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Red is a page-turning historical fantasy that invokes the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood and the horror of the Brothers Grimm.

The year is 1891; the place, Bezidu Nou, Romania. For four hundred years, the townsfolk have been telling the tale of a wicked wolf, a beast created by evil that prowls the forest at the town’s border, waiting to be summoned, waiting for a daughter to be sacrificed.

Ever since she was a small child, Rose has suffered terrible abuse at the hands of her father and grandmother. She dreams of escape but doesn’t know it’s possible until she meets Alina and a coven of witches. With them, for the first time, she is loved and empowered, and when she discovers that she is going to be sacrificed to summon the Wolf, rather than succumb to her fate, she wields it. Asserting the strength in sisterhood, the coven help her fight the curse, and as they do, they uncover the twisted truth of who the Wolf really is.

Disturbing, cleverly engaging, and dripping with mystery, Red breaks away from the binary of good versus evil.

234 pages, Paperback

Published December 9, 2020

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Sabrina Voerman

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Author of The Blood Bound Series

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10 reviews4 followers
January 24, 2021
This book provides an insight into witchcraft and sisterhood that rejects the overused binary of good and evil, right and wrong, and light and dark. The protagonist Red finds herself overwhelmed with the constant abuse faced in her home, and realizes a consciousness of what lies beyond the hands of her oppressors when she sees the power that can be wielded by women who worship the earth's splendid energies.

Too often fictions surrounding witchcraft present their characters as good, making every effort to make them as relatable as possible. While Red is a relatable character to many queer survivors out there on their journeys of self-realization, the character is complex and has her own share of flaws some readers may not wish to see in themselves.

The book works along two timelines that allow the reader to constantly be drawing connections, hypothesizing the next page, and wishing--hoping for a moment of joy in the next chapter. While the book contains a multitude of woes and conflict, I believe readers of this work will also be able to acknowledge the empowerment and various layers of love and connectivity that is found within a newly-formed coven. Solidarity is found through consciousness and a rejection of intersectional oppression. I believe the witches of the coven of Bezidu Nou have found just that.

I cannot wait to see what this author presents us with next. Her ability to create settings that are both cold and inspiring, weave characters that are both oppressed and empowered, and to capture a forbidden and queer love that many writers shy away from, has left me wanting more.
Profile Image for Emily.
8 reviews1 follower
January 4, 2021
A new darker take on Little Red Riding Hood, I found Red to be a gripping fast-paced read! (Non-Spoiler Review)

This book alters between two timelines, which helped tie the story together as a whole. In the "present" timeline we follow Red who lives under the constant abuse of her father and grandmother who plan to sacrifice her to the wolf for their own selfish gains. The past timeline shows readers how the cursed wolf came to be and how he is tied to Red's family in the present.

I really enjoyed how this book twisted the classic fairy tale and bonus points for throwing in witches because I always love a good story about witchcraft! This was a nice fast-paced read that was very easy to digest. Though there were dark undertones in this novel that could be triggering to some, they were executed well. Seeing strong female protagonists that took a stand and were able to break away from their abusers was the best part about this book! I'm really looking forward to the rest of the books in this series!
Profile Image for W.M Angel.
Author 2 books28 followers
August 16, 2021
Originally, I received this as a copy from the author herself. Including the fact that she also signed it, which, to be fair, is absolutely amazing. Now . . . I took my time reading it, because I'm not a person to just skim through. Red by Sabrina Voerman is a more modern retelling of a classic. However, it's not the type of retelling you would genuinely expect. It's in between two timelines where it shifts from Romania to Estonia and then back again. There are two main characters, both of which have their own troubles. Red is at first afraid, then turned adventurous as she gets a taste of the 'Forbidden' (Forests and the like, avoiding the control of her family), while Matthias is someone who cares a lot but at some point is charged into a life that also he didn't expect. Both of their lives, at first, may seem to be happy, but it quickly turns dark and malevolent as you get tossed into the adventure of which both seem to be embarking on; dark, twisted, mysterious and yet ever as lovely.

