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So We Meet Again

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When investment banker Jessie Kim is laid off in a virtual meeting and then overhears why (“she’s already being overpaid anyway for a woman” and “Asians are worker bees, not someone who can drum up new deals”) she delivers an “eff you guys” speech and storms out.

After moving back home to Tennessee to live with her loving but meddling mother and father, she runs into her childhood nemesis - golden child Daniel Choi - at the local Asian grocery store. The smart, charming lawyer appears to have it all...while Jessie has nothing.

Jess begrudgingly accepts Daniel’s help to relaunch her long abandoned Korean cooking YouTube channel Hanguk Hacks, showcasing easy meal prep for busy professionals. But just as she discovers Daniel’s life isn’t as perfect as it seems and there’s more to him than meets the eye, he shows up for a life-changing business opportunity, and their rivalry is back on....

339 pages, Paperback

First published August 3, 2021

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About the author

Suzanne Park

6 books939 followers
Suzanne Park is a Korean-American writer who was born and raised in Tennessee. In her former life as a stand-up comedian, she was a finalist in the Oxygen Network's "Girls Behaving Badly" talent search, and appeared on BET's "Coming to the Stage." Suzanne was also the winner of the Seattle Sierra Mist Comedy Competition, and was a semi-finalist in NBC's "Stand Up For Diversity" showcase in San Francisco alongside comedians Ali Wong and Nico Santos.

More info about her books can be found at https://linktr.ee/suzannepark

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Author 6 books47.1k followers
August 2, 2021
Like all of Suzanne Park's books, SO WE MEET AGAIN centers humor, depth, and the Korean American experience. I wouldn't classify this as a romance (though love interest Daniel is SUPER DREAMY and I can't help but imagine him looking like Daniel Henney). To me, it's more women's fiction, so please set your expectations. What I loved most about this book are the lightness--it's definitely a comfort read!--and Jessie Kim's hilarious interactions with her mom as they record videos for her YouTube channel. Emily Henry said it best, this is a "charming heart-squeeze of a book."
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2,194 reviews40.5k followers
August 3, 2021
Two things I can say about this book: in my opinion so far this is the best book Ms. Park has written and the genre of the novel is closer to women’s fiction than romance.

I adored the depictions of yummy Asian food which made me order so many take outs and devoured them as if they were my last meals. And the other thing I truly loved was the sweet bitter mother-daughter relationship!

There’s also realistic, a little harsh approach to racism, sexism which were discussed with bold and powerful dialogues. I have to say I liked the honest perspective of the author even though some parts were a little exaggerated but most parts include important and sensitive messages which were strict to the point.

The story begins with inequality and sexism in the office introduces us efficient, hard worker investment banker Jess Kim doesn’t get the promotion she highly deserved. Accidentally at the virtual meeting she learns the sexist and racist comments of her bosses about her which is the last straw forcing her to resign.

As soon as she moves back to her home town Tennessee to share her childhood house with intimidating, domineer Korean mom who tries to set her up with pastor’s charming kid Daniel Choi, even though she hates the idea, she cannot resists the charm of the young man.

Jess concentrates on her new start up business- she becomes YouTube vlogger- producing videos about making easy meal prep for people who stuck long hours at their offices. ( of course when her know it all mother appears out of nowhere sabotaging her video production and accidentally bringing more viewers and investment opportunities, things get so much better)

The blurb advertised us the main conflict between Daniel and Jess: Daniel becomes general counsel of her old firm which is interested to buy her off but actually they have earlier conflict about the grocery chain Jess has meal kits.

The book is a little slow burn than I expected and it’s centered on dysfunctional the mother- daughter relationship. So the romance parts between Daniel and Jess are a little overshadowed.

This book is still sentimental, thought provoking, entertaining contemporary read. If you keen on reading romcom/ romance, you might be a little disappointed because it’s mostly about family dynamics, great Asian foods and inequality in work environment which still make the book quite enjoyable read.

I’m rounding up 3.5 stars to 4 mother- daughter, YouTube, raising my glass for women empowerment stars!

