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Windsong #1

The Wedding Crasher and the Cowboy

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Kennedy Martin is shocked when her ex calls days before his wedding, expressing serious second thoughts. Doesn’t he see his fiancée's actually the glaze to his doughnut? Now she’s got no choice but to crash his wedding and convince the man he’s with the right woman.

Instead, she crashes into the absolute last man she ever wanted to see: Maverick Owens, her old college nemesis. Maverick is still as awful, infuriating, and just The Worst as ever—even if he looks way too sexy in his cowboy hat. And of course he’s convinced she’s actually at the seaside ranch to ruin the wedding.

Now the only way to get some face time with the groom and save this marriage is to participate in all sorts of pre-wedding events…with Maverick. Stuck on a canoe, making small-talk at cocktail hour, and even a hoedown with her worst enemy? This just might be the longest week of her life…

368 pages, Paperback

Published October 26, 2021

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About the author

Robin Bielman

28 books1,566 followers
USA Today bestselling author Robin Bielman lives in Southern California with her awesome family and her very cute dog, Harry. She writes fun, flirty romantic fiction with one goal in mind: to leave you with a smile on your face. When not attached to her laptop, she loves to read, go to the beach, and frequent coffee shops with friends. She also dreams of traveling to faraway places and loves to connect with readers. Keep in touch on social! xoxo

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1,393 reviews241 followers
October 14, 2021
My love of all things Robin Bielman is no secret, and just when I think I couldn’t love her any more than I already do, she drops this.

description Maverick Owens. The bane of her small, private undergrad existence.”

A feel-good romance that brought all the feels, Kennedy and Maverick’s story packed a punch with past heartbreak and healing but eased my heart with their love-to-hate competitive relationship, sharp witty banter and burning chemistry. Throw in a colourful cast of secondary characters who added even more humour into the mix and you have the icing on an already perfectly made cake.

If you’ve read Robin’s books before you won’t be disappointed with this one, I think it’s some of her best writing and if not, it’s the perfect introduction to her wicked small-town romance skills featuring characters you come to think of as friends. Fingers crossed there are more visits to Windsong in our futures.

Copy generously provided for an honest and unbiased opinion.
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October 9, 2021
3.5 “shortcake” stars

…where to begin…

Well, The Wedding Crasher & The Cowboy is my first RB read & you know what? For the most part, I liked it.
The +s
📌 Maverick | I thought Maverick was a pretty solid & very likable hero…kind of a cinnamon roll in a cowboy package 🤠😉. He wasn’t perfect, but I liked how on a few occasions he could put himself in check & apologize when he knew should before letting something fester. He’s a kind, smart, hardworking, strong, a little grumpy, sweet hero.
📌 Kennedy & Maverick together | Their banter was cute & they were rather sweet together. I just wish the chemistry was a little more consistent. I’ll explain later down below.
📌 Location | I enjoyed the setting of a ranch & the small town nearby with Cheers “where everyone knows your name” vibe. Although it wasn’t a typical large operation type of ranch with hundreds of head of cattle, it was interesting the ways Maverick’s(H) family made their living off of it.
📌 Maverick’s family, a few residents of said small town & Andrew | I wouldn’t say every last side character was a hit. There are several solid ones. Maverick’s younger brother(Hunter), his niece(Jenna) & Kennedy(h)’s bff(Andrew) were my favorites of the bunch. I’m wondering if this might be the start of a small series the way Hunter was written. It seemed like he was just asking for it to be a hero in his own story. Then their little sister, Nova. Some of Andrew’s shenanigans during the week of the wedding had me actually 😂 a little, especially the bounty hunter - tbh, mostly because I was a little caught off guard. Jenna was a cute, little handful 😂.

The gray area
📌 Kennedy | I had trouble warming up to her at first. Once Maverick was around, I did begin to like her, but it was more of a gradual incline, I suppose. I mean, yeah, she was a little dense in a situation or two, but most of the reasons why it took time to connect with her lean more towards byproducts of others things that I’ll get into below than simply just her character.

The -s
(…none of the following are too big of a negative on their own, but together though they do make the difference between liking tWC&tC instead of loving tWC&tC…)
📌 The initial premise | I get wedding crasher makes for a punchy title, but the premise of what brought Kennedy to Maverick’s family ranch & back into each other’s orbit was flimsy at best.
📌 The bouncing back & forth timeline | True enough, it was only for a few chapters going back & forth a couple of days, but imho it was a few too many, especially when it wasn’t even a flashback into their past. For me, it’s partly what was a bit inhibitive to getting into the story early on.

