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Summersweet Island #2

Swing and a Mishap

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“Hawks fans still in shock after centerfielder, Shepherd Oliver, sustained season-ending injury last night in the 5th inning of the playoffs against Chicago.”

Two years ago, I was a pretty big deal. I thought I had it all, until a blast from my past popped up on my social media feed, keeping my ego in check and reminding me how basic I am. Except sassy Wren Bennett isn’t just a blast from my past. She’s the only woman I ever saw a future with.

Even though my soul leaves my body every time she says she hates baseball and has never watched me play, a year’s-worth of messages filled with laughter and sarcasm only remind me how amazing my “pen pal” is. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how fine I look in a pair of baseball pants; I’m still 3,000 miles away, and she’s taken... or so I thought. Maybe I should have thought a little harder before I dropped her like a seeing-eye single into the outfield.

When an injury has me questioning everything about my life, I can only think of one place I need to go and one person I need to see. Home, to Summersweet Island, to get back my “pen pal.”

Now I just need to make sure single mom Wren knows I didn’t come back for a change, and I didn’t come back for a job. I’m swinging for the fences, and I’m finally coming home to make her mine. If only she’d stop insulting me and stay in one place long enough for me to tell her. She wouldn’t try to drown me with a tub of ice cream, right?

I’m sure it’ll be fine.

250 pages, Kindle Edition

Published September 25, 2020

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About the author

Tara Sivec

74 books10.2k followers
Tara Sivec is a USA Today best-selling author, wife, mother, chauffeur, maid, short-order cook, baby-sitter, and sarcasm expert. She lives in Ohio with her husband and two children and looks forward to the day when all three of them become adults and move out.

After working in the brokerage business for fourteen years, Tara decided to pick up a pen and write instead of shoving it in her eye out of boredom. She writes in a wide range of genres including Romantic Comedy, Romantic Comedy/Mystery, Romantic Suspense, New Adult Drama, Contemporary Romance and Psychological Thriller. Her novel Seduction and Snacks won first place in the Indie Romance Convention Reader's Choice Awards 2013 for Best Indie First Book and she was voted Best Indie Author in the Indie Romance Convention Reader's Choice Awards 2014.

In her spare time, Tara loves to dream about all of the baking she'll do and naps she'll take when she ever gets spare time.

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September 27, 2020



Wren and Shepherd.

We already met them in the first book.

Wren is the sister of Birdie and Shepherd is the boy she always had a crush on in highschool.

But then he went away to become a famous baseball player and she had a son by some idiot tourist.

Now her son is playing baseball too and who is his new coach???

Shep - back on the island after an injury killed his career. Plus he was kinda ready to retire anyway. He wants a family of his own and he wants it back home with the one that got away ...

Let the fun times begin ...




I loved this!

I'm not a baseball person. Who is? Only Americans I think. LOL! I just don't understand the game and I don't care about trying to understand it. I think it's the whole atmosphere thing more with Americans. They remember going to games with grandpa and all the sounds and smells and tastes. We foreigners don't really get that feeling. BUT, I love sports romances!

And I really loved Wren and Shepherd and Owen and the whole island vibe, the friends, family. It was just so adorable and funny and islandy and basebally and falling-in-lovey and text-message-bantery!

I just adored the many hilarious and sweet messages between Shep and Wren. I wouldn't have minded if the whole book would've been written like that. But that's silly, we needed them to be together in real life! ☺

Great rom-com! I really enjoyed reading this. Can't wait for more stories from the island.
(Next one is Wren's bestie and her football player crush!)

And I wouldn't mind a long-running TV Show about the island and its people!

SWING AND A MISHAP was an adorable + funny Island-Ice-Cream-Family-Baseball-Finally-Settling-Down-Rom-Com! Loved it! Hurry to your nearest amazon for your own Shep ... this one is MINE!

