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Princess Seren has always expected her life to be one of duty and order, and her upcoming marriage alliance is no exception: she’ll sail to Bytamia to marry the crown prince as expected. But what she doesn’t expect is for the voyage to her new life to be delayed by the whims of an enchanted map and an adventure to a mystical island rumored to contain a legendary treasure.

She especially doesn’t expect—nor does she appreciate—the unwanted attentions of the charming yet infuriating captain who seems determined to befriend her and also possesses the uncanny ability to see beyond the mask she's always shown the world. Seren feels her careful control rapidly slipping away as the captain breaks down her defenses one by one, forcing her to face her fears and vulnerabilities and causing her to experience feelings she’s never felt before.

But this voyage will soon involve more than ships, treasure, and a far-too-endearing and persistent captain; it will also lead Seren on a journey that will allow her to heal, discovering both her own true worth and the greatest treasure of all: love. But is love even possible with the duty Seren must perform, a duty that just may be her last chance to redeem herself?

Inspired by King Thrushbeard

346 pages, Kindle Edition

First published September 29, 2020

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About the author

Camille Peters

19 books410 followers
Camille Peters was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah where she grew up surrounded by books. As a child, she spent every spare moment reading and writing her own stories on every scrap of paper she could find. Becoming an author was always more than a childhood dream; it was a certainty.

Her love of writing grew alongside her as she took local writing classes in her teens, spent a year studying Creative Writing at the English University of Northampton, and graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in English and History. She’s now blessed to be a full-time author.

When she’s not writing she’s thinking about writing, and when’s she’s not thinking about writing she’s…alright, she’s always thinking about writing, but she can also be found reading, at the piano, playing board games with her family and friends, or taking long, bare-foot walks as she lives inside her imagination and brainstorms more tales.

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Author 19 books410 followers
October 3, 2020
I started writing this book over two years ago when the idea of a seafaring voyage guided by a mischievous map first occurred to me. At the time it was scheduled to be the third book in the series…before a charming Dracerian crown prince demanded his story be told first. I’m grateful for this change in course, because the extra time with this idea has allowed this story to develop into something even greater than I initially imagined. I thoroughly enjoyed the journey, especially as I got to watch one of my beloved characters grow and become something more than either she or I expected, for everyone deserves a chance for redemption. I hope your voyage through my romantic seafaring tale takes your imagination on a grand adventure!
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1,355 reviews148 followers
October 5, 2020
First off I'm going to warn you...there might be some serious gushing happening in this review! I loved it!!!! Absolutely and completely loved it!!!! And I'm not just saying that to say it. I truly mean it. I've really enjoyed all the books in this series and thought that the last book was my favorite, but nope. I was wrong. This book is my favorite!!! Camille Peters, it's ok that you waited to share Princess Seren's story after that Crown Prince from Draceria had to have his story first. Silly prince! It was worth the wait because her story turned out AMAZING!!! (See gushing)

I was hooked from the beginning. Especially because I love stories of characters who in previous books seem like they're just stinkers and are never going to change their attitude and personality. But you know when they get their own book that there's probably going to be some good stuff happening and you're going to see a completely different side of them. And if you've been following this series then you have a little bit of interaction with Princess Seren, aka, Dragon Princess, in the first book.

I loved the different journeys, or rather I should say voyages, in this book. Princess Seren. Captain Ronan. Their voyage together. Their fellow travelers' voyages. Ahhh, so much goodness!!!!

Princess Seren is on her way to meet and marry her betrothed. A pesky captain is not making the voyage simple. He's causing all kinds of problems. All Seren has to do is keep up being the Dragon Princess, guard her heart, hide her secrets, and keep her duty. Oh, Seren. Ohhhh, Seren. Has no one ever told you about the best laid plans??? Probably not. But I loved it all. The plans. The uncertainties. The struggles. The joys. The sorrows. The friendships. The laughter. The storms. The stars. The music. The sea.

It was such a beautiful voyage. Even though there's hard things we face on our voyages, those struggles and hard things only strengthen and build us up when we've come to the end of the voyage. And that's what happens for all involved in this voyage.