📌 AND 🥁🥁🥁…written in the third person | Yes, I’m aware I’m sounding a broken record…
…& my apologies for the nuisance, b-but BUT it’s no less true 🙈. I tend to feel disconnected third person POV in contemporary romance (yet it doesn’t bug me half as much outside of CR 🤷🏻‍♀️). Why read any at all? 1. I love authors such as Lauren Layne, so there’s always a chance for exceptional exceptions 😉. 2. I’m noticing I suck at remembering when blurbs are written TP POV when I request netgalley books 🙈🙈🙈. Be that as it may, 3.5 stars is not a lost cause & remember I did say I liked it. It’s just not quite as consistent as I would prefer. Where I felt the most disconnected while reading lies in the first few chapters, some of Kennedy’s actions, a couple of K&M’s physically intimate moments. In that aspect, the rest were fine or pretty good. Had there been first-person POV here, I might’ve considered 4 stars, even with the other stuff(although it might’ve assisted or solved some of the previous).

‘Kayyy. This review went more rambly than I thought it would go.
So I’m gonna wrap it up here. All in all, a pleasant read. If you don’t have my hangup with feeling tp POV disconnect, I think it might be even more enjoyable.

**This ARC is provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**
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1,486 reviews260 followers
October 4, 2021
Crashing a wedding might seem extreme but what a great storyline to throw us right into the mix of this wild wedding week and an amazing location!

Bielman goes all out with this infuriating and flirty story that combines two people that never thought they would see each other again. Armed with a best friend who is an amazing character who needs his own story, Kennedy tries to navigate the wedding without alerting the fiancee as to the fact she is clearly not invited. Maverick is having none of it and needs to protect his family business.

With simmering heat flowing underneath, these two collide with ice melting and sparks flying. I love the character development and the unique stories they are bringing to the table. The author combines humor, heat, competition, deep emotion, and romance. She pulls out the stops on this one to really dive into heartbreak and healing, with a perfect happily ever after that blends it all together.

The Wedding Crasher and the Cowboy is a delicate balance of painful emotions and listening your heart for a touching, romantic story you won’t forget.

* copy received for review consideration
* full review - https://amidlifewife.com/the-wedding-...
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2,734 reviews1,298 followers
October 12, 2021
Oooh, y’all. The Wedding Crasher & the Cowboy delivered an enemies-to-lovers story that fell right into my wheelhouse: snappy banter, fizzy bubbly feelings against their will, and an underlying sweetness that completely stole my heart!

There were definitely some emotional punches delivered in this story. In fact, it touched on a lot of some heavy/serious issues which I think is an accurate representation of the challenges and trauma that most of us are carrying around, sorting through, and trying to find happiness in. Maverick and Kennedy felt like real, authentic, wounded characters – each struggling with the weight of their own worlds – and each finding some relief from that in each other.

There were moments in this story that took my breath away with their sweetness. I adored the sort of gentle way that Robin Bielman had Kennedy – a city girl – embracing small town life. I loved how the similarities in these opposite characters were revealed with a sense of wonder and awe and a gradual opening of each other’s hearts to each other. It was just a lovely romance.

Both Kennedy and Maverick experienced a tremendous amount of healing and growth over the course of their story. Neither one outshone the other – they were both these amazing people and I found it impossible not to root for them. I loved how they gave themselves space to heal, and how sweet their happily-ever-after felt in the end.

I also loved so many of the secondary characters in this book. Maverick’s family is filled with intriguing characters begging for their own stories, but it was Kennedy’s best friend Andrew who stole the show for me. I loved the added layer of love, loyalty, and friendship that he brought to the table (as well as a fair amount of zaniness). It just created this whole package that was impossible to resist.

In the end, this story was pure, old-fashioned, romantic goodness. I loved every moment I spent with Kennedy and Maverick (even the decidedly more emotional ones) and could not be happier with the story they were given. ~ Shelly, 5 Stars
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Author 28 books1,566 followers
June 14, 2021
My edits are done! I worked so hard on this book and I cannot wait for you to meet Maverick and Kennedy!! This is my first enemies to lovers story and these two ended up taking me on a funny, romantic, love-to-annoy-each-other, emotional ride. *phew!* 😁❤️

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1,008 reviews80 followers
October 25, 2021

The Wedding Crasher And The Cowboy follows the story of Kennedy and Maverick. She is a lively and altruistic city doctor, and he is a broody and dependable small town cowboy.

