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Fireflies at 3 am

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‘Fireflies at 3 am’ brings a landmark new genre to the world of literature. It’s a book with the flow of poetry but the ebb of short stories – rightfully called “Shoetry”.

This creation takes you to the roots of humanity - stripping back the veneers of life, society and interaction to see people and their ways in an entirely new light.


First published December 4, 2020

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About the author

Danni Thomas

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As a child, he was known to cook up stories to save his little ass. Then he grew up, only in age and size, and went to college. There, he wrote plays, won a few awards and was told to try his luck in advertising. Some kind soul, who had limited knowledge about advertising, told him that this field was all about wearing jeans to work and late night parties. He needed no further persuasion, and without losing any more time, got into advertising.

Over the last 18 years, he worked at some of the biggest advertising agencies in the world, made some memorable ads, won international recognition for his work, and learned how to manage acid reflux. Life was OK, but he decided to complicate it by writing a book.

People nowadays avoid him like the plague lest he ask them to review his work. His children have started studying harder and his wife has taken up baking so that they can escape his nagging requests, every now and then, to read what he’s written. But all said and done, none of that has dampened his spirits. Currently, he is looking forward to selling over a million copies and is busy convincing each of his friends to buy more than 3 copies of the book. Sucker.

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Profile Image for Alok Mishra.
Author 5 books1,182 followers
January 18, 2021
Danni brings creativity on the fore. His poems are instantaneous, quick, random and about anything and everything that comes to a person's mind. His poems are short, most of the times, simple to comprehend at the first reading, and deep at times when you go to read the works for a second or third time. The things that make these works interesting are empty pages after each of the titles, calling upon the readers to pour their thoughts, short stories along with poems, occasionally, and also the randomness of the themes and issues that the poet has dealt with.
You can expect very apparent language, mixed issues, random themes, no connection between this and that work and yet, a straight line of unity following you throughout the pages. Danni has done well with his lines, could do better with the representation, has done his best with the visual appeal with sketches and empty pages. Enjoyable, in one word!
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3,943 reviews2,167 followers
January 15, 2022
"He was more dead

When alive

He was more alive

When dead."

This is the sad reality of today's world and the author captured it perfectly with his writing.

(🌟 Just what I needed to read. It's beautiful, poignant, relevant and the entire composition is so comforting. Love the sketches and the work sheets in between. )

This collection of short stories plus poetry is just the book we need to read today.

The writing reflects the various issues of modern day life. It talks about mental health, family and the changing ways we bring up children, relationships, the changing values and norms, the virtual social life we try to maintain and the fast paced life we all are trying to catch up with.

I love how beautiful the entire book is starting from the cover. It's totally comforting to read something relatable, short yet insightful which expresses the thoughts of many in such few impactful lines.

I appreciate the inclusion of the blank worksheets in between so that the reader can actually express their views after reading each poetry and short story. We can use this book like a journal. Thank you, author, for being so thoughtful.

The most hard-hitting lines are about abuse, the girl child and the losing family values.

One of the best 2021 reads!


👉 The sketches are perfect!

👉 This book might turn you into a good writer. Just fill up the empty journal pages 💌

I am planning to read this book now and then to get inspiration when I need it throughout the year. The book is designed for that I feel.

So precious 💝
Profile Image for Amit Mishra.
231 reviews667 followers
January 25, 2021
Danni's poetry is displaying a variety of issues, themes, subjects and ideas. However, all of those are coming very much from the general life, everyday chores, and frequent emotions, feelings and thoughts experienced by commoners. In short lines, with simple words, Danni has been able to say a lot. Not only poetry the collection also has short stories and sketches. As a whole, I believe that this will impress the readers for sure.
Profile Image for Nidhi P.
41 reviews128 followers
January 20, 2021
Fireflies at 3 am is a fusion of art; a collection of poetry, short stories and sketches. The best part of the book is it's randomness which is constant throughout. And the idea that the author has come with - to leave a blank page after each title so the readers can also pour their randomness on it. How enticing it is. I thoroughly loved the concept Danni has come up with. Truly a good read. And I am sure that it will not go without making an impression upon the readers who read it...
49 reviews47 followers
January 15, 2021
This book has many unique things but the most unique one that I would like others to know is that after each poem or story in the collection, the book invites your creativity... it has blank pages on which a reader can muse or write something he or she likes... I filled a few pages with my random thoughts that were, at times, inspired by what I read on the page before... Shoetry is a new name but old concept of offering a salad with various genres put together in one box. A few of Danni's poems are short enough to be ignored and at times deep enough that invite readers' attention more than once... a good collection, overall, that is engaging on various levels. It has graphics as well. Enjoy it!
Profile Image for Naman Singh.
80 reviews66 followers
January 16, 2021
Reading a plain genre might have been too trying... on a constant loop. And therefore, I truly admire what the author has done – offered poetry and short stories together and called it shoetry! :)
Danni's writing, more of less, sounds emotive. He experiences, thinks, feels, imagines and writes his lines. Most of the time, his lines might connect with the readers. However, a few of his poems and stories are purely subjective and might not yield the same outcomes in the readers as the author's own. Overall, this shoetry experiences as good for me!
Profile Image for Rishi Arya.
37 reviews9 followers
January 15, 2021
Well, as the author of this book calls it 'shoetry', a combination of poems and short stories together in a collection... I would agree with Danni. It makes sense calling it what it is. However, there also also images that tell visual stories other than the words telling written ones. Danni's writing seems apparently simple when you read the book in one go. However, gradually, you will feel that you might need to re-read a few of them or almost all of them to bring out the real sense... an illusionary real sense which is never ripe enough to be decided... :) Enjoy the works!