I'll admit that I'm not very familiar (only very, very vaguely) with the story of Captain Thrushbeard. But now I really need to go and figure that one out. Because it was great! I love this author's writing style and have just grown to love it even more as I've read 6 books by her now. And let me say, she can definitely weave fabulous tales. If you haven't read any of her books, do yourself a favor and pick them up. Especially if you enjoy fairytale retellings. The characters in these books all interconnect but if you picked this one up and read it without reading any of the others, you'd be just fine!!!!

The romance was so sweet and tender. It just made my heart so happy. I really want to tell you soooo much more than that about the romance. But there are things that just can't be shared yet. Cause if I told you much more it would spoil it. And this is a story you don't want spoiled. You want to take in every single moment and just bask in the sweetness and joy of it all. I kept telling my older kids that they have to read the book. That they just need to drop everything and read it. Hahaha! They're excited to read it soon. I'm going to stop telling you about it and just say that I highly recommend this one! I loved it and would definitely give it more than 5* if I could!

Content: Clean. Sweet and clean romance with a few kisses. Nothing further. There are some moments of peril but nothing graphic.

I received a copy from the author. All thoughts and opinions in the review are my own.

Happy Reading!!!
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152 reviews26 followers
December 18, 2020
These books are like that bowl of mystery candy at the doctor's office: sometimes they're great, sometimes they're garbage, but I always look forward to them and I never pass one up if it's being given to me for free.
Profile Image for Stephanie.
22 reviews
September 8, 2020
Yesssss! I’m a sucker for books that take place at sea, so I absolutely LOVE that this story takes place on a ship! The hero in this story is one of my favorites, and I absolutely love that we really get to know Seren. After coming across as not-so-friendly in past stories, you really come to love and sympathize with her in this one.

Also, the ending to this book is my favorite in the series!! The way everything wraps up just makes me so, so happy! (insert heart eyes!) AHH!
Profile Image for Dee/ bookworm.
1,314 reviews4 followers
October 4, 2020
This was probably my favorite book in the series so far, and that is really hard to say because they are each unique and easy to love. With this book you don't immediately love the main character, Seren, but you understand her and like anything with layers, you discover a little bit more with every word you read. She is such a wonderful character, more three dimensional than most characters are. I love the world created by Peters, and this one was no exception. I can't write too much more without giving away spoilers, but read this novel! It is fantastic.

I received an advance reader copy in exchange for my fair review. These opinions are my own.
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2 reviews
September 29, 2020
I just finished Voyage last night and I just could not put it down! I have really enjoyed this series from Camille Peters and I was very excited to see what would happen with Seren's story. Let me tell you, I was not disappointed. Camille Peters hit the nail right on the head with this King Thrushbeard retelling, it had enough of the original fairytale elements while still being unique. I was very pleased with the way Seren's story played out. It was so well-written that I started tearing up a little at the end! I won't spoil anything, but it is well worth the read!
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2,839 reviews205 followers
October 29, 2020
Romance on the high seas

I've never heard of the fairy tale King Thrushbeard but that didn't make this tale any less interesting and entertaining. A romance on the high seas with a beautiful princess on a journey to marry the man betrothed her makes for a satisfying story.

Honestly, Seren, aka the Dragon Princess, wasn't a character I looked forward to reading about. She was cold in the other books, but that right there should have warned me. Everyone has a story and when examined on a deeper level, usually has good reasons for such behavior and it was a treat to discover who Seren really was. As for Captain Ronan--he was one of my favorites!

Peters does a good job with attention to detail, but also in crafting a story full of adventure, romance, and growth. This series is fun to read and the covers are delicious as the chronicles within.

Content: mild romance; mild adventure

*I received a complimentary copy. All opinions expressed are my own and were voluntarily given.*
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Author 10 books323 followers
September 15, 2021
I have enjoyed all the books in this series, but this one was a special delight! It is a retelling of King Thrushbeard, a more obscure fairy tale that is quickly becoming one of my favorites! This is a sea-faring adventure with characters who have a lot of growth!

I especially liked how the "deception" part of the King Thrushbeard tale was handled in this one.

I recommend this entire series if you love gorgeous fairy tale retellings that tend to be more loose retellings, yet filled with all the magic and character development and sweet romance that a fairy tale reader can ask for!
Profile Image for Caitlyn (delightful.reading).
436 reviews26 followers
September 27, 2020
I never thought I'd say this about Princess Seren's story, but Voyage is my favorite book in the series so far!