Special thanks to NetGalley and Avon and Harper Voyager for sharing this digital reviewer copy with me in exchange my honest opinions.
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Author 10 books76.9k followers
March 3, 2021
I just had such a nice time.
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2,232 reviews304 followers
August 3, 2021
So We Meet Again by Suzanne Park
Contemporary fiction. Includes a light, clean romance, enemies to friends troupe, that’s integral but mostly secondary.

Self empowerment told in a story of a former finance professional finding passion in creating a new business that had roots in her heritage with a modern day solution.
Why didn't I also include Korean or female in the sentence above as applies to the character in this novel? Because finding work or a hobby that makes you passionate extends beyond race or gender. Enjoy life.

Jessie uses her Korean cooking heritage and her boredom from prepackaged food delivery to create a new business and new direction in her life.
Her prior school nemesis, Daniel Choi, turns out to be a smart business contact as well as a hunky good looking male.

A powerful and positive story with humor, romance and family.

Lines and short quotes I loved and had to make a note of while reading this book:
Food delivery instructions: “Throw the coffee, cream, and sugar up to the second floor window”

“Waaaa,” they all marveled in unison.

“Numbers were so specific. I liked specificity.”

“meddling ajummas?”

“Umma’s feeding and cooking were her own special love language to me.”

“Because love wasn’t shown only with the acts of cooking and feeding. Love was also about not giving up on the other person.”

I received a copy of this from NetGalley.
Profile Image for Jennifer ~ TarHeelReader.
2,121 reviews30.2k followers
August 26, 2021
Suzanne Park is churning out the books this year, and I am here for it! A couple months ago, I read and enjoyed Sunny Song Will Never Be Famous, and So We Meet Again is her newest contemporary.

About the book: “From the author of the “genuinely funny” and “delightful” Loathe at First Sight (NPR), a young Korean American woman’s journey to finding a new career and new love means learning to embrace the awkward and unexpected - exploring familial expectations, finding your voice, and unimaginably falling for your childhood rival.”

Jessie loses her job as an investment banker and moves home to Tennessee to live with her parents. She feels like she can’t sink any lower into despair, and then she sees her nemesis from childhood, Daniel Choi, who’s a hotshot attorney and living the good life (or so it seems).

Daniel ends up helping her re-launch a cooking YouTube channel. The heart of the story is the relationship between Jess and her sometimes overbearing mom. It also comes with a side of romance and delicious Korean food. The story felt authentic and relatable, and I really enjoyed how Korean culture was infused in this quick, entertaining read.

I received a gifted copy.

Many of my reviews can also be found on my blog: www.jennifertarheelreader.com and instagram: www.instagram.com/tarheelreader
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716 reviews
May 12, 2021

Jessie is climbing the ladder of success as a Wall Street investment banker, until without notice she is pushed off! After 7 years of doing her boss's work, a round of layoffs has her predicting that lazy Wyatt will get the boot, but instead it is her that gets kicked to the curb, while Wyatt gets a promotion. The insult to injury, she is told that she doesn't have leadership qualities. She argues she didn't get the opportunity to develop because she was too busy working pulling all nighters and weekends doing Wyatt's job. Now, she is sleeping in her childhood bedroom, rudderless and dumbstruck. To avoid sinking into depression, she revives her you tube channel on cooking hacks as a means of keeping focused and suddenly, her Korean mother joins in a live stream correcting Jessie's technique and the fans go wild.

What makes Jessie cringe even more than her mother's growing fan base and the fact that she isn't sure what will happen to her career is the surfacing of her childhood nemesis, Daniel Choi. The one everyone in her Korean community as well as her parents always compared her to. Daniel is the epitome of success, a venture capitalist in Silicon Valley and also a practicing lawyer, his deals make Jessie's look like playground negotiations. Now he is missing his nerdy bowl cut and has abs of steel and big brawny arms to boot. Even worse is his devil may care grin that makes all women melt. Funny thing is Jessie has those feelings as well. She finds that being with him isn't the terrible and she actually laughs at his easy humor.

