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The Alien Agendas: A Speculative Analysis of Those Visiting Earth

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Kindle Edition

Published November 17, 2020

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Richard Dolan

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Author 12 books7 followers
January 3, 2021
The Alien Agendas by Richard Dolan is an important book, highly relevant for this dark time. Mr. Dolan is a leading voice among UFO researchers and has been for many years. His approach to the UFO phenomena has always been an evidence-based, scientific one. This is exemplified in his (currently) two volume work: UFOs and the National Security State. These books lead readers down a trail of documented incidents to the inescapable conclusion of an alien presence behind UFOs. The Alien Agendas rests on the foundation of this material, and is Mr. Dolan’s analysis and educated speculation asking the question: “who are the aliens and what do they want?


The Alien Agendas begins with a summary of human (homo sapiens sapiens) development over its three hundred thousand year span. That history is divided into stages specified as:

1. Hunting-gathering
2. Settled agriculture (Agricultural Revolution)
3. Industrial/scientific (Industrial Revolution)
4. Transhumanist (AI-digital electronics melding with people)

Mr. Dolan posits the “kickoff” of this history as being a genetic manipulation of our ancestors by human-looking aliens about forty thousand years ago. From here, he goes into his sources for this idea, historical examples, and reasons why these aliens apparently looked human.

These “geneticist” extraterrestrials are but one of several different alien types that historical records and contact experiencers indicate. These types are discussed at length and include human-looking, insect-like, reptilian, and other types. Mr. Dolan notes the characteristics of each group and how they overlap. He offers his thoughts on the abduction experience, which aliens are doing it, why they are doing it, and government involvement.

The book’s latter parts examine the possible reasons for the alien presences (their agendas per alien type), as well as the reasons for secrecy on the part of governments and the aliens themselves.

In a section of “Final Thoughts,” Mr. Dolan brings all the preceding together into a statement about how the alien presence relates to our troubled time and the relation of the current “pandemic.”


Having followed Mr. Dolan’s work over the years, I regard him as an authoritative source for UFO information and analysis. So, while I’ve been skeptical of the idea of genetic manipulation of humans by aliens, this book has brought me around to seeing the idea as viable. Mr. Dolan’s timespan for human development (both physical and civilizational) jibes with the scenarios averred by Daniel Quinn (in his Ishmael books) and Riane Eisler (The Chalice & The Blade). Those authors don’t include the genetic “boost” in their history narratives, but it’s effects are there between the lines.

I found most interesting, the book’s discussion of the D allele of our microcephalin gene as a “smoking gun” for the ancient genetic manipulation of humans. I’ve not run across this before. While it is not conclusive evidence for the idea, it is the most compelling I’ve seen.

As I read The Alien Agendas, I could not help but compare it to the works of other UFO researchers/experiencers that have impressed me. Mostly, Mr. Dolan’s work is in agreement with theirs, lending credence to all of it. I especially considered Whitley Strieber and his book, A New World. That book speaks to the same subject but comes at it from an experiential angle. As such, I think the two books support one another with The Alien Agendas being based on deep research and A New World adding the anecdotal evidence of Mr. Strieber’s experiences. In particular, Mr. Strieber avers a singular agenda of “communion” for the aliens (or “visitors”). His expounding on that makes for an interesting contrast with the agendas speculated upon by Mr. Dolan (and also by David Jacobs in his book, Walking Among Us).

I take these other books as existing within the framework described by The Alien Agendas. Hence, perhaps there is a subset group of aliens that want communion with us. Perhaps another subset wants to infiltrate and supplant us on Earth.

All of this is, of course, speculation. But it is informed speculation and such food for thought as we need to nourish us in this time. I am sure, though, that few will taste it.


The Alien Agendas is a relatively short book (about 170 printed pages) but rich in material that is intelligently and compellingly presented. It is as reasonable a discussion on the alien presence as you’re likely to find.

There are many graphics in the book that help to illustrate the points discussed and the UFO incidents described in the text. They are well-done and most are by artist, Sherri Miller, and by Michael Schratt (artist and researcher).