Maverick's ranch is now converted to a destination wedding place and it's there that he meets again Kennedy, his old college enemy who came to crash her ex boyfriend's, now friend, wedding, only to be sure he isn't doing a mistake. They were two competitive students who had their quarrels more than once, but now, years later, the lingering attraction between them is pretty clear. Is this the right time for them to explore their connection?

Kennedy and Maverick are opposites but it was nice to read about them and to know them better because appearances can be deceiving. They hide two good personalities under her big smiles and his frowny face.

I loved everything about this novel, the main characters bantering, the funny animals, the supporting characters that add so much colour at the story, and I also appreciated the more serious moments that the author tastefully wrote.

I recommend to read it and I expectantly waits more of the Owens' Ranch stories.

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935 reviews161 followers
October 21, 2021
Emotional, heart-warming, and lovely, The Wedding Crasher and The Cowboy is a wonderful contemporary romance. The story follows Kennedy, who crashes her ex’s week-long wedding celebration after he calls and expresses doubt over his upcoming nuptials. While there, she runs into Maverick, her college rival, who is certain Kennedy has arrived to ruin the wedding. Kennedy is not pleased to see the infuriating yet handsome Maverick, and she’s having a hard time getting her ex alone to convince him to marry his wonderful fiancée. But, as Maverick and Kennedy spend more time together, they begin to see each other in a different light. Will these enemies give into their ever-growing feelings?

Kennedy and Maverick are both amazingly developed characters, and I became easily invested in their stories, both as an emerging couple and as individuals. They haven’t seen each other in years, and their lives have changed exponentially. Their journeys are difficult and emotional, and there are some really touching, heartfelt scenes as the pair confronts their pain and the obstacles in their life.

Of course, as much as I love their individual journeys, the budding romance between Maverick and Kennedy is my favorite part of the story! Maverick and Kennedy have wonderful chemistry. College rivals, the pair has a history, but as they slowly get to know each other again, they realize that they may have been too hasty in defining their relationship as a rivalry. They have so much fun together while horseback riding, canoeing, dancing, and they learn a lot about each other. I like that they both start to see that their relationship is more than just competitive enemies, and though their journey isn’t always easy, it is totally worth it. They challenge each other and push each other to be the best version of themselves. I also like that they both face their personal obstacles. They face their problems, even though they might be complicated and messy, and work toward finding happiness. They are a well-suited pair that complement each other well.

Minor characters, including Kennedy’s best friend and Maverick’s loving family, add so much to the story and show just how loved Kennedy and Maverick are. This is especially poignant considering Maverick’s tragic past and Kennedy’s unhealthy relationships with her family. Both find comfort and support in the people who surround them, and the characters are fantastic. Kennedy’s best friend is so funny and vibrant, and Maverick’s family are kind, funny, and loving – the exact opposite of Kennedy’s family. I think being on the family ranch, Kennedy sees the type of family she wishes she had, and I love how they welcome her into their fold.

I also liked the ranch and small-town setting. The peacefulness and friendliness of Maverick’s family and the townspeople is endearing and a perfect place for Kennedy and Maverick to get to know each other again. It is here where Kennedy experiences things that she never knew were missing from her life, and that feeling of belonging is something both she and Maverick benefit from. Maverick can be a bit closed off, but this is tough to do when surrounded by people who love you and care for you. From the quaint shops to the beautiful and majestic scenery, the setting is idyllic and charming and the perfect place to find the love of a lifetime.

I loved this story! It’s a wonderful and heartwarming contemporary romance about love, life, and second chances, and it’s the type of story that will make you laugh, cry, and swoon all in one sitting. It’s a well-paced, well-developed story with great dialogue and witty banter, and I highly recommend it to readers who like dynamic characters, charming settings, and a swoon-worthy love story. Thanks so much to NetGalley, Entangles Publishing, and Robin Bielman for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.
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345 reviews27 followers
March 3, 2022
A. M. É. ❤️
Una historia de pérdida, inseguridad, familia y amor.

Si bien, el plot de ir a la boda de un ex ya me tenía rodando los ojos 🙄 se lo perdonamos, solamente por conocer a Maverick my love Owens. 😍

El final me tuvo toda llorosa. Y aunque suene masoquista, me encantó. 😅

Ya no diré más.

