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Bad Love Beyond

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Kindle Edition

Published November 25, 2020

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Kevin L. Schewe

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Author 52 books1,684 followers
November 27, 2020
‘Hum, I guess our luck is coming back again’

Colorado author Kevin L Schewe, MD is a board-certified cancer specialist who has been practicing radiation oncology for over thirty years. He is also a successful entrepreneur, having founded Elite Therapeutics and Bad Love Cosmetics Company, LLC, and serving as Chairman of the Board of VIASPACE – a clean energy company. In his original novel in this BAD LOVE series, Kevin stated that he and his sister share a fascination with time travel stories, and when that sister faced, fought, and survived her own cancer diagnosis, the impetus to write his series originated.
BAD LOVE BEYOND is the newest volume of the BAD LOVE series and once again the author admixes history with fantasy so successfully that the book both entertains and informs. Not only is this a compelling story, but also Kevin enhances the tale by supplying access to a 31-song soundtrack to accompany the spirit of the story, and allow the reader to become ‘an honorary member of the Bad Love Gang!’

For those new to this series, the Bad Love Gang is a group of young teens from Oak Ridge, Tennessee who are capable of time travel (with the aid of their White Hole Project time machine!) and are lead by Kevin “Bubble Butt” or BB Shafer, age 16, ‘a borderline genius who has one foot in reality and on foot in destiny, has a great sense of humor, loves strategy, adventure and popular music (has a “music brain”) an is a pilot.’ And if that fascinating character isn’t enough to magnetize you, the other members of the gang as well as all the characters in this new terrific adventure are detailed at book’s beginning. For example, we meet Charlie/Chuck ‘Ding’ Brooks - ‘age 26, African-American/Latino FBI agent specializing in undercover anti-KGB investigations. Assigned to Bad Love Gang by President Gerald Ford, Trained in martial arts, unconventional by FBI standards and a pistol marksman. A classic baby boomer who loves music, dancing and doubling as a radio announcer. Loyal and handsome with a great sense of humor.’

Yes, the preferred journey is to read the first two novels of the series prior to launching the BAD LOVE BEYOND, but the author distills the plot of his new volume in a manner that catches the novice up to date: ‘Back from their mission as the Bad Love Tigers to secure the secrets of Area 51 and the White Hole Project, the Bad Love Gang are summoned to the Oval Office by President Gerald Ford. They receive his blessings to use the White Hole Project to attempt intergalactic space travel in search of the cure for Hannah Lieb’s breast cancer. But Ford warns them, their arch-enemy, Russian KGB super-agent, Borya Krovopuskov, remains at large and a constant threat. Fighting off the KGB and Krovopuskov, the group sets a trap for him as they plan to return to Area 51 in 1942, using the White Hole. They reconnect with their alien friend, Blue Nova One, on Earth’s sister planet, Azur, 11.5 billion light years away. The Blue Azurians are facing a dire shortage of blue exotic matter and the Republic of Azur is facing a volcanic extinction event of historic proportions. The Bad Love Gang must deal with dinosaurs, the forces of nature, the mystery of The Bermuda Triangle and alien politics in their race to get the cure for Hannah. Can they do it?’ Never doubt – their motto is ‘Live dangerously, have fun, don’t die’

Though this fantasy time travel story is fiction, the historical information it references is real, and the author’s intensive research into those details is impressively accurate. The initial volume – BAD LOVE STRIKES – utilized time travel to transport the Bad Love Gang to the Holocaust in 1944 to save the Jews and gypsies, returning in 1974. BAD LOVE TIGERS centered on the White Hole Project and defending the Area 51 secrets about UFO and aliens. Now in BAD LOVE BEYOND the gang propels us to another galaxy – and Planet Azur – and the interaction with the inhabitants produces an immensely creative and entertaining venture as well as a novel transport of anti-cancer meds to the USA – but to say more would diminish the pleasures and ideas the book produces.

Skillful writing (both historical and fantastical), a zesty sense of humor, an appreciation for pop culture, and the ability to create memorably entertaining characters combine to make this an immensely impressive novel - and experience! Very highly recommended.
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Author 11 books53 followers
November 29, 2020
An exciting, historically accurate, time travel adventure.

Kevin Schewe’s ‘Bad Love Series’ of science fiction adventures take storytelling to the next level. This talented author not only transports his readers on exciting adventures through time, which are historically accurate, but he also enhances their enjoyment by suggesting a sound track list. Throughout the book there are references to these songs which evoke wonderful memories for the characters, and fit into the plot brilliantly.

