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Just for Kicks

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Milwaukee Growlers Football Book 1

It was supposed to be just for kicks...

Andi Larsen learned early on there is no such thing as fairy godmothers. A childhood spent in foster care will do that to a girl. She’s working her way through night school and is on the cusp of establishing her own business without help from anyone, thank you very much. But when her deadbeat ex steals her identity, amassing a staggering debt in her name, her fairy godmother appears in the guise of a spunky, Fireball whisky-wielding septuagenarian. The older woman’s solution for Andi? Tie the knot with a kilt-wearing, moody jock whose legs look sexier in a skirt than hers do.

Declan Fletcher never intended to be a place-kicker for a professional football team. But fate had other plans. Exiled from his beloved Scotland a decade ago, Dex is now a superstar athlete known throughout the league as the “Man with the Million Dollar Leg.” But when a mix-up in his immigration paperwork threatens to send him home before the season begins, he’ll do anything to avoid deportation and facing his greatest mistake. Even if it means marrying a pink-haired waif of a lass with eyes that seem to see everything he’s determined to keep hidden.

A grumpy cat, nosy teammates, and a sizzling sexual attraction make their marriage of convenience anything but convenient.

262 pages, Kindle Edition

Published March 15, 2021

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About the author

Tracy Solheim

31 books955 followers
Tracy Solheim writes books with shirtless men on the cover. Some of them are actually best-sellers. The books, not the men. When she's not writing, she's practicing her curling. . . bottles of wine, that is. She's been known to cook dinner but no more than two nights in a row. Most days, she'd rather be reading, which to her is just necessary research. She lives in the suburbs of Atlanta with her husband and a neurotic Labrador retriever. Her two adult children visit but not often enough. (See the note above about cooking.) Sign up for her newsletter at https://www.tracysolheim.com/ to see what she’s up to. She'll send you a free cookbook from her Chances Inlet series as a thank you!

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3,984 reviews468 followers
March 15, 2021
I have to tell you guys something before I even begin to review … I have yet to look at this title and not read Just For Kilts!! Seriously! And it makes me gloriously giddy every time!

Okay, about this story … SUCH A GREAT READ! It’s not a *steamy* story but had its moments. It’s not an *angsty* story but was filled with emotion. I wouldn’t say it was predictable, but I also wasn’t surprised. I loved it because I was in a state of *happy sigh* from practically the beginning to the end. I liked all the choices the author made for the plot and the development of Andi and Dex as a couple. I especially liked that the story focused more on Andi’s dilemma and Dex’s dilemma than football. I like sport romances, but not because of the sport itself but the team aspect. They make for great series that can have the characters interconnect in each other’s stories, so you really never say goodbye to any particular character until the series ends.

Okay, go do the thing now :) ➡➡

Amazon US: https://amzn.to/3aUuEoW
Amazon UK: https://amzn.to/3aRrmCP
Amazon CA: https://amzn.to/3a404tP
Amazon AU: https://amzn.to/3tLhbZd
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862 reviews48 followers
March 9, 2021
This book was a delicious surprise. It packed less heat than I expected, but it wasn’t lacking in feelings for sure.

There may have been some stereotypes regarding Dex’s scottish origins–the kilt, the brogue… the picture of a castle, really?–but the character himself was special. Behind his gruff attitude and his broody mood, Dex hid a giant heart and a big brain too. And, of course, a terrible secret that’s gonna threaten his relationship with Andi.

Andi was an interesting character too. Driven, independant, she had built strong barriers around her fragile soul. Looking for a family, she had surrounded herself with very close friends and was easy to befriend in general.

There could hardly be two people more different than Andi and Dex, and it was fascinating to see them slowly intertwine their lives.

The marriage of convenience made sense here, a lot of sense even. And both intrigues–the reason why Dex doesn’t want to go back to Scotland, and Andi’s need for money–kept going until the end. They didn’t disappear once Andi and Dex had exchange their vows. So the whole plot was fluid and coherent.

I had trouble understanding Dex’s friendship with Trey. They never had a friendly conversation, were always in conflict. Maybe some more context around them would have helped. And Andi’s rivalry with Jade was such an easy device that I felt a bit disappointed.

