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Life Unexpected #2

Someone to Trust

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She wants to give him her heart. He wants to give her the best chance at a happy life. They’re headed separate ways . . . until faith steps in.

Chess Summers never got to have a “real” family growing up. Thankfully, his makeshift family of former foster kids has given him the sense of belonging he’s always been missing. However, insecurities about his dark past may cost him the future he longs for, especially when it comes to Brooke, the spunky and beautiful woman he has found himself falling for. He’s determined to protect her, and convinced she deserves someone much better than him.

Brooke Pierce may have had a rough childhood, but she also had her trust in Christ, which sustained her through it all. When Chess crushes Brooke’s dreams of a future together, she must rely on faith once again to heal her heart and help her move on. But is walking away from each other the answer? Or does redemption lie in these two broken spirits facing the past together?

An inspirational Christian novel about the power of faith, the strength of hope, and the joy found in redemption.

199 pages, Kindle Edition

First published May 20, 2017

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About the author

Melanie D. Snitker

33 books182 followers
Melanie D. Snitker is a USA Today bestselling author who writes inspirational romance and romantic suspense. She and her husband live in Texas with their two children. They share their home with three dogs and a variety of small animals. In her spare time, Melanie enjoys photography, reading, training her dog, playing computer games, and hanging out with family and friends.

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Author 127 books1,194 followers
May 17, 2017
A sweet, inspiring story full of hope and second chances, along with a tender message of opening your heart to God's love.
Put it on your must read list!
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Author 106 books224 followers
September 19, 2022
Well, since I have no remembrance of reading this book before, I read it again. I'm afraid my thoughts haven't changed since the first read. I almost stopped reading when Brooke wants to marry Chess even though he is not a Christian. No one seems to think that is a problem at all.
I do wish I had remembered reading this as I would have chosen a different book to spend my afternoon on if I'd realized I'd read the book already.

This is a 2.5 star book not a 2 star.

After reading "Safe in His Arms" I was wanting to know what happened to the other characters.
I'm sorry, I just didn't care for this book much. I did like Brooke, and for the most part, Chess, though there were a few times I wanted to shake them both! And of course Joel & Anna. But again, I was turned away by the "attraction" that was so often mentioned. I also disliked that the whole "christian" part consisted of a few prayers and an unsaved character who didn't believe in God, being told that God believed in him. There was no mention of forgiveness for sins, of Jesus paying for our sins, just a general overall feeling that God is just waiting for us to come to Him. It all felt very vague. Christianity didn't seem very real or a part of the characters' lives. And I objected to the Christian wanting to marry the non-christian even if he was a "good man."

I did appreciate that there was no sex or even thought of that beyond a passionate kiss. This was also clean with no bad words.

I think I might have to stick with the earlier books by this author that I really enjoyed.
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Author 46 books241 followers
May 24, 2017
Title: Someone to Trust
Written By: Melanie Snitker
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Recommended Ages: 16 & up

I met Chess and Brooke in the first book of the series and was excited to hear they had their own story. Melanie did a great job with them!

Characters: .75/1
Each and every character was excellent in this book. Honestly, though, I think Brooke's creepy boyfriend was one of my favorite characters. Not because I liked him, but because Melanie wrote him so well!
There were a few times Brooke confused me with some of the stands she could/should have taken Biblically, but not enough to take away from the story.

Dialogue: 1/1
Every piece of dialogue was well thought out, written in an engaging way, and perfect for each character.

Plot/storyline: .75/1
The plot was great! I loved how Melanie created such a good story that told their romance without them getting too romantic.

Overall writing quality: 1/1
Melanie always does such a good job writing her books. I love reading them.

Un-put-down-ability: 1/1
Well, I picked a bad time to start reading this book. Kitchen remodel, getting one of my own books ready to release, etc. That being said, I still didn't want to put it down. So what if I should be painting or helping Dad or Grandpa? Chess and Brooke are in the middle of something! *ahem* Oops...