The book’s cover is also ascetically well-done, though it is a bit dark and malevolent-looking. For me, it doesn’t really correspond to the written content. While there is dark side to Mr. Dolan’s analysis, this is not a book of alien horror stories (I am more fearful of human horrors).

And there is a nice section of footnotes with clickable links, providing a springboard to potentially many hours of deeper study.


I am a big fan of Richard Dolan’s work because it is so well-researched and level-headed for a subject often presented sensationally. Examining the work he has produced over the years will reveal a case being steadily made for the reality of the UFO phenomenon. Even so, Mr. Dolan never really made the plunge into outright declaring and analyzing an alien presence on Earth (at least, in his written works). So I was happy to see him finally do that with this book.

I believe, along with Mr. Dolan, that this time is a huge watershed for the human race. We are rapidly entering that fourth, and undoubtedly most radical, stage of humanity’s development. It is a time described as the “Great Change” by UFO abductees (echoing the words of their alien abductors). Human elites see this time as being a “Great Reset” and consummation of a “New World Order.” For us in the trenches, though, what is coming is certain tyranny and the loss of our freedoms. Perhaps, we are also seeing the harbinger of the loss of our humanity to a hive existence.

Accepting the reality of UFOs and the alien presence provides a certain slant on events that I believe offers tremendous insight. It brings us closer to the truth of things. Still, we can only get so close to whatever that truth is. Thick walls of secrecy and propaganda keep us from it, so we have to settle for tantalizing clues.

Read The Alien Agendas and get a clue.
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Author 8 books24 followers
August 3, 2021
This is a well-written book and I love the author's scientific and fact-based approach to a subject that is often very controversial. He talks about various cases and types of aliens involved, he also quotes the fact that NASA has discovered billions of planets in our galaxy alone, that can inhabit human-type life. Richard Dolan uses a speculative approach in his conclusions but is very logical and certainly gets you thinking. His work goes well with Erich Von Daniken's and after reading extensively on this subject I have come to the conclusion something is going on and has for centuries. The author mentions various possibilities of how these 'aliens' could be involved with our lives, but again this is speculative and gets you thinking. I loved the fact the book was short, well written and has a sensible approach This is a good book for someone starting their research into this subject or even for those that are already knowledgeable.
5 reviews1 follower
May 19, 2021
Richard Dolan is as always, brilliant. Important book for the here and now.

Personally I am totally mind boggled by our planet presently. Everything is contradictory and blatantly confusing by design, I believe. Dolan is a trusted resource for trying to shed light on the ET phenomenon and its secretiveness for all of these long years. He makes something that is very complex, understandable. He can see numerous sides to the story. I Recommend reading this book. I couldn’t put it down.
2 reviews
June 25, 2021
An Excellent, Very Thought-Provoking Read

Richard Dolan's book "The Alien Agendas" is very well written and easy to read. It provides an in-depth review of the most commonly reported "types" of aliens based on extensive research based on the reported experiences of those who have experienced Close Encounters of the Thrid Kind (including abductions for some). While this is clearly speculative reasoning and scientifically unprovable (as Richard clearly admits and restates throughout the book), it is nonetheless thought provoking and comes at a particularly appropriate time as Disclosure (whatever that actually becomes) has apparently already begun. I highly recommend this book to everyone interested in the subject of Ufology and is tracking what our government has begun to reveal.
45 reviews2 followers
February 7, 2021
The Author’s Agenda...

As I see it, Richard Dolan understands his speculations as a grand adventure into a new emerging humanity that is being subtly influenced by aliens among us. His mission appears to be to bring discussion of that influence and presence into the public arena. Within his well-orchestrated presentation are hints that humanity is being manipulated in ways that would restrain our freedoms, perhaps even the freedom to be dangerous beings.

With all the objective cataloguing accounts of aliens in our midst, what I noticed was absent is a spiritual dimension. Dolan glosses over the December 21, 2012 winter solstice that ushered in a major spiritual transformation across the globe as though it did not occur. In fact, he says, “Obviously, that did not happen,” which I conclude means it did not happen to him or his associates. I think he ought to look a bit closer at the phenomenon that did occur and is in fact steadily gaining momentum.

