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When Chelsea starts working for a stubborn cowboy, what seems like a dead end might really be a new beginning.

A horrific accident changed everything for Parker Wilson. The beautiful new employee his mom hires is the last thing he needs and he'll do whatever it takes to make the girl quit and regain the peace and quiet he prefers.

Nothing short of desperation would force Chelsea Blake to work on a local cattle ranch. She may not be cut out for ranch life, but her determination to succeed is stronger than her handsome employer’s efforts at forcing her to leave.

Unprepared to discover all they have in common, if they set aside their initial dislike, they might find joy beyond measure.

Kindle Edition

Published September 1, 2020

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About the author

Melanie D. Snitker

34 books182 followers
Melanie D. Snitker is a USA Today bestselling author who writes inspirational romance and romantic suspense. She and her husband live in Texas with their two children. They share their home with three dogs and a variety of small animals. In her spare time, Melanie enjoys photography, reading, training her dog, playing computer games, and hanging out with family and friends.

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Profile Image for Kristin Holt.
Author 33 books114 followers
February 14, 2017
I enjoyed FINDING JOY, a sweet contemporary Christian romance. Melanie Snitker's work is a pleasurable read and the presentation immaculate (error-free). Her characters are likable and face real-life challenges and emotions I related to.

Set in Texas, mostly on a wealthy cattle ranch, this story brings together two people who doubt themselves and their abilities. Their reasons are different, but inside, they're a matched pair. Parker and Chelsea are both badly damaged--one on the outside and one on the inside--so they're uniquely prepared to help each other heal, regain confidence, and become their better selves. I enjoyed the beagle, Happy, and his role in the story.

This contemporary novel explores family dynamics, self-esteem, personal worth, and choices.

While a Christian novel in content, the religious element is not overbearing. Many readers who seek a clean (no offensive language) and sweet (no sexual content) read will find this new release a perfect fit. Recommended!
Profile Image for Sarah.
Author 40 books411 followers
February 17, 2017
Age Appropriate For: 13 and up for mild romance
Best for Ages: 15 and up

I like deep books that make me think and inspire me. However, every once in a while it is nice to take a break and read something that is just light and fun. Finding Joy is one such book. I received a copy for review and curled up on a sick day to read. It was a good companion that left me feeling happy.

The setting was one that I know well, as I live in central Texas and we actually have a longhorn farm not too far from us. The author, I am happy to say, knew her stuff and took some time to give the reader a little of an education, without making it obvious that was what she was doing.

I received a copy of this book for review. I was not required to write a positive review. All the thoughts in this review are my own.

Both Chelsea and Parker were lovable and believable characters. They each have their own issues and struggles that help the reader feel connected to them. However, none of those issues are weird or so heavy that they keep the book from being enjoyable.

The romance was very sweet and not to overdone. Personally I thought there was one scene where Parker had his shirt off that wasn’t great, but the author didn’t go overboard, so it wasn’t an issue. The kisses were not drawn out to the point I was rolling my eyes or felt embarrassed. They were sweet, and then the characters moved on.

The faith aspect was there. It was not a major part of the story, nor do I think the story would have been the same without it. It felt as if it was just part of the normal rhythm of life, which is a good thing.

