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Zanetti Famiglia #5

Becoming the Hitman

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When life hits, it holds nothing back. Renzo Pagano knows just how hard life’s punch can slam against you and just how deep the wounds can embed themselves inside of your soul.

Ten years ago all Siobahn Doyle was normal. Then she wasn’t or at least her life wasn’t. Everything changed in an instant. Her beloved sister disappeared without a trace.

A stranger’s touch. A kiss. A sensation she’s never felt before. Siobahn takes a chance one night with a handsome American—a possibly too handsome American. Their actions, their attraction, it changes the course of their lives completely.

This hitman who hasn’t felt kindness’ touch since he was a boy falls for the innocent Siobahn. She is everything he knows he doesn’t deserve, and yet, he’s going to bind her to him and keep her for himself. That is… if he can keep her safe.


390 pages, Paperback

Published January 2, 2021

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Hayley Faiman

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Born and raised in the Central Valley in California. My husband and I met when we were still in High School. We were married a few years later. We lived in Oregon while he was in the US Coast Guard. After living in Hill Country, Texas for eight years we have made the big move to East Texas. We spend our time with our two teenage sons at all their events, screaming from the stands, as they swim their hearts out!

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1,963 reviews206 followers
February 12, 2023
2-2.5 Stars
Mafia/anti-H books have their own flavor and aren’t for everyone. Before getting started, I wouldn’t recommend this if safety, swoon-factor, deep connections, or a fleshed-out romance are requirements for your reading enjoyment. I didn’t read the previous book and never felt lost, but a chunk of the plot is dedicated to Renzo’s inconsistent, frustratingly confusing relationship with Pippa that was introduced in the previous book….so… I might have had different insights/opinions had I read it. I should also add that I pretty much HATE and think the worst of any character named Pippa (which was the reason I skipped the previous book)… Blame it on THIS bitch. Moving on…

Renzo runs into Siobahn while on a job in Ireland, and it’s lust at first sight for both of them. Their relationship isn’t super realistic (she basically agrees to everything he says/wants even following him to the US within days of meeting) and I found it quite perplexing much of the time… especially Renzo’s side of the pairing. His actions and internal musings are inconsistent and contradictory.

Becoming the Hitman is one of those books that tease you with loads of buildup towards an angst buffet but only delivers an appetizer. I’ve only read two books from this author, and she has talent, but she has a vague/surface-y writing style where she never really digs deep and has a tendency to throw out bombs that either don’t detonate or everyone ignores the damage.

This makes for a frustrating read if you like details and development, but generates enough drama if you’re in the mood for drama driven/surface soapy entertainment. To put it in perspective…

Bottom Line- I believe this author has a lot of potential. I like that she tackles H’s in need of work and gray area situations… but I need more follow through. There were just too many plot holes and vague/unexplored subplots for me to sink my teeth in. I say this all the time… I don’t mind the mess... I love the mess… just clean it up. I also prefer for my anti-H’s to be OBSESSED with their h’s, and it felt a lot like Renzo was settling. His affection felt lukewarm at best. He’d say the right things (like his “you’re not second-best declarations) but his actions didn’t back it up. Sex doesn’t magically erase conflicts, and the plot DESPERATELY needed some arguing/talking and conflict resolution. It had the ingredients to generate feels, but the lack of follow through neutralized them.

Safety- Major Spoilers
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1,166 reviews374 followers
January 25, 2021
Rezno – male mc
Siobahn – female mc

I read this book because I was excited for Renzo’s story and to catch up with the Hxh in the prev book, Massimo and Pippa. Renzo was Pippa's bodyguard for more than a year; they lived together in that capacity.