I won’t discount that the author does hint at other dimensions including spiritual as being worthy of consideration, though he seems to imply it is a foregone conclusion that we have no worthy experiential data. Yet in all of his data-less speculation, there is no suggestion that individual spirit consciousness might re-incarnate as human, then on another occasion as alien within the great drama of manifest life.

Dolan’s attention seems primarily on the conspiracy of the drama itself instead of what’s behind it. Even if we eliminate the alien aspect altogether, to my way of seeing, questioning our true identity and consciousness that supersedes death (as a growing magnitude of NDEs suggest) is the most significant question we should ask. In the context of the alien aspect, I think the import of that question does not diminish.

To conclude, even though I consider that the author focused on the facade and overt drama of humanity and alien influence and mostly ignored its purpose and what projects it, I do think he did an excellent job of collating and presenting available evidence in a lively and engaging format.
Profile Image for Anthony O'Connor.
Author 4 books16 followers
September 16, 2022
not bad

The author wastes a lot of space repeating all of the old anecdotes and stories. Unfortunately none of this counts as serious evidence. Or does it? What would?
Video footage? Seen any movies lately. Anything can now be easily faked. Recent military disclosures aren’t as firm as everyone seems to think. Part of their supposedly open admission is an implicit admission to a long history of lies, coverup and misinformation over decades. So, what if they’re still lying? Why? Who knows. What about an actual meeting? Could also be faked but even if it wasn’t who’s going to believe your second hand account of it.
But anyway, with that being noted, the author gets to his stated goal of providing an analysis of - well, if they are here - and that’s a big if - what are they up to. And it’s pretty good. Covers all the bases from the mundane to the ineffable. Made several points that had never occurred to me. What more could you ask for ?
He repeats Charles Fort’s famous quote, ‘I think we’re property’. If so we can at least hope that there are multiple groups squabbling over our fate. With some kind hearted alien human-animal rights activists protesting against and trying to prevent the big cull. Who knows?

Profile Image for Richard.
Author 3 books24 followers
May 3, 2021
Pure Speculation - But Intriguing Ideas

This book takes a look at the idea that alien civilisations have been, and continue to visit Earth. The author then makes informed speculations on to what this means, and what these visitors might want.

Like most books on this topic, if you’re a believer in the concept, then this book will be intriguing to you. If you think the idea of alien visitors is pure nonsense, then this book will be laughable fiction to you.

The author collates all the evidence he can find, including testimony from credible witnesses, documents from military and government authorities, as well as some less reliable but intriguing anecdotal insights from 3rd parties.

Being of the belief that something bizarre is going on (even if it’s not extraterrestrial interactions) I personally found this an interesting read. With that said, it is pure speculation, but very well thought out and laid out speculation nevertheless.
December 20, 2020
Fearless Inquiry

This is one of the most difficult, complex, frustrating and essential areas of inquiry our species needs to confront. Richard Dolan proceeds fearlessly to summarize and speculate on how the dots may be connected based on what can be gleaned from ‘what we know now’ from witness testimonies, declassified documents, whistle blowers & history. What is the trajectory of human evolution based on the apparent imminent convergence of biology & cybernetics? What is the motive and humanity’s relationship to an alien agenda? Dolan doesn’t know but he’s willing to engage with the data, no matter how outside the mainstream it takes us. And most importantly, provoke us to seriously consider the implications of this hidden agenda.
Profile Image for Marco.
51 reviews
December 12, 2021
The book Is well written and the analysis of extraterrestrials It promise on its cover Is well made. The only thing Richard Dolan speaks about which I disagree with is his enthusiasm for the forthcoming widespread diffusion of the 5G technology (really, harmful for human health!), instead of taking in the right consideration the more natural path of developing spiritual-mental capabilities of human beings inhabiting Earth.
Profile Image for Birdie.
1 review
August 2, 2021
Alien Agendas, Human Speculation, Food for Thought

This is an intelligent, informed and engrossing speculation on why aliens may be interested in us as we collectively continue to morph as a global, technologically articulated species. Dolan's thinking is for those thoughtful and inquisitive humans among us.
Profile Image for Stephen Snead.
110 reviews1 follower
July 25, 2022
Good introduction to history of UFO's

