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For as psychic as she is, shit goes sideways far too often around Diana Hawthorne.
Diana now has everything she ever wanted--her memories, and the soul mate she didn't realize she was missing. There’s just one problem... the old gods expect her to make amends for her absence. And her work starts now.

But time lost at the oracle isn’t the only thing she has to atone for. Her friend Demetri was stripped of his powers--and it was all her fault. If she could just set things right, she’d feel a whole lot better about moving forward. Unfortunately, Demetri wants nothing to do with her and knows exactly how to keep her out of his head.

To make matters worse, in the age of social media, Diana’s abilities have gone viral. People from all over the world are clambering to get on her books. One case, in particular, hits her radar and despite herself, she can’t shake it. A 14-year-old boy is wrapped up with a deadly governmental agency and he’s scared to death. And he should be--they want to weaponize his power.

Torn between what was and what is, Diana struggles to fully embrace who she’s becoming. Will she be able to help Demitri and make things right? Or will her new role mean leaving the past behind?

Calling fans of Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, and Shayne Silvers! If you like snarky-fun humor, gripping supernatural scenes, and twists that leave you spellbound — then you will LOVE Carissa Andrews' world built especially for Diana Hawthorne.

Kindle Edition

Published February 26, 2021

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About the author

Carissa Andrews

39 books695 followers
"An author emerges from the depths of Minnesotan waters. Sci-fi/Fantasy is my pen of choice."

Carissa Andrews is an internationally bestselling author from central Minnesota who writes a combination of science fiction, fantasy, paranormal romance, supernatural thriller, and dystopia.

She keeps sane by chilling with her husband and five kids, playing with art in its various forms, seeking out mysteries, and being an occasional meditation and reiki badass.

You can learn more about Carissa and her upcoming books by visiting her website: www.carissaandrews.com

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10.5k reviews124 followers
June 26, 2021
What an interesting story. Diana is definitely back and her work is waiting for her. When someone needs help, you can count on her. Can’t wait for the next one.
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Author 9 books204 followers
October 4, 2021
4.5 Stars. She’s baaaack! Diana Hawthorne from ORACLE returns with a whole new host of problems. If you haven’t read ORACLE yet, be aware there are mild spoilers head for book 1. Our favorite psychic/goddess is back, along with the rest of the cast, with a new mission — fix the problem she created for Demitri, and oh yeah, make amends for her past. Now that Diana finally knows who she is (the big question in book 1), with Blake by her side again, just as annoying and steamy as before, she has her work cut out for her. While Diana attempted to live in the past before, she’s now thrust into the twenty-first century with a vengeance she cannot ignore, which only complicates what she needs to do.

AMENDS picks up right after where the first one ends. This time, Diana will be forced to choose between her two worlds or find a better way to straddle them, all while still carrying a heavy dose of guilt over Demetri’s loss of powers she fully blames herself for.

As with book 1, AMENDS has an intense plot with solid subplots, including ones that span at least two books and definitely a third. Andrews does a stellar job with plotting, weaving the pieces together brilliantly. She ups the stakes this time, which was hard to do, considering we were dealing with a child sex-trafficking ring in book 1, but she manages to pull it off, generating another unputdownable page-turner.

Once again, the characters are complex and fun. Bringing in new characters, like the curmudgeonly Kyros, who is the oil to Ren’s water, along with favorites from Greek mythology, including Apollo. The “will they or won’t they” between Diana and Blake is only further intensified, making this even more delicious. Especially since they now both have the added insights of who they each other truly is.

What I Enjoyed About AMENDS
1. Greek Mythology. I absolutely love this part of the book. The author incorporates the mythology with expertise, that only adds to the story.

2. Diana. She really grew on me over the course of ORACLE, so by the time I started AMENDS, I already loved her. She’s more her than ever, now that she has her memories back.

3. Blake. The man with the perfect ass is less of a mystery, making him much more fascinating.

4. Kyros/Ren. The battle of the assistants is worth the price of admission alone!

5. Psychic Powers. I’ve always been fascinated by this particular trope, and the author does a great job of brining the supernatural to the modern world without making things too easy for Diana and crew.

Bottom Line
Better than the first, AMENDS is a wild page turner with a fantastic cast.

I was provided with a copy of the book by the author in exchange for an honest review.
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3,597 reviews103 followers
July 17, 2023
AMENDS is the second book in the Diana Hawthorne Supernatural Mystery series and we continue where book one left off, so I recommend you read that one first.

Diana doesn't want to be the Oracle of Delphi any longer. After all, she has her own life now. Apollo tries to make her see things his way but she resists him all the way. The interaction between these two was hilarious and I loved every word.