even in the prev book he was an enigma to me
I couldn't get a good read on him, because, while I could feel the connection between him and Pippa he didn't give any outward indication that he cared for her more than a friend and someone whose life he had to protect with his own. But the nuances are definitely there and in this book as well.
their bond is deep and strong, brought about by their close proximity to each other, his devotion to her physical and emotional wellbeing and his loyalty to her husband

what I DO know about him:
1) he is VERY well written: his thoughts, his movements, the way he holds himself – just brilliantly done
3) there is NOTHING he wont do for the famiglia
4) the hold Pippa has on him is almost a tangible thing; acknowledged but not addressed by anyone, least of all Renzo and Siobahn, so everyone is confused about it, no one more so than Renzo
5) when Pippa calls to tell him that she and Massimo are pregnant he decides he too is now “ready to contribute to the famiglia” which fits in perfectly with his plans to marry Siobahn
6) she’s biddable, young, beautiful and sweet and can backchat if she needs to
7) he’s instantly attracted to her and decides she is his, he’s going to marry her, make babies with her – see points 3 and 5 above
8) he really does want to be with Siobahn even knowing his truths will hurt her; he’s very devoted to her and their future
9) he has, on numerous occasions in the past, slept with her sister, a prositute.


so one night he takes her to meet his people:
she’s introduced to everyone BUT his person, Pippa.
Pippa who makes no effort to meet her good friend’s bride to be
he makes no effor to introduce them to each other.

This is what he does instead:

“I stay away from Siobahn. I don’t know why, but I need my distance right now. I’m not sure if it’s because this is a lot, my feelings for her are a lot and seeing Pippa, it’s just all too much or if it’s something else. I tell myself it’s because she needs to get to know the women without me as her buffer, but it’s a lie. It’s me who needs to be distanced. It’s all me.”



I know that she saw me and Pippa together and I probably fucked-up by not introducing them to one another, but Pippa is… Pippa. She’s special and our relationship is as well. I’m not quite sure how to explain us. I lived with her for quite a while, helped her through a difficult time in her life, and fell in love with her all at the same time.”

“I do love her,” he admits... “But not as a lover, as a friend,” he says...
I don’t believe him. Not with the look on his face, at home and again here. The pull between them in that room tonight was cosmic. It didn’t seem real and there is something that pulls them together, deeply.”

And this where he’s dropping Siobahn off at a lingerie store:

No lace, yeah?”
Frowning, I shift my gaze from the sign to meet his eyes and I blink. “No lace?” I ask.
He shakes his head, then something happens. I don’t know what’s going on, what the look on his face means, but it’s there and it’s far away. He isn’t here with me, that’s for sure.
“No lace,” he grunts.
“Because?” I prod.
His brow arches, the look fades away and his lips press into a straight line. “Because I prefer something else.”

guess who’s into lace????
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
June 4, 2022
Hero claimed the h and then slept with another woman (for getting info.). So, he cheated on h. H treats his another friend (also a woman) better than the h. He is very considerate with anyone else other than the doormat h.
Which 25yr old woman will start a relationship with a man whom she barely knows and leaves for another country with him without any legal documents?!? The heroine (apparently).
I felt the h just needed sex and money. The H doesn't answer her when she asked him if he cheated on her and she doesn't question him further(like, Seriously!!!)! In fact, they have sex instead of having a conversation. Wow! That's real mature!
Oh! Btw, the h wasn't "that" bothered about the fact that the H had slept with her kidnapped baby sister long time ago. I thought she would have blown a gasket and dumped the loser H.
I hated both the MCs.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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2,041 reviews298 followers
January 4, 2021
3.5 stars

If you love the darkness of mafia romance, thrill of an action packed story and a solid antihero; Becoming the Hitman by Hayley Faiman is for you.

Renzo had a scarred childhood and his past made him a ruthless and merciless mafia man. He meets Siobahn while on a mission in Ireland. And it appears his mafia mission and Siobahn's personal mission are the same. A long dangerous journey is ahead for both of them.

This story was super steamy and very dramatic. Renzo is definitely antihero with a broken yet good heart. He is used to a cold and merciless way of living. Siobahn made him think a bit differently but his life will always be action packed. Siobahn is a sweet and loving girl with glimpses of fierceness. I wanted to see more of her strong side. There a lot of questions and you have to hold tight. The story was a bit slow paced for me and I was getting this urge to flip over the pages quiet a few times.

Becoming the Hitman by Hayley Faiman was a dark and twisted story of love and passion.

I reviewed an early copy voluntarily
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1,320 reviews17 followers
January 16, 2021
Talk about one hot read this book was just that! Throughout the entire story, it had sizzle and fire. The characters were awesome! Talk about an awesome couple Renzo and Siobhan were just that they couldn't be more different but, they have known pain, and living with that kind of pain it changes one's life forever. Renzo the perfect made man and Siobhan was just coasting through life without really living after her sister went missing.