But all in all, it’s a great book, low on the sport, but heavy on emotions, with a well written plot and interesting characters.


- Series: Milwaukee Growlers football #1 (can be read as a standalone)
- Hashtags: #football romance #fake relationship #marriage of convenience #opposites attract #man in kilt
- Triggers: mild bullying, past death (nothing graphic)
- Main couple: Andi Larsen & Declan Fletcher
- Hotness: 3/5
- Romance: 4/5
- + Dex is a very considerate man
- – again a female rival with a shitty revenge plan…
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1,716 reviews15 followers
March 16, 2021
Andi Lawsen grew up in foster care after the death of her mother. That contributed to her strong spirit and determination to succeed. She is working toward her business degree taking night classes while working as a receptionist at Shear Envy salon during the day. It was there where she met Mrs. Hilbert who took Andi to meet Kurt Hilbert, her agent/attorney son. Andi's ex-boyfriend Kenny accessed Andi's financial aid account and took out student loans to the tune of $70,000 and took off to Las Vegas to win big playing poker and leaving Andi with the loan debt. While explaining all this to Kurt Hilbert place-kicker for the Milwaukee Growlers football team, Declan Fletcher, barges into their meeting demanding Hilbert stop his deportation order. That's when Mrs. Hilbert comes up with the brilliant idea for Andi and Declan to marry so Declan could avoid being deported back to Scotland. Andi wasn't crazy about the idea but decided to go along with it as it meant a trip to Vegas where she planned to confront Kenny. Too bad she found herself really attracted to Declan. But, no, this wouldn't work. Right?

Declan Fletcher left Scotland ten years ago running away from a tragedy. He planned to never go back. Being deported had to be stopped. He'd do anything to avoid that. Marrying the cute, little, pink-haired pixie didn't seem to be a bad solution to his problem. He could live with a fake marriage for six months. He was super attracted to Andi though. Well he'd just have to keep his hands off her. So off they flew to Las Vegas where their wedding almost didn't take place. Take place it finally did though, a Star Wars themed wedding with Princess Lea officiating and Luke Skywalker and Chewbacca as witnesses. Whew! Dodged a bullet - no deportation back to Scotland.

Just for Kicks by Tracy Solheim is the first book in her Milwaukee Growlers Football series and what an excellent beginning. This was a very entertaining story with great dialogue, likable characters and a storyline that grabs your attention from the get-go. I liked watching Andi hold her own and then some with the WAGS (wives and girlfriends) of the Howlers players. And I enjoyed watching her fall in love with Declan. Declan didn't want permanence but was so protective of Andi. Declan is a very interesting character. He let what happened during his younger years in Scotland keep him aloof and closed-off. Good thing Andi fixed that! Ms. Solheim has convinced me with this book to add her to my "must-read" list.

I received an ARC in exchange for a honest review.
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4,249 reviews42 followers
March 18, 2021
The blurb was what first got me interested and looking forward to the book. And it was such a great introduction for a first-time reader of the author. It was amazing and entertaining. Andi and Declan were such great characters, easy to love. I liked the way they fall for each other, it was fun.

I am definitely looking forward to the rest of the series and more of the author's books.
Profile Image for Kelly (AndKellyReads).
829 reviews51 followers
March 16, 2021
What! A! Delight! This book was not at all what I expected and was instead a pleasant surprise and a really awesome story that kept me invested from the very first page. Just For Kicks is about a Scottish expat who plays American football and finds himself in a last minute marriage of convenience: how can you say no to that? It was a really fun twist on that trope and featured two characters who were wonderful to get to know and support on their individual (and joint!) journeys.

I loved Andi. I loved her so much, from the tips of her pink hair all the way to her toes. I loved how much she loved other people, I loved how determined and stubborn she was, and it broke my heart everytime she talked about just wanting to belong and be loved. She was raw and honest and an incredible character, and it tugged on my heart everytime she was completely open with Dex. Girl put herself out there and her heart on the line more than once and I loved that about her. Dex was also a pretty solid character. I wish we had gotten a little more about his hangups fleshed out because that whole thing seemed kind of quickly resolved? Or maybe I was expecting more? I don’t quite know, but it was this huge chunk of the book that was an underlying current for a lot of his actions and then bam, we’re past it, so that was weird, but aside from that he was a solid dude. He was funny, he was charming, he was protective, and he genuinely cared for Andi. I loved it. I loved them. I loved their relationship and their friendship, and I loved when they picked on each other. They were so much fun together and I had a great time getting to know them.