Overall, I thought the book was nice. I look forward to picking up more books by this author.
Profile Image for Rebekah Morris.
Author 113 books219 followers
February 17, 2017
I was very excited to get this book when it came out and read it quickly. But I was somewhat disappointed. Don't get me wrong, I loved the characters! And the whole message of moving on past the hurts and pain was good, though there didn't seem to be as much focus on God's help and guidance as there probably could have been. I really enjoyed getting to "visit" characters from the earlier books in this series.
My objections were that the story seemed to be almost completely focused on the romance between Parker and Chelsea and how they couldn't stop thinking of each other, and how they smelled, how their hearts pounded or skipped, and the electricity that went through them at the slight accidental touch of the other. I got rather tired of it all. I had been hoping this book would be more like the first three in the series where there was another storyline to focus on and the "romance" seemed secondary almost accidental. This also seemed short. I finished the book and felt like I was missing something. I have no idea how long the other books are, so it was probably just me, but I wanted something else.
The author does write well and I've enjoyed the other books I've read by her, just not this one as much.
Profile Image for Krista Noorman.
Author 22 books136 followers
January 19, 2017
From the first tense moments of the book, I was drawn into Parker's story, his accident, his scars. And Chelsea was dealing with some scars of her own-the invisible kind, deep down inside, that come from uncaring, judgmental, absentee parents. I enjoyed the progression of Chelsea and Parker's relationship, their bickering, the friendship, the sweet moments on the ranch. And it was wonderful to get more of Laurie & Tuck's story and spend time with some of the characters from previous books as well. Another sweet romance in this enjoyable series.
Profile Image for Darla Damron.
334 reviews2 followers
February 14, 2017
This was an awesome book on bitterness and how it can take over your life. I was greatly pleased to see the main characters turn to God and ask for help. Bitterness had created a gap in his personal relationship with Christ and with his relationship with his family and friends.

Once I started this book I finished it in less than 24 hours. It was hard to put down and loved reading the adventure of Parker and Chelsea. Together they overcome many obstacles and were good to even each other out.

I recommend this to all Christian Romance Fiction readers. But just a warning - You need to start with book 1 and read all 5 books! It will not be a waste of your time to build the story.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
6 reviews
February 9, 2017
I read the first 2 books in this series and really enjoyed them so when offered the chance to get an advanced copy (ARC), I jumped on it. I really enjoyed reading about both Parker and Chelsea. I kept trying to find moments to be able to get back to reading their story. "Finding Joy" was an appropriate name for this book. I would love to see Melanie Snitker continue with this series. I am definitely going to go back and read the 3rd and 4th books in this series to see what I missed.
Profile Image for Tamie Dearen.
Author 41 books320 followers
February 10, 2017
Wow! I started reading this book and couldn't put it down! Parker and Chelsea have a great chemistry, clashing at first and coming together in a sweet romance. I loved the way Snitker developed the characters, gradually revealing the past that had scarred them inside and out. It was beautiful to watch them grow and learn to trust and love. All around great book! I highly recommend this one to anyone who loves Christian romance or sweet romance.
I was given an ARC copy to read, but it didn't affect my rating of this book.
Profile Image for Pattisue.
417 reviews
June 1, 2017
A beautiful, satisfying addition to the Love’s Compass Series. While including characters from the other books in the series, this story focuses on Parker and Chelsea. Grumpy, brooding Parker Wilson has had a year to recover from the devastating car wreck that nearly destroyed his life. “The chip on his shoulder is bigger than the scars on his face or the scars on his heart.” Haunted by nightmares, Parker has lost his girlfriend, his sponsors, his father, and his dreams for the future. “Losing the endorsement had been hard enough. But the damage to his arm had put an end to his rodeo career as well.” He has begrudgingly returned to his family’s ranch, back home to his mom and sister, and back to a million memories of better, happier times.
Her parents had a fit when she left their plans for her behind and followed her sister to Kitner, Texas. Courageous and spunky, Chelsea Blake finds that trying to prove her worth seems an impossible task. “He’s got issues. I have enough of my own to sink a small ship.” Both Parker and Chelsea are plagued by “doubt and self-consciousness.” Chelsea’s strength and confidence grows as she makes a place for herself at Wilson Ranch. This story goes from haunted and contemplative to fun and flirty as the relationship between Chelsea and Parker intensifies. I was immediately immersed into the daily routines of a working cattle ranch. I was drawn to the focus on faith in God, learning to trust again, praying for miracles, and the gift of daily blessings. “It takes real courage to break away…and blaze a new trail.” This clean story is appropriate for ages 12+.
I cannot wait to read the next book in this addictive series.
Profile Image for Maria.
210 reviews
November 8, 2018
What a lovely novel!! I really enjoyed this sweet romance by Melanie Snitker. I especially fell in love with the main characters Parker and Chelsea! They are so adorable together and I was rooting for them from their first messy encounter. I loved how Chelsea and Parker grew as a person and learnt to be confident of themselves. I loved how the plot unfolded and I really enjoyed all the ranch aspects. I also really liked some of the secondary characters, especially Laurie and Kara. I really want to meet Nicholas!!
Overall, I really enjoyed this sweet romance and I would recommend it!