Overall we really loved the story because the story was intense and suspenseful and kept you on pins and needles the entire time. We found Renzo to be swoon-worthy OMG! Talk about hotness constantly shrouded in danger he was possessive and had a dominant nature and for a guy who kills people for a living, he could be a sweet kind patient, and understanding man.

We loved seeing a lot of our favorite characters in this current story. Siobhan was a character that your heart went out to sometimes you thought she was crazy for trusting on blind faith and other times thinking she was very brave.

This book was hotter than all get out! Page after page the heat intensified!
January 9, 2021


BECOMING THE HITMAN is the story of the couple Renzo and Siobahn in the ruthless, merciless Mafia world. You can read it as a Standalone too but may come across some spoilers for preceding books.
A deadly, Assasin Renzo of the Zanetti family...who can never imagine marrying a woman let alone love her is in for a surprise. On a secret mission for tackling human trafficking in Ireland, he comes across a beautiful woman in a club hiding pain behind her smile.
Siobahn has known real agony since her childhood...her childhood should have been happy, merry go round but the abduction of her little sister tainted it.
Both of their final destination was same...wanting to find the woman missing and the person responsible for it.

Siobahn( I can't pronounce this name...
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1,312 reviews33 followers
August 13, 2021
Long winded

Unfortunately I find these mafia books long winded. They could accomplish the same story in a much shorter book., I ended up skimming as I was getting bored.

Renzo is a bit man for the Zanetti family. He goes to Ireland for a mark and runs into Siobahn while she staking out him mark.

Real long story short marks are terminated, sister found, they marry, the end.
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2,770 reviews63 followers
January 15, 2021
Becoming the Hitman is Renzo's story. We met him in the book Becoming the Street Boss. I was so happy to see we were going to get his story. He was so fun in the Street Boss story I hoped we would get some kind of insight on him and man did we ever. Renzo is a complex man that takes what he wants and kills anyone that gets in his way. Of course, he is a hitman on top of that, but the man does not mess with anyone that he cares about, he will mess you up.

While on a job Renzo meets Siobahn and falls into bed with her. Neither of them knows that they are working toward the same goal. But while Renzo knows that Siobahn is a strong and capable woman he is bound to keep her safe even if that means lying to her about almost everything. Will that eat away at him and their relationship? Or will Siobahn surprise him and be stronger than he ever thought possible.

I think Renzo and Siobahn's story has become my favorite. I absolutely loved these two and their story. It was heartbreaking and heartfelt at the same time. I couldn't put it down. I read it in one sitting and didn't want it to end.

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1,176 reviews82 followers
January 9, 2021
At first i liked it, until i... didn't anymore...
There are holes in the plot, a lot of things didn't get out or explained properly with a good conversation or something.

- major spoilers

- I didn't understand 1 thing, he slept with that secretary before being with the h right? he said he had to do stuffs with her to get info but it doesn't say if it was that night or before meeting the h? this needed to be clarified ASAP!
-How can the h don't even beat an eye over the fact that he slept multiple of times with her sister being a call girl? HOW? WTF? i wished at least he didn't remember being with her, but he remembers indeed. I can't, i hate this shit.
- How can the author left all the PIPPA situation like that? all the book was dragged of how he seemed wanting Pippa etc, and we had OFF page her meeting Pippa in the wedding dress shop, like WTF? i needed to see the girls talk and meet each others , because it was hinted to many times about him and pippa feeling stuffs, like WTF? i needed that, he just eventually said that it's not like that but she wasn't still not convinced, why we don't get to go to the bottom of it? GOSH!
(i remember Pippa and Massimo's book) but the author indeed needed to give us some type of closure) i'm so disappointed by this.
-We don't even have all the wedding on page, mostly a few passages of it, like i didn't care having Emilyn pov, i wished we had more of the couple getting closer you know? we don't even know if she is pregnant.