A tiny little thing that bothered me a bit - just like in the first book. I don't like it when chapters end with a little cliffy and then the next chapter does NOT start where it should, but at a later time. I want to know what happened in that moment, not fast forward and just get told about it in a few lines :(

And then there were a few or many paragraphs that were just summaries of scenes and happenings or conversations. A bit weird for my brain. It felt like we were not really there with them. Can't really explain what I mean - probably only me that's weird - so don't worry about it. ☺

💜 💜

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July 15, 2022
this book is perfection, it has everything I love:
- texting
- mutual pinning
- a guy that knows what he wants
- single parent

one more thing, before their first date she texted him to say she was late, and you know what he said? ''i waited for you my whole life, what's a few more minutes.''
my standards for men now are even higher.
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January 5, 2021
Argh, my face hurts from all this smiling!

It's like Tara Sivec dialed right into my sense of humor - and I am gobbling up these smart, dry, completely hilarious stories with enthusiasm and appreciation.

On top of being literally laugh-out-loud funny, there's so much sweetness and heart in the writing. I adored Wren and Shepherd's story. I loved how nearly effortless it was, once they got out of their own way. I loved how almost over-the-top romantic it was at times. I loved the sparky chemistry, and the flirty banter, and the almost desperate way they loved each other.

I also loved the secondary characters who - let's be honest - bring as much to these stories as the main characters do. Some of the best moments were the interactions among friends, or the quirky townspeople, or the hilariously over-sharing family members.

Swing and a Mishap absolutely delivered on on smiles, tummy flutters, and heart happiness and I can't seem to get enough of this fun and sweetly satisfying series! This was another hit for me! ~ Shelly, 4.5 Stars
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September 27, 2020
Like the first book in this series, this story is about a man righting some wrongs and making up for missed chances at love.

You would think having a successful baseball career ending on injury would be a bad thing. But for Shepherd Oliver, things couldn't be better. He can now return to his childhood hometown in Summersweet Island to win back the woman who stole his heart years prior, Wren Bennett.
Although he'll have to do a lot of groveling first after ghosting her.

While Shepherd made some mistakes in the past, they were relatively minor, in my opinion, and he just needed to be patient with Wren. Following some sage advice, he does just that, gaining back Wren's trust and then wooing her like every woman truly deserves.

Like the previous book, this book had plenty of zany side characters and moments, with Wren's mom front and center. HOLY TMI WOMAN, lol!! And between the laughs is a sweet story about this couple who have secretly crushed on one another, and finally getting their chance.

"Whether it's at first, or second, or in the outfield. No matter where I kiss you, Wren, I'm already home."

If you are looking for a fun sports romance that is light on the angst, check this one out!

*An ARC was received for an honest review.

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October 2, 2020
4 Shepherd and Wren Stars

I was so excited to go back to Summersweet Island and catch up with all the quirky , funny and endearing characters that we met in the first book , Kiss My Putt.

This is Wren (Birdie's older sister) and Shepherd's book. Shepherd is a famous and successful baseball player but back in the day he was a teenage boy who lived on Summersweet Island and fell in love with the girl in his year whose family ran the Dip and Twist Ice Cream shop. Wren has long held a piece of his heart - she just doesn't know it. Equally, he was not aware that Wren had has loved him since she was 13 years old. Shepherd went off and made a name for himself. Wren had a one night stand with a handsome but nasty guy and became pregnant. Shepherd thought he had lost his chance. The story starts where they are both 34. He is back and is now the High School Baseball Coach. Wren's boy , Owen , is a talented boy when it comes to baseball and the whole Island is enamoured with Shepherd who is after all , very popular and famous . This time the only thing holding them back from the path of true love , is each other.

Wren is an interesting heroine. She is quite a strong , cool character on the surface but underneath she is funny, loyal and there is a vulnerability about her. I loved watching Shepherd make a fuss of her. The romantic gestures, the over the top dates - it was perfect for Wren because she had never had that. I really wanted a good guy for her and Shepherd certainly ticks all the boxes.

"I like to think I'm pretty strong, and I've had to be independent whether I wanted to or not. That doesn't mean I'm not still a little old fashioned at heart. I still want the romance and the effort."