I think I loved Dex’s cat more, but it’s close.

Overall, this story was good! It threw a couple twists and turns in that weren’t total surprises but were still exciting, and I genuinely enjoyed the story. I’ve never read a book by Tracy Solheim before, but I’m definitely interested in hunting down more!

Many thanks to Give Me Books PR for the review copy!
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901 reviews8 followers
February 13, 2021
Just for Kicks ~ Milwaukee Growlers bk 1 ~by Tracy Solheim.
A new author to me, whom I found via a pop up on my Facebook page.Thanks, Facebook:)
Just for Kicks is book one in a new series The Milwaukee Growler.. It's not often I read a new author and fall in love with the story and not wanting it to end.
Just for Kicks is a brilliantly written romance with passion and heat. The chemistry between the two main characters Dex and Andi is off the roof. A great story that kept me entertained and engaged from beginning to end. I felt connected with the story throughout the book with the feeling that I too was there.
I highly recommend this book, so thank you, Tracy, for the advance copy, for my honest review, I can say that the above is true and I look forward to the next book in the series.

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2,473 reviews41 followers
March 20, 2021
And I grew up in foster care after the death of her grandmother. She is fiercely independent but a tad insecure. She doesn’t trust people to be nice or to stick around. Her ex stole her identity and ran up a huge debt.
Declan (Dex) is a professional kicker fir the NFL. He is Scottish and is dubbed the man with the million dollar legs. He has not been home to Scotland in 10 years. He has secrets. The secrets cause him to be grumpy and standoffish. When an immigration issue pops up he is desperate to stay in the US. She needs money and he needs a wife. A marriage of convenience is born. Dex and Andi have to fight their attraction, avoid immigration agents, fool friends and stay out of jail. While tiptoeing through the relationship they get to know each other and find love. This was a cute story with great characters. Not only do we fetch Dex and Andi but the supporting cast are good fir plenty of laughs. Mrs Hilbett was the most!
11 reviews1 follower
February 12, 2021
Tracy Solheim does it again! Looking for a book that will make you laugh out load, cry a bit and overall feel good?? Do you like sports stories where both the characters are strong yet compassionate? "Just for Kicks" - delivers! Meeting Andi and Dex starts off with a bang! The story begins with a fateful interaction leading to an agreement that develops. Along the way other characters are brought in bringing more humor, like Mrs. Hilbert and depth like Andi's friends Clive and Daniel. Dex's family and friends bring another level to the story. Finally every story has an antagonist and this one doesn't disappoint. The book keeps you on your toes and delivers a fun, tearful and empathetic feeling of wanting more after it is done. Definite must read! Can't wait for others in this series now!
Profile Image for Leanne.
627 reviews12 followers
March 12, 2021
A marriage of convenience between a pink haired beauty and a broody NFL player is bound to be a great story. These two both have colorful pasts that they need to learn to overcome before they can fully commit to each other, Dex more so than Andi. Andi is thrown into a new world when it comes to being a football players wife and it was a fun read watching her taking them on. Dex is a complex character and isn't your typical NFL player which was refreshing. I really enjoyed how this story played out and the backstory that is revealed for Dex.
Profile Image for Leanne ~ Tales From The Heart.
1,941 reviews18 followers
March 13, 2021
I love reading a fun sports romance, and even better was discovering a new to me author.
Was Dex a typical sports star, an arrogant twat?...no. He hated the media but there were more personal reasons behind this. His pink haired pixie Andi, who he married to stay in the country was way more that he expected. Her own upbringing made her vulnerable and yet strong. Could they just be a perfect match? His team mate's girl Jade will be the one you love to hate in this catty world of WAGs.
This was a fun and entertaining story, I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Profile Image for Gladys.
11.2k reviews120 followers
March 9, 2021
