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Thornfield #2

Journey of a Falcon

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He got away with one secret. But this one can cost him all.

All Alex ever wanted was to be a normal teenager: to quit dancing, to stop living by other people’s rules, and most importantly to lift the weight of his mother’s unhappiness off his shoulders.
With Katherine gone from Thornfield he finds himself once again on the crossroad between his love and loyalty towards Kat and following his dream. But this time around he has an even bigger secret to carry.
Alex has to solve the puzzle left behind while balancing schoolwork, coaching Seth and building a relationship with his father. All that and keeping his emotions under control. Meanwhile Katherine has moved onto bigger and better things outside of Thornfield.
Eventually, he will need to decide what price is he willing to pay for another person’s happiness.
Will Alex run out of time and have to confess the truth to Kat, or will he succeed in untangling all the pieces left unsolved before they pull the curtains for Kat’s premier?

Will Kat’s and Alex’s relationship survive this secret or will this be the end of their bond?

Kindle Edition

First published January 5, 2021

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About the author

Mia Kun

9 books174 followers
Mia is a Young Adult and Romance author.
She grew up in Budapest, Hungary, but she is currently living in London.
She's been dancing since she was six and that's why ballet is heavily featured in her books. If she is not writing she loves to spend time with her friends and dog, and reading.

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110 reviews12 followers
January 6, 2021
The first book had me reeling at the end of the first book! So I couldn't wait to start reading this!

There was so much growth in this book, between Alex and Kat! And also there is definitely some great friendships starting in this book!

We get so much into the thoughts of Alex and what goes on in his mind. You get too see two sides of him. The one where he shows to the world and the one in his mind and only sometimes shares with Kat. Honestly sometimes I could just slap him over the head as well! But that's just cause Alex is so complex in his head and there's so much going on that sometimes you just want to slap some sense into him! Hahaha

Kat started to grow in strength as well! She nit the shy little insecure girl that we got to read in the first book. She definitely knows what she wants and has become selfless in her actions. She doesn’t let people walk over her and stands up for herself which is amazing to read!

The passion in the dances between Kat and Alex in this book was off the chart! I mean there weren't many in them but those that were, you could feel the tension between them! I got so caught up in them and i just wanted more of those dances.

There will be one thing left to your imagination and let me just say this without spoiling... I definitely imagined different scenarios🤣🤣
3 reviews
January 5, 2021
Mia made her debut with Journey of a Butterfly, where she perfectly combined ballet, drama, action, character development, and a very entertaining story.
In Journey of a Falcon she has proven to go a step further and having the main character of book 1 (Kat) away, she has managed to incorporate more ballet (without being too technical, but focusing more on the feelings and what do dancers feel), more drama, develop the characters and switch the POV from a girl perspective to a boy with a completely different personality. You can expect a very well written story, with Kat being very present despite being away, with Alex facing all his fears and how his relationship with his father, his mother, Ava, Will, Seth... evolves.
Mia has managed to incorporate all this (ballet, character development, boy POV, kat being away, Alex relationship with different characters) and yet make the story really interesting, entertaining, and easy to follow.
I can't wait for what this author has in her book pipeline as she seems to increase the challenges and the quality in every book she writes.
100% recommended
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165 reviews14 followers
March 17, 2021
Being inside Alex's head was pretty entertaining. This character had captivated me from the start and I was so excited to get close to him.

The ballet in this was pure perfection. As an ex-dancer, I love when dance is portrayed in a true way.

Over all, this was a sweet book and I had a good time reading it!
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204 reviews12 followers
January 3, 2021
‘Only with Kat did I feel truly wanted, and she didn’t even have to lose her clothes for it.’

3.75 stars

Journey Of A Falcon by Mia Kun is a YA ballet academy romance novel and is the second book in the Thornfield series.

This book picks up right where the last book left us, but is now told mostly from the POV of Kat’s best friend Alex. During this book we witness relationships being tested, others develop and lies and secrets are revealed.

Whilst I enjoyed this book I felt the writing didn’t flow as well as the previous book as well as the conversations amongst the characters. However with that being said as soon as Kat came back into the picture the story began to flow more fluently and the interactions improved.

I would recommend this series to anyone loves a YA ballet themed romance.