This is one book that I would absolutely recommend if you want a much more lively but also appealing retelling of old tales turned a bit more modern (Not in terms of technology, but writing), with an adult perspective. And oh boy, the twist at the end, that's something I expected but geez-louizee, it still made me turn the page once.

Fantastic book, absolutely looking forward to her next installment 'Æsa'
Profile Image for Braedon Riddick.
Author 1 book45 followers
May 28, 2021
While Sabrina Voerman’s Red is her debut book and introduction in The Blood Bound Series, make no mistake about it: this novel reads nothing like a debut. Inspired by the well-known fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood, this remixed, witchy horror haunts with conniving violence and copious amounts of cursed blood.

“In the heart of Romania lies Bezidu Nou. A town of lush farmland, it is bordered by a forest filled with an earthly power. A power so strong it scares men from entering the woods, warning them with chills down their spines.”

Also in those woods lives the Wolf, who upon being summoned with a sacrifice will devour a bloodline of the summoner’s choice — or so legend has it.

I went into this book expecting villainous behavior from the likeliest of characters, and emerge from the experience reminded that it’s best to leave your expectations at the door when it comes to well-done dark fantasy.

“Blood seeped down her chin, and she wiped it, streaking it along her face and making her look like a ravenous animal seeing red.”

Ms. Voerman is a crafty writer; she has more than a few tools in her repertoire, a trick or two up her sleeve, and she’s unafraid to wield these weapons with opportune timing.

Indeed, the Author chooses her words wisely while spinning her tale slyly. The narrative is laced with subtle yet profound observations on the human condition, which speaks both to the Author’s life experience, as well as her ability to teach the Reader without preaching.

“Hatred consumes. Feed this craving once and for all. End the reasoning for my enmity. End the blood that drips from the family. End their reign. I sacrifice my living, breathing daughter; yours to take as you will. Take that which I love to end that which I hate.”

I can’t help but see this as a tale of two halves; the first being deliciously atmospheric as we follow Red and her becoming, the second being higher on action and populated with notable pulse-pounding — and rather unexpected — scenes of sacrificial violence.

A highlight for me, admittedly, is the unmissable momentum that progressively builds in the book. While no doubt the back half offers the most eye-opening intensity, the Author’s storytelling prowess is present throughout, as she weaves two timelines centuries apart seamlessly together with a nimbleness that must be mentioned.

“Blood stained her fingertips, her palms. There was a splash of it on her cheeks. Not a single person there wasn’t covered in the substance; the entire night had proven to be a blood bath.”

As enjoyable as it was to ingest the many profundities sprinkled in the prose, the book makes perhaps its most resonating observation with a reminder for us all: Sometimes the evil lurking around us isn’t the beast dwelling in the woods — but in the depth and depravity of the human heart when power and control feed the hunger.

“Red exhaled deeply, with her breath went her resentment, and she felt peace for the first time in her whole life.”

On a personal level, I’d like to thank the Author for sending me an inscribed copy, while on a professional level, I’d like to thank her for demonstrating a sound appreciation for the craft of storytelling.

Even if I’m not lucky enough to receive a signed copy of book two, I’ve no problem paying full retail plus shipping, fully confident in the Author’s abilities to lead us on another satisfying — if not blood-stained — journey.
Author 3 books14 followers
February 13, 2021
Wow. This was an incredible, intricate story. I thoroughly enjoyed every single page of this book. It was dark, captivating, and I finished it in no time because it had me immediately drawn in. Super excited for the next book in this series.
I highly recommend this to all who favor dark fantasy, horror, and any story that contains perfectly crafted witches and werewolves!
Profile Image for Joseph Hood.
Author 2 books28 followers
January 15, 2022
3.5 Stars out of 5 (Rounded Up)

This is the first book in Sabrina Voerman's "Blood Bound Series" and is a compelling story about love, abuse, trust, and magic!