I totally fell in love with this book and its characters. The story held plenty of appeal and I quickly found myself pulled into this couple's world only to look up and find a couple of hours had passed by. I found Andi and Declan easy to connect with and feel for. Andi in particular was very relatable. Loads of emotion, drama, tension, humor, twists and heat flow across the pages and make it so tempting to just settle in, get swept up and let the world pass you by while you enjoy this delightful romance. A plentiful and intriguing cast of secondary characters creates many possibilities for future entries in this series and I'm super excited to see who will be next. This is my volitional, forthright review.
Profile Image for Kerry Croucier.
899 reviews8 followers
March 16, 2021
Tracy Solheim is returning to the field with a new team, and her novel JUST FOR KICKS kicks it off with a bang. Ok, I know that was bad, but it was fun, just like this novel. Welcome to the Milwaukee Growlers football team!
Andi grew up in the foster care system after her Grandmother died ad learned early in life that she can’t really count on anyone but herself and her current situation reinforces that feeling. She’s working full-time and putting herself through school, never taking on anything that will put her in debt, only to find that her boyfriend stole her identity, hacked her financial aid account and took out loans and headed to Vegas with the money. Wanting to help, a Mrs Hilbert, a client, takes her to see her son, who is a lawyer (not the kinds she needs!). When Dex Fletcher, star place kicker for the Milwaukee Growlers finds out his visa paperwork hasn’t been filed and he’s about to be deported to Scotland, he barges into his Agent’s office, interrupting the conference and leading Mrs. Hilbert to suggest the perfect solution: A marriage of convenience. Andi helps Dex, and in return helps her. What could go wrong? It’s not like Andi would be interested in the attractive kilt-wearing football player or Dex would be seriously interested in the strong pink-haired pixie… and it’s only temporary… especially if no one knows…
Andi and Dex are the perfect match from the start: two people with big hearts that life has kicked around a bit that finally find that they have someone to lean on. When their quickie trip to Vegas doesn’t go as expected, and what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas, Andi and Dex have to navigate a relationship they hadn’t planned. With a secret in his past that kept him from home, Dex never expected or planned on a HEA. Can Andi help him reconcile his past and find happiness?
This was such a fun story to read. The main characters had a spark from the start, and were a couple I could see working long-term, they fit. Add in fun and quirky friends, a grumpy cat, teammates that keep egos in check, and new friends, you will be rooting for this couple as you laugh. I don’t think I will ever look at hot potato the same way again. I was almost in tears laughing while trying to visualize this scene (wait until you read it).
This is a great start to a new series, and I can’t wait to see what happens next with the Growlers.
Thank you to the publisher for an advanced reader’s copy of this novel. All opinions are my own and freely given.
#JustForKicks #MilwaukeeGrowlers #TracySolheim
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141 reviews
February 21, 2021
Andi Lawson’s life hadn’t been easy, with her parents dying when she was young so she had to grow up in Foster Care. She is trying to get her degree by taking college classes at night and working during the day at Shear Envy salon, with the hopes of one day making her own bath and beauty products. Then she finds out suddenly that her ex boyfriend Kenny managed to take out a student loan of over $70K in her name to gamble with. One of the salon’s clients decides to help her by introducing her to her son who is a lawyer/sports agent. Little did she know while explaining her issues to Kenny Hilbert, the chance of a lifetime would present itself. A chance to pay off her debt, make some business contacts, and maybe fall in love. But is she willing to place everything on the line, especially since it will mean she has to deal with Jade, the nightmare stuck up, rich chick, wants to be a NFL wife, even more.

Declan Fletcher is a true Scot, right down to wearing a kilt while being a kicker for the NFL’s Milwaukee Growlers. He hasn’t been home in a long time and has no wish to because it will bring up things from the past that he doesn’t want to deal with. But now facing possible deportation because the paperwork wasn’t filed properly, he will do anything to stay. When offered a chance to stay by marrying an American girl, he decides to take it. What he is not willing to do though is actually follow through with everything that happens in marriage, including falling in love. Will the marriage also help heal his past and bring the family back together?