The main protagonists are the Bad Love Gang who live up to their motto ‘Live dangerously, have fun, don’t die.’ They are all described in the front of the book and this is where the readers discover their nicknames, and the reasons behind them. As the series has progressed the gang has grown, and between them they have a wide expanse of knowledge and skills, which prove invaluable during their escapades. However, the gang are hunted by spies Boris and Christine Krovopuskov, who will stop at nothing to learn the secrets of The White Hole Project (time machine) for Mother Russia, killing without compassion anyone who gets in their way!

As Bad Love Beyond begins, the gang find themselves invited yet again to The White House, Oval Office. However, although only ten weeks have passed since their last meeting with President Gerald R. Ford for the gang, it has been thirty years for the President. Those years between have taught him to respect the advice of the gang, and he reads them extracts from The Book of Presidents about their last visit, and events which happened in 1945 (story told in Bad Love Tigers, Book 2 in the series.) They talk about an imminent NASA mission in the planning, and then Bubble Butt reveals he has an idea for a secret plan to use The White Hole Project to go into the future. It hinges on going back in time to WW11, when the gang were sent on a mission to keep the Area 51 Project, and its secrets in America’s hands. It was on this adventure that they saw the alien Blue Nova One, he believes he can go back, re-live the time, and seize the moment to explore the future.

It’s a success! The gang are transported to the beautiful planet Azure, 11.5 billion light years from Earth, and find the planet, how it has evolved, its people, and their technology fascinating. Good relations are established. However they soon discover that the Queen of Azur is worried, an environmental disaster is set to destroy the Republic of Azure, a distant island nation, however, distrust has arisen between the peoples, can the Bad Love Gang heal the rift, help, and avert disaster? Join the gang as they battle bravely against adversity, facing danger and death in their quest to save the planet, and the people of the Republic of Azure.

Vividly detailed, and historically accurate, this author sends his readers on an unforgettable rollercoaster of a time travel story, guaranteed, I believe, to rival the classic ‘The Time Machine’ by H. G. Wells. Highly recommended!
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79 reviews3 followers
November 29, 2020

In this third installment of the “Bad Love Series” by Kevin Schewe, the gang goes on an “intergalactic” journey through time and space. On the heels of Book Two’s heroic mission in which they secured the secrets of Area 51 and the White Hole time travel portal, the gang is summoned to the White House and the Oval Office to meet with President Gerald Ford.
During the meeting, they receive President Ford’s permission to use the White Hole Project to go to Earth’s sister planet named Azur 11.5 billion light years away, to search for a cure for Hannah Lieb’s breast cancer. However, once again, Russian KGB super-agent and archenemy Borya Krovopuskov is hot on their trail trying to thwart their efforts and President Ford reminds them of this danger. So, they decide to set a trap for him as they plot out a scheme to return to Area 51 in the year 1942 using their time travel methods.
The gang reconnects with an alien ally know as Blue Nova One. who tells them of a dire predicament. The alien informs them that the Blue Azurians are facing a shortage of blue exotic matter and that without this substance the planet could be in danger of extinction from a volcanic explosion. In order to save the residents of Azur, the Bad Love Gang this time has to face a series of new threats including dinosaurs, the forces of nature, the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle and other forces of nature to complete their mission and save Hannah.
This volume of the series combines the stealth and ingenuity of the now-familiar members of the Bad Love Gang with both old and new threats at every turn. Bubble Butt and his friends show their characteristic ingenuity and courage as they go above and beyond any previous endeavor to complete their task. The suspense is at an all-time high and Kevin Schewe shows his remarkable imagination and skill as a storyteller as he takes the gang into outer space and an environment unlike any encountered before.
Once again, fans of history and science fiction will be engrossed by the story that unfolds in the pages of this latest action-adventure. Whether you’ve read the two previous novels or are a newcomer to the trials and tribulations of the Bad Love Gang, you will be entranced by the danger and intrigue of “Bad Love Beyond.” It’s a thrill a minute and absolutely out of this world.
39 reviews1 follower
December 3, 2020
The Bad Love Gang is back and traveling the galaxy!

Dr. Kevin L. Schewe, cancer specialist, entrepreneur and author, brings us Bad Love Beyond, the third installment in his “Bad Love Gang” adventures. In Bad Love Beyond, Schewe reunites us with his irrepressible gang of precocious teenagers. With their brains, impressive list of skills, and access to the time travel technology of the White Hole Project, they’re ready for whatever challenges will follow Bad Love Tiger’s epic cross-country road trip and adventure to China, in which they attempted to keep the secrets of Area 51 and the White Hole Project out of the hands of their enemies.

