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Humans have always suspected vampires exist. Now they know for sure.

As long as I can remember, I’ve longed for a different life—one filled with adventure, excitement, and romance.
This wasn't exactly what I had in mind…

One minute I was riding in a horse-drawn buggy on my way home to my quiet Amish village— the next was torn by the screech of car tires, and twisted metal, and the white hot lance of pain. There was no doubt in my mind my life was over.

So when I woke up to the face of a beautiful stranger who promised me the suffering would end soon, I thought I’d seen an angel.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.


First published October 30, 2020

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About the author

Amy Patrick

31 books532 followers
I've written 33 books (and counting!) Most of them are young adult fantasy, sci-fi, and paranormal romance. I'm honored to be an Amazon bestseller and a multi-award winning author. I'm a two-time RWA Golden Heart finalist and the author of the popular Hidden Saga, Crimson Accord series, and the new Designed series (book 2 just released!) I live in Rhode Island where I write in my car at the beach year round and sometimes crave the heat and humidity of Mississippi, where I grew up. I love hearing from my readers! Reach out and say hi anytime.

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Profile Image for Lorrie (Clockworkbookworm).
1,133 reviews1 follower
March 6, 2021
A very different origin story for not only our female protagonist, Abigail (Abi) Byler, but also for the vampires themselves. The story begins with Amish 17 yr old Abigail and 3 friends attending a bonfire during their RumspringaI. This is Abigail's very first party and it has devastating consequences. I really like Abi and Reece. There are a few promising side characters also. The "Queen" is a piece of work for sure and I am not trusting anyone in power at this point. This ends on a cliffhanger, definitely no HEA or even a HFN, but Abi and her new friends are choosing their own path.

I will read book 2, but will wait until book 3 is out. Possibly until 4. Lol I have "Need To Know Now Syndrome (NTKNS).
Profile Image for Maggie Deaton.
399 reviews2 followers
October 18, 2020
I was given the privilege and DELIGHT of reading Crimson Born just this afternoon and as I was immersed in one of my favorite author's books, I had planned to read only a chapter of two... But here I sit at just shy of midnight, having finished this exciting and fast paced read and adding new name to "my now must read authors!!" This book started a bit slow laying the backstory of the Amish teenagers allowed out to a few moments of freedom with the " English " as the Amish call the non-Amish...The evening culminates with an accident resulting in multiple injuries and tragedies... and from there the book takes off and NEVER slows down . Vampires as we know them and yet not as we know them... You will see all viewpoints of "vampirism" both from the vampires themselves and the humans...and they will shock you and sadden you... Buy this book as it is a spellbinding read and the beginning of a captivating series... You will NOT regret it!!!
October 18, 2020
This book was absolutely mind blowing. The story of Abigail, Reece and many others is fantastic and I cannot wait for more. Brilliant.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
Profile Image for Mary Glass.
9 reviews
October 31, 2020
As soon as you sink your teeth into the first few pages, you won't be able to stop until you have devoured the entire book. If you like danger, adventure, romance, and suspense....you will love this book. I already love the Crimson world and it's characters. I'm still left wanting to know so much more and cannot wait for the rest of the series. You are quickly whisked into this new world where not everything is as it seems. Witty, captivating, suspenseful, and plenty of swoon worthy moments bring so much life to the story that just keep drawing you in. I hope you LOVE Crimson born and the Crimson world as much as I do!
Profile Image for Denise Fraser.
2 reviews
October 26, 2020
A new life, a new love, and a whole new set of problems. We think love is hard as humans, but apparently it's tricky for new Vampires too, especially when you're royalty! Abigail and Reece are destined to be together, but why does it have to be so difficult?
I really enjoyed this book, and looked forward to every few minutes I had to sit down with it. I'm looking forward to the rest of the series to see where their new lives take them.
Profile Image for Moony (Captain Mischief) MeowPoff.
1,566 reviews133 followers
December 28, 2021
It was sort of interesting and Abigail was an okay character.
But it did not capture me like i had hoped and i was bothered a little how the turn happend and Abligail`s parents reactions did nto sit right with me.
513 reviews3 followers
October 20, 2020
Abigail is an Amish teen trying to find her place in life. Struggling with the idea of staying home with the only life she's ever known or to follow her heart and explore the world. Then she meets Reece and her life is changed forever. 