The two of them try to keep them getting married in Las Vegas, but that doesn’t happen when it gets leaked and is all over the news. So the both of them will have to take chances they don’t want to and just hope for the best, meaning hearts do not get broken.

I LOVED this book!! Romance and sports together along with a little some sarcasm made this one of the best I have read in awhile. Tracy one again has written a winner and one that you need to add to your reading list. Especially since she brought in some of my favorite characters from the past. Can’t wait to see what happens in the next Growler book!!!
Profile Image for Sharon Moritz-rosenthal.
2,053 reviews17 followers
March 15, 2021
Just for Kicks by Tracy Solheim is the first book in her Milwaukee Growlers Football series and it was a lot of fun. It stars Declan “Dex” Foster, a football player from Scotland who loves playing football in America but who failed to submit the info for his Visa and she he is being deported.

Andi Larsen is in her twenties and is an orphan, she grew up in foster homes and she works at a hair salon for her best friend but she is very lonely. That led her to her jerky ex who ended up trashing her identity and stealing 70K in loans.

Kurt Hilbert is Dex's agent and lawyer. Mrs Hilbert is his mother and she gets her hair done at the salon where Andi works. She asks Kurt to find Andi's ex and/or help her get help for the loans. Her ex is Kenny and he is a social media darling who posts his wearabouts all over social media. So she knows he is in Las Vegas.

Meanwhile Kurt offers the solution of Dex marrying Andi so he can stick around and not have to go home. In turn he will give her the money she owes to clean up her credit. And guess where they would go to get married....yep you guessed it Viva Las Vegas!!!

If this sounds like fun it absolutely is. I loved the Vegas adventure with Dex and Andi. Does Andi find Kenny? Does she marry Dex? What about her loans? Well I am not spoiling any of this. You can tell the author had a lot of fun with the marry in Vegas storyline.

Once Vegas is over I felt things slowed down quite a lot. And from there I felt this story became a slow burn storyline as Dex feels he doesn't deserve marriage, family and love and so he tries very hard to resist Andi.

Andi was a kick ass heroine. I loved how brave she is and how honest she is as well. She also has the biggest heart and I loved how giving she was and how the people who call her friend love her so much.

This was a fun story with characters who have giving hearts but at times are a bit hard on themselves. The story was wonderfully written but at times I felt things moved a bit too slowly for my tastes though I did enjoy the attraction and enjoyed getting into Dex and Andi's head.

I received a free ARC copy of this book from the author prior to release and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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1,920 reviews
March 3, 2021
Tracy Solheim kicked off a winner in the first book of her Milwaukee Growlers Football series, Just for Kicks. There’s a new team in sports romance and the members of the Milwaukee Growlers will make for some swoon-worth, not put down-able stories, flooding the area with love. We have a hard-knocked, strong, stubborn heroine, looking like a fairy with pink hair, whose life has never been easy; but hopefully she can soon see the light at the end of the tunnel. The alpha hero is a kilt-wearing, intelligent, moody jock whose legs look sexy in a skirt and dislikes when things don’t go as planned; plus he speaks with a brogue.

Andi Larsen is close to graduating college with her business degree by taking night classes and working at a friend’s salon during the day. Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, she plans to start her own business, without help from anyone else; that’s what growing up in foster care, after the death of her grandmother, does to a person. When her deadbeat ex steals her identity, amasses a huge debt in her name, this girl is in dire need of a fairy godmother. Becoming a place-kicker for a professional football team was never on the list of possible career moves for Declan Fletcher, but that’s where he landed. Exiled from his much-loved home in Scotland, a decade ago, Dex is now a superstar athlete known as the “Man with the Million Dollar Leg.” When a mix-up in his immigration paperwork threatens to deport him back to Scotland in three days, before the season even starts, he must find a solution to this dilemma as well as having to face his greatest mistake. Enter a fireball whisky-wielding septuagenarian, mother of his agent and friend of Andi’s; an unexpected fairy godmother. Her suggestion: these two should tie the knot.

