if I am correct.

Another great read in the Psy Changeling series and I can't wait to read the next one.
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2,700 reviews658 followers
November 7, 2019
Book 6 is a Changeling to Changeling pairing. Mercy, a Leopard Changeling and Riley, a Wolf Changeling.

I am loving the progress from story to story. I enjoy seeing past book characters as well as new characters. For such a dominant wolf, Riley was more sensitive than I was expecting. I liked that about him.

Mercy is also a dominant female and unfortunately she came off too hard to me. Her expectations seemed to be really high as well. She wanted a more dominant male but there seemed to be a fine line for her expectations of Riley. I guess it was a good thing he had that sensitive side to him that kept him from being too dominant for Mercy.

Still very good, I just didn't enjoy Mercy as much as I have past heroines in the series.
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