Along with Blake and Ren, we are introduced to Kyros. Think crazy grand-dad who only wants what's best for Diana. Diana and crew help a young boy who manages to bring them all together, including Demetri who is still being off with Diana because of the whole Violet Flame debacle.

It didn't take me long to read this book as I was hooked from the outset. I can't wait to see more of Apollo and Diana. And Ren, well, let me just say I love reading about him, but I think he would drive me crazy if I knew him in real life!

The big bad has now been named and I can't wait to see the impact on future stories. Plus, knowing how Diana and co will sort things out. I may be wrong but it looks like there might be a crossover from Diana Hawthorne to the Windhaven Witches in book three, which is something to look forward to.

For a witty, fast-paced supernatural mystery, I can definitely recommend Amends and I can't wait for Immortals.

** same worded review will appear elsewhere **

* A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book, and the comments here are my honest opinion. *

Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!
Jul 29, 2021
8 reviews
August 29, 2021
I couldn't put the book down but I didn't want it to end. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I had to reread Oracle as I had forgotten it. I can't wait for December tp be able to read Immortals. What a fantastic book
Profile Image for Etta (Chonky Books Review).
968 reviews12 followers
July 30, 2021
Amends is the second novel in the Diana Hawthorne Supernatural Mystery series. The story in this novel picks up two days after the events of the first novel, Oracle. Therefore, I would recommend reading them in order, as events in this novel/review will spoil those from the first novel. After traveling through Helena in the United States, briefly to Italy, and then to Greece, this story starts right where the last novel left off at the Temple of Apollo in Greece.

Diana Hawthorne has finally regained her memories as the Oracle of Delphi. She is associated with Apollo, god of prophecy and foresight, divine healer and deity of truth and light, but she is reluctant to pick up where she left off on the immortal front. Apollo sends Diana’s old guardian, Kyros, to assist her, while Blake, who discovers that he is really a reincarnated person for Diana’s husband Anastasios and Diana’s former name was Amarantham. Diana is torn between the promise she made to Apollo to retake her post and her wish to live the quieter life she once led and spend some time with Blake. She returns home to Helena to find that running away from Apollo might not be an option as things have gone topsy-turvy with her business, as everyone wants her psychic services. Her poor assistant, Renaldo, is at his wits end, as he just wants order to the chaos that has been created.

There is a new mystery to solve when there are supernaturals after a 14-year-old, Jonas Fletcher, who has abilities of his own. There is also new drama involving her ex-boyfriend and fellow psychic, who lost his abilities, Demetri Lykaios. Blake and Diana also want to spend alone time trying to get to know each other again, but there are constant interruptions. Together, there is a lot happening around Diana and she needs to sort out how to put it all back in order to have peace. The story follows Diana with all these new obstacles and chaos. There are a lot of twists and turns as Diana tries to make heads or tails of the right course of action, which kept me very interested as a reader as the series continued to be a great page-turner.

Overall, this series continues to entertain and keep me interested. There are bits and pieces from the secrets previously presented in the first two novels given in this novel. On the other hand, there are still many mysteries that are left to be solved. I like that this series keeps the reader on their toes as it not predictable in how everything will eventually come together. The romance is a slow burn as the characters have great chemistry, but are working towards taking the next step with constant interruptions. The entire cast of characters are enjoyable and all bring something different to the table. I love how different their personalities are and how they all blends together to make a fun group. Similar to the first, this novel sets up the third novel and I cannot wait to see what happens next! [4.5 rounded to 5]

**I give a special thank you to Xpresso Book Tours and the author, Carissa Andrews, for the opportunity to participate with this entertaining sequel novel. The opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.**
July 26, 2021
I received a free copy of this book from the author.

Amends picks up where Oracle left off, so if you've not read Oracle don't read any further! 

Once they figured out who they really were Diana and Blake had a lot of planning to do and changes to make.  Also - telling their nearest and dearest was going to be a bit tricky, however necessary.  Diana's human assistant is a bit over the top and a little crazy. Needless to say he was the funniest one to "watch" his response to the news. 

There is a lot going on in this story.  You'll need to pay close attention to the characters and what's happening.  Everything can change on a dime ... Diana and her friends really have their work cut out for them.

One of the coolest things about this series is the connection to the Greek gods.  There's many books about them but few and far between that are set up like this series.  The interaction between Apollo and Diana remind me of more of an older brother/little sister relationship.  It's special but they also get on each others nerves.  HA!