“You are even more clueless than I thought if you can’t see she likes you and you like her.”
Who was this man? And who was she for suddenly thinking him the sexiest man alive?
"I don’t want you to be a gentleman..."🔥🔥

“Never, ever doubt how much you mean to me, okay?”
YOU are the love of my life, Kennedy, and I want to ride the rest of our days together.
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547 reviews134 followers
October 5, 2021
Thank you to the publisher for my review copy. All opinions are my own.

I'm not gonna lie. The draw to this book was two things.
One...cover. I mean...how cute?
Two...title. A wedding crasher and a cowboy...nuff said.

I felt like this title delivered. We had some real issues. Loss of a loved one, a broken heart, family drama and grief. Robin handled it all very well. Not too deep...but enough to make the title more memorable via the characters.

My only true complaint....I'm not 100% sure this is a series. I would love to go back to dive deeper into some of the other characters.

Overall. Grab it. It's delightful, fun, sexy and heartfelt all in one!
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2,085 reviews
October 31, 2021
A fabulous contemporary romance, The Wedding Crasher and the Cowboy was such an enjoyable read. ‘Crash your ex’s wedding to convince him he is with the right woman’ who would do that right? Well Kennedy Martin would and she did only instead of running into the groom she comes face to face with her high school nemesis Maverick Owens. Now sit back and enjoy the ride through this feel good, wonderful story, I did!.
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Author 35 books408 followers
December 11, 2021
Robin Bielman is an auto-buy author for me. I love her writing style, her adorable small-town settings (that always seem to make me want to move there), her smart characters, and her heartwarming romances. THE WEDDING CRASHER & THE COWBOY is filled with all of these wonderful elements and more!

Maverick Owens won my heart immediately, and his conversational exchanges with with Kennedy Martin made me laugh out loud at the fun banter...and also get a little teary at the more serious moments. This is a touching, beautifully written, enemies-to-lovers/slow-burn romance with a creative plot, and I know both the main characters and their secondary friends & family members will stay with me for a long time. Most definitely something contemporary romance lovers will want to add to the top of that Must-Read book list!
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1,090 reviews55 followers
October 16, 2021
Thank you to the publisher and @netgalley for a copy of this book. I expected a fun rom com based on the premise and it was so much more. I love the banter between Maverick and Kennedy and their back story. Maverick’s back story broke my heart and I enjoyed seeing his healing process. Kennedy’s best friend, Andrew, was such a hoot and added an additional fun element to the story. There was a side story that I was not expecting and it totally made me cry. This book is much deeper than it appears.
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486 reviews17 followers
October 23, 2021
4.5 Stars! What a cute rom-com! Although this book has sad bits mixed in, that’s life and just made me love the main characters more. A standalone book with an HEA ending. I caught myself smiling and laughing at the banter between Maverick and Kennedy and even getting teary eyed over the sad bits. If you’re looking for a funny romance that feels more like a real life story, this is a good choice! I’m hoping for future books about the secondary characters next! Super cute read and highly recommended by yours truly! You’re welcome!
*I received this book at no charge & I voluntarily left this review.*
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4,973 reviews160 followers
October 31, 2021

Amazon / Paperback / iBooks / Kobo / B&N PB / Nook / Amazon UK / Amazon AU / Amazon CA

A drunken dial from her ex the night of his bachelor party has Kennedy hightailing it to his wedding to check on him. Only it's not her ex she ends up dealing with, but her college nemesis, the man on whose ranch the wedding is - Maverick, hot cowboy. When their dormant attraction flares to life, will they give in even though she's heading back to Boston soon, and he's about to embark on a trip to satisfy his deceased love's wishes?

OK, I have to admit this was not my favorite former nemesis/rivals story. It's sweet, and likable, but there isn't enough of the nemesis/feuding vibe for me, and the nature of the central relationship wasn't solid enough or hot enough for my tastes. I think it may be me, and because I probably expected something I shouldn't have. It's well-written, though, and the secondary characters like Kennedy's bestie, Andrew, and sister, Ava, and Maverick's family, are awesome and could do with stories of their own, that I'd definitely read, especially Andrew's.

ARC provided by Entangled Publishing for an honest review.

Blog | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Bookbub
October 27, 2021
The first page of Robin Bielman’s The Wedding Crasher and the Cowboy should read, “Warning. Reading this book will give you all kinds of feels.”

Robin is one of my favorite authors. I tend to read her books blindly, by not reading the blurb or having any idea what I’m going to encounter. As a result, I had no idea what The Wedding Crasher and the Cowboy was going to be about. I loved that this was an enemies-to-lovers, opposites attract story. Usually, enemies-to-lovers isn’t something I like. Authors have to walk a very fine line of making both characters likable and making readers care about them being together. Robin walked that line perfectly, by having the banter between these two be easy, funny, and believable.