Princess Seren was a welcome surprise. In the previous books, she wasn't really one of the characters I was really excited about. She often appeared cold and indifferent, at best. However, in the first chapter, I started to root for her because she is far more than her earlier appearances suggest.

I loved the character interactions and relationships in this novel. I especially enjoyed the banter between Ronan and Seren as he attempts to befriend her and see past her walls. I actually found myself smiling during most of their interactions. Farrell, Reece, and Odin were also fun. (Plus Aiden and Eileen make an appearance!)

The enchanted map and mysterious island were great additions! It really gave the story a pirate-esque adventure vibe, which I enjoyed reading!

I almost forgot to mention the fairytale base. I loved how this wasn't a direct retelling of King Thrushbeard because the romance is a bit questionable at best. (If you want to read it, check out this translation of the Grimm Brother tale) However, luckily Ms. Camille Peters takes the basic idea of a fairytale and makes it her own, often in surprising and interesting ways. Honestly, it's one of my favorite things about her books because it always adds something new and exciting to the fairytale.

All in all, Ms. Peters's Kingdom Chronicles continue to be delightful and fun reads. I can't wait to read her next story!

Thank you so much, Ms. Peters, for providing an ARC to review! I am really grateful for the opportunity I had to read this lovely retelling!
46 reviews1 follower
July 13, 2022
Received an ARC for a honest review.

Seren is the much hated Dragon Princess who embarks on what should be a boring and fruitless voyage to her new home country to meet Prince Ronan who she will marry. A map with a mind of it's own, a dashing captain and a romantic island all get in the way. As typical with Peter's books there are no big plot twist. Everything is very straight forward and you know what is going to happen. Where she has really developed through this series is creating the scenes and SIGNICIANTLY better character interaction. There were parts of the book you want to yell, cry and cheer for the main characters. It sucked me in from the get go and I truly enjoyed it. I really thought the progression of change within Seren was so well done. Nothing felt forced. This was also the first book from Peters that I have read where I really enjoyed the secondary characters and they added more to the storyline.

Side note- I LOVE the fairy tale of King Thrushbeard. It is woefully underrated in so many ways so I was ecstatic to find out that Peters was adding this lesser known version to her fairy tale series. Now while I love King Thurshbeard I also have a big issue with it, and that is the heroine always seems to need the "lesson" vs. the hero, who does some pretty questionable motives as well, seems to get away scot-free. I really enjoyed how Peters turned this version so that both Seren and Ronan learn from their mistakes and grow because of it. Well done and excellent edition to Peter's series and can be a stand alone King Thurshbeard retelling as well.
Profile Image for Elena.
44 reviews
September 27, 2020
Wow. This was by far Camille Peters' best installment of the series.

I was a little skeptical when I heard the infamous Princess Seren of Sortileya was the heroine for this book, but Peters amazed me. Entering her perspective was a major eye-opener for her character. There's a reason for her prickliness and it was beautiful to see the inner-workings of her brilliant mind. Seren's loyalness to her handmaiden was wondrous to behold, even at the start of this book.

Peters delved deep into emotions and relationships in this book. It was inspiring to watch Seren and Ronan find themselves through each other.

I loved that beyond falling in love with Ronan, Seren found peace with her past. Loving Ronan and having him in her life was amazing and it helped her find peace so that she could strive for excellence in herself and start her journey anew.

The enchanted map! That was such a fun component to the story!

Ronan's comparisons to a sea voyage, particularly storms, were marvelously woven into the story. It added so much depth to their story as it occurred while on a ship.

This book hit me deep and took me on quite the adventure. I absolutely LOVED it and I definitely recommend it. Seren and Ronan were such fun travel mates! I can't wait to read more of Camille Peters' works!

I did receive an ARC of this book, but the thoughts above were completely my own.
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2,180 reviews17 followers
September 29, 2020
Great story that takes a lesser known fairytale as its inspiration and spins a wonderful tale with complex characters and a rich setting.
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134 reviews12 followers
September 2, 2022
Read: December 2020
Reread: August 2022

Ah, what a beautiful story. I start most of my reviews this way but it's so true. Camille Peters writes the most lovely stories!