"Red" tells the story of a girl who lives a sad, lonely, life, in a village that lives in fear of a cursed wolf. In a sense it is a retelling of "Little Red Riding Hood" but truly: it is so much more.

Without spoiling too much, Red is about two different groups of people, living at different times. The story of Red, her family, villagers, and friends - as well as a deeper examination into the Wolf's past. Both of these stories intertwine and ultimately tell a tale of parental abuse, love and trust, magical powers and spells, and much more.

My favorite character was an evil old woman with a pet crow, and more than one trick up her sleeve. And I will be interested to see how Voerman expands on characters like these in her future entries.

Perhaps my only complaint is that I found myself a bit confused about the rules(?) of certain spells and magic in the book. However, I do not read a lot of fantasy, and so this may have been an error(s) on my part.

Overall: I can't wait to see where the next book takes us! The worldbuilding and lore in this story are fantastic. And I am certain that this is the beginning of a truly magical (and a little twisted) new series!
Profile Image for Sarah Patt.
92 reviews78 followers
January 24, 2021
I found Red by debut novelist Sabrina Voerman to be a gripping fast-paced read. The story alters between two timelines - the early 15th century and late 18th century but I think if the author had a Family Tree diagramed in the epilogue it would have been an extra special touch and helpful. It was only at the very end I became a little confused with who was related to who so that's why I think a Family Tree would have been helpful. I have seen this in other books I have read & have utilized them. Nonetheless, this story is a take on the classic fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood, but Voerman does a brilliant job weaving a modern version even though the settings are in ancient centuries and she threw in witches which made the story unique. There were many dark undertones and graphic descriptions of killing, which made me wince and I usually do not read books that have this but the strong female characters that took a stand won me over. Bravo Sabrina Voerman for executing a fine debut!
Profile Image for Amanda.
Author 6 books24 followers
February 25, 2021
A delightfully dark Little Red Riding Hood retelling. This book has it all. Werewolves. Witches/witchcraft. Dark themes. A two part storyline that seamlessly comes together into one. Subtle LGBTQ representation. I'd recommend this book to anyone who enjoys dark fiction and Grimm's style fairytales (though be warned, there is a trigger warning for references to rape and rapists, so proceed with caution if that might be triggering to you). Overall, this book offered a unique retelling of the classic Little Red Riding Hood fairytale. The storyline (both the present and the past) is gripping and held my interest well. I couldn't wait to read the next chapter to see how these storylines intersected and came together
Profile Image for Lydia.
44 reviews1 follower
March 22, 2021

Sabrina Voerman is a newly self-published author in our beloved horror genre. Red, her debut novel, will not be her last in this Blood Bound series and I couldn’t be more excited about it. This gothic Red Riding Hood meets Brothers Grimm retelling is beautifully woven together from past and present timelines and leaves you clutching your racing heart from the tragedy unfolding before you.

Witches, werewolves, dysfunctional family history, and newly found love are all themes within this poetically told tale of a girl seeking rightful vengeance upon those who’ve wronged her.

Voerman may be a new name for us, but I guarantee she will quickly become well known within the ether of the book whisperers throughout the internet.
Profile Image for Amanda Pagano.
223 reviews10 followers
April 10, 2021
As one can infer from the book title, Red shares themes with the classic Red Riding Hood tale. But, aside from a younger girl with a red hood, a wolf, and the dark, mysterious forest, the similarities stop there. Voerman does an excellent job of turning this common theme into a story of her own. Powerful witches coming into their own during a time when women were put down and seen as lesser than compared to men. It’s an empowering story filled with revenge, justice, and shocking mysteries.

While this story is very much about a young seventeen-year-old girl named Red, it’s also about her ancestors. The stories unfold consecutively as each chapter goes back and forth from Red’s time in the late 1800s to the time of her Luca ancestors in the early 1500s. I find Red’s time more intriguing to read overall but the Luca stories do add a lot to the overall plot. I just hated the Luca ancestor Matthias but all the female characters from the 1500s were much more interesting than him. Honestly, the females run this book and I love it.