Kennedy Martin and Maverick Owens have known each other since their first day in college, roughly ten years. First impressions had them disliking each other on-site and always trying to one-up the other. It’s now been seven years since they last saw each other. Kennedy finds herself in the small town of Windsong, California, crashing the weeklong pre-wedding events and wedding of her former boyfriend, in an attempt to make sure he really wants to marry someone Kennedy knows is right for him. She just kind of sort of forgot that The Owens House Inn and Guest Ranch, where the events are being held, is owned by Maverick’s family. While some things have changed, some things still remain the same.

The meet-cute between Maverick and Kennedy really set the stage for this story. You see them being snarky to each other, but you also see this layer of desire. Getting to know these two was fun and at the same time a little heartbreaking. The Wedding Crasher and the Cowboy really encompass what true friendship is. You learn the importance of found family and the family you’re born into who loves you through the good and tough times. There is just so much more to this story that I’m not saying. I promise you won’t be disappointed. In fact, you might even start an interesting new tradition of kissing the last page of the book, in order to show some affection to the good story that it is.

My fingers are crossed that Maverick’s younger brother Hunter gets his own story.

Please note that this story involves miscarriage, life-threatening illness, and the death of a loved one. Robin did a wonderful job of covering these topics with compassion.


“An honest conversation is always a good idea.”

“Love isn’t an exact science. Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith.”

“You know I can’t let things go. And for what it’s worth, I do care about your answers; I’m not just trying to irritate you.”

“With age came maturity.”

“Relationships are hard and precious.”

“I’m sure there’s nothing you can’t handle.”

“It’s true time heals.”

“You were born with potential. You were born with goodness and trust. You were born with ideals and dreams. You were born with greatness.”

“Sadness takes a while to go away. Sometimes a really long while.”

**Received a copy from the author and reviewed it voluntarily.**
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2,094 reviews34 followers
February 13, 2022
Adored this story so much! It was funny, sexy and pretty emotional.

They didn't love to hate each other. Nor did they love each other.

"You something'd her."

When Maverick Owens and Kennedy Martin met at college, they rubbed each other up the wrong way from the get-go, which lead to years of one-upmanship. When Kennedy decides to crash her friend's wedding to make sure he's not making a mistake, the last person she expects to bump into is her old nemesis, whose family happens to own the ranch where the wedding is taking place.

"She possessed some serious magnetic mojo, grown more powerful since college."

From the moment they meet again, the competitive spark re-ignites between them. However, seven years on, there's also more than a frisson of attraction thrown in. As the days pass, they spend more and more time together, realising that if they'd put aside their prejudices sooner, they possibly would have had a whole lot more, years ago. Nowadays, Kennedy is chasing her medical dreams whilst Maverick is still grieving a loss. Their futures are taking them in two different directions, but they plan to enjoy what time they have together.

"The urge to scoop her up and take her somewhere special, where just the two of them could get to know this newer version of themselves better, hit him like a force of nature."

This was such a fantastic story! I loved the chemistry between Maverick and Kennedy. The repartee between them was sparkling and humorous. They pushed each other out of their respective comfort zones. I adored how Kennedy brought Mav back to life again - how she infused hope and happiness into his days and made him open up about a lot of private things. At the same time, I loved how he showed her the joys of country living vs city life. She was enthusiastic, curious, and took pleasure in doing so many things. The honesty and passion between them made me swoon and the letters! I seriously loved the letters! Thoroughly recommend this story!

Blog: https://readingwillingable.blogspot.c...

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/review/R2FV3KG...
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193 reviews31 followers
May 3, 2022
3.5 ✨

“Maverick had been locked away in her past. He wasn’t supposed to collide with her present without a heads-up.”

The Wedding Crasher and the Cowboy was a heartwarming story about letting go and listening to your heart. About trusting your feelings. filled with beautiful friendship, families, swoony hallmark moments, sizzling chemistry, witty banter, everything outdoorsy and glazed desserts.

It was a fun, cozy read, with a little emotional rollercoaster on the side. I really enjoyed it, but I do have to point out that I wasn’t a big fan of the reason she got to the ranch, I could have skipped the whole wedding thing because I simply couldn’t relate to it.

“I think we’re unexpectedly drawn to each other.”

