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Bruno: Heartless Mafia Boss

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When a heart is filled with vengeance, there’s little room for anything else.

Bruno Riccimenti has bad luck when it comes to women. Mostly due to an enemy using them in an attempt to assassinate him. When opportunity strikes, allowing him to offer a woman a deal to tie her to him, he makes sure to grab her with both hands.

Winter hasn’t had an easy life. When a certain mafia boss saves her out of a bad situation, it quickly becomes clear she’s left to his mercy. Fighting for survival becomes crucial since giving up isn’t an option.

Enemies can slide through defenses and take lives where life has barely started. Revenge can unwillingly bring a mafia boss to his knees, even more when the right woman is involved. Doubt and trust are razor sharp leaving only one option; walk a fine balance until it cuts deep enough to bleed out.

First published September 29, 2020

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Addy Archer

21 books189 followers
Addy Archer is a contemporary and romantic suspense writer who loves rough bikers twisted with a hint of romance and sassy women.

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Profile Image for Lynne Garlick.
1,924 reviews20 followers
February 11, 2023
Holy shitballs!!! This is freaking epic!! Like I did not put this down at all! Now if you'd have read the Rebel Rage MC and the Trigger Pull MC, you may be familiar with Bruno! From first impressions he is a grade A, asshole! Cocky and full of self importance! And why not? He is a mafia boss. The Boss of the circle.
But when he finds out about Winter, he is more than intrigued! Sweet Jesus! This book is 0-60 at warp speed. There is no let up as hit after hit (no pun intended!) is thrown at this couple. On top of that, Winter is constantly surprising Bruno. Even after all she has been through, she is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in and will protect those she cares about.
Watching the transition between Winter and Bruno was both amusing and breathtaking........and hot!! I did not want this story to end!
Go! Go add it to your tbr list!!
Profile Image for Neringa Neringiukas.
1,233 reviews74 followers
November 16, 2020
It was perfect story. Honesty, when I first meet Bruno in The President (of Rebel Rage MC Book 1) I wasn't sure about him, even thought I was curious. He was just so... And snippets shared about him... But saying 'Don't judge book by its cover." proven true again. There was more to Bruno.
Winter... I have to admit, I was a bit anxious based on how she appears in Bruno life. The things she been through just before him and then brought into his world... That can be too much. Of course, also I was worried about her reaction to the whole mafia lifestyle. Will she be like 'Yeah, its bad guys he killed but its still wrong.' thing? But it was actually contrary, which made me really happy. Winter was strong and unique.
Bruno and Winter complemented each other. While Winter has her doubts, she still always choosen Bruno. And I loved how without any fights he accepted her impact on his personal and not life. He listened, what she had to say. Like, I said, they complemented each other.
Also, I'm curious about Bruno men. I hope they will get their own books.
Profile Image for Barbara.
2,116 reviews41 followers
September 26, 2020
I absolutely fell in love with Bruno (and the book). The author has given us a great crossover with the Mafia Boss’s story and the two MC series: Rebel Rage and Trigger Pull. When we first met Bruno I have to admit I thought he was a prick. Granted a Mafia boss has to be tough and confident but Bruno is cold and heartless - to everyone. He doesn’t trust people, especially women, since his former wife and mistress were both paid off and attempted to kill him. When the MC calls him and asks him to purchase a woman at an underground auction he’s intrigued and does so. Little does he know the little spitfire, Winter, is going to disrupt his life in a huge way. These two but heads at every turn yet the fire between them is explosive in more ways than one.

Can they survive the enemies out to bring Bruno down? For that matter can they survive each other? Watching their story unfold was outstanding. I Highly Recommend grabbing up Bruno ASAP, you won’t regret it.