Shepherd Oliver is one of the loveliest heroes I have ever read. He messes up sometimes but I would forgive him everything. He is smitten with our girl and it shows. He is sexy , romantic , has a superb sense of humour and is , for all his fame and fortune , very much still a local.

I think I read this book at the right time. I needed something happy and fun and this novel is both of those. The secondary characters are a vibrant mix of personalities. You could read this book as a standalone but you may miss out on some of the more subtle character nuances and dynamics between them.

HEA? More HFN. Leads into next book about a different couple.
Cheating? No
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December 7, 2020
Baseball. Yes, my favorite sport. One of my favorite genres. I love reading different authors take on the game that I love and grew up with. Did I think there would be anything special about Tara Sivic’s opinion of the game? No, I just knew that I would probably laugh my way through the whole story. And, I did.

I loved the back-and-forth banter between Shepherd and Wren. I loved Wren’s sassy comebacks and the way Shepherd just laughed them off. I loved the protectiveness and how Wren put him right in his place when he stepped over the line she had drawn. I loved how Wren played stupid and Shepherd played right into her hands. I loved middle field! As you can tell, I pretty much loved everything about this story. From the pen pal sequences to the glitter. This story had everything that you could possibly want in a RomCom and then Tara Sivic gave you a little more. I laughed out loud during parts of this story and felt the love throughout. And, Owen. God, what a wonderful character he was. Laid back yet excited, determined and loves his mom with all he has. He was funny and the perfect teenager.

Did this story have anything to do with baseball? Well, not so much. It was a fun back-drop to a hysterical story. I enjoy the way Tara brings her characters to life. You can relate to them and what they are going through. The stories may be fun and amusing but there are always stories behind the stories that have a whole lot of meaning. Tara just knows how to bring in the humor and seamlessly mesh it in with the story behind the story.

Review copy provided for a voluntary review.
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August 14, 2022
Somehow in reading this series I missed this one. I liked that both Wren and Shep had a crush on each other as teens, but the timing didn't work out. Their texting relationship was great, fun for both of them and something they looked forward to, I hated it when Shep stopped it. It kinda looked like things were over before they even started for these two, but then Shep over heard something in a covert trip to the island and it changed everything for him. Soon he was on the island full time, his next mission was to win Wren over. I loved that Wren got this, she has had to be the one doing everything for everyone for so long, that having someone do something for her was great! I especially loved that Shep got that and incorporated that into his wooing of Wren. While there were a few bumps, Shep continued to show everyone that he was the one for Wren and her son, having key answers when needed and pulled in the big guns when needed too. I loved seeing them all happy at the end.
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August 8, 2022
excuse me how cute was this????

mutual pining? small town and single mom?? and THE BEST i'm not kidding THE BEST HERO EVER?? this man loves pinterest and diy stuff???? AND he gives heroine 1 rose for each day he loved her at their first date (he loves her for 15+ years so that's a lot of roses)

"You’re not a consolation prize and you’re sure as hell not a goddamn rebound. You’re THE prize, Wren."


"I’ve waited my whole life for you. I’m not going anywhere."

that's his response when she told him she was getting late for their first date????
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December 18, 2020
It’s like the first book but with different characters names. :(
September 23, 2020
Tara Sivec is the Queen of witty banter and I loved every single pun, quip, and sarcastic line that she put in Swing and a Mishap!

I honestly don't know if she will be able to top Shepherd in the next book, Shepherd is every women's dream, cricut and all!!! I loved Kiss My Putt but this book took the Summersweet Island series to a whole other level!!

I am never disappointed when I read Tara Sivec's book, she writes the best comedic lines and her characters are just amazing, you truly are dying laughing throughout this book. We all need a Murphy and Bodhi in our lives, I was literally laughing my butt off when the Golden girl references started, dead...with..laughter...So Freaking Good!!

Not only the comedy in this book but the romance, OMG the ROMANCE, TARA you are killing me!!! Who has dates like this, Wren is super lucky in this fictional world...I'm not hating at all on a fictional character...nope..not at all.

I look forward to what she has in store in the next installment, it looks like we might be seeing some action in the end zone!!!