I love Seren and Ronan so much. They are such a sweet couple. Ronan is such a sweet guy, my goodness I loved him. I also really loved Seren and watching her become the person she really is but had chosen to hide. I loved watching the patience Ronan had for her and how he helped Seren learn to accept and give love to others.

There's nothing more I can say than read this book, it is so good! :)

CONTENT: clean romance, no violence, no language
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392 reviews17 followers
September 29, 2020
Wow! This book was just as good as I thought it would be. I was so excited to read Voyage and it does not disappoint! Voyage is the 6th book in Camille Peter's Kingdom Chronicle series and is inspired by King Thrushbeard. We finally get to see behind the mask Seren has used throughout the first few books. Seren is finally going to meet her betrothed, but before she can get to know him she needs to travel to Bytamia. Seren sets out on a voyage to meet her betrothed, but in this voyage she may find more than she ever bargained including an infuriating captain
I wanted to know more about Seren when I first met her in Pathways and I have to say, I really liked her. Seren was scared to let people in and so she used anger to protect her. I adored the fact that Seren cared for her personal guard and handmaid. They were her friends and although she tried to protect herself from others, they saw a part of her that she kept hidden away from others.
Seren grew so much throughout the book, I really enjoyed reading about her transformation. I knew that she was kinder and more thoughtful then she pretended to be. Her relationship with the captain was so cute! He was so nice to her and I liked how she was able to be herself with him. She tried so hard to protect herself, but the captain had a way of getting past her masks.
I liked Captain Ronan from the beginning, I loved how he tried so hard to get to know Seren. He was so kind and I loved how he balanced Seren really well. He loved adventure, while she focused on facts and being sensible. He was a great captain and his shipmates really admired him. I adored how he was kind to Seren and he wanted to love her.
I loved this book and the development of the characters! It was a great story, and I could see the themes of King Thrushbeard! Voyage kept me interested the whole time and I read it in two hours. I am so excited for the books to come and I can’t wait to see what else Ms. Peters writes. I would definitely recommend this book!

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.
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72 reviews3 followers
September 29, 2020
Content Review:
Language- clean
Romance- clean
Violence- none

I love Camille Peters' books- they're like candy, just so sweet and feel-good types. I was super excited for this book since King Thrushbeard is a favorite fairy tale of mine and it's rare to find it re-imagined. Overall, I greatly enjoyed this book and the character development of Princess Seren, the infamous Dragon Princess. The setting on the sea and the enchanted islands were fascinating destinations, and the romance built naturally.

That being said, I couldn't give five stars to this book because I felt that Peters had overused the dramatic "I'm-sorting-out-my-feelings, give-me-some-time" trope. Which I wouldn't mind too much, except that this same issue was used in Reflection and in Pathways. It made the characters seem like a copied homework paper- the exact same story, but with little personality differences so that the teacher still lets you pass.

"Voyage" is recommended for readers of K.M. Shea, Melanie Cellier, and Sarah M. Eden. Happy reading!
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81 reviews7 followers
January 2, 2021
I received an early copy of this book from the author to write and honest review.

I’m such a fan of Camille Peters and the world she’s building her Kingdom Chronicles series! I’ve been familiar with the fairytales she’s chosen and have loved reading her unique twist to each respectively. The sixth installment of her saga, “Voyage”, is a spin on the King Thrushbeard tale, of which I’m not familiar. This was such a fun read! Especially the last act of puzzles and riddles. I hope Camille includes those fun plot points in future books! Although this story is fantasy and romance, I loved the platonic relationships the characters built with each other as well.

Invest your time into this author’s work! She’s great!
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620 reviews39 followers
October 2, 2020

I loved this book! It had the best combo of all things adventurous and romantic. I love books that take place on the sea because water truly calls to me. I love nothing better then sitting on a beach and just listening to waves. It’s truly my happy place.

I loved that there was growth in this book. That Seren didn’t start out perfect or end perfect for that matter. I found so many parallels to life and God in this book(sorry I’m getting deep). But I truly did. The storms of life are what make us who we are and bring us to the point where God needs us. I love how Ronan helped her see that and how Seren started to believe.