2 Thumbs Up and 5+ Stars
Profile Image for GKP2460 .
1,733 reviews28 followers
September 26, 2020
I am in LOVE with Bruno! He's intelligent,  beautiful, possessive, powerful, demanding and his sights are set on Winter. Winter is beautiful, persistent, intelligent, talented and even though she don't like the way she responds to him, her sights are set on Bruno.  They are quite the combustive pair and are perfect for each other. This story is so beautifully written and stirs such huge emotions. I REALLY hope this isn't the last we get of them.  What a GREAT read.
Profile Image for Whynter Raven.
680 reviews15 followers
September 24, 2020
WOW!! I don't think I even put this book down, it was that amazing. There was a lot of action and great world-building that it just draws you in. I love the banter between Winter and the boys. And love the cameo with both Rebel Rage MC and Trigger Pull MC. Y'all need to check out this book and the other two series Addy wrote. I really hope we get Rhyes' story next.
758 reviews1 follower
September 29, 2020
Ok, so I HATED Bruno in the other books and really had no faith he could be redeemed...... flash forward.....WOW! He it totally redeemed! What a fantastic and amazing read. I was totally engrossed and could not put this book down! This series is so well written and just flows easily from the pages. Winter is perfect in every way for Bruno and arises as his Queen. They will reign for a long time and live happily ever after!!! ❤️❤️
Profile Image for Ana Rita.
1,597 reviews33 followers
October 3, 2020
There are genres that made read it without thinking. One of them is Mafia.
I love this genre and I can't get enough of it. The darker, the better.
Addy Archer knows what she's doing,. She has given me MC books, and now she's giving me a Mafia one.
I couldn't be happier.
Her writing is raw, wild, hot, and suspenseful.
Just grab her books and see for yourself.
Bruno is her latest release and I need to tell you something.
I advise you to read the Trigger Pull MC books first, Jace, Stone, and then Dreamer. Despite the fact that they are standalone, some events happen in these books that will make you understand this new book better.
This new book explores the lives of Bruno and Winter.
Bruno is a ruthless Mafia Lord that has a bunch of enemies. And what better way to get to him then by his woman.
He has most one but then Winter...
Winter was in a bad place. Her life hasn't been easy and it's getting worse.
When she offered a deal to join a mafia boss...
Oh boy... It was perfect.
Perfect in every way.
Amazing plot, super engaging, super dark, and mysterious.
It was one crazy and dark chapter after the other.
I couldn't stop. I've read this in one night.
Forget sleeping... Sleeping is for weak people... Lol
Let me just say that the next morning was hard... Hard I tell y'all.
This book presented us with darkness, crime, drama, and punishment as well as desire love, and loyalty.
One minute I was thinking one thing and then it flipped.
It was a fast and crazy ride that I loved every second.
Another amazing book Addy. What's next?
MC or Mafia? It doesn't matter, I want them all.  I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.   
Profile Image for Wendy Livingstone.
14.4k reviews136 followers
September 29, 2020
This is Bruno and Winter’s story. Bruno is a cocky, cold, and ruthless mafia boss who trusts no one, and when he is approached by the MC to buy a woman from an underground auction, this has him intrigued. Winter has had a tough life which has left her with an instinct to survive, and when Bruno purchases her this little spitfire, they continually butt heads, but the chemistry is explosive and undeniable between them. Winter is more than capable of standing up for herself and Bruno has met his match as she challenges him at every turn, as they work together to bring down the enemy. I must say Bruno does redeem himself in this story. This is a beautifully written tale which is emotional, and filled with action, suspense, vengeance, trust, redemption, witty banter, and is an entertaining and all-consuming page turner which had me totally enthralled throughout this riveting story. I look forward to reading more from this talented author whose work I highly recommend for all.
Profile Image for Kathy Wideman.
2,209 reviews27 followers
October 6, 2020
I loved this book so much. This book goes with the Dreamer. You should read that book before reading this one. Bruno is contacted by his brother about something he may be able to help with. There is an auction taking place. They need Bruno to buy the girl and save her. The kicker is the girl Winter looks like his brother’s wife. Bruno has been looking for a new wife, so he agrees to help. Who knew one choice could change so much? Winter is so much more than he was expecting. She is going to help more than he ever imagined. Bruno is such a great character. He isn’t as bad as he wants everyone to think he is. Winter is a tough girl. She has been through so much. She is going to find a way for their arrangement to work. Maybe they will both get more than they originally thought out of the arrangement. I can’t wait to read more books by Addy. I can’t what to see what they come up with next. Great job.
Profile Image for Lauren.
6,128 reviews50 followers
January 15, 2021
First things first; I love the cover of this book!
This story is short, fast paced and an enjoyable read. I read this book in one sitting and was satisfied throughout. I found the writing style easy to follow, the characters likeable and the storyline enjoyable. We have briefly met Bruno in another series and he has always intrigued me. Bruno is in need of a wife. He needs to produce an heir. When he is asked to help when a woman is forced into action, he doesn’t expect the outcome. He soon wants Winter.
The chemistry between Bruno and Winter is clear to see and I liked them together. I loved how possessive and protective Bruno was of Winter.
I really liked the ending and the epilogue for this story.
The storyline for this book is easy to follow and it is an enjoyable read. I cannot wait for more books from Addy Archer.
Profile Image for Megan Jacob.
412 reviews1 follower
October 2, 2020
Bruno finally gets another chance of his version of his dream woman, but she might be more than he bargained for. After losing women in his life and going through hell, his brother dangles Winter. Intrigued he buys Winter, but he doesn't realize that she vowed to give him hell. It takes a bit for her to realize, for once she might fit in and she didn't go from one horrible thing to another. It was a fantastic read And I enjoyed seeing how it would play out. This was a serious story, but it had some great banter in it and some fantastic characters. This is a story I think you would definitely love. This is a book I volunteered to read for my honest review however it will be bought for my collection
Profile Image for Dirty Romance Reviews .
Author 2 books106 followers
September 24, 2020
Bruno is a mob boss that has had a bad track record with women . They have tried to murder him . When he buys Winter from an auction he makes a deal for her to birth an heir for him but he got much more than he expected . Bruno was cold and hard and brutal, while Winter was warm , loyal, and smart as a whip . They had a connection that couldn’t be ignored and Bruno found out that the right woman could be trusted . This book had quite a bit of action in it as well as some cameos from this authors MC series . It was medium in length , had no cheating which I liked , and kept me on the edge of my seat guessing who was going to come out in the end .
601 reviews8 followers
September 26, 2020
Holy have mercy! I absolutely love Bruno , yes he's my new book boyfriend.
This book was fantastic, it's one of those books that you literally can not put down. It was that epic.
Winter finds herself in a very bad situation, Bruno comes to her rescue as a favor.
I love the fact that Winter is tough, smart and is absolutely perfect for Bruno!!! Their story is a love story but it's forged with blood and determination! Theeir feelings are the " sameies" ( hope I spelled that right) often quoted by Winter 😁😁
Seriously this is one of my favorites by Addy Archer! Hoping for more books from Bruno's clan. Rhyes, Torin.......
It's has drama, angst, sexiness, kicka## lead female! It's got it all!
Profile Image for Michelle.
617 reviews4 followers
September 28, 2020
I absolutely loved Bruno and Winter! This book was so good I couldn't put it down. Bruno comes to Winters rescue as a favor and in return offers her a contract to become his wife and give him an heir. All Winter wants is for him to supply her with an art studio with all the supplies she could ever want and to sell her work to earn her own money. They both got way more than they asked for. Bruno not only gets a wife but a woman who wasn't afraid to stand beside her man and fight with him against his enemies. I loved that Winter was strong, smart and sassy. Not only was she loyal but Bruno's counter part in many ways. Highly recommend and hope to read more from this author!
Profile Image for Penny Penny.
333 reviews1 follower
January 13, 2022
We met Bruno in Rebel Rage MC. Then got more of him through Trigger Pull MC. Yes he was a major asshole through both series. But with most things, there is always a back story that the author then gifts us with, his own story. Bruno has redeemed himself, ten fold, when he meets his other half, Winter, who ticked all his boxes. This book is best enjoyed and understood after reading the mc series. It is well worth it. You will not be disappointed. P.S. Sometimes when I finish a book, its before I leave the house. I have my ipod in my car and a song starts playing that oddly could go with the book. You light up my life by Leann Rimes, that song goes with this book.
Profile Image for Phyllis Wolford.
1,257 reviews
September 29, 2020
I had a real love hate relationship with Bruno in the previous books. His attitude was that of a a**hole.
In this book so much is explained about his past and attitude of today. He is asked by an associate to help rescue a woman from a sex ring, he agrees not knowing that it is going to end up changing his life forever for the better.when he sees Winter for the first time he is blown away by her beauty, she latterly knocks him on his butt.
Winter has had a crap life and was living on the streets trying to survive when she was taken. It did nothing to dim her instinct to survive.
Together they are an unbeatable team, who takes out their enemies, the old fashioned way, and still comes out on top.
Their love grows stronger everyday and thats the best way to survive the life that they have.
Profile Image for Fabiola Cadet-Destil.
1,994 reviews7 followers
September 28, 2020
The most ruthless heartless mafia boss has gone and fall in love! He thought it was going to be his way but that didn't happen, she turns out to be the one person he needed in his life. She's not afraid to speak her mind, she goes toe to toe with Bruno, and together they make the most fiercest couple in the Mafia World. Author Addy Archer, you keep me on my toes and on the edge of my seat everytime, now I'm wondering what you have in store for me. I don't know about anyone else but you need to read Bruno, trust me.
2,503 reviews89 followers
September 29, 2020
He needs a wife and an heir to hold his title, she just wants to escape the hell she is in. Will they throw the contract to the side and allow feelings in?