Unfortunately for both, his efforts to help her with a roll-out of her Korean marinades gets cut short and Jessie blames Daniel. Jessie needs to regroup to make sure her ship doesn't sink a few feet from port. She learns to rely on other's guidance and her own talents as a business woman. When the unexpected happens and she must decide whether to return to her old life or continue being her own woman, Jessie reflects on what is truly important to her.

This was way more than your typical romance. This story is about women believing in themselves and building on their talents against the odds when dealing with the Old Boy's Club. Jessie pursues her own dreams and defies the limits placed upon her. Once she realizes her talents and her limitations, she is ready for the love that surrounds her. She makes peace with other's expectations and redefines her own. The romance was an integral part of this story and well done. While there is some sexual actions, it is rather clean compared to most books being published as "romance". It wasn't explicit though the reader definitely understands what takes place. It certainly didn't dominate the plot.

Highly recommended, it was a lighter story that was a page turner, I read it in two sittings in less than 24 hours. As a business person, who worked in the corporate world and also as a business owner, I was impressed with the author's ability to bring authenticity and accuracy to the story. I was surprised that she didn't have personal experience in these fields. It also deeply resonated to me as I reflect on that period in my life trying to find my way career wise. Park alludes to the impostor syndrome that many perfectionist females experience.

I'd like to thank Goodreads, Suzanne Park and Avon for the opportunity to read the ARC copy of this story in exchange for an honest appraisal, all opinions are my own. It was my great pleasure. I'm definitely going to read more by this author.

Triggers: Male Derision at women in general and Asian women in particular
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569 reviews777 followers
September 1, 2021
I received an ARC of this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

I had previously read the author’s other book, Loathe at First Sight, and liked but didn’t love it. I knew I wanted to give her books another shot, so I jumped at the chance to read this one. This book was so much better!

First off, I liked the romance in this one. This book had more of a romantic story than Loathe At First Sight. Daniel was a swoon-worthy love interest for sure! I loved his interactions with Jess. They had the most adorable meet-cute. As soon as I read their meet-cute, I knew I was going to like them as a couple.

I also loved that the book was more than a romance and focused a great deal on Jess’s career change. It explored all the ups and downs of starting over. It was wonderful seeing Jess grow from an unsure former investment banker into a full fledged businesswoman.

As for the supporting characters, Jess’s parents were so precious! You could tell that they really loved Jess, even if they didn’t always show it in the best way. I could relate to Jess’s experiences with her critical mom.

I did find the book to be a little unrealistic at times. The book wasn’t super clear on the passage of time, but it felt like Jess’s business took off too quickly. But I will admit I don’t know that much about business so maybe it was realistic. Also, Daniel did something at the very end that could have got him in trouble as a lawyer. It wasn’t anything egregious (just a conflict of interest issue). It was only something I noticed since I am a recent law graduate. Most lawyers would have foresaw that conflict of interest and handled the situation differently.

Overall, I enjoyed this read! If you want a light and fun romance and/or women’s fiction novel to read, pick this one up!
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2,895 reviews634 followers
February 25, 2023
This is fun. So We Meet Again is enemy to lover romance but with a lot of comedy. Miss Park injecting many Korean culture into her story. I was not expecting much from this book. I thought it is going to be so so book.

Daniel certainly stole the whole story. He is so sweet and loyal. He is smart too. Jess is typical heroine who hold so many emotional baggage. Again Miss Park done a wonderful job telling her story with a comedy.

4 stars
Profile Image for book bruin.
1,137 reviews282 followers
June 30, 2021
This was an entertaining novel about finding yourself and following your dreams. I loved the Korean American rep and that the culture and food played such a large role in the story. I related a lot to the cultural pressures and expectations of family and community and thought that was portrayed really well. I went into So We Meet Again thinking that it was going to be a romance, but it ended up falling more into Women’s Fiction for me. There is a romantic subplot between Jessie and Daniel, but it takes a backseat to Jessie’s personal journey and her relationship with her parents (especially her mother). Jessie’s mom was absolutely hilarious ("Umma approved!") and she was definitely my favorite character. The pacing of the novel was a bit slow, which made the book feel overly long, but I thought Jessie’s character arc was well done. I also appreciated how sexism and misogyny in the workplace were discussed and addressed throughout the novel. The ending felt a bit rushed, with the main conflict coming in right before the end, but overall this was an enjoyable read.