Basically we don't get to know a lot of stuffs. I left 2 starts but if i found out that the secretary thing was after being with the h then i will leave 1 star only. SEE? nothing explained in this plot. A lot of questions unanswered.
This h...left him be with whatever she don't get mad at anything. He wanted to marry her and get her prego before her knowing about the sister. Come on Man.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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470 reviews
January 6, 2021
Renzo and Siobahn
After a night at the pub, Siobahn goes home with Renzo. They have an amazing night and then he catches her watching Orin. Now he must protect her. That’s just the beginning of their story and what a story it is. Hayley Faiman has this ability as an author to wrap you up in her writing, so you feel like you’re in the story. It was so hard to put this book down to get anything done.

I think for me this part of the book said it all. “Renzo is my person. Even if he’s an ass. Even if he upsets me. He is just my person.” Renzo knew from almost the first time he saw Siobahn that she was going to be his. He just knew. It didn’t seem to matter that they both felt so much doubt for different reasons. He was going to do everything in his power to KEEP her forever. This book just had me from the beginning and wouldn’t let me go. I had to finish it and do it quickly. It was amazing!!

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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54 reviews
January 9, 2021
Hayley Faiman's Becoming the Hitman is the sizzling and steamy tale of Renzo and Siobahn as they both weave through their complex situations. Hayley draws you into the story from the very beginning and you will not want to put it down.

You are bound to enjoy this book, just as I did.

I received a free copy of this book, and I am voluntarily leaving a review.
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3,503 reviews26 followers
January 12, 2021
Renzo and Siobhan were like dynamite. Renzo is a member of the Zanetti Famiglia. He has had a troubled past. Siobhan was the perfect match for him. A steamy interesting read.
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Author 12 books156 followers
January 14, 2021
Becoming the Hitman by Hayley Faiman is a steamy romance with a touch of mafia style murder.

This first person narrative follows Siobahn and Renzo. Siobahn takes a chance one night with a handsome American—a possibly too handsome American. Their actions, their attraction, it changes the course of their lives completely. This book chronicles their relationship, and the huge changes they undergo to (hopefully) make a better life together.

To start, I loved every single character in this book. The bad guys were real bad, and the good guys were kinda neutral. It's a mafia life thing I guess. lol. The men are expected to be a little heartless. However, the main characters, primarily Renzo's famiglia, were likable, despite their hard exterior. Faiman did a beautiful job showing their humanity. Siobahn had some weaknesses that were a little frustrating for me at first but I did enjoy her and the character was very well written. She was a bit naive but she was strong, sweet, smart and very thoughtful. Renzo actually ended up being my favorite character. I loved his tough exterior and sexy dominance, but Faiman showed the cracks in his armor, again making him feel very human.

For the world building, I felt all the settings were well written and lived in. Transitions were good from one location to the other and Faiman didn't over explain. She struck a good balance between letting us know what we were seeing and letting our imaginations work. As for the theme of this book, I can only think of getting comfortable taking chances as an overall way to describe the theme for this book. Siobahn had to really let her guard down to reap the benefits of her strange relationship with Renzo and I think that's what made it easy to relate with her. What would you do if someone tried to claim you, in more ways than one?

I enjoyed Faiman's writing style. it was simple and easy to read. She didn't use over complicated words and the jargon and Italian used in the story was easy to understand. With 1st person narratives there is often a thin line between repetition and character development. Since the character is telling the story and often reflects on the things that are going on around them, this creates situations where they are thinking about things we've already experienced and here we get repetition. Also, Renzo loves the F word! lol. Outside of that, Faiman did a great job using the writing style to make the characters and situations feel realistic and entertaining. The dialogue was VERY good and enhanced the story.

There were a few things left open-ended and I'm wondering if we will see more of Siobahn and Renzo in the future to tie up those loose ends. I found the plot of this story very unique, action packed and it fed my need for vengeance! I won't spoil anything, but I'll just say that Faiman took good care of the readers who wanted some retribution.

I'd recommend this book for anyone who enjoys steamy love scenes, mafia action, great character development and ruthless payback.
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44 reviews28 followers
November 28, 2022
I will not write a full review. I was really interested in reading book 2 so when I was skimming book 2, I realized there was a lot of reference to human trafficking. I decided to skim the other books to see how all the H in this series deal with the subject. I know this series is considered dark romance, but I draw the line at human trafficking.

