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Bowled, but NOT OUT

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What's a girl to do when she wants to hit boundaries but life throws her beamers?

Saru expected her life to turn for the better when she found love and married. Instead, she kept getting deliberate yorkers from her mother-in-law. She hit a sixer when a baby arrived, but things got worse soon after. Her appeal to the umpire fell on deaf ears. Finally, she walked out of the stadium, and let go of the first love of her life.

Then she flew off to New York for her Masters.

Will Saru get a second chance at love and marriage and get to hit a century? Will her daughter ever form a relationship with her biological father?

Bowled, but Not Out is an entertaining family drama full of heart and thoughtful life lessons and will resonate with anyone fond of cricket. Buy your copy now.

163 pages, Kindle Edition

Published October 9, 2020

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Ruchira Khanna

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January 13, 2021
Many thanks to the author Ruchira Khanna for a chance to read and review this book. All opinions are expressed voluntarily.

What a quirky title for a story that conveys a hard topic of marriage, divorce and second chances.

This is one of those perfect books that showcases the cultural differences between an Indian household and probably the rest of the world. It is said in India, a girl marries not just a guy but his whole family and it is true in so many ways. The countless number of auntyji’s and uncleji’s that manage a girl’s life is simply staggering. Here, the story focuses on another aspect of a man’s nature, that of being unable to counter one’s mother even if the said person is the reason for the chaos and disruption in your life.

Ruchira Khanna writes brilliantly showing us Saru and her strength in dealing with a husband who is unable to cut his mom’s strings. It was humorous to see the wonderful ways she uses the sport of cricket to boost her spirits and score over her mother-in-law. Even a non-cricket fan wouldn’t have a problem following the game of life and cheering for Saru to bat for more runs. The support and strength of her own family was a lovely touch as it made for some sweet moments.

Following your dreams, second chances, finding one’s worth and guiding your daughter towards a safe place everything is so beautifully captured by the author.

For all fans who believe in love, go ahead and read this amazing tale of Saru and her batsmanship.

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August 28, 2023
"Loosen those knots from your cape that have kept you tied to your daughter, Saru. She needs to fly. Don't suffocate her with your love."

It is a stunningly crafted story about female strength. Saru takes her daughter to America in search of a better life after an unsuccessful and unhappy marriage to a man who can't stand up to his mother. Her determination, courage, and optimism are all evident throughout the book.

The story's strength comes from the well-developed characters and familial ties, with Saru initially dealing with her mother-in-law's temperament and her husband's frailty and unwillingness to take her side. Saru is all the more admirable because, with the aid of her family, she manages to turn the situation around for herself and her daughter. The idea of comparing one's life to a game of cricket is an intriguing one, but it also highlights the challenges that certain wives face.

The story will be very impactful and you will get to feel and understand so many emotions caused by another in the story itself.

Grab your copy here or here.
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November 6, 2020
The controlling/interfering Indian mother-in-law really exists. I am glad that the author chose this theme and showed the reader how terrible it can be for a woman to face this in her husband's home. I am also glad that the author made every detail realistic with no sugar coating. The cricket references were fun too!
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January 24, 2021
Yay for bold strong women!!!

I really love an interesting story with a good ending. This book is full of entertainment as the title says. I didn't fully get the cricket reference at first because I know nothing about it but you can still follow the story and look things up if needed. The author is really creative and adds in her own understanding of culture and dynamics in India even compared to America. I learned so much and could feel for Saru, the main character's, struggle living with her husband, daughter, and mother in law. I look up to Saru's determination and value to herself and for her daughter. It takes courage to go against cultural norms. Please give this a read. It's full of ups and downs, and ultimately hope!
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Author 8 books297 followers
February 18, 2021
A young college student, Saru leads a protest which gains her some local recognition. While giving an interview, she meets small town celebrity, Sumeet. After a year of courtship they marry, and in Indian tradition, the bride moves into the husbands family home where the mother is the matriarch of the family.