CW: sexism, racial stereotyping, misogyny, mentions of: sexual harassment and workplace hazing

*I voluntarily read an advance review copy of this book*
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2,039 reviews320 followers
August 2, 2021
So We Meet Again
By Suzanne Park

The story is centered on Jess Kim, who moves back to her hometown in Tennessee after being laid off for being a great Asian worker bee but with no leadership qualities. Channeling that fight in her, she develops a product and re-launches her old Korean Cooking YouTube channel. An unexpected appearance by her mom to critique Jess’ cooking techniques, made the show go viral.

Oh this book is everything I wanted – it packs a punch and covers momentous themes that are relatable, and delivered in the most uplifting and heart warming manner that just made me love this book even more.

I loved this book because at the heart of this wonderful story is the tender and bitter sweet mother-daughter relationship, the importance of following the bourgeoning entrepreneurial spirit by following your dreams, taking chances and risks. And then of course, there is the amazing food, and lest not forget, the swoon-worthy romance. Oh my heart, this was such an exceptional read – the best ever yet from Suzanne Park.
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2,252 reviews1,811 followers
August 24, 2021
This one definitely had more 'romance' than suzanne parks first book but it definitely also focused a lot on family and a strong female character who makes money and takes no BS. however, my biggest gripe with this book is the writing. It felt a lot of telling not showing and things were condensed or skipped over and things happened easily and quickly with our heroines rising success. I also didn't like how our main characters were enemies to lovers and jumped straight to romance. Our hero was also undesirable LMFAO. He was nothing special at all and he didn't convince me he was a sweet boy who made money and liked to be flashy as well. Our heroine kind of pissed me off too because even if our hero tried to be nice, our heroine did not trust him at all. It was beyond frustrating. However, with all that being said. This is a solid novel. It's written to captivate you. It's an easy read. It's about family. It's about finding yourself. And it's a fluffy one you can finish on the beach in one sitting.
Profile Image for Madison.
421 reviews4,773 followers
August 3, 2021
"I not only had to prove myself as an Asian American with no high-level connections and a 'bamboo ceiling' just above my head-I had to prove myself as a woman in a male-dominated field, so I had the second layer of a glass ceiling too."

This is Suzanne Park's best novel yet. I devoured this fast-paced novel in one day!

I loved Jessie's journey and all the conversations about sexism and racism on not only the workplace but in life as well. Park hit it home with Jessie's experience and you can feel Park speaking through her character. Obviously, I cannot speak to the racism aspect and the microaggressions Jessie experienced as a Korean American, but I do understand the sexism working in a male dominated field.

I really appreciate the headfirst approach Park took with tackling sexism and racism. Some people might think it is too interwoven into the plot, but I think that sometimes it is necessary to hit the nail on the head a few times to make sure your point gets across. Jessie is someone who learns that she is not to be taken advantage of, that she has power and worth and no one has the right to take that away from her. That when you know your worth, you never let anyone treat you as less. This is a romcom, but it is also a very thought provoking novel that focuses on Jessie's Korean American experience and also her family dynamic.

The friendship aspect of this novel took me by surprise. As someone who moved back to their hometown (kind of) recently, I felt a lot of the emotions Jessie underwent being back in a place that was both familiar and new. I loved watching as Jessie made new friends and went through the effort of rekindling old friendships as well. The different dynamics between the women were so realistic and I believed them whole-heartedly. I kind of hope we get more books focusing on the other women because they are all strong and independent females in their own way.

I loved Jessie's relationship with her parents. It reminded me of the relationship I had with my nonna when she was alive and the dynamic between Jessie and her mum making videos had me thinking of the YouTube videos I have made with my dad. I think this was my favourite aspect of the novel. Jessie is so afraid of being seen as a disappointment, she doesn't want to let her parents down. Moving back home and losing her job makes her feel ashamed and she doesn't know what to do. But you saw that, as the novel progressed, they really just wanted her to be happy and successful (and married but that is a different thing). And the way Jessie and her mother's relationship strengthens over the course of the novel is beautiful.