RATING: 4.5 points

1-5 SCALE:
1: I couldn’t even finish it
2: I hope I didn’t pay for this / disappointing
3: I didn’t hate it, but I didn't like it either
3.5: On the line between good and ok
4: Solid story / worth reading
4.5: Close to perfection! / must read
5: I could not put it down and I’m still thinking about it!
7,344 reviews24 followers
October 23, 2018
Parker still having nightmare from the crash.now back at the ranch in his hometown Kitner, Texas. His to do list, was to earn his keep, if he was going to be here. The past of high paying endorsements, that advertised the cattle, and the career of rodeo circuit, now gone. Chelsea if hired as a coordinator for the ranch, doing the office work. A mishap with a bottle of blueberry tea at the store,with a man and his dog, before coming here. Who walked in, but him. He was amused and annoyed by seeing her. Taking her out to the barn where she would be working. Interesting of how her parents had expectations for their two girls. Both of the broke away and choosing other careers. With Parker, his looks now different, people stared now. Would either of them want to stay and work at the ranch, or find anything
in common, between them.
2,029 reviews3 followers
December 31, 2018
Parker Wilson has returned to his family ranch after the death of his father and a horrendous car accident that destroyed his rodeo career. Still haunted by nightmares and the scars on his face, he's not happy when his mother hires an "office manager". Chelsea Blake had a very priviledged but sterile upbringing by absentee parents who'd rather travel than raise their two daughters. Chelsea has finally broken free of their influence and is now living near her very pregnant artist sister and brother-in-law. She's the new temp at the Wilson ranch, even though she's never been around animals, never mind longhorns, but she's got grit and determination. Slowly, the two come to appreciate each other and find their happily ever after. Clean with a Christian slant.
Profile Image for Robin.
Author 3 books26 followers
July 25, 2021
A Cozy Read Perfect for Winding Down at Day's End

I really enjoyed reading this story about Laurie's sister. (Laurie is the heroine from book 1 in the series.) It was totally not what I expected and I was so pleased. These two MCs each had some serious struggles to work through and I was completely invested almost from the beginning. I actually love reading about heroes who don't have perfect looks and shy or uncertain heroines. Another thing I enjoyed is seeing the hero step up and initiate prayer before meals in his home after so much time had passed. What a beautiful heritage!
If you enjoy rich stories of life and sweet inspirational romance, then you may enjoy this book.
Profile Image for Brenda Horton.
50 reviews
July 24, 2017
Ok Book

I love this series but this last book leaves a lot to be desired . I just found it a tad unbelievable you have a person going to school to be an attorney ending up working on a cattle ranch and not believing in themselves along with a rich cattle rancher who has been hurt in a accident. I loved the whole series except for this book, it just didn't hold my attention the way the others did. Maybe if the rancher had been a attorney or if the girl hadn't gone to school to be an attorney it would have made more sense or if the word rich hadn't been used so much I don't know. I love this author and have all her books I just couldn't give 5 stars to this one.
582 reviews2 followers
January 18, 2018
Another wonderful book, though I 'm sorry it is the last of the series.
This story is about Chelsea and Parker. Chelsea has rejected her rich parents' future for her and is making an identity of her own. She begins work on a cattle farm and immediately butts heads with Parker, her boss. However, time has a way of changing things.
Many of the same characters are still in this book, but their stories expand.
The series, as a whole, was well written with good strong characters and plot. It is a real winner!
Profile Image for Lois Kirby.
143 reviews1 follower
November 7, 2018
This book was a joy to read.

A refreshing book filled with life's struggles. Relationships, parents controlling, sisters helping and encouraging each other and strong bonds formed. Work environment and a willingness to take on the unknown as a challenge. The characters of Parker and Chelsea were so nicely developed from employees to friends then to a relationship. Challenges of stepping out into the unknown and being independent. I thoroughly enjoyed this standalone book.
September 5, 2019
It deserves rhe 5 ,

I had nearly

The same ex
Xperia ce

I had near.