"I love
What children do
They keep alive
The dying child in you"

A glimpse of what you might find inside... interpret it your won way! All the best guys!
Profile Image for John Kerry.
582 reviews258 followers
December 25, 2020
Written in shoetry form i.e Danni Thomas experimented and gave birth to a new genre, ‘Shoetry’. Where you experience the lovely poetries and the retreat of stories in one book.

Fireflies at 3am is a quick, but powerful read. This book only took me about one and a half hours to read, but let me tell you, it is one powerful read. It dives into some pretty deep topics, poem dwells on our weakness as human beings.

Overall, this book was such a fantastic and lyrical book that really goes into deep subjects. I recommend this book to those who enjoy books written in shoetry form and who like books that talk about tough topics. I am giving this book a rating of 5 out of 5 stars.

Actually this was a surprising read for me!! I do not read poetry, nor do I typically like it, therefore I have avoided reading books in verse for years. But I decided to pick up this book just because it offers an interesting new genre "shoetry", but I’m so pleased I gave it a chance. This is a collection of stories and poetries absolutely everyone should experience.

Highly Recommended to all the lovers of poetries written in a whole new and unique way.
Profile Image for The._Bookarazzi.
181 reviews1 follower
January 23, 2021
Through Fireflies at 3 am author tried out a new genre ‘Shoetry’. In which you will get to read poems as well as short stories within a single book.

The poems are short yet very deep. It is a quick and powerful read. The imaginary references are very well executed. After every poem or story, there is a blank page where you can write your thoughts.

It is based on some random and important issues. The narration is very smooth. Also, the illustrations are apt. I thoroughly loved every concept that the author tried to represent.

It was an amazing read. Recommended to all poetry lovers and beginners.
38 reviews8 followers
January 15, 2021
This is mostly a random rambling... spontaneous musing on the issues that Danni thinks about. There are stories as well and therefore, the author has called his collection a collection of shoetry, short stories and poetry offered together.

"Every answer
Raised another question
Not every question
Had an answer"

Poems with such lines can certainly entice someone into reading the whole collection, also decorated with graphics of the same nature. Simple language and ordinary issues that we deal in everyday life – poetry made of such elements will certainly entertain the readers as well as inspire them to think and they can make use of empty pages that the author has left after each of his title.
Profile Image for Nidhi.
249 reviews16 followers
February 6, 2021
It's rare to find books that talk more in fewer words and if you're someone looking for such a book then there you go.
The book holds some amazing short stories along with some beautifully written poetry. Both the stories and poetries have covered topics like mental health and its impact & importance, family life, relationship problems, and the changes in our norms and the way we are brought up.
The author has done an amazing job with this piece of the book. The stories are well portrayed and the poetries are well written. And the mixture of both makes this book a must-read one.
I enjoyed the content of the book and the best part about the book is the author has included a worksheet in between so that the reader can write about their views. I appreciate the efforts of the author.
The title of the book is kinda interesting whereas the cover is simple and sweet kinda. The writing style is good to go even for beginners.
Profile Image for Avdhesh Anand.
38 reviews38 followers
January 30, 2021
Well, the author might take credit to call it shoetry... yes, short stories + poetry. The poems are emotive expressions of author's thoughts and imaginations. They lack depth because the author might have thought to keep his thoughts coming in a spontaneous manner. The short stories are different, agreeable and not agreeable depending upon the readers' school of thought. The sketches that Danni has included in this collection are well-placed and likeable. The idea of leave one page empty after each of the content might be good for many readers and might irritate some as well... I liked it most of the times and was annoyed by it at times when I had to skip pages to read the next entry. Overall, with bitter-sweet experience, I enjoyed it.
Profile Image for Shivangi Mehta.
39 reviews6 followers
February 2, 2021
Fireflies at 3 am is a Shoetry collection, as the author calls it so, however, I don't completely agree with this. The book also has illustrations that enhance the visual and emotional appeal of poems and stories. Danni's effort as a poet and story writer is commendable. All the poems and stories are unique, varied in length and depth and have a fresh fragrance of emotions. I am absolutely in love with this short shoetry book.
41 reviews40 followers
January 21, 2021
Danni's efforts as a poet and a storyteller are best complemented by the sketches that we find in the collection... a shoetry collection, as the author of this book calls it, that is also supplied with empty pages so that the readers can pen their thoughts down. Well, that was strange to me in the beginning but I tried to sketch my own emotions after reading Danni's works and it started to make me pleased... :)
This was a unique experience to be frank... a few poems are certainly weird and I think I might need to read them a few times to get over.
Profile Image for Christeena  Thomas.
177 reviews6 followers
April 29, 2021
Outside, the wind howled. The dog lay by the fireside, comfortable in the warm embrace of the flickering embers and the soft cuddle of the red Persian carpet.....