Read if you like ✨
•Second Chance
•College Nemesis to lovers
•Found family
•Doctor meets Cowboy
•Small town and Ranch life
•Canoeing and horseback riding
•Pastries, backward caps, camping and poetry

“Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes. Because for those who love with their heart and soul there is no such thing a separation.”
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1,341 reviews21 followers
October 29, 2021
This was a fun, quirky and at times, laugh out loud read, but it was also, for me, one where I kept changing the POV, from 3rd to 1st in my head. It didn’t infringe on the story in any other way and I did really enjoy it. I’d have loved it more as a first person narrative, but, as I said, that’s just me and I am a huge fan of Robin Beilman’s work, so I’m not going to stop reading it for that reason alone.
Maverick and Kennedy were a cute couple, maybe a little bit disconnected at times, but both had some past issues that they were slightly hung-up on. You’ll understand why when you read the book. I really felt for both of them. Maverick was hiding his broken soul from his family when Kennedy turned up on his ranch for the wedding of her ex-boyfriend.
What was she there for?
To cause mayhem… or something else?
Maverick intended to keep a watchful eye on her and as he did, his heart started to heal. Kennedy’s past with the groom and her family was convoluted at best. She needed to talk to her mom asap and put her straight as to how she’d treated Kennedy while she was growing. It has certainly affected how she acts in a relationship.
Once these two saw the light- (cue a sunset moment, aww)- they began to see each other the way the should have a decade earlier. But, life, and fate, had had other plans for them then. Now, it was time to reach for the happy ever after they both deserved.
A definite One-Clicker from Robin Beilmann, grab yours today and enjoy THE WEDDING CRASHER AND THE COWBOY.
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1,612 reviews98 followers
November 2, 2021
It's always fun to read a good relaxing romance story. This one was an enemy to lovers story with a bit more depth than a boy meets girl story and they live happily ever after story.

Kennedy received a phone call from an ex-boyfriend from his bachelor party. He tells her that he isn't sure he should get married. Due to their long time friendship, she and her bff crash the wedding. Who does she meet at the wedding but her old college nemesis. Maverick and Kennedy competed in college for top honors and really disliked each other. She was not happy when she found out that he was part of the family that was hosting the destination wedding. He is still recovering from a girlfriend's death several years earlier and has no intention of falling in love especially with Kennedy. She is an Emergency Department doctor who is hoping for a new job in Boston to get away from her family. Kennedy is a real city girl who has no desire to spend time on a ranch but the more Maverick shows her the joys of country living, the more she starts to love being in the country. Will their dislike of each other turn to love and will they have a happily ever after ending?

Along with the cute love story between Kennedy and Maverick, the book also deals with grief, family issues and health care. While they are at the ranch, Kennedy is asked by the small town doctor to help him on a very busy day and she really enjoys getting to know some of the townspeople. Since it's a small town and everyone is interested in everyone else's business, she quickly becomes known by the people in town.

This feel-good romance is a great book to read when you just want to relax. It's fun and romantic. The secondary characters are also well done and I can see (and hope to see) some of them in their own books in the future - especially Kennedy's BFF Andrew.

Thanks to the publisher for a copy of this book to read and review. All opinions are my own.
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565 reviews48 followers
September 19, 2021
I absolutely love enemies to lovers *sigh*

Thank you Entangled Amara for my e-ARC in exchange for an honest review

The wedding crasher and the cowboy follows Kennedy whose ex called her days before the wedding after getting seconds of thoughts. Like any sensible woman *smiley face emoji* she crashes the wedding to let him know he is with the right woman but every plan has a hiccup. She bumps into the one guy she didn't want to ,Maverick her old college nemesis

This book had everything and I totally recommend it
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807 reviews109 followers
October 22, 2021
**4.5 stars**

Oh the joy of reading a book by Robin Bielman! I absolutely loved The Wedding Crasher and the Cowboy!

This enemies-to-lovers story between Kennedy and Maverick was such a pleasure to read. Fun, heartfelt, emotional and great characters, it had it all! I also loved the fun banter between Kennedy and Maverick.

Robin Bielman has written another winner and The Wedding Crasher and the Cowboy is another reason she continues to be one of my must read authors!
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October 30, 2021
Kennedy and Maverick’s romance in The Wedding Crasher and the Cowboy by Robin Bielman is a wonderful, heartwarming, emotional story of nemesis who meet once again and through circumstances revolving around a week of activities for a friend’s wedding, fall in love. Their world wind romance a reminder of that fine line between hate and love. Crashing a wedding extravaganza to convince an ex that he has found the perfect woman to marry, Kennedy finds herself facing Maverick, whose family owns the ranch where the event is being held. After all, that’s what friends do. There with a best friend, Andrew, pretending to be a couple, Kennedy tries to look as if she had been invited and belonged there. Maverick is having none of it; needing to protect his family business. Kennedy and Maverick showed a great amount of healing and growth over the course of time, their story took place. They both found the balance they needed in dealing with painful emotions as well as listening to your heart.