Bad Love Beyond deals with lingering threats, looming mysteries, and personal crises on all sides. Beginning with a high speed chase and shootout with Russian agents enroute to a secret meeting with President Gerald R. Ford, it becomes obvious that Russian sleeper agent Borya Krovopuskov is still at large and a major ongoing threat to the security of the White Hole project and the nation. The mystery of the alien visitor Blue Nova One looms in the mind of BB “Bubble Butt” Schafer and he hatches a plan to use the White Hole Project to link time and space travel, visit the planet Azur and discover the reasons for their visit to Earth. “Meatball,” another member of the Gang, learns that the woman he fell in love with during their first time travel adventure to 1944 is now dying of breast cancer. Can the Bad Love Gang handle all of these challenges? Will they manage to conquer time/space travel and visit Azur, come back with a life-saving cure for breast cancer, and set a trap for the Russians all at the same time?

Bringing his signature sense of humor, love of music, expansive grasp of history and attention to detail to bear, Schewe tells a romping and action packed tale of space travel, alien culture, and relationships. The descriptions and historic elements of locations and included playlist of songs which run throughout the narrative really draw the reader in and set each scene. If you enjoy history and sci-fi, or have ever wished that Frank and Joe Hardy and their friends were more interesting, you’ll love the Bad Love Gang and their adventures!

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2 reviews
January 1, 2021
"Bad Love Beyond", by Kevin Schewe, is an exciting blend of science fiction, historical fact, and time travel. This is the third offering in the "Bad Love" series, and keeps the intrigue and fun rolling along as The Bad Love Gang heads to the White House at the request of President Gerald Ford. Hannah Lieb has breast cancer, and the president has given permission for them to use interstellar travel to find a cure. But there is one thing that may stop them, and it's KGB uber-agent Borya Krovopuskov. His whereabouts are unknown, and that spells danger for the gang. You will become familiar with The White Hole Project, started by a previous president, FDR.

There are a lot of science fiction books on the market today, but not all of them can be called FUN. This one is, thanks to aliens, dinosaurs, spies, and a lot of interesting twists and turns. Schewe is a gifted writer who knows how to entertain, pique curiosity, and satisfy with a balance of fact and fiction. As you read, you will instantly recognize the author's meticulous attention to research and detail, which lends realism and authenticity to this work. I enjoy the familiar themes that would appeal to most "Star Trek" fans, casual or hardcore. If you're into Area 51 or The Bermuda Triangle, you will be thoroughly involved in this plot. A standout element of this book, besides the phenomenal character-building, is that it's accompanied by a soundtrack, and not all science fiction novels can boast this. It does add another layer of entertainment and meaning to the chapters. The sense of humor is appreciated as well (even the chapter titles are funny!), and so are the character sketches at the beginning. The plot unfolds at just the right pace, the characters are interesting, funny, charismatic, and multi-faceted, and the story comes to a satisfying conclusion. This novel has something for everyone, and in the written world, is the ride of a lifetime. Fans of "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" will love "Bad Love Beyond", by Kevin Schewe.
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295 reviews2 followers
February 16, 2021
You have to read it to believe it

Bad Love Beyond is yet another book beyond anything I have read before. It is the third and definitely not the last book in the series. It is a book that can only be compared to Cowboys and Aliens combined with a medical, time spanning quest for the as yet unobtained cure for cancer.

Let's see… The Bad Love gang has a myriad of groups from all ages and all walks of life. Together, they travel through time and space and carry out complex and sometimes unbelievable missions. In this one, (I have not read the other two) it all begins with a road trip and crazy car chase involving some unnecessary followers. The car is luckily saved, though it did have a tough moment there.

The spy action is high octane and keeps you on your toes, but if you think it stops there, surprise! Did I mention it also involves time travel and dinosaurs? Oh, yeah! That too!

Okay, here goes… a teenager (in 1975) on the team fell in love with a young lady (in 1945-see the part about time travel) and now he has a son who is now older than he is. Unfortunately, she has cancer and there is no cure in her time in history. Luckily, her love is a time traveller with a connexion to actual aliens. 

Yes! Aliens are in need of some help and they are willing to trade a cure for some extra help diverting a rogue volcano on their planet. If nothing is done, they will lose their home and the dinosaurs will face extinction. 

Dinosaurs, the Bermuda Triangle, fast cars and regrowing hands… there are so many things. The dude has a knack for covering all the little details and twisting a tale that you have to read to believe. 

I am volunteering an honest review for the benefit of others.
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271 reviews6 followers
December 31, 2020

“We do call ourselves the Bad Love Gang, and our motto is “Live Dangerously, have fun, don’t die.”

The Bad Luck Gang is called back to Washington DC to meet with no other than President Ford. They have met him before. Before he was President, he met his wife, when no other than Bucky 30 years before wrote him a letter explaining how everything would play out exactly as he had predicted. Not that any of them have special powers; they just happen to be part of a special Government Program called The Denver Project, who travels through time and space to stop things from happening.