Haha😂😂, you are getting none of that kind of writing in this book"

- Danni Thomas

Hello my book dragons!!📚

Well, the above lines are from the preface of "Fireflies at 3am" by Danni Thomas which cracked me a lot😄 Being part of advertising industry, Danni knows the perfect formula to catch the attention of his readers.

Fireflies at 3am is a simple and interesting book. It's a blend of poetry and short stories ( shoetry) a new genre introduced to us by the author. The book has 68 poems and 13 short stories which cover a wide range of topics which are nostalgic yet powerful. They give you a slice of society and it's issues and make you ponder over it at the same time it makes you feel at home.

"In a dull grey world
She lived evergreen
Everyone tried to steal her colour
But all they got was Green"

Some poems were really profound while some were shallow. My favorite poems are Grass Ceiling, Truth, Paradox, Envy, The Nurse, Wheelchair and The King. Short stories were too soothing and beautiful to read. They dealt with themes like love, loss, hope, death, pain, sacrifice, acceptance etc.

One thing that really attracted me about the book was the blank pages in every chapter of the book where the readers can pour out their imaginations and emotions. It felt so thoughtful and unique to me. Also, the minimal yet striking illustrations were another factor that I really loved!!

I felt it would have been good if the poems were a bit more long. Nonetheless, it's a wonderful book to read while you sit back relaxed with a cup of coffee in other hand. Also, a perfect book for beginners who love to try something refreshingly new and simple. This is a perfect choice.⭐⭐⭐⭐!!
Profile Image for Solitude and  books.
746 reviews30 followers
March 18, 2021
Firflires at 3A.M
Shoetry by Danni Thomas

Oh, Only my heart knows, how much I miss the sight of fireflies. I miss those days for sure when the aur was clean, the weather used to be soothing and fireflies would make the full moon nights magical !

No doubt this book made me nostalgic.

What is Shoetry? That term is new to me and I know it's same to you.
Danni Thomas coined it for his unique writing style which is a blend of short stories and poetry. So here comes Shoetry!

This book is a full of musings. Every single shoetry is different. They are incongruous with the rest and yet they all come together beautifully like an exquisite bouquet of wildflowers.
The style is free flow and allegorical but kept simple for all to comprehend.

I believe you can read them any time but if you are one of those night owls these shoetries at the witch hours will definitely make your imagination glow like fireflies.

These touch mysriads of different hues of emotions from young love, past scars, healing, respect of an woman, happiness, bond between child and a parent, hope, joys of life and what not! Each of them go beyond shallowness of life and walks you through deep those ridges that one must take time to think. Of course now they are philosophical and yes again present the realities of life.

Few pages are added for you to unload your own thoughts and ideas afterwards.