But stubborn Saru will not relinquish control to the mother in law. She refuses to embrace the Hindu traditions such as kicking over rice for good luck, or accepting the gold gifts from her mother in law. This causes friction in the home and eventually, a pregnant Saru leaves. After placing a demand for her husband to chose her over his mother, her ultimatum fails and they divorce.

While the story was very entertaining, I believe the author intended the reader to feel sorry for Saru, however, I looked at Saru as the villan of the story. She was very selfish in trying to make her husband chose between her and his mother, she also took full custody of their daughter and then became angry when Sumeet refused to pay her support while she lived in the United States.

It was actually quite sad to see that the men in India have a flawed court system which allows one parent to take a child out of their country and away from the other parent for life.

Initially, I was not sold on the title or the cover. The cover looks like a bad drawing with a photo of a Kardashian's face photoshopped, and I am not familiar with Cricket so the title was confusing, but because I enjoy Indian literature, I gave this one a shot. I'm glad I did because I thoroughly enjoyed it. The story was well written and held my interest the entire time. I am proud to say, I am now familiar with Cricket.

I'm glad I did because
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October 24, 2021
So us females are not new to the fact that all of us are afraid of the concept of mother-in-law's, me for one has always been terrified due to both things ( how it is always portrayed in our society and also because people close to me have always had a bad experience, bad here means extremely terrifying))

Set in a similar backdrop where our young female protagonist Saru who is a young college student falls in love Sumeet a small town celeb. Her love for cricket can be easily identified throughout the book as all analogies are terms related to cricket

But her married life is not at all a path of roses.
Here the author has tried making the character look very determined and independent, but the establishment of the same could have been done giving a different perspective.

I for myself don't believe that if we question some traditions ( which are not hurting animals/humans physically/emotionally nor are causing any other harm ) that's not a sign of independence but a sign of rebel without a cause.
I would call it a pseudo feminism. So I didn't like this particular angle about the book.

Eventually the continuous bickering between the mother in law and saru leads to the couple's divorce.
What happens after that, I wish for the readers to find out

Overall it's engaging, entertaining and at the same time very relatable. Also I never thought a saas bahu drama could be narrated with cricket terminologies so that would be your queue to read it for one!
108 reviews1 follower
October 25, 2021
If you like to read family drama then this book is for you.

Author wrote a beautiful story with the Common Storyline but narrated in a unique way.

This story revolves around Saru who was a college student. When she was participating in some protest she found her love sumit. They both fell in love with eachother and they got married. Saru is leading a happy married life until her mother-in-law starts torturing her. She decides to leaves the house and asks sumit will he come with her but he rejects it.

To know what happened next you must read the book.
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October 19, 2021
Book:- Bowled, But Not Out
Author:- Ruchira Khanna
Format:- Kindle
Ratings:- ⭐⭐⭐/5

"Bowled, but not Out" authored by Ruchira Khanna is a family drama scribbled in the most interesting manner.

The protagonist of the storyline Saru has a lot to teach every reader. I am moved by the struggle she undergoes while living with her husband, daughter, and mother in law.

The author had set the plot such that it revolves around Saru and her life. Saru's life is set forth in the comparison with the cricket match; as per the title suggests!

Saru; a young college going girl is an active part of a protest. She finds her love & better half Sumeet. Sumeet is a young guy admired for upholding celebrity gossip! He also falls in love with Saru. The two soon gets tied in the knot of marriage.

But, here's the turning point in the plot. Saru's happy married life is soon going to be turned into a hell. The reason being her mother-in-law's stubbornness and torturous behaviour.

She held her husband of high value, but he eventually chooses his mother instead of his wife. Their relationship ends up adversely with a divorce. What happens next? To keep the review spoiler free; you just continue with the storyline by just grabbing the book.

The cover page is preety well & the language used in the book is lucid. Overall, the book is recommended to everyone.