So glad I picked this one up!
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Author 13 books15 followers
October 4, 2020
Voyage is the latest book in The Kingdom Chronicles by Camille Peters. It is a retelling of the lesser-known fairy tale, "King Thrushbeard," about a conceited princess who thinks she is too good for any of her suitors. Though that concept makes it difficult for the story a likable protagonist, Seren's dignity was compensated with an unfortunate upbringing. It takes place on a ship while Seren is sailing to her new kingdom for her upcoming wedding to a stranger. I can see that Camille Peter did a lot of research for this story. There are many descriptions for different parts of a large ship and how they operate, which made the world feel organic. Even though she took some liberties with the fairy tale, it was a unique and pleasant adaptation that made for a refreshing take on an old story. Like all the books from this series, the main focus was on the romance between Seren and Ronan. It got a bit repetitive at times, but the story really picked up near the end.

Similar to the heroine in Spelled, Seren starts out quite full of herself, believing that she is better than most peasants because she is a princess who deserves to be treated as such. She accrued the nickname "dragon princess" among her court for her conceited attitude and aggressive mannerisms. As you might expect, that made the book difficult to get into at first. However, over time, we learn the tragic reason for Seren's troubling behavior and realize that the only thing she wants in life is to be loved. She has little faith that her fiance will love her but agrees to the marriage alliance anyway and sets sail for the kingdom of Bytamia. When she boards the ship, the captain introduces himself as Prince Ronan. Due to his humble position, Seren refuses to believe him. This stubborn dismissal of the truth continues for much longer than is truly plausible and becomes a major source of frustration throughout the book.
This was one of the fastest-paced books in The Kingdom Chronicles. Unlike other stories that would drag out the romance without much else happening, Voyage contained plenty of magic and adventure at sea. Instead of using a traditional map, Ronan opts for an enchanted piece of parchment that magically reveals whichever path it thinks is best for its navigator. This is a subtle throwback to Pathways, the first book in the series about a girl who walks through a magic forest that regularly shifts its routes. Seren had her own magical relic as well in the form of a necklace that was given to her by her late mother. Ronan and Seren's backstories intersect at the end of the book when his map leads them to a treasure that is connected to Seren's necklace. There were also storms and other mishaps that occurred at sea to break up the monotony of Ronan's courtship with Seren.

Though Voyage is inspired by "King Thrushbeard," the structure of the story is a little different. Instead of refusing to marry a homely prince and being forced to marry a peasant that turned out to be the same person, Seren agrees to marry Prince Ronan and falls in love with his "captain" persona while she thinks she is engaged to someone else. Major changes in adaptations are not always a good idea, but I liked this one. The original fairy tale was problematic because the princess entered a marriage on false terms and didn't learn who her husband really was until years later. That would be grounds for a divorce in any modern court! Here, Ronan never actually lies to Seren and instead accepts that she wouldn't believe he was the prince until they fell in love later. While this certainly is an improvement on the "Thrushbeard" character, it also makes Seren look quite foolish, especially considering how ridiculously obvious it was that the man courting her was, in fact, her husband-to-be.

Since I have read no other adaptations of "King Thurshbeard," Voyage defaults to my favorite. It was a pretty good book overall with lots of detailed imagery of sailing on a regal ship. Seren was a frustrating protagonist at times, but her tragic backstory made it easy to care about her. Ronan's character was a vast improvement over the one he was based on by having him lie by omission instead of breaking his marriage vows. The only thing that I think would have made the story more enjoyable would be to find some other reason besides foolish pride for Seren not to believe Ronan when he told her he was the prince. It felt like too much of a stretch for her not to figure out on her own for such a long expanse of the book after it was established that she was quite intelligent.
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537 reviews9 followers
October 1, 2020
This love story is once again incredibly beautiful... unremarkable and wonderful... I love these books soo much... i have no words....

Princess Seren has always expected her life to be one of duty and order, due to her upbringing and her upcoming marriage alliance is no exception: she’ll sail to Bytamia to marry the crown prince Rohan as expected. She doesn't fear to be queen, but to be a wife, because no one likes her. She's spoiled, arrogant and cares greatly for property, only wants be referred to as princess Seren.