I can honestly say I did not like this book. This story was way too fantastical for me. It was well written and it may be a case of timing but I did not like it. The characters seemed too outlandish in personality and they handle things the way no one would. I understand they are to be heroes in the story and do things that no one seems to think are “regular”, but here lies the problem, they time travel where 30 years have aged the earth and only 4 weeks has passed? Why that is a wonderful concept but a little far fetched. I am a huge fan of fantasy and sci fi but could not find myself enjoying this story. The book is well written and I can honestly see why others may find it exhilarating. This book is written for those who can find themselves believing that anything is possible. It is an adult and older young adult book not because violent scenes more like some of the context and discussions.

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Author 20 books6 followers
July 23, 2021
Round Three for the Bad Love Gang

I love young adult literature. Not only are YA books lively, but there are pretty much no restraints on where the plots can go. Author Kevin Schewe makes good use of that storytelling freedom in “Bad Love Beyond,” the third book in his Bad Love Series. In the second book, our plucky young time-traveling teenage heroes from 1974 ran into a disabled flying saucer and made friends with friendly alien woman, all while they were fighting World War II as drop-in members of Claire Chennault’s Flying Tigers.

Now the gang is off on a new adventure. They experiment with intergalactic travel to seek the help of their new alien friend in saving the life of a cancer patient in 1944. They conduct a running battle with Cold War-era Russians. They tangle with dinosaurs. They even use their WWII-era planes to drop alien bombs on an erupting volcano and save the day.

As in the first two books, Schewe provides a list of ‘60s and ’70s music as a sort of sound track for the story. The background of every song is meticulously documented, as are many geographic and historical references throughout the book.

Young Adults will love the dinosaurs, time travel and stunning creations in “Bad Love Beyond.” For that matter, so will just about everybody else.
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47 reviews1 follower
November 30, 2020
‘Bad Love Beyond’ Went Beyond Anything I Expected, Now I Have to Buy First Two in Series
I didn’t know what I would find within the world of the Bad Love Gang, but it turned out to be light years, literally, from what was envisioned. History mixed with fantasy touched with Cold War espionage and leavened with the other worldly high tech and pre-historic wonder is the best way to hit all the bases.

During the new current adventure, in Bad Love Beyond, are references to the first two assignments of the time-traveling Bad Love Gang, both involving high-risk rescue missions during World War II. A colorful cast of characters, many pretty young, with hilarious nicknames and a biting sense of humor are to be found within life and death missions on Earth and across the Universe.

The author’s grasp of tech and popular culture, including music, created a story that is going to make me buy the first two volumes of the Bad Love Gang series. Highly recommend.

Brad 'Michael' Butler, Author of 'A World Flight Over Russia'
6 reviews1 follower
March 22, 2021
I am new to Kevin Schewe and his writing style, so I must comment on how impressed I was just from his intro (take his advice readers and pay close attention to the character profiles). I wasn't sure what to expect from the title as this is the 3rd book in a series I haven't read prior to opening up Bad Love Beyond, but I wasnt disappointed. I felt as though I had picked up from where the author left off in his previous novel because he did such a great job describing the characters in his story before I even got to the first page :) 

I also found it interesting on how in certain parts it felt more like a historical novel than a piece of sci-fi work in my hands. The attention to detail as far as time and location in history, along with the time and space travel aspect, really gives this work the "can't put this down quite yet" factor. Although I wish I could have started with the first in his series, I've read enough to know that it wont take me long to get through those next! If you're a history buff and a sci-fi fan, this series is totally up your alley:)

4 reviews
November 27, 2020
BEYOND wonderful!! The perfect holiday read!

Being a big fan of the Bad Love Book series, I couldn’t wait for Bad Love Beyond to come out! The author takes us to a whole new dimension in this third book - intergalactic space and time travel to the beautiful but troubled planet, Azur, 11.5 billion light years away and the sister-planet to Earth.

I am a fan of the Jurassic Park movies and this book took me to that world on an alien planet with great Dino-action. The author’s vivid imagination created a new world that I could see and feel. I want to take a ride on a Skylectra flying motorcycle and own an Azurian Flashback as my next car! The soundtrack is great - so entertaining! Highly recommend.
18 reviews2 followers
January 6, 2021
The Bad Love Gang is a non stop ride

This is a non-stop adventure. I wasn't aware that this was the 3rd book in a series'. I intend to go back and read the first two. It works as a stand alone book too. It's non-stop adventure from the get-go was wonderful characters colorful interactions ,spaceships alien planets and even dinosaurs I loved it from the first chapter to the last. And it's all encompassed and then desire to save someone they love.
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29 reviews2 followers
February 6, 2021
More wild adventures with the Bad Love Gang tinged with loads of interesting historical facts and an a memory-triggering playlist that will keep you smiling and humming!
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