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DreamRovers #1

DreamRovers: Price of Deliverance

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Dreaming can be dangerous...

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Indra has lived in dreams since her mother’s death. It’s a lonely life, but it keeps her safe and connected to her mother’s memory. Joining other dreamrovers would tether her to reality, but she’d gain the family she always wanted—if they survive long enough.

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Fifteen-year-old Norma lost everything when her village discovered her family’s abilities. When her sister insists that dreamrovers are wrong, Norma must decide between her dreams and her family.

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Walker escaped court life two years ago, when the rest of his family was executed for dreamroving. Training under the king’s guard gave him the skills to survive in the mountains alone. Helping other rovers build a new home might ease the guilt from his past.

As persecution grows, all three struggle to defend their new family. Hatred runs deep, and escape is no longer an option—not even through dreams.

Kindle Edition

Published April 2, 2021

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About the author

Christie Valentine Powell

18 books54 followers
Christie Valentine Powell wrote her first story in second grade, and she has been writing ever since. Her other hobbies include making toys, hobby farming, and eating at Asian buffets. She lives near the sunniest city in the world with her husband, four children, and many chickens.

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318 reviews16 followers
April 6, 2021
One Sentence Summary: Condemned and hunted because of an ability they were born with, a group of people who can rove through dreams are only seeking a safe home for themselves.

This book had me at dreams. As a former psychology student, I am fascinated with dreams, so I jumped at the opportunity to read about people who could rove through other people's dreams. Of course, there's danger when it comes to that and I'm sure many people wouldn't like to have strangers peeking in on their most private thoughts, so it was fascinating to read how both sides played out.

The Plot: Fast-Paced, but Immersive

DreamRovers: Price of Deliverance is centered on two individuals and one family. Walker was once nobility, until his family's ability upset the court, so now he's living as far away from his old life as he can and trying to keep to himself. Indra's mother was killed years ago because of her ability, but Indra was able to escape, only to find life more bearable by treading through dreams and living in the dreamscape, which also holds its dangers. Bridgley and his family have been driven out of their home because of their ability and dream of creating a home for both themselves and others like them.

On the other side, people live in fear of the dreamrovers, never knowing who might be peeking in on their dreams and gleaning information they could use for their own ends. As the dreamrovers try to settle in Grayton, the town and its leader are staunchly against them.

DreamRovers: Price of Deliverance is a fast-paced story that details two sides of one issue. I was surprised by how well I could see both sides and sympathize with them. I do believe the author fully explored both viewpoints and created thoughtful arguments for both, making me fall right in the middle as I usually do in real life.

That's actually one thing I adored about this story. It follows the persecuted and the persecutors and paints such vivid picture of both sides that I never felt one was completely good and one completely bad. It felt like an incredibly well-done balancing act to explore both sides and present their arguments. The characters were particularly instrumental and everything about who they are only bolsters the strength of this story.

This is a relatively quick read with a really good pace, but I wish there had been more. I feel it could have had more meat to it and been more nuanced, but then I also wonder if the overall story and message might have been muddled. Still, I really enjoyed the story and loved the focus it had. When it could have gone off on many tangents as fantasy usually does, DreamRovers: Price of Deliverance stayed on track and really immersed me in it. I look forward to the next installment in the series.

The Characters: Two Sides of the Coin

All of the characters in DreamRovers: Price of Deliverance fell on one side or the other and did a marvelous job of enunciating their views. They felt real and human with real concerns and fears and desires. I believe the strength of this story rests on the shoulders of the characters. The story is a wonderful one, but it's carried off really well by the characters.

The dreamrovers were so varied both in terms of their abilities and how they viewed dreamroving. I loved the intricacies and differences even within one family. Bridgley's family is on the large side with children and grandchildren, but they were all given unique personalities that helped set them all apart. Their love of the family, though, really shone through and was so heartwarming. Of all of them, the reader really gets to know the teenage Norma as she keeps a journal throughout the book. It was fun to get her thoughts as well as explanations about the world and dreamroving in simple adolescent terms to prevent agonizing info dumps. My favorite, though, would be Indra, who basically grew up as an orphan wandering the dreamscape. She had such a fascinating take on life and it was so hard to tell how, exactly, she was seeing people and life. It made her seem a little all over the board, but her loyalty was fierce and unbreakable. Then there was Walker, a man who lost everything and had to do battle with his own inner demons. It made him into a definite loner, but I loved how the love of the family really helped him and gave him a new purpose.