The chemistry between Abigail and Reece is so strong from the very beginning. They compliment each other well even if one does break your heart.

Crimson Born is a refreshing take on the vampire genre. I find the author's unique orgin of vampires fascinating and the scenery breathtaking.

I am anxiously waiting for book 2.
Profile Image for CARLA Sosa.
149 reviews4 followers
October 19, 2020
so I was fortunate enough to receive an eARC of crimson born. I love the book !!!!
In just a few chapters this book has you at the edge of your seat!!!!!
One of my favorite things about this book is "just because someone is nice to you it doesn't always mean that person is good" and Abigail will soon realize that!!!
I'm so excited for book 2 which comes out on dec. 26 2020
4 reviews
October 19, 2020
I was hooked before the end of the first page! I Didn't want to put it down. I can't wait until the next one vomes out..
Profile Image for Yara.
1,057 reviews5 followers
October 26, 2020
Everyone watch out, vampires are back!

Crimson Born is a very enjoyable read if you like YA Paranormal/ Urban Fantasy. The MC, Abbi, is an Amish teen who has the experience of a lifetime when in one night, she not only meets gorgeous Reece who may be part of her destiny, but is also turned into a vampire (when she didn't even know they existed before this). She has a lot to take in in a short amount of time, but Abbi is up for the task, she's very smart and levelheaded. There's a lot of action, intrigue, and really good world-building in this book. The author has come up with her own original take on the vampire origin and mixes it quite well with current times.

I'm looking forward to learning more about this world, the politics affecting current events, and seeing more of Abbi, her friends, and wait for it... Reece :)
171 reviews9 followers
October 23, 2020
I enjoyed this book and appreciate the opportunity I had to read it as an advanced reader. Not sure why, but I have always enjoyed books and movies about vampires. The synopsis gives a glimpse into the storyline - a young woman who is thrust into the world of vampires through no fault of her own. While attempting to remain true to herself and not becoming a vampire who will kill others for their blood, "Abigail" is thrust into the realization that she is to someday become the "Queen" of the vampires. There is just the right amount of love, suspense, anger, and violence to ensure that the reader keeps wanting to find out what happens.
Profile Image for Anima.
2,476 reviews35 followers
October 26, 2020
A new young adult vampire series! Imagine you’re an Amish girl dreaming of big things when your life suddenly changes. Under the regime of her maker Abigail has to decide where her future lies. She’s pulled towards loyalty to the Queen and loyalty to herself. I really enjoyed the alternate take on vampire history and creation, different from what I’ve read previously. Abigail has a lot of spunk and self confidence that she may have never shown in her past life, I’m looking forward to reading about her success. I received an early copy from the author and wrote my review voluntarily.
Profile Image for Emma Que.
79 reviews2 followers
August 1, 2022
Overcomplicated and underdone

It was an interesting concept but there were too many desperate elements without sufficient writing to support the plot. The dialogue was awkward and stilted and I just never got into the story.
Profile Image for Sam Everard.
228 reviews12 followers
October 25, 2020
When Amy Patrick announced that she was releasing a new YA series featuring vampires, preordering didn't take a second thought. Despite that, I managed to snag a pre-release copy from the author herself so I could dive in early.

If you enjoyed her Hidden series, you will immediately be caught by the same tone you've already come to love from the author. A young woman - in this case, Abigail - isn't quite sure if she wants to remain in her Amish village or instead branch out into the world she's only barely caught a glimpse of, when she's swept up without a choice into a world of vampires, politics and a destiny she's not overly eager to embrace.