One of my favorite things is Voerman’s descriptive details in her writing. It makes it easy to visualize the forest that’s prominent within the story along with the other surroundings that play a role. It’s definitely a darker setting and darker take of the classic Red Riding Hood tale and the author does not shy away from bloody scenes. Those scenes usually involved a lot of action and were the most entertaining parts to me. Especially, when it involved the badass female characters serving up some justice.

The beginning captured me straight away with the mystery of the dark forest that young girls were warned against going into. I loved getting to see Red grow from a shy and delicate girl into a formidable and tenacious woman. Things slowed a bit in the middle especially with the Luca ancestor portions of the story, particularly Matthias, I just didn’t care for him at all. The actual wolf was a much better character than that terrible man. But, the story picked up again near the end with some non-stop action where I couldn’t put the book down.

I’m truly curious to see how the story continues as this was the first book in a series. It seemed pretty wrapped up with not too many loose ends so I’m not sure how the series will continue. But, I’d love to see more of the strong females that are consistently present in this book. It’s an entertaining read and I recommend it to those looking for a story with a strong female presence. And of course, if you love witches.
Profile Image for Alana K. K..
Author 6 books43 followers
July 19, 2021
Though she questioned the truth behind those tales, whether such a wolf truly existed, Red stayed on the path, and she remained chaste."

This is Red Riding Hood like you haven't seen her. This is the wolf like you haven't seen him! I was ensnared in the back story of the wolf the most -- trying to figure out how he came to be and just who he was. See, by the time Riding Hood, or Rose, comes around in 1891, it has been almost 400 years that the wolf has been bound to his curse roaming the woods where the blood leads him, killing women whose families sacrifice them so they may choose a whole other family line to kill, to use to their advantage.

This is a brief rundown as there are many characters in this book. Some will enchant you, while others will disgust you -- and I think you will be utterly surprised a few times! I really got wrapped up and I highly recommend this one!
Profile Image for Samuel (Still Reading Sam) M..
Author 6 books30 followers
May 20, 2022
"One small sacrifice, and the Wolf will do my bidding"
Spoilers/ Review for Red by @s.voerman
Red opens with a description of the Romanian town of Bezidu Nou and the myths and legends that surrounds them. The story jumps between 1891 where Victor is trying to summon the Wolf for his own purposes, and 1504 in Vastemõsia, Estonia where a man named Matthias is dealing with a curse. As the story grows, we meet Red aka Rose who meets a mysterious group in 1891 who promise to change her life. But how do these two timelines connect?...
I promised Sabrina that I would read her works this year and decided to uphold my word. Red sounded very interesting and I looked forward to trying another new to me author
It was easy to get into this story and Voerman gets you intrigued right from the start. The nod to Red Riding hood was easy to see and Red is a wonderful character. The dual timeline element worked very well and it did feel like we spent a good amount of time in both timelines. I enjoyed reading both Matthias' and Red's plots develop. There's some nice parallels between the two I felt. The way Voerman takes a look at the characters really works. You can get really lost in this story and this rich world that has been created, which explains why my review might be lacking in areas. My only problem with this one (this is not a personal attack. I did enjoy this one) but I wish we had more from the 1891 timeline and explored the witches and their characters. Just felt a tiny bit more there would have been good
On the whole I would recommend this one for both fans of horror and/or fantasy. I look forward to more from Sabrina
Overall 4.5/5 🐺
Profile Image for Kate.
Author 15 books822 followers
January 14, 2021
Four hundred years ago, a werewolf made a pact with a witch to transfer his curse. Now, Red lives in a town haunted by this curse. When her father offers her up as a sacrifice to control the beast and claim power, Red turns to witchcraft to protect herself. But the curse is old and not easily broken...