Thank You.
Happy Reading 📚
56 reviews
October 31, 2021
Fantastic read

Bowled yet not out through ruchira khanna is in each vibe a family dramatization. That is one of these ideal books that grandstands the social differentiations among an indian circle of family members and probably the rest of the field. The saint of the storyline saru has a great arrangement to uncover each peruser. Saru is more youthful school going more youthful female is a working piece of a dissent. She finds her love sumeet. Sumeet is an energetic person. He cherishes with saru. The depiction transformed into flawlessly finished. It's miles said in india, a more youthful woman marries an individual notwithstanding his entire family and it is legitimate in such a ton of techniques. A more youthful woman normally goes into brilliant marriage with rose-hued glasses which tragically would not remain rose-hued for extensive. What's extra, when the glasses tumble off and the reality hits, some notable it as future and push forward while a couple unsuitable to adjust up, fall crushed. The characters are reasonable and we all have a touch of saru in us. I adored saru and her attitude toward presence. Further her father, he was the daddy each more youthful young lady wants, solid and aptitude. I'm in like manner happy that the essayist made the entire thing about and a snicker.
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October 15, 2021
"Bowled, but Not Out" by Ruchira Khanna is a book which holds the theme of family dramatization. The story revolves around the protagonist Saru and her life. The author has compared her life with the cricket match. Thus, presenting the unique and a beautiful title for this wonderful read.
Saru was a young college student who was a part of a protest when she found the love of her life, Sumeet, who was a small-town celebrity. They met and fell for each other. Soon after an year of their togetherness, they decided to get married. Her happy married life soon turned into a hell due to her mother-in-law's stubbornness and torture. She was expecting when she decided to move out from her husband's place. She gave him the option to join her to which he refused and eventually they got divorced. All of a sudden, a beautiful and an amazing life of Saru changed completely.
What happens next? Is the more interesting part. For knowing more grab your copies now.
Now, coming on the book cover, its different and beautifully designed. I will really appreciate the author for this unique piece which makes it attractive. The title was very well-searched and suited. The narration was apt. The language was simple and easy for those who are aware of the cricket and for those who are not aware of can also join the dots of the story while reading. The characterization was perfectly done. All the characters were presented strong and well-built. It was a good paced.
Overall, a interesting read and will definitely recommend. Do give a try.
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700 reviews41 followers
July 9, 2022
"Families! They can fall apart over some things, but don’t hesitate to unite over another thing within minutes!"
- Ruchira Khanna, Bowled, but not out

Bowled, but not out is an entertaining family drama penned down by Ruchira Khanna. Saru is a confident and fierce young lady who gets invited for a TV interview because of her remarkable feat of stopping a harmful construction by leading a protest against it. There Saru meets Sumeet and she feels butterflies for him and the feeling is mutual.

Soon, Saru and Sumit decide to tie the knot. Everything was going on like a beautiful fairy tale until Saru realizes her mother in law's personality is not really friendly (and that's putting it as an understatement). Will Saru be able to manage her new life and live peacefully and happily?

This book is a family drama with a lot of entertainment and fun. The story is simple but still engaging and entertaining. It is an entertaining and short read which I finished reading in one day and really enjoyed reading it. I really liked Saru's character. The cover art makes so much sense now that I have read the book. The writing style is simple and lucid. The story is nice and fun, filled with appropriate amount of drama and humor. The book will thoroughly entertain you and I am sure you will enjoy reading it just like I did.
329 reviews
October 24, 2021
"Bowled but not out" book by Ruchira Khanna is a family drama fiction with full-packed entertainment.

The story is about our protagonist Saru, who is a college student, gained some recognition through her protest. She met with Sumeet a local small-town celebrity, they both eventually fall far each other and decided to marry.

But unfortunately, that marriage can't withstand because of Saru's mother-in-law's pressure and stubbornness. Saru has no other way than to get rid of that place, but her husband is not ready to leave his mother and his home for her. So she ended up going out on her own and as a result, they have to get divorced.

This book reflected the struggles faced by the majority of Indian women. The author just made this book even crispier by comparing Saru's life to a cricket match.