Ms. Bielman wrote an emotional, heartwarming, enemies-to-lovers story that should definitely not be missed. She provided a tale that sizzled with magnetism, off the charts chemistry, witty and clever banter, and memorable characters keeping me flipping the pages of this unlikely romance. I totally enjoyed and highly recommend The Wedding Crasher and the Cowboy to other readers.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.
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October 21, 2022
Enemies to lovers. Kennedy receives a call from her ex, expressing concerns on his upcoming marriage. Kennedy decides to crash the wedding to convince the groom that everything will be ok. Upon arrival she crashes into her college nemesis, Maverick. They are still oil and water but soon can't deny the chemistry that they share. As they share this week together, country boy vs city girl they find they have much more in common then they thought. Will a one week fling be enough?

Loved the banter that Maverick and Kennedy share. The chemistry is off the charts. Yes, I will admit I was a blubbery mess by the end. Loved Maverick's family. I highly recommend the heart felt romance.
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October 3, 2021
2.5 stars rounding up...

Enemies-to-lovers is the very thing I go for and pounce on each time a trope like this comes up. When Robin Bielman’s offering of a second chance event leading to a surprising HEA for 2 characters who were once part of each other’s lives as college rivals, this seemed like the sort of story I knew was right up my alley.

But this turned out to be one that ended up lost somewhere before I could reach the final destination, where the plot stood on the rather shaky set-up that Kennedy Martin had to go to such lengths to crash a wedding in order to meet Maverick Owens again—a meeting that turned out only to be an incidental occurrence and wouldn’t have happened without more than a sprinkling of kismet.

In fact, I was sceptical to read about Kennedy dropping near everything in order to rush to a small town because of a drunken call from her ex—a character who wasn't even very memorable at all, except for the fact that she simply seemed like an unwanted guest (with a fake partner tagging along) and didn’t really care about it. With a wedding that was peripheral to both their interactions, I found myself struggling for purchase at times as both Mav and Kennedy walked in fairly aimless circles around each other. 

There's no denying their relationship from old rivals to lovers had an instalove sniff to it and the shooting-star-like quality of their connection was after all, one that both knew was brilliant but temporary. Given that perspective, it did make sense that both were not quite ready to be in each other’s permanent spaces, though I got somewhat twitchy when it turned out that 'ex-es' played too much of a big role in the book—a device that in some ways, both prevented and helped the story from moving forward.

Given the short time Mav/Kennedy were together, I also thought that many filler scenes could have been replaced by flashbacks of their rivalry and chemistry in college in order to deepen a connection that was supposed to be there from the start. But the absence of such scenes meant that as all the angst and feels came rushing in towards a hasty conclusion in the last quarter of the book, the hard, emotional anchor that could have helped cushion the blow was also lacking. As a result, Mav/Kennedy’s muted HEA simply seemed more abrupt than convincing at the end.

*ARC by the publisher via Netgalley
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October 11, 2021
You can also read my review here: http://elenasbookblog.com/new-review-...

The Wedding Crasher and the Cowboy by Robin Bielman is an adorable, “rivals to lovers” story set in an amazing little town!

Crashing a wedding was not on Kennedy’s plans but when her ex and future groom has second thoughts, she has to help.

Maverick is responsible for his ranch so when he finds his old college nemesis, Kennedy, trying to ruin his business, he has to stop her and keep an eye on her. The thing is he likes what he sees.

Maverick and Kennedy used to antagonize each other in college but when they start spending time together, they find that they have more common things than differences. Their relationship is sweet and fun, but it has a time limit. Kennedy has to go back to her life as an ER doctor and Maverick needs to move forward leaving his past behind.

I loved Maverick as a character. He is solid, caring and smart. He has lost his ex girlfriend in a tragic way but you can see how he slowly moves on. Kennedy is curious, funny, strong but sometimes a little over the top. I liked how Maverick handled their rivalry with humor but Kennedy sometimes pushed too much and she was a little overdramatic towards the end.

The time they spend together and their dates are entertaining and great to read.