The simultaneous timelines of the originators of the curse and Red drove the story forward, keeping the tension building throughout. The lush descriptions ground everything in a darkly magical place. I love faerie tale retellings, especially dark ones, and especially Red Riding Hood, so this was right up my alley. I read an early draft of this book, and I'm always amazed at how much can change and become better through editing! Red finding a coven of witches was new for me but really added to the story (and I believe includes some characters from the sequels). This book had an awesomely dark vibe to it and I'd recommend it if you enjoyed The Hazel Wood or Sisters Red.
Profile Image for Michael Benavidez.
Author 10 books78 followers
February 20, 2021
RED is the debut novel and first in a series by Sabrina Voerman. Utilizing the vast spectrum of magic, witchcraft, good, and evil, she crafts a cast of characters that are interesting, engaging, and stunningly heartfelt. A story of two time lines, this is a period piece that doesn't try (at least doesn't feel like it's trying) to set up for a guy punch of emotion. It just seamlessly weaves itself together, and as the reader understands and predicts the end, we become ever more interested in the outcome. To say I enjoyed it is an understatement. Having been in (another) reading rut, I read this book in one full morning. Succeeding in being a character centric story, Red takes the Little Red Riding Hood story, smashes it and creates a fully realized world. I don't know what else to say without gushing, this book is a full 5 stars.
Profile Image for Michael Goodwin.
Author 16 books75 followers
December 2, 2021
A gritty examination on the effects of love, acceptance and sacrifice, this story is a unique blend of fantasy and horror that challenges your perception of what is good and what is evil. This book tells us two stories, intricately woven together but taking place several hundred years apart. One is about a small village haunted by the legend a mythical wolf, the other is the story of how that legendary wolf came to be.

Both tales are expertly written and pull you in with classic fairytale vibes. It reads like a reimagined Brothers Grimm tale with a modern flair and visceral imagery. The confidence in Voerman's prose is admirable, unafraid to give us a satisfyingly bleak ending that shows that good things can be born from evil deeds.

RED was a fantastic read, and I'll be seeking out more from Voerman very soon.
Profile Image for Vivien Rainn.
Author 2 books36 followers
October 18, 2021
A compelling twist on the well-loved tale of Little Red Riding Hood that was a page-turner through and through!

Voerman has crafted an intricate tale that stretches out across two different times, intersecting in a thrilling ending that will just leave you wanting to read more. Witches, wolves, spells and sisterhood—this story has all you need to satisfy your dark fairy-tale retelling needs.

My absolute favorite part of the story is the interplay of the villainous ‘bad’ vs. ‘good’ through the theme of abuse. Not only is this well- articulated throughout the narrative, it’s also handled with a nuance that acknowledges the fact that abuse can come even from the most domestic sphere—home—making the bad all the more sinister, and the good all the more powerful. This, coupled with the theme of empowerment that runs throughout the story packs a serious punch by the time you feast on that deliciously dark ending.

Give Red a read if you are a fairy-tale retelling fan, and like many others I will be eagerly awaiting the next installment in the Blood Bound Series.
Profile Image for Felix Dimaro.
Author 13 books78 followers
August 30, 2021
I’m not huge on werewolf or witchcraft stories, and I’ve never in my life been interested in reading a retelling of a fairy tale, but, as I continue to expand on the types of books I read, I decided to try “RED”, a retelling of “Little Red Riding Hood” by Canadian author Sabrina Voerman ( @s.voerman ) And it made me glad that I’ve decided to be more openminded with my reading.

RED is a tale of two timelines; one taking place in 1504, featuring a young man desperate to break a werewolf curse; the other taking place in 1901, featuring a teenage girl called Red and her struggle to figure out who she is and what she stands for while she deals with an incredibly shitty family.

While the plot of the story revolves around magic, I appreciated the fact that this book is about much more than that. Dealing with abuse, breaking societal conventions, women’s issues, and terrible, terrible parenting, RED is a captivating book with interesting and evocative characters who will keep you engaged and interested in their fates until the very end.