So this book is entertaining fiction with certain good messages.
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November 10, 2020
I love your book cover , title of the story and mother In law
In most of men today I find they don't have the guts to face challenges or criticism easily and so they become like a recluse instead of supporting their wives or girlfriends
Your book convey all emotions
25 reviews
October 25, 2021
"Bowled, but Not Out"by Ruchira Khanna is a book which holds the theme of family dramatization.The protagonist of the storyline Saru has a lot to teach every reader.Saru is young college going girl is an active part of a protest.She finds her love Sumeet. Sumeet is a young guy.he loves with Saru.The characterization was perfectly done.The story plot though simple gives out a strong message and is easily relatable.The climax is touching and interesting which provides a good closure to the reader.
The author talks about the inquisitive relatives.The book is full of entertainment.The characters are well etched and relatable.Really love an interesting story with a good ending.The cover page is Beautiful.'Bowled but Not Out' brings out a whirlwind of emotions through its pages.this a nicely written.i was really hatsoff to the author.Overall, the book is recommended to everyone.
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Author 7 books7 followers
October 19, 2020
Getting out of an unhappy marriage and making a new life for herself and her daughter, makes Sari's journey full of ups and downs. Sadly the mother's boy syndrome is far more prevalent in Indian society than it should, ruining many relationships. Yet the support shown by Saru' s parents and siblings is what turns the tide in her favour. I enjoyed the cricketing references sprinkled along the story, as much as I enjoyed the family drama. The old ambassador especially brought back memories of my own childhood...yes I've pushed one too!!
125 reviews
October 20, 2021
Author Ruchira Khanna writes intelligently showing us Saru and her power in dealing with a husband who is incapable to take a stand for his wife. The author has compared sports with life even a non-cricket fan would fall in love with sports and this book of course. This book is about giving a 2nd chance to yourself, taking risks, finding your worth and following your dreams. This book is beautifully written by the author and speaks about the difficulties of life. This is a motivational story and speaks a lot of things. I will recommend it for all those people who have made mistakes in life and are afraid to take risks in life.
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2,236 reviews44 followers
June 24, 2022
This is story of Saru an army brat girl who after her graduation did a rally and forced government to dump waste into there neighborhood. Due to this success she was requested on news talk show for her views and her life changes when she met Sumeet Bajaj the anchor. After a wed lock there was trouble in paradise because of Sumeet priorities and that was end of ugly relationship.

Start of new journey for Saru like a phoenix, she worked her for herself and her daughter Simrn, shifted to America and she worked for her future, found a friend in Vikram and they became partner. When Simrn grow up and it was about her wedding, truth of her real father was revealed and why she distant with Kabir who is her daughter's love. But later after judgement things fall into place.

Although at the end of the climax, inviting and disrespecting Sumeet i find inappropriate, plus judging someone on there personality is totally wrong on the narrator part, even from feminist point of view, because you can get over it so you rebuke them is not good at all.
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Author 58 books120 followers
November 9, 2020
'Bowled but Not Out' handles a very typical yet important aspect of our society, and I loved the way author has woven such a serious subject around the theme of cricket. The characters are well etched and relatable. I couldn't help but sympathize with Saru and marvel at her courage to tackle the problem head on. Though a complex subject, but the pace of the book and subtle humor made it an easy read.
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November 1, 2020
A strong plot, with oodles of cricket terminology

This is a nicely written novel about standing up for yourself than surrendering to a toxic relationship. I admired Saru for her strength and persona. The other characters were etched out well too. There was a flow to the plot but the only thing that didn't work out for me is the overuse of cricket terminology. For someone who knows nothing about the sport, it could mean going back to google a lot many times to get the gist. Overall a good one.
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April 8, 2021
Cricket and Family Drama have one thing in common, you cannot predict what happens. The same happens with the story of the book. The plot incorporates an interesting idea that compares Saru’s life with a cricket match, and each of the incidents is compared with a type of an element of a cricket match, which makes the story quite engaging. The book basically explores the idea of love, and how family is an important aspect of one’s life, and how it can affect a person. The story also highlights the importance of boundaries (cricket, and otherwise) in life and how that can make even love disappear when they are crossed. Another aspect that Ruchira explores is the relationship between a Mother-In-Law and Daughter-In-Law, and does an interesting comparison by introducing two parallel relationships. The cricket references make the story fun, but they tend to become less frequent towards the end, and I would have loved to see a bit more of them. Another thing that could have been improved is the American perspective on Indian events. The climax is touching and interesting which provides a good closure to the reader.