Outside of the dreamrovers, all of the other characters were basically against the dreamrovers. There were a few who didn't really care either way and some who just didn't really seem to mind dreamrovers. I found them a little one note in just how against the dreamrovers they are, almost mindless at times about it, but the main instigators were quite interesting. Namely, there's Fenton, the leader of the town. The reader gets to see the different sides of him and piece together his plan and it created a bit of a shudder through me as I figured out what was going to happen before the characters did.

Overall, I really enjoyed the characters. They were all so different and had different ideas, but they were never muddled. They lived and breathed to me. But my favorite part was that the characters' surnames were direct reflections of the mother!

The Setting: Focused Around a Small Fantasy Town

Most of DreamRovers: Price of Deliverance is set in and around the town of Grayton. But the larger world was well explored through the treatment of the dreamrovers. I liked that a history was given to the world, especially as it pertained to the dreamrovers.

Everything about it screamed traditional Eurocentric fantasy, though there were hints of other, different cultures lurking out there. This story takes place in, basically, a corner of the world, but there's definitely more out there. The town felt quaint and the farm Bridgley's family tried to build was often downright pastoral.

But what really stole the world building scene for me were the abilities. While most of the people seemed to be quite normal like you or me, there were also a number of abilities drifting through families, like dreamroving. It was interesting to read how some abilities were persecuted and others were not even though they all could be destructive in their own ways. I loved how it was normal for some people to have them and others to not.

Overall: A Perfectly Balanced Fantasy

DreamRovers: Price of Deliverance impressed me with just how balanced it was. Both sides were incredibly well done, though I felt my heart resting more with the dreamrovers. They were so varied in how they viewed and used their gift, but their strength and desire to help others was always evident. Overall, this was a wonderful, quick read with just enough complexity and tension to prevent the story and the issue from being watered down.

Thank you to Christie Valentine Powell for a review copy. All opinions expressed are my own.
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Author 17 books26 followers
March 12, 2021
This is a delightful tale following the intertwined lives of several outcast DreamRovers, people who have the innate ability to witness, manipulate, and even travel through dreams, be it their own dreams or those of other people nearby.

One DreamRover, Indra lives a lonely, but relatively her safe life in the mists of dreams ever since the death of her beloved mother, but she longs for connection. Meanwhile, fifteen-year-old Norma and her family find themselves on the run when they are discovered to share these unique abilities, and because of the loss of everything, she finds she must choose between life on the run or turning her back on her gift. And then there is Walker. Walker's family had been Courtiers, but when his parents were executed for their manipulation of dreams to their own ends, he found himself on the wrong side of the law carrying misplaced guilt and searching for redemption. As these three find their lives suddenly intertwined, they each hope for a path that will lead them to safety removed from the increasing persecution of their kind.

I thoroughly enjoyed this unique exploration of dreams as a method of travel and influence. Christie Powell did well developing her characters and building this world where dreams are more than insubstantial journeys of our subconscious minds. I especially enjoyed the unique perspective as Norma began journaling her experiences. There were a lot of characters involved in the world building and in the explanation of how each of these three characters came to be who they are and how they ended up on the path they are on, but they were woven into the story very well without distracting from the main characters.
Author 1 book46 followers
March 13, 2021
Indra Filshira has a gift; one that frightens her community and that few others share. A dreamrover by birth, Indra has the power to enter the dreamscape and wander a world that connects the unconscious minds of those around her. Unlike many, her body can enter this space, as well, making her skills even more intimidating. Because many consider this an invasion of privacy, distrust breeds, inciting unruly mobs to chase dreamrovers away from their homes. Though initially preferring the control she has in the dreamscape, Indra finds herself bonding with other dreamrovers and discovering that family runs deeper than blood.