A few things in this story could have been cleared up a bit, particularly the rules of some of the magic, and a couple of the character’s motivations for their actions. These issues led to me feeling a little lost at times, especially with the chapters based in 1504. But by the end, things come together nicely, and I was left with an appreciation for how clever this story is. I’m sure I’ll never think of Little Red Riding Hood the same again.
1 review
January 18, 2021
What would you do to protect those you love? How far will you go to protect yourself? “Red” is a book so well done I don’t know where to begin the compliments… Let’s start with the outside. The touchable, soft cover. It’s the kind of cover that survives greasy fingerprints, as it can be wiped off and look new again. This is great news for people like me who snack while reading. The size of the book is just right. It can easily be held open and read with one hand. Big enough to not have to turn the page every ten seconds, but small enough that it isn’t trying to close over the hand holding it open. Long enough to be an afternoon read, not heavy enough to tire your arm. I would know; I read it in one sitting. The cover image fits the story within so precisely I got goosebumps while reading the chapter where it connects. Fellow readers will relate to the satisfaction of everything coming together so beautifully.
Now for the best part: The contents. Wow. When I read, I hate reading paragraphs describing minute details. This author has perfected the balance of giving enough detail to stimulate the imagination while keeping the story progressing. I love fairy tales, I love reading about the “supernatural”, and I love the fantasy genre. This novel blends all of my favorite themes into something dark, twisted, and beautiful. From the sensitive content warning, to the hilarious dedication, to the story itself, this novel is so thoughtfully put together. The writing is compelling and wonderfully aware (if you read it, you know what this means). The characters were diverse and engaging. Their flaws tie into the plot very well. The author expertly navigates writing through different perspectives and different centuries, weaving a tale that joins together flawlessly at the end. Though not entirely happy, the ending left me feeling that everything was exactly as it should be. In summary, this was a quick, fantastic read with an extremely satisfying conclusion, and I can’t wait to read what comes next.
Profile Image for T.R. Tells.
Author 8 books30 followers
February 6, 2021
Red is the first book in the Blood Bound Series by Sabrina Voerman. It is a dark twist of Red Riding Hood & the Brothers Grim with witches, wolves, curses, struggles--and empowerment--of the bonds of women. I had read a draft of this in the past and when it came out it was equally enjoyable to read again. There was so many new things I hadn't seen before AND there were so many things I hadn't even realized till my second read. The world and the nature of the words are so crafted well together that reading it more than once you'll continue to discover something new every time. The chapters are told from two time periods and it was enjoyable to read that were seemingly related and unrelated at the same time. There is never a dull moment because you have intrigue for every character that appears. It isn't until closer to the middle and end everything begins to interweave together making light bulbs click to find out the identity of the wolf and what will happen to each respective character. Voerman places dashes of hints in the book, but the mystery is so well crafted that you'll end up second guessing everything. 😉
The ride was definitely worth it and to read a well crafted story again was equally enjoyable. I am eagerly awaiting the remaining books of the Blood Bound Series 🙌
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Profile Image for Rose Flynn.
Author 9 books10 followers
January 14, 2021
A dark and twisty Red Riding Hood Retelling

Sabrina Voerman has written an intense, dark two time-lines version of the Red Riding Hood Tale. Her story has given me Uprooted/Holly Black vibes and chills. You follow two timelines of Red in late 19th century Romania and Matthias in 16th century Estonia as each is trying to survive the fates they have been given. Red is to be sacrificed and Matthias is cursed. Voerman has crafted a narrative that leaves you wondering just how these two characters are interconnected, who the wolf really is, and just how far are some of these characters willing to go to get what they want. I found myself enraptured and reading this 190 page YA novel within days.

There are some dark thematic elements in this novel of physical abuse, murder and sacrifice making this novel more appropriate for an older teen/young adult audience. If you like YA LGBTQ+ darker occult fiction, then you will most likely love this novel. I see this is labeled as the first book of the Blood Bound Series and I wonder what will happen next!
Profile Image for Billy Jr..
Author 2 books23 followers
February 8, 2022
Red, is a twist on fairy tales in a sense, but the book is also its own thing. This book is perfect for those looking to experience a dark tale with immensely memorable characters. There are many twists and turns through the dark woods of this tale, and many things that unfold in a smooth twist that runs throughout the entire story. Just wonderfully done by Voerman!