She especially doesn’t expect—nor does she appreciate—the unwanted attentions of the charming yet infuriating captain Rohan, who seems determined to befriend her and also possesses the uncanny ability to see beyond the mask she's always shown the world. These scenes are the mixnight stargazing, caring for her handmaiden Reece, who's in love with Farrel, first mate) one time Reece went overboard when she was looking for dolphins, Seren wanted to save her, but her guard and friend Odin, held her. Farrel immediately dove after her and saved reece!!! He gained her respect. She's also curious and intelligent. Seren feels her careful control rapidly slipping away as the captain breaks down her defenses one by one, forcing her to face her fears and vulnerabilities and causing her to experience feelings she’s never felt before. I LOVE ROHAN!!! HE'S A SWEETHEART!!!! Especially after the storm!!! He took great care of her and was just lovely!!! but the ship is SINKING!!!
- the voyage to her new life is to be delayed by the whims of an enchanted map which will show the way, an adventure to a mystical invisable island rumored to contain a legendary treasure. -gems of wisdom. Her mother's necklace had the same gem als in the book connected to the map. Her mother died of childbirth and her father blames her for her death!!! By going to this island, she hopes to put an end to her past. they are sailing to the magical island because that seems the only way. Rohan feels insecure about his next rol (she doesn't know he's the prince) and wished to gain experience and wisdom by sailing the sea in search for adventure.
-the island is full of jewels!!! Beautiful place out of a fairytale!!!
-Seren and Ronan are going to find herbs for Reece's fever- lovely scene, she's so intelligent and he admirers her all the more for it!!!
-one time he takes her to a beautiful lake: ROMANTIC SCENE!!! HE KISSES HER!!! ALL THE FEELS!!! I LOVE RONAN!!!
-but she still doesn't know he's her intended- feels like she betrayed 'prince' ronan... very sad scene!!!
-after, he tells her HE is the crown prince!!! After he tried soo many times to tell her, she at last believes him, but feels utterly betrayed by him... SOOO SAD OMG!!!
-he wanted to get to know her without the formalities and he knew he could love her when know wanted an arranged marriage with her!!! I LOVE RONAN SOO MUCH!!!!
-Reece and Farrel and her guard all knew, but she feels again betrayed by them all...
-at last she realises she's unreasonable and understands his motives were nothing but hunouble!!!! HE TELLS HER HE LOVES HER!!!!
-they go looking for the treasures: riddles, necklace acting like a compas and the enchanted map, they at last found the treasures: lovely scene once again!!!
-ronan found the 'peace' gem and wants Seren to have it!!! 'You're my treasure' OMG CAN HE GET MORE PERFECT!!!
-But seren has changed and wants him to have his gem, she finally realises she loves him!!!! But is scared to tell him, for he fear he will leave her.... EMOTIONAL SCENE
-eventhough the real treasure is true love, she may take the peace gem and put it into her necklace: EMOTIONAL SCENE!!! She feels the love from her mother through the gem, light and stars and is finally at peace!!!!
-she at lasts tells Ronan she love him too!!! THE FEELS!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!
-in Bytamia: she meets his parents who are like a new family to her and Aiden and Eileen are in the palace!!!! He was worried because the voyage took so long!!! LOVE AIDEN!!!
-Farrel is now captain, and ronan married Farrel and Reece!!!! I am sooo happy for them!!!!
-the romance and love between Ronan and Seren is unremarkably beautiful and wonderful, they both changed for the better and found true love in one other. They are going on their next voyage which will be to live happily ever after.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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20 reviews
October 3, 2020
King Thrushbeard has always been one of my favorite fairytales. The story has a lot of elements readers can connect to, after all: a bitter heroine who has been mistreated, a misleading protagonist who is initially misjudged by superficial aspects of his character, a lot of incorrect first impressions and misunderstandings, but a physical journey that mirrors the spiritual and emotional one both MCs take. Ms. Peters' Voyage, then, is a stunningly beautiful homage to this simple yet simultaneously epic tale: the voyage Seren and Captain Ronan embark upon is a physical manifestation of the spiritual and emotional growth their characters go through. Plus, what better vessel to provide such an opportunity than a sailing ship, especially one on a treasure hunt following guidance from a magical map?