Also, for the last seven years I have watched this Korean mum youtuber who makes cooking videos called Maangchi. Even though I am vegan, I love her videos because she is just cute as a button. When reading about Jessie and her mum making YouTube videos, I instantly thought of this channel. It made me smile SO hard.

The reason the book isn't a full 5 stars is just because the romance was still a little lack luster. Don't get me wrong, it was a really sweet and goofy romance, I just didn't believe or feel their romantic connection that strongly. It seemed like it went from 0 to 100 really quickly and the only backstory we had was their rivarly back in high school. I think this aspect needed to be fleshed out more, but I still thought it was a really cute romance.

I am excited to see what adult romance Park will publish next.

- this book was provided by Avon -
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347 reviews5 followers
April 3, 2021
I really wanted this one to be a five-star read, and in a lot of ways it was. I greatly enjoyed the premise, the characters and, maybe most of all, the food. The writing was excellent and the characters were likable and well-developed. The romance was secondary to a compelling story. All these aspects made it a great read.

However, the plot was too “easy” even by usual suspension of disbelief standards. Somehow everything just falls into place for a business idea that just happens to go viral the second it is filmed, that just happens to get product placement, that just happens to get TV spots...you get the idea. While overall the story was great, it felt like the reality of the situation was glossed over to further the romantic development (a subplot that was great, but didn't have to be the focus for this story to work).

Five stars for writing, two stars for realistic contemporary romance.
August 23, 2021
I wanted to like this a lot and honestly the beginning was really fun. I don’t think it should have been shown as a romance because it’s definitely not the main focus in theme or plot time. And that by itself is fine but the plot fell really short in believability. Having a media based story is a world so heavily media based is already difficult but having a story where someone hits stardom in a matter of weeks just couldn’t be believed by me. Not just that but it felt like every step in the plot was impossibly fast. Multiple times I zoned out and when I got back in the character had made some giant advancement all of the sudden. There were sweet parts of this and nothing was upsetting or off putting. But this story was really about the main character and her career development and for that storyline to be so fast tracked and unrealistic drew me out completely.
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995 reviews781 followers
July 26, 2021
This was a pleasant, straightforward read. I do feel it leans far more towards women's fiction than romance. Because, while the bits of romance was there, the romance was not a huge focus nor was it particularly well-developed.

The focus instead fell on our protagonist's journey of self-discovery, her relationship with her parents, primarily her mother, and her passion for food. Honestly, all the recipes they described here sounded delicious. Though, as someone who isn't terrible gifted in the kitchen, I doubt they're as easy as they sound lol.

Another issue addressed in the book is workplace inequity. Being a minority and being a woman in a predominately male-dominated field, it is easy to feel like an outsider. Because, as was the case with Jessie, that is the status quo. Obviously, the people benefitting from the messed up and bias system will do nothing to fix it and in many companies, it truly is a top-down issue. Naturally, the problem is not simply resolved by the end of the book. That would hardly be realistic. But it is brought to everyone's attention.

It emphasized that you should know your worth and never let anyone treat you as less than. And that is just so important. Because at the end of the day you need to be your greatest champion, and that was something Jessie finally learned and came to terms with by the book's end.

I received a free ARC copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Huge thank you to Avon for providing me with a copy!
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1,870 reviews1,877 followers
July 26, 2021

Ok if you like romances with a side of food and culture this one is a must, it was SO good! I was totally charmed by both love interests Jess and Daniel, but also by Jess’ parents and basically all of the secondary characters as well. While I would definitely still classify this as a romance it had plenty of elements of women’s fiction as well as Jess is on a journey of her own totally independent of her developing relationship with Daniel, but I think that aspect is actually what made this one so enjoyable for me. Her character growth was great and I was rooting for her the whole time as she began to realize what she wanted for her life, it was empowering and really fun to see. I spoke of the food before but you guys, the descriptions were mouth watering and I’ve had a serious craving for Korean food ever since I started this one. I always love learning more about different cultures and I thought the author did a fantastic job at incorporating an authentic Korean experience into this sweet and sexy tale. Clearly I loved this one and definitely recommend it!