Also, I was really charmed by the small town life and the setting. The secondary characters are wonderful and I would love to see more of them.

My biggest problem is the wedding crashing theme. It’s a little unbelievable to rush to convince an ex to get married. It would have worked better if she was just a guest who ran into her old frenemy.

The Wedding Crasher and the Cowboy is a feel good story with an idyllic setting! This is a lighthearted love story, perfect for fans of uplifting small town romances!
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October 25, 2021
Sweet story with heartwarming characters

Kennedy, an ER doctor, is "crashing" her ex's wedding because of his drunk phone call that is probably just cold feet. Coincidentally, the wedding is taking place at the ranch/wedding venue owned by the family of a guy she knew in college, Maverick. Sparks fly, even though Maverick isn't sure he's ready to move on from a tragic loss years ago.

The story was a little confusing at first until I realized that there were two exes in Kennedy's life - one whose wedding she's now attending, and one that has recently become engaged to her sister. One's still a friend; the other is the reason she's looking for another job.

Her friendship with her college rival, Maverick, is complex yet sweet and heartfelt. There is a strong cast of charming, small town characters who embrace the city girl and help her make the necessary decisions about her future, and there's just enough steam to showcase the chemistry that makes it impossible for either Kennedy or Maverick to walk away from the blossoming romance.

I loved the HEA, and the story was well balanced between light humor and medical tragedy. I appreciated that the tear-jerking scenes were layered with warmth and hope for the future. I recommend this romance for anyone who likes the city girl/cowboy dynamic; just keep a notepad handy to sort out who's who until you're well into the story. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.
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November 15, 2021
When her ex calls her whilst at his stag do,
Expressing his worries about what he's going through,
Kennedy and her best friend decide to make a dash
Planning on his pre-wedding activities to secretly crash.

However her plans for secrecy go awry
When her college nemesis, Maverick, does her spy.
Can she tell him why she's there, what will he do?
She needs to talk to the groom, that's definitely true!

But staying in the countryside for this city gal
Might change opinions forever - from enemy to pal?
Get ready for fun as Kennedy tries to discover
Just what's concerning her ex and his lover.

With a heartwarming family who all so truly care
And Mav so wary about just why she is there
There's fun and adventures, new things to try
Whilst trying not to look too much like a spy!

The friend that's travelled with Kennedy is an actor who
Is absolutely hilarious, constantly role playing, too!
You've just got to love him and Mav's family as they
Add so much laughter and joy to every single day.

It is a fun story, that had me laughing, too
I have no hesitation in highly recommending it to you!
For my complementary copy of this book, I say thank you,
I throughly enjoyed reading it and this is my honest review.
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November 10, 2021
Kennedy Martin is an ambitious doctor who is preparing to interview for the job of her dreams when her ex suddenly calls expressing doubts about his upcoming wedding. The call ends abruptly and Kennedy can’t reach her ex, so she decides to crash his wedding. Upon arrival Kennedy discovers her college nemesis, Maverick Owens, lives nearby. Maverick immediately intuits that Kennedy was not invited to the wedding and is up to no good. Maverick decides to keep an eye on Kennedy. What follows is an extremely entertaining series of events that leads Kennedy and Maverick to discover that they may not still be enemies after all.

I almost didn’t read this book because I found the title off-putting and worried the book would be a cheesy and terrible romance novel. If you’re in the same boat, don’t let that stop you from reading this one – it’s a very good story. This was one of those books that I looked forward to reading at the end of a long workday. Our main characters are both grappling with serious emotional and life issues, they are both exceptionally likeable and the book has just the right amount of lighthearted banter and escapades to make this a very solid, feel-good story. The friendships in the book are also great – I found myself wishing I could find my own Andrew to count on, no matter what. This was a great read, and I was sad when it ended.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review from NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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October 26, 2021
One call from her inebriated ex who was suffering a case of the nerves due to his upcoming wedding was all it would take for Kennedy to put her life on hold and put him at ease. She heads to the ranch where the wedding will be taking place only to have her attempts to see the groom thwarted by Maverick, the one man she never thought she would have to see again.

Maverick’s family owns the ranch, and it is imperative that the wedding proceed without a hitch. The last thing he needs is the groom’s ex causing conflict, so he is determined to keep her occupied, but he never expected to enjoy their time together so much.

The romantic pasts of both Kenney and Maverick are complicated so although they are drawn to each other it does create some turmoil along the way. There is a great balance between romance, humor, and emotion as they overcome their pasts so they can have a future together.
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