This book, book 5, really deals with the human trafficking more than the other books. Because it is in this book all the H from the series realize that the women they "traded" with a known bad guy for are not there willingly in their brothels. They traded women to the bad guy who said he was going to teach them how to be high class call girls while the Hs got willing sex workers. The bad guy lied. The thing is, the H in all the books have a feeling that the girls are not there willingly, but they barely care because money. They realize these women are broken, but don't care. The hs in this series eventually realize too and they don't care. I cannot root for anyone.

In this book specifically, h's sister was kidnapped at 10 years old and was used and abused by the old mafia boss from the age of 10 to 18. By 18, the sister was transferred to one of the brothels, broken mentally.

The H realized that he has used the h's sister's services in the past. The thing is, he realizes the women that the old mafia brought in were daughters sold to them (by force) by poor families in the neighborhoods they control. In the new mafia, the women are brought in by doing the trade with the bad guy. These Hs in the series have used the women. They tell themselves these women are willing, but in their mind, they know that's not the truth.

In this book, the Hs, specifically the mafia boss H from book 1 try to kill anyone who was involved in getting the trafficked women like they are some saviors, but they participated on it too. They had a feeling about the truth, but chose to be ignorant for money.

I am so sadden for the h's sister, Emilyn, and all the other trafficked women. She has been so broken that she now enjoys prostitution, because the mafia in this series treat her well. In real life, there is some truth to this. There are cases where trafficked women will continue to be sex workers because it is what feels "safe" to them. But I wish the h would have pushed for therapy. The h didn't even get mad at the H. I would have walked away.

Having the Hs in this series deal with human trafficking is disturbing to me, even for a dark romance. I will not continue on this the series.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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1,500 reviews33 followers
January 13, 2021
This story hooked me in straight away with its quite a powerful prologue making me extremely interested in what Renzo would turn out like. The whole book was filled with plenty of drama and action and the excitement mounted as things progressed, as you would expect in a mafia story, however, I really liked how this author doesn’t give unnecessary details in many scenes.

Siobahn was a character I felt empathy for immediately, as I did Renzo. They had more in common than they knew and their chemistry was off the charts, there was an abundance of sex scenes and they were certainly very passionate and hot! Siobahn was much stronger than I think even she knew and she surprised me quite often, I enjoyed that aspect a lot. Renzo also took me by surprise occasionally too, which was great.

As you would expect there were many serious and dark elements in this story, each handled well I thought. To balance this there were a few lighter moments, some light teasing and banter that brings a smile to your face, especially with Siobahn’s Irish friends. Even the mafia boss surprised me with some levity. 😁

Terrific characters, a solid storyline, excitement, and a wonderful romance all together help make this a great story to escape from our everyday life. As an added bonus there is an extra short story at the end that wraps up another character’s love life. 😀

*ARC received in exchange for an honest review*

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2,629 reviews31 followers
January 2, 2021
Becoming the Hitman (Zanetti Famiglia #5)by Hayley Faiman was a great 5 star read.
You get pulled in right from the beginning and I didn’t want to put it down. I really loved both characters although Renzo could be gruff at times which comes with the territory.

Siobahn and her sister were very close, there is a tragic twist and her sister disappears. We jump ahead 10 years and Siobahn is still trying to find her sister. She is also working her butt off to support her drunk father. Her friends convinced her to go out with them, little did she know how much her life would change.

Renzo has come to town to do some business for his boss. He goes to a pub for a drink and that is where he sees Siobahn and is instantly attracted to her. He only plans for one night but after getting her to his hotel room, he realizes that he wants more.

Overall this was an amazing story, I love the bad boy mafia, the author does such a great job with her writing that you go from hate to love to hate again with her characters. Renzo is hot as heck and I loved the very steamy scenes and his dominance. Siobahn is very inexperienced and learned a lot of new things from him. My heart did go out to her at times when she would struggle with jealousy. We get so many unexpected twists that added so much more to the story. I would LOVE to see more from these two and many other characters that are involved. We also get a short story after this one that I really enjoyed as well. If you're looking for an author whose writing pulls you right in then Hayley is your girl. 1-click and get started today on this great series, I suggest reading from the start but they can be read as stand-alones as well.

