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A spaceship in disguise,

An Earth girl searching for a sense of home,

And a Thousand Years' War between alien races,

All collide on a summer afternoon.

An old movie theater welcomes Amaya in and wraps her up in the smell of popcorn and licorice. But one sunny afternoon during a matinee, the movie screen goes dark. The theater rumbles.

Amaya gets trapped in the middle of an ancient alien conflict. Angry and frightened, Amaya entangles herself in a life-changing cultural misunderstanding with Sol, a young alien who keeps omitting key information, even while they're on the run from his enemies.

What will it take to survive a battle between alien races involved in an ancient war?

Kindle Edition

Published November 10, 2020

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Tyrean Martinson

43 books83 followers

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Profile Image for Lynda Young.
Author 4 books28 followers
October 30, 2020
Amaya loves going to the movies, but one day there’s an earthquake during the matinee. At least, she thought it was an earthquake. It turns out the cinema is a spaceship and she’s stuck on it during liftoff. So begins her adventure.

This is a fast-paced story for teens. There’s plenty of adventure and excitement wrapped in an intriguing world of galactic proportions.

Amaya is headstrong and stubborn. She doesn’t trust easily, but she’ll need to learn to trust if she’s going to survive this adventure.

Sol is an alien and a cutey. He is calm and even tempered. He comes across as skilled and knowledgeable, and I liked him a lot.

Throw in some misunderstandings, space battles, alien races locked in an ancient war, and we have a great escapist mix.

I was given an advanced copy with no obligations to leave a review.
Profile Image for E.B. Dawson.
Author 35 books140 followers
July 28, 2021
Liftoff is chock full of YA tropes, which will appeal to lots of readers, but was ultimately not for me.

I would have preferred a little more realism and a few more explanations behind some of the major plot points. I enjoy a helping of cheese in the right genre and context, but it got a little too much for me in this book

But I did enjoy the energy of the book and the prose was quite good.
Profile Image for Beth Camp.
Author 12 books36 followers
November 10, 2020
Liftoff begins with a literal lift-off of a movie theater! Seventeen-year-old Amaya, snuggled in the darkness with two good friends, complete with popcorn, is shaken into a new world when the movie theater transforms into a spaceship. Torn from home, Amaya faces one challenge after another as she comes to terms with who she is and what her place will be in an almost believable series of alien worlds who co-exist in a state of undeclared war. Surrounded by people who don’t quite reveal all, feisty Amaya finds her own independence in this completely satisfying read. Perfect for Young Adult readers.
Profile Image for Jemi Fraser.
Author 18 books44 followers
October 30, 2020
So much fun! LiftOff is a fabulous introduction to a new world and series.
Amaya’s life is completely disrupted when she heads to a movie with her friends. Instead of enjoying the film she finds herself on an alien spaceship flying to different solar system. And things only get more complicated from there!
Alien species, new technologies, a heap of expectations, family drama and a cute alien who will do anything for her change everything for Amaya.
Fascinating story and I’m looking forward to more!
Author 1 book44 followers
December 20, 2020
I received an ARC of this book through Reedsy in exchange for an honest review.

What begins as a banal, ordinary day becomes the adventure of a lifetime. Amaya is seventeen, newly transplanted to Washington from her previous life in California. Her family has been torn apart, and she has found solace in two good friends who love going to the movies and talking about boys. When their matinee showing is cut short by what feels like an earthquake, the girls are separated, leaving Amaya on a rapidly ascending movie theatre-turned-spaceship with the sexy and mysterious Sol. Moments later, Amaya is thrown across the galaxy, finding herself in the middle of a conflict that has raged for generations. Amaya’s true nature is soon revealed, causing her to question everything she thought she knew; and it is up to her to reconnect what has been torn asunder.

Written as a novella, Liftoff is a short and sweet introduction to Amaya’s world and the complexities of the universe beyond. Bite-sized chapters keep the story moving, launching Amaya into one situation after another as she travels the reaches of space. Though world-building must be done in a relatively short time-frame, it is done in a believable and comprehensible way. Readers will have no trouble settling themselves in this new environment, especially because of the myriad connections to religion and mythology already present on Earth. Light references to Christianity can be found throughout the story, although it is not a pervasive theme. Chaste allusions to romance and moderate violent scenes are also included, making this story accessible to readers transitioning to the young adult genre. Diverse characters and settings give the story a richness that drives the narrative. As mentioned in the Afterward, this story opens many ideas to be explored further, whether in subsequent novellas or in a longer novel.

While the story can easily move into a sequel, however, this first installment has an agreeable endpoint. A glossary of terms introduced in the novella is included at the end of the book, helping readers orient themselves to unfamiliar jargon used in the story. Liftoff is an enjoyable, accessible jaunt into a world that, while different, is not so unrecognizable from the current reality.
Profile Image for Tonja Drecker.
Author 3 books174 followers
November 25, 2020
Like a spaceship switching into hyper-drive, this is a fast-paced, action packed read and a good beginning to what appears to be an exciting series.

Sitting in a movie theater with her best friend to watch the latest film, the last thing Amaya expects is an earthquake to rock the theater. While her friend manages to jump through the exit in time, Amaya is held back. Soon, she finds her world thrust into the vast realm of a universal war and is unwillingly placed on the side of a young alien, who isn't being quite truthful about everything...and that while he's being hunted down.

I picked this one up because I know the author, and it's been awhile since I've set off on a space adventure. Also, the short length guaranteed I'd have enough time to shoot through this one and get it finished without stressing over my normal reading schedule. And it is an entertaining read. Definitely fast paced.