I have to give a nod to the narrator, Jackie Chung. You know how sometimes when you’re reading a physical book you can hear a voice in your head of what you think the character should sound like? Jackie’s voice was exactly that for me, she was the perfect Jess and I found her narration to be incredibly heartfelt and believable.
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193 reviews3 followers
September 22, 2021
Yeah I think after giving this author 3 tries… We just don’t match up.
In her last book I complained that she made her teens be so incredibly unlikeable I wanted zero contact with teens. Here she somehow manages to make her 20 something a cold, whinny, annoying blob.
Also are people seriously that hung up on what happened to them in middle school? Like girl get over it!!!!
I’m only giving it 2 stars cause even though in her head her parents were terrible. They were not, specifically her mom! It’s so rare to get good parents in fiction. So we get an extra star for good parents
Also DANIEL CHOI WAS BORING!!! He had the personality of fancy leather couch. Sure it looks good, but once you sit on it you are not comfortable
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732 reviews181 followers
January 10, 2023
This was fun. The writing's nice. But, the second half felt weaker to me in terms of situations, friends, or even the connection between the couple.

My con is that the author a lot of times used 'Korean mom' like this and like that to indicate various situations. Yes, we get it your family is that movie/TV series shown-strict parents, no need to mention it on every other line.
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858 reviews219 followers
July 11, 2021
3.75 stars

read on my blog

rep: Korean-American protagonist, love interest, and side characters; Korean-American author
cw: sexism

**I received an ARC from the publisher through Netgalley. These are my honest opinions, and in no way was I compensated for this review.**

After finishing and enjoying Sunny Song Will Never Be Famous, this author’s young adult release this year, I decided to request this book. I picked it up when I didn’t really feel like reading anything, and I had a lot of fun! So We Meet Again takes us on the journey of building a brand from the ground up, with the help of a good support system of friends, family, and a cute guy.

When Jess Kim is fired from her job as an investment banker, she moves back home while she regroups. A strike of inspiration occurs: a Korean cooking Youtube channel where she adds some flavor to meal prep boxes. While she’s home, she reconnects with some old friends, including her middle-school rival, Daniel, whose successful career as a venture capitalist lawyer aids Jess’s business even if he still annoys her.

The characters were great. I really liked Jess’s grit and determination; this book also made the business aspects interesting and didn’t make the plot drag. As much as she dislikes him, Daniel tries to be really helpful. Jess’s high school friend Celeste and her newly made friend Flora also support Jess throughout the story.

I liked reading about Jess’s relationship with her parents. All of Park’s books feature the protagonists’ relationship with their immigrant Korean parents, a terse relationship that is also full of love. Here, part of Jess’s success stems from her mother criticizing her cooking. While this is frustrating in its own way, I reading about Jess continuing to further her business with her mom because she sees how much it means to her.

The romance was cute! You could say that Jess and Daniel were former rivals (although I wouldn’t say this is a rivals-to-lovers romance); even today, their parents are comparing their achievements, something Jess can’t help but do too. Their banter was fun to follow, and I liked their scenes together. I will say, though, that while I guess technically this book is a romance, it doesn’t entirely focus on it. Instead, it balances it with the business plot line, although I would say this part took much more of the plot.

I actually had my doubts reading about this book because the author’s previous adult title was grossly marketed as a romcom, which it really wasn’t (you can read more about that in my review here). I worried that this book, too, wouldn’t really be a romance but thankfully it did have more of the romance aspect. I will say, however, (and this is partially spoilerly, so don’t read this if you don’t want to) that it’s so weird that the summary is pretty much the ENTIRE book. That last paragraph? Occurs in the last 10%. Not even the last quarter! The last 10%, which made the book feel paced weirdly because I kept expecting that to be one of the main obstacles.

So We Meet Again juggles a funny romance with the struggles of starting a business. I liked the characters and the main couple. If you enjoyed this author’s past books, I think you’ll definitely like this one!

original review:

fun although why did the summary include pretty much everything that happened in the book lmao
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644 reviews1,693 followers
April 7, 2023
So We Meet Again is nothing special, but it sure is a cute read.