Abbi makes for a very compelling main character, in that her struggles begin so relatable and so very common that it's hard not to feel for her. Reese, who is so very reminiscent of Lad from the Hidden series, makes for a very frustrating counterpart in his desire to protect the woman he cares about from a fate she wouldn't choose for herself. I've tried to steel myself against the obvious villain in the story, as Patrick has a masterful way of allowing her characters to grow and change and oftentimes, reclaim a true sense of "right".

I'm eager to see how the Crimson Accord unfolds, and what else we learn about this world where vampires struggle to keep their hard-won place in society. Book two drops in December, so thankfully we won't have too long to wait.
Profile Image for Caroline Hannam.
80 reviews
October 31, 2020
This is the first book I have read by Amy Patrick and right from the start I was intrigued, I had not read a synopsis of the book so didn’t expect the story to start with Amish and while, as expected, the principle characters Abigail and Reece were turned in chapter one, how it happened was interesting and also unexpected.
I enjoyed following the struggles and different ways the characters dealt with their new lives, finding their place in the vampire community while also going through coming of age angst and the emotions and insecurities first love stirs up.
The vampire characters were also well rounded and brought vividly to life (pardon the pun).

In Abigail’s world/earth vampires and humans have been living peacefully together under a treaty called the Crimson Accord, but there is increasing unrest between humans and vampires and within the vampire population two factions have formed, one preparing for war the other trying to hold onto peace and Abigail finds herself in the middle of the conflict.

Some books take me a while to get into and to identify with one or more characters, but Crimson Born had me hooked from the start and I can’t wait to read the next book.

I had the pleasure of receiving this book as an advance reader copy from the author and am leaving this review voluntarily.
October 22, 2020
I have been a fan of Amy Patrick since I read the first of the Hidden series. After finishing it I waited, rather impatiently, for every new book in the series and was delighted by each. Because of this, I had very high expectaions for this new series to release. I was not disappointed!
From the beginning, I was drawn into the heroine's world. At first, she is written as such a sweet, almost helpless, character. I wondered, at every turn, how she would survive as she was simultaneously thrust unwillingly from her safe Amish existence and blindly into the English and vampire worlds. Oh, and did I forget to mention, she is also falling in love for the first time?
If you are a fan of The Hidden series or even if this is the first time you ever heard of Amy Patrick, I recommend you read this book. By the end, you will be right there with me waiting, rather impatiently, for the next book in the series to be released.
Profile Image for Heidi Slem.
7 reviews5 followers
October 31, 2020
Crimson Born was amazing! I love the totally new twist Amy takes with creating a new vampire world! I fell in love with Reese & Abigail and cannot wait for book 2! Major book hangover going on right now. But well worth it!
Profile Image for Mauw.
22 reviews
June 30, 2023
Dit geef ik 1.5 ster, meer is t (naar mijn mening) niet waard💀 This book was so superficial, and the plot was almost nonexistent. "What do you expect when it is 236 pages long?" You may ask. Daar heb je zeker een punt, maar ik verwachtte wel iets meer dan dit wattpad boek dat ik las toen ik 13 was, maar goed :D
5 reviews1 follower
October 20, 2020
Wow! I enjoyed all of Amy’s amazing Hidden series and Crimson Born is a whole new action-packed adventure! Super interesting new vampire world she’s created! I stayed up way too late reading and now can’t wait for the next books in the series because I NEED TO KNOW what happens to Abigail and Reece! Read this-you won’t regret it!
10.5k reviews124 followers
October 21, 2020
Wondering if vampires exist is one thing, actually knowing is completely different. Delightful story, one of my favourite.
3 reviews
October 20, 2020
This is an awesome story that is actually a new perspective than just the same ol' vampire stories. I thoroughly enjoyed it and cannot wait for the next book!!! A must read! Watch for twists.
October 18, 2020
I loved her previous Hidden series and it looks like she has the start to another great series here with Crimson Born. It's an interesting take on vampire stories and is a very quick read. I was able to finish it in a few hours. I can't wait for the next book to come out.
Profile Image for Becky.
51 reviews
October 19, 2020
Wow just wow!!! This is a book from my normal reading I do, but it was a page turner!!!!!!! Amy never let's me down!!!! Love her books. Thank you for another page turner!!!!!!!
Profile Image for Gabriela Mendez.
205 reviews
July 9, 2023
Just another vampire tale