I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.
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1,561 reviews32 followers
January 12, 2021
After the week I had, I really needed one book from my favorite genre.
Everyone knows that I love Mafia books and I can't get enough of them.
Hayley Faiman is the author of this book and her writing is raw and wild, sassy and intense with a touch of darkness.
Becoming the Hitman is her latest release and explores the lives of Renzo and Siobhan.
This is the fifth book from the Zanetti Famiglia series.
Renzo's teenage years weren't like any other boy.
He was groomed to become a Button Man by his cruel father. Since the first day, he dictated what Renzo should or shouldn't do until...
Siobhan's life changed the day her sister went missing.
After that, her family felt apart and her only desire is to find her.
After hiring a private detective...
It was a suspenseful book, that's for sure.
Great plot, well written, engaging, and intense.
This book was perfect in every way and I didn't want it to end.
Okay, there were parts of the book that I wanted to slap someone silly, really slap them to hurt but then there were others that I wanted to hold them and promise better days.
It was almost impossible to stop reading because when one chapter ended, the next one would be even more addictive.
I couldn't stop, I couldn't.
There are some intense parts of the book,  some parts that almost made me cry but then those tears would transform into a rage...
Seriously? Can you guys be even more stubborn?
But guys... Wanna know a secret? The hot stuff is Dayum... Hot as hell... Great actually.
Great book Hayley Faiman... Can't wait for more.   I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
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1,653 reviews39 followers
January 13, 2021
Rating: 4.5 Stars

Renzo had to learn early how tough we have to be. He’s a man that makes no excuses for his actions. He’s a man that is sure of himself and the world around him until something shakes him. Siobahn has lost part of her heart but she’s not willing to give up. She is unsure of just about everything and what to trust.

This author seamlessly mixes in some mystery and suspense which keeps me intrigued enough that turning the page is not an option – it’s a must. I was like a kid in a candy store with this one. My eyes were wide with excitement at the pictures this author has set before me. I hated having to turn away or to shut down my reader. There is absolutely no perfect stopping point which made it that much harder.

You may ask yourself if the main characters will be a good combination. You’ll never know unless you decide to delve into our author’s world. As I kept reading, she takes me on this journey that I really wanted to see. She paints such a great illustration that thankfully I have no trouble making the perfect movie in my mind.

Everything runs smoothly. There’s no break, no slowing down. It’s just pure enjoyment. Of all the books in this series to date, this is by far my favorite. Even with the twist our author throws in our way, it still holds my attention – even though it can be kind of sad. But I get exactly what I want from an ending but make sure you go past that because the author has given us a very nice surprise.

I was not compensated nor was I required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.
1,850 reviews48 followers
January 11, 2021

This story hooked me in straightaway with it’s quite powerful prologue making me extremely interested in what Renzo would turn out like. The whole book was filled with plenty of drama and action and the excitement mounted as things progressed, as you would expect in a mafia story, however, I really liked how this author doesn’t give unnecessary details in many scenes.

Siobahn was a character I felt empathy for immediately, as I did Renzo. They had more in common than they knew and their chemistry was off the charts, there were an abundance of sex scenes and they were certainly very passionate and hot! Siobahn was much stronger than I think even she knew and she surprised me quite often, I enjoyed that aspect a lot. Renzo also took me by surprise occasionally too, which was great.

As you would expect there were many serious and dark elements in this story, each handled well I thought. To balance this there were a few lighter moments, some light teasing and banter that brings a smile to your face, especially with Siobahn’s Irish friends. Even the mafia boss surprised me with some levity. 😁

Terrific characters, a solid storyline, excitement and a wonderful romance all together help make this a great story to escape with from our everyday life. As an added bonus there is an extra short story at the end that wraps up another character’s love life. 😀
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24 reviews
January 6, 2021
I received an arc for an honest review