I had nearly The same experience going to work at a cattle ranch as a Cattle record keeper and knowinng very little about dattle. Fell in love with the herd manager and we married 55 years latter we raised 3 children on several different ranches, he also had a damaged left arm and scaring

37 reviews
August 13, 2018
Finding & Loving yourself

Loved the unfolding story of facing challenges life gives us - even the families we are born into.
Each of us has faced insecurities and have risen above them or been heart broken. Each of us are unique and come to face fears, insecurities and doubts. Chelsea,Tucker and their families reach out and reveal love & joy.
73 reviews
October 27, 2018
Finding joy

I could relate to Chelsea*s not knowing much about cattle and horses as I am not a country girl and my husband is a lifelong farmer. She did great to finally stand up to her parents and it took loving Parker to give her the courage. Sure enjoyed this super book. And appreciated that it is rated Christian
283 reviews
October 28, 2018

What a beautiful story of Chelsea and Parker as they found each other. Farmer's terrible car accident left him scarred and broken. Chelsea's parents didn't trust her to make life decisions. Once they met, everything fell into place as they complete each other's lives. Sweet!
22 reviews
November 17, 2018
It's 5:00am and I'm just finishing the book. It's that great!

Melanie Snitker wove an amazing story of blossoming love between two people who have an electric attraction to each other, yet hold out for God's way in his timing. I'm thankful for Christian writers who can weave stories superbly for readers like me.
26 reviews
February 9, 2019
An interesting love story

A young girl that has tried to satisfy her
wealthy parents all her life but still falls short has decided to quit trying to please them. She has taken a job on a ranch much to her parents displeasure. She loves her job and the independence she has. Her job starts out a little rocky with her employer but you can read the book to see how it develops.
488 reviews2 followers
October 25, 2021
Clean romance with no drama

This is strictly a clean romance and a story of a hurting young man loving God once again. If you're looking for excitement, it's not in this book. I was a little disappointed to find no climactic scene, even close to the end. But then I realized that it was okay. A scene like that wasn't needed. I look forward to more books by this author.
53 reviews
February 23, 2022
Finding Joy (Love's Compass Book 5)

Enjoyed Chelsea and Parker's struggle with self-esteem and their triumph when they where able find the love of God's mercy and the love for each other. Enjoyed the flow of the story. You have a new fan. Looking forward to reading more of your stories.
Profile Image for Donna Campbell.
2,095 reviews13 followers
February 19, 2017
This was a great story.

I loved this story. I loved the relationship between the sisters and feel their connection was made stronger in spite of their parents. The main characters had a wonderful connection. This was a great, clean romance.
1,083 reviews2 followers
October 24, 2018
They each found a way for real joy in their lives

Having money, nannies, and good education could never take the place of what she wanted and needed. She wanted her parents to love and accept her, and her sister wanted the same. But they would find it, eventually
91 reviews
October 25, 2018
Finding Joy

This book received a five star from me because it held my interest. The characters were well written. I think the parents were a little "off", only because they just didn't fit, but otherwise, I enjoyed the story line. Thank you.
130 reviews1 follower
October 28, 2018
A Good Read

Chelsea and Parker were both floundering without being happy. She didn't know what she was. He was bearing physical and emotional scars from an accident. Plus he was her boss. A relationship was not possible. Snitker's book is charming.
Profile Image for sharon bell hill.
33 reviews2 followers
October 29, 2018
Wonderfully lighthearted read.

It took me less than 24 hours to read and I have such a hopeful outlook that God is always in my life. Hope is calming. Looking forward to other books by the author who definitely has a grasp of God's love and compassion. Jesus Saves.
Profile Image for Jodi Brown.
Author 4 books12 followers
November 17, 2018
Surprising Joy

This author and genre are new to me, and what a lovely surprise. The characters immediately drew me in and the story kept me reading, when I should have been working. A wonderful read.
243 reviews
November 4, 2018
I enjoyed the back and forth storytelling from each characters point of view. The emotions and chemistry between them was well written. It was an uplifting and romantic read that left me feeling encouraged and happy
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