I liked Jessie's journey from Wall Street-cog-in-the-machine to taking a risk and starting a Korean foodie business with the help of her mother. The romance was lacking, but there are some funny moments that land.
Profile Image for Alexis Connor.
56 reviews
September 12, 2021
Hmmm where do I begin? I’m super conflicted with this book. The first half was actually pretty good. I laughed a few times and even marked some favorite parts….

Then the second half came and I found myself needing more AND less. More romance, less business. The end of the book felt rushed and too detailed on her business. When in reality I just needed more Daniel content. Like one minute she hates him and the next they are fine…

Idk the beginning of the book was great which is why this is three stars. Just so disappointed with the end.
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969 reviews163 followers
August 2, 2021
Jess has a successful Wall Street career and is in line for a promotion. When she is not only passed over for the promotion but is also laid off from her job for lacking leadership skills, Jess moves back to Nashville to live with her parents as she regroups. She begins a Korean cooking channel on YouTube for busy workers, which goes viral when Jess’s overbearing and opinionated mother butts into her video. Thus begins a new life for Jess as she begins to find her way among family, friends, and a new potential love.

The relationship between Jess and her mom is one of the highlights of the story. I love Jess. She is a hard-working entrepreneur, strong and resilient, and a bit foul-mouthed. She refuses to let her job loss get her down, and she works hard to reinvent herself.

Jess goes through such a great personal journey throughout the book as she gains confidence and a strong sense of self, and learns to trust herself and others. Her work ethic is something to be admired, as is her relationship with her parents.

Jess’s mother is a spitfire, and she totally steals the show, both literally and figuratively. She is so funny, and it’s when she is on camera with Jess that the channel goes viral. Jess and her mom have fabulous chemistry, and it’s clear that they love each other very much. They have a close mother-daughter bond that I think many readers will relate to. Their relationship is frustrating, fun, and, above all, filled with love. I so related to this, as my mother, much like Jess’s, used to drive me insane, riddle me with guilt, and then envelop me in support, compassion, and unwavering love.

The slow-building romance between Jess and her old school nemesis Daniel is another highlight of the book, though it is not the main focus of the story. When Jess’s mom tries to set Jess up with the now-successful lawyer Daniel, Jess is none too pleased. However, the more she gets to know him, the less she wants to resist him.

Good-looking and confident, Daniel is quite different from the boy Jess remembered from high school. I found Daniel positively swoon-tastic, and he and Jess have great chemistry. I love their easy and witty banter, and I’m always a sucker for a good enemies-to-lovers romance. Of course, their relationship is not without obstacles, and his job conflicts with her new career. However, it was lovely to see their relationship slowly bloom as they maneuvered through these new problems.

I also like that the novel touches upon relevant and relatable issues like inequities and sexism in the workplace, women’s rights, and racism, all of which Jess, her family, and her friends face throughout the story. Sadly, this makes the story even more realistic, as these are common issues in current American culture.

And the food!! I want to try all of the delicious-sounding food. Jess has so many clever and yummy Korean-inspired meals and hacks, and I want a taste of all of them!

A wonderful, heart-warming story about starting over, believing in yourself, and taking chances, the novel also highlights the complexities of love, friendship, success, and family. I enjoyed this book very much and think readers who are looking for a charming story with great characters, a sweet enemies-to-lovers romance, and a lot of delicious food will also adore it. Thanks so much to NetGalley, Avon, and Suzanne Park for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.
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July 30, 2021
Oh my. This book. I loved everything about it. It has Suzanne Park's signature snark, real and loveable characters and so much delicious food. I seriously laughed out loud so many times I lost count and there are also so many swoonable moments.

Park definitely put the com in romcom. But there's also plenty of rom. :) This book is another winner and I can't wait to read what she writes next.
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August 17, 2021
Jessie and Daniel are so sweet and likable. This was a cute story (very low on steam/romance) and I’m glad I spent time with it. The story focuses on finding our own path and purpose amongst social, family and cultural pressures.

I totally wanted more of Jessie and her moms cooking episodes - they always made me hungry.

3.5 stars

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