Coming to the characters, Ruchira has focused quite a lot on the parents, both Saru’s and Sumeet’s. The comparison is quite stark, and the changes that occur in Sushma, the Colonel and Usha based on the events shows the detailing the author has put in the story. Another character that I would like to mention is that of Rita, and it is commendable how just a few incidents can make a reader hate a particular character to the core, and Ruchira manages to get that done. Sumeet’s character was well crafted and is well suited to the part he plays in Saru’s story.
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Author 12 books73 followers
November 27, 2020
I enjoy reading books about other cultures, and the author’s witty reference to Cricket in the title also caught my attention. Not only is the author Indian, but she is also English, giving the book an exotic flair. To be fair, I had to look up some Cricket references, but that only made my understanding of the characters more enjoyable.

Meet Saru, a young woman encouraged by her father’s example to compare her life challenges to the game of cricket. When Saru meets Sumeet, she instantly falls in love with him. In a few months, the two are married and Saru moves to her husband’s home where his mother also lives. And that is where life gets interesting.

Saru’s mother-in-law controls all of her son’s decisions. Sumeet is a momma’s boy, refusing to cross his mother’s wishes even if it causes pain to his wife. The mother-in-law makes Saru’s life unbearable. After the birth of their daughter, Saru makes the tough decision to take her child, Simrn, and leave her husband.

The cultural ramifications of this decision also affect Saru’s family. In defiance of tradition, Saru’s parents wholeheartedly support her decision to leave, even when she moves to New York to create a better life for her daughter.

Saru is a strong and independent woman. Everything she sets out to do, she accomplishes. The story comes full circle, when her daughter, Simrn, gets married. Will her father show up to the wedding?

This was a fascinating glimpse into the family dynamics of Indian culture and to what extent the family unit plays in shaping personality and life choices. This book was a cultural delight that will have you cheering for all the strong women in your life. A must read!
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924 reviews38 followers
June 21, 2022
| BOOK REVIEW | - 🍁 The Book, Bowled, But Not Out By Ruchira Khanna , Is a Fictional Story.

🍁 The Book is divided in to Twenty Four Chapters. The Plot moves Forward gradually with an each chapter.

🍁 The story Revolves around the character named Saru, who belongs to a Middle Class Family. She was enthusiastic about Cricket and soon she falls in Love with Sumit. She gets married to her Love.

🍁 Unfortunaly, Life shows her Downfall but she does not Give Up. She compares her Life with Cricket and boosts herself to Lead a Good Life Confidently.

🍁 The author has wonderfully compared the Life Journey of Saru with Cricket.

🍁 The Plot of the Story is An Intriguing. The Author has Narrated Scenes in a Well - Paced Manner. The Storyline moves Forward with a Fast - Paced Style. The Imagination of the Author Behind the Story is An Impeccable. The Execution of that Imagination is Done by the Author in An Amazing Manner.

🍁 The Author Has Written the Story in an Impressive Manner. The Author Has Narrated All the Scenes Wonderfully with a Gripping Pace. The Story Is Written with an Impressive Writing Style.

🍁 The Language of the Book Is Lucid. The Writing Style of the Book Is Gripping. The Cover of the Book Is Captivating. The Title of the Book Is an Intriguing.