Ms. Peters' novel is a wonderful iteration of King Thrushbeard, but it is also refreshingly unique, fun, captivating, and well-written. I love Seren, but (from the previous novels) I absolutely wasn't expecting to! She, Seren herself, made me admire and connect with her on a much deeper emotional level than I was expecting to. She represents those of us who have often been forced to play a role to fit in with our surroundings, and unpacking her many dynamic and heart-wrenching layers was a deeply personal experience for me as a reader. She's relatable, and flawed, and steadfast, and brave. I adore all of Ms. Peters' princesses, but Seren is my absolute favorite.

And Ronan? Dreamboat. Amazing. Debonair and dashing. Purely wonderful and absolutely fun. ...nuff said!

I absolutely recommend this novel for so many reasons! If you love great characters, a fantastic and unique retelling of one of the most underrated fairytales, the ocean, magical maps, and/or captivating adventures, this book is for you!
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284 reviews7 followers
November 30, 2020
I swear every book Camille Peters writes is better than the last, and Then love them all!
If you read Book 1, ‘Pathways’, you would have met Prince Aiden (The Dark Prince) and Eileen. Voyager is the story of “The dragon princess”, Princess Seren, the sister of Prince Aiden.

Voyager is a fairytale retelling of King Thrushbeard. To summarize. The King wants his daughter to marry, so he sets before her Princes and Kings, all of which she finds petty faults with, this includes King Thrushbeard. Frustrated with his daughters pride, her father decides the next beggar to come to their door will be given her hand in marriage.
And so the Princess finds herself moving to a tiny home with her new husband. Along the way noticing beautiful plots of land, all of which belong to King Thrushbeard. Making the Princess regret her refusal of him. And even more so when her husband puts her to work, selling wares in the market and doing work far beneath a Princess. She is humbled by her new lot in life. Then she finds herself working in the castles kitchens, preparing for King Thrushbeards wedding. Where she fully regrets ever rejecting such a handsome and good King. As she is working, King Thrushbeard comes to collect her, revealing that he and the beggar are the same, and that his motives were purely to humble her. She is overjoyed, and off they go to celebrate their marriage.

Needless to say, Camille Peters took this fairytale and made a masterpiece. Everything was a surprise, despite knowing the story of King Thrushbeard. It’s a story of growth, of a proud Princess learning to love and be loved, and finding peace in her heart. It was a truly fun and heartwarming story.
Thankyou so much for the beautiful story Camille Peters!
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60 reviews1 follower
October 28, 2020
-I received a complimentary copy. All opinions, thoughts, etc. are entirely my own.-

I was really looking forward to reading Voyage when I found out it would be centered around Seren, a character that had stood out to me during previous books in the series. Having read the story that it was based on, I was excited to see how the author would use that material to tell Seren's story. And on the whole, I greatly enjoyed this book. There's an enchanted map (which I always support the use of) and it takes place at sea which allows for character growth (mainly for Seren) within a fixed location.

However, while I liked Seren and loved her growth throughout the book, she had an attitude towards commoners during the first third or so of the book that I felt was forced and over the top. The 'mask' that she wears and her inner thoughts (when not directed at commoners) did much for her character. In fact, I would say that she came off as a weaker character when making criticisms towards the status of commoners or commoner tasks. For someone who has spent her entire life with the sole purpose of learning how to be a good and effective ruler, Seren displayed an ignorant and immature side of her that I thought was unnecessary. Yes, it helped the plot move forward, but that could have been smoothed out and have been more effectively demonstrated in another way.

Thankfully once Seren had grown enough in the book to remove those particular flaws, I really enjoyed reading the rest of her journey. By the end of the book, I think she was my favorite lead character from this series and had the best character arc.
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November 4, 2020
If your looking for the next great fairytale romance with a dash of nautical adventure this book is for you! This book is loosely based off the little known fairy tale King Threshbeard. Intrigued I had to look it up. Once again I love how Camille takes the heart of the fairy tale to create her own wonderful and unforgettable romance.
Princes Seren is endearingly grumpy. I adored her almost from page one. She is just so relatable. I can totally understand where she is coming from and why she is afraid to allow someone into her heart. Then there is the kind hearted Prince Ronan battling his own personal insecurities that he tries to cover with a façade of lightheartedness. Reading their banter turned romance was a delight. Not to mention the magical and sometimes wily map leading them on quite the unanticipated adventure.
As usual Camille is a master at writing charming well thought out characters battling and overcoming real to life insecurities and self doubt. I myself felt personal connection with Seren and some of her struggles and came away feeling empowered and hopeful.
Filled with romance, lovable characters, and an intriguing journey full of unexpected twists and turns not to mention a magical island... I simply adored this whole book and wait in anticipation for her next novel!
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October 6, 2020
Excellent Addition