Thank you to Mia Kun for providing me with an arc in exchange for an honest review.
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327 reviews24 followers
January 4, 2021
This second part of Thornfield was as good as the first: the drama continues where Journey of a Butterfly left off, plus it's Alex's turn to tell his story and reveal his biggest secret that may not be the best kept.

In this book Kat is closer to achieving her professional dream in ballet, but her life is still not perfect since she is far from Alex and Will, and she doesn’t know what really happened between the last and Belinda on New Years Eve. For her part, Alex is still in Thornfield, trying to figure out what to do with her future, and more importantly, searching for the truth about the note he hid from Kat.

One of the things that I liked the most was that the protagonism was centered on Alex, and that he’s a more complex character than it seems. Read it while he have doubts about Kat, his parents, Ava, Will and his future was incredible, but I could also feel his despair and frustration, although the most important thing was how those circumstances helped him grow and trust those around him. I think Seth and Ava have a very important role as Alex's closest friends, I loved each of the moments when they got closer and offered their opinion and advice on his personal problems.

Regarding the supporting characters, I think Leah steals the role of Belinda as the bad girl, Mia Kun also puts an unexpected turn on the character of Will and personally It made me doubt on several occasions what his true face was. Although, definitely, my favorite supporting character was Ava, who proves to be a mature girl, an unconditional friend and very wise.

This time the plot focuses on Alex, her constant habit of putting Katherine's happiness above his own and in the great love he feels for her. I think Alex makes several mistakes along the way, but he does the best he can with the resources he has, that he is willing to sacrifice his own future for Kat breaks my heart, but I don't think I can judge his reasons for doing so.

The teenage drama, lies, false friendships, and manipulation are also present in the story, making Journey of a Falcon the perfect continuation for the Kat & Alex story.

ARC received in exchange for an honest review

Esta segunda parte de Thornfield fue tan buena como la primera: el drama continua donde Journey of a Butterfly lo dejó, además es el turno de Alex para contar su historia y revelar su secreto más grande qué tal vez no sea el mejor guardado.

En este libro Kat se encuentra más cerca de alcanzar su sueño profesional en el ballet, pero su vida sigue sin ser perfecta ya que se está lejos de Alex y Will, y desconoce lo que realmente pasó entre el último y Belinda la noche de Año Nuevo. Por su parte, Alex sigue en Thornfield, tratando de averiguar qué hacer con su futuro, y más importante, buscando la verdad sobre la nota que escondió de Kat.

Una de las cosas que más me gustó fue que el protagonismo se centrara en Alex, y que sea un personaje más complejo de lo que parece. Leerlo mientras tiene dudas sobre Kat, sus padres, Ava, Will y su futuro fue increíble, pero también pude sentir su desesperación y frustración, aunque lo más importante fue como esas circunstancias lo ayudaron a crecer y confiar en quienes lo rodean. Creo que Seth y Ava tienen un papel muy importante como los amigos más cercanos de Alex, amé cada uno de los momentos en los que se acercaban más y le ofrecían su opinión y concejo sobre sus problemas personales.

Con respecto a los personajes secundarios, creo que Leah roba el papel de Belinda como la chica mala, Mia Kun también le da un giro inesperado al personaje de Will y en lo personal me hizo dudar en varias ocasiones sobre cuál era su verdadera cara. Aunque, definitivamente, mi personaje secundario favorito fue Ava, quien demuestra ser una chica madura, una amiga incondicional y muy sabia.

Esta vez la trama se centra en Alex, su habito constante de poner la felicidad de Katherine por encima de la suya y en el gran amor que siente hacia ella. Creo que Alex comete varios errores a lo largo del camino, pero lo hace lo mejor que puede con los recursos que tiene, que este dispuesto a sacrificar su propio futuro por Kat me rompe el corazón, pero no creo que pueda juzgar sus razones para hacerlo.

Esta vez el drama adolescente, las mentiras, las falsas amistades y la manipulación también están presentes en la historia, haciendo que Journey of a Falcon sea la continuación perfecta para la historia de Kat & Alex.