I loved how both had a fire in them despite the circumstances that led them to where they were. I loved how she didn't just wilt and stood her ground when it came to her opinions and wants from him. I didn't blame him for being cautious, but LOVED seeing there was more beneath the tough guy facade. Great read and really hope for more from this author!
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Profile Image for Danielle Marlowe.
1,833 reviews7 followers
October 23, 2020
Addy Archer did a great job on this story, Bruno had a strong plot that was written well, it was packed with several emotions. Bruno and Winter were strong characters, they've had to be with the lives that they've had, they were fighters.
From the moment they met, they were drawn to each other, the attraction between them was strong, the chemistry was steamy, they were made for each other.
Winter and Bruno's journey may have been a rollercoaster but they were good together, they made a strong pair.
I enjoyed this story, it was great.
Thank you, Addy Archer. Wonderful work :)
Profile Image for Claire Powell.
115 reviews1 follower
September 25, 2020
Oh my what a book to start my new author addiction with, hot delicious melting pot of drama, vengeance, envy, hate, betrayal, love and lot's of sass.
Bruno has women issues as in he doesn't trust them and with good reason - Winter has man issues and with good reason, she's been kidnapped.
No fast forward here, missing 1 sentence in this book throws the whole read out of whack - it goes without saying (but I will) this is a highly recommended read.
Profile Image for Wendy Hodges.
2,226 reviews34 followers
September 27, 2020
I am in love, Bruno is awesome but I'm in love with Winter. What a woman! Not cowed by her circumstances, not showing weakness. Sassy, feisty, making her own demands. No woman could be more suited not just to Bruno but to his life. There is some violence and some sexual content, betrayal and lots more in an exciting plot with fast pace and great characters. I think the way Winter not only survives but thrives and ends up with family and friends after being so alone and desperate makes her one tough cookie and I can't wait to hear more.
Profile Image for Latifa Morrisette.
2,374 reviews50 followers
September 26, 2020
If you read Rebel Rage MC and Trigger Pull MC, then you've already met Bruno. But this book delves deeper into who he really is. At first he was a jerk who infuriated me but his back story and redeeming qualities saved him. Winter is perfect woman for him and I loved this book so much. If you want a really good Maria read, then this book is it.
1,323 reviews2 followers
September 30, 2020