The book is well researched although to be fair. If you have read Jaques Vallee "Passport to Mangonia" the middle of the book is hardly needed. But, the concluding conversation about implants and the coming digital control of humanity seems much more plausible than it used to be. All in all a good addition to a modern UFO library.
Profile Image for Jared.
46 reviews
May 26, 2022
Excellent speculative analysis with plenty of thought-provoking ideas. Richard Dolan did an excellent job putting this together in a good flow.
7 reviews
June 4, 2022
Not many UFO books are based on logic and surveys---this one is. Dolan polls the survey that arose from Edgar Mitchell's efforts on over 3k people.
Profile Image for Tom Kenis.
Author 2 books12 followers
September 11, 2021
In a court of law, a person can be found guilty and sentenced to jail time, even death, based on the testimony of one credible witness.
For over half a century now, attention seekers, swindlers, and emotionally troubled individuals have claimed to have seen 'lights in the sky', encounters with strange beings, or generally inexplicable occurrences. Down-to-earth people have mistaken the planet Venus, satellites, airplanes for a wishful interpretation of the universe as a less lonely, less nihilistic vacuum. 99% of the time it really was the planet Venus, a satellite, or jumbojet.

But that's not what rivets my own curiosity in the subject.
In two unwieldy tomes: UFOs and the National Security State, Chronology of a Cover-Up: 1941-1973 and UFOs and the National Security State, The Cover-Up Exposed, 1973-1991, historian Richard Dolan detailed countless instances of predominantly high-ranking military personnel, radar operators, police officers, military and civilian pilots, and other trained observers who have witnessed ostensibly artificial craft operating in ways that human technology couldn't in 1945, and still cannot today.
GEIPAN, a unit of the French Space Agency, has investigated UFOs since 1977, releasing such reports as 'Les OVNI et la défense : À quoi doit-on se préparer?' [UFOs and defence: what should we prepare for?]
Many other countries have official outfits treating the topic, shorn of the taboo and ridicule it regularly befalls among intellectuals.
Groundbreaking articles in the New York Times and Politico in 2017 discussed how closed military airspace, guarded by the most powerful military in the world, has been and is being invaded by curious-looking 'things' on an almost daily basis. Leaked videos of such encounters have been corroborated by the US military as real and inexplicable. Under the direction of then US senate leader Harry Reid, a research programme was set up that continues under different guises to this day.

According to the scientific method, results have to be verifiable and reproducible. The phenomenon, whatever it is, has so far eluded this strict requirement. However, we might ask, how can such subject matter be reproducible if, as is claimed, the subject itself seemingly has its own volition? What if that volition entails wishing to avoid detection, at least up to a level? That is to say, our purported flying saucer occupants, for reasons we cannot fathom, 'choose' not to land on the proverbial or literal White House lawn, but don't mind tantalising/harassing US carrier fleets.

Conversely, following the precepts of human jurisprudence, enough credible witnesses have now come forward to convict. Something or someone is here. And that something or someone is not us. This is the minimalistic conclusion that anyone looking at the topic with an open, curious mind, can arrive at.

Then there is speculation. That's what 'The Alien Agendas' is. Who or what are they? Why are they here? What do they want, if anything at all? What, for those ready to embrace this ultimate Copernican shift, does this mean for us humans, suspended here, to quote the late Carl Sagan, on a mote in a sunbeam?
This is not Richard Dolan's finest work. It seems hastily written for one. And I quite frankly wouldn't advise it to newcomers to the topic. Some of the questions, as the author himself readily and repeatedly admits, are far 'out there', and might put off those dipping their toes in the infinity pool of the UFO field for the first time. Ridicule is a potent weapon, but it can go only so far to shield us from a reality that is more flabbergasting than the realisation that the Earth revolves around the sun, that man descended from apes, or that an irrational sub-conscience rules our 'rational' choices. A reality that is, to be quite honest, scary as heck.

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Author 4 books36 followers
October 31, 2021
Disappointing. I expected to find something new, but it's just the same old same-old: grays, reptilians, hybrids, blah blah blah. Dolan consistently downplays the "high strangeness" of the UFO phenomenon, and evidence about its consistent presence at the fringe of human history. Sadly, conventional thinking about an unconventional subject.
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