Of course Diana and Blake are still figuring out who they are together in the present. I do hope they're able to get their HEA one of these lifetimes.  There is a third book coming and I'm looking forward to seeing what Diana has to come up against next.  Should be a good challenge...as the Oracle always needs a good run for her money. 
Profile Image for TXBRITGAL.
1,295 reviews25 followers
July 18, 2021
Amazing read!!!✨

A modern day Pythia/Oracle fights her duty and tries to live in the modern world. You know what they say about best intentions and all that 😉? There's oodles of intrigue, an ancient Greek god, A fierce and snarky Oracle, mystical events, adventure and so much more. A lovely complex world building and rich, layered characters will draw you in from the get go. I can't wait to see what happens next!
Profile Image for Shawnae Aiu.
163 reviews1 follower
July 22, 2021
Diana Hawthorne is an amazing, interesting character. Her talents lead her on an adventures that are exciting to read. You are rooting for her and wanting things to work out for her, she’s very endearing. Blake, you get the best underlying sexual tension with him. He’s just so perfectly written and that a$$-whoa!! The supporting characters are so much fun, I laughed at their antics many times. The “bad” guys are creatively composed and their intentions are not written in depth so I’m super excited to read the next install in Diana’s story. I received this book for free in exchange for my honest review.
Profile Image for Marie Fraser.
441 reviews1 follower
July 24, 2021
This book continues seamlessly from book one and is an excellent read. The book was well written and the characters and story are well developed. I loved seeing the individual character dynamics change and evolve through the book. The story is action packed and full of twists and turns. It has suspense, intrigue, emotion, hot chemistry and romance. I’d highly recommend this book and can’t wait for the next book!!

I received and arc for a voluntary review.
Profile Image for Chrys Minter.
545 reviews4 followers
April 22, 2022
Great story

I'm so enjoying this story. I can't seem to put it down. I'm so intrigued by the characters that I want to read more and hope the story continues on.
104 reviews
July 26, 2021
I've waited too long to read this. This was amazing. I enjoyed this view of Diana since I have read other books with Diana in them. This sets up the Windhaven Series.

I will admit, I had to re-read Oracle to get myself ready for Diana. She's feisty as ever, but goofy too. I am excited for the next book.
Profile Image for Kay.
1,662 reviews17 followers
June 22, 2021
Diana Hawthorne is back, and everyone wants a piece of her. They're physically queuing up around the block to see her. What's going on?

Diana's faithful assistant meets Diana's faithful assistant. Yes, really. Much hand flapping ensues from one, and proper polite speech from the other. Both their noses are well out of joint. Diana needs help from everyone to deal with the case of a fourteen-year-old boy who is being threatened. She thinks it is to do with his unusual powers. She's right, of course, as usual.

Diana and Blake are no closer to 'getting it on' than they were previously and, as a result of this case, there is no chance of any loving happening. I SO want the world to move FOR REAL when Diana and Blake eventually make love...

This is a fabulously good story, and, with so much action, you'll be needing a rest from zooming through the pages. The twists and turns are wonderfully well done and I love the new (in fact, old) characters. This series just gets better and better, and Diana gets more and more gallus, but she's always thinking of everyone else rather than herself. The supernatural scenes are excellent and send goosebumps to your skin and make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck. This is easy to read and so enjoyable. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the books in this series.

I chose an ARC copy of this book via StoryOrigin which I voluntarily read and honestly reviewed. All opinions are my own.
72 reviews1 follower
August 17, 2021
Oh, that was worth the wait, 10×!

I chose 5 stars because this book was one I couldn't put down. I could count on one hand how many authors affect my reading that way. I would've liked the 'grandpa' to have had more lines/activity but Lordy, I do believe I'll have to wait for the next installment. This is another outstanding tome in a long line of books this authoress has produced and it does not disappoint. Action, adventure, tension and humor are well placed and utilized. Well enough that I could see this as a TV show, mini series or movie. Well done, Ms. Andrews!
Profile Image for Anya Smits.
40 reviews1 follower
June 28, 2021
Diana Hawthorne, the oracle of ancient Delphi in Greece is back. And so is her ancient helping hand. She wants to have some time with her all time love Blake, Apollo has other plans. After flying home, people are lining up in front of her store.. Thanks Apollo! But the message is received and Diana is on track again. She meets a young boy with extraordinary powers and her protection is very much needed.

So far the story. Anything more would be giving a way spoilers and you really have to read this book for yourselves. It's fun, fast, well written, smart.. all in all just a very good read!

I received an ARC from the writer and offer my opinion freely.

Profile Image for Sylvia Diblasi.
28 reviews4 followers
July 27, 2021
Amends picks up right where we left off in Oracle and it didn't disappoint! Again, a cute, easy, supernatural read. Same great characters from last time with some new ones thrown in. A little more about Diana and Blake. I can't wait to see what other missions they go and see how things keep progressing. Now they have their team and I can't wait to see what they do!!! GREAT WORK!!
529 reviews
November 25, 2021
Again, lots of surprises

This is a fun series with a really eclectic group of interesting characters who do totally unexpected things all the time. Quirky humor flits through the book at completely random times and make this a fun read.