Andi and Dex are amazing together. They are a bit opposite yet similar in so many ways. Neither can deny the electric chemistry arcing between them. This marriage of convenience become anything but convenient as these two deal with a grumpy cat, nosy teammates, a mean girl, the dead-beat ex, and a sizzling magnetic attraction in route to finding their happily ever after.

Ms. Solheim wrote a wonderful, sizzling, humorous and emotional story that is definitely not to be missed. She provided a tale rich with magnetic chemistry, amusing banter, and endearing characters giving Dex and Andi a chance for a love and a future together. I highly recommend Just for Kicks to other readers.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.

Profile Image for Trish- Late Knight Luna Reads.
1,448 reviews5 followers
March 7, 2021
I was instantly drawn to this book based on the blurb and the cover. I will read anything that has to do with a modern day Scotsman. Add in a sports romance and marriage of convenience and I’m sold.

Declan Fletcher is a broody Scot who’s the man with the million dollar leg for an American football team. He finds out that his green card has expired and he’s about to be deported back to Scotland where he hasn’t been in over 10 years. Andi has just found out that her ex-boyfriend has taken out thousands of dollars of loans in her name to gamble with. Both are in the need of help. Declan’s name can help Andi with her business to be a success and Declan needs to be married to stay in America. The two elope in Las Vegas and their marriage journey begins.

This story had me hooked from the very beginning. I loved how broody and gruffy Declan is. Andi stole my heart as well. I love how sweet and smart she is. Andi and Declan are a perfect couple and made for each other. Andi is the soft and sweet to his hard and gruff. I loved the banter and the brotherhood of all the players.

This is a great love story. Tracy Solheim did a wonderful job of writing their love story. We got to read all the ups and downs of their story. They have passion and chemistry from the very first time they met. It’s only the first book in the series but I can’t wait for more.
Profile Image for Nerdy Dirty & Flirty.
3,985 reviews327 followers
March 14, 2021
-Marie, ☆☆☆☆☆

If I could give this book 10 stars, I would!! I could not put it down. What started out as a business proposition turned into the most heart warming love story. There were some twists and turns but they only made the couple stronger.

Dex had the million dollar leg as the kicker for the Growlers. He also had the brains to have a PhD in Math. He was surly and broody. He kept his secrets to himself and would not allow himself to love after what happened to his best friend in Scotland. Dex vowed to never go back. He missed his family and they missed him. It wasn’t until a deportation issue and a cute little fairy named Andi stumbled into his life.

Andi was used to depending on herself. After aging out of the foster care system she has goals for her life. Her now ex decided to take out $70,000 in loans using her identity. She needed help so she could start her dreams. There was no hope left until a large man wearing a kilt wandered into the room.

Opposites attract! They couldn’t be more different. Dex provided Andi love, security and comfort something she never experienced. Andi loved Dex enough to help him out of his shell and face the past. These two coming together was just the right amount of everything!
Profile Image for Storied Conversation.
395 reviews617 followers
March 15, 2021
4.5 Stars!

This was a funny book and that is what drew me too it since I don’t really do sport romance most of the time. I made an exception for this one and I am glad that I did. Like I said it was funny.

Andi and Declan are great together. Although they are both a bit stubborn at times and Declan has a boat load of issues. Andi needs to pay off some bills that her scum of an ex decided to take out in her name. She has no idea what to do and when Mrs. Hilbert suggests she married her son’s client because he needs his visa dealt with quickly Andi’s not sure what to do.

Declan is all in once he makes up his mind to do it. He figures they can keep everything on the downlow and a few months they will both get what they want. Boy could he not be more wrong. I loved that Declan was more than your typically jock though. He’s smart and it shows.