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September 28, 2020

So. Much. Fun. This series has been low angst delight so far, and I've loved every minute of it. It's playful and funny with characters you'll root for and slow burn romance that will have you hooked. I loved this couple; they're former classmates who reconnected as pen pals of sorts, and it's clear from the start that they're meant to be together. We'll call their miscommunication style the classic "boys are stupid" scenario. Shepherd is a fantastic hero, so kind, caring, sexy, compassionate... but he can also be kinda oblivious. While I wish it hadn't taken so many years for our couple to get together, their love story makes for a very fun, sexy read.

The story follows single mom Wren and the guy she's been crushing on since she was thirteen. While Wren was reserved in high school, Shepherd was prom king, a popular guy, and now lives the life of a sports star. Though they haven't been in touch since high school, Wren and Shepherd reconnect through social media. They spend a year becoming true friends through messages... until Shepherd cuts off contact. Turns out, Shepherd thinks Wren is with her child's father, and his growing feelings for her have just gotten too complicated. After suffering a career-ending injury, Shepherd is ready to apologize for cutting Wren out of his life. But when he comes to town and discovers that she's actually single, it's a whole different ballgame.

Though it's a slow burn romance, this relationship escalates quickly... and I kinda loved that. Instead of the whole reluctant hero thing, we get a guy who is so obviously into our heroine. He's ready to be in a relationship, ready to step up with her son (no, it's not his son), and he's got zero hesitation in moving forward. While I didn't love the drama with his ex or the situation there, I can 100% understand the reasoning behind it. Shepherd thought Wren was in a relationship, so he never let them out of the friend zone - until he found out the truth. It's full steam ahead from there, and nothing's sexier than a good guy hero who is determined to get his girl. That's the story here, and it's a playful, funny, sexual tension-filled read with little angst and a lot of heart. It's the kind of rom com that will have you laughing, swooning, and fanning yourself in equal measure. I can't wait for more Summersweet because this series has been outstanding so far.
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June 7, 2021
It was freaking perfect!!!
The first book in the series was good, but Wren and Shepherd are so adorable and awesome, I couldn’t stop reading!
MCs are definitely more mature and more-more interesting.
I couldn’t put book down ‘till the end and it was worth it! The culmination was so hilarious I laughed my eyes to tears!
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September 23, 2020
[I received a digital arc for an honest review]

Swing and a MishapM
is the second stand alone in Tara Sivec's Summersweet Island. It's tells the love story of single mother Wren Bennet and ex Baseball pro Shepherd Oliver. Wren and Shepherd both grew up on the island and after Shepherd leaves to become a professional baseball player they lose touch until a decade later when they reconnect over social media messaging. They build up a wonderfully sarcastic, honest and sweet friendship until they disconnect over a not so little misunderstanding. When Shepherd retires and settles back on the island he does whatever it takes to earn back Wrens trust and sweep her off her feet.

"Sweetheart , you exceed my expectations just by being in the same room with me. You were worth the wait. You will always be worth it."

I'm going to start by gushing about Shepherd Oliver. He's gorgeous and sarcastic and awkward and sweet. He's not the best at saying what he means but when he writes it out he bares his heart. He was just so kind-hearted whether it was the patience with which he couched the baseball team or crafting with Owen to help out Wren. Shepherd Oliver is just a complete package.

"I want Shepherd to erase all the messy and replace it with nothing but the perfection of him."

Wren was an amazing mother, reliable friend, and supportive sister. She lets people abuse her generosity and her ex trample on her self-esteem but she doesn't let those things stop her from being the best mom. I really loved her and her son Owens relationship, it was heartwarming. Her true passion is for raising Owen which I just loved those moments of them together being the unit they always have been.

"Do you know how many years I've dreamed about you and chocolate sauce living together in perfect, naked harmony? Don't ruin this for me now. LET ME HAVE MY CHOCOLATE FANTASY, WREN."