Conclusion: 4.5/5
This is a great book that is perfect for anyone who likes a good, clean, and sweet romance. There isn't even very much kissing!
237 reviews
May 16, 2017
This was a great second book in this series. I read the first book before this, so I was very happy to find out what happened with Brooke and Chess.
I have a hard time understanding how people, anyone, don't believe in God and Chess is one of those people. With all he went through in his life it is believable the he would have some serious doubts in that area. I liked the journey throughout this book of his friends reminding him of the bigger picture of life and how he had been a blessing to so many and that God never stopped loving him.
Of course, I also thoroughly enjoyed seeing how the relationship (or lack thereof) of Brooke and Chess developed. Two broken people finally recognizing and understanding God's plan for their lives!
120 reviews3 followers
July 8, 2017
The book follows the book "Safe in His Arms" but can easily be read as a stand alone. I found this book to be amazing. It is the story of Chess and Brooke and how they navigate their relationship as their feelings for each other change. Its a story of the importance of relationships and how God uses us to be a blessing and a help to others. Most importantly its about our relationship with God and how He loves us even when we are distant or lost to Him. Chess doesn't believe in God because of his difficult childhood and this causes him to cut himself off from emotional attachments, believing he is saving others from heartache but instead causing more heartache. This book was well written and I had a hard time putting it down. My one and only complaint is that it ended.
Profile Image for Dee/ bookworm.
1,359 reviews4 followers
November 7, 2017
I liked this better than the first. But it didn't have the big conflict and resolution. Still a good book.
Profile Image for Julie Jobe.
259 reviews
June 8, 2017
At the beginning of this second book of Ms. Snitker's Life Unexpected series, Joel and Anna, the couple who stars in book one, are gone on their honeymoon, putting Chess and Brooke in situations where they have to rely more on each other and spend more time together alone. Without the others around to act as a buffer, Brooke’s and Chess’ feelings for each other are more difficult for them to ignore and push away. It is bittersweet to watch those feelings come to the forefront as there are some inner struggles that need to be overcome before their relationship can come together.

Brooke is a sweet character who is easy to root for. Sometimes God allows things in our lives in order to serve as a catalyst for Him being able to bring about His best for us after he gets our attention and gets us to let go of less than His best. We can see a little bit of this happen in Brooke’s life as she faces some tough situations in the book and God uses those situations to work in her heart about what He has in store for her.

Chess, even in his struggles, is a lovable character that you want to see find what he’s looking for. He’s one of those heroes who is a little bit stoic at times and who feels like it is on his shoulders to take care of the people in his life, often taking on more than what his shoulders were really intended to bear. He wants to fix things for those he loves and part of his journey in this book is letting go of things in his past he couldn’t fix and learning to move forward.

Spoiler Alert: The following paragraph definitely contains some spoilers, but is something I feel like I need to mention.

As readers, we get to observe as Chess begins to embrace the idea of a God who is interested in him and even the small details of his life; a God who loves him, who has plans for him, and who wants the best for him. By the end of the book, it is pretty obvious that Chess has finally taken steps to surrender his heart and life to the Lord—Which is a great thing! But on the journey to get there, it is never mentioned that Brooke, as a Christian, should be cautious about entering a relationship with someone who is known to not to be a Christian. As difficult as it would be to tell someone, I could not stand by and watch as a friend who is a Christian pursued someone who is clearly not a Christian and not caution them as to the potential heartache ahead for them. With what I believe, for me, there would be an inner struggle if I had fallen for someone who was not a Christian, knowing that to pursue a relationship potentially leading to marriage with someone who does not know the Lord goes against what God’s Word advises. I found myself wanting someone to be there to offer that caution, that advice to Brooke. I do understand, though, that not everyone who is a Christian has been taught that caution and that just because we have heard such a caution, that does not mean we will follow it. In that respect, the fact that there is no mention of a need for Brooke to be careful about a relationship that is more than friends with Chess before he becomes a Christian can be seen as a sometimes true to life situation.