Someone told me to read this book if I liked Twilight. I did like it, what can I say? I’m easy to please. Teenage angst and creepy old vampires falling in love with 17yo is my jam, I guess.
I think this one is one of my least favorite vampire books, and by least favorite I mean one of the few I didn’t like.
The story is the same old, girl gets turned, families are food, guilt trip, ancient powerful vampires. Nothing new, nothing impressive, and a lackluster plot.
Maybe the author though that making the FMC Amish would be catching. It was not.
I’m not very familiarized with the Amish way of life, but this girl was ready to throw everything away for a boy. They threw I love yous like it was nothing.
The villain was the predictive mold of ‘bad’ and vampire politics was a bore.

What I liked: The idea of vampires not being a myth or living in secret, but living alongside humans. The humans has to donate blood monthly to support the vampire population. No human was bitten without their consent.

Spoiler Alert
Abigail gets turned by the evil vampire queen bee, who wants her to be the next queen. When Abigail refuses, the evil queen makes the boy into her bound servant to make her stay. All very melodramatic and did not make me care.
Profile Image for Jess.
80 reviews
June 25, 2021
The positives? It was a quick read. The female protagonist is an Amish girl (which is different).

Other than that, this book is so flat .

TLDR: Too much telling, not enough showing..

Nothing happened on a realistic timeline. The dialogue was so flat and unemotional. The "villain" is poorly portrayed as a sex vixen, so old that she doesn't know how to feel real emotion. Plot-altering decisions happened so fast. At no point do our characters wrestle with anything.

For example, while in the underground vampire "stronghold" (as I'll call it for the purposes of this review), Reece, the male MC, is adamant about leaving and getting out. Abigail, the female MC, tries to convince him that it's great there and he should stay with her. Then she goes and had a single conversation with the villain character and I quote "It was what he wanted, and now, it was what I wanted to." There's no slow realization, no rationalizing, no working through a decision. Just a very sudden "lol okay maybe I don't want to be here after all" la di da.

I get the female MC is supposed to be from an Amish background and is innocent. But the fact that I never, at any point, got to hear her actually puzzle through or work through her feelings and decisions made it so hard to connect to the character(s).
1,199 reviews18 followers
April 11, 2021

I struggled to see anything more than generic in the characters and plot... and then they described the origin of vampires as the result of an Asian elephant being stung by tens of thousands of Africanised killer bees, and its parts being distributed in Chinese medicine... causing the people who consumed it to die, before rising as vampires - because their livers no longer worked and they could only process blood, not food. 🤨

Oh, and most are ‘worker vamps’ devoted to protecting their ‘queens’ and you’d need a dozen or more worker vamp bites to turn... or one bite from an all powerful queen. 🙄
Profile Image for Christy Sloat.
Author 26 books643 followers
October 29, 2020
I sped through Amy Patrick's book in three nights. That's pretty fast for me. Ever since Twilight I have been searching for something new involving vampires that wasn't already done before, or was just like Twilight. I was more than pleased to read this book.
This is one of a kind. A vampire tale that I can tell you is unlike anything you've read before. The storyline packs a punch and there are twists and turns I didn't see coming. What a refreshing idea that Amy has brought forth.
Never before have I read about an Amish girl turned vampire. Fabulous idea. The link between Reece and Abigail is romantic and I found myself hoping the two end up together from the start. I loved the idea of the vampires in caves to avoid the sun.
I was drawn in from the beginning and flipping pages as fast as I could to find out what happens to Abigail with her new found afterlife.
I cannot wait for the second book.
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