Together Wren and Shepherd are sweet and playful. They have a slow burn relationship mostly on Shepherd's part because he wants to respect Wren and take things slow. Eventually, Wren becoming bossy and takes charge when it came to sex and it was perfection because it was funny and steamy which is just Tara Sivec's specialty. (There's a scene in a fun house that made it so i'll never look at vanilla ice cream the same again 🔥)

Tara Sivec manages to take two excellent characters who are both funny and flawed and leads you down a path of laughter and swooning. Of course, it was bound to not be smooth sailing as single parenthood is not easy and dealing with the past coming to light can be problematic to say the least. The cast of characters continues to grow as you get to know Wren's ride or die Emily who will be getting her own book!

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August 21, 2022
3.5 stars rounded up

I read this on vacation and it made for great beach reading. The H and h of this book have an unrequited love situation happening. Both have crushed on each other since they were kids but never spoke up to the other. Now the H's a famous baseball player and the h is a single mom still in their small town, which she wants to be in unlike some other books with this type of situation (the father of her child was a ONS and it's not a happy dynamic). The two characters reconnect via messages and then the H ghosts her before then getting injured, retiring, and returning to the town to woo her finally. The story is written in first person, dual POV. Tiny amount of om drama in the sense that the h's ONS father of her child causes havoc any time he decides to butt in and small amount of angst felt about the H's last relationship on the h's part, neither were virgins although her experience is limited and bad but he's not made out to be a manwhore, and bc not discussed that I can recall.

I really liked both main characters most of the time, but each made stupid decisions at times and didn't speak up when they should, which did lead to more angst. I just didn't love the wasted time element. There were some other moments that I had trouble connecting with because they got a bit silly for my reading mood or a bit too strongly in my mind for the situation. There's also some ex drama trying to cause trouble for the couple that I didn't love but I did like how it was resolved. There is some nice steam happening and some dirty talking. It is a slow burn though so you have to be patient. What pushed this to a four star for me was how swoony and romantic the romantic moments were. I also loved the relationship each ends up having with the h's teenage son and the support system both have with friends/family on the island.

The story ends with a HFN but with a note at the end that they live happily ever after. I've read book 6 before this one and these characters are in that one very happy and in love. There's also a lead-in at the end of this book for the h's BFF.
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2,712 reviews
September 27, 2020
Swing and a Mishap is the second book in the Summersweet Island Series and it follows the story of Shepherd and Wren. When it comes to baseball, Shepherd was a pretty big deal. He thought he had it all, until a blast from the past gave him a glimpse of something he never knew he wanted. Wren and Shephard had the most amazing conversations and chemistry that was off the charts. The only problem, Wren was 3000 miles away. When Shepherd experiences a game changing injury, it makes him make the biggest mistake of his life. He cut off all ties to the woman he wanted. Now, a year later, Shepherd is ready to take back what he wants in his life and the first stop is winning the girl. Will Wren be able to forgive and forget? There's only one way to find out....

Overall, I thought this book was a really enjoyable read. The plot was fun and entertaining. I thought Wren was a total riot. I loved her sarcasim and snark. She wasn't afraid to be herself and I loved the confidence she gained by being around Shepherd. He brought out the fire in her and I couldn't wait to see what would come of it. And then we've got Shepherd. Poor Shepherd. He put his foot in his mouth more times than I can count. But when he messes up, he owns up to it and will do whatever it takes to make it right. Shepherd is the definition of swoon and boy does he ever pull out the big guns to win Wren over. Together these two characters were a lot of fun. I loved their banter and the overall ease of their relationship. Their chemistry was explosive and I loved the Shepherd was with Wren.

Swing and a Mishap was fun and left me with a big smile on my face. This book made me laugh and swoon all at the same time and it had just the right amount of drama to shake things up. If you're looking for a fun romantic comedy, then look no further, Swing and a Mishap is just the book you're looking for. I hope you'll give this book a try and fall head over heels for the characters as I have!

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review*
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Author 14 books49 followers
September 18, 2020
Here I thought Kiss My Putt was going to be hard to beat as far as hilarity and swoony heroes. I should've known I was wrong. Holy crow, Shepherd Oliver is one of the swooniest heroes ever. He absolutely adores Wren and he lets her know...although, maybe not soon enough. But because of that, ridiculously hilarious things occur. Conversations that had me laughing so hard I cried. This book was utter perfection.