Mrs. Hilbert was the best secondary character ever! She was a riot and I loved every single scene that she was in. She had so much spunk and I really hope she makes appearances in the future books as well.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review. This review was originally posted on Wickedly Romance
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3,558 reviews41 followers
March 16, 2021
4.5 Stars
This book had me with guy in the kilt on the cover and a grumpy cat in the blurb. I'm so glad that I read this one. This book had me laughing quite often and the characters just suck you into the story. I loved Andi and Dex. How they meet and come together is crazy. They start off as a contractual agreement, but when true feelings start to develop pretend flies out the window. Dex gave off some Jamie Fraser vibes with his Scottish accent and even a kilt is sighted. Dex just gets even yummier as his accent comes out. He gets even more bonus points from me because he has a cat. A very grumpy one who likes to terrorize Andi. Now Andi is someone who deserves a HEA. Life keeps knocking her down and this latest blow could bring her to her knees. Luckily for her fate is working in her favor to turn her luck around. Dex is also in a bind and needs Andi's help. These two strangers are in for a wild ride. I loved watching Dex and Andi fall. Dex is also someone who deserves a HEA. The guilt he lives with eats him up and makes him believe he needs to punish himself from being happy. I loved Dex's crazy teammates as well. This first book in the series has me hooked. I can't wait for more from this series.
Profile Image for Shari.
1,654 reviews19 followers
March 15, 2021
What a wonderful read to kick off a new series, the Milwaukee Growlers football team. This story is a marriage of convenience. Andi, grew up in foster care and does not depend on anyone. She is going to night school and trying to start her own business when her ex boyfriend steals her identity and in sues a large debt in her name. She has gone to lawyer for help when her fairy godmother steps in with a solution, marry Dex. Dex is the place kicker for the Growlers. He is from Scotland, and is on the verge of being deported back to Scotland. To help each other out, what's a six month marriage! Until your heart gets involved.

This story will have you swooning over Dex, wearing is kilt with his sexy legs and his Scottish brogue. A white knight that is hiding a secret from his past that changed his life. Andi, has never depended on anyone, and she not about to now. Andi and Dex have sizzling chemistry that neither can deny. Plenty of humor and emotion, that will keep you turning the pages. Along with Dex's teammates and better halves, a grumpy cat and the banter that they share this is a story that you don't want to miss. I highly recommend!!
Profile Image for Jennifer Pierson.
11.4k reviews150 followers
March 15, 2021
I'm going to start out by saying that there's absolutely nothing I don't love about this hot as hell cover, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. I am a girl who is obsessed with football, and I love a man in a kilt so Just for Kicks blended two of my favorite things together. I have to state one more thing that was awesome about this book, that it was about a kicker. For the past two seasons special teams have been terrible in the NFL which is something that has driven me crazy but a hero in a kilt as the "Man with the Millionaire Dollar Leg" delighted me to no end, and honestly, that should be enough said, however, others aren't like me. Andi grew up in the foster system while Declan has had to flee his beloved homeland to land in the US. They come face to face when her life has taken a icky turn, and he's facing deportation so cue up the marriage of convenience. However, it's not too long that they start to see each other in a new light, and the crazy cat, serious heat, humorous moments with nosy teammaters is just the icing on the cake! HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND! 
Profile Image for Read.Review.Repeat Blog.
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March 14, 2021
"My first book by Tracy Solheim is hands down one of the best fake marriage romance novels I have ever read. A trope that usually isn't one of my top 3 to read, I was first attracted to the book because once I see that it's sports related I get all gimme, gimme and need to read it immediately. There have been many a surprise new authors to me pop up this way, and Tracy has been added to my ever expanding list.
I loved Declan and Andi. No, honestly I really & truly did. From the get-go there was something there between the pair. And after each page & then each chapter their connection just grew & grew which them becoming an eventual real couple was inevitable. There are plenty of hiccups along the way...cough ""Jade"" cough... but everything just added to make this story as brilliant as what it was. Looking forward to reading more in this series. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced readers copy of this book."
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March 14, 2021
This is the 1st in a new series and is Declan and Andi’s story. Andi is strong and determined who has had a tough life growing up in the foster system and working hard to start her own business, and Declan is a kicker for a professional football team and due to a mix up in his immigration papers he is on the verge of being deported, which he will do whatever he has to in order to avoid that. When Andi’s ex steals her identity and leaves her with a mountain of debts and Mrs Hilbert who is one of her client’s takes her to see her son Kurt who is an agent/attorney, and while she is there Declan busts into the office demanding that his issue be dealt with. Mrs Hilbert comes up with the idea that they have a marriage of convenience, and off to Vegas they go. This is a wonderful story which is entertaining, humorous, witty, and with emotions, passion, and love. I look forward to reading more from this talented author whose work I highly recommend.
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March 17, 2021
Tracy Solheim is a new Author for me, I got the opportunity to read this book and review. I was a little hesitant about reading this book, but kept an open mind and I'm glad I did!!
I absolutely enjoyed this book!! As a Wisconsinite I truly enjoyed reading a book based on a WI city, and was able to find some connections. In this story we meet Declan Fletcher, a Scottish man who escaped his past to be a million dollar kicker for the local football team. When immigration comes looking for him, he finds he needs a way to stay without facing the past back in Scotland. Andi Larsen is used to taking charge of her life after moving place to place. She has dreams and is attending night classes to get her degree. She finds herself in trouble when her ex steals her identity and money is needed. Andi and Declan find themselves in the same office with only one possible solution...I highly recommend this book!!!
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March 12, 2021
My first book by Tracy Solheim is hands down one of the best fake marriage romance novels I have ever read. A trope that usually isn't one of my top 3 to read, I was first attracted to the book because once I see that it's sports related I get all gimme, gimme and need to read it immediately. There have been many a surprise new authors to me pop up this way, and Tracy has been added to my ever expanding list.
I loved Declan and Andi. No, honestly I really & truly did. From the get-go there was something there between the pair. And after each page & then each chapter their connection just grew & grew which them becoming an eventual real couple was inevitable. There are plenty of hiccups along the way...cough "Jade" cough... but everything just added to make this story as brilliant as what it was. Looking forward to reading more in this series. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced readers copy of this book.
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March 15, 2021
Two people who think they are unworthy of love and family because of their past are thrown together. Andi needs help to overcome the financial loss a former boyfriend scammed her . Declan needs her to stay in the United States. A plan to benefit both of them is devised but more important they grow as strong individuals to support and care for one another. Through many complications, they grow to love each other but are afraid they do not deserve happiness.
I loved the twists and turns- expected and unexpected. Particularly DeClan and friends assistance to her in the preparation of the bath soap gifts for the team charity fundraiser. Finally, they realize that their love for each other alone makes them worthy of happiness. I had to read this novel twice it was so romantic and kept me spellbound. I can not wait for the next in the series- I hope it is Trey’s story.
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July 23, 2022
2.5 stars