ARC recibida a cambio de una reseña honesta

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620 reviews41 followers
January 3, 2021
After the way Journey of a Butterfly ended, I was definitely looking forward to Journey of a Falcon to see what would happen. Especially because of the cliffhanger.
Journey of a Falcon begins where Journey of a Butterfly ended, but this time the story is told from Alex’s perspective.

Alex Demidov is definitely a complex character, which we see more of and get to watch unravel as to why as his story progresses. Without Kat by his side, we get to see him try to navigate his life. Watching his life progress, you could see it was like a spider web, however thoroughly tangled, twisted and jumbled up. No way to clearly unravel, without hurting someone or something in the process.
Though I did feel bad for him at times, for everything he was going through and all the pressure he was putting on himself because of it. I couldn’t help but be frustrated with him for it at the same time. Seeing as he knew the solution to untangling this complex weave that is his life. But he just seemed to be obstinate, in not doing it and letting it dwell.
Even when his friends tried to tell him the same and offer their advice.
But I guess it wouldn’t be his story, without this long journey of him.
I was glad though to see as the story progress, him coming out of his shell more. In terms of seeing him grow as a character and realising sometimes you have to put yourself first and speak the truth to others. Even if it’s not what he wants to do. Like with his mother. As well as asking others for help, and not carrying the heavy burden alone.

I will say the only few things I had issues with were Belinda, the fact that she managed to get away with everything she did to Kat (never really or truly being punished for it), yes she lost friends, but she never really learnt her lesson to feel remorseful for what she did/caused.
And even though it is Alex’s story, I wish we would’ve received a clear answer on Kat and Alex’s ending. Like an epilogue 5-10 years later. Also, knowing how their friends lives ended up. Since not much was said about them near the end.

Overall, yet again Mia did an amazing job creating a beautiful story filled with many feelings/emotions of highs and lows, drama with unexpected twists. And beautifully described choreographed ballet pieces, that I was able to visualise in my head.
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97 reviews
January 5, 2021
✨Welcome to my life, my friend. I had never made sense in sixteen years, almost seventeen.✨
This book picks up from the cliff-hanger JOAB ended and is told fully in Alex’s POV. Lies, Deceit, Friendship, Love, Suspense, Emotional and Collateral these are the words I would use to describe the book and it totally left me Awe. The initial 40+% of the book was so awesome, even better than JOAB. But I kind of got side tracked and totally lost interest when Alex went to meet his Mother. It was kind of abrupt. BAM and that’s it. And then the meeting with John was like “What the hell. Are you kidding me?” But as I kept on reading, around 54% I was able to again fully be involved with the book. The ending was written well. What I like the most about Mia is the way her characters evolve slowly and beautifully. Both Kat and Alex have come a long way from starting and it was an epic journey. I loved Seth, I would be happy if I could have more of him. This book deserves 5++ stars, if only had I not lost interest in the middle so I would give only 4 stars.
✨It does not matter if they meet again in the end. This is about the journey and what they learn along the way. Who they become before the curtain closes is the real question✨
What I loved the most about the book:
1) Kat’s Insta post for Alex’s birthday and his reply for it in his mind. It was so sweet.
2) Eva. From the start I was in a dilemma, OMG what will happen to Eva, will she end up with Alex, will she become a collateral? What is really going to happen? My first instinct was to feel bad for her. But then when she did the psychoanalysis about Alex. I was like Damn Girl, You did the best. Now I can stop from worrying about you. The analysis was cute by the way, I was having the best laugh.
3) The last chapter. It was a nail-biting ending. Equal parts of emotional and Swooning, and Definitely a Perfect one.
If you are interested in reading a suspenseful High school Love in the world of Ballet comprising many characters then you must definitely check this out.
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244 reviews3 followers
January 6, 2021
ARC Review

Secret, lies, deception and most importantly unconditional and sometimes blind love.

‘Journey Of A Falcon’ by Mia Kun is the second book of her debut series ‘Thornfield’,and the continuation of Kat and Alex’s journey.
Although Kat is mostly absent from this book, we still get frequent updates from her and she is most definitely an important part of this book.

I loved the ballet aspect of the story because it was easy to understand (especially for someone who doesn’t know anything about ballet) and it really captured the emotions and free feelings of these incredible dancers!
And honestly, it made me wanna drop anything and just move freely and unapologetically!