The beginning really caught my interest with a very usual scene of teens in a movie theater. The tension mounts super quick, and although I did miss a little more build-up, the adventure shot off right away and didn't slow down until the end. There are tons of surprises, a good dose of humor and snark, and run-ins which keep the characters more than on their toes. If you're looking for depth, this isn't the read to pick up because there's not much. It's a fun ride through the galaxy which centers on action, fun, frustrating moments, deadly encounters and a main character, who would probably pull her out thanks to the alien, who 'kidnapped' her, but will have to battle off killer aliens to have even the slightest chance of ever returning home. It's simply an entertaining read.
Profile Image for Christine Rains.
Author 59 books236 followers
October 30, 2021
Amaya is settled into an old movie theater with friends when suddenly the whole place shakes as if an earthquake. While her friends make it out, Amaya is held back from jumping by Sol (seemingly a guy who works there) as the theater now spaceship propels up into space. Now she's in the middle of a centuries old war and bonded to a cute alien who she doesn't know if she can trust or not. There are so many things she doesn't understand, but she has to learn what she needs soon or she may not survive her next trip through space.

A fantastic start to this YA sci-fi series. I immediately felt sympathy for Amaya, dealing with normal Earth teen problems like her parents being divorced and trying to fit in at a new place. Then the new place becomes a whole new world as the story immediately blasts off with the spaceship. I loved that the ship was disguised as a movie theater and the descriptions of what the high tech the everyday Earthling things hid. We're introduced to a lot of history and aliens in this novella, but it didn't bore me and the tension kept taut throughout. It's a solid ground to set the series on, and I can't wait to dive in to the next book.
Profile Image for Cathrina Constantine.
Author 20 books375 followers
November 3, 2020
It's been a while since I had the pleasure of reading a space/alien adventure. And it lifts off (pun intended) in a movie theater, which is actually a space ship incognito.

The author, Tyrean Martinson hooked me on page 1. Fast-paced and full of adventure. Amaya is abducted, accidentally, when the movie theater/space ship was escaping from their enemies. And the journey begins...

I like the main characters, Amaya and the alien, Sol. These two have a connection that's endearing and gets stronger, and somewhat tricky, throughout the story. It's a nail-biter when the reader gets involved in a space battle, and then the suspense continues after the ship lands on a planet. Amaya and Sol flee into a strange and scenic landscape. Sol helps the baffled Amaya, but she's stronger than she appears. The couple have their hands full as strategic forces are desperately trying to capture them.

I never leave spoilers, however, there's much more intrigue surrounding Amaya, Sol, and her family. I can't wait to read the next installment.
Profile Image for Toi Thomas.
Author 16 books70 followers
January 14, 2021
I read this book in November of 2020 and am reviewing it in January of 2021.

This is a short fun sci-fi read. It's YA but oddly enough, I had no issue reading it. I suppose this author's approach to less whiny teens suited me well. Plus, I love the diversity of the characters, and not just because some are alien.

This series has the potential to become a new-classic, space opera series. I like the way the worldbuilding brings the earth and extended galaxy together in an interconnected way, physically and spiritually. I hope to see that developed more as the series continues.

I was surprised to see so much action in such a short story, from physical fight scenes to space dog-fights.

I'm really looking forward to the next installment.

Recommended to fans of YA sci-fi and space operas.
Profile Image for Sherry Ellis.
Author 7 books56 followers
November 13, 2020
When Amaya spends a little time in a theater, relaxing with her friends, she doesn't expect to be taken in a spaceship to a far-off galaxy to deal with tensions between alien races. But that's exactly what happens in this fun, fast-paced space adventure.

When she discovers who she really is, Amaya has to adapt quickly and be everything the prophecies foretold. Not an easy job!

With humor and likable, interesting characters, this is a fun, fast-paced novella that any sci-fi enthusiast would enjoy.
Profile Image for Carol Riggs.
Author 13 books275 followers
January 1, 2021
I enjoyed this lively adventure, a quick read that begins with a movie theater transforming into a spaceship. What a great premise! An unsuspecting Amaya meets Sol, the cute alien boy who “kidnaps her accidentally,” and she sets off on a wild ride with him to another planet filled with other intriguing types of alien beings. During all this, she struggles to learn the rules and how she fits into a galaxy gripped by long-term conflict and war. The story is fast-paced and entertaining, perfect for a couple of hours of distraction from the real world.
2 reviews
November 9, 2020
A great start to The Rayatana Series. Martinson turns a movie theater into a spaceship, and the ride is surprising and fast-paced. Amaya is a smart, strong, resourceful young woman and I rooted for her the whole way. I can't wait to see what comes next, and to learn more of Amaya's story. Highly recommended for young SF fans!
Profile Image for Shana Dow.
Author 3 books37 followers
June 3, 2021
I loved this novella! The author describes it as a "popcorn book" in that it was a lively adventure filled story. Even though it was a quick read, I had such a fun time reading it. The mythos and world building was intriguing and well thought out. Be sure to check out this indie read and support our independent authors!
Profile Image for Tara.
Author 11 books46 followers
June 28, 2021
One surprise after another!

This was a great teenage space adventure with vivid world building and tons of action. Logical Amaya Is thrust into a conflict between antagonistic aliens who have to find a way to work together if they all want to survive. And Amaya is the key to it all.
Profile Image for E.C. Murray.
Author 4 books33 followers
November 10, 2020
I loved this action packed adventure which contained all the requisites of a fun read: surprise travel, quirky characters, imaginative world. This is a book that's perfect for the dark, cold days of winter. A definite Lift!
Note: I was gifted an ARC
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