Decorated with absolutely beautiful one liner illustrations these book from the cover to its content is unique and I loved it. Definitely recommend it big time.
Profile Image for Vidhika Yadav.
308 reviews10 followers
March 17, 2021
Fireflies at 3 am by danni thomas
Genre- shoetry
A refreshing, witty take on human life

This book is a compilation of several short poems and stories
My personal favourites are:
*One word*
This is a very cute and short poem about the childhood innocence and friendship
It describes how children be very good at forgiving but grow up to be someone who holds grudges for life time.
*White sofa*
This is a very good story or rather I have to say shoetry
This seems so simple but contains so has much hidden meaning.
The plot is about how a mother prohibits her child to use a white sofa that she thinks very precious
The child grows up but still can't get over this thing.
He then buys the sofa and stains it as much as he could there by satisfying his childhood dream

This book introduces us to a new genre called *shoetry*
Shoetry is the format of the combination of stories and poems
And I personally loved this format and looking forward for more books like this

The writing style is very simple and impactful.
Kudos to the author
He conveyed great meanings within a couple of words
All the stories/poems are short, sweet and intriguing.
The thing that I got attracted to is
The pictures in this book
They are soo pleasing and calming
Also blank pages are left over for the readers to pen down their thoughts
I am so much in awe with the pleasantness of the book
A lovely read
Highly recommended from my side
Profile Image for Nirmiti Mittal.
92 reviews2 followers
January 19, 2021
"He believed
Failure would kill him
He befriended success
And it stabbed him instead"
~Et Tu
This is a collection of poems and short stories 'Shoetry', a term coined by the author himself. I am truly mesmerised by the author's observation of different shades of life. He is capable of coloring this book with all that he has gathered through his life. The experiences he gathered, the ones that will leave you coming back to reality, that will keep you grounded.
The author's reflection on some of the most tangible topics has made this book more dear to me. He has talked about racism, envy, emotional breakdown, societal pressures, perceptions and what not. It is a perfect blend of life in words.
There were some worth mentioning poems and short stories that impacted me deeply. 'We', "Envy", 'Equal', 'The Last Lesson', 'Beaten' and 'The Nurse' are some of the poems that resonated with me the most.
Among the short stories, 'The White Sofa' did touch deep. This exemplifies the need to enjoy moments, to let children explore their own places. Because what matters and is reminisced are those moments and not the materialistic pleasures.
I would highly recommend this for any poetry reader, even those who haven't had a good time with poetry in a while. This will leave you with a novel feeling and renew you in ways you haven't imagined.
120 reviews1 follower
March 31, 2021
They’ll welcome you with spectacular sunsets and stunning skyscrapers and a skyline that lights up the whole sky. But when they’re angry, they will burn themselves down to fuel a riot that’d run loose on their streets. They will remind you that if you love a city with its lights on, you will have to love it even when it is on fire.

Firelies at 3am by Danny Thomas is a collection of 83 shoetries, stories dipped in sweet nectar of poetry. The book does not revolve around a particular theme, rather it covers love, society, courage, strength, acceptance and culture. It is a heart warming short read, filled with illustrations and poems, which makes it more personal, and close to my heart. The words are simple yet effective. The only thing which I didn't like about this one is its font size.

My favourite lines:

As he lay peacefully
Wrapped in a sheet of white
His mother distraught
His wife quiet
His little girl
A sad sight
Grief embraced the house inside
Joy embraced the world outside
The Terrorist
As he lay peacefully
Wrapped in a sheet of white
His mother distraught
His wife quiet
His little girl
A sad sight
Grief embraced the house inside
Joy embraced the world outside
Profile Image for Shreemanti.
93 reviews
February 10, 2021
Do you read poems ?

" She was the girl
With a burning desire
To be someone

Little did she know
That the world around her
Was an ocean"

- Danni Thomas , Fireflies at 3 a.m.

This is not a book from the "poetry" genre , then what is you may ask . Well it belongs to the genre - "Shoetry" - a beautiful combination of short stories and poetry. The poems vary in subjects and are quite relatable and I am pretty sure they will linger on my mind for many more days to come. This book adds a new dimension to relationships , hardships , love and on so many more topics. The doodles are so beautifully done that I wanted to rip off the pages and tape them on my wall to stare at them every time I need a reminder about what is and what is not important in life and how to grow.

Adjacent to every poem or short story there is a blank page left to pen down your musings on those sleepless nights , the thoughts that are bothering you , the emotions you want to express but you can't , you can write them down there - well atleast I am going to do so! It will be a great doodling space too! Basically , it will be your own little creative space.

And one more thing , read the preface and the blurb too , believe me you will be entertained.