A Scottish man, sports romance, a marriage of convenience where he continuously refers to her to others as 'my wife' - this had all the makings of being the perfect book for me. Whilst I liked it enough to read to the end even whilst in a bit of a reading slump and it was an enjoyable enough read, it wasn't particularly memorable. It felt a little surface level, the pacing was a bit strange (he got over his big hang up and the biggest conflict in the book in literally like 2 seconds and suddenly everything was perfect and he'd changed his entire life philosophy?), and there were things that were mentioned as if they were a big deal but only ever brought up when it was needed for the plot. I didn't hate this by any means, and if the description interests you then definitely give it a go, but for me it was pretty average.
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March 16, 2021
I loved this book immensely. I love that it is based on a city near me. The Growlers are a football team that has a star kicker who may be deported due to Visa problems. DeClan's paperwork for his Visa was never filed and ICE wants to deport him. Andi has a problem from her ex boyfriend which has left her with a money problem. These 2 enter a temporary marriage. The emotions run high and tears are there about how the marriage will end. They manage to get through many challenges. One is his guilt over an accident that happened in Scotland and resulted in his coming to the US. The characters are well developed and evolve with the challenges they meet. I enjoyed their story.
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March 15, 2021
Tracy Solheim is a new-to-me author and I am so glad I picked up this first book in her Milwaukee Growlers series.

Andi and Declan both have issues. Her ex stole her identity and racked up debt in her name and he is in danger of being deported. The two of them enter into a marriage of convenience to try and solve both their problems, but, of course, it isn't long before real feelings develop.

This was a really entertaining read! I really liked Andi and seeing her and Declan fall for each other was fun. I am looking forward to reading more in this series and checking out Tracy's other books.

Thank you to the author for providing an ARC for an honest review.
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