This book is about growth and change, about stepping back and reflecting on your life and your actions.
It captures the fear of the future we all feel at some point or other in our lives and the courage it takes to be You and follow your dreams!

Alex is a broken and complex character that will sometimes make you question his actions and anger you with his thoughts but seeing him finally grow and step up to start becoming the man we all know he can be is worth it.
He will need to really take a look at himself and his actions while also facing the truth of his feelings and learning how to forgive and move on.

This book will shock you and show you the ugly side of growing up, with its lies, hidden truths and deception this story will take you back in time and put you in the character’s shoes chapter after chapter.

I really enjoyed the way this story was told, with its realistic and sometimes infuriating characters to the unconditional love and friendship you only find once in your life if you’re lucky, this book is a great weekend story to keep you fully entertained and intrigued!!
Profile Image for Jeni.
85 reviews
January 31, 2021
Journey of a Falcon is the second installment of the Thornfield series, a YA centered around ballet.

This time round we have a new main protagonist, Alex.

Quick catch up

If you didn't read book one, Journey of a Butterfly, and you definitely should, I'll just quickly catch you up on events previously.

Kat and Alex are bff's and long time dance partner's, losing a bet Kat finds herself dragged reluctantly to boarding school by Alex, who's desperate to find out what life's like when your not living your life dancing 24/7. Luckily Thornfield Academy has a really good ballet program taught by none other than Nikolaev Dimidov who turns out to be Alex's dad. 

Kat's time at Thornfield is blighted by a girl called Belinda who's a total bitch, but everything works out in the end. Kat ends up with a hunk of a boyfriend, Will and lands a place in the Royal Ballet's performance of Alice in Wonderland, so Kat's leaving Thornfield to follow her dreams and Alex, who is battling with his love for dance, loyalty to Kat and desperation for a normal life decided to quit dance and just stay and study at Thornfield.

At the end of the book, after Kat is back in London, Alex see's an incrementing text pop up on Will's phone suggesting that he cheated on Kat on New Year's Eve. 

So now you pretty much caught up here's what I thought of Journey of a Falcon.

My thoughts

Like in Journey of a Butterfly the writing still needs a little bit of work, however this doesn't affect Kun's ability to tell a good story. I was already so invested in the story before I started this and really looking forward to seeing what happened next.

With Journey of a Falcon our POV changes and the story is now told from Alex's point of view, who during JOAB we don't get a real feel for other than the fact that he's bit of a player, a dance prodigy but doesn't really want to pursue it anymore.

We now get to see what a complex character he is. Alex has basically a split personality. His "I'm an arrogant arse, think I'm the best total player" side that he shows the world and his "devoted, caring, all round nice guy" persona that he reserves for Kat, which is the real him.

His relationship with his friends, his girlfriend Ava and his estranged father are all tested through this book, and his so caught up in trying to do the right thing by Kat that ultimately he ends up doing all the wrong things. We discover that although he may not wish to dance professionally, his love for dance runs deep and he is actually a talented choreographer.

I found myself really missing Kat in this book, much like Alex, who seems to be rather disjointed and broken with out her. There were many times I found myself getting annoyed with Alex simply because his mind was all over the place, but I think this is actually the idea. Alex just doesn't really know who he is without dance and without Kat, and he does go on quite the journey in this book.

I was so thrilled with the ending and on a whole I really did enjoy this book and I'm so excited to see what the author has to offer in the future.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who loves YA ballet. 

Mia Kun very kindly sent me an ARC copy in return for an honest review.
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119 reviews15 followers
February 1, 2021
When I first read JOAB, I loved it. It was a refreshing break from all the dark romance that I'd been reading, and I have Mia's writing to thank for it. JOAB was like a 4 star read, and because of that I had highhh expectations for JOAF.
However, JOAF didn't quite meet those expectations, and my favourite part only was the ending. There were times when I had to force-read this one, and some times when I GENUINELY wanted to continue reading.
In this book, we get to know more about Alex, and we get to delve deeper into his heart, mind & soul. Kat'd always struck me as kinda sheltered, and Alex made up for it with his experience.
I always kinda liked Will(kinda), and so getting to know what an ASS he was was kinda dissappointing, but in a way it WAS good, like Kat didn't have to worry about breaking his heart, etc.
I loved that Alex & Kat finally overcame their obstacles and got together at the end, and if you're a YA lover at heart, then this book's the one for you!
(oh, and also, I can't wait for Mia's comin' up COllege romance-It's gonna be AMAAAZING!!)
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668 reviews
December 31, 2020
If you haven’t started the Thornfield duet yet, run quick and one click Journey of a Butterfly...you won’t be sorry. YA is not my usual genre, but Mia Kun has changed all that with these two books! After the cliffhanger at the end of book 1, I was more than eager to dive into this one.