I normally am not a big fan of mafia books, but, I loved all of the MC books, so I thought I would give this book a try. Needless to say, this book was amazing. Loved the characters and the plot. Some great twists and turns plus action and romance. I hope that there will be additional books on the other major guys in this book.
Profile Image for Philomena Callan Cheekypee.
3,900 reviews394 followers
October 13, 2020
This is my first but without a doubt not my last read by this author.

Bruno is a ruthless mafia boss. He’s never had any luck with women. He gets more than he bargains for when he meets Winter. I absolutely loved both Bruno and Winter.

This is a fantastic read. I’ll definitely be reading more from this author in the future.
Profile Image for Pet.
2,842 reviews4 followers
February 17, 2022
I don’t like mafia romances, I don’t like contract arrangements as a story line, and I don’t ever like bully romances. BUT I loved this, was Bruno an ass, absolutely, he’s a mafia boss being an ass is a job requirement, but almost from day one he’s changing, softening and above all trying to be better for her, and that won me over complete.
Profile Image for Jill K. Davis.
1,041 reviews7 followers
April 11, 2022
Buying a wife

Interesting story, which I enjoyed, but I would have preferred going in to know that this was not really a stand-alone. The story is, but all of the side characters have stories that are already written. This is a spin-off of a spin-off. I'd like to see a follow-up story with Bruno's #2, and maybe he'll get it.
2,978 reviews4 followers
May 23, 2022

Bruno buys Winter at an underground auction and immediately gets her to sign a contract for 5 years of marriage and son. But these two have a deeper connection that quickly becomes apparent and the contract is soon out the window and their hearts involved in this action packed mafia love story.
2,617 reviews22 followers
September 26, 2020
wow this book was intense! he has never had luck when it comes to women. they keep dying on him. than she comes along and things just might be looking up. only someone wants him out and will do whatever it takes. read to find out what happens.
Profile Image for Michaela.
100 reviews2 followers
September 29, 2020
Perfection 👌. I have been waiting for Bruno’s book and I was not disappointed. Brilliant. I loved Winter for him. He needed a strong woman and smart woman by his side. And I loved Bruno for Winter. She needed someone who would give her a safe place and love. Can’t wait for what’s to come.
Profile Image for Shannon Godwin.
2,225 reviews23 followers
October 4, 2020
Winter & Bruno! They are so good together. I love how strong Winter is and how she handles the things life throws at her. This book had me from beginning to end. Love the action, romance & of course the mafia itself!
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