This series was a hit and miss for me. I loved Gavino and Luciana's book but i hated arlo and lenora and pippa and massimo. Becoming the hitman is, in my opinion, the second best book of the series.
Siobhan and Renzo didn't have an arranged marriage like G&L or M&P, and their relationship was entirely different. She is searching for her sister while he is sent to ireland by his boss to investigate a betrayal. They came from different worlds but their lives are more entangled than they suspect, since siobhan's sister is someone close to the zanetti family. Their love progressed slowly despite having great chemistry. They were both faced with difficult dilemmas about their future. She was jealous of pippa and he was hiding a huge secret from her, something that threatened to destroy any hopes they had for a happy marriage. There were a few scenes where names were mistaken,like when gavino said massimo's wife has a lingerie store or that the babies were with massimo's parents, but i've read so much worse. I especially enjoyed gavino and luciana and especially that small scene with paola. and more than everything i enjoyed not seeing so much or arlo and lenora since i was tired of them in the last book. There were a few questiones left unanswered, which is why i only gave 3 stars. All in all it was a enjoyable book

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January 5, 2021
The Zanetti family ramp it up. And it gets better with each new edition.

Renzo is next gen, his father being from the old school familia that is now ruled by Gavino.
He is loyal to Vino Zanetti and is tasked with finding out whether there is a problem with one of their suppliers. In Ireland.

Siobhan is living day by day, as a hair stylist. Mother dead, Father a drunk. Sister abducted at a young age 10 years before. Siobhan has never given up on finding out what happened to her sister.

These two meet within 24 hours of Renzo touching down on Irish soil, it's all on.
Though he's a man who prefers to pay for his pleasure, to avoid entanglements, he knows within, that Siobhan is...more.

Here begins 2 colliding worlds, where Renzo navigates his way through family business and Siobhan gives herself over to an overwhelming need for him, while still looking for answers to her sisters disappearance.

Colliding worlds that are becoming more entwined. And can make or break them both.

It's not a fluffy romance. If you've read the previous titles in this series, you'll already know this.

Though you've seen Renzo, his story shows you who he is. And Siobhan is a perfect foil that he didn't really know he needed.

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January 11, 2021
Becoming the Hitman was a book that I went back & forth trying to decide the rating & how to write this review. First of all, the majority of Hayley Faiman's books are impossible to put down, even when the hero is gross in my eyes but since I couldn't put it down to watch the NFL playoffs, I had to give it the 5 stars because it takes a small miracle for that to happen. Siobhan has the weight of the world on her shoulders since her family was never the same after her younger sister went missing as a girl. Now, her mother is gone while her father's a drunk so it's up to Siobhan to take care of things, and she's never lost hope of finding her sister. It's this journey that brings her in the path of Renzo, who is in Ireland to investigate some betrayal for his boss. Renzo instantly knows that Siobhan is the one for him, but there were some things that were very iffy for me when it comes down to it. Since I'm not quite sure of one of the biggest issues, I decided which way I was going to believe, but that second issue was a tad harder to deal with. And since I'm not about to say a word about either because this is only my opinion, you'll just have to hit those one click buttons while I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND! 
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January 12, 2021
Becoming the Hitman is book 5 in the Zanetti Famiglia series. Although this book can technically be read as a stand-alone I would personally read the others just so you can know all the other characters that pop into this book and their story.
Renzo is the hitman for the Zanetti Crime Family. He heads out to Ireland to do a job for his boss Gavino. He is there to get intel on a shady business associate and take him out if the claims are true.
Siobhan is a good girl that lives with her mom, dad and sister until tragedy hits and her sister goes missing. It seems she has been taken. Shortly after that her mother dies and her father becomes a drunk. Jump 10 years ahead to present time and Siobhan is still on her mission to find out what happened to her sister. And this is where Renzo and Siobhans lives collide.
One night together changes everything for both of them. Renzo holds secrets and Siobhan feels left in the dark and somewhat scared. Siobhan gets thrown into a world she knows nothing about. This book takes us on a journey. Once secrets are revealed will Siobhan be able to forgive and move on? Will she be happy? I highly recommend this book. Oh and it includes a short story of one of the bodyguards. ☺️
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January 7, 2021
I love Hayley Faimans books Becoming the Hitman would add to another amazing story and I can't wait for more . This is book five in the Zanetti Famiglia it can be read as a standalone but I would highly recommend that you read them in order well worth it . I loved how the characters met it was a bit different from the first couple books in the series it's not arranged and I liked how the connected . The couple are likable the way they were with one another was perfect of course the heroine is a little naive and the hero comes along a teaches her some things . As always I love getting a short story in the end it just makes me fall for the characters even more . There was some drawbacks like some questions were left unanswered and some holes through out the book but over all this was a four point five for me . I can't wait to read more by one of my all time favorite authors and I hope to see more of this couple and also some other characters . You don't want to miss out and you really need to read all books written by Hayley Faiman .
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January 15, 2021
Renzo and Siobahn had brought us back to the dark merciless mafia world of the Zanetti Famiglia. I was captivated by this fast-paced and action-packed story. The passion and intensity of the couple’s chemistry was electrifying. The storyline was solid with enough drama to make the book engaging and realistic. I loved the cameo appearances from characters from the previous books in the series. It accentuated the sense of family, loyalty and solidarity of the Famiglia. Overall, I truly enjoyed this exciting and steamy mafia romance. I’m looking forward to reading more books from this series.