Told from three points of view, readers observe the lives of the protagonists of this story in a multifaceted way. Journal entries written by fifteen-year-old Norma mark the passage of time, while narration by Walker and Indra chronicle their mutual transition from solitary lives to lives interconnected with others. Much like The Witcher, despite their best attempts at remaining detached, Indra and Walker learn the importance of family and building relationships with other people.

This story revolves around human connection more than action, though the world in which these characters live is filled with danger. Characteristics like dreamroving and crowdspeaking are commonplace, but dreamroving is by far the most thoroughly explained in the world building of this tale.

A unique approach to the importance of love and connection in a world that is filled with prejudice and fear, this story gives readers hope about survival even in challenging circumstances. Young adult readers will enjoy observing the growth of each character in this story and will look forward to finding out what happens next in the series.
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Author 102 books120 followers
April 2, 2021
Exceptional Fantasy!

Powell pens a fantastical story in DreamRovers: Price of Deliverance. I have read work from this author before, and I really enjoyed it. This was one of my favorites. I liked the idea of avoiding grief by living inside the dreams. The characters, especially Indra, are unique and curiously appealing to learn about. Dreamroving is the theme of the story, and shows how it affects different people, and is a very interesting and intriguing idea. I just fell in love with Powell's imagination and her depth of all of her characters, both raw, intense, emotional, and just plain real. The story brings in the believable, even if almost impossible. This book deserves a second read! (and maybe more). It's a great story to follow and try to figure out what will happen next. A real page turner! This author's characters develop and interacts well with the other characters. I look forward to reading many more stories by this author. DreamRovers: Price of Deliverance is a definite recommendation by Amy's Bookshelf Reviews.
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34 reviews5 followers
March 2, 2021
I loved reading this story and getting the different sides to the story. Indra and her disconnect to the world because she basically lives her like mostly in the dream world, walker and his avoidance of people due to running away and the diaries of the young girl. All of the points of view help give different facets of the story. I really enjoyed this story. Would definitely recommend
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Author 65 books100 followers
March 21, 2021
I was given this story by the author. I found this tale intriguing and facinating. People were ostracized from their home because they have a gift to help people. Prejudice runs high. The author describes how a dream rover can enter someone's dream. I felt lost in this story, wondered what would happen next, and I wanted to read more.
Profile Image for Christie Powell.
Author 18 books54 followers
December 8, 2020
A family searches for safety, persecuted for their ability to travel through dreams.
DreamRovers follows three points of view: dream-dwelling Indra, mountain man Walker, and the journal entries of 15-year-old Norma.
The story is part epic fantasy, part family saga.
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Author 9 books40 followers
April 23, 2021
Powell pens an intriguing fantasy with characters who can move through, manipulate, and physically immerse themselves in other people's dreams. A delightful read.
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4 reviews
June 19, 2021
I really enjoyed this book. The concept was amazing and perfectly woven into the world the author created. I loved seeing the family dynamics between the family that the book focuses on and there was definitely some nice character development. Personally, for me, I think the pacing was a little bit slow at the beginning but it was worth it as the book gets better and better as you read on, and by the time I got to the climax I was on the edge of my seat. Would definitely recommend and I'm excited to see where the series goes from here.
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Author 16 books2 followers
November 30, 2022
I just finished reading Dream Rovers: The Price of Deliverance-- and let me just say that the author delivered! This fantasy was epic in its telling and had me enthralled by the first page. The first thing I admired was the descriptions of the dreams themselves, they feel so real and yet pertain an ethereal quality that I could relate to due to my real-life dreams, as I'm sure many readers would argee. It was interesting that certain kinds of dreams were associated with different colors, such as fever or sick dreams being colored by a yellow mist.

The story itself is quick-paced and action packed with the thrilling plot twists one would expect in a masterful work. I especially enjoyed the young outlaw Walker's character arc. I've always had a soft spot for novels featuring multiple point of view characters that are fleshed out with intertwining plots. This book did not disappoint on that front. I look forward to seeing more of what the world has in store.
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