What stands out to me the most is the layered characters development, especially Red, of course, but also from the tragic and sad tale of The Wolf, and how he became the way he is.

I became lost in the developments toward the end of the book that I had no clue I was rapidly approaching the end. The read isn’t a long read, but Voerman gets so much content in her words that it is an impressive feat, only managed by very few authors!

Little Red Riding Hood kicking some arse,
A Wolf-man,
Beautiful imagery, and even more beautiful words.

Superb 5 star read!
Profile Image for Brooklynn Dean.
Author 17 books104 followers
May 5, 2021
Red is a historical novel of magic and fantasy and the exploration of cruelty that not only engulfs the reader in its elegance and horror but also takes seriously the time frames in which it was set. Voerman has clearly done research in preparation for this tale because the language, the lives, and the general tone of each time period felt very real. It very much felt like reading a Grimm Brothers tale in subject matter and execution.
I love when books dive into human concepts and conditions within the fun of their fiction and Voerman most certainly took us to all the right places. There is some triggering content so be prepared, but these subjects are vital for our evolution of as a species—they are a reality and we cannot change them or help those affected unless we continue to discuss them. This is what makes art and fiction so powerful, and Red is certainly a powerful tale.
Profile Image for Gillian Dowell.
Author 3 books58 followers
January 19, 2021
When you’re lost within these pages, you’ll forget how this story is a retelling and not simply a remarkable, originally done idea of its own.

Red takes you to the shadowed corners of a fairytale, where dark secrets and mystery await you and your unsuspecting mind. With layered stories intertwined amongst ideal utilization of beasts and magic, you’ll behold nothing short of the peak of fantasy that remains alluring from start to finish.

Sabrina Voerman has expertly executed this take on Red Riding Hood which will surely leave you, like me, impatiently anticipating the next installment in this spell-binding series.
Profile Image for Peter Baker.
Author 4 books9 followers
May 27, 2022
RED was a delightfully violent and Shakespeareanly tragic reimagining of Little Red Riding Hood that spans over the course of a few centuries. Despite the violence, Voerman highlighted humanity’s gray areas where morality is concerned, subverted a trope a time or two, and managed to keep a part of the whimsical nature we often associate with more G rated fairy tales. My only small complaint was that I don’t think we got enough of the coven, but overall I’m delighted to continue on to the rest of her series.
Profile Image for Alicia.
1 review
March 6, 2021
For her debut novel, and the first in an ambitious series, Sabrina Voerman's writing reads as a deep and experienced ya author. The characters are dynamic and interesting. The plot is driving and a few unanswered questions keep you seeking and wondering throughout. Peppered with just enough gore and horror to keep you on your toes, Red weaves a spell on the reader like any good witch would.
Profile Image for M.J. Carstarphen.
Author 2 books11 followers
February 3, 2021
I loved Red. I'll admit it's not my typical genre or style of book, but I enjoyed it! The duo timelines and witchcraft all made for a fantastic story that has me waiting for the next book as well as maybe even reading similar styles. Absolutely worth reading.
1 review
February 5, 2021
It was an interesting book full of historical character and a completely new take on witches for me. I liked the different take on the traditional role of the wolf and girl in the red hood. Congratulations on writing your first book - I can't wait for the next one :)
Profile Image for Nik Knack.
1 review
February 16, 2021
Great book from start to finish - I can't wait to read the other books in this series! The end kept me guessing... well till the end. You really got to connect with the characters during their journey and feel invested in their storyline.
February 21, 2021
Red is a dark recount of a classic story that had me guessing right up to the last page. This book is thrilling and full of detailed imagery. I can't wait to see where the author takes this story next
January 24, 2021
Perfectly descriptive, gruesome and enticing! I don't normally read occult fiction however, I really enjoyed this.
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