| PERSONAL INSIGHT | - 🌸 I Enjoyed Reading the Book as the Story Is an Intriguing. The Book Is a Good Read for Someone Who Likes to Refreshing Stories.
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686 reviews108 followers
November 10, 2020
Bowled, but Not Out is a family drama that compares life challenges to the game of cricket.
A story of hoping to find happiness in marriage, life surprises,and challenges that are part of our real life.
Saru got married in the hope of having a loving and happy life, but her mother in law made their marriage experience more difficult, to the point that she had to get out of it.
She decided to move to New York with her daughter to build a better life. to find love and happiness. I am not familiar with the game of cricket, yet I like all the touch on the game.
I always enjoy stories with a strong and independent female character, with that being said I enjoyed how she chose to live her life and built her future, on her own terms. The close relationship with her family was heartwarming, especially her relationship with her father and the way he encouraged Saru.
The storyline is truly pleasant and fast-paced. I enjoyed Saru’s character the most, in the same breath, I thought I could have connected more with each character if they were more developed.
Overall, I enjoyed this book and would recommend it to those who are interested in family drama.
Many thanks to Ruchira Khanna for sending me a kindle copy.


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32 reviews1 follower
June 21, 2022
"Bowled, but Not Out: An Entertaining Family Drama" is a book which is based on fictional genre. This read holds the elements of thrill, excitement, entertainment, dramatization, happiness, sorrows and unexpected twist and turns that will keep you engaged until you turn the last page of the read.

The story revolves around the a young college student named, Saru and her life which was full of ups and downs.
She fell in love with a boy named Sumeet and after one year of dating each other they decided to get married. Everything seems to be perfect but the destiny wasn't fine with this. As they got married, Saru's mother-in-law begin torturing her. What happens next? How will Saru find the solutions for her problems? What is yet to disclose? Order your copies now and go through it.

Now, coming on the book presentation;
• The cover was beautiful. Amazingly designed and presented.
• The title was well-suited and searched.
• The language used by the author was rich and engaging.
• The pace was okayish.
• The plot was great.
• Narrations perfectly done.
• Characters were well-built.

Highly Recommended. Happy Reading..!
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587 reviews8 followers
July 9, 2022
Life is like a game of cricket that throws all kinds of balls, googlies, fast, slow, bouncers, and Yorkers, and we played some bowls and ducked some. Through her book “Bowled, but Not Out” “Ruchira Khanna” brings the story of a girl who played every ball mindfully and scored well in life.

The book follows the story of Saru, an army brat who is intelligent, full of life, and fights for injustice. And one fine day in a protest, she met with her soulmate Sumeet Bajaj the celebrity T.V. Anchor, and soon they tied in a knot for life, and here came the fast and bouncer balls of reality.
Through Saru’s story, the author shows the cultural, values, and emotional transition a girl face after marriage to a new family. I love the sprinkle of humor and wittiness in Saru, her mother-in-law’s bantered, and drama. I saw Sumeet as a coward who failed to balance the relationship between her wife and mother.

I love Saru’s family, who supported her and motivated her to play a second inning with dignity and confidence. There is everything in this book, love, family drama, social banters, heartbreak, hope, and second chance. The characters are well-crafted, especially the Saru; many young girls will resonate with her sparkling, enthusiastic, and never losing a hope personality.

I love the witty and metaphorical narration of the story that lightens the heaviness of sad but true experiences of women. The author tries to convey to all girls through Saru’s story not to tolerate unnecessary humiliation just for social approval and live their life on their terms.
I highly recommend this witty, entertaining, and family drama to every reader.
259 reviews1 follower
July 9, 2022

This is the story of Saru, the protagonist who loves cricket and compares her every part of life with cricket, hence the title "bowled, but NOT OUT". We can’t keep batting all the time or can't miss the ball, hoping that a decent ball will be bowled. The author has made the title unique so that it will intrigue readers to pick up the book and it does. The cover is beautifully illustrated but poor presentation without much clarity. In India, marriages unite not only two people but two families. It’s a nice representation of the bitter truths in the Indian society. Where the bride's every step is either dictated or decided by the groom’s family. When a woman in India marries into a joint family then she marries the family as a whole and every other person at home can have their own sayings in everything she does. Moreover, she will be always judged in every move of her.

I loved the way that the author has created amazing characters and put them in a real world situations and showed us how they react practically. For example, Saru's mom supporting her daughter against her mother in law but she itself behaves the same kind of mother in law to her own son's wife.