If you are looking for a good poetry book with a bonus of short stories my dear this one is for you!
134 reviews2 followers
March 31, 2021

This is an assortment of sonnets and short stories 'Shoetry',.I'm genuinely entranced by the creator's perspective on various shades of life.
The poems are prompt, fast, irregular showing an assortment of issues, topics, subjects and thoughts. Nonetheless, those are coming particularly from the overall life, ordinary tasks, and successive feelings, emotions and musings experienced by normal people
In short lines, with straightforward words, The writer has had the option to say a ton. Not just verse the assortment additionally has short stories and portrayals. In general, I accept that this will dazzle the perusers without a doubt.
22 reviews16 followers
January 16, 2021
I think I am writing this review around 4 AM... well, that's life!
Danni's writing is spontaneous. He does not stop and garner leaves of a tree. He moves to another tree after resting in the shadow of one. He writes poems. He also writes short stories. Yes, a kind of newness is there in a straight line. Some of his thoughts might reflect in the readers' mind and others may not. However, his words do leave a lasting impression upon the readers. I think so.
You will enjoy the poems, stories and also the sketches that go along. All the best!
Profile Image for Som reading 24x7.
971 reviews20 followers
February 11, 2021
This is a collection of poems and short stories. Each poem is sweet and short,still they leave an impact. The short stories are written in form of stanzas. There are beautiful illustrations inbetween the poems, which light up the mood.
Each poem is written beautifully. The topic of each poem is different from one another. The topics are motivation, help, hope, etc. I love the fact that there are pages left for the readers to pen down their own feelings.
The language is lucid. I finished it in one sitting only.
21 reviews18 followers
January 21, 2021
Danni Thomas has made a wonderful attempt in his book by combining three different forms of art - poetry, short story and sketching. No doubt his poems and stories have wider vision, vast variety of themes of day-to-day life and are easily comprehendible, but I found sketches more talkative and powerful. And here I truly agree that pictures are more communicative than words.
Well, it does not take away anything from the efforts that poet and storyteller has put to his written words... those are still wonderful and the book is a must-read!

Profile Image for Ishika Sinha.
60 reviews14 followers
March 23, 2021
"Four goldfish in a tank
One killed the other three
He now ruled the tank
With no subjects for company
What use was the victory
When he still couldn't be free?"
Fireflies at 3 a.m. by Danni Thomas is a collection of poems as well as short stories. Briefly it is known as shoetry. It is the first time that I have read something like this. It didn't dissapoint me at all. The poems are short, sweet, yet impactful. Danni has dealt with numerous issues in his book including love, loss, childhood, loneliness, old age, and so on. With his unique take, he has given a new shape and form to all these subjects.
The language is very simple and can be understood by anyone. It contains valuable life lessons as well as happy-go-lucky stories as well. All in all, its a complete package. If you are looking for a light-read toget you out of a reading slump, this is it! 💖
31 reviews44 followers
February 2, 2021
Shoetry... the name confused me when I got this book... however, I quickly figured it out – poetry and short stories together make it shoetry. I liked most of the works by Danni as I read those. I also liked the sketches that the author has supplied with his texts. Moreover, I enjoyed the short stories that deal with emotional and humane issues we often interact... enjoy reading the book guys!
Profile Image for Deepika.
57 reviews16 followers
January 16, 2021
To be frank, Danni has been very subjective and he has boldly expressed what he things, feels and judges to be right. It is good.
Creativity is fine in his works. He has been a little extra creative and called upon the readers to show their creativity by leaving empty pages for them to muse or write whatever they feel... that's exciting. Overall, it was a quick-realised piece that might take interesting turns when you revisit the same works.
Profile Image for Martha Pasatiempo.
14 reviews1 follower
September 30, 2021
I was offered a version of this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

When I first started this poetry collection, I was not a fan. The style was different than what I had expected and the poems were a bit rough around the edges. However, as I pushed through the collection I came to really appreciate the uniqueness of these poems and the style. It took a bit of getting used to, and could perhaps be worked on a bit to flow better, but overall i enjoyed it.

I didn’t find the poems to be forced like some other people did. I found them genuine. There didn’t seem to be any theme connecting them together, which gave a bit of a random feel to the collection and made it more difficult to really get in the ‘mood’ of each poem. They reminded me of the random thoughts you have right before you fall asleep, which kind of makes sense considering the title.

Overall, I enjoyed the collection and would be interested to read any future publications from this author. I really think they have potential, and they do really clever things with words which I admire.
Profile Image for Abhishek Ranjan.
32 reviews17 followers
January 28, 2021
The book is full of facts... facts in form of poetry and facts in the form of short stories. Though I do admit that there are many facets of this book with which I don't agree. However, the very fact that the collection instigates thoughts in the minds of the readers gives you inspiration to read this book... more than enough! Do read this collection and you will love it. Absolutely!
March 16, 2021
Fireflies at 3am is a wonderful collection of poetry and short stories. Poems are very short and deliver great messages also. It is difficult to pick one favourite poem from the collection. The uniqueness of this book is the short story is the continuation of very previous poem. The illustrations are very simple and beautiful and very related to the poem. After each poem and short story there are blank spaces where the reader can pendown their ideas or feelings. Highly recommended for those who love reading shoetry.
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