This book was exactly what I needed right now. I love how we finally get to see Seren’s perspective. After seeing her in previous books, I was excited to see how Camille was going to portray Seren, formerly known as the Dragon Princess. The King Thrushbeard element was clearly visible, but it was far better than I expected (and my expectations were already high to begin with) since Camille made it her own! The pacing was good. I enjoyed watching as Seren’s many layers are slowly removed until what’s revealed is a character well-worth knowing.
Camille also did a great job writing Captain Ronan. He isn’t a saint, but he’s precisely what Seren needs. His character is well-balanced with hers.
And I love the subtle (and not so subtle) reminders of the fairy tale nature of this world. I mean, a map that has a mind of its own is really cool and made me smile a lot. And the idea of a vanishing island complete with legends really makes me want to continue learning more about this world.
As could be expected from fairy tales (that aren’t Grimm), the ending was also pretty near perfect. Beautiful book all around. I highly recommend it.

*I received an ARC in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own.
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October 4, 2020
OH MY GOSH! This was such a great book, I fell in LOVE! I was given the ARC and it was great! Ronan, he is such a dream boat, he is my type of guy in general. Dear Seren, all she needed was to be shown love. I can't wait to read Camille's next book. This plot line was delightfully unexpected.

Princess Seren is all about duty and a "this is how it is" mindset. She knows that she has to board a ship and marry someone she does not know. Hoping the marriage will be bearable, she powers through. The ship she is taking to get to Bytamia is Captained by a handsome man who seems more friendly than anyone else she has ever met. His kindness eventually softened her cold hurt heart. On this voyage there is treasure, love, self discovery, and a once in a lifetime voyage that she will never forget. This is more than a love story, it is a journey where it's passengers find what they have been missing. Acceptance, love, peace, happiness.

Camille Peters is one of my favorite authors and I am so glad to be on her ARC Team.
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October 25, 2020
This book turned out to be a delightful surprise, easily becoming one of my favorites in the series. I was unfamiliar with the story it was based on, and that (I think) helped: I had no preconceived ideas about how it would turn out. That made everything seem new to me, and made the adventure feel more fun.

Seren's growth and transformation was unexpected. I imagined her story to be more like Cinderella's evil step-sister, but was happy to see the porcupine change and begin to soften her quills. Learning her back-story helped me to see her in a new light, and Ronan's ability to feed the virtue in an otherwise un-lovable character was something I drew a lot of inspiration from. That is a great message and a quality I think we all could use: a reminder to give love even to the ones who "don't deserve it". Every little bit can make a difference in their lives, and good will certainly come of it!
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September 29, 2020
I loved this book. I was really looking forward to reading it and it didn't disappoint me. I was interested in seeing another side of Seren. I enjoyed learning why she acted the way she did and seeing her grow. In some ways, I saw myself in her which helped me connect to her as a character even more. Ronan was wonderful, though he had his flaws too.

Since the fairytale this story is based on isn't one I am super familiar with, I wasn't seeing connections to it as I read like I have with the other books in this series. After I finished reading this book, I looked up the fairytale and could see the connections. I look forward to reading more books in this series.

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September 29, 2020
Wow. This story ticks all the boxes for me. I was really eager to get to know Seren, as the idea of the antagonistic sister of Aiden getting her own love story was fascinating. I wondered how it could be managed. Well, let's say a very adventurous voyage and a charming sea captain worked an amazing bit of magic on the dour princess. ;)

I actually warmed to her from the first chapter, as getting to see inside that head of hers gave a lot of insights on the reason she was so prickly. I was rooting for her from the start! It was all done in a very believable way, and the journey was very endearing, the love story beautiful and poignant, the characters three-dimensional and REAL. So many feels in this book. The descriptions are beautiful - I felt I was there. And I want to go back! ;)
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