The language of the book is lucid. The writing style of the book is gripping. The cover and the title is captivating and intriguing.

Many of us can relate to the story and you can enjoy it nicely.
Profile Image for Dharmendra.
339 reviews1 follower
July 9, 2022
Title: Bowled, but Not Out
Author: Ruchira Khanna


“Bowled, but Not Out: An Entertaining Family Drama” by Ruchira Khanna is an intriguing and dramatic fictional story that takes readers on a roller coaster ride of emotions and feelings that emanate from its delightful plot.

Divided into twenty four chapters, the book revolves around a cricketing enthusiast Saru. Hailing from a typical middle class family, Saru’s life is similar to most of the Indian girls who find little space to breath and dream for themselves. Married to Sumeet, Saru’s life isn’t very eventful as it seemed or was promised, sandwiched between stressful marriage and authoritative in laws, Saru has to make choice; either to sulk in the endless cycle of torture by her mother in law or rekindle the fire of courage and passion for herself and her daughter. And very well she makes a choice but will she be able to brave the odd circumstances and situations that lay ahead, to know more grab the copy of “Bowled, but Not Out” and enjoy this entertaining family drama.

Overall, written in a simple and lucid language with strong characters and engrossing storyline, it’s really a very engaging and fast paced read that keeps readers hooked till the end. A perfect read for bibliophiles, would recommend it to everyone.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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448 reviews4 followers
July 10, 2022
The present book "Blowed, but NOT OUT" by Ruchir Khanna, is a contemporary family drama which is very intriguing to read. I generally love reading family dramas especially because they have the touch of reality in them. So, coming to this book here the protagonist of the book is Saru, who loves cricket and often compares her life with and in the terms of cricket. She is from a middle class family and soon after she fell in love with Sumit. Post her marriage Saru had to leave her family and enter into Sumit's family. Sumit's mother-in-law is very strict and arrogant and always wants to dominate others and she is against Sura on many things so Sumit always used to land in fix between both of them wondering whose side he has to take.
Here I really like the author be in very realistic with her character development and design also about the story. This book is all about a typical indian household with a strict mother-in-law and a passionate daughter-in-law and the son who always land in fix between mother and wife.
The language of the book is lucid and the writing style is very beginner friendly and every reader will connect to this book and also if you are a beginner in this reading world then this book works for you.
310 reviews3 followers
June 21, 2022
Bowled,but not out.
Bowled , but not out : An entertaining family drama by Ruchira Khanna is an entertaining Read.
The book is divided into 24 chapters. The story revolves around the protagonist Saru.Saru is a young college going girl she falls in love with Sumeet a small town celeb. Saru is leading her married life happily until her mother - in - law starts touching her.Saru has no other way than to get rid of that place,but sumeet is not ready to leave his mother. so, she ended up going out on her own and as a result they got divorced.
The author has wonderfully compared the life journey of saru with cricket.The story will be very impactful and we will get to feel and understand so many emotions caused by another in the story itself.
overall, its engaging , entertaining and at the same time very relatable. The narration was apt. The language was simple and easy.
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July 9, 2022
Amazing book

The book, Bowled But Not Out by Ruchira Khanna is an entertaining read akin to watching a family drama unfold.
Divided into twenty four chapters, the book revolves around a cricketing enthusiast Saru. Hailing from a typical middle class family, Saru's life is similar to most of the Indian girls who find little space to breath and dream for themselves.
Saru is fond of cricket and cricket analogies defining the moments in her life. She gets married into a joint family and suffers the injustice at the hands of her mother in law while her husband helplessly watches silently by the side.She even asked Sumit to choose between her and his mother. The torture continued after the baby was born. Will Saru be able to move all out this hell? Or will she tolerate the in justice?
To know how Saru fights backs with all the odds of her life do have read. This story was extremely inspiring and taught me that Life is uncertain, just like cricket. Till the last ball, we cannot predict what is going to be the result. All we can do is give our very best.The language is lucid and the story is very engaging . I read it within a week! Must read 👍
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