Although Kat is no longer at Thornfield, she’s still foremost in Alex’s mind, while he tries to navigate life without her. Alex has quit dancing, but his plate is definitely still full as the gossip, secrets and lies still abound at Thornfield. Trying to piece together the truth and figure out who to trust weighs heavily on him. When Pandora’s Box is opened to reveal the biggest secret of all, suddenly the teenage drama becomes a welcome distraction.

Mia Kun has definitely upped her game and her writing in this second instalment and her second book...smartly written with intriguing drama, unexpected twists and turns, emotional highs and low, and incredible dance choreography that I could actually envision.
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646 reviews3 followers
January 19, 2021
I was blown away by the first book in this series and couldn’t wait to read the next one. This story continued to keep me on my toes while making my head spin which is really hard to do but I enjoyed every minute of it!
I loved reading from Alex’s POV. In Journey of a Butterfly, which was written from Kat’s POV Alex seemed very confident to the point that he was almost arrogant. In Journey of a Falcon I felt like we got to know the real Alex and my heart broke for him however it was then rebuilt and then soared along the way. It was almost like we got to know him as he also got to know himself. There were so many times throughout this book that I wanted to sit him down and talk to him/shake him but then his new found friends did it for me and I couldn’t help but laugh.
Oh and I have to say that Seth and Ava are two of my new favorite characters and I hope to read more about them.
Profile Image for FunUndertheCovers.
1,545 reviews41 followers
December 30, 2020
Journey of a Falcon is the much anticipated continuation after the cliffhanger in Journey of a Butterfly.

Although Kat is no longer at Thornfield, she’s still foremost in Alex’s mind, while he tries to navigate life without her. Alex has quit dancing, but his plate is definitely still full as the gossip, secrets and lies still abound at Thornfield. Trying to piece together the truth and figure out who to trust weighs heavily on him. When Pandora’s Box is opened to reveal the biggest secret of all, suddenly the teenage drama becomes a welcome distraction.

Mia Kun has definitely upped her game and her writing in this second instalment and her second book...smartly written with intriguing drama, unexpected twists and turns, emotional highs and low, and incredible dance choreography that I could actually envision.
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893 reviews19 followers
January 7, 2021
We get to see how the story unfolds here and how Alex's mind really works. This book was as beautifully written as the first. It is smoothly written and truly a work of art. However, there were slow times that seemed to drag on. All in all a good read.
Profile Image for Diana.
64 reviews1 follower
January 1, 2021
I loved Alex &Kat more in this book.
Their journey continues.
This book was beautifully written also i love the ballet aspect of this book.

ARC Provided
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3,837 reviews36 followers
January 5, 2021
Ever since that cliffhanger from the first book, I have been waiting for the continuation of Kat and Alex's story. There is still so much going on, pandora boxes left to be open. I'm glad to see more of Alex's side of the story and realised how complex his character really is.

Basically, this one is still as intriguing as the first book, or even more. There are a lot of unexpected twists and turns, and drama. I don't think you'll get bored from reading this one!
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242 reviews3 followers
January 5, 2021
In this book Alex really made some poor decisions throughout trying to protect his best friend Kat from secrets and deception. from book 1 Where it gets complicated is his jealousy for someone who he believes is hurting his friend is met with silence.

Alex is on the verge of repeating his problematic behavior of never thinking of himself first.

We see how Kat's time at the royal ballet is going also.

I enjoyed the evolution between Alex and nikolaev's relationship .

I do like that Alex finally learns he isn't alone and people stop him from making moves in his life that could hurt his happiness and others ...

At one point I was questioning both will and Alex and was wondering why they were making gerald look like he had a halo but I trusted the process.
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