These characters are over the top more than they're not, but that's what makes them great. Wren is probably the most normal of the group and that's only cause she's got a kid and she kinda has to be. But she has her moments and when she does, they're so great. Shepherd fits in perfectly with the group. He's a little crazy, but a lot of amazingness all in one hunky package.

I want to hang out with these people so bad. I want Summersweet Island to be a real place I could go visit. I want to go to the Dip and Twist and get some really great ice cream. I want Murphy to insult me and I want to have a Sip and Bitch session with the girls.

I can't wait to see what ridiculousness comes next. I need more Summersweet Island in my life.
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1,182 reviews72 followers
September 27, 2020
Tara always weaves a story with just the right balance of laughter and swoon to make my heart flutter. And Shepherd Oliver is so full of swoon even if it took him years to man up. I loved everything about this book from the swoony texts to the laugh out loud hysterical moments of all these characters. There was swoon, sexual tension, angry moments, pissed off moments and laughs galore to make this such an amazing rom-com; everything you love about Tara’s writing. This was also an epic second chance kinda book that you will not want to miss. I can not wait for more shenanigans on the Summersweet Island.
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2,461 reviews36 followers
November 1, 2021
Second chance at love

Initially I didn't care for all the private messages between the two main characters in the beginning, but then I realized it was a great way for them to establish their relationship before starting the story in the present. I really liked these two characters and how how they knew each other as kids and how they became reacquainted years later when he was a famous baseball player and she was a single mom.

Lots of fun times and good humor as only Tara Sivic can do. Highly recommended!
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635 reviews60 followers
September 22, 2020
This series is just sports romcom perfection. It takes me away to my happy place. The gang of characters are lovable and endearing. Who doesn’t want to live on an island like theirs?! The hero is a newly retired professional baseball player. The heroine is a single mom. She helps run her family’s ice cream stand. I enjoyed their story. The message banter between these two is to die for. Next book please.

I voluntarily read an early copy.
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1,034 reviews36 followers
October 1, 2020

Tara Sivec hit this one out of the park! Wren and Shepherd are the perfect couple. Love this cast of fun, quirky, and completely lovable characters. Can’t wait for more of Summersweet Island!
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2,715 reviews12 followers
September 22, 2020
ARC received via author for an honest review

Batter up! A new Tara Sivec book has arrived on my Kindle and now itis time for Wren to get her HEA.

I liked the first book, Kiss My Putt however I love Swing and a Mishap.

From the messaging sweetness to the end of the story, I did not want to stop reading once I picked it up - stupid life gettingin he way of reading!

Shepherd and Wren are just too cute. You can feel their attraction and frustration and cuteness leap off the page. Shepherd is all kinds of swoonworthy. He comes back to town and worms his way into Wren's heart. And mine. I loved that the more we learn of their pasts, the more I need them to be together. The banter goes from cute and sweet to hot and steamy in the blink of an eye, and I loved not knowing what kind of conversation we were going to get next.

Oh, and don't let me forget how great Shepherd is with Wren's kid. Ovaries gone BOOM!

I love, love love Wren's family and friends. They are goals. I adored getting more of Birdlei/Palmer and Bodhi/Tess, and now I am impatiently awaiting Emily's story.

I can't wait to get back to Summersweet Island.

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2,496 reviews150 followers
September 20, 2020
4.5 stars
This story actually follows part of the same timeline as Kiss My Putt, there apparently was more going on behind the scenes in Wren's life we did not know about.

Shepherd Oliver was her teenage crush and Mr. Popular in High School. He followed his dreams to become a pro baseball player and succeeded. One day a social media post helped him get back in touch with his old friend, Wren Bennett, from Summersweet Island...and a fantastic "pen pal" relationship was formed.

Wren is a hardworking single mom. She is sweet, caring, dependable, and giving. But he brings out her sassy side and she loves to challenge him. It was kept totally in the friendzone for a reason, but after about a year of fun, taunting, and laughter, everything changed.