Profile Image for Shivani McFarland.
264 reviews1 follower
July 10, 2021
Diana, also know as the goddess of Delphi, and the god Apollo finally have a meeting of the minds and Demetri is back on the scene grudgingly, having lost his powers in book one 'Oracle'. Everyone learns the truth about who's who and Diana gets a new assistant Kyros, newly back from the dead and he's also immortal. He's a quirky old fart that adds much fun and entertainment to Carissa Andrews new book 'Amends', in the Diana Hawthorne Supernatural Mystery #2. Carissa weaves another interesting angle into the story with the young lad Jonas who desperately needs her help and Apollo just so happened to set Diana up with Jonas to get her back on board with her true mission. For those of you that read book one you knew things couldn't stop with just one book, there was so much more to learn so here it is. I'm so happy Diana is finally getting her story told, you will definitely enjoy this new sequel.
195 reviews
August 8, 2021
I can't get enough of Diana Hawthorn

This book is fantastic, with great story and great characters. When I reached the end I was disappointed because I wanted to stay with the characters for a great deal longer. I can't wait for the next instalment.
274 reviews2 followers
January 16, 2023
Book one and two are the best Supernatural Mysteries I’ve ever read. They both read fairly close to the murder mystery format, but these are so much better and more interesting because they have the supernatural elements. And even though they include the supernatural, they’re still mostly believable, because of how well the supernatural is incorporated. The characters are so different from each other that they’re really interesting. And I love how some of the characters are slightly snarky, but they have big hearts. I just downloaded book 3 and can’t wait to read it.
Profile Image for Jessica Robbins.
2,593 reviews39 followers
January 28, 2022
*I received a free copy of this book which I voluntarily chose to write an review for.

What an interesting adventure this book is! We met Diana in book one and by this point she has her powers, memories, and her soul mate back making life a little easier for her. The problem is that the Gods think she should be making amends for all the time she was away whether it was her fault or not. This leads to quite the adventure as surprise twists start popping. Makes for a great fantasy read that will have you laughing while also waiting anxiously for the next unexpected event. I really liked it so I give it 4/5 stars.
September 3, 2023
Good continuation of the series. It did kinda feel like it was part of the first book in a way, because it seems like it happens so soon after the first book. Not many new characters. Built on the already established characters. One complaint is frequent use of certain descriptive phrases like "lopsided smile" and I really wanted Blake and Diana to get some alone time. I understand she's a highly sought after Oracle who has a lot to deal with but c'mon! Give them some time to breathe. Overall, a fun, fast-paced, second installment to the series. It was my early morning treadmill book and it was perfect for that.
Profile Image for Aletia.
384 reviews4 followers
January 21, 2022
a worthy sequel!

I feel like this is the real story. Oracle, was the prequel, or ... origin story? We get to see what Diana friggin' Hawthorne is all about! Amends is the continuation of what started in Oracle. We get to see growth and new characters. And we're introduced to some bad people. I'm really looking forward to reading the next book because there is a crossover with Windhaven Witches! Which was my original favorite of Carissa's writings. Diana, the Oracle of Delphi, is my #1 <3 I highly recommend this series, and this author!
49 reviews
January 1, 2023
Good read but,

In dire need of proofreading. There are so many typos and wrong word usage. Very annoying for readers who can spell and know what the correct words are supposed to be. You know it's way too many when you're willing to stop and report some of them to get fixed. I will never understand why these authors don't proofread their stuff or have someone else do it.
Profile Image for Carissa.
Author 39 books695 followers
July 18, 2021
I mean, it's hard not to read your own book, amiright? But seriously, guys... I had SO MUCH FUN returning to the world of Diana Hawthorne! It was a breath of fresh air walking into her snarky, sarcastic, and utterly crazy world. If you loved Oracle, I know you're gonna love Amends. Enjoy!
331 reviews
April 19, 2022
Powerful and funny

Humor truly runs rampant throughout while still tackling and taking down bad guys. Diana has regained her memories and accepted her fate all while establishing a new family, A new team to help pave the way. I look forward to seeing what happens next!
295 reviews2 followers
February 19, 2023
Diana is Amazing

Diana's story continues and it just gets better. There are new problems on the horizon. But with the help of her friends, things aren't as bad as they could be. Can't wait to see what happens next.
1,064 reviews2 followers
March 14, 2023
good imaginative writing

This story is imagining Apollo and the oracle of Delphi in modern terms.Kurosawa amused me, and Ren is a fun character,too. Entertaining storyline, but does end in a cliffhanger
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