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June 24, 2021
love comes around eventually

I read this via my ku subscription and am leaving my review voluntarily. While this is part of a series and other characters appear, you can read without starting from book 1.

child sex trafficking, sex trafficking, murder, violence

Becoming the Hitman b5
Renzo, hitman for the Zanetti Famiglia. Gavino (Becoming the Boss b1) sends him to Ireland to investigate an associate.

Siobhan, alone, sad after her sister disappears at age 10. She spends the next 10years searching. Friends convince her to take a break and go out. When Renzo approaches her, she takes a chance.

Insta-lust. Sexy time. Siobhan is shy but strong. Renzo is demanding. Dangerous. Drama, violence. Siobhan finds out a secret about Renzo and has to decide if she can accept it.

Becoming his Bride b5.5
Zeta, runs a bridal shop. She has a crush on Dante, a made man for the Zanetti's.

Dante, works as protection for Nicola (Becoming his Possession b3) see's Zeta and they hook up. Then he avoids her for months.

Eventually they get back together. HEA 
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January 7, 2021
I’ve been waiting so patiently for Renzo’s book since reading Pippa and Massimo’s story. I should always know Hayley is going to throw some kind of wrench into the story though to make me so freaking mad at my guys!!!

Renzo has been some what illusive so I’ve been ready to see what has been behind him hard exterior. He lets some cracks come through that exterior with Siobhan but she has no idea who he really is. Yet she still takes a leap of faith and leaves her home to be with him.

You know with any Hayley Faiman book these men don’t walk the straight and narrow in their jobs or personal lives. So be ready to love and hate Renzo.

Siobhan has had such a hard life and nothing has made sense for a while to her. She has just been breathing and not truly living. Renzo wants to shower her with everything but he doesn’t realize life isn’t always about material things.

This book has all the elements we love and hate from Hayley so get ready for a wild ride!
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January 11, 2021
Seriously, Hayley Faiman can do no wrong. She writes stories with intriguing plot line, unique characters and the perfect amount of smut. Becoming the Hitman, once again proves how versatile of a writer Hayley is. With this storyline, we get to see another layer an aspect to the Zanetti Famiglia, with a bit of travel to Ireland.

Renzo meets Siobhan while on a job in Ireland. These characters both share troubling childhoods that have left them both hollowed out inside. These two will have what seems as a never ended uphill battle before them.

The plot is dark and alluring and extremely intriguing. What I appreciate the most about this series, is that with each book, we get a new look at the mafia with each installment. You don’t only get the boss and his senior soldiers, but every level of the mafia backup. It makes you truly feel as though you are completely engrossed in its world.
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January 12, 2021
*****5 Love Love Stars*****
Hayley Faiman has a way of making you fall down the rabbit hole with her in each of her series. I couldn’t wait to read Renzo’s book he had me since Becoming the Street Boss. The prologue broke my heart we get insight as to how Renzo became Renzo and why. Siobhan has been dealt a horribly hand in life so far. Siobhan is living day by day, as a hair stylist. Her mother is dead, her father a drunk and her sister was abducted 10 years ago. Siobhan has been searching for her sister since the day she has been taken. Renzo is sent to Ireland by his boss to investigate a betrayal made against the family. Renzo meets Siobhan while in Ireland on a job, things becomes complicated while it also seems to become more complete since meet Siobhan. Wee these two make it? Keep in mind Siobhan and Renzo don’t have an arranged marriage agreement like G&L or M&P, and their relationship is entirely different.
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