While I love the family that Chess, Brooke, Joel, and Anna have created for themselves or rather that God has put together for them, I would love to see them encounter an older Christian who could come alongside them and mentor them, to offer them some extra wisdom gained from a little more life experience and his/her own personal journey in learning to trust the Lord.

**I received a copy of this book from the author and have chosen to review it. My opinions are my own.
Profile Image for Rocky.
209 reviews9 followers
December 11, 2017
Brooke and Chess

Chess, Brooke, Anna, and Joel all grew up in the foster care program. Because of the fact that his parents weren't anything to brag about and the fact that he'd lost track of his little brother, he deemed himself unfit to ever marry and have children of his own, so he considered his three best friends as his family. Brooke, however, has loved Chess for years, but tries not to show him. Joel and Anna, who married each other, know that the other two have feelings for each other but are afraid to let the other know. When Chess's long lost brother contacts him will Chess realize that just because their father was no good, that he wouldn't be or will he allow the best thing to happen to him walk away forever? This is a great book that brings about just about any emotion possible.
1,509 reviews15 followers
November 4, 2022
A lovely, inspiring story of love, friendship and how God works in our lives. Great character. I can understand in a way Chess deciding he was never going to marry, since he was afraid he would end up following in his father's footsteps. But he forgot that we can choose not to emulate someone. He had a hard time admitting how he felt about Brooke despite always coming to her rescue when she needed him. And he felt guilty about how his brother was taken from the foster home and he never saw him again; he was only 6 at the time so he really couldn't have done anything about it anyway. It was great seeing him start to change and come to God, as well as how his brother contacted him and they were getting to know each other. It was sad how Nathan's adoptive parents told him that Chess chose not to stay with him. Satisfactory ending.
Profile Image for John Swanson.
7 reviews
May 16, 2017
This is an interesting story of a man and a woman trying to find themselves in a relationship, but who carry a great deal of baggage from their pasts, and have many difficulties along the way. The characters are well developed. The dialogue between the two main characters held my interest throughout. I need to say that I think the tension between them was drawn out a bit too long, and resolved a bit too quickly in the end. Except for that I would give this book five stars.

I was given a copy of this book and have chosen to review it. My opinions are my own.
Profile Image for Darla Damron.
344 reviews2 followers
May 24, 2017
This was the second book in the series. It was a continuation of the story of Brooke and Chess. And also an update of Joel & Anna. We also met the new character Nathan. (which I hope to hear more about at a later date)

The story was sweet and very easy to read. I wish there was a little more conflict or tension. But I understand with the characters background that they had already been through enough.

I received a complimentary copy of this book and was under no obligation to post a review.
12 reviews
August 17, 2017
Life Unexpected srries

I bought both books just before my son died. These books illustration how even when life looks bad there is good. I read these books in the week after my son loss his battle with depression and chronic pain. The have helped me in the healing process because without being "preachy" like my children would say it points out beautifully how God is present for all of us. I realize this is not the usual review bit take time to enjoy both books. God bless.
889 reviews3 followers
June 18, 2022
Heart to heart

When three young adults raised in Foster Care meet, they find the family each of them has always yearned for. When they add a fourth to the family, its two girls and two guys, with Chess, the oldest, acting as big brother and mentor. Love has already touched two of them and the other two have unrequited feelings for each other, misinterpreting signs that others recognize as love.
Its a beautiful story of two people who've grown up love starved, and having a difficult time trusting, finding God's plan in each other.
Profile Image for Romance.
367 reviews14 followers
May 26, 2017
Can't go wrong with this author

This book was great!!!

I wondered about these two and as happy they got a book. Their story pulled at my heart strings and I truly enjoyed reading how they got to where they are. How they became who they did and how they have come to see God's love and journey for each of them.

The new characters are a bonus, wonder where they are headed.