Now after making some big changes, Shepherd is headed back to Summersweet Island, and Wren better watch out. He has some questions he needs answers to, and he has set his sights on her. He is determined and ready to pull out all the stops. Unfortunately for him, Wren has some strong opinions of her own and can be a bit stubborn especially when hurt. He has the ability to bring out the worst in Wren, but can he convince her that he is the best for her?

This is a snappy, angsty, sexy, sweet, first crush, friends-to-lovers romance with an online twist and plenty of miscommunication. It illustrates the importance of honesty, family, finding your own voice, and realizing your own self-worth. These two give good banter, but they also make some mistakes and do not always make it too easy on each other.

Shepherd is all kinds of swoony awesomeness...witty, charming, generous, talented, and focused. He knows what he wants even when he needs help trying to figure out how to get it. But he never fails to "go big or go home" when needed. He totally melted my heart. I also loved his developing relationship with her son, Owen. And Wren is probably the most stable and calm of this group, but Shepherd is the one man that totally riles her up and brings out the crazy in her. She is a true mama bear and does everything she can for her son, and is not used to being the center of attention.

It brings back her lively sister, Birdie, and her man Palmer, their friends, Tess, Bodhi, Murphy, and Emily. This group is kind of quirky, crazy, and over-the-top, but so much fun. And if there is a problem, they are there for Sip and B***h or even for a takedown if needed. I am already intrigued by the couple promised in the next book.
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43 reviews
June 7, 2021
Hi Friends,

So this I think is my first actual review of a book. Usually, I just stew about it or message friends. BUT, here we go. Anyway.
3 (or 3.5, I can't decide)/5

- extremely cliched (I don't know how to get the accents on the letters) characters. Don't get me wrong, I love the comedic relief characters and the ones that step in as father figures and any stereotyped character role. BUT, it needs to be tastefully executed and MANAGED. I couldn't handle some of the side characters (Bodhi, Birdie, Tess, THE MOM, Emily). Like come on, just cus someone is hip, and boho, and completely a hippie, doesn't mean they're stupid and a child? It was like the author took every cliche and threw it in, then added glitters and rainbows to them and it was NAUSEATING and frustrating. I genuinely skipped chunks of text cus of that.

- the MOM was too much and not there at all at the same time and also an extremely cliched unrelatable character.

- this is a single-parent trope, yet I can count on one hand the number of interactions we actually get into with Owen, Wren and Shephard. Out of the blue, it's like Shephard loves Owen and he's the father he never had when all we read about is the 10000+ nauseating dates and sex Wren has. I would have personally loved to see more interaction with the three as a "family" or even just more Owen and Shephard.

- for a character who is supposed to be really strong etc, I felt like Wren just always cried. Don't get me wrong, I am a very sensitive person and I love a good cry session, but COME ON, hit me with the feels!!! I felt none of that, and every time she cried I was just like what, why?

It was a cute book, but "meh."
- I enjoyed Shephard's character. I loved that he was fun and fresh and super romantic and knew what he wanted out of life.
- some of the dialogue was also funny!
- the text chains were engaging and revealing of personality which was refreshing and enjoying to read.
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October 13, 2020

Tara Sivec does it all over again: making me fall in love with her book.

I swear to God, she knows her humour and she knows how to make someone full-out laugh.

I absolutely loved the characters again (nothing changed about that from the first book) and I absolutely loved the banter between Wren and Shepherd. Tara Sivec knows how to create perfect couples, it seems, because Wren and Shepherd were an absolute joy to read about.

Wren is a single mom and Shepherd and she used to know each other from the school until he moved away and became a pretty big deal in baseball. They reconnected on social media when Wren used to put videos of her son playing baseball up and Shepherd decided to comment on that. They became pen pals until Shepherd, all of a sudden, cut ties off and stopped responding unexpectedly.

When Shepherd shows up at the Summersweet Island completely unannounced, Wren realises how much grudge she's still holding against him. He's been her crush since school days and he went and unknowingly broke her heart.

Shepherd, however, came there on a mission and his mission is to make Wren forgive him and make her his. It's a tough task, especially when Wren, who's usually calm and collected, seems to lose her shit every time she's around him and tells him off.

But Shepherd kind of knows that a way to her heart might be her son and he takes that to his advantage since he's his coach now.

I loved how much Wren grew out of her reserved and held-back character. I also loved that all of the characters had flaws and made mistakes and nobody was absolutely perfect as it can be seen in other books that just creates an unrealistic picture.

I can't say anything bad about this book. I love this series and I'm so excited about the third book that's coming out next year!
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September 28, 2020
Can I live on Summersweet Island????!!! I just adore this series! The characters, the town, the uniqueness of these stories, so fun, so swoony and just so darn good. Professional baseball player, Shepherd Oliver, moved away from Summersweet when he went to college to further his baseball career, but Shep has always had a thing for Wren but never knew she was an option, besides, he was leaving for his career anyway. Years pass and friendly messages on social media bring them back together in each other's orbit virtually. The friendly messages come on a regular basis and they rely on that with each other until one day its gone.

I LOVED LOVED LOVED this story. We got a little hint of Shep and his story tease in KISS MY PUTT, and I so knew I wanted this story. Shepherd will totally make you feel all warm, fuzzy and give you all the heart eyes. He is so in love with his girl!!! This had me giggling, it is sooooooooo HOT and its just a good romantic comedy read! This is a standalone but it is soooo worth it to read the first book KISS MY PUTT, it will make it more enjoyable and just more special!
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October 13, 2020

I enjoyed this tale so much more than book one. This book is all about Wren, Birdie’s sister, and pro baseballer, Shepherd Oliver.

These two have some spark and fire in them! Their connection is off the charts... that is after they finally speak with mind about how long they’ve wanted each other. I enjoyed watching Wren grow in this book with the help of Shepherd being the amazing (book) boyfriend he is. He supports her in ways she never knew she needed. But that chemistry though, wow-wee!

There is much wooing coming from Shep, aggravation from dealing with Kevin, and swooning from Wren. These pen pals needed that in person connection that came after the air was cleared, which made the book for me.

The epilogue I wasn’t entirely thrilled with, as it didn’t make me feel like we went the full home run for the happily ever after, but I know we will get a glimpse of that in book three when it’s released. Don’t miss the chance at reading this novel, it’ll still knock you out of the park.
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November 7, 2020
I have to say I loved this one even more then the first one.

Wren has not had it easy, but what single mom does. Outside of her son, the one thing that brings her the most joy is her texting conversations with Shepard, her major league pen pal. Then bam, he just stops. She thinks she knows why also but that doesn't make it easier.

Then one day he just shows up and acts like she should be so happy to see him, well there is no way she is going to make it that easy.

There has only been one woman that really moved Shepard, and he has come back to his hometown to finally make her his. The only thing that stands in his way is said her and her possee.
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January 29, 2022
Okay, like the first, this book was hilarious. The texts and banter, so so funny. Unlike the first, it was a lot of bit heavy on the cheese factor. Like, Shepherd was so earnest that it kills...does he have zero flaws? He’s that perfect? Bodhi devolved from being fun and witty in the first book to acting like a ridiculous child in this book.

Anywho, I digress. Less realistic than the first book by far, but still a totally enjoyable reading experience. Wren deserves the happily ever after, but I did gag a little at the “my queen” and first date antics. But my heart is black so…
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February 11, 2021
This was such a sweet and funny read. I loved Shepherd, he was such a swoony guy. Loving, charming, and simply nice. Wren was one amazing and funny lady, I loved her as a Mom. I enjoyed the previous book in this series, but this one I adored. These two together were amazing. The only thing that was a bit too much for me, was a little too much drama at the end (it just went in that bit crazy, and over the top scene). But overall one awesome read.

Also Kelsey Navarro and Tim Paige were wonderful in their roles, they did the characters justice, and the story flowed beautifully with them in my ears. Can't wait to check out the next books in this series!
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