Loved seeing Joel and Anna and especially Epic. Thanks for another lovely book.
Profile Image for Tracy Sylvester.
814 reviews7 followers
June 13, 2017
This is a continuation of the story of Brooke and Chess. You learn a lot of backstory on both Brooke and Chess's history that has led them to be where they are. This story kept me from start to finish. For those seeking to know more about Anna and Joel after the end of book one will get to find out what they went on to do too. We meet some new characters in this book Nathan and Mia. They were a surprise for sure. Can't wait to see if another story comes out about Nathan and Mia!
Profile Image for Tabatha Robinson.
148 reviews3 followers
November 16, 2019

This book was real! What happens when your childhood was rough, no parents to rely on, state separates and lies to siblings...how do you grow up and not be jaded? This story follows Chase as he sees how God never did leave him as his friends show him how to see things in a new light. Reuniting with the kid brother he lost, admitting he is in-love, getting the girl and living happily ever after...but the struggle is real. This book is amazing!
Profile Image for Robin.
Author 3 books26 followers
November 21, 2022
A Good Story...3.75 Stars

This book was ok. I was hoping the theology would be more solid, but it's a sweet romance novel. I took off 3/4 of a star for that. The constant stalling for a reason that shouldn't have taken so long to get over...I took off a star for the way that made the story kinda drag. If neither of those things bother you, give this book a try. The backstories were good and most of the characters were, too.
1,932 reviews20 followers
May 22, 2017
I loved this book. We met Brooke and Chess in book 1 and I was so hoping they would get their own book!!!! I never got the "brother/sister" vibe from these two so I wondered why they weren't together. It amazes me how our past can so affect our choices. This is a sweet romance but also a book about all kinds of relationships. Loved the faith aspect to this book. Can't wait for book 3.
Profile Image for Bobirley Adams.
136 reviews3 followers
July 18, 2017
Impossible to Put Down!

Melanie Snitker is now on my list of favorite authors! This is the second book that I have read that I didn't want to put down! Characters feel real, conversation feels normal and flows freely. I HIGHLY recommend not only this book but this series and putting this writer on your list of favorite writers!
Profile Image for Faith Posten.
303 reviews10 followers
July 7, 2022
Strange Circumstances

Good strong characters. An unlikely couple due to the circumstances of their difficult backgrounds. Brooke is a Christian, but Chess is not sure of the existence of God. Then out of the blue, someone from his past contacts Chess. Is it worth the risk to find out his story?
August 10, 2017
Great Book

I read Book 1 "Safe in His Arms" first. It was nice and easy to read. However, I couldn't stop reading this 2nd book. I read it in 3 days considering I have 3 young children and am a college student. I've shed some tears, too. This one is a winner for me.
Profile Image for clarice zanini.
27 reviews1 follower
May 4, 2018
Someone to Trust

I have enjoyed reading the 2nd book in the Life Unexpected series . I recommend this book along with the first book in the series . I hope there will be a third book with Nathion
46 reviews
March 25, 2021
Learning to Trust

I loved this book. These characters from troubled childhood learned to trust each other and developed a family unit. Brooke grew as she went back to things she had enjoyed as a child
Profile Image for Donna Campbell.
2,137 reviews13 followers
August 26, 2017

This was a really sweet story. I loved how all of these peoples lives came together as a family. It was full of clean, sweet romance.
Profile Image for mary kennemer.
13 reviews
June 9, 2018
Someone to Trust

This book was good from the front page. I hope you write one about Nathan. The characters were so likable.
Profile Image for Ellie.
347 reviews3 followers
August 30, 2018
If you like "friends become more" themes, you will want to read this book! I thought this went a bit deeper than other books I've read by this author. It was a well-written book and a special story.
November 7, 2018

This book was amazing!so hard to find these true love stories without the dirt! Truly amazing! Can’t wait to read more.
Profile Image for Frances Tobin.
16 reviews
May 1, 2019

Story held my attention from beginning to end. Characters were real and kept me wanting to